Down, But Not Quite Out?

Funny thing is, for all the turmoil and angst, the 49ers are one game out of the hunt. Beat the Raiders, and Hawks (right) and all is good. I mean really, all we have to do is pass Dallas or Deetroit. If we somehow beat Seattle, our life will be good.

Then again, who am I kidding? The Niners could barely beat the Giants, and they promptly lost to Jacksonville. The Niners put up a paltry 16 on the Skins, and Indy dropped a 49 spot on them. The lowly Rams dropped 52 on the Raiders so we should get about 9.

Shit, I don’t know. If this team was middle-of-the-road offensively, we’d be 9-3. As it is we are teetering on the brink of losing our head coach, among other staff members. Is it the right path? Well, seeing as this was the make-or-break year for Harbaugh, and he’s played his part in this charade as well, I think he’s as good as gone. Barring some kind of majic offensive mojo turnaround.

Harbaugh did give his blessing to Roman’s play calling for the rest of the year, so it looks like we go 9-7 and miss the playoffs.

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  1. Jimi may be gone but the dysfunctional Baalke/Jed duo will continue to do its damage on the next winning coach.

    I still haven’t heard what dysfunction Jimi brings to the Niner table. He’s got a better W-L record than Walsh and has an owner like BW who cannot abide a winning coach.


    • NJ49er says:

      Phil the dysfunction is an anemic Offense.
      He’s lost ground to Seattle too.

      IMO, he’s maxed out the creativity card.
      Run the table, pull a rabbit out of the fire and, maybe, we’ll have a different ending to the story to tell.

      I’m in it for life.
      Dealt with all the rest of the 9er history to date, so all I can do is stick around and hope for the best in a bad situation.

  2. If Walsh won a SB every year Eddie would have laid off and they wouldn’t have had a conflicted relationship ending in Walsh quitting. Some want to narrow the discussion to what Jim has failed to do so far and discount what he’s superbly accomplished already. Like Jed who instead of supporting his HC as many have detailed bitches only on what the failings are. Does anyone have evidence of Jed supporting Jimi publicly? How about answers to my questions:

    Do you agree it would have been far wiser for Jed to side with neither HC or GM? Or that this siding and splitting the team is not on Jed?

    So Jed is not a football guy and his influence and Baalke’s on him is negligible? 48 wins are not the point going forward? Holy smokes!

    No Eddie drove Walsh off, York drove Mooch off and innocent Jed is working on coach #3. Driving off winning coaches is the family way in Ninerland. How is this any different?

    (edited from last thread)

  3. NJ you keep Harbaugh and negotiate about reducing the # of O coaches + get some consultants Jimi and GRo like who will help with getting O up to speed. This should be tried next year.

    Jed also needs to tell Baalke to cooperate w/ Harbaugh and knock of the turf war/power struggle/ Or else. He does not then fire him and get Mike Lombardi or whoever Jim wants as GM.

    Then the Niners suck on O next year you are done with James Harbaugh.

    • NJ49er says:

      Phil I think that’s exactly what’s being dissected right now.

      Typically, teams don’t make a habit of allowing a HC to enter a lame duck season.
      Speculation has it that Roman needs to change the formula.

      Jim seems stuck on Roman and his current Coaches of course.
      If they can’t find common ground, I’m not sure they’d enter a lame duck season.

      If this season fails.
      Roman could resign too.
      Anything is possible at this point.

      • NJ49er says:

        BTW Phil,
        I do recall Jed going to bat for Harbaugh earlier this year if I’m not mistaken.
        Not sure if was in response to the Baalke/Jim/Cleveland episode but, Jed did go public in defense of Jim for something reported via the national media.

      • “Typically, teams don’t make a habit of allowing a HC to enter a lame duck season.
        Speculation has it that Roman needs to change the formula.”

        NJ with these 2 (or 3) hardheads going at it I can easily see Jimi saying “Fire me if you dare; thanks for the $5 mil; okay coaches follow me”. Now that’s leverage and could easily result in an atypical 5th year to finish the contract.

        No doubt GRo needs help as OC, then dump half the remaining coaches while adding quality control or consultants to install an actual coherent passing game.

  4. BTW I have never ever advocated for Jim to be the GM

    • NJ49er says:

      I know Phil, I think it’s assumed Jim wants/wanted more control.
      How much?
      Who’s to know?

      It’s been a curious relationship.
      Let’s hope cooler heads prevail.

      There have been comments, from Baalke and Harbaugh, suggesting they’re all in it together.
      Given that simple admission, I’d have to assume, Jed could have been instrumental in having that message delivered for public consumption, for the good of the franchise.
      Jed is the CEO, he answers to the investors.
      The rest is all about internal relationships, trying to sort out the details and, delivering a winner.

      It’s all about scoring points for me.
      Fix that and I think we’ll see happier players, Coaches, Owner and fans.

      I’ve been of the opinion that it’s more on Jim wanting to stay, than Jed trying to force him out, as extensions apparently have been offered.
      There’s an issue preventing that from happening of course.
      What it is, we may never know.

  5. NJ49er says:

    Jim is a players Coach.
    Good and bad results come from that, which could have created a rift with Baalke.
    Comments about retaining Moss, Goldson and Whitner come to mind.

    When aging guys start asking for higher Contract numbers, decisions, tough ones, have to be made.

    Many felt that our Secondary was going to cost us dearly after the wholesale changes were made last off season.

    To this point, they’ve held up reasonably well, all things considered.
    I’d have to put that credit on both Baalke and the Defensive Coaching.

    We honestly don’t know how much involvement Harbaugh had in those decisions either.
    Each guy brings his own set of values to the overall welfare of the roster.

  6. Nipper says:

    With this offense, 49ers are DOOMED. Season over…… Kaput. Over and out.

  7. Berger says:

    I’m glad Jed is thinking of us fans. We needed an apology for the recent offensive performances. The coaches and players are paid enough I can’t feel sorry for them.

  8. Berger says:

    It has been widely reported for years now that Harbaugh wears out his welcome in about 4 years wherever he goes. I’m not saying it is true, it is just what has been said. I’m still in favor of keeping Harbaugh if he can fix the “dumb schemes” offense. I’m not the most confident person that can be done with Roman in the picture.

  9. 12th man says:

    From Kawakami:
    “And it’s about York’s own frustrations with Harbaugh and Harbaugh’s expensive and unwieldy offensive staff, led by coordinator Greg Roman.My understanding is that Harbaugh knows that York and Baalke want Roman out, but has refused to make that move and will continue to refuse.Stalemate, for now.”

    I figure that’s what it boils down to as far as the straw that breaks the camels back.

  10. I wish we had more info on these confidential negotiations but all we can go on are second or third hand speculations. I doubt ‘any’ offer has been made to Hendrix because fundamental issues are not agreed upon, evidently = $, duties, incentives, responsibilities, control.

    But yes Jed snapped something about “He’s my coach period, any other questions?” after 3 months of increasingly annoying carping by Dion Sanders and buddies at NFL Network. Great support Jed, don’t blow yourself out expressing appreciation for your first winning coach since your Dad dumped Mooch. Try to make at least a pretense of gratitude will you? Thanks.

    Bergs I don’t seem to recall any apologies from Jed or his Dad for hiring this line up of losers:
    Erickson, Nolan, Singletary and 8 wasted years trying follow their teams. But now we ‘need’ apologies? Not I. I want my 8 years back!

    • 12th man says:

      Phil, Harbaugh and Jed/Baalke have negotiated 3 times, that is first hand from the FO. The third time was before this season began and no agreement was made. Both parties agreed to try again after this season although that looks unlikely at this point.

      My own thought is Harbaugh bet on himself, much like Kap did, and expected to have even more leverage based on another great season. Regardless of this seasons outcome that bet didn’t pan out but that is pure speculation on my part.

      As an aside, watching Spitty post as at least 4 people blogging to each other on Kawakami’s article is hsterical, what a dummy.

      • Lol didn’t catch that re: the Spitwad.

        Well yes, negotiations are all talk until agreement is reached which is why I said I bet “No offer made”. Just a guess.

        Yes if it’s true Jimi tried to and Kap made deals betting on themselves that didn’t work this year…so far

      • Now he’s bitching on Inman that Kawakami banned him for being a rabble rouser. God that’s rich

  11. 12th man says:

    Lots of shit being heaped on Jed but he gave Harbaugh a blank check to pick his staff which on O is 12 guys including an ex DC/HC as tight ends coach, the largest staff in the NFL with very little return. That’s crazy. From my perspective Harbaugh has everything at his disposal, how he uses it is his affair.

    Another take: Niners talked trade with the Browns last year for a couple of 3rd rounders. Given that Harbaugh and the FO have not been able to agree again on his contract extension, something Harbaugh has been pushing since year 2 of his 5 year contract, maybe that was the right plan of action since it now looks to be ending anyway? Incidentally I think both Harbaugh and the FO were involved in that together.

    Chatter about giving equality for Baalke and Harbaugh. Power structure is Baalke is Harbaughs boss and Baalke hired him.

    Baalke is in danger too? I don’t see it. Skeebs slams Baalke in his latest piece but not long ago was praising Baalke for all the young/rookie players on the team (22 I think)

    Baalke whiffed on 1 draft badly and so far can’t draft or coaching can’t coach WR. Other than that he has been money. Example would be look at the well coached players on D.

    Does Harbaugh get credit for the outstanding D? In short no, Fangio and his staff, all 6 of them do.

    Harbaugh needs to dump Roman but is too stubborn and prideful.

    • “IF” Fangio walks out with Harbaugh you’ll be giving Jimi a little more credit for the D I’m guessing 12th

      • 12th man says:

        2 things Phil,

        first, Fangio is under contract to the 49ers not Harbaugh, he can’t walk without their blessing. It may come to that if Fangio is passed over by someone else to become the next HC if that all comes to pass.

        Second, if by giving Harbaugh credit for the D you mean he chose Fangio to run it then yes I give him 100% credit for that move. If you mean Harbaugh should get credit for running the D or it’s game by game play I would say Harbaugh has little credit due. Fangio runs his D his way.

      • I believe Vic’s contract was extended to coincide with Jimi’s when he got the raise. Believe they both expire after next year so I was assuming Jimbo coaches one more glorious year @ Niners…then Fangio walks too.

        Yes Jim gets credit for getting ‘most’ of the coaches but not their actual accomplishments game day

      • 12th man says:

        Ah I see. I was laboring under the notion that Harbaugh will not finish his 5th year although I hope he does.

  12. Berger says:

    Phil- I understand the horror of losing a big time winning record coach but what is the difference between 7-9 and 10-6 if you don’t win a Super Bowl. To most it is huge, for me there is no difference if I don’t have the confidence we can win it the next year. In fact, I’d rather have the better draft pick and go 7-9. I do not have any confidence a Roman offense will ever win a Super Bowl without an historic defense. If Harby doesn’t want him to go then I want Harby to go. For me it is all about the Super Bowl wins. I guess I side with Jed and Trent on this one if what I am reading is correct.

    • Berger that’s a marketing slogan not a realistic point of view. No team ever wins the SB every year. Difference is 10-6 is a lot more entertaining that 7-9. At least for me.

    • But you’re not going to pay him $5 mil to get lost and take the coaches with him Bergs! So while winning 48+ games in 4 years seems mediocre to some I still think he’ll be back because he’s got so much leverage and does indeed give us the best chance of winning the most next year

      • Berger says:

        Don’t get me wrong Phil, I don’t want Harby gone. But I want Roman so gone that for me it is if Roman stays they can both go. I don’t expect to win a SB every year but with 48 wins in 4 seasons there should be at least one. Now the offense looks worse than ever with the same players except an upgrade at WR and the players calling out the schemes en mass. What’s a going on? Sounds like the run might have gone it’s course and time for a change. We shall soon see.

        Regardless of who is right, one thing I learned a long time ago is when there is a power struggle between owner and employee, the owner always wins.

      • I liked your idea of HC/OC getting humble and importing some actual expertise to fix the passing game and play calling as did Warriors. This situation is different and maybe it won’t work but lose some redundant coaches and get some consultants to help run the flow of play calling for GRo.

        I agree GRo and Jimi are a unit and won’t split. It will be interesting to see if this will work if attempted. I expect it would and would be better than wholesale changes in coaching.
        JMHO and preference

  13. 12th good points. I think Baalke stays but Jim gets more say in whatever while cutting back the # of O coaches. And getting serious help for the OC in passing game. Assuming he doesn’t hike (fired) with with the $5 mil and Fangio. Got to give Harbaugh credit for bringing Vic in I think.

    Hey is that bozo still alive? Yeah I knew it. lol

  14. Berger says:

    Harby gone could be bad for Kap but we need someone to take control of the offense. No one is in control of the offense. That in itself is bad for a QB.

  15. 12th man says:

    My take is its sad. Harbaugh was the right coach for the right team at the right time and his record speaks for itself. Roman has been the weak link as far as I’m concerned and I wish Harbaugh would have done something more than keep “evaluating” the O situation.

    That has been Harbaughs biggest failing, not making the tough decision. Tough to fire a friend and trusted ally and in some ways admirable he refuses to but in the end his job is to do the best for the team and in that regard I think he has failed and now it likely hurts everyone concerned except Harbaugh himself who will land on his feet due to his historic coaching record. Selfish.

    Roman comes out of this with a tarnished reputation, the team takes a huge risk letting Harbaugh go and hoping the next guy really can do as well with the same players (doubtful) and either Fangio or Tomsula will at the least be disgruntled if not gone.

    These players have been good enough to win a SB all 4 years of Harbaughs tenure and have come damn close 3 times. Bad luck, poor O scheme, young QB etc have all played a hand in why there are still 5 Lombardis not 6.

    I just don’t see a way forward without Harbaugh swallowing a little pride and reworking the O staff and I think hell freezes over before that happens.

    • unca_chuck says:

      Yup. I don’t see any outcome where the coaching staff rains intact. I’ve been calling for Romans head for a while now. I don’t get why the guy closest to the situation doesn’t see the problem.

    • Well said 12. Harbaugh’s greatest gift, hard nosed persistence, is bringing about a situation where something has to give. FO gave him ‘everything’ on his wish list but w/GRo as OC it flopped so now what?

      Sad indeed.

  16. 12th man says:

    Talking of Harbaugh and Kap betting on themselves. Kap has a de-escalation clause in his contract that will almost certainly be triggered as the only chance he has left is a SB appearance. Kap will lose $2,000,000
    Think he wishes he let real agents handle his contract? Headshaker.

    • Yeah he swallowed the koolaide and how did that work out? FO is too sharp for amateurs to deal with.

      • 12th man says:

        Paraag is one heck of a deal maker Phil, as you say, too sharp by half. I hope Kap doesn’t become disgruntled as a result, something I wrote at the time.

  17. Irish Kevin says:

    I still listen to KNBR 680 on Monday nights and Brent Jones does an analysis of the game. His Daughter wanted to talk but he would not let her. Anyway Brent said the Niners need to go back to a simplified offense. Call the plays they called when Kaep took over for A Smith. Throw in more Read options. give the ball to Gore more. Just simplify it all. for Kaep.

    • Agree. Harbaugh has created a dinosaur O with way too many moving parts. Simplify so everybody on O can understand it and work together to move the ball.

      I wonder if it is too late for that?

      • 12th man says:

        I don’t think it is Phil I really don’t. Not to say I think they can run the table but 3 out of 4 look possible and with luck it is still enough.

  18. unca_chuck says:

    The whole offense is struggling, not just Kap.

  19. Berger says:

    I was just in the car listening to a national sports show (Dan Lebetard) and people were asking Peter King some football questions. Someone called and asked if Kap isn’t doing better under Harbaugh who is supposed to be a QB guru, what is going on. King answered that if Kap was under Arians he’d be doing great. Another caller asked why Roman isn’t taking a lot of criticism. King answered that he is getting murdered in the Bay Area.

    At lunch I saw a man with a 49ers hat on so I said hi. He asked if we were going to win this week. I said I hope so but the only thing I care about is firing Roman, he lit up and said, YES that’s what we need! It looked like I brightened up his day!

  20. 12th man says:

    From Cam Inmans live chat today:

    Did you ever get a sense that the rift between Harbaugh and the 49ers had anything to do with Harbaugh wanting more control over the draft and/or salary cap, or do you think the negotiations broke down just over money?
    5 hours ago
    I’m not of the belief that Harbaugh wanted more control, but rather more money since he is first coach to reach conference finals his first three seasons. A framed sign behind his desk reads: “Just coach the team.” It doesn’t say: “Coach the team, make the roster, sell luxury suites, etc.”

    Lol, so much for Spitty’s bullshit theories. Harbaugh has been pressing for a pay raise since year 2. I think it is important to him to be the highest paid coach and its as simple as that.

  21. 12th you are right = this team under Jim has shown the ability to bounce back and get on a roll so may not be too late even now. This is a bigger test than any we have faced in Harbaugh era but not surprising given off season turmoil, coaching uncertainty and the failure of a revamped O. But seems like ‘going back to the 2011 post-Alex offense’ Kap ran so brilliantly is doable.

    I think the OC outsmarts himself and is not fooling anyone else on D with all the extra wrinkles. Keep it simple, play to QB strengths, junk the stuff that is not working.

  22. 12th man says:

    Phil your 6.15 on Skeebs is spot on.

  23. NJ49er says:

    Phil I think we all agree, that the sticking point in this mess is, the Offensive production level.
    No doubt the loyalty factor Harbaugh has with his Staff is admirable but, divisive.

    Adding another member (or more), to an already over-staffed group, likely complicates an already unworkable arrangement IMO.

    Don’t dismiss the possibility that Roman could make the whole process easier by stepping down for another position in the off season.
    Something he’s been openly lobbying for for the past several years.

    • 12th man says:

      Unfortunately NJ I think Fangio gets a real shot at HC with the Niners or elsewhere long before Roman does. I would think even a lateral move would be a win for Roman at this point. If he doesn’t go with Harbaugh, my best guess is its back to the college ranks for him or maybe a RB coach somewhere. Can’t see him as a HC or OC in the NFL next year anyway.

      • NJ49er says:

        Agree 12th, Roman’s Stock has dropped.
        Guessing College would suit Roman, not Harbaugh, if we’re to believe the articles making the rounds.

  24. Yes the slumping O is the issue this season with the sky high expectations as usual. But as we know there are issue beneath the obvious one that are coming up with the losses. These are equally destructive IMO. Plenty of issues here

    Why in the name of God the experimenting on O can’t cease and we go back to a simpler O scheme that worked previously is beyond me. Enough with the round peg/square hole business already.

    NJ I’m in favor of simplifying the O coaching staff as well as the O = cut the redundant coaches and next year get a couple experts to help OC with the passing game and play calling.

  25. Berger says:

    Simplify the O, fire Roman!

  26. Nipper says:

    I’m in favor of firing everyone and starting over. This season sucks. Damn if I had power, I’d be dangerous!

  27. Berger says:

    It’s feeling Nippy in here! Dangerously Nippy!

  28. NJ49er says:

    When guys like Joe, Crabtree and Miller suggest the scheme isn’t fooling anyone and, Sherman knows what’s coming, what’s left but to change it up?

    Problem is, we haven’t found another gear.
    Only thing I saw that changed against Sherman last week was the WRs running the same routes to his side.
    GENIUS or GENEOUS if you’d prefer 😀

  29. Berger says:

    I think Harby is playing it off but Jed’s tweet has seriously pissed him off. Good! Harby needed a kick in the ass. Jed even scared the numbers people. Nothing says “I’m tired of this shit” like getting the attention of some passive reporters who don’t understand an owner that hates to lose! But then reporters aren’t exactly competitive in the first place. Most are just passive analysts who side with the players so they can get more interviews.

    I’m glad our owner has some balls that most don’t. Jed is a competitor and wants to win. Keep messing with the coach. If he wants to play games show him who is in control. It’s the way it should be. The owner has to show the employees who is in control. Keep it up Jed, the pacifists won’t understand, who cares. You run the team, make sure your employees understand that. Any other attitude will cost you more in the long run than capitulating to a coach who thinks he is bigger than the organization.

    • NJ49er says:

      Jed knows what the CEO has to do Berger.
      Please the shareholders.

      Just wish Jim could open his eyes to the reality of the Red Zone being his Dead Zone.

      • Berger says:

        If Jim is pulling a power play on the owner he will lose. He has to for the sake of our team. The inmates cannot run the asylum. It doesn’t work in corporate America and doesn’t work in the military. I can’t work here. I can’t say that is what is happening but that is what we are hearing.

        I have to assume Harby knows what he is doing. If he does, and he is pulling a power play, it tells me he doesn’t care if he is here anyway. He thinks 48 wins has given him collateral that an organization can’t afford to cede no matter how many wins he gets. If he wins some titles the owners has to walk on egg shells in a situation like this but still can’t cede control. Harby has no titles with a roster most have said has the most talent in the NFL. Harby needs to worry about his offense. No offense, no titles, no collateral.

      • Berger says:

        I don’t believe Jed is thinking of any shareholders, he is a fiery competitor who wants to win. He reminds me of Eddie D.

  30. True Berger. And I would like him to get off his butt, Jed, and stand up more for the team in public. I do not mean apologies, I mean standing up to media baloney- not after months and months pass then grudgingly saying something. Since most of the media agitation is about Jim this would entail standing up for Jim vocally, publicly. Then kick his ass in private fine. One-two punch may be better than the ‘nothing’ passivity we seem to have now?

    This may not be a very popular position on the other blog, dunno. don’t care, whatever…

    • NJ49er says:

      Phil, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having an opinion.

      Unlike Spit, most of us aren’t here to prove we’re right, just that we’re concerned 9er fans, with something to get off our collective chests.

      What fun would it be if we all agreed on everything all the time anyway?

      More fun to bounce ideas, and opinions, off each other, to unload some frustration.

    • Berger says:

      Yeah, Jed could be doing a better job verbally quieting some rumors but we don’t know what power plays Harby is pulling behind the scenes. Harby has shown his lack of control of his offense, if the owner does the same with his organization we are in huge trouble in the long run. Do not let the inmates run the asylum. This could be a critical point for the future of our team. Jed must show who is in control. Sometimes that has to be public to shake shit up. Whether Jed is making a mistake or not, he is not showing fear. Go forth kiddo, your mentor Eddie is just a phone call away.

      • NJ49er says:

        Berger, don’t kid yourself.

        Jed has Uncle Eddie’s ear pretty routinely I’d say.
        Our Silent Owner likely IS Eddie.

      • Berger says:

        Do you honestly think Eddie D would let Harby pull a power play on him? He’s gone!

      • NJ49er says:

        There’s $5M attached to Harbaugh next year Berger.
        The balancing act becomes paying him to sit it out or, allowing him the leverage to veto a Trade.

        Jed’s could fire Roman and have Jim decide whether he wants to remain with another OC forced on him.
        I don’t think that’s a wise move personally, as Jim would still be a lame duck Coach, which does nothing for the Locker Room.

      • Berger says:

        That’s what I would do is tell Harbaugh he has to fire Roman. If he doesn’t, Jed/Baalke fires him themselves. Next move is Harbaugh’s. Fill the spot or resign. Owner has shown who is in control. Coach controls the situation or puts his tail between his legs and goes away.

      • NJ49er says:

        All depends on whether Jim can recoup the final $5M Berger.

        I could see Jim saying screw it, just to prevent Baalke from fleecing Picks from the next team for the Trade.
        In all likelihood, Jim could leave $5M in Jed’s account and get more from the next team anyway.

        Can’t believe it’s come to this but, it really doesn’t surprise me to an extent.
        Jim can’t seem to figure out what the rest of the world already sees.

        An Offense that fails miserably in the Red Zone with no apparent remedy in sight.
        Stubborn is, as stubborn does, I suppose.

        If Oakland is the landing spot, maybe a 2 this year and 2 next year could be feasible enough to allow them to make is somewhat amicable?

        Not holding my breath for anything amicable at this point in time.

  31. Berger says:

    Great win by the Warriors!

  32. Berger says:

    Of course I am assuming Harby is pulling a power play because that is what is being said by reporters whom are close to the Bay Area sports scene. Also, the owner apologizes to fans for a team that was obviously not properly prepared for the Seahawks and the coach says at the presser “we will go forward without apologies”. Whether Jed is right or wrong, Harby has picked a fight with the owner. Employees never win feuds with the owners. What competent owner would allow that? It sounds like Harby does not care if he is here.

    • NJ49er says:

      Should any of us be surprised by Harbaugh’s antics Berger?

      He throws fits from the sideline for all the world to see pretty regularly.

      Can’t imagine him being very rational behind closed doors when his OC/Offense is being challenged.

      The word petulant comes to mind when describing Jim.

      • Berger says:

        True, but I still like Harbaugh. I think he is a winner. Winners win. Just don’t be stupid and try to win a power play with the owner if you want to stay around.

      • NJ49er says:

        Responded to that point above –

      • NJ49er says:

        I just believe that Jim doesn’t like being told what to do Berger.
        He’s loyal to his Staff yet, myopic enough to ignore his declining Offensive output.

        Easy to blame Baalke I guess but, it’s looking as though the players are turning the channel already too.

  33. NJ49er says:

    Anyone catch the story of Baalke trying hire Parcells prior to approaching Harbaugh?
    Seems it was revealed via Parcells’ authorized biography.

    Always thought highly of The Tuna, except when he was beating my 9ers.

    • NJ49er says:

      From the book:
      “After Baalke secured the job, he quietly tried to lure his first choice for head coach: Bill Parcells. York and Baalke emphasized that although the club had missed the playoffs for eight straight seasons, it contained a talented roster. The 49ers saw Parcells, even at sixty-nine and having been away from the sideline since the 2006 season, as someone who would lead the franchise to the playoffs for at least a couple seasons while sharing Baalke’s vision. But citing his age and the team’s distance from his home base (Jupiter, Fla.), Parcells put an end to any serious discussions. The 49ers turned their attention to the Stanford head coach on so many wish lists.”

  34. NoFear49er says:

    So, where’s the line between meddling owner and strong owner? An owner’s vision shouldn’t be in question by delegating authority. It’s only when the lines of authority are blurred by his indecision and waffling that it becomes a question.

    It’s essential to have a single source of authority on the team. If it’s going to be the owner he should be fully qualified to make the decisions of that position. John York? No!, Jed York? No! Where’s the first football guy in line?

    Many head coaches feel if they are going to be held responsible for the final product they should have the final say on decisions that impact the product.

    Some team structures have the GM and HC as equals. A good working relationship is all important to that scenario working well.

    Some owners want to micro manage and be involved in every decision. Others prefer to delegate that to the GM, Director of Operations, CEO or HC. Can anyone say for certain what we are dealing with the 49ers?

    • NJ49er says:

      NoFear49er I’d buy into the GM/HC version of your analogy.
      Don’t like Owners being involved with day-to-day operations as most Owners aren’t football saavy enough to be beneficial.

      Spare me the Snyders/Jones’ of the business.

      Pretty clear that Baalke and Jim are at odds regarding a single vision system IMO.
      Not good.

      • NoFear49er says:

        Well, that vision should be the owner’s vision. That way everyone’s pointing in the same direction. And it’s easy to tell who’s not on the right page. Does he even have a vision for the team besides winning and raising seat license fees?

      • NJ49er says:

        Probably not NoFear49er.
        Most Owners are about the record and the fannies in the seats.
        It’s business after all.

        Problems apparently are centered around the Baalke/Harbaugh dynamic.
        Obviously isn’t a good relationship by the looks of it.
        If Jed can’t get them to coexist, I’d expect Baalke to carry the Jed vote in the end.

    • Berger says:

      That is a legitimate point. Meddling owner or power play by the coach? I have yet to see Jed meddle so that thought has not been approached yet. The talking heads on CSNBA are saying it is a power struggle between Harbaugh and the FO. I can only assume that is correct as I really can’t factually say what is going on. Right now, from what we are hearing, it seems to me Jim might be forcing his firing so he can go at season’s end and still get paid.

  35. No and those are interesting points. Jed and Trent are battling that out w/ no conclusion yet.

    Here’s another point:

    Jim will veto any trade anywhere. Why go somewhere – Raiders- and give up picks to SF when by simply being a pain in the ass or just losing 4 more games he forces Jed to fire him? Jimi gets $5 Million Dollars from Jed and is free to sign with anybody for additional millions. No daft picks will be sacrificed to SF from Jim’s new team. Double winner = $5 mi + new contract and bonus of no harm to Raiders. Even if he has to wait a year he’ll be in great demand. Baalke gets screwed, Jed pays and Jimi goes where Ninrs would never send/trade him = Silver and Black baby. Ugh.

    Trade? Never going to happen. That’s a Baalke daydream. This will end with firing or a new deal. A lot is riding on making the playoffs. For the Niners. For Jimbo no. He’s holding all the cards and doesn’t have much to worry about. Sit out a year, recruit a staff, do some scouting, rest up, bank $5 MILLION. It’s good to be Jim Harbaugh. Happy now Jed? Lol

    • NoFear49er says:

      Pretty sure Jim, as most, has a contract clause that pays his yearly salary minus what he gets paid if he takes another job.

      I hope Harbaugh wins out, yes, that includes Seahawks in Seattle, and gets re-upped for four or five more years AND he keeps Roman.

      If nothing else, it’ll serve to show everyone how much all this gossip really means to anyone in the arena.

  36. I can see a trade happening if the draft picks are low say a 5th rounder and Jed cuts a check for some kind of (bribe) bonus and it’s to the local AFC team.

    • NJ49er says:

      Phil I was having this discussion here earlier with Berger.
      Jim likely won’t do Baalke any favors in terms of Draft Picks for another job.

      As NoFear49er suggested, Jim doesn’t make a nickel unless he’s fired.
      If he resigns, he likely forfeits his final year’s salary.

      Yes, perfect scenario, win out, show improvement with the point production, renegotiate an extension.

  37. NJ49er says:

    Let’s not overlook the QB position in all of this too guys.
    There’s blame all around for the failing Offense.
    Turning Kaep into a pocket passer isn’t an overnight success by any stretch.

    Harbaugh had Luck at Stanford.
    Kaep isn’t the same type of QB.

    • Berger says:

      The coach picked the QB and even helped him get a big contract. Anybody protecting the coach should be in for the QB if they are thinking this through. If it is the QB it is the coach.

  38. NoFear49er says:

    Hey, I’m not overlooking the QB. Hell, I started there!

    Seems Brent Jones shares “my vision” or my version of the team’s offensive woes. Funny the story didn’t find it’s way over here. Not.

    • NJ49er says:

      I hear that NoFear49er.
      You did and I, like you, continue to look for the answers to improve what’s ailing us.
      Plays don’t work without the QB 9x out of 10.

      If the Coaches can’t fix it I’m not sure what the next answer is?

  39. NoFear49er says:

    I think the coaches can fix it, NJ49er. Maybe not in time, though. Point is, it’s not an unusual problem and the panic expressed by some fans hardly fits the situation. Look at KC, for example. They’re sitting at 7-5, too, I think, (is anyone better than 9-3?) and could easily have won another game or too with a different QB. Or the Browns, locked up in that division and no QB, or two QB which equals no QB.

    Funny thing is up to a couple of days ago everyone had convinced themselves that the answer was Harbaugh bringing in another coach to help the OC figure out the offense. I thought that idea was pretty absurd, btw. And after reading an opinion by a sportswriter everyone has done a 180 and say we already have too many coaches and need to get rid of some. That gets another absurd from me, btw. Just because coaches have input doesn’t mean they confound the game plan.

    Still comes down to blocking and tackling. IOW, players executing the plays. Including the QB.

    • NJ49er says:

      It’s a media driven business NoFear49er.
      Everyone, us included, see the record and wonder why it’s not better.

      We vent in places such as this. Helps us cope perhaps?

      I do see obvious flaws with Kaep that didn’t seem so apparent last year.
      Likely because he’s being asked to function within the pocket so much more.

      I truly hope Kaep can work his way through this Pistol to Pocket transition.

      I dread the thought of another failed QB selection.
      Running QBs face a very tough task in this business, if they can’t absorb the mental aspect of the position.

      • NJ49er says:

        We’re likely stuck somewhere between the Pistol and Pocket development with Kaep.
        Point production is suffering as a result.
        He’s got too many ups and downs this year, even with the new WR weapons.

        As Seattle did to us, maybe adding a Screen game can help him thwart the down field reads or, beat blitzes more readily?

        I seriously don’t know what the crux of this issue is.

      • NoFear49er says:

        Well, it’s a good time to get Oakland. We don’t have a Tre Mason but we should be able to run all day and pass on them as well. Besides, they’ve gone in to the race for the top draft pick now. Maybe not the players, though.

        Kaepernick’s had pretty good games against NO and WAS so he’s due another this week. I hate to state the obvious, but if Kaepernick has a good game we win. Against anyone.

      • NJ49er says:

        Funny you mention Tre Mason.
        I was curious as to what we’d have planned for Alphonso Smith.

        He or Ellington might provide something in terms of an ‘edge’ guy for us.

    • NoFear49er says:

      Ha! It did seem like Mason came from nowhere, too. But after seeing him play, one wonders why. I think he scored 3 TDs and over 150 yds against OAK. Don’t know about the new guys. Strictly S/T I’d guess.

      One of the problems is the CBA’s limit on practice time. Hard to introduce enough new plays, especially timing sensitive ones like screens, to go a new direction. Maybe just work on the few we have now until we run them better.

      • NJ49er says:

        That’s been another of my many pet peeves regarding new options.
        I’d suspect that each week affords several days to perfect a game plan for the upcoming opponent.

        Ellington has basically been relegated to PR duties, with little to no contributions on the Offensive side of the plan.
        Alphonso was here, released and re-signed recently.
        He has been around the block in terms of NFL experience already too.
        Both guys offer the speed factor too.
        It was Ellington that scored with Gabbert in Denver too, be it scrub time or not.
        Kid has good hands and good speed.
        Find a play or 2 for him perhaps?

        Again, if Kaep isn’t seeing all his options, it basically negates the point entirely.

        I do agree with you, perfect something, anything, until you master the timing.

    • 12th man says:

      You won’t find a post by me suggesting bringing in an additional OC coach. In the archive from long ago you will find several posts by me saying there are too many inputs into the game plan. They need a single vision OC, from this century scheme wise and all the assistants need to work to that scheme. Roman ain’t it.

      • Berger says:

        My point was they should have brought in a consultant to help advise the coach. Not a decision maker. But that was in the off season. Too late now. Now we are now finding out we have 12 offensive coaches but nobody has control. That can’t be a good thing.

  40. We live in interesting times and that’s a curse. But still interesting, entertaining and even educational here in Ninerland.

    Do believe this will end in a new contract/extension or the firing of HC. Believe Jim holds the cards and if he wants to sit back and recruit his new staff, interview prospective owners, evaluate players he can do just that while Jed ponies up the $5M.

    It’s serious matter firing a successful HC and hope the owner/FO cabal are up to making good decisions. Loved Jimi’s comment “I have a recessive gene when it comes to worrying about my future: I don’t worry about my future”. Is this man folding? No way.

    • NJ49er says:

      It’s been reported for quite sometime Phil, Jim loves chaos.
      He’s wound tighter than most, that’s for sure.

    • NoFear49er says:

      He’ll learn from his mistakes whether he stays or goes. But he’ll be fine. Lots of teams need a Harbaugh. And with his record and having been a player, players will buy into his system.

      If you were an assistant here looking to make your bones in coaching, and Harbaugh offered to hire you in his new job, would you stay here or go with JH? ( sans promotion offer in either case)

      • NJ49er says:

        Happened to the best of them NoFear49er.
        Belichick and Pete each had their early failures before fine tuning their craft elsewhere.

        Jim had a good situation here talent-wise when he arrived.
        Should he go the route of Oakland, he’d likely have the option to have more input from a personnel perspective, but, he’ll also have a tougher timeline to find success.

        As he’s been loyal to his current assistants, he’d likely retain many of them if he moves on.
        Oakland would afford him excellent Draft positioning as it stands now however.

      • NoFear49er says:

        Sure, no shame in that. Especially with the record he’d leave with now. He now knows what was easy for him and what caused him the most problems as HC. And that’s the trouble with hiring a first-timer. The Peter Principal.

      • NoFear49er says:

        or peter principle. damn spell check! lol

  41. Nipper says:

    In conclusion: They’re still bleeping lousy. Period. Beating the Raiders will not change a thing.

  42. Berger says:

    I was listening to Trent Dilfer on national radio yesterday. He did not say it outright but he was sure critical of the 49ers play calling. He was openly critical of the offense, in general. One question he asked was why the 49ers can’t run the read option. He said the read option is here to stay, every team runs it. How can we possibly have the best read option QB in the game and not be able to run it. Great question. He should talk to me, I have already explained why. I’m sure he knows why too.

  43. Berger says:

    I saw a play this week-end that made me think coaching can’t be that hard. Denver had a 3rd and short and were in the read option formation withy the RB to the right of the QB. KC loaded that side of the defense. I just thought what an ignorant DC. Of course the run went to the left and of course it was wide open and of course it was the players fault for most fans. With that formation the runs go to the left almost always and the coach left it wide open. Blame the players if you don’t understand the game, but the coach screwed that up with aplomb.

    • phil fan says:

      Yes plenty of coaching mistakes every week, every game, every team like your example but there”s a huge bias to yack about execution because it’s easier to see.

  44. 12th man says:

    Where is the run game?
    “McDonald grades as one of the Top 3 run-blocking tight ends in the league, according to Pro Football Focus. Left tackle Joe Staley and left guard Mike Iupati rank among the Top 3 in run blocking for their respective positions as well. Overall, only Baltimore and Philadelphia are graded as better run-blocking teams than San Francisco at this point in the season.”

    Oh here it is:
    ” Opponents easily recognize the 49ers tendencies and are prepared for them. Frank Gore has been held to under 40 yards in five games this season, including only 10 yards on six carries against Arizona in Week 3. It’s his lowest output since Seattle held him to nine yards on seven carries in the final regular season game of 2011.”

    The better D teams have caught up and are not fooled. Players execute the called plays. If the D knows what is coming that play far less chance of success. We can look at exactly which player was not able to execute the play and say it is his fault so why not also look at why the D knows the teams tendencies?
    Isn’t that what they brought an ex HC in to do, scout the teams tendencies, because they know they are not fooling anyone?

    • Berger says:

      The ex HC brought in to spot our tendencies is now our TE coach. Is it a coincidence that our TEs are having their worst year I can ever remember? The only time I remember our TEs doing this poorly is with Martz, but that was because Martz didn’t much use TEs. This offense is supposed to rely heavily on TEs. I strongly believe that Jim needs to hire a competent OC and let him take control of the offense.

  45. There is a strong tendency to blame player execution by coaches, it is easy to see a dropped pass, a missed block and the only time I’ve ever heard a coach say “Bad play call” was Jim Harbaugh, once.

    This is called covering your ass.

  46. 12th man says:

    From Chris Sims:
    “The talent around him, you look at the receivers – Michael Crabtree, Stevie Johnson, Anquan Boldin – they are not game-breakers,” Simms said on “NFL Monday QB” on the CBS Sports Network. “Those are names and names only. They are not keeping defensive coordinators up late at night. (Opponents) are not worried about how they’re going to stop Michael Crabtree.”

    I really wanted D Jackson when he was available. Yes a problem child, but a real game breaker. Turns out the Niners were close to signing him and should have. Still need someone like that. Time is ticking on the core of this team, a few pieces and a new OC is all I want for Christmas this year.

  47. 12th man says:

    I found the Brent Jones article NF.

    I read it and he makes good points. He falls short of saying Kap is not studying enough but it is implied and that could be the case. He also says they need a burner WR.

    Not sure why you think this blog wouldn’t post it, he makes general points that make sense.

    • Berger says:

      I just listened to Brent Jones. I agree with what you are saying. He said running QBs don’t watch film, he did not say Kap doesn’t. If I was the radio host I would have asked him directly if he is saying Kap does not watch film, just to clarify. I would not assume either side of the argument.

      • 12th man says:

        I had the same thoughts, why not just ask him?

      • Because asking him would ruin the innuendo narrative that “Brent thinks Kap doesn’i study enough”. Better to have you think that than have Jones deny it outright. You see smears are the stock in trade by leaving it vague. You guys are too honest and factual.

        Please work on being a little more slimy.

        Like the horsecrap out of east coast media about : Losing the players, rift, dissension in locker room. Repeated here on this blog sadly. Latest to refute is Lattimore who says for the record “The players love Jim Harbaugh”. Long line of players have said same but some jokers are using BS to “up the pressure”. Lies? Now here are some documented lies. It’s not he Players who dislike Jimi now is it? Wonder who does?

        Harbaugh laughs at this stuff. As do most of the players. I wonder who wants us to believe it tho? Hmmmm?

      • Chuck my post to this comment did not appear. Help!

  48. 12th man says:

    Now on Skeebs blog I can see why someone might say why are they only posting articles and opinions that support the case for Kap being the main problem. You don’t see any other viewpoint there IMO. In fact after the link to Brent’s piece posted by Bullit, he claims Brent is saying Kap doesn’t study enough, which he clearly does not say, Brent talks in general about athletic QB’s.

    Also odd that the articles by former players talking about poor scheme, disgruntled players, obvious disfunction, don’t seem to get an airing.

    • Yes I noticed that too. There are several agendas at work here and there

    • NoFear49er says:

      There was another viewpoint dominating the blog until he got upset his “don’t ridicule Alex Smith” buddies weren’t blindly following him with his “Kaepernick can do no wrong” stance. He loves piling on others with a different view but isn’t up to it when he’s on the receiving end I guess.

      • NoFear49er says:

        And that left “it’s the coaching, obviously, take off the blinders” Phil and he bailed quicker than a press corner playing zone.

      • NoFear49er says:

        And then there’s Chuck. He’s posting more there than here. So WTF you talkin’ ’bout Willis? Plenty of opinions floating around there.

      • 12th man says:

        Maybe I misunderstood your point. I thought you were saying/implying individuals here only post something that supports their theory. That is what I am talking about Willis, Bullit et al do exactly that.

      • Berger says:

        This is where you are full of it. like I said. It’s a broken record. It gets boring. It is like ramming your head against a wall. A cognizant conversation cannot be had there. It is believed the coaching can’t have anything to do with the bad offense. Everything that can be said has been said. It is all repeat info now. When something changes creating new info I’ll rejoin. For now the fact Bullit won’t come here makes it a much better place to be. He is a nauseating man. Skeebers is wrong but I can communicate with him. You never say anything so there is never anything anyway. We know you don’t think coaching matters much, maybe a little. I think it matters a lot. I don’t mind you differing but you just ridicule without committing to opinion. Nothing there. Besides, you weren’t there much until I left. Hmmm! I didn’t run off, I just have nothing to say over there. When something changes I’ll be back.

      • Don’t worry Bergs we have Chuck to tilt away over there. What a job!

  49. NoFear49er says:

    Can you guys seriously be saying you see players blowing assignments and writing it off as unimportant to the failure of a play while being firm about insisting it has to be something you can’t see or know instead? Preach on.

    My comment about not posting Jones’ article here was for Chuck. He dismisses Jones’ take and says his opinion of Kaepernick is more informed. I’m sure you read that on Skeebers’ site as well.

    By the way, the whole thing was about Kaepernick, not QBs in general.

    I haven’t seen any articles from players talking about poor scheme. Gotta link?

    • 12th man says:

      Don’t have time to look right now NF but Eric Davis, Steve Young spring to mind.
      He was speaking about Kap for parts of that interview but stopped short of saying Kap doesn’t study enough. He generalized about athletic QB’s in general relying on their skillset too much. I guess its how you choose to interpret it.

    • Berger says:

      Sure, players blow assignments with good play calling. They blow more assignments with bad play calling. Players blowing assignments is going to happen. It is a problem but that is not the biggest problem, the biggest problem is bad play design creating more blown assignments than necessary. Listen to the players if you care to. Seems you don’t want to. “Dumb Schemes, “we were out schemed”, “we have the best offensive players since I’ve been here” and “we are too predictable’ have all come out of current players mouths recently. Choose to listen to them or not, I don’t really give a rats ass. But if you ignore those statements it tells me all I need to know about your agenda. It is not objective.

      • NoFear49er says:

        That’s bullshit. You’re taking vague references out of context and trying to build a case on that while ignoring a mountain of evidence to the contrary.

        If that’s your opinion, fine. But it’s not the be all end all you think it is. You try to miscast what I write by saying I think it’s all on the players and none if it is on the coaching. I’ve never said that, it just sounds better to paint the opposition as unreasonable.

      • Berger says:

        You still think Mike Nolan was a good HC. Enough said.

  50. There are agendas at work here too. Mainly coming from certain individuals but I don’t really notice the overall trends b/c ‘so what?’

  51. unca_chuck says:

    NoFear, it’s just like the shit that Dilfer said about the locker tom being toxic. When pressed by Steve young, Dilfer backpedalled furiously because he said he based it on what he saw on the sidelines, not on direct knowledge.

    Same case with Jones. He basing what he says on observation, not direct knowledge of the situation.

    Or are you goin with Bullit’s ‘I think they talk’ deal.

    • NoFear49er says:

      Well, I’m sure Jones and most ex-players have contacts inside the building or on the team they talk with if they want to. But I think Jones can speak on his own with quite a bit more authority than you. That doesn’t mean he’s right and you’re wrong automatically but it’s disingenuous to hold up one ex-players thoughts to support your opinion and dismiss another’s because he says something opposed.

  52. unca_chuck says:

    NoFear, crabs, staley, and nowiller have gone on record regarding the scheme. Sherman had said for. 2 years that he knows our plays based on formation. Take that with a grain of salt, but the results speak for themselves.

  53. NoFear49er says:

    Berger, on the play you said was a terrible defensive call by the Chiefs; was it the end of the third quarter? 3-1 on the KC28? Where Manning passes on most third downs and had trips lined up on the right side? I can’t find another third and short that was a run gainer.

    • NoFear49er says:

      Read option for Peyton Manning? I don’t think so. What’s the option?

    • Berger says:

      Maybe it was 4th and one, or two. Please don’t be a Bullit. The play happened. If you don’t want to believe me then don’t. I don’t care.

      • NoFear49er says:

        Yeah, there’s the asshole I know. You just want to throw out any shit and not be bothered with facts or other people’s pov.

        You think I don’t understand the read option? What’s Manning going to do, keep it and run outside if the end man crashes down for the dive?

      • Berger says:

        Another comment proving you don’t understand the read/option. Sometimes it is better that people wonder if you are a fool instead of opening your mouth and erasing all doubt.

  54. unca_chuck says:

    Put it this way, NoFear. If Bruce Arians had Kappy instead of Stanton, or even Palmer, do you think Kappy would be doing better than he is now?

    • Berger says:

      Peter King thinks so. He said on the radio yesterday that if Arians had Kap that Kap would be doing great.

    • NoFear49er says:

      Well, I don’t know. Neither do you or Peter King. You made the same argument about Alex Smith. Is he doing better now?

      Would our offense be doing better with a better QB?

      • Berger says:

        I think Alex is doing fine at KC. They have had some issues the last two weeks but Alex is doing fine. I trust Peter King’s football knowledge more than yours. In fact, with your biases it is impossible to know your football knowledge. We do know your agenda.

      • NoFear49er says:

        It’s week 14 and how many TD passes to WRs does Alex have? Who lost last week with a wild throw? Same ol’ Alex. And same ol’ Berger saying he’s doing great.

      • Berger says:

        Find the word “great” in there. Just more of your obfuscation. We are used to that.

      • Berger says:

        You cite the won/loss record for Harbaugh, does Alex have a different NoFear standard?

  55. Berger says:

    Pete Carrol has outcoached Jim Harbaugh since they have been at these two teams. That is just a fact. I’d rather talk about that than Bullits constant Kap is a bad QB agenda. We know how Bullit feels. How about a different subject. Bring up Carrol outcoaching Harby and the subject changes to what Cosell said about Kap. Bring up Gore is not running like he used to, somehow that is Kap’s fault too. Until the subject changes, Bullit is too nauseating to be around. I think Kap is a good young QB with a chance to be great. That cannot be an opinion over there without some pictures of how Kap missed an open receiver last game. 12th told me of Kap’s short comings yesaterday and I agreed. That was that. Next topic please.

    Since Harbaugh chose Kap, if one does not like the choice of QB why does the coach get a pass? If it is the QB it is the coach. Never forget that fact. So it is the OC or the QB or both. We’ve established that. Either way, Harbaugh is the coach responsible for both. We even know everyone’s opinion. Here I can be civil without Bullit throwing up on the site with his overbearing pursuit of misinformation that he thinks is accurate because of his interpretation of the info that he calls facts. Besides, I’m sure Unca is keeping him in check. Maybe I’ll go over there and read some of the posts. Or maybe I won’t. I used to care but things have changed. At least here I can have a decent confab about my Niners!

    • NoFear49er says:

      That’s fine. I agree Carroll has outcoached Harbaugh and just about everyone else. I remember writing as much when no one else here agreed.

      You never allowed any criticism of Kaepernick without an onslaught of disparaging posts toward the poster. The same as you did with Alex Smith. You didn’t object to Bullit’s methods when he was on team Alex with you.

      If you want to have “discussions” you’ll have to concede that there’s likely two or more valid positions involved.

      • Berger says:

        When have I ever said Kap is not still developing? I have said he would develop faster with a better system. I sat on the fence with Alex. I pointed out Alex had bad OC’s. When Harbaugh came I made my mind up Alex is a good QB. Because I wasn’t an Alex hater you labeled me on Bullit’s team of loving him. Difference is with Kap, I think he is a good QB. He needs a better system which isn’t so anti of what his strengths are. Our OC does not look to know how to do that. And now we hear about the too many cooks in the offense. But I guess that article is BS since you don’t agree. Got it.

      • Berger says:

        Do you think if a coach is outcoached it affects how a young QB performs? Why does Kap perform worse against Seattle than other teams?

    • unca_chuck says:

      Well, I agree wholeheartedly, bergs. Still though it is fun to guck with Bullit.

      “I think Jones talks to Rathman about Karpernick’s film study habits” is just fucking laughable.

  56. Berger says:

    Harbaugh told the media that Kap looks at film of the last game after each game. I wonder if they fact checked that with Brent Jones?

  57. “Everybody” has agendas of various kinds, that normal. Where it gets weird is when someone with an agenda will not own it up front. Where they need to prove the other POV /guy “wrong” to the point of irrationality, hostility, imbecility. We see that here sometimes and more at Skeebs with certain people. Also that blog attracts some people who enjoy rigidly insisting on their POV and glory in dominating and controlling, so they think, others who disagree. Here not so much.

    What we have here is a similar (human) dynamic w/o the name calling, hostility, so echoing what Bergs said = we can have, do have, more rational, enjoyable discussions about the Niners. Some people prefer that or like myself, not really caring, will drop in at the other blog with my POV popular or not. Often too people get caught up in “either/or” scenarios and will not see the others POV = “It is both/and” povs to some degree.

  58. Berger says:

    You mean, don’t tell me how to think! I’m here to tell you how to think! And I have some numbers and pictures to prove it! And I can speak louder and longer than you to prove it! LOL!

  59. Nipper says:

    In conclusion: BlahBleepBlah…..BlahBleepBleep!

  60. NJ49er says:

    Well guys, look at it this way.

    Philadelphia is called The City of Brotherly Love.
    Show up in another teams’ colors and you run the risk of spitting out your teeth.

    Go figure?

    Berger, I’m proud of your 12:30PM post.
    You used the word OBJECTIVE.
    Good job my friend.
    That’s all that matters in a debate.

    Everyone sees things through their own eyes, hears with their own ears, forms opinions in their own minds.
    All good when we can have differing opinions while respecting the opinions of others.

    Brings a tear to my eye 😀

    • NJ49er says:

      A guy like Mike Florio has all sorts of opinions too.

      He’s a Master of vague reporting.
      He makes a living stirring up controversy, then, covering his backside with hearsay and innuendo.

      For those that gather here, and on Skeeb’s site, we do have a common interest in our 9ers.
      Each of us see things that need to be corrected.
      We can’t all be right, nor can we all be wrong.
      We’ll rejoice after wins or, theoretically storm 4949 HQ with torches and pitchforks if we lose.
      The guys that have to get it right are the guys being paid to perform the jobs they’re tasked with.

      We’re the fans, the shareholders.
      Certifiably nuts, each and everyone.

  61. NJ49er says:

    And, in this time of Holiday Giving and Peace toward your fellow man, the Raiders will add extra security for our game on Sunday.

    Away in a manger, or the other side of the Bay, may the Spirit of the Holidays keep you safe and thoughtful of your fellow Man.

  62. rtfirefly says:

    Skip Bayless suggested Harbs to the Jets. So I’ll start the rumor of Robaugh to NJ for Percy Harvin and Harvin cap considerations. Has as much credence as anything else.

    • NJ49er says:

      NYJ are a steaming dumpster fire too RT.
      Why not?

      Much as many of us would like to Jim/Jed/Baalke et al, work this out in the end, there’s an endless stream of ideas and possibilities yet to take shape.

      • NJ49er says:

        The Band-Aid Billionaire, Woody Johnson isn’t hurting for cash.
        He’s also got another GM problem brewing with Idzik.
        Let’s keep a cooler full of cold ones handy and watch the drama unfold.

      • rtfirefly says:

        The Jets paseed like 9 times last game, and the Jets O played their best game of the year. Percy can’t be real happy about that.

      • rtfirefly says:


      • NJ49er says:

        They’re trying to keep Geno away from throwing to the other team.
        They’ll likely be Drafting another QB in the Spring.
        Jim could easily fit there with a clean plate to work with again.
        They’ve got a very good young Defense in place too.
        I’d try to pry away Wilkerson too if possible.

  63. rtfirefly says:

    Get Harvin and sign Dez away from Jerruh, and if Kap still can’t do it next year – waste him.

    • NJ49er says:

      I’ve had my thoughts about Dez too.
      Likely won’t be a cheap endeavor but, you know you’ll get a guy that comes to play.

      Percy is risky, in terms of his passion for the game but, at the right price, I’m sure he’d love to face Pete twice a year.

      • rtfirefly says:

        Percy’s allegedly a cancer in the locker room; he’s also injured often. He would still be a huge upgrade over Crabs on the field. Dez has become an elite receiver, but I scoffed at getting him. Now I’m not so sure. The two would be $20 mil in cap, impossible. But one sure would be nice.

      • NJ49er says:

        Exactly RT.
        We could have Culliver as a guy the NYJ could be after as a FA too.

        I’m figuring Crabtree won’t remain, Iupati 50/50 as well.

        Dealing with the NYJ, for a player like Wilkerson, could be beneficial to us as well.
        If we buy the reports of Jim balking at a Trade for Pick(s), a young DT wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

  64. Nipper says:

    All I know is the Niners will beat the Raiders on Sunday and it will not mean a thing. Now conversely, if the Raiders win it will have a lot of meaning. That’s sports.

    • NJ49er says:

      This is another high drama match up, since every game is critical now, no matter the opponent.
      If we’re to believe the reports, of Mrs Jim wanting to remain in the Bay area, Oakland is the given destination, should a departure be eminent.

      NYJ makes a ton of sense too.
      Both teams will have a full rebuild label attached so, Jim can get his desired control much more readily, I’d assume.

  65. Berger says:

    I’ll repeat what I’ve been saying for weeks. I think many fans are over reacting. I do want Roman fired but I’ve wanted that since last year. We are who we look like we are. Nothing is going to change going forward. This is not a championship team with Roman as OC. Just enjoy some football.

  66. Berger says:

    I’m with Harby when he says it’s about getting it right this week.

    • NJ49er says:

      Creativity for me Berger.
      We’re not fooling anyone any longer.
      Are they capable of finding new ideas?

      Do that and maybe there’s hope for us.

      • NJ49er says:

        Don’t overlook the Oakland Secondary on Sunday either.

        Woodson, TBrown will know what to expect from Kaep.
        Jim and GRo better have something to change it up.

      • NJ49er says:

        Woodson is 38 –
        Think MAYBE we could run by him, somewhere along the line?

  67. NJ49er says:

    I’m still trying to figure out what we’ve got planned for QPatton and Ellington in this Offense of ours.
    Many people calling for deep threats as the missing ingredient.
    We’ve added Bling and Stevie.
    All 4 of those options are faster than Q and Crabtree.
    Given the production lapses from Vernon, what are doing with the rest of these guys?
    Rarely seeing much thus far.

    I do think there’s a comfort zone with Jim and the Vets yet, I saw Osgood running routes vs Seattle last week.
    I don’t get it.

  68. NJ49er says:

    OK guys.
    Not only are we 9er fans.
    This week we’ll have to be Bears, Eagles and Alex fans as well.
    Won’t hurt to see Detroit drop one vs TB either.

  69. NJ49er says:

    Picked this up from TMQ on ESPN –
    Rating as their ‘Single Worst Play of Season – So Far’.

    It might have been Frank Gore doing nothing as the man he was supposed to block flushed Colin Kaepernick from the pocket and caused a third-quarter sack. Gore is prone to lecturing his teammates about stepping up. Check the down that begins with 4:31 of the third quarter, when Gore simply stands watching his quarterback in distress.

    Worse was Santa Clara’s sole red zone snap versus Seattle. The Seahawks led 16-0, and the Niners faced third-and-8 on the visitor’s 19 late in the third quarter. Santa Clara had five to block four. Offensive linemen Marcus Martin and Alex Boone stood doing nothing as Michael Bennett came through untouched and forced Kaepernick to step into a sack.

    ( I believe that play was the one where Boone tapped his left cheek, which I assume was a signal to Kaep about blocking assignments?)

    • Berger says:

      There was the play I called you about two weeks ago vs Wash where Kap was in the pocket with a decision needing to be made. Frank wasn’t blocking anybody or getting open for a safety valve. Kap ended up scrambling for 1 yard. There were yards available if Frank either blocks the spy or gets open. He did neither. I wasn’t going to bring it up here since I like Frank but after the comment you just posted it needs to be said. He might be checking out on Roman’s schemes already?

  70. Lets get #49 for Jimbo this week.

  71. Nipper says:

    Lets pray: Dear Lord …..can you swing a Niners victory Sunday? A score of 10-7 is about right as both teams are shall we say rather inept.

  72. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up.

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