The Final Countdown

In a game that was supposed to be an important one, the only importance attached to it now is to see if the Super-Bowl-aspiring-at-the-beginning-of-the-year 49ers can avoid the ignominy of dropping to 7-9. At crunch time at 7-4, the Niners closed the season-in-balance with what very well may be a 5 game losing streak. All the while looking lost and pathetic on offense.

AZ on the other hand is still fighting for a 1st round bye, or at least the division crown. Seattle has the edge right now anyway, and both games will be happening at the same time, so there will be some scoreboard watching by those teams. AZ is in a QB quandary as Logan Thomas played so well in practice they named Davis Lindley their starter.

Don’t see too much chance in AZ for a win. 7-9. Harbaugh out. Let the countdown begin at 4:45 PST.

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  1. 12th Man says:

    Niners are a TD favorite

  2. Berger says:

    12th- If Davis was the only one speaking out I would question is motives. He is the 4th so far that I remember. This coaching staff has botched this “new” offense so bad that they would have been better off running the old 22 from last year. Spreading out the formations did not mean they had to abandon the run game. Spreading the formations for the run game is about getting some bodies out of the box. Nothing else. They should have continued with the running game.

  3. Berger says:

    I think Davis nailed it when he said we were trying to trick people this year. I have complained about the very same thing all year. It has caused us tom lack any rhythm and any direction. Now the players are telling us for those who want to know the truth. The coaches had very bad year with this “new” offense and with adding the injuries to the situation they were doomed.

  4. Berger says:

    Make that 5 players. I forgot about VD saying he just stayed in his lane and did what he was told to do. If 5 are talking to the media about the schemes, 25 to 35 are probably not sold on the game plans. Hard to win when the players aren’t buying in. I don’t ever remember hearing so many players speak out about a coaching staff like this before.

  5. 12th Man says:

    Berger I think it has been apparent this year that the O scheme has not worked from the get go and that some of the players lost faith in it. Many of us did ask for a tweaking of the scheme to include some spreading out and going 3 wides more.

    This O staff went from the sublime to the ridiculous in trying to implement an ideal rather than just massaging an already workable scheme.

    In short, they threw the baby out with the bathwater and pressed a mobile, athletic QB into trying to be Peyton Manning. Add in the horrendous injury count and it is no wonder they end up where they are.

    • Berger says:

      This pretty much is a mutiny by the players. Just my opinion but I think Roman is at the heart of the matter. It’s too bad because I think Harby can coach. His loyalty to Roman cost hm. I just hope Roman didn’t take Kap down with him. We’ll find out next year.

  6. Berger says:

    What is gong to be interesting is how this plays out. I wonder if the 49ers have to pay Jimbo’s 5 mil if he takes the Mich job? If so, and if he wants that job, why fire him. Let him resign. With the payer mutiny that is currently going on, he would need to either fire Roman or resign anyway. Many of us don’t really want Harbaugh gone, we just want Roman gone. At least, that is how I feel, unless he is already checking out other jobs, then I want him gone anyway. I want a 49er man coaching the 49ers!

    OTOH, if they don’t have to pay his 5 mil if he takes the Mich job, then just fire him a get it over with. Since he probably won’t be getting rid of Roman, just fire him if that is what it takes to get rid of the present OC.

    • 12th Man says:

      I want Harbaugh but not Roman, IMO Roman is a poor OC.

      Harbaugh has of course checked out other openings, naive to think otherwise.

      I don’t see a player revolution but disgruntled is to be expected given the way the season unfolded. I do think that the players using 2 different changing facilities shows an undercurrent, a divided locker room.

      I feel some players lost faith in the scheme a while ago, coming up short 3 years in a row probably has something to do with that as well as the drastic O scheme changes that didn’t work out.

      Disjointed is how it looked from the stands. I think it was AD who mentioned trying to trick the opposition, for instance they would have success going spread in the AZ game and changed to the run in mid game and vice versa. Roman didn’t fool opposing DC’s very often.

  7. 12th Man says:

    There is a basic truth to the problem with first half/second half disparity of O production and points scored. The team moves the ball and scores for 30 mins then after the break get handled, easily. Same players.
    Maybe one of the “Coaches do no wrong it’s all Kaepernicks fault” brigade has an adequate answer as to why?

    There is also a basic truth to all 4 years of inadequate O production from these coaches. Time problems, time out problems, poor challenges, terrible RZ efficiency, ditto 3rd down efficiency, lowest (or near to it) TD production, highest (or near to it) FG production. All of these categories are symptoms of an inefficient and poorly constructed O scheme. During this time period the QB has ranked higher than the O as a whole has.

    There is no question that the teams successes were built on outstanding D and ST and a don’t turn the ball over power run game ala the Ravens of yore. If the O was just a bit more creative, it is almost certain the Niners would have at least 1 more Lombardi in the display case.

    The O has been sub-par all 4 years under Harbaugh, too bad he didn’t do enough to fix it.

  8. 12th Man says:

    I would be surprised if Harbaugh went to Michigan but if he does then that says all I need to know about if it really did boil down to money for Harbaugh.

    • Berger says:

      Comcast reporters, especially Ratto, have been saying Harby has turned down two contract extensions. They are saying they had incentives and Harby didn’t like that. If that info is accurate it sure sounds like it is about the money.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    Shit, it has been about the money all along. Harbs was angling for an extension as early as 2012 after the first year of his deal. He wants to be the highest paid coach in the game.

    I’d be surprised of he doesn’t go to Michigan. He can run the whole show in college.

  10. Berger says:

    Anybody who can’t see that Anthony Davis is railing against Roman is living in a RoBaugh fantasy land. The reason he is speaking up is to protect his team mate Looney who got called out by Roman last week. This is a melt down. No two ways about it.

  11. Winder says:

    It has been awhile since I’ve felt the season can’t end soon enough. I hope some of the changes this coming year will include a new conditioning coach.

    • Berger says:

      I’ve been calling out Roman since last season. His play calling was bad when he ran an offense he knew how to run. This year he doesn’t even know what kind of offense he is running, let alone know how to run it.

      Having said that, I am quite surprised he has cause such an implosion on this team. I don’t remember seeing something like this over an assistant coach. When it seemed like it was Jed/Baalke vs RoBaugh it was a story. Now that it looks like it is players vs Roman I find it sad Jimbo couldn’t see this coming or, worse yet, do anything about it when it became obvious and we were still alive for the play-offs. He will learn from this or have similar issues at his next stop.

      I don’t know if the Jed/Baalke vs Harbaugh and players vs Roman duels are related but there are probably some aspects that are related and some that aren’t. Harbaugh wanting more money seems to be unrelated. Deion Sanders was reporting the player dissatisfaction months ago and I didn’t want to believe him. But as we found out, where there is smoke there is fire.

  12. snarkk says:

    You may remember that when Alex was the QB under Harbs/Roman, he had the same time problems in getting plays off. Not just Kap. This is a systemic issue under Roman. This offense is statistically worse, so says KNBR, that the Jimmy Hat offense. That is incredible. I don’t want much NFL other than Niners, so when I do see a bit of other teams not playing the Niners, it’s amazing how most offenses do things in a routine way that this Niner offense just can’t do. Quick outs, slants, screens, bubble screens, flat passes to RBs. Instead, Roman has guys moving every which way before the snap, then nothing happens after the snap…

  13. snarkk says:

    Nobody can talk with Harbs about moving from the Niners until the Niners say he can talk, or they trade him. He’s still under contract. At least in CA, there’s a little thing called tortious interference with contract, and you can get sued and lose if you’re not careful how you go about wooing some dude away from a current employment contract without the OK from the current employer. I doubt Jed has given Michigan the OK, since they can’t give him anything for Harbs other than a few season tix for games at the Big House…

  14. snarkk says:

    The A Davis stuff coming out on Roman is the tip of the iceberg.
    After they do whatever they’re going to do on Harbs, there will be a barrage of leaks and tweets on what went on, on both “sides”. I’m guessing it’s going to be real ugly. Media field day/week. How many of Harbs coaches are still under contract for 2015? I’m good with all of ’em staying except Roman and the Seely. Fangio can be HC, and he can hire an OC that simplifies the Offensive plan to give Kap one season to prove/disprove he can get it done. Meanwhile, draft a QB to give Kap some incentive to improve. If you bring in a new HC from outside, he brings in an all new coaching staff. That’s a crapshoot…

  15. snarkk says:

    Meanwhile, I’m expecting a Niner loss to the Cards. Niners have zero to play for, Cards have a real incentive to win. Yeah, the QB situation is crap, meanings the Cards. But, the Niners are signing dudes off the street to play Sunday. Now Boone is out with a knee. Half the starting squads seem to be on IR. Going to be an ugly game, out with a whimper…

  16. unca_chuck says:

    Jason cole has Harbaugh going to Michigan being a done deal.

    • snarkk says:

      We’ll see. All along I thought the Raiduhs thing is iffy. The Niners would have to play along, since he’s still under contract. Why would Jed give Harbs to Mark Davis, unless Davis gave them a boatload of picks, and look like schmucks if Harbs happened to raise the wreck of the Raiduhs in the face of the Niners? Why would Harbs go, if the Raiduhs gave away a ton of picks to get him? Maybe Mrs. Harbs will stay in Palo Alto in any case. She’ll probably see him just as much if he’s in Ann Arbor as 4949 Centennial or in Alameda. Lessee. Palo Alto vs. Gross Pointe?…

    • snarkk says:

      Chuck, there’s so much S on Harbs floating in the media out there, that report is as believable/not believable as any other. Didn’t I see a B/R article last week that you’re in the running to take over OC for Roman? Quoting “Anonymous” sources…

  17. snarkk says:

    Look at any cost of living comparisons out there. $8M in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area is like $13 million on the Peninsula. That’s a lot of bread to soothe moving from the sunshine to the snow…

    • Berger says:

      I think it is possible that ‘snark’ could be the most perfect blog name I have ever seen. Since that was probably taken, ‘snarkk’ would be a close 2nd! If you ever die let us know so we can allocate the name!

      • snarkk says:

        I was originally with only one K when I used to post on the SF Chron. Then, somehow I lost the name in a password snafu, typical of the tire fire that is the SF Gate. Added the extra k, and went with it. The snarkkdog avatar has been there since day one. Since the Giants have won 3 outta 5 World Series, I’m not nearly as snarkky anymore…

      • Berger says:

        I was Berger at the SF Gate. I got banned for talking about fuckable women one drunken night. I ended up having to use Renoberger!

      • snarkk says:

        I was banned at SF Gate under another name for criticizing posters who applauded teachers for having sex with middle school kids. I called them pedophile enablers or some such, and got banned. Unless you’re in Saudi, I found it weird getting banned for calling out people who thought it was a good thing for 50 year old men to have sex with 12 year old girls. Go figure…

      • Berger says:

        The girl I was talking about was Mindy Bach. I still think she is fuckable. What is wrong with that? That should be a compliment. I would love to hear some female say I’m fuckable. That doesn’t mean I want to fuck her. Whatever. She’s safe around me, It was just a compliment that she looks good and healthy. In this PC world you can’t say certain things, even if they are complimentary.

      • Berger says:

        “If you ever die let us know” was supposed to be funny. Either nobody picked upon it or it wasn’t funny. Whatever, I won’t quit my day job!

  18. Winder says:

    I think just about everybody got kicked off the Gate at one time or another. I thought it was a great time 6-7 yrs ago when you could actually speak your mind. Who wrote the book on PC manners? They should be shot.

  19. twinfan1 says:

    Just thought I mention that Alex Smith is out with a lacerated spleen that he got in last week’s game. It’s not real serious unless he takes another hit there.If it ruptures it’s big time serious. This season has sucked on every level with the Niners and the Chiefs both losing any chance they had after being beat by the fucking Raiders.
    Oh, one more thing: Happy Holidays, Chuck and company..

  20. Berger says:

    I just read some comments at the dumb ass blog. Unca just trumped their ass. LMAO!

    “200 first half points. 9th in the league. 83 2nd half points. Last.

    I guess kappy forgets how to play in the 2nd half.”

  21. NJ49er says:

    Having spent time with family over the past couple of days, I’ve been enlightened, somewhat, to the upside of missing the Playoffs.
    I’ve got Eagles, Raiders, Redskins, Jets and Giants represented in the extended family.

    Each, to some extent or another, made the case for all the ‘Fun’ one can have, trying to predict what the coaching changes can do for the future.

    Seeing as Anthony already fired the first direct shot at the Good Ship Roman, I guess it’s worth considering the Playoff alternatives.

    I’m just hoping we find something on Offense that scores points in the Red Zone next year.

    • NJ49er says:

      I should temper the previous post regarding the Raiders representation in my family.
      He’s a HS Senior from PA.
      What more needs to be said?
      He’s young.
      I guess it’s got more to do with the Raiders’ Bad Boy image?

      Either way, he owns my A$$ in terms of bragging rights this year.
      I did tell him my season ended in the Black Hole this year.

      • Berger says:

        Nothing wrong with black holes! I’ve had many!

      • Berger says:

        I went to give blood one time with some Mormons. They asked if I had sex with anybody from Africa or African descent. How the fuck was I to know, I didn’t ask these black women if they were from Africa. I just had a good time! My question was always why they were with a white guy when the black guys had bigger dicks. I think it was because black guys don’t eat pussy. I’m not sure that is true but I do have a tendency to talk to people, including blacks. One of my advantages is I love everybody. I do find shit out.

        Well anyway, I did not want to answer the question and my pulse rate went through the roof. When the nice nurse came over and saw my rate was about 120 he wouldn’t let me give blood. I said no problem, and got out of that chair fast. My Mormon buddies thought I was a pussy, what they never knew it was because of the pussy.

  22. unca_chuck says:

    Comcast is confirming the Michigan report.

    Harbs is out.

    Looks like I was early with the countdown.

    • NJ49er says:

      The only question I had Chuck was, where Jim was going to land.
      I think it was a foregone conclusion he was out in SF.

      When Baalke was quoted recently, he suggested Michigan did the search ‘the right way’.
      Almost seemed to me that Trent was giving his blessing.

      No doubt leaving $5Mil on the table in SF means nothing when there’s $48Mil waiting in Ann Arbor.
      Mrs Harbaugh can keep the house in the Bay Area and, have another in MI.

      • NJ49er says:

        Had to figure something definitive was afoot, when reports were leaked suggesting the move would be swift, when the season concluded too.

        Too bad all this turmoil escalated into ‘Blog Wars’ too.
        Had we found a way to score more points, none of this garbage would likely have occurred.
        For me, we simply never found a passing attack to compliment our running game.

      • Berger says:

        Checkers vs chess. He had to go.

  23. NJ49er says:

    Berger I’m going to add a RB to the Draft List.
    Jeremy Langford – MI State. – 6’1″ / 208 – 4.45

    Looks like a Mid RD guy right now.

    “Langford is a workhorse type with a hard-nosed, no-nonsense style of running the ball, getting stronger as the game progresses. Has a little shake-and-bake to him to extend runs, keeping his legs pumping through contact.

    Langford really shines in areas where most young backs struggle like pass protection, reliability in the screen game and also the ability to get stronger and better as the game goes on.
    Langford emerged as not only the most reliable and efficient back, but also the best all-around player at the position in 2013. Langford finished the 2013 season with 1,422 rushing yards and 18 rushing scores, six more than Le’Veon Bell had in 2012.”

  24. unca_chuck says:

    Exactly, NJ. This season was sabotaged by infighting in the building, injuries, and too much internal strife in the locker room to keep the team focused, Turns out all the Deion bullshit was correct. The team stopped buying Harbaugh’s deal and he lost the team.

    Wonder if Pete Carroll wants to go to Ohio State?

    • NJ49er says:

      Urban Meyer vs Harbaugh ought to be pretty interesting in it’s own rite.
      If Kaep and the O-Line can find something in terms of a workable scheme, maybe things can improve without falling off too badly next season?
      Kinda hard to keep Kaep still after all the running he’d been accustomed to in his first couple or years.
      Likewise, it’s pretty tough for the O-Line to know where’s he’s going to be, when he escapes the pocket so quickly as well.
      Back to the drawing board we go.

  25. NJ49er says:

    The only interesting news after today’s game will be, who gets tapped for the HC slot.

    While Harbaugh might be set as the next HC at Michigan, there could be those on our Staff who might prefer to remain in the NFL.

    Let the media buzzards circle the carcasses and begin the feeding frenzy.

  26. Berger says:

    Roman is the problem, end of story.

    • Berger says:

      NoFear, Bullit and Skeebers love Roman, end of story.

      • NJ49er says:

        To each his own Berger.
        I have no problems with how people perceive the flaws.
        God knows we’ve had plenty of them.

        Several of them have also been pretty astute to the issues surrounding Kaeps’ play as well.
        I’ve taken a 50/50 approach on that topic, as Kaep is being developed in a system that just doesn’t seem to fit him.

        We won’t know how much of that rests with Kaep until we see where he goes with the next system either.

      • Berger says:

        I am going to start reading the three stooges blog more often. Skeebers, NoFear and Bullit are the three stooges. I just love to laugh!

    • Lurker John says:

      Yes, and Harbaugh either didn’t recognize it and make a much-needed change, or he just didn’t give a shit. Either way, the problem was Harbaugh because he was in charge. Remember?

  27. NJ49er says:

    Berger if I’m going to dabble in the Draft for a QB, Sean Mannion from OR State looks interesting to me.
    6’5″ / 220 – 4.95

    Played for Mike Riley so, I’d have to assume he’s got some quality Coaching at the position.
    His stats look fairly good to me as well.
    Again, QBs for me, are too damn unpredictable to handicap.

    • Berger says:

      I’ve watched Manion at least three times. I was never impressed. But then I look at his numbers and question what I saw every time. I don’t know.

  28. Berger says:

    Doughty is the guy we want. Ass hole went back to school!

  29. Berger says:

    NJ- You need to move to Reno. We can be ex-spurt Jr GMs for all time!

  30. Berger says:

    Breaking news- Not that we don’t already know, Harby is going to Michigan. His college offense will work there.

  31. NJ49er says:

    The one thing that looks impressive to me about Mannion Berger is, talk of a superior arm and the ability to make all the throws.
    Given his 4.95/40, we know he isn’t going to attempt to run away from people.
    His size suggests something along the lines of Roethlisberger perhaps?

    Trust me, I’m not a QB guy in terms of reading the tea leaves.
    If we’re going to seek a guy to develop, maybe a kid like Mannion is worthy in the Mid-Later RDs?
    Given the facts, a new HC/System coming in, it will all depend on what we attempt to create for Kaep.

    Gabbert can stick around too, if the price tag is reasonable enough anyway.

    I never saw the love affair with Josh Johnson either?
    Obviously a Harbaugh guy, other than that? I didn’t get it.

    • Berger says:

      I always said Gabbert would be a 1st round pick but I always said I don’t want him. Nothing has changed about that now for any price. My competition for Kap is Ponder as a FA. I am more interested in getting the NT from the Browns.

      • NJ49er says:

        I just hope we stick with the 3-4.
        Given that our Defense is stronger than our Offense, continue to feed it.
        Tweak the Offense to compliment the new regime as necessary.

        If we can find a passing attack, it might not be the total train wreck many anticipate.
        Kaep needs to perform from the pocket, first and foremost.

      • Berger says:

        Fuck Kap! It’s about the coach. If the new coach uses Kap, then great, I’ll be leading the bandwagon. If he doesn’t then great. just win baby. I can guarantee Harbaugh would not have a winning season next year. His players have already mutinied him.

      • Berger says:

        I am not on the Manion bandwagon. Check out Holliday from Washington St.

      • NJ49er says:

        Halliday looks interesting.
        Plays for Mike Leach too, which means he throws a lot.

  32. NJ49er says:

    Depending on how the seeding works out for us in the Draft Berger, the OT from TX A&M, Cedric Ogbuehi might not be a bad idea for us?
    6’5″ / 300 – 5.00

    ” Blessed with prototypical traits for today’s tackle. Possesses broad shoulders, a trim middle and excellent first-step quickness and balance. He looks the part of a future NFL Pro Bowler with his easy knee bend and lateral agility. Ogbuehi has vines for arms and strong hands to latch and control, as well as the core flexibility to anchor.

    He is light on his feet and can adjust in space when run blocking at the second level and, because of his rare combination of agility and length, is one of those few tackles capable of recovering if initially beaten off the snap.

    Ogbuehi isn’t just athletic; he’s powerful, demonstrating the strength to simply drive defenders off the ball. He has started at guard as well as right tackle already and if he excels on the blind side in 2014 as expected, Ogbuehi’s experience should provide his future NFL team plenty of flexibility”

    • NJ49er says:

      Seems he’s played at OG already too.
      He’d be a lesser priced alternative to Boone too.

      Since we have no idea where Iupati will factor in, I’d be looking for some younger O-Line talent, given our higher Draft status this year.

    • Berger says:

      Sounds good but we have O-linemen up the ass. Not a position of need. I want an ass hole D-lineman that everybody hates. When it comes to defense I want the ass holes! They get fined so much by Goody they need to just live it and love it. A good play caller can make up for an average O-line. Something the 3 stooges do not understand.

    • Berger says:

      Even if Iupati bolts we have O-linemen up the ass.

  33. Berger says:

    Of course, maybe not Looney. Roman called him out and set Davis on a tirade.

    • NJ49er says:

      Looney doesn’t look like much of a stud to me anyway.
      I’m simply looking over the candidates and trying to see where we might fare in terms of Draft slot and who might be projected there.

      I think we’ve got better depth with the Interior guys right now.

      AS OTs go, I don’t think we’re too deep there.
      Staley is getting up there in terms of mileage too.
      Anthony could easily be moved to LG if Iupati bolts too.

      A good young OT wouldn’t kill me.

      • Berger says:

        I am more interested in getting a good play caller than a lineman. Greg Roman has been the weak link for the San Francisco 49ers.

      • NJ49er says:

        Gotta figure JMart is gone too.
        Who knows what Boone is looking for in terms of an extension as well?
        At this point, anything is possible I’d assume.

        Whomever becomes the OC, it will dictate how Baalke will plan his strategy of course.

      • Berger says:

        Don’t disparage any of our linemen. Roman was so bad none of them could look good with his new offense. He was so bad he could only look good if you used numbers. His offense belongs in college. The pros have killed his QB.

      • NJ49er says:

        MN just picked OT Carter Bykowski off our PS recently too.
        He might have been the lone OT we had in the wings?

        Not sure what happened to OT Luke Marquardt either?
        He cam as an UDFA from Jackie Slater’s tutelage which I thought might have been a steal at the time.
        I don’t see him listed on the roster any longer however?

      • NJ49er says:

        Berger I’m resigned to the fact that things haven’t worked, for whatever the reasons turn out to be.
        At this point, I’m all about seeking a better plan.
        Wherever that takes us, we’re gonna find out.
        Baalke grabbed Interior guys thus far.
        Many of them are still waiting in the wings.
        With the Cap being strained going into next year, moves are immanent.

        A good young OT in RD1 might make some sense?

  34. NJ49er says:

    Speaking of WSU – Paul Wulff was there, and with us for a short time under Harbaugh.
    Wonder what kind of progress he’s made since taking the OC position at USF?

  35. Berger says:

    NJ- Funches is the #1 pick. He is a dynamic WR who can play TE. As much as I sell the D-line we need a play making TE.

  36. Berger says:

    VD is still a viable option at TE. Problem is he held out this year until training camp opened. We need a replacement to make him humble or expendable, whichever. Funchess is that guy.

  37. NJ49er says:

    Funchess is fine for me as well Berger, I just don’t see him in the Top 20, at least at this stage of the Draft process.

    Obviously, I’m just a fan who likes to play Jr GM this time of year so, anything is possible.
    Vernon to me is a likely Cap casualty.
    Great guy, good for the locker room I’d say as well but, given his salary and, lack of production this year, I’d think Baalke and Paraag would seek better ways to spread the Cap budget.

    I did find that we replaced Bykowski’s PS slot with Chris Martin.
    Another journeyman OT that spent time with Houston and the Pats.
    Beyond that, we’re not looking at any significant depth at OT.

    The bulk of our roster depth is tied up with Defensive prospects right now.

    • Berger says:

      Funchess is maybe 20-30 as a WR. He is 10-20 as a TE. I see him as who we need to draft. Remember last year I wanted Kelvin Benjamin for the same role. He is all that.

      • NJ49er says:

        Benjamin went late RD1 as well.
        Not sure how to slot Funchess at this point.

      • NJ49er says:

        Size-wise he’s Kelvin Benjamin, no debate.
        We’ll see how he survives the Draft process in terms of eval.

        There’s another big target on the same plane in terms of size, although he’s carrying red flags.
        Dismissed from the team, issues with weed as well.
        Major risk IMO.

        WR Dorial Green-Beckham from OK.
        6’5″ / 225

      • NJ49er says:

        Here’s the best info I could gather regarding the dismissal of DG-B

        “Dorial Green-Beckham will not be allowed to play for Oklahoma this season after the NCAA denied the school’s request for a waiver that would have made the talented receiver eligible to play right now. “The University of Oklahoma has learned that the waiver request it entered on behalf of Dorial Green-Beckham has been denied by the NCAA,” the university said in a statement released Friday night. Green-Beckham transferred to Oklahoma after being dismissed by Missouri in April after several run-ins with the law during his two years at the school. NCAA rules require players to sit out a season when they transfer from one FBS school to another, but Oklahoma requested a waiver to allow Green-Beckham to play this season on the grounds he was “run-off” the team at Missouri. Green-Beckham is a former five-star recruit from Springfield, Missouri, who was developing into one of the top receivers in the country last year as a sophomore. He caught 59 passes for 883 yards and scored 12 touchdowns. But his time at Missouri also was filled with off-field troubles.

        Green-Beckham was charged in October 2012 with marijuana possession, and later pleaded guilty to trespassing. He also was arrested along with two other men in January in his hometown of Springfield when police found a pound of marijuana in their car. No criminal charges have been filed in that case against Green-Beckham. The last incident was an investigation into a suspected burglary, though Green-Beckham was neither arrested nor charged. A woman accused Green-Beckham of forcing his way into her apartment and pushing her down a few stairs. Green-Beckham could have transferred out of FBS and played immediately, but Sooners coaches decided to bring him to Norman and take a shot at getting him eligible”. – AP Sports

      • NJ49er says:

        What we need is a guy with hands like Crabtree or Boldin with some speed.
        The taller, the faster, the better.

  38. Berger says:

    We don’t have the three stooges Greg Roman back so a receiving prospect makes sense.

    • NJ49er says:

      A WR could fit the bill between 15-20 as well Berger.
      As I’ve seen for years, the Draft Board is usually made up with values and slots.
      Baalke typically uses the BPA model.
      As WRs are no slam dunk, I’d be a little hesitant to go that high but, what do I know?

      Lots of info to digest over the next few months.
      Benjamin has better hands than Funchess as well.
      We’ll see how it shakes out come Draft weekend.

  39. NJ49er says:

    After some additional digging, I find that the 9ers parted ways with OT Luke Marquardt back in the Spring with an injury settlement.
    Seems he re-injured his foot and expected to re-sign later in the year.
    Obviously, that hasn’t happened.
    Likely the injury prevented that from happening.

    Seems the plan was to re-sign him if the injury allowed him to return.
    By using the settlement option, they skirt the IR route and likely save money, though I wouldn’t think he was making all that much to begin with.
    From what I can gather, the injury settlement route allows a team to re-sign a player as opposed to releasing him.

    Maybe he comes back?

  40. Berger says:

    You and others told me for 3 months why we should not draft Benjamin. You missed badly. We need Funchess. Think red zone. Your homework is only for if Funchess is off the board.

    • NJ49er says:

      Benjamin went before we had a shot at him too, didn’t he?
      I had no beef with Benjamin other than his lack of experience.
      As far as a Red Zone threat sure, Funchess is a viable target, no debate.

      I was lukewarm with Sanu and Alshon Jeffery too.
      Neither of those 2 is lights out either.
      Good #2-types certainly.

      If we’re spending a higher RD1 Pick, we’d be smarter to be thinking a clear cut #1.
      But, as we know, WRs are highly unpredictable.

      • NJ49er says:

        If I had to cast a vote for a TE right now, I’d be inclined to look more closely at Clive Walford from Miami.
        He’s likely going to be around in RD3 since he’s had a knee procedure from the looks of it.

        But, there’s months of processes to go through at this point.

  41. NJ49er says:

    What you’d like to have happen is what the Broncos did with Demaryius Thomas and Julius Thomas.
    2 studs that came in the Mid RD area.

    If I’m a GM, spending RD1 money, I’d be more inclined to seek a position that doesn’t carry a high bust rate.
    But then again, that’s the name of the game for Pro Scouts/GMs.

  42. NJ49er says:

    Berger if you had the choice of Funchess or NT Danny Shelton right now, which guy wins your vote?

    • Berger says:

      Shelton is a good talent but he has bad technique. I like him but would wait to see if he is available in rd 2. Funchess fills two spots, WR and TE. As a WR he is probably a 2nd rd pick, as a TE he is a 1st rd pick.

  43. Nipper says:

    If the Niners lose this one it will be a sad end to the Harbaugh reign. Look at the posts made about a 7-9 team right here on this blog. In a way we’re all suckers. So much thinking about such an underperforming team. This is a classic case where they Head Coach became too damn important and the team less so. Harbaugh is going to Michigan by all accounts. Goodriddance to an overrated weird guy. I can’t believe all the weird personalities that have been Niner Head Coaches over the years. It amazes me how these personalities somehow convince others they’re worthy of their positions.

    • Lurker John says:

      Classic, you calling someone weird. Don’t forget that the weird guy turned the franchise around.

  44. Irish Kevin says:

    Confirmed Harbaugh is going to Michigan

  45. unca_chuck says:

    I think Crabs will go, but I hope we can salvage some kind of deal with VD if we can get some kind of offensive type coaching staff in place.

    My hope is they make a decision quickly while there are a lot of candidates out there. Got to wait for the playoffs (and bowl games) to happen tho.

  46. Winder says:

    Berger – usually I agree with you on most things but in my mind we need some New, really nasty OLinemen. We need some really good pass blocking linemen that can protect our qb. At the moment we have lots of bodies but I don’t believe many of them will be back. I think we bolster both lines before we do much of anything else. We need linebackers too. we can get most everybody else off of FA

    • Berger says:

      Winder- I’m only talking about 1 pick. A play making TE is a valuable commodity. You know me, if we draft a D-lineman I am always happy! I’m a Kap fan but I would even be OK drafting a QB. First things first, we need a coach. When Roman is gone I will be the happiest man around.

  47. It took Chase Daniel just a little over one quarter to accomplish something that Alex Smith couldn’t do all year — throw a TD to a WR.

    Alex Smith and his lacerated spleen remain utter garbage.

  48. Chase Daniel is 9/9 for 82 yds. Alex is in danger of losing his starting job again.
    I guess they changed that TD ruling to a fumble recovery for Kelce in the EZ. No worries. Dollars to donuts Chase will find a WR for an official score before it’s done.

    Lacerated spleen? Let that be a lesson to all the kids out there. This is what years of checking down will lead to.

  49. 12th Man says:

    AD again


    In a nut shell, he thanks and respects Harbaugh, he likes Roman as a person but when asked about Roman as a pro, silence. Anyone really believe only AD has this opinion?

  50. I haven’t seen a rookie WR like Odell Beckham Jr. make this big an impact his first year. This is only his 12th game, too. But the funny thing is if he played for the Niners he’d be lucky to catch 3 balls a game.

  51. snarkk says:

    The KNBR doofs were calling for Shanahan & Son to come in and take over the reins. Seriously? They did so well with DC, and that other running QB…

  52. Who woulda thunk after we throttled DAL in Week 1 that they’d go 12-4 and we’d be staring 7-9 square in the eye?

    How bout dem Cowboys!

  53. snarkk says:

    Apparently most of the rest of the coaching staff is under contract for 2015. This will be interesting as a new HC comes in. IMO they need only a new OC, and of course HC and QB coach. Seely can go, too. The other ones that coached the team to 3 straight NFC champ games and into a SBowl didn’t get stoopid all of a sudden. Big turnover in player personnel, too. 1/2 the team will be changed out, or more. Maybe they can finally get a WR burner? That would be a start…

  54. IHC1976 says:

    Wow. Sucked and fucked on a jr high flag football play.

  55. That opening drive by the D was flat-out abysmal. We already lost to Drew fucking Stanton, might as well add Ryan Jesus H. Christ Lindley to the list as well.

    Did we fire Jim Harbaugh yet?

  56. 12th Man says:

    So that’s what good play calling looks like!

  57. 12th Man says:

    Took the pressure off the QB and hit the home run with the flea flicker.

    Hopefully Roman has a finale to remember.

  58. 12th Man says:

    Nicely done Kap

  59. Craig Dahl with another sure tackle — after he gives up the reception for another 1st dn.
    That’s a helluva system Dahl has for himself to rack up tackles.

  60. Alleykat says:

    That was Kap’s “Dancing with the Stars” scramble.

  61. 12th Man says:

    Harbaugh maintains his red flag percentage.

  62. With that lastest red-flag challenge loss, Jimbo is now 3 for his last 14 in the past 2 yrs on such occasions.

    Did we fire Jim Harbaugh yet?

  63. Jimbo sucks on challenge replays.
    Jimbo sucks in TO usage.
    Jimbo sucks in overall clock management.
    And Jimbo sucks must of all when the chips are on the line in the Big Games.

    And you people want to keep him because…?

    Did we fire Jim Harbaugh yet?

  64. Kap, who is just now completing with today’s game his 4th yr of NFL exp., is still a more dangerous scrambler/runner from the QB position than he is than a pocket passer.

    Did we draft a new QB yet?

  65. I swear to motherfucking Christ. When #43 is in our secondary, we DESERVE to lose.

  66. That’s why Bethea didn’t make the Pro Bowl.
    Learn how to fucking tackle!

  67. Aldon Smith continues to take off plays. This has been an unfortunate re-occurrence for 3-4 wks now. The total lack of effort is painfully obvious to the casual eye.

    • 12th Man says:

      agree, not up to his usual play.

      • It’s not just that. Aldon has set a very high bar for anyone in his first few years. Maintaining that level would be unreasonable of anyone to ask. A drop-off can be warranted, if not even expected, but I’m saying HE”S QUIT this last month.

        Totally unexpected, and more importantly, totally unacceptable.

  68. 12th Man says:


  69. And as the WR dives into the EZ after some serious lack of coverage from the safety, Craig Dahl makes the tackle.

    Although I’m pretty sure D. players don’t get credited with the tackle when the O. scores.

    We DESERVE to lose.

  70. 12th Man says:

    Well I was going to say do you think the Niners have enough of a lead for the second half collapse….never mind.

    • 12th, the only thing I think *should* happen at this point, although I don’t seek it. Is that I would ask everyone here, most importantly Chuck, that they acknowledge that I was not only the first here, but anywhere, to have Bo Schembechler Jr.™ returning Home to Michigan.

      Just like our season, Jimbo’s next season and an a Elvis Christmas…
      It’s Blue.

  71. 12th Man says:

    VD lives

  72. Alleykat says:

    Sucks that the only player (Justin Smith) not mailing it in, is retiring after this game.
    Dude gave it his all throughout his 14 year career. Great player with an all- out motor. Will miss ya Cowboy!

  73. Mike Smith (ATL) is going to be available next week.
    Any of you mooks want him to be the next Niner HC?
    That’s what I thought.

    Did we fire Jim Harbaugh yet?

  74. Our fucking FB, Bruce Miller, continues to be our biggest downfield/RZ threat.

    Did we fire Jim Harbaugh yet?

  75. Grumpy Guy says:

    Sigh. Chris Culliver couldn’t stop Michael Floyd even if Chris had a machine gun.

    Too many people hurt in the secondary. We’re making Ryan Lindley look like Elway.

  76. Alleykat says:

    Did we sign Shaun Hill yet?
    Didn’t think so
    Shit didn’t he QB after John Brodie?

  77. Grumpy Guy says:

    Gore with a hundred yards in what could be his last game as a 49er.

  78. Alleykat says:

    That last 15 yard sack followed by another motion penalty , says it all on this pathetic offense.Niners had a stacked line on the right side,Kap takes a step left, and is creamed cause their wasn’t a blocker on the left side to match their D line formation.

  79. 12th Man says:

    Nice touch on that Lloyd pass from Kap.

  80. Grumpy Guy says:

    Gore trying to put the game away single handedly… other 49ers not helping.

  81. Grumpy Guy says:

    Penalty on Martin killed any chance of a long FG.

  82. 3 mins left to play in the 4th Q @ Levi’s and the stands are half empty.
    3rd and 16 and we commit a false star penalty which basically saved our ass from taking a delay of game penalty and prevented us from any chance of a FG opp.

    Did we fire Jim Harbaugh yet?

  83. Grumpy Guy says:

    No, but Craig Dahl won the game for us.

    Reality is just fucking with us now.

  84. Jim Harbaugh wouldn’t have any time instincts if he were born in Switzerland.

  85. 12th Man says:

    Ended as it started…late

  86. No? One more day? Did I go feed my mallards today?
    I have a say in only one of those queries.
    I’m off to go feed my fucking ducks.

    A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my Niner Faithful.

    • Flavor says:

      Denny, I’ve probably missed it because I don’t check in here enough but who do you want to see take over as head coach? And after you answer that, who would you take from these 3 if they were the only options: Tomsula. Rex Ryan. Shanahan. I’ll take your answer off the air, and thanks.

      • Flavor says:

        and I know you’re too pussy (or drunk) to answer, but whoever you answer, for either the first question or the second one, needs to do better than 43-19-1. So, your answers, if you were man enough to give them, are going to be up against it, odds-wise
        And the best part of all this is….he never got fired. lqtm….

  87. snarkk says:

    Let the mudslinging begin from both sides on what caused the Harbs fallout…

    • snarkk says:

      Won’t be surprising if most of it comes from the Niners. Innoculation against the inevitable blow back. Jed and Baalke have no margin for error on this next hire. None…

  88. Grumpy Guy says:

    I’m putting my money on Tomsula.

    How many outside coaches are going to want to come into this dysfunctional clusterfuck right now, knowing they will be Trent Baalke’s bitch if things go wrong?

  89. Berger says:

    This was the 2nd week in a row that the play calling actually made sense. I think the biggest difference has been the delivery with the call to the huddle. I think they are calling one play these last two weeks instead of two and just letting Kap audible. Whatever the difference is, the play makes a huge difference. Look how well the O-line has played the last two games. In turn the QB looked great today. If anybody does not think play calling makes a huge difference then I don’t know what to tell that person if they watched today and still feel that way, It figures RoBaugh might have finally figured it out just before they leave. Too little too late.

  90. 12th Man says:

    I wonder if the Niner blogs will miss Spitty now that he is no longer a Niner fan?

  91. unca_chuck says:

    Well, there were still some stupid delay penalties at the end of the game. Some of that’s on Kap, but still and all I’m glad to be moving on.

    Flav, this team will still be pretty damn good when the dust settles. A playoff team. So of course the aim is the playoffs and then you take your shot. Will they win more that 49 games in 4 years? Harbs, including the playoffs won his 49th game today. Who knows? It’s highly doubtful, but at this point it’s about reaching the post-season. Number of wins doesn’t concern me.

    This will end up a lot like the scenario when Kappy took over for Smith. When all is said and done, you move on, Is the bar high? Sure, But it always is. This team is a playoff contender until they really screw the pooch. Yes, there will be hell to pay of they don;t make the playoffs next year, but we have to see who they get. and what goes down.

    If they do go with Tomsula, I wonder if Fangio bolts. Roman is the only guy I wqant to see gone. I’d prefer them to look outsode the building fpor answers, but coaches may very well be scared off by this debacle that just ended.

  92. I love my little shithole town of Pinole. I’m Proud, but not really that proud of Pinole and the Antlers that encompasses my drinking prowess that includes a 48 year-old-mook.

    I had a Father and Grandfather who were fucking staples of the Antlers. We’re talking pre WW II. My fucking Grandparents used to live just down the ave. across from PVH. The Antlers was a secondary Household that encompassed The “White” name and family. For good or bad, the Whites have made their mark at the Antlers.

    I’m guilty.

  93. Flav, if I were handed the 49er Magic Wand, I would tap Sean Payton from NO to be our next HC. I like both Tomsula and Fangio, but I think they’re both best suited as assistants. I do not want them as the 49er next HC.

    I want an offensive mind as our HC. Bo Schembechler Jr. ™ was a great example of the opposite. Now Jimbo gets to fulfill his dreams and play “three yards and a cloud of dust” for his Wolverines.

    You guys who know me, know that I’m not big on the “I told you so’s.”
    But this one, I had pegged from the git-go.

    Did we fire Jim Harbaugh yet?

  94. NJ49er says:

    Well Del, one guy I’d like to keep open for consideration is Aaron Kromer from Chicago.
    He’ll likely be unemployed tomorrow as the Black Monday rituals ensue.

    Kromer was the O-Line Coach in NOLA before joining Trestman in Chi-Town.

    Should we lose Solari, it might be worth the time to interview Kromer?
    Under Kromer, Brees did very well in terms of passing success.

  95. unca_chuck says:

    new thread is up.

  96. NJ49er says:

    We’ve seen several regime changes since Jed took over.
    After watching the revolving door of Coaches that started with Nolan and ended with Singletary, we’ve never found a cohesive Staff.
    Thought we had that with Harbaugh, as he brought the majority of his Staff from Stanford.
    Seeing as we didn’t find the right Offensive balance with that phase, we’re now back to the drawing board for another shot.

    Depending on how this plays out, we may be looking at another piece-meal Staff construction process.
    I’d be in the ranks with those that believe Tomsula might be given the reigns at this point.
    Leaving open, the option to seek individual pieces, to fill in for those that are expected to follow Jim to Ann Arbor.

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