When is a Win a Loss?

Well, when your golden boy QB goes 1-6 for 0 yards and a pick (shoulda been 2) for a 0.0 quarterback rating. The 49ers ended up winning the game on the back of The Beater and BDN, but the die had been cast. Jimmy Garoppolo’s 3 series netted one 1st down and 15 yards of offense. All on the ground. The defense played well enough to keep our old nemesis Joe fucking Flacco out of the end zone. We bent but didn’t break. Yet, Denver had receivers wide open all over the place as we played 8-10 yards off their WRs while we were jammed all game and got little separation.

Not that their openness mattered as Jimmy G and the Beater were under constant pressure in the 1st half. The Niners looked much better against Denver’s backups, but sadly, we don’t play games like that. The health and efficiency of this interior line, one that needed help all offseason, was not fully addressed, as noted by many thousands of people, including folks here. We dodged a bullet with Person’s non-major injury, and hopefully Westie rebounds from his shaky year and his recovery, and Garnett gets ins finger in order, and well, you get the picture.

Shit, even stalwart Joe Staley looked terrible as he whiffed on the Chubbster a couple times. Yeah, it’s a preseason game, and these guys have not played together till this game, but I sure thought we would look a little better than this. There were some nice individual plays (Deebo, Mostert, M Harris) but a general flatness and shittiness to the game.

Penalties were again a big issue. 13 for 101 yards. These are mainly being done by the backups, but still.

WR looks to still be the biggest battle as Kendrick Bourne looked to be playing himself off the team with another drop on a perfectly thrown deep ball by the Beater, but came back with a couple nice catches, including a late TD. Rick James is doing a solid job as punt returner, so he’s trying to stick. All in all though, the WRs were not a factor.

So, all those proposing the 2 game preseason might want to rethink that as this team NEEDS work on offense. Next week looks to be a big deal for the offensive line, Jimmy G, and Kyle Shanahan as this team tries to get on track offensively.

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11 Responses to When is a Win a Loss?

  1. unca_chuck says:

    Wishnowski in action.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    Wish could fill in at strong safety.

  3. Winder says:

    Yeah, a first team offense is supposed to generate some kind of offense even with vanilla plays. i didn’t see Jimmy play last night but it seems he was rattled. I still think he will turn it around but there is the possibility he won’t. i would play him for the first half next week just to give him some time.

  4. Jimmuh Geestrapiton says:

    I’ve got pornhub girlfriend on the brain. What can I say, getting free money last year to get messy with her was way more fun than playing for this “offense”

  5. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, Jimmy should get at least 1.5 quarters. If he looks good. If not play him the half.

  6. unca_chuck says:

    Speaking of the interior line, both Person and Garnett were back at practice. D linemen DJ jones and and R Blair are also back.

    The bad news? 11 guys are still out. George Kittle, Westie Richberg, Trent Taylor, Jerick McKinnon, Jaquiski Tartt, Adrian Colbert, Dee Ford, Elijah Lee, Jullian Taylor, Nick Bosa and Jason Verrett.

  7. Winder says:

    That’s probably 9 starters in that list hopefully it’s just a precaution for most. Jerick’s going on IR probably

  8. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah most are precautionary, so there’s that. McKinnon though is worrisome. My son thinks he misses game 1 and then plays. I hope he’s right.

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