And So It Goes . . . Good Coach Hunting and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

The names are flying around like confetti: Rex Ryan, Adam Gase, Josh McDaniels, Don Quinn, Darrell Bevell, Pete Carmichael, Hue Jassolle, Pep Hamilton, even crypt-keepers Mike Shanahan (and his son Kyle) and once and future past OC Mike Holmgren, Not to mention Fangio, Tomsula, and even Greg (urk) Roman as the internal candidates.

If they do go internal, which is a possibility, I’d tap Fangio. His job of holding together a defense riddled by injuries was above reproach. He also did more than his share to keep this team in a lot of games that could have definitely been losses if not for the stellar defense.

Lots of people out there are pooh-poohing the idea that anyone on the outside would even bother to want to get near this front office, but the reality is, this team has a lot of talent, and there are a lot of guys like Gase who would take the shot regardless of what the perception is with the front office. How he would be as a HC? Who knows?

All I know is I want a coach that can develop a cogent and fluid offense that can sustain drives and score in the red zone. I guess asking for a team that doesn’t burn all their time outs 10 minutes into the first quarter might be too much to ask for.

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73 Responses to And So It Goes . . . Good Coach Hunting and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  1. snarkk says:

    Shanahan & Son? Please, that option has disaster written all over it.
    Rex Ryan — is he going to worship Jed’s feet? And, such an accomplished developer of QBs.
    Give it to Fangio, promote Tomsula to DC.
    Get an OC in there that can call and get a play into the huddle in 15 seconds, and actually has Kap looking at photos and talking to him when the defense is on the field…

  2. snarkk says:

    Maybe hiring Fangio would be like hiring another Seifert. That turned out pretty darn well…

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, I’m good with that. The problem is they need to get an OC that can take the reins and develop an offense.

  4. NJ49er says:

    That’s the crux of the issue for me Chuck.
    Offensive improvements.

    What OC is going to be on the street that we can pair with an in-house candidate?
    Harbaugh solved that to a degree when he arrived with a tested and functional Staff.
    Problem is, it didn’t evolve.

    If you snag Bevell or McDaniels, whomever, would they be willing to work in this sort of partial Staff system?
    Hence, the new HC would want input on who that OC would/should be.

    I like Rex but, he’s been quoted out this way as being focused on a HC gig, not a DC, since he’s under Contract from the Band Aid Billionaire next year.
    If we go with Rex, I wouldn’t want Mornhinweg necessarily and, you likely alienate Vic and Tomsula by going to another Defensive-minded HC.

    • NJ49er says:

      First order of business is for Baalke/Jed to decide who’s gonna be the best fit, inside candidates or the open market?
      Many analysts feel Rex would be a perfect fit in Atlanta.
      The Offense is already intact.
      We’re the opposite end of that discussion.

      • NJ49er says:

        Which likely means we lean toward Vic/JT to keep the Defense continuity.
        Stay tuned, this clown car could make an abrupt U-turn at any moment.

    • snarkk says:

      Screw Rex Ryan. A legend in his own mind.
      If the Niners go with a defensive HC, they have in house defensive coaches that can take over who know the players and have good vibes with them. In that case, get a good OC that can teach a QB and call plays that score in the Red Zone…

  5. unca_chuck says:

    Which is why I think Pete Carmichael would be a good candidate for a lateral move. He’s not the play-caller in NO, so this would be a bit of a promotion for him to come in as our OC.

    He certainly did very well with an undersized QB who moves around well.

    Fangio and Tomsula stick around. Eric Mangini can hit the road.

    • NJ49er says:

      If Carmichael is an available option Chuck he could be someone to consider.
      I’ve mentioned another former NOLA Coach who’s out there as of Monday too, Bears OC Aaron Kromer.
      Nothing wrong with the Offensive production Payton and Brees have put up in recent years.
      Kromer was primarily an O-Line Coach for NOLA so, if Carmichael were to come aboard, he and Kromer would have had some continuity together, should we lose Solari.

      I’m in the camp that feels Kaep needs a passing system upgrade.
      However they feel that needs to be arranged, I hope they get it right.

  6. unca_chuck says:

    I wouldn’t touch Rex with a 39.5 foot pole, to quote the Grinch.

  7. NJ49er says:

    To one and all –
    A very Happy New Year Gents.

  8. Nipper says:

    At this level coaches are overrated. Head coaches are especially overrated. If they’re so important why are they fired so frequently? Only a few coaches are worth the time and trouble. Coaches are smoke and mirrors. They blow smoke up your ass and you buy it like you would from a used car salesman. You know you’re getting screwed but dammit you need that car! Staying healthy and obtaining talent is critical in the pros neither of which the HC have much control at the pro level. They just don’t have the time it is needed to be a factor. In conclusion, a hearty BLEEP to the whole damn mess!

  9. 12th man says:

    So much for McDaniels disliking the FO and the Niners not being able to attract top candidates. McDaniels will interview this week.

    Skeebs wrote another obituary after Harbaugh left, just like he did after Alex Smith left.
    The team went to a SB and another NFCCG without Smith. Not only didnt miss a beat but went one better.

    Skeebs lets his personal favorites cloud his judgement.

    Niners will go on and be a winning team.

    Ultimately being in the playoffs is better than not, but winning a Lombardi IS what its all about and Harbaugh, with Roman, just didn’t get it done.

    Too bad.

    • Berger says:

      12th- After I read the obituary and/or jilted lover post I called Del to ask him if he wrote it!

      • 12th Man says:

        He takes it so personally when Alex and Jim got the boot. Goes into mourning and writes soppy shit.

        Your right Berger, it sounds more like Del than Skeebs.

        Niners are a good team and franchise that got to the end of the road with Harbaugh and my guess is it was because of Roman since Jed says they had philosophical differences over football, not personally.

        Whoever comes next has a great core of football players just as Harbaugh did when he got here.

        This BS about no one will want to be HC of the Niners is laughable. 32 jobs exist and the Niners have top 5 talent right now. Coaches have ego’s the size of this planet, they will have no trouble getting another coach. Every coach wants to win and the Niners are ready to do just that.

        They need a modern O that compliments Kap’s skill set, not one that puts pressure on his weaknesses during a period of never ending injuries. Kap takes his job seriously and I’m sure he will work on what he needs to this off season.

        I never expected Fangio to leave with Harbaugh. He made a few comments during the season that made it plain he was his own man and not in Harbaugh’s shadow as well as he is still under contract.

        In order for him to be really considered for HC he will need to have assistants in his back pocket that the FO believes in, ditto with Tomsula. It won’t be a case of hiring in house then going on a search for an OC ala Singletary.

  10. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, the offense was getting very stale and I didn’t see any indication that Harbaugh was doing anything to fix it.

    • Nipper says:

      sniff… hoo!

    • Berger says:

      I saw signs. The last two games the play calling was vastly improved starting with the delivery system. Maybe after being hard headed about the offense and getting fired over it he decided to finally do something about it. Too little, too late.

  11. unca_chuck says:

    That’s more like it Nippy. Your earlier post had me wondering if you really were on top of things.

  12. Berger says:

    I had a very good friend call who is a Cowboys fan and wanted to know what was going on with Harbaugh. I told him I don’t know for sure but I do have an opinion. I told him, remember when Jerry Jones took the play calling away from the HC and gave it to Callahan. He said yes. I continued, then the next year they took it from him and gave it to Linehan, even though Callahan is still the OC, he said yes. I told him I think something similar happened here with Greg Roman our OC and Harbaugh was having none of that. So away he went. I told him it could very well be something else but IMO it is that until I get more info. He instantly understood.

  13. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, the tables have turned on ol Josh. He was high and mighty when he was looking for a HC gig a few years ago. Now he’s the beaten dog sniffing around for crumbs.

    Fuck him.

    And a very happy new year to one and all who post (and lurk) here!

  14. unca_chuck says:

    Oh boy. Word out of 4949 Centennial Blvd is that Jed wants an ‘established’ coach to alleviate the ‘mess’ that Harbaugh left.

    Rex and Shanny are high on the list.

    I think Jed is high.

    • 12th Man says:

      Jed made repeated mention of winning with class, ergo they had not been doing that. Simultaneously the team resembled the Raiders more than the Niners from the blotter perspective. That is no coincidence. Harbaugh was a player/coach more than a HC hence Jed suggesting the need for an “established coach” instead of a rah, rah college guy.

      That does not necessarily mean a coach from the 90’s, it means a guy who knows where the boundaries between players and coaches exist, not a “friend” who stumps for all his players to get “paid” and who waxes lyrical about each and every one of them regardless of whatever pile of shit they just created.

  15. Nipper says:

    Harbaugh had a “weird personality” for a public figure. He would fit right in with this group on this blog where being a bit different is tolerated. But alas in the public world of pro football it’s hard for an owner to accept.

  16. 12th Man says:

    Looks like Eric Branch thinks it was because of Roman too.

    Harbaugh hired Tim Drevno, former Nines O line coach, not Roman as his OC

    • Berger says:

      Anybody who can tell the difference between good and bad play calling could clearly see Roman had to go. We found out who doesn’t know a lick about play calling while they told us who could see it how little we know about football.

      It’s funny how a team can pay a QB 18 mill per year then be loyal to a coach who makes him look like he is regressing. I’m glad Jed and Baalke agreed and did something about it. That was the easy part. Hiring a better coach won’t be quite as easy. At least it shouldn’t be hard to get a better OC.

      The Warriors fired a good head coach and hired a better one, along with a much better offensive assistant. Now the 49ers need to follow in the same path.

      • Winder says:

        Berger – I never said you were good but you do come up with quite a few names. And, your right about NJ, with him the names do keep coming. I do love a good offense but at heart I am a defensive guy and would love to see us draft some monsters for the line. If they can’t run on us they’ll have to try something else.

    • Winder says:

      He must now a lot more about the offense than just the line. Maybe dennis was onto something with the Bo schembeckler(sp) jr. thing.

      • Berger says:

        Winder- Should be a beast D-lineman to watch tomorrow for Ohio St. IIRC, his name is Bosa. I’ve heard a lot about but haven’t watched him yet. I’ll be watching him tomorrow.

      • Winder says:

        We need a beast or two for our Dline. I rely on NJ, you, and a few other for just about all my pre-draft info. To be honest I’m not real good at it. Kinda like horses, mine are so good it takes at least 5 or 6 to beat em.

      • Berger says:

        Who said I was real good at it. I seem to do OK with D-linemen and QBs. Maybe about 75%. The other positions I don’t do nearly as well. NJ always picks well because he mentions just about everybody. I kid him a lot about that. If you see somebody you like you should share. Agreeing or not agreeing is not a big deal unless you blog with Bullit.

  17. unca_chuck says:

    I had ODB early last year. Loved that kid. Same with Kelvin Benjamin. The rest? Meh. Crap shoot city.

    My druther was there were a shitload of WRs that were available that they didn’t get . Davante Adams is doing well. Tons of impact guys and they passed on all of them. Ellington is fine for what he is. An ST/KR/PR guy, Unless the next coach uses him better. Which is a foregone conclusion?

    Carradine and Dial actually did a little better than I thought. J Smith was decent, but overall the D line without Dorsey went AWOL a lot. Missing A Smith had its problems, and hopefully with a full offseason and no more legal problems, he can get back to wreaking havoc, but yeah, we need a force in the middle who can provide pressure up the gut. We have more than enough outside guys. It’s the interior of the line that needs to be beefed up. The ability to rotate guys in and out isn’t stressed enough.

    • Berger says:

      Losing Rey McDonald is a big deal. He was playing well. I think Dial can handle that spot. If Justin retires I’m not so sure Tank is the answer. He can pass rush, I haven’t really watch his run stuffing technique with any consistency. He has shown flashes of excellence.

  18. Berger says:

    I heard on Fox Sports Radio today that somebody with knowledge of the situation said that Jed addressed a Stanford business class last winter and told them that Harbaugh wanted Super Bowl money without winning a Super Bowl.

    My opinion is that is where the problem started. IOW, about the money but became much more than that when Harbaugh wouldn’t do anything about Roman and the team’s incredibly bad play calling.

  19. Irish Kevin says:

    happy new year everyone and since it is a new year, it is time to stop talking about Harbaugh let’s get on with throwing out who should be the next HC or OC for that matter. And let’s throw out there who the next draft should be

  20. Irish Kevin says:

    Harbaugh is gone so this is a dead issue as well it should be!!

  21. snarkk says:

    I believe Roman is contracted through 2015. So, somewhat surprising he hasn’t been fired, if his continuing presence was part of the Harbs problem…

  22. Berger says:

    Looks like Joey Bosa, the DE/DT from Ohio St is a true sophomore. He won’t be available in this year’s draft. He sounds like a top 10 pick for next year.

  23. At least those stolen crab legs from Jameis Winston will be fresh and cold —
    He stinks on ice.

    Happy New Year.

  24. They’ve reached the O/U total (72) with 12:30 left to go.
    And before I could finish my train of thought, OU scored again. 59-20 Ducks.

    Is it any wonder why the tackling in the NFL is watered-down?
    The tackling in college horse piss.

  25. Berger says:

    Nice win by Oregon. Here’s a song for next week, “Don’t Take Me Alive.” The famous line is “I crossed my old man back in Oregon, don’t take me alive!”

    • Did you see who the NHL trotted out as their “entertainment” before today’s Winter Classic? Billy Idol. Nothing like an old and decrepit guy trying to relive 1982 come the first day of 2015. Twitter was just ripping Billy a new asshole for bringing back “White Wedding.” That famous “fist pump” of his woulda had no problem breaking through his sphincter today.

  26. If they hire Rex Ryan, do we draw and quarter him when he lands at SFO? Or do we wait until his press conference? You’ve got to be pulling my lariat.

  27. unca_chuck says:

    Can’t disagree with that Dennis.

    Devon Smith looks like a nice deep threat.

  28. unca_chuck says:

    I still think Fangio should get the job. Shanny and Ryan Cannot be options.

  29. unca_chuck says:

    Gase i could live with I suppose, but none of the defensive coaches on the docket are as good as Fangio so I hope they don’t go that way. Don;t want Bevill,

  30. What about Jim Mora? I haven’t heard his named mentioned much, if it all. He’s young enough (53) to relate to the players. Jim has NFL HC experience. We all know about his 49er ties. Pair Mora with the right OC. I could think of worse things.

  31. Berger says:

    Del- I’ve heard Jim Mora mentioned a couple of times. I’m starting to think Rex Ryan might be being interviewed for HC with DC in mind. I could see Fangio or Tomsula as coach with Ryan as DC.

  32. unca_chuck says:

    Meh. Mora’s sorta committed to the Bruins. He has a fairly non distinguished NFL career.

  33. Berger says:

    Harbaugh was fairly swift to name somebody other than Roman as OC at Michigan. Things that make one say, hmmm!

  34. Berger says:

    I’ve come up with the answer. I’m probably full of shit so don’t take this as gospel. I don’t claim to know as much as The Three Stooges. Tomsula or Fangio as HC, RexRyan as DC and Mike Shannahan as OC. Shannahan has enough money that he might just want to win again. I can see Super Bowl already!

  35. Helluva first half in tonight’s Sugar Bowl. I think someone forgot to remind the Buckeye’s third string QB and Urban Meyer that they’re 9 pt. dogs to Big ole Bad ole ‘Bama and their self-righteous pious holier-than-thou motherless fuck bastard of a head coach.

    I know one thing: Meyer and the Buckeyes are going to kick Bo Schembechler Jr.’s ™ ass.

  36. Berger says:

    I think we have enough talent to win a super Bowl and I love our QB. We need the coaching staff to take the next step. It was never going to happen with Harbaugh’s loyalty to Roman. The right coaching staff will take us there. It is very possible we regress but the best we would have done with Harbaugh is win and be entertaining without a ring. Guaranteed.

    I love what Jed did. An upgrade to the coaching staff will give us a championship. If Jed screws this up then so what, Harbaugh was not ever going to win a SB, only a Stooge would think as much. Jed is playing to win instead playing, “not to lose”. I love his attitude. I am willing to take a step back if it means it was just an aggressive mistake in order to win it all. I’m glad Jed is our owner. He kicks ass because he isn’t afraid to face Stooges and be bold! Go 49ers!

  37. Berger says:

    I feel like I am blowing up the Philippines with a Hendrix guitar!

  38. You guys will never guess what I just did. I cleaned out my two kitchen “junk drawers.”
    Guess what? I got a shitload of junk. I tossed old nuts and bolts. Instruction manual to Nintendo 64. A beat-up and torn 1982 Freddie Solomon Topps football card. I have a duplicate in fine shape.

    Did you know that Freddie was born in Sumter, SC? Coincidentally Sumter also happens to be the birthplace of former ex-Miss USA, Miss Universe and girlfriend of Dwight Clark, Shawn Weatherly.

    You guys remember, Shawn. She was excited to see our Niners play the “Atlanta Hawks.” Falcons, Hawks, what’s the fucking difference?

    But even worse then that. Shawn was actually nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award.
    World, meet hell. Add handbasket.

  39. Berger says:

    How does Ohio St win with a 3rd string QB? Two reasons. One, the 3rd string QB is a really good QB. Two, unlike the Greg Roman supporters can comprehend, Urban Meyer is as good a play caller as any coach in college football. I wish the 49ers could find a way to hire him.

  40. Berger says:

    Harbaugh will put together really good teams at Michigan but get punked by Ohio St as long as Urban Meyer is there. He is just a superior play caller. Kind of like Harbaugh vs Pete Carroll. Carroll dominated Harbaugh as a coach. Basically chess vs checkers. Worse for Harbaugh Meyer is a better play caller than Carroll. Harbaugh will win but have no titles and last 4 or 5 years.

  41. Nipper says:

    Happy New Year! May the Niners get a superior HC. Well one can hope at least.

  42. What’s up with the price of eggs today? Just outrageous. For the cost it takes to secure a dozen, I expect them to be accompanied by Lee Marvin to personally crack and cook ’em for me.

    • Nipper says:

      Damn Dennis……Lee died years ago.

      • Who’s still alive that starred in that movie? Off the top of my head the only guy that I can think of is Jim Brown. Leave it to the guy who got hit for a living to still be kicking. And the NFL is worried about concussions. Fuck Roger Goodell.

      • Curiosity got the better of me. George Kennedy and Donald Sutherland have yet to push up daisies. They probably played football somewhere along the lines as well as Brown did. It toughens a man up. That and too much time in the sun. Leaves you the face of a catcher’s mitt.

  43. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up

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