The Draft is FINALLY here!

Forget 4/20. Well, 4/20 is fine. It’s my wife’s birthday. The day I’ve been waiting for is 4/25.

And it’s my birthday. Lucky me. -58- Fuck that’s old. The schedule is as follows:

  • Round 1 – Thursday, April 25, 5 p.m. 
  • Rounds 2-3 – Friday, April 26, 4 p.m. 
  • Rounds 4-7 – Saturday, April 27, 9 a.m. 

This of course will be carried on a whopping THREE stations. Four if you are inclined to listen in Spanish. ABC, ESPN, and The NFL Network. On Friday they even throw in ESPN2 as well as the other four. A far cry from the old days with Pete Rozelle and a chalkboard.

Anyhow, we’ve gone over this enough to know what the deal is:

  • Murray may or may not be the first pick by AZ
  • Which means we either get or don’t get Baby Bosa
  • Or we forego that and draft QWilliams
  • Or we trade down with the Raiders and get Sweat
  • Or we trade down with the Giants and get Josh Allen
  • Or we trade down with the Redskins and get Boykins . . .

I have no idea what happens, but I’m 99% sure one of these things does.

FWIW here’s Walter Football’s first 10 picks:

  1. AZ – Kyler Murray – QB – Okla
  2. SF – Nick Bosa – DE – Ohio St
  3. Jets – Ed Oliver – DT – Hou
  4. Raydurs – QWilliams – DT Alabama
  5. Buccos – Josh Allen DE/OLB – Kentucky
  6. NYG – Devin White – LB – LSU
  7. Jax – Jonah Williams – OT – Alabama
  8. Lions – Brian Burns – DE/OLB – Fla St
  9. Bills – Jawaan Taylor – OT – Fla
  10. Broncos – TJ Hockenson – TE – Iowa

I think 2 more QBs go in the top 10. Namely the Broncos and the Giants.

Link to WF’s mock draft:

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22 Responses to The Draft is FINALLY here!

  1. unca_chuck says:

    Thanks as always for your diligent draft work, NJ.

    Foster Moreau – LSU – 6’4″/253 4.66 22 Reps 36.5″ Vert (52/629/12.1/6)
    Josh Oliver – SJSt – 6’4″/249 4.63 22 Reps 34″ Vert (98/1067/10.9/7)
    Kahale Warring – SDSt – 6’5″/252 4.67 19 Reps 36.5″ Vert (51/637/12.5/8)
    Alize Mack – ND – 6’4″/249 4.70 22 Reps 36″ Vert (68/716/10.5/4)
    Caleb Wilson – UCLA – 6’4″/240 4.56 29″ Vert (114/1675/14.7/5)

    FB – (Carries/YDs/Avg/TDs) (Recs/YDs/Avg/TDs)
    Alex Barnes (RB) – KSt – 6’0″/226 4.59 34 Reps 38.5″ Vert (458/2616/5.7/25) (25/223/8.9/0)
    Qadree Ollison – Pitt – 6’0″/228 4.58 1.53 Split 19 Reps 29.5″ Vert (529/2859/5.4/29) (50/375/7.5/3)
    Winston Dimel – KSt/UTEP – 6’1″/242 (81/238/2.9/22) (31/507/16.4/3)
    Khari Blasingame – Vandy – 6’1″/230 (238/997/4.2/15) (35/380/10.9/2)

    RB – (Carries/YDs/Avg/TDs) (Recs/YDs/Avg/TDs)
    Kerrith Whyte – FAU – 5’10″/197 – 4.36 21 Reps 42″ Vert (232/1358/5.9/11) (22/227/10.3/2)
    Ryquell Armstead – Temple – 5’11″/220 4.45 22 Reps 30″ Vert (573/2812/4.9/34) (29/175/6.0/0)
    Miles Sanders – PSU – 5’10″/211 4.49 20 Reps 36″ Vert (276/1649/6.0/12) (32/193/6.0/1)
    Travis Homer – Miami – 5’10″/201 4.48 17 Reps 39.5″ Vert (334/1995/6.0/12) (37/405/10.9/1)
    Mike Weber – OHSt – 5’9″/211 4.47 22 Reps 33.5″ Vert (455/2676/5.9/24) (54/297/5.5/1)
    Justice Hill – OKSt – 5’9″/198 4.40 21 Reps 40″ Vert (632/3539/5.6/30) (49/304/6.2/1)
    Damarea Crockett – MO – 5’11″/226 4.40 37″ Vert (380/2252/5.9/19) (21/137/6.5/2)

    Mitch Wisnowsky – Utah – 175/8004/45.7
    Jack Fox – Rice (P/K) – 211/9167/43.4
    Jake Bailey – Stanford – 185/8105/43.8
    Tyler Newsome – ND – 225/9909/44.0

    Cole Tracy – LSU – (XP) 42/42 – (FG) 29/33
    Matt Gay – Utah – (XP) 85/85 – (FG) 56/65
    Justin Yoon – ND – (XP) 190/196 – (FG) 59/73
    Austin Seibert – OK – (XP) 310/315 – (FG) 63/79
    John Baron – SD St – (XP) 135/137 – (FG) 50/60

    WRs – (Recs/YDs/Avg/TDs)

    Andy Isabella – UMass – 5’8″/188 – 4.31 36.5″ Vert (231/3526/15.3/30)
    Marquise Brown – OK – 5’9″/166 (132/2413/18.3/17)
    Deebo Samuel – SCar – 5’11″/214 4.48 39″ Vert (148/2076/14.0/16)
    Parris Campbell – Ohio St – 5’11″/205 4.31 40″ Vert ( 143/1768/12.4/15)

    Terry McLaurin – Ohio St – 6’0″/208 4.35 37.5″ Vert (75/1251/16.7/19)
    AJ Brown – MS – 6’0″/226 4.49 36.5″ Vert ( 189/2984/15.8/19)
    Emanuel Hall – Mizz – 6’1″/201 4.39 43.5″ Vert ( 97/2016/20.8/16)
    Darius Slayton – Auburn – 6’1″/190 4.39 40.5″ Vert (79/1605/20.3/11)
    Anthony Johnson – Buffalo – 6’1″/209 (133/2367/17.8/25)

    Miles Boykin – ND – 6’3″/220 4.40 43.5″ Vert (77/1206/15.7/11)
    Jaylen Smith – Louisville – 6’2″/219 – 4.47 34.5″ Vert (152/2505/16.5/15)
    Hakeem Butler – Iowa St – 6’5″/227 – 4.48 36″ Vert (110/2149/19.5/18)
    David Sills – WVU – 6’3″/211 – 4.57 37.5″ Vert (132/2097/15.9/35)

  2. unca_chuck says:

    And this whole Robbie Gould thing is baffling. The fans love him here, he’s getting a big payday, he’s nearing the end of his career, he gets to live here rather than Chicago in the winter, and he’s gonna pull a Le’Veon Bell and sit out? What a fucking idiot.

    A) He lived in a Santa Clara hotel during the season last year. Duh. Way to manage your money, dumbass.

    B) He’s a KICKER, for fuck’s sake! Yeah, kickers are important, but not at the cost of playing the butt-hurt WR and throwing a fit.

    Why did the Bears cut him in the first place 3 years ago? If the Bears are so in love with the guy (and I haven’t heard a peep out of them), sure, get a 2nd round pick if they are so inclined to give it up. Take a third. A 4th. I don’t know. But if we don;t get any offers, keep him on the team and if he cries his way to not playing for us. so be it.

    His loss.

    • rtfirefly says:

      Meh. He wants to be with his wife and young kid. Time to move on.

      • unca_chuck says:

        The Bears are all-in on Parkey so they can’t afford to dump Parkey, take the $4 mill cap hit, and then pay Gould what he wants.That would be investing $12 mill in kickers.

        The BEars are awful quiet on this, and it is because of these money issues.

  3. alleykat69 says:

    I wouldn’t be all in if I’m the Bears on a FG kicker who hit 5 goal post(regular season) and the chip shot game winner off another post in the playoffs!
    Yeah they were stupid to let Gould go over FG’s chump money and it ended up biting them in the ass.Never understand the reasoning if you have a good one you hold on to them.Their not all a dime a dozen, some will actually win you a game then choke one..

  4. rtfirefly says:

    $63 mil for two years for Rapistberger, age 37. Good. Le’Veon gone, AB gone, it’ll be great to see the Steelers take a dive for awhile. Now, if we can get the Patriots to follow them…

  5. Winder says:

    I don’t know what really happened with Gould but I do know that having a fucking pissed off FG kicker is not a good thing. He could sign his tender and start missing chip shots and there is nothing we could do but pay him. I would take whatever I could get for him and move on. And if he really starts to be a distraction I would send him packing. He did us real good for a couple of years so we got our moneys worth.

    • unca_chuck says:

      If he pulls that shit, he won’t get a new deal with another team. At least it would seriously cut into his deal.

      We would cut him in a nano-second if he did that. Poor bastard only gets $5 mill to kick and he’s complaining? Fuck him. He has no leverage but to honor the deal. Or sit. The Bears are too far on the hook with Parkey to do anything.

  6. 12th Man says:

    D Day!!!

  7. Irish Kevin says:

    Being reported Niners shopping Solomon Thomas

    • rtfirefly says:

      I’m guessing to trade up into the 1st, Solly packaged with our 2nd or 3rd. Also seems like a trade we’d make if and only if we drafted QW.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    Exactly, RT. This all but guarantees QWilliams. Even if they don’t move him now. I’m a bit surprised they are conceding they royally screwed the pooch in that 2017 draft. With their two 1st round picks, anyway.

  9. NJ49er says:

    Deal down..
    Draft the Freak 😀

  10. Irish Kevin says:

    I hope they go for QW, granted Bosa’s issues aren’t like R Foster, but I do view the stuff that is being reported as red flags

  11. alleykat69 says:

    I still think Bosa is still the pick even if the 49ers are trying too move Solomon.They have a improving AA who they feel is coming on strong finally, so the potential trade of Solomon is hopefully to move up into the 1st rd late and get their WR they desperately need! My guess now is AJ Brown Ole Miss who’s a great route runner, size, great hands.
    Could also look at Harry,Metcalf,&my other high potential guy Miles Boykin..

    • NJ49er says:

      NYG were said to want DeFo in the OBJ talks.
      Thomas could factor in for a 2/6 swap?
      Juggle a ’20 2nd to replace the Dee Ford pick and get an extra 2 or 3 from them tomorrow?
      Ways to work payment if NYG want him.

  12. unca_chuck says:

    Boykin is a stud. I would love it if we could get him.

  13. Winder says:

    It wasn’t just Lynch that got fooled by Thomas. So did most of the experts. I just hope we learned something from it.. There have always been a lot of top 10 picks that didn’t pan out. Thomas may have a decent football career still yet. Some guys just can’t transition to the pro game. I still think we take Bosa too but if we don’t we just can’t screw it up no matter what we do.

  14. alleykat69 says:

    Let’s get ready to “RUMBLE” !!
    Digging the size of that crowd, truly a major party 🎉 event!!

  15. unca_chuck says:

    The draft is littered with busts, but more often than not, by a big margin, these top 15 guys usually pan out. We got huge kudos for that 2017 draft and stealing that pick from the Bears, but in the end it was our 4th and 5th round picks, and even Witherspoon, who worked out.

  16. unca_chuck says:

    Started a new thread for the draft.

  17. rtfirefly says:


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