Merry Christmas . . .

. . . and happy new year, or happy solstice, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, or whatever ritualistic pagan celebration you choose to follow. Gonna be varyingly shades of not posting much these next couple weeks, so have a safe and merry time, folks.

Back to football, these last two games are probably losses, and one would think one of two will be a full-blown debacle. Looking at Detroit the other day, it looks to me like it’ll be them killing us as we are on the road and they can play much better than us, despite their 5-9 record.

The Rams are their own tossed salad, so we’ll see how that goes. Entering that last game 4-11 with an ass-whipping on their taste buds, I don’t see a recovery by the Niners, despite the Rams lowly 6-8 record. Just another desultory loss to finish this lost season. Then I guess we will see how Young Sir Jed spins this shit into garbage as this season concludes.

I’ve made it pretty clear that I think this whole thing should be torn asunder and rebuilt from the ground up, as doing anything else just extends the crapitude. Otherwise, it’ll be a continued battle at the bottom of the league. Ho hum. I guess we get Super Bowl 50 to look forward to. As long as it ain’t Seattle . . .

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  1. ewisco says:

    i was reading on the merc “hot read” that baalke is coaching the db’s. they call him coach trent. just typing that made me hurl.

  2. Nipper says:

    Fire everyone and send them to Chuck’s home. Let him cuss them out as only Chuck can do.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, I saw that in the Niners Nation blog. The funny thing is a lot of people didn’t question it.

    It is highly fucked up. Baalke is the biggest roadblock to success as I see it.

    Jed is Jed. He ain’t going anywhere. Well, who the fuck knows? If shit stays shit he may bail.

    Anyhow, all he needs to do is hire some football people and get out of the way. The rooneys do this. Robert Kraft, and plenty of others have this figured out.

    • ewisco says:

      Who’s judging talent for the pats? Is it belichek? Whoever it is keeps turning over the offense AND defense and keep them relavent. Brady is great but it takes more than just a great qb, as Colin will tell u.

  4. 12th Man says:

    From Torrey Smith:

    Torrey Smith

    What was working towards the end of the game, that wasn’t there in the beginning?

    “We tried to be aggressive. Playing conservative in the first half, you can’t win like that. When we play aggressive, we move the ball.”

    No shit. Gabbert keeps saying the reason he throws so short on 3rd down is he takes what the D gives him. What D is going to give you the sticks? You have to take it from them like every other successful QB in the league does. He is Alex Smith in his early years, check down Charlie on steroids.

    The guy has an arm and is accurate but he has no balls to sling it, even on 4th down when there is nothing to lose he throws it short.

    As for the stadium, it was like a morgue in there. The team gave very little to cheer about and it looked about 35% full. That idiot Lemoniere taking a penalty for the hit out of bounds took all the energy out of the section I was in just as we finally had something to cheer for.

    A friend who went and scalped a ticket in the parking lot got it for $25, almost the same section I paid $150 for at the start of the season.

    • Nipper says:

      Ouch! Congrats for attending. I’m sure there are a lot of pissed off fans. Your experience only confirms the poor situation in Santa Clara.

      • 12th Man says:

        Sad to see Nipper, the place emptied out midway through the third. I’ve been to my share of shitty season games there and that game was as bad as any of them. They booed the team off the field at half time and Gabbert got his share of boo’s too for throwing 2 yards when they needed 12 or whatever.

        One good thing was they honored the 80’s SB teams. Got pics of Joe, Jerry, Jesse et al on the field. They also honored Eddie D which was great to see.

        I figure the Ram game will be a ghost town.

  5. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, still might go. Dirt cheap I’d think. My son’s on the fence whether to support the team or not.

    I fear a steaming pile of shit this weekend on the road. Probably bail on going to the Ram game.

    I don’t know. Us going or staying won’t tip any scales, but I get the point of not wanting to support the ownership.

    • 12th Man says:

      I don’t buy into that crap Chuck. I have been a lifelong Niner fan, good or bad, and I will be damned if I let ownership, coaching or players stop me from going to see my team. I went with a group of 6 this last trip including my daughter and a daughter from another Mother and for me its always something to go in person and watch a game. Its apple pie American and that’s my San Francisco Forty Niners!

      I bleed Red and Gold.

      • unca_chuck says:

        You don’t have to 12th. I’ve been going to games since 1968. I’ll do what i do. It more spends I what my son wants to do.

      • 12th Man says:

        Not a shot at you Chuck or anyone else for that matter. It was a statement about how I look at the situation.
        Lots of things I don’t like about the way things are right now but damned if I will let it change how I feel about the team.

        Merry Christmas everyone!

  6. unca_chuck says:

    Hard to think we won;t get obliterated in Detroit. Regardless of their record, they are a strong offense. Who knows though. The defense has been hot and cold all year. The offense is an unmitigated disaster. Gabbert showed his ungood ways last week after getting pummeled the week before.

    Yeah, it all resides on Jed. Like that fact or hate it, he is the one who pulls the trigger.

    There are too many problems that have been CAUSED by the current regime. Mainly, the talent drain. In particular, the O line. Pears is still starting, for God’s sake. Keeping this thing together after these last couple off-seasons is, in my head, tantamount to grabbing an anvil while treading water.

    Jed as Wylie Coyote may sound funny, but really, the biggest question is how long will it take him to get a clue and hire people that know football instead of his frat buddies and bean counters?

    • Nipper says:

      New Banner for the plane……..Get a clue Jed

    • 12th Man says:

      Jed runs it as long as he wants to and thats all there is to it. Truth be told he has done a lot of good things for the franchise including a new stadium, albeit in the wrong place for the wrong kind of client and hiring Harbaugh who brought the Niners back to relevancy, yes with a stacked roster, but he did it just the same.

      Baalke has to hit a home run this draft. They lost too many high caliber guys all at once.
      As for Tomsula, he looks out of his depth to me. He had a shitty hand given to him but wasn’t able to overcome it sufficiently IMO. Chryst talks a good game but IMO he has the horses to produce more than they have. Running backs dropping like flies and a bad O line not withstanding.

  7. Nipper says:

    I don’t about you guys but I cut my foot on the bathroom door and my foot still bleeds dark red.

  8. Winder says:

    Merry Christmas everybody. And, you are right nip, may Jed get a fucking clue.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    Same to you, Winder, and the rest of you mooks.

    Yeah, may the angel of common sense shit on Jed’s head.

  10. Nipper says:

    I wish everyone a Merry Post Xmas. Yeah those bills will come due in January. Still I feel your pain.

  11. unca_chuck says:

    What’s funny is some people think St Jin could have coached this team to the playoffs.

    Welcome to rainbow pony land. The delusional believe in unicorns, fairies, and St Jim.

    If only he was here. He would have healed the sick and kept folks from retiring. What a guy! He would have kept Carlos Hyde healthy, and he would have used Kappy better. Or Gabbert. Or uh, Bob Dylan as the savior. Yeah that’s it.

  12. Nipper says:

    Bullit still laments the loss of Harbaugh. Sir Spit has completely gone nuts and has disappeared.

  13. unca_chuck says:

    His world ended with the Alex Smith trade.

    New thread is up.

  14. unca_chuck says:

    Line looks solid. Kilgore in and brown for pears is a huge diff

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