Good, Bad, Indifferent, or Armageddon?

Here we sit on the eve of training camp, and the blogosphere is abuzz with the impeding doom of the San Francisco 49ers. The national media has gone from laughing and pointing to basically laughing at every next domino that falls to drive another nail into the coffin that is the 2015 season.

Well, fuck that. The national media had the 2012 Eagles being a juggernaut due to their free agent acquisitions, and look what it got them. Shit, the 2007 Niners were turning a corner under Nolan, and the 2010 team was poised to be great under Singletary. All turned gold into shit. Yeah, we’ve lost a bunch of players and coaches. Shit, the year he got here no one gave the Niners  chance.

Point being, the national media doesn’t follow the team like the local fans. Even then, look at the bullshit flying around. Sue, laugh, point, ands ridicule all you want, but I think the team will come out of this in better shape than if Harbaugh had stuck around.  One more year of Harbaugh would have been another year of the Roman offense. One more year of a front office and a head coach that didn’t communicate. One more year of Harbaugh being Harbaugh. A driven coach who drives everyone else crazy. Bear in mind he hasn’t lasted anywhere longer than 4 years. This appears to be his shelf life.

Anyhow, gone are Patrick Willis, Frank Gore, Michael Crabtree, Justin Smith, Perrish Cox, Chris Culliver,  Anthony Davis, Andy Lee, and Chris Borland. Beyond that, revolving door Jonathan Martin and Stevie (Good for a moment) Johnson were cut. As daunting as this appears to the uninformed eye, and yes, vet presence is a thing, the only ones that hurt are Cox and Davis, in my mind.

Crabs and Cully had their bags packed before the AZ game and were not expected to stay. Willis and Borland were retirement surprises in that no one expected them to retire as they did. Willis was slowed at the start of the year, and was lost or 2/3 of it. This allowed Borland to shine, but he left as well citing his health. AD waited too long to announce his retirement, but whatever. He did what he felt was necessary. I figured the Niners would focus on Cox to stay, and I didn’t like the decision to let him go. Gore? Well, he took the money. 3 years beats one every time. Good luck, Frank. Justin Smith was basically the same. He was not himself these past couple years, and therefore isn’t a big loss. Lee? He needed a change of scenery due to his tragedy so the team did him a favor by sending him closer to his hometown. J Mart? No there there. Stevie? Meh.

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  1. Nipper says:

    The pessimists dread the loss of old faces and former coaches. They pine for the super bowl appearances of past years and the victories of long, long ago. The optimists are ready for new faces and new challenges. A new approach is needed. The optimists can’t wait for the season to begin even in a training camp. The pessimists reside on the “other” blog full of trepidations and fears of the unknown. Yes loathing and fear darkens the “other” blog.

  2. Berger says:

    I’m not sure Roman was the problem, only that he had to go to find out if it was him or Harbaugh. If he does well in Buffalo it was Harbaugh. Either way, if Harby came back Roman was back. It was wonderful to see them both go. That took care of that problem. Let us now call only one play in the huddle and have one coach call the plays instead of four.

  3. Berger says:

    It is a big deal that we lost 3 leaders in Justin, Frank and PWilly. This is my biggest worry. If we have good leaders to fill the void we could have a great year. I anticipate a couple players to step up.

  4. Winder says:

    I also hope when the red flag is tossed someone on the sidelines was paying attention.

  5. unca_chuck says:

    I think we still have enough guys like Boldin, bowman, even Darnell Dockett. A lot of guys got playing time so that experience helps.

    Other than that, just get to wait and see.

  6. 12th Man says:

    Willis, Smith, Lee and to a lesser extent Davis will be missed. I figure Borland would have been a rotation guy so less of an impact losing him. Frank was an amazing RB but his time had come.The rest is just faces changing. With Dial, Tank, Bowman and Docket I figure the D line will be OK.

    Davis was good in the RG which Harbaugh favored but got beat way too much in the passing game so I figure his loss will be felt less than maybe some expect.

    Despite the pundits and haters saying it all rests on Kap this year, how the O line comes together will be the biggest factor IMO.

  7. unca_chuck says:

    Yaah, we get to see if Brandon Thomas was a steal in last year’s draft, or if its another busted waste of a choice. Talk is he’s looking great. But talks is well, go talk to skeebs.

    Iupati was dogshit in other than a straight-ahead role. Since we’re moving to zone blocking, I don;t see him being a big loss. Davis? Well, shit no one saw that coming. The dude should have retired before the draft at least.

    Well put, Billy. Got anything else?

    • Winder says:

      Tho O-Line is my biggest concern also. It’s not always about who’s on the line but about cohesiveness. We got a lot of bodies in camp. I’m looking forward to seeing how Brown and silberman pan out. It usually takes time to learn to work together. I just hope they’re quick learners.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    Ahh, nevermind. Billy is V. You’ve been a busy little boy, V. My filter caught a shitload of, well, shit from you.

    You didn’t t defend me at Skeebs site. You merrily played along with those guys. As for the other BS, the reason I banned you is because you post racist shit. Dennis got banned for that. He Others, too. I learned my lesson with the previous blog. Give people like you unfettered access to a platform and they abuse the privilege.

    Skeebs can ban me as he chooses, but I don’t feel i crossed any lines. I just called them out on their bullshit. He’s a little chickenshit hiding behind Bullit and NoFear. And now Spitty.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    Foerster has had success running one blocking schemes. I think we can get going fairly well. I mean, the problems last year were huge. We couldn’t block 4, let alone 5 or 6 rushers. Add to that the fact that the coaches were telling Kappy to hold the ball, and the fact we ran our slow-ass plays, and you have a recipe for disaster.

    Quicker plays, a rhythm offense, and better schemes where we attack what the defense shows rather than the typical Nolan/Sing/Harbaugh idea of ‘stop what we do, we won’t adjust to anything the D shows’ offense will be a dramatic change. The reason I have hope is that Chryst was constrained by the offense that Harbaugh/Roman were putting out there.

    • Winder says:

      I would love to see us utilize the screen, quick slants, and some play action that actually works. Truly hope that’s the case. Playing small ball will open up the long stuff.

  10. Winder says:

    Was just listening and thought others might like.

  11. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, they HAVE to establish a rhythm before they can expect big plays to work. They have varying success running, but too often fall short on 3rd and short. Play action doesn’t work when the situation is obvious. And we don’t use things like an RB in the flat very much. Or even dragging VD behind the linebackers. It’s all outs and digs. And it has been for 9 years.

  12. Berger says:

    Here is a recent quote by Kap:

    “We did leave a lot out there last year, but I don’t think it’s a situation where we have to press,” Kaepernick said in June. “It’s being able to execute the plays that are called and execute them more efficiently. I think with our new offensive coordinator, with our new quarterback coach, we’ve cleaned a lot of things up and made it more comfortable and friendly for players to be able to go out and make plays.”

  13. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, we’ll see. I really like the idea of quicker plays and more rhythm. Can’t be that hard.

  14. unca_chuck says:

    Interesting article regarding Harbaugh way back in February of 2014.

    Some people value working with their superiors for the greater good of the team. Some put themselves above the team and burn every bridge offered to them. $10 mill? Fuck off, Jimmy.

    Some smart observers would see this as a guy who wants his cake without earning it.

    Other simpletons would see it as ‘Give him what he wants!! He’s 1-2 in NFCCGs! He’s a regular season wonder!” I see him as a guy who regularly got beat by good teams.

  15. NJ49er says:

    That’s the Mendoza line for me Chuck.
    Did Jed give Jim the raise for a SB Win and, did Jim consider that an insult?
    Too many ‘non-reports’ to speculate on.

    Said it many times, we don’t know what went on behind closed doors.

  16. unca_chuck says:

    Interesting, if not fluffy, article re: the 49ers in SI:

    Funny thing is, the commenters have more insight than this Doug guy.

    Even funnier, the guy is from Seattle. Hmmm. Any bias there?

    Doug’s big point is this:

    One of the main things that prevented the 49ers from making the playoffs for the first time in the Harbaugh era was Kaepernick’s undeniable regression. He fell from seventh in Football Outsiders’ opponent-adjusted metrics for quarterbacks in 2013 to 29th in 2014, right between world-beaters Charlie Whitehurst and Austin Davis. One thought behind the issue is that Roman and Harbaugh tried to keep Kaepernick in the pocket too often, limiting his reads and denying him his athletic advantages. However, the numbers don’t jibe. According to Pro Football Focus, Kaepernick threw 402 passes from the pocket in 2013, completing 236 for 3,135 yards, 16 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. In 2014, he actually threw fewer passes from the pocket: 381, completing 243 for 2,673 yards, 10 touchdowns and seven picks.

    Dougie draws a very stupid conclusion here. By the coaching staff telling Kappy to tone down the running means that he’s holding the ball and not running. Unless the blocking fails (gee, did it?) and he’s forced to break contain and throw on the run, or simply run. What those numbers support is that the protection was lousy.

    Then he says this:

    Kaepernick was pressured more often in 2014: 215 snaps under pressure as opposed to 175 the year before. But it’s going to be on him to develop as a pure passer.

    No it isn’t. So Kappy in the first paragraph is chided for not throwing from the pocket, but it is noted that he was under more pressure? What does that tell you? It tells me there was a problem up front.

    Coming from a guy who apparently knows who Russell Wilson is, he should realize that what Seattle does is give RW options to hit underneath. Harbaugh and co have been hell-bent on not being an underneath-type team. Coming off of the Alex Smith years, I guess you can’t blame them, but still and all, Gore (or even VD for that matter) is rarely used as a dump-off guy and VD isn’t used as a guy who can get behind the LBs on 15 yard crossing routes. The offense that Harbaugh and Roman have been beating us down with has gotten progressively worse. Like Harbaugh and Co were determined to take away the good parts of Kappy’s game and supplant it with the Peyton Manning style of QBing. Doug mentions and then pooh-poohs the idea that the coaching staff fucked things up and lays it all squarely at the feet of Kaepernick.

    I hope they decide to go with Kappy’s strengths this year.

  17. unca_chuck says:

    Hey Bullit, is Marty Schottemheimer one of teh greats? Meh. He’s OK. Marv Levy is, but he did what o coach has ever done and that’s get there 4 times in a row. But for Scott Norwood . . .

    If you think Harbaugh would have improved things this year, you are crazy. They likely would have been 7-9 or worse. They would have been a dysfunctional mess from the get-go. Lame-duck status and a front office full of animosity.

    How about you post here, chikenshit? You and NoFear are safe little hens taking your potshots behind Skeebie’s skirt. It’s all well and good to post your drivel with no repercussions.

    Regular season records are well and good, but the NY Giants won a SB with a 9-7 record. 5-3 as Harbaugh’s playoff record sounds great until you realize that the Niners are 0-1 in Super Bowls, and 1-2 in championship games. Yippee. Give him $10 mill,

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  19. Winder says:

    My advice is to get one of those scooters with a basket for the munchies.

    • 12th Man says:

      Scooter people are people too dammit! If Bruce Jenner gets to be Caitlyn Dennis can transform too!
      I was in Disneyland recently watching the scooteratti roam those hallowed streets with wanton abandon, free at last.
      Ever see the kids movie Wall-E, a scary peak into Dennis’ future?

    • Winder says:

      When my mom was still roaming this planet she got herself a scooter and it did transform her quality of life considerably. It was everyone else’s responsibility to look out.

  20. And for the love of fucking Christ…STOP with all of these Kaepernick excuses already. It’s the same fucking shit that you Alex Apologists did during his tenure. “The OL sucks. The play calling is horrible. The coaches don’t use his strengths and put him in a position to succeed. The WRs run poor routes and never get any separation from the DBs.”

    And blah, blah, blah, blah boo-fucking-hoo. Both Alex and Kap have been, and will continue to be trash. Neither will ever get into Canton unless they purchase a ticket like the rest of us.

    And raise your goddamn hand if you still think Kap is a better QB than Russell Wilson? I’m coming over to crush your left foot with a fucking sledgehammer. You don’t *deserve* to walk like I won’t be fully able to again. Probably not til Christmas.

    And if I don’t blog again until then. As the Dennis minus the one ‘n’ said…

    • 12th Man says:

      Wilson just lost a SB in very similar fashion to Kap. The difference between the 2 teams O has been Lynch over Gore not Wilson over Kap.

      I posted Kap has better numbers than any other QB at the same point in their careers except President Brady and that not by much. I know you are a stats guy Dennis because you fawn over Romo, well those are the stats.

      As a winner its hard to argue Kap doesn’t have it when he has won more road playoff games than Montana and Young, combined.

      As for the O line, I don’t see any argument you can put up that doesn’t agree with lasts years awful play. No QB, including Brady/Romo/P.Manning are successful without at least some protection.

      Kap has a big year in front of him no doubt. His contract is structured in such a way that the team pays almost no penalty to release him, but be careful what you wish for Dennis. It took Young a while to figure it out too.

      As for P Manning would have won the Niners at least 2 more SB, well that has not been his track record has it?

  21. unca_chuck says:

    Good for you Dennis. Are you made out of spit and baling wire?

    Your post is you usual poppycock but the Denis Leary thing is great.

  22. Seriously. Ask yourself the question: Is Colin Kaepernick now or will he ever be a HOF QB?

    The answer is an emphatic — NO! There’s a decent chance Kap won’t even be wearing a 49er uni after this year. Then what will your excuse be? Thought not.

    But this whole QB fiasco can be laid upon the shoulders of one Jim Harbaugh. He let his ego override his intellect Harbaugh was only “evaluating” a certain QB. You lying sack of fucking shit.

    This team under HC Jim Harbaugh would have won at least one, if not two Super Bowls if…

    Did we sign Peyton Manning yet?

  23. unca_chuck says:

    Oh fuck off Dennis. No one expect every QB we draft to be an instant hall of famer. If that’s your expectation, feed the fucking ducks.

  24. Berger says:

    Life is just a Christmas carol short of a glass half empty when Dennis comes around with his logic on life and sports. I feel better already!

  25. Nipper says:

    I wonder if happy hour has begun in earnest. Quack!

  26. 12th Man says:

    Ace Sanders is available…

    Was it NJ or Spitty that had a crush on him?

  27. 12th Man says:

    Joe Staley:
    “The year we had Harbaugh his first year, everybody thought we were going to be really crappy,” Staley said. “Then last year everybody thought we were going to be amazing. … There’s a million factors that go into a team being successful or unsuccessful.”

    Steve Bono:
    “Kaepernick will be better, because of some of the negative forces that are gone,” said Steve Bono, a former 49ers quarterback and now one of their alumni coordinators.

    Trent Dildo:
    “Everybody says they’re going to be terrible. Wait, what were they last year?” asked Trent Dilfer, an ESPN analyst and Baalke confidant. “They were 8-8 and an OK team. To get better, sometimes you need dramatic changes.”

    Dilfer sees an encouraging difference under new coach Jim Tomsula, who succeeded Harbaugh after eight seasons as a defensive line coach. A younger roster requires better teaching and learning, and Dilfer insisted that Tomsula and his staff are suited for that task.

    Added Dilfer: “Is that the secret sauce to a Super Bowl? Probably not, but I think sure as hell they’re a playoff team.”

    Just pointing out some other POV from pros.

    Staley is dead right, 2011 Niners were not expected to be 8-8, 2014 they were SB bound, all according to experts and pundits and people from geneoushire.

  28. unca_chuck says:

    Theyust be reading my blog then, 12th. Cuz ghats exactly what I said.

    The national media is all about superficial understanding. Most fans of a given team have more in/depth knowledge of their team than them. Them again, some folks buy in to the bullshit. Dilfer seems to want to be the contrarian. Although he still has ties to the team. But I agree with him for once.

    • 12th Man says:

      Its funny to me that the crew from Skeebs are towing the media line of the Niners will suck, based on uninformed mass perception, which is the very definition of sheeple, and this is from guys who proclaim themselves as “thinkers” who don’t follow the crowd.

      Sounds like the crowd to me.

      Crystal balls are hard to come by but if pressed at this point before seeing any game action I would say the Niners will do better than last year and have a shot at the playoffs, where anything can, and does, happen.

      • Berger says:

        It doesn’t matter what anybody thinks, me, you, the media, what matters is what happens in September. I am sure we would be 7-9 or worse with Harbaugh still here. I am confident we will be better than that this year with the new staff. I’m feeling good about making the playoffs.

        I know we lost some leaders but I think we still have good talent. It might not be Super Bowl winning talent like Harbaugh had but we have upgraded the offensive coaching. Who knows! I’ll feel better about saying anything more after seeing 3 pre-season games.

      • 12th Man says:

        I agree it makes no difference, I guess that’s my point. In the absence of any concrete evidence one way or the other, why choose to shit on your own team?

  29. Berger says:

    I think simplifying the play calling is what we need the most. Sounds like that is already happening. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • 12th Man says:

      Looking forward to getting the snap off before the clock ticks to 1 or 2 seconds. Absolutely no element of surprise available to the O and near certainty of the D timing the play. Chances of success diminished considerably.

      As you say, believe it when we see it.

  30. Winder says:

    We will have to get out feet wet before we start to swim and it will probably take more than the pre-season. Whatever it takes it can’t be as bad as last year. At this point I am looking for some exciting football. We will be able to see the difference right away if the new offensive scheme is creative or not. Personally, I can’t see how so many fans can be down on the team at this time of year. It’s a brand new start and the only way I’m gonna be bummed this early will be because of injuries in TC. Even in the Ericson(sp) yrs it took a couple of weeks.

  31. Berger says:

    NJ- We have figured out that you don’t trust Kap or Jed. Please go away. You need the cancer blog. It is you! In your world we could be your next Mets. Please go away. Bullit is your perfect fact buddy. He will fact your ass why we suck. Please go away, You suck. You are a fair weather fan, like that entire blog. I no longer want you as a fan. Fuck you and your Mets. Just go away.

    • Berger says:

      And if we suck next year, those butt fuckers are your best buddies. I’ll be somewhere backing my team. Fuck you dick. Go join V, Spitty, bullit, nofear and your other best buddies. I’m tired of your cross opinions. Time to choose dick. You stand for nothing but talk and derision. Pick a side and grow a pair. At this point, you have no balls. You are the most ballest man anywhere talking 49ers. If we disagree that would be OK. At this point you just want everybody to be your friend. You are worthless at this point.

      • NJ49er says:

        Berger I’ve been a ‘fair weather fan’ for 35 years.
        Fuck you too.

      • NJ49er says:

        You don’t decide what level of fan am I.
        I do.
        I choose to talk the good and the bad aspects of this team.
        We’ve got concerns as do most teams in this game.
        I’m not here seeking to be liked.
        Apparently you have a different perception.
        That’s your problem, not mine.

      • Berger says:

        Fuck you ass hole, Bullit is waiting for you in the closet. And you know I am right. Bullit and NoFear want you badly. Since you are a weak suck I am giving you to them.

      • Berger says:

        Yes., I have decide what level fan you are. You are the fan that told the Mets to go away. You are a fan that can be gone. Skeebers and company is your cup of tea. Please go away. You are a fair weathered fan.

  32. Berger says:

    NJ- In the Revolutionary War we had the 1/3 who wanted to align with the British. We had the 1/3 who wanted to be free. And then there were the 1/3 who wanted to align with the winner. That is you, the 1/3 wanting to align with the winner. Mr Popular is what you care about. Grow a pair.

  33. superlead88 says:

    Berger, you’re the biggest suck ass I’ve ever seen.

    • Berger says:

      My butt is open for you to lick, dick! I’ll even leave some shit for you to taste. Go root for some other team Skeebers buddy! It is obvious you are not rooting for Tomsula, Baalke and York. Skeebers,

      Bullit and NoFear are recruiting you. They hate the 49ers these days. The blog for anti 49er fan is 49ersoutsider.

  34. Berger says:

    So who are you superlead88. Since Bullit lies about everything you must be Bullit. My guess is you are some other coward, like V or spitty. It is obvious you are an anti 49er fan dick.

  35. superlead88 says:

    Berger, you and your little clones follow everything Chuck says and he’s been wrong on every damn topic since Erickson. It was right after the Eddie High jacking when he was forced to use his brain to determine the differences between right and wrong. You stand by and stand silent like a little weak man, yes you’re the one with no balls when you stand there silent while Unca_chuck deletes and silence people who disagree with him. What kind of human being are you? I mean really you’re not even an American when you allow yourself go along with this liberal philosophy of removing and silencing those who have a difference in opinions. You and unca_chuck think because we think the opposite of you that we should be shot, or we’re racist and you call us Nazi’s? Better look in the mirror pal before you determine who has balls and who don’t.

    Look who you find yourself agreeing with 12th man? He’s a little mindless kid! Hell he’d accept the first female QB and flag football and would count down the days until the season started. He’d vote for Obama for a third term if he could and this is whom you find yourself agreeing with? I tell you I’ll be banned after this post so Dennis will be the only man left here with balls to tell you how it is in the real world. NJ though I think he agrees with you clowns too much at least you can reason with him and have a logical conversation. The rest of you want a place where you can just agree with one another without a word from reality and congratulate each other for thinking the same. I can believe none of you are man enough to hear from the other side that ends up being correct 100% of the time.

    Go put up your American Flag outside your house, sick back and read our constitution especially the part about freedom of speech and stand up against these liberals who are out to silence those who disagree with the mindless views of how the world should be. Then well find out if you really have balls or not. Talk is cheap lets see some action.

  36. Berger says:

    superlead88- it is obvious you are V. Please go away. Skeerbers needs you badly. We want 49er fans here who want to continue to be fans. It’s OK to be critical. It is not OK to be a Skeebers clone. There is a blog for that.

  37. NJ49er says:

    Berger there’s a difference between being opinionated and objective.
    I lean toward the objective side of these debates.
    I’m not looking to measure up to one blog over the other, as you clearly seem to be.
    Learn what it means to agree to disagree, without being an opinionated A$$hole.

    • NJ49er says:

      I’m not here to revisit the Revolutionary War either.
      I’m here to talk about the 9ers.

  38. Berger says:

    NJ- Waffling sends you to the “other blog”. You are nothing but a bullit disciple if you don’t declare. You know I love you and will always but I don’t play Christie politics. You New Jerseyers seem to be OK with that. If you can’t say the new coaching staff sucks or is better than what we had last year you have no balls. Dennis says we suck. I have no problem with him. My problem is you saying nothing, even though you post often. You are just waiting to see who wins the war. You are worthless. If you declare you grow a pair. Of course we know you don’t have the pair to declare. What is your opinion? Funniest question ever since we know it won’t be answered. Are we better off or worse off going into this year. I say we are better off. But then, I have the balls that you lack.

  39. Berger says:

    NJ- I’m not asking you to be loyal to one blog or another. I’m asking you to declare an opinion of whether we are better or worse than lastyear Obviously your balls are lacking.

    • NJ49er says:

      Not sure who left you in charge of Balldom Berger but guess what?
      I don’t need to declare anything more than I share here and elsewhere.
      If Fandom requires ball size, at the expense of acceptance, maybe I don’t need to measure up to your expectations.
      Admire your balls, just don’t confuse them for brains, I don’t.

      I’ll continue to critique my 9ers as I see fit.
      Whether we’re better off this year is yet to be seen.
      Regardless of the record, I’ll be following the team, like I have been since the late 70s.

      Kaep can improve. Whether you choose to put that on Harbaugh, Roman or, me for that matter, is your business.
      I’m seeking improvement just like the rest of you are.
      Unfortunately, I can’t control 1 single second of what happens on the field.
      I’m a lemming of sorts, just like you.
      If I get tired of the product that goes on the field, just as I did with the Mets years ago, I’ll find something else to do with my time.

      • NJ49er says:

        I also think I’ve made my position pretty clear on Christie too.
        He’s a worthless hack.
        He belongs in The Mob.
        He doesn’t do squat for me, or most of the other taxpayers in NJ.
        Like most Politicians, he’s all about the contributors,, and what they can get from him, for their money.
        So let’s be clear on that score.
        He sucks.

  40. Nipper says:

    I vote no on suckatude of all sorts. Crooked, greedy politicians are normality at its worst.

  41. Berger says:

    NJ- I feel like I am being patronized. You ask if Jed is a meddler but then won’t say if he is. You threaten to leave as a fan like you did with the Mets but say you are here to the end. I don’t care what your opinions are, just give them instead of only instigating. The one opinion you have given is that Baalke has done a good job. I agree with that. If you are going to bring it up state your point of view. I don’t need facts like Bullit demands, I just need an opinion if you are going to stir it up. Opinions are good, it is why blogs exist. Aren’t we all experts? LOL!

  42. unca_chuck says:

    Bergs was drinking last night, NJ. You rode the fence for 6 years on Smith, so I don’t think you get to be any arbiter of fence-riding with the amount of splinters in your ass. I said for years he needed better coaching, but I also said he would run from this team as fast as he could when given the opportunity. He didn’t twice. Whatever.

    So, easy on the shit-flinging. We are in uncharted territory here. Whether Jed is a meddler has little to do with how this season progresses, barring a coaching change mid-season or some other ludicrous scenario. Of course it won’t be perceived that way by the media or the fans. That’s just the nature of superficial reactions by an uninformed fan base. I’ve said for years that fans are basically stupid, and this plays into that. The mob mentality around Alex Smith was insane. Even among old-time fans who should know better. Watching games live tells a lot about how fans react to things. Like Smith intentionally throwing an incomplete pass on a screen that would have lost 6 yards. The fans booed mercilessly as it was the first drive. Why? Because its the mob mentality. Of course the next play was a 15 yard crossing route that VD took to the end zone, Smith didn’t hear any more boos that day as the Niners beat Seattle pretty soundly like 41-24.

    But point out a game 2 years later where the CB is playing 15 yards off Moss every play and the Niners threw to him 3 times in a row and never again. I’m screaming “Go to Moss!” and the people around me are like “huh?” A game that we could have put away early was instead a long slogging affair tht wa the usual 3 long drives in the 1st half result in 6 points. Miami has one play net a 65 yard TD and suddenly the Niners are behind. If not for a 50 yard bootleg by Kappy, the game would have been in doubt.

    And this is why I stopped likling Harbaugh. He rarely took advantage of game-day matchups. In other words I think they thought Miami would double Moss and therefore didn’t target him while infact he was ingle-covered by a guy playing 12 yards off him. A smart OC would throw that way until Miami stopped it. We did it a few time and then stopped of our own volition. Stupid.

  43. unca_chuck says:

    Ann (Niner hater) Killion has another inane article in the Chron this morning. I bet Bullit is jjizzing himself reading it.

    Best part is the line that Harbaugh was the de-facto QB coach. If so, then he wears a big part of the Kappy regression. Funny how the injuires only affected the head coach and not the starting QB.

    • Berger says:

      Difference is I told you I was sitting on the fence until he gets better coaching. I was very clear that It was too hard to make a judgment on Alex until he had a coach with a clue. He did very well under Norv Turner and then had a shoulder injury that took him out for two years. Singletary made the infamous quote that the QB is just another player. That was enough to tell me that no QB was going to succeed under Singleneuron. Harbaugh was not very adept at offensive design but he did understand that the QB is the most important player on the field. That alone was a huge improvement for our QBs.

      • 12th Man says:

        His coaching sucked and so did Alex. He got better with experience and took a step with slightly better coaching, remember, these are the same coaches we feel were holding back Kap.

        Alex is efficient, uninspiring and unlikely to ever win the biggest of games with a couple of exceptions in his entire career. Niners made the right choice IMO.

      • Berger says:

        Do you remember the one game Tomsula coached Alex at QB. He had one of his best games ever and was completing many long passes.

      • 12th Man says:

        I do Berger, but temper that with the energy bounce of dumping Singleneuron on the whole team and that there was no film or history of scheme on Tomsula. I equate it to the backup QB syndrome where the backup is amazing for a few games until film catches up with him.
        It’s the main reason why I think the Tomsula era will get off to a strong start, the team has talent but no scheme tendencies to study or defend. The league caught up to Harbaugh and they ran out of ideas, at least that’s my theory.

  44. Nipper says:

    Splinters in one’s ass……..this not good. Fence sitting especially on a picket fence is painful. On a blog it is pitiful.

  45. Berger says:

    Unca- A little vodka and some whiskey and NJ got called out for patronizing. He didn’t crack. I still want some opinions. I want to know if he actually thinks Jed is a meddler. I don’t think he is.

  46. Nipper says:

    I don’t know much about history…..the Revolutionary War……who won?

  47. Berger says:

    Killian and Cohn were leading the charge last year lambasting Joe Lacob for firing Mark Jackson. They were unmerciful. The Warriors turned out OK. Now they have the 49ers to get some ratings from. I guess it’s their jobs to wear the clown suits.

  48. Winder says:

    Yeah, but will you love me tomorrow.
    Ah, the morning after.

  49. rtfirefly says:

    Sorry Winder, I’m busy. The Song Remains the Same on Encore right now. Ah, memories of high school and JC…

    (Don’t ask me about the opening sequence – who the hell knows???)

  50. Nipper says:

    Meanwhile the chamber music blares steadily in Geneoushire as the 12th Century lives on.

  51. snarkk says:

    Chuck, I had no idea Andy Lee had a tragedy, then I looked it up after I read your thread. Tragedy indeed; very sorry to read about the loss of a child so young…

  52. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, very sad. I don’t know anything but I’m fairly sure he asked out of here to be closer to home.

  53. unca_chuck says:

    Looks like its time to set the spam filter to kill. Poor little v is such a hypocrite. When he gets banned its an a affront to the USA. When I get banned he doesn’t make a sound. Then again, that’s an skeebs for not allowing differing points of view.

  54. unca_chuck says:

    34 comments in the spam filter!!!

    A new record, v !!! Aaaand, goodbye.

  55. unca_chuck says:

    RTF, I saw song remains the same back in the day and I don’t remember that shit, Wonder if it was only in the English version. Tour dates? Too funny. WWTF with the gangters?

  56. unca_chuck says:

    NoFear, I guess you didn’t read my 9:39 post. Figures, though. Ignore what you don’t like to read and proceed merrily along your narrow way. Why not post instead of whine? You accusing others of flaming posters is a laugh riot. You and Bullit are the worst. Your self-righteousness is very funny..

  57. unca_chuck says:

    Any chance to play Pink Floyd though . . .

    I know, NoFear. Hippie music.

    • Winder says:

      Always a good move. This album reminds me of a red headed girl I was smitten with at the time.

  58. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, that album is by far the weirdest psychedelia that Floyd did. A lot of Syd Barrett in the live sides. A total shame what happened to Syd.

    Speaking of those slow on the up-take, V tried posting under about 20 different names and they all got caught in the spam filter.

    Good work, Skippy. Don’t worry bro, your brethren on Skeebie’s, blog will take you and your bat-shit craziness in . . . How’s the Pinto, BTW??

  59. Berger says:

    This ism for Del:

    A duck was about to cross the road, when a chicken came running & said

    “No don’t do it! You’ll never hear the bloody end of it”

  60. unca_chuck says:

    NoFear, I banned V (and Dennis) for racist comments. Simply that. Soitty? He pushed his nonsensical bullshit over and over and I waned him 15 times, yet he kept it up. The reason I mentioned V as not backing me at Skeebs site is because he SAID he backed me in about 45 posts that were caught by my spam filter.

    I still stand behind my assertion that the only reason I was banned from Skeebs site is because he couldn’t take hearing a different point of view. Fucking Bullit is the worst example of a baiting troll but since he is on the side of most everyone over there, Skeebs lets it go. His prerogative, but really, look at how you guys give winder shit for not bowing to the prevailing sentiment. Spitty rides NJ all the time, yet you call it civil over there? Gimme a fucking break. As usual, since the wind is blowing your way you feel free to be an asshole and support everyone else who does the same.

    NJ gets one drunken night from Bergs and you get all bent out of shape over it? At least when I ban people its for due cause. EVERYONE I banned, I warned. 10 times over. Skeebs? Nope.

    You want to get all high and mighty about it, go for it but don’t play the martyr’s advocate.

    BTW, I’m waiting for my apology for you not noting the fact that I told Bergs to shut up about his screed.

    Like that’ll happen.

  61. NoFear49er says:

    Show me where you told Bergs to shut up.

    “Bergs was drinking last night, NJ.” “So, easy on the shit-flinging.”
    Such a stinging rebuke! How did I miss that!

    Good for you! You really stuck your neck out there and showed everyone you will not tolerate anyone kicking other posters off your blog. Except, Flavor, Twinfan and Berger when he’s drunk. Wow!

    Has the English language lost all meaning for you? Just define words as you wish?

    Winder and NJ49er post nothing but different POVs. They aren’t banned. Must be a flaw in your logic somewhere.

    Dennis is the only one left here with a different POV. Go look how you welcome different opinions. Or ask bakkentom.

    Maybe try your bullshit on someone who hasn’t been around here so long.

  62. unca_chuck says:

    You don’t like my rebuke. Well at least you acknowledged it as such. Still no apology though. Typical pablum from you. Yertle the turtle. Afraid of casting a shadow? If you can’t see tag bakkentom is someone else, then there’s no hope for you. Jesus.

    No one on earth makes the jump from here to there in an hour without foreknowledge. A couple mild posts besides. Poor little bakkentom. Tell him to come back. I didn’t say anything to him besides.

    Show me where he gets railed.

    How about you start a blog? Then you ca tell me how to run mine. Otherwise shut it. Gawd what a baby you are.

  63. 12th Man says:

    So in summation Chuck, the blog is either all of one opinion or when you allow other opinions you are an asshole.

    Got it.

  64. Whatupfool says:

    I like to touch myself.

    • 12th Man says:

      He should ban you because you’re boring as fuck.

    • Berger says:

      V- I can’t stand the Liberals either but this is a 49er football sight. You stand a better chance of sticking if you stick to telling us how Kappy sucks instead of poilics.

      • 12th Man says:

        He would have a better chance of sticking if he lowered his “I know better than you” stance to that of ordinary egomaniac and stopped bludgeoning us with his massive missives. Winder said he stops reading V and Spitty if its more than a paragraph. I do the same. It’s one long ego stroke, boring as fuck, oh I said that already.

      • Berger says:

        I don’t read them either when they get too long.

  65. Berger says:

    Getting drunk and blogging is fun! NJ got called out for questioning ownership, management and the QB on one sight and acting all positive here. He also threatened to the leave the 49ers as a fan, ala the way he showed the Mets and left them. NJ is my favorite poster. I love the guy but he needs to quit trying to make everybody happy. Politician acting people never get much favor from me. If I’m drinking I’m a bit blunt. Saying one thing there and another here is going need clarification. That’s all. I’d still rather post with NJ than any other poster here or there. There, how’s that for kissing ass. Fuck you NJ! LOL!

    • 12th Man says:

      I told Spitty, NJ is worth a hundred of him.
      NJ is a solid Niner fan who see’s the pro and con of most situations. I get where you are coming from Berger but NJ is good in my book.
      As are you even when you are an asshole.

      • Berger says:

        Thanks 12th. The advantage of drinking and blogging is my inner ass hole comes out sometimes! Rob usually calls when I get drunk. It seems to entertain him! Rob is cool.

      • 12th Man says:

        Its all good Berger.
        Spitty, V, Skeebs, NF et al are bearable. Bullit is an Olympic standard asshole, just worthless.

      • Berger says:

        I never had a problem with Bullit until we started to disagree. I then found out why people would rather go to a different blog than to put up with the dick of all blogs. He is worse than Chuck about needing to have the last word.

    • NJ49er says:

      Berger I get into the conversation on occasion between sites.
      At times, there are topics shared, regarding an article of interest perhaps, that sparks debate.
      While it may appear that I waffle, I simply accept a dissenting POV at times to further the debate.
      For example, the reports of Gase being pursued by Baalke made sense to me.
      What struck me as odd in that scenario, were the reports that Jed squashed it.
      For that reason, I asked why?
      Meddling could be defined in those terms and, under that scenario, no?
      You asked me awhile back to declare if I thought Jed was meddling.
      I answered no.
      But, in the Gase example, I sure would/did ask the question.

      As for being blunt when you’re wasted?
      The term obnoxious A$$hole comes to mind.
      And, fuck you too 😀
      It’s all good.

      Someday, if/when I get out there, it would be fun to get together as a Blog Group, and perhaps, have our own form of a Festivus Reunion.
      We can all enjoy a few adult beverages, and, have an airing of grievances perhaps?
      We’ll gather around the Festivus Pole, partake in some Festivus Games and, have some 9er related fun.

      • Berger says:

        I doubt Jed had anything to do with the Gase situation except when it came to the pay. I would expect that from an owner. Who knows, maybe that is where it broke down?

      • NJ49er says:

        The bigger headscratcher for me with Gase is, our collective agreement for the need of more Offense.
        Gase working with Kaep seemed like a novel idea at the time.
        To choose Tomsula over Gase simply raised questions for me, that’s all.

        I’ve joked about the NFLE connection conspiracy theory I harbor.
        Dr Daddy + Jim Tomsula + Lawrence Okoye + Jarryd Hayne + Roger Goodell + London games, etc just makes me go..Hmmmmmm?

      • Berger says:

        There is no conspiracy theory. At least I don’t see it. I have no problem with Tomsula. When Harby was fired I wanted Tomsula or Fangio for HC. I am 100% good with the 49ers decision. My concern is Geep for OC. He can’t be worse than RoBaugh. I’m hoping for much better than he can’t be worse. Since I don’t know much about his style I’ll just need to wait and see. I can’t be happy or bitch about him until I see what we are getting.

      • NJ49er says:

        Simply gotta ask the question Berger, is John York collecting pieces for future expansion?
        It’s all about the Benjamins….
        I have no personal issues with Tomsula either.
        All we can do now is wait and see what develops.

      • 12th Man says:

        NJ, collecting pieces?

      • NJ49er says:

        Yeh 12th, Okoye and Hayne for example?
        2 guys that never played a down of NFL football, getting added to the SF roster, where a former NFLE HC (Tomsula) works for the Dr, he of NFLE Expansion Committee fame?
        Me thinks it’s just a WEE bit coincidental.

  66. Whatupfool says:

    I live in my grandma’s trailer.

  67. 12th Man says:

    I hate to break it to you V but believe it or not you are an uninteresting read. Opinionated, lacking in thoughtful content, spouting nonsense and rhetoric.

  68. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah it’s all good. I just wish I could meet Bullit face to face.

    No on can be such a weenie in real life, can they? Then again I can’t imagine how/ why NoFear is so sensitive aboit random things. I still profess I never started shit with anyone but I won’t take repeated flame jobs either. V, NoFear and Bullit have been the ones who consistently go after me year after year.

    And they cry pussy when I return the favor? How chickenshit is that? They can fuck off sideways.

    V ruined my last blog, and spitty did all he could to fuck with this one. He did more to drive people away than anyone. And NoFear defends his right to fuck with it? Bullshit on that.

    NoFear himself said that is was a good blog on gameday.

    What happened? Did I sabotage my own blog? No. Guys like v aznd spitty went crazy posting when I wasn’t around.

    This can be fun, especially during game day but when I leave for a couple days and see racist rants from Dennis or 50 10000000 word diatribes from spitty/v it makes me wonder why I bother.

    • NJ49er says:

      I’m thinking seriously about the need for a Festivus-type Reunion Event Chuck.
      Maybe we all just need to shake hands, share a beverage and shoot the sh!t in a verbal environment?

      No need for hard feelings here in the silent world of keyboarding IMO.
      Sometimes the written word just isn’t accepted or construed as intended.
      A good ‘ol Eff you is pretty clear but, you know, gets a little too extreme.

      • 12th Man says:

        I’m in except if Bullit shows up, she is a pain in the arse.

      • NJ49er says:

        Maybe we’d all feel differently if we did meet one another.
        I’ve got no problems with Bullit.
        He’s a passionate fan too.
        I can respect that.

      • NJ49er says:

        Now, if the venue was to have a cage match among fans, we’d want to drink heavily and meet in Philly for a 9er/Eagle game.
        That’s where supporting OUR team would involve a good old fashioned rumble.
        All that’s needed for a confrontation there is, to wear a jersey, a hat or something affiliated with the 9ers.

        I’ll get sh!tfaced with Berger and the rest of you can join in.
        It won’t take more than 5 minutes for some Philly moron to have something to say, guaranteed.

  69. unca_chuck says:

    I don’t see any conspiracy either. I don’t see expansion into Europe either. If so, that will be the death knell ;of the NFL. That is a bridge too far.

    • NJ49er says:

      Well maybe it’s just me then.
      We seem to be the only team in the NFL with a collection of globally-oriented athletes.
      The NFL has a long way to go to catch Soccer on the World Stage too.

      • 12th Man says:

        They have a couple of players that are long shots to get on the game day roster and a 10 (8?) year line coach that was a 1 year HC in NFL Europe. That is a bit thin I reckon.

      • NJ49er says:

        Sometimes I think just a little too much about conspiracies involved with the Marketing Plan of the NFL?
        It’s the OLD salesman in my blood perhaps?

      • NJ49er says:

        That, and memories of these sorts of articles….

      • NJ49er says:

        Maybe the 1st strategy is the SB?

      • NJ49er says:

        Guess no one caught the typo in that piece either.
        Owner ‘Jason’ York?
        Is there a ghost Owner involved?
        Jed’s evil twin?
        Grounds for another conspiracy theory brewing?

    • rtfirefly says:

      I just don’t see Europeans giving up their football ever. If that dipshit FIFA head keeps up the massive financial fraud and keeps scheduling World Cups in places like Qatar (hey, let’s put the Super Bowl and the World Series there next!) I expect Europe and South America to break off and form their own World Cup. Others like the U.S. and Mexico will beg to get in, as well as some of the better African teams, but it will be Euro/S.A. centric.

      But for them to give up their football for American football? Never. American football as a novelty sure, just like I like watching Australian Rules Football.

      • NJ49er says:

        Agree RT.
        Soccer owns the World Stage and likely will for the foreseeable future.
        Football requires way too much equipment and peripheral support.
        But yes, it’s Marketable and, that’s all the Owners need to hear.

      • NJ49er says:

        The whole FIFA Organization is corrupt.
        Watched a piece recently about how the Qatar facility is being constructed.
        They’ve lost hundreds of lives on that project due to the excessive heat and, many of these workers are basically interned there as slaves.
        The DOJ has several of these guys already under the microscope too.
        Sepp Blatter won’t step outside his comfort zone either, for fear of arrest.
        Quite the Enterprise, that FIFA.

      • rtfirefly says:

        Every coffeehouse in Europe, it seems, has their own club. It’s ingrained in the culture. I don’t know, outside of some cheap bucks,, what Goodie hopes out of it. I don’t see Euros breaking the bank to buy Andrew Luck jerseys.

      • rtfirefly says:

        Most of the new Brazilian World Cup venues now look like just a step up from the Roman Colisseum and are used about as often.

      • NJ49er says:

        If Tomsula spins straw into Gold with Okoye look out RT.
        He’s an identifiable commodity across the Pond.
        It’s all about exposure certainly.
        Couple of NFL games a year opens the money flow for the Owners.
        Mo Money, Mo Money.

  70. unca_chuck says:

    Hey, it’s possible. But it’s at least 10 years off. I see a Super Boewl before e team over there. It would be a logistical nightmare to fly a team from there. Whoever’s division they were in wpuld be at a supreme disadvantage.

  71. unca_chuck says:

    Although the Niners used to play NFC ‘West’ teams Atlanta and New Orleans. They always racked up a shitload of miles.

    • NJ49er says:

      Exactly Chuck.
      Who flew more miles than the 9ers back in those days?
      At least they finally worked out the geographic challenges of putting the West in the West.
      Now, if they’d just give the West teams some consideration for 1PM ET games, we might level the playing field a bit more.

      • NJ49er says:

        I did like the changes Harbaugh made to the travel scheduling with B2B East Coast games.
        Hanging out in OH breaks up the jet lag.
        Made complete sense to me.

  72. unca_chuck says:

    The team voted against that last year, NJ. Something to do with Harbs possibly.

    Steve Young weighs in on the Niners.

    The perception game is all well and good, but in the end it amounts to nothing. Like I wrote in the thread, Perception doesn’t win games. Ask the 2012 Eagles dream team.

    They cite Dilffer and Staley again as people who think the change may do them good.

    It’s possible. As hard as that may be to swallow for some.

    • NJ49er says:

      That’s the reality of Media speculation Chuck.
      Everyone, (here included), has an opinion on the 9ers.
      Believe or not, we’re still one of the more traveled, and supported teams, in the League.
      I’ve joked often about being the only 9er Fan in NJ for years.
      However, when we attended the NYJ game here a couple of year ago, I found out afterward that Finnerty’s sponsored a few bus loads of 9er fans for that game.
      By the time that game ended, 9er fans were about the only fans in attendance, as the majority of NYJ fans cleared out.
      I’ve got my concerns about the team from time to time but, that’s part of being a fan.
      We’re fanatics. It comes with the territory I guess?
      Jeff Lurie, Eagles Owner, has handed the keys to Chip.
      Many wanted the same arrangement made for Harbaugh.
      We’ll see how it plays out in due time.
      As always is the case in this game, once you secure a Franchise QB, the rest almost becomes irrelevant.
      Carmen Policy and John McVeigh looked like geniuses, once Walsh and Montana got things rolling in SF too.

  73. NJ49er says:

    Here’s a good Blues Number for you –
    Javier Vargas with Larry Thurston – Riding High…..

  74. unca_chuck says:

    Good stuff, NJ. Guy looked like Stevie Ray for a split-second.

  75. unca_chuck says:

    Saw this guy in ’87. Incredible.

  76. unca_chuck says:

    How dare you, Winder. Don’t you know Bullit is the arbiter of everything? There;s no topic that can pass him by without his pronouncements and his gravitas. Nothing is done until he says it is. I mean really. Bullit and NJ are fine. But Bullit must weigh in on it for the next month. Because that’s how he rolls.

    He tried to convince me for 6 years how wonderful Michael Crabtree was. A guy with 1 1,000+ season. A guy who held out, dissed his QB, and wore his Dallas shoes while playing for the Niners.

    Turns out he was wrong about Crabs, but that never stops the prince of profligate prodigal pablum. He’ll defend that point until, well, no one gives a flying fuck. As NO ONE DOES, Bullit.

  77. Berger says:

    In the end Crabtree turned out to be a wasted pick.

  78. unca_chuck says:

    I wouldn’t call Crabs a wasted pick, but he sure isn’t what he thought he was. He put up good numbers for a 2, but he’ll never be a #1 WR. He wasn’t before the achilles injury. Now, he’s even slower.

    New thread is up.

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