NFL Season 100 Kicks Off Tonight!

Yes!! Football is back! In a nod to the historical significance of the 100th season (or maybe they were just lucky), the NFL kicks off season 100 with the Chicago Bears vs the Green Bay Packers tonight. Two of the oldest franchises in the NFL.

The aging Aaron Rodgers vs the wobbly Mitch Trubisky. Two teams fighting for relevance in the NFC North as they resume their chase of the Vikings. We pay Green bay  in week 11, so I’ll be mildly interested as to how they look. Rodgers successfully got his head coach ousted, and has young buck Sean LaFluer as his head coach. LaFluer is from the Sean McVay Flying Circus Ram team, so this offense looks to be revitalized.

I’ve never believed their  defense, and their DBs are always a day late  and a buck short, so this should be high-scoring. That is, if the Biscuit man can hold up his end. The Bears lost their defensive guru, ex-Niner DC Vic Fangio to the Denver Broncos, but they still have Khalil Mack, the unstoppable force.

Should be fun.

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56 Responses to NFL Season 100 Kicks Off Tonight!

  1. Winder says:

    This game should be pretty good. I took GB with the points so that probably means I’m gonna get hammered. As long as Rogers can stay upright he can certainly be a game changer.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    Antonio Brown is apparently about to be suspended by the Raiders for threatening to punch GM Mike Mayock in the face. Two teammates had to hold him back while Brown screamed at Mayock, and punted a ball in his general direction.

    This of course stems from AB missing practices and being fined $54,000. Not sure what the fuck is going on in his head, if anything, but what is he thinking? I can miss practice and not be fined? I NEED my special helmet at the cost of the entire league? Not to say the Raiders?

    Funny thing is, the Raiders can suspend him for 4 games, cut him after that, and recoup most of the contract because of the ‘conduct detrimental’ clause in the CBA. The y can void the guarantees in the contract.

    He’s following the ‘I’m sofa king special that I don’t have to act like a human’ Terrell Owens school of moronic prima donna wide receiver behavior.

    • alleykat69 says:

      Yeah what a Loser AB has turned into.1st becoming a Raider (LOSER MOVE) then his I want to be like Ted Williams (though he was dead so not his fault) and have his feet 🦶frozen off, then his freakin helmet stupidity situation.Lets now throwing his heated they needed to be separated with GM Mike Mayock over his take of saying:Your either with us are not comment!! And of course he doesn’t want to pay his fucking fines as well!! LOSER!! I’m laughing 😆 hard now at the person who drafted him in my fantasy league!!!

    • unca_chuck says:

      He’s actually worse than TO. Which is really trying.

  3. Aging and Wobbly says:

    Well, our blog master will definitely not be staying upright on Sunday afternoon as he staggers and weaves his way through his “man” cave while Jimmy Pornslopsahoe gets creamed by the Tampa Bay defense.

  4. rtfirefly says:

    Jimmie Ward injured and the season hasn’t started yet. That didn’t take long.

    (Broken finger and didn’t practice today)

  5. rtfirefly says:

    From Barrows:

    Saleh on Nick Bosa’s availability: “He’s going (to play). … He should be (ready.)”
    Look out! The Bosa Express is coming through!!!!!!

  6. unca_chuck says:

    The crowd goes wild as the Bears kick a field goal.

    Then he promptly kicks the kickoff OB.

  7. unca_chuck says:

    Verrett isn’t ready either. Jimmy fucking Johnson played with casts on both hands. And he still picked off a pass.

    Ward can get hurt getting out of the hot tub. Jesus

  8. unca_chuck says:

    Boring game so far, but not a lot of delays or stupid penalties.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    Trubisky in mid-season form missing wide open guys downfield.

  10. rtfirefly says:

    The Packers defense has really surprised me, and we’ve seen the difference between a great QB and a meh one. Trubs hasn’t gotten any help from the run game. 44 yds. on 14 carries? LOL

  11. alleykat69 says:

    Nagy Sucks!!
    I have their best player RB David Montgomery and he’s not getting the ball 🏈 at all!
    Shit they might as well start Jay Cutler in the 2nd half!! Bear fans are furious!!

  12. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, not too impressed with the Bears play calling. Never been a Biscuit fan.

  13. unca_chuck says:

    I don’t know if it’s the Packers defense or the ineptness of the Bears. The DBs are their weakness, but the Bears aren’t even trying to go downfield.

  14. unca_chuck says:

    Packers shut down Chicago all game and then go prevent.

    Dumb dumb dumb.

  15. rtfirefly says:

    Lesson #1 in why stats can be deceiving:
    Trubs has more yardage passing than does Aaron Rodgers (226 to 203).

  16. unca_chuck says:

    Biscuit biffs it!

  17. alleykat69 says:

    They get the Trupick at the end to seal the deal!
    Watching Montgomery camped behind Nagy utterly freakin Stupid!!

  18. unca_chuck says:

    Wow. LaFleur and Rodgers almost hand a TD to the Bears.

  19. unca_chuck says:

    Biscuit’s passes were ALL short. Dinks and dunks. 5.1 yard average.

  20. alleykat69 says:

    And I thought the Giants game stunk(which it did) but this has to be one of the all time stinkers I’ve ever seen…

    • rtfirefly says:

      My all-time favorite was the MNF game many years back at Soldier Field when it was so foggy the TV cameras could barely see the action. The game was run run run because neither QB could see upfield. It was decided by a quick pass to a QR at the LOS. His defender slipped and he was gone. Everybody else on D was in the box. It was amazing that the QB and receiver could even see each other; I think the fog just eased for a moment. 7-0.

      This game there were no excuses.

  21. alleykat69 says:

    I remember that game well rtfirefly well what I could see of it!!
    I remember a game in Houston years ago with Cousell,Dandy Don, and Gifford we’re in the booth and the then Oilers we’re getting blown out and the cameras switched to the stands and this Oiler fan so frustrated and pissed off “Flipped the Bird” for all the nation to see!It was hilarious as Dandy Don was cracking up and saying before his usual turn out the lights the party’s over comment he just said :Well this guy just put the final exclamation point on this game..

  22. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah remember that game. There was a game where Howard was so drunk he couldn’t say Philadelphia. 2 minutes in. Hah!

  23. unca_chuck says:

    This is pretty cool . . .

  24. unca_chuck says:

    This is some funny shit, AB tapes his convo with Chuckie.

  25. unca_chuck says:

    What is truly amazing about AB is that the whole thing shows that Mayock holds no power within the Raiders organization.

    Gruden has come out and said that AB plays Monday night.

  26. unca_chuck says:

    Wow. Raiders void AB’s $29 million guaranteed salary, and fine him an additioal $215,000. Now he wants his release.

  27. alleykat69 says:

    You can just bank on AB ending up in New England now! Belicheat has away seem to control goofballs to play in his system ( one exception Aaron Killer Hernandez) now it will be Josh Gordon& Antonio Brown as the Raiders continue to look like the laughing stock,rock bottom team in football!!

  28. rtfirefly says:

    AB cut!!! LOLOL

  29. alleykat69 says:

    The only winner out of this is Pittsburgh with a 3rd&5th rd picks I bet their lol 😂 right now!
    Raiders continue to be LOSERS along with AB!!

  30. unca_chuck says:

    Raiders cut Brown. Wow. At least they can recoup most of the money spent, but they lose their 3rd and 5th round picks next year.


  31. unca_chuck says:

    You have to wonder about CTE. Or is it just WRD (wide receiver disease)?

    What Eddie Van Halen called LSD. Lead singer disease.

    • rtfirefly says:

      I read where his behavior began to change dating back to a massive hit he took some time back (if someone knows what the hit was, I’d love to know).

      Either that or it’s a massive power play by AB to get himself back to a good team. In Minnesota, Randy Moss was a total asshole, saying to the cafeteria staff (who his team loved) and to his teammates loudly, “I wouldn’t feed this to my dog!” Got himself shipped out shortly thereafter.

      • Winder says:

        Could be but I have a feeling he’s gonna lose a lot of money because of all this. I think it’s another TO syndrome where money and fame just went to his head.

  32. rtfirefly says:

    Antonio Brown to the Patriots!!!

    So he was faking crazy. Just didn’t want to play for the sorry ass loser Las Vegas Raiders.

  33. alleykat69 says:

    I called it on my 8:32 post AB signs with the Patriots!
    Belicheat strikes again, taking other teams malcontents and striking gold! One year contract probably loaded with incentives he has to make.No big deal in Pats taking him on..

    • Winder says:

      Ya you did. If I would have known AB would be a Pat. i would have drafted him as it was I didn’t touch any Raider this year.

      • alleykat69 says:

        Yeah I never take a Raider in fantasy Winder, because it’s just a fantasy if they score me any points..
        I did however draft 2 49ers late I needed a FG kicker so I grabbed Gould and my second to last pick I took Deebo.And even my last pick could be a steal in W

  34. alleykat69 says:

    Oops..WR DK Metcalf from Seattle, both him and Deebo could surprise this year, atleast that’s what I’m hoping for..

  35. unca_chuck says:

    Funny, my son said the same thing this morning. I didn’t think it would be THIS fast that he went to NE, though. AB is crazy like a fox.

  36. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up.

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