A Season Down the Tubes

Well, there you go. An offense that struggled against some bad teams was completely overmatched by Seattle. This season is pretty much lost , so I guess the Harbaugh watch starts tomorrow. Frankly, I’m pissed this offense has been pretty much a failure. I’m at the point where I don’t know if the coaching staff has fucked Kaepernick to the point of  his indecision and not trusting himself, or if he just isn’t getting past his 1st read and just chucking away.

Beyond this game, Roman has been a failure throughout this season. Kaepernick hasn’t grown as a QB, and the new weapons we have were basically ignored after week 8. VD has been a disaster, Crabs has been fair to middling, and the run game has disappeared. Boldin has been the only consistent WR on the team, and the parade of backup TEs have done nothing. I heard Collinsworth say t0night that he saw Harbaugh start to take over the play calling in the middle of the 3rd quarter. How he knew that I don’t know, but if it took Jimbo this long to figure the play calling needs help, then I don;t know what he has been watching these past 10 weeks.

Where are we as a team? Well, the defense is beyond awesome. Despite killer injuries. The offense? I don;t know. Harbaugh may have resurrected Alex Smith’s career, but I think he’s breaking Colin Kaepernick.

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  1. Flavor says:

    Only saw the end of this game. Bummed I saw that much of it.
    Happy thanksgiving to you and your family, Chuck.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    Thanks, Flav. Same to you and yours. It was a thoroughly depressing game. I’m seriously behind losing Harbaugh at this point. He can’t see how shitty this offense has been, and it has been going on all year. They haven’t grown at all as an offense and they had a lot more options this year. Kappy hasn’t progressed as well. Some of that is on the coaches.

    • “I’m seriously behind losing Harbaugh at this point.”
      *Now* you’re seriously behind firing Bo Schembechler Jr.™? Ha! That’s rich.
      I nominate that comment to be TPPDPOTD.

      The Perpetually Post-Dated Post of the Day.

      Better late than never. Fuck you.

  3. barleyfreak says:

    That was ten different kinds of ugly. Seattle has a good defense. Not as great as we made them look. Kap looked as bad as ever. This offense, for lack of a better term, can`t scare anyone. Except us fans. Shoot me, for f*cksake.

  4. Nipper says:

    In conclusion…… BLEEP!

  5. Anybody here who still thinks Harbaugh will be coaching in SF next year? Anyone who still wants Harbaugh to be coaching in SF next year?

  6. unca_chuck says:

    Grow up Dennis. You want a medal for me coming around to a different point of view?

    Wah!!! Go fall off a bar stool.

  7. unca_chuck says:

    Some people are advocating Gabbert in there. Good luck with that. Kappy had a bad game, but no need to trash the offense more than it already is.

    Still advocating losing Roman though. His insistence on throwing deep was terrible. Kappy has to adjust out of those plays however. Beyond that, Collinsworth did his usual Niner rip job. He said Lloyd was wide open on a play where he was blanketed by Maxwell. He did miss o. The fade to Miller. Yes, a fade to Miller. Brilliant. Not VD. Not Boldin. Miller.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    After the Super Bowl I thought the window was still wide open for this team. after last year, it was shutting. Now it’s closed. I think there’s about a 3% chance Harbaugh sticks around.

    Whether he was the agent of his own demise will be debated, but he’s out after this season.

  9. 12th man says:

    Kap played like shit, no excuses for some of those throws.

    Roman HAS to go if the Niners have any shot at saving whatever is left of the O team confidence. I don’t have any faith in Roman and it is clear the players don’t either. Staley and Crabme have referenced scheme in losses.

    Harbaugh should have pulled Roman weeks ago, instead he stuck with him and there will be wholesale changes after the season. Take a leaf out of your brothers book Harbaugh and do it today when there is 10 days to put a game plan together.

    Jed tweets “not good enough” or words to that effect, no shit Sherlock, what took so long to figure that out?

    Baalkes daughter tweets “Niners don’t want you no more”, or similar about Roman, think she heard Daddy say something?

    Ballke has angry meeting in a glass room off the main locker for everyone, press included, to see. About time Baalke.

    The O has never been good under Roman but it has been really hideous all year, the guy is in over his head, way over.

    Carrier is gone for the year which limits what can be done about Davis who is clearly playing timid to avoid injury. Crabme is done, he is selfish and destructive to the team even though he still makes some plays.

    Statistically still in it but no chance in reallity unless they make a change at O coordinator and even then it is a slim chance.

    I’m a Niner fan as much as any but am very disappointed Harbaugh has not done anything about the inept O for so long. Look aound the league and see teams change O identity week by week to suit the opponent. Niners just run the same old same old and hope it works, uninspiring to say the least.

    • Berger says:

      I was going to post something but 12th said so much so well I have to take a breath! Good job 12th.

    • NoFear49er says:

      Well I agree! With the first line anyway.

      Keapernick’s all we’ve got. And he’s got all the potential to be great in this league but he’s going to have to become a pocket passer if he’s going to survive long enough to realize it in the NFL. We are going through the difficult transition now. And it will be difficult until the light goes on for Kaepernick.

      No good/great receivers are going to be happy in a run-first, low-passing offense, Crabtree among them. The only way to go forward and keep some top quality receivers interested in playing here is to develop the passing game and that starts with the QB. Blame coaching or play calling but there is no magic coaching that’s going to make Kaep “get it” before he’s ready to “get it.”

      No players are blaming the offensive scheme for anything. That’s merely wishful thinking from a few fans who think the players, who keep blaming their own lousy execution publicly, are on the same wild page they are.

      • Berger says:

        Crabtree said we got out schemed. Gore said we have the players. That was yesterday. We know about Staley calling out dumb schemes. I’d say the players re doing some blaming of the schemes.

      • NoFear49er says:

        Crabtree was talking about the Seahawk’s defense and Staley was talking about the o-line’s blocking schemes. You take that to mean Roman is a bad player and a bad OC? No, that isn’t what either player said. It’s all pushing an agenda to you.

      • NoFear49er says:

        “bad player s/b “bad play caller”

      • Berger says:

        Just keep your head in the sand. You are only going to se what you want to see.

  10. Berger says:

    I had to leave the Alex Smith blog for a while until Roman is fired. Kap had a terrible game but not one mention was about Roman. They must still be mad Alex was let go. Even Crabtree said we got out schemed. Who does the scheming, the QB or the coach?

  11. Berger says:

    Lemoneir is still trying to tackle that elusive punter who dropped the ball deep in his own territory. That must have been Kap’s fault along with the fumbled punt return on the same play. Or the other thing that crossed my mind is he didn’t do a very good job of handing the ball off to Gore or he would have had more touches and a better than 2.8 yds per carry. Obviously that was Kap’s fault. Too bad Kap wasn’t on the field when Wilson dropped the ball out of nowhere and we couldn’t fall on it. That was Kap’s fault too. Skeebers must have his nose firmly crammed in Roman’s butt hole to not mention the terrible game plan. We all seemed to notice it and even the GMs daughter noticed it and tweeted we don’t need Roman anymore. But the instead the nose in Roman’s butt hole man wants to switch QBs. Too funny. Still loving him some Smith “The Shredder” and it shows.

    OK, that’s enough about that.

  12. snarkk says:

    Didn’t see or hear the game last night.
    Seeing plenty of the post-game folderol today to pretty much know what happened.
    There’s nothing wrong with the defense, it’s playoff quality, which is amazing given the loss of starters. The offense and special teams are below average. When 2/3 of the team is below average, you’re likely not going to the playoffs.
    I’m not smart enough or care enough about the Niners to debate what’s wrong with this offense. All I know is it has enough decent to good players to be way better than it is. My guess is it’s a combination of things. Some offensive players see themselves gone already, OLine was messed up from the get go this season, Gore was done last season, Roman ahd Harbaugh have designed an offense to make Kap into a QB that he isn’t or can’t ever be, result of all of it is phtttt on the offensive end. Radio today mentioned something I didn’t know — Kap never seems to look at pictures of the defense and go over things with the coaches on the sidelines between offensive drives — like just about all other QBs. You’d think he would be doing that. I have no explanation for that observation…

    • zumiee says:

      The group I was with were talking about that during the game. Kap just stares at the field when the Niner’s D is out there. How does that benefit him at all? A lot of QBs would be looking at photos or talking to a coach once in a while. Do the Niners have a QB coach? I’m guessing that they do. Harbaugh isn’t the QB coach also, is he? And if he is, he should be doing more coaching of Kap on the sideline once in a while. Carroll could be seen debriefing with Wilson after drives.

  13. zumiee says:

    I’m down on Harbaugh and Kap at the moment, but that doesn’t negate what they’ve accomplished. They came extremely close to winning a Super Bowl, and brought the Niners back into relevance. It just seems that Harbaugh’s window may be closing already. The fans are getting restless, and the style of play, on offense, is not entertaining. I’ve never been a fan of boring smash-mouth football. I remember Singletary saying “We’re going to hit people in the mouth.” And, I thought, yeah, that’s something Ditka would say. Ditka won in ’85 with a Bears team super-loaded with talent, but all of those ’85 Bears thought they were going to win more than one Super Bowl. They watched the “finesse” Niners win five. Tom Rathman, a fullback, caught 50 passes one year in that West Coast offense. That seems like science fiction, now, compared to the current Niners.

  14. unca_chuck says:

    NoFear, does anyone bemoan the fact that Russell Wilson has 680 yards on the ground? Twice as much as Kaepernick?

    No. The Niners are taking away a potent element of Kappy’s game by trying to force him to be something he’s not. They should be emphasizing him throwing on the move and buying time, and giving him more midrange options instead of fade routes and outs. Which is ALL WE RUN. Beyond the fact we have no TEs that are providing anything, they need to emphasize checking down to Kappy. And give him the option.

    And answer me this, NoFear. Why is our fullback going deep? Why isn’t that Vernon Davis? Or Boldin? Or Lloyd? Or anyone but the short slow guy? Sure, he shouldn’t have throw that pass, but why the fuck is Miller in the pattern as an option in the 1st place?

    Zumie, this is what I mean when I say the team and the players are pretty much down with the fact that Harbaugh is gone. No one on offense really seems to give a shit other than Boldin and Gore. Kappy? Shit, I don’t know. He’s certainly not progressing from last year. He hit the league by storm and played a lot looser and hit passes all over the field. It feels like he’s being forced to do something he isn’t comfortable with.

  15. NoFear49er says:

    Steve Young didn’t become a good QB until it sank in that he had to be a pocket passer to make his running ability worth anything long term. He started to learn to read his progressions and execute the play as it was intended. Just look what happened to RGIII trying to let his legs do the quarterbacking. If we had a second option at passer we could let Kaepernick learn the ropes at his own pace, but we don’t.

    “The fullback is always open” because nobody covers him. Were you complaining when Staley scored because it wasn’t 81, 84 or 85?

    “It feels like he’s being forced to do something he isn’t comfortable with.” Because he is. Stand in the pocket and find the open man. Learn timing passes. Throw to a landmark instead of the man. Anticipate where the defenders are going to be by the movement you see. Don’t give up on the play too early. Don’t hold the ball too long. Work on accuracy and touch. You didn’t just win the lottery, son. You signed up to work your ass off to become the best QB you can be.

  16. unca_chuck says:

    RW routinely breaks contain and makes plays with his legs and his arm. Is he a pocket passer? No. Forcing Kaepernick to stand and deliver in the pocket ISN’T WORKING. This is a proven fact. Teams are HAPPY Kappy isn’t taking off.

    Staley scored what? What are you talking about? 81 84 85? What the fuck are you talking about? Miller was covered on that play. No, Kappy shouldn’t have thrown it. My point is, he shouldn’t even be an option in the route. You do realize that ‘don’t hold on to the ball too long’, and ‘don’t give up on the play too early’ are complete opposites? Platitudes don’t win games. This coaching staff needs to adjust to what Kappy’s skill set is and not force him to be Peyton Manning. It’s completely stupid to do what they are doing to Kaepernick. And they will continue to lose if they play offensive football like this.

    If you haven’t noticed, we don’t have a speed WR. NONE of our guys get open quickly. Look at the replays, and you routinely see everyone going 8 yards, turning around and stopping. Then what? Nothing. VD might as well be a cardboard cutout. Our pass plays are 90% of 10 yard outs, and now sideline fades. This passing game is still the most boring in the league. Mainly because we still can’t draft a WR with any speed and our pass plays are not designed to get people open quickly. Stevie Johnson should be getting the bulk of the 2 routes. He seems to be the opn;y one who gets clean quick..

    How did we beat GB in the playoffs last year? Kappy playing rigid isn’t working.

  17. Berger says:

    The Seahawks players know what routes are coming. The reason I know this, they are telling us. They keep telling us our tendencies are easy to pick up. So much so they baited our coaches into the ill fated fade route play last year. Sherman said when Lloyd did the stutter step he knew exactly what route was coming. Also, we throw a lot of 50/50 balls as part of our game plan, Seattle is the best team in the league at defending those types of patterns. I think Seattle has Roman’s number and it has gotten into Kap’s head. Kap plays well in games not vs the Seahawks.

  18. Berger says:

    With all of the Kap bashing I’m guessing nobody noticed Gore averaged only 2.8 yards per carry and had only 10 touches. With this “new” offense we should be running the ball better but it isn’t happening. We don’t even try in many games. Against the Giants we were ripping off big gains and RoBaugh just kept ignoring the run. I’m not sure they know exactly what they are trying to achieve, it is like seat of the pants game planning but without the necessary in game adjustments.

  19. 12th man says:

    Hey Bergs, good to see you.

    Chuck wrote what I have been feeling about Kap as far as forcing the issue of making him a pocket passer.

    This staff seems to be all or nothing. A lot of people had been asking for a little tweaking of the play calling, installing a few more pass plays, as most felt the plays were very predictable.

    A lot of people also understand Kap will need to continue learning his pocket passer presence and traditional reading of defenses .

    My question is why did this brain trust go all in on pocket passing and forget about running the ball?

    In the long run it will probably benefit Kap to be shackled like this but the team still needs to win games right?

    They have taken a dynamic gunslinging QB who throws well on the run and made him a nervous wreck of a QB who because of the well known O line issues this year is jumping at shadows with no confidence he will have time for these god awful long developing plays to happen. It is well documented that Kap is a one read QB, that read is the one his coaches tell him to make meaning the crazy slow developing ones with WR that are slow to middling speed wise while being protected by a sieve right?

    Suppose you are right NF and this is mostly about player execution. Isn’t it Romans job to put the players in a position to succeed? Why are we 3/4 through the season still seeing the same plays that haven’t worked all year?

    Many make the point that it is really Harbaughs O. Maybe so, but Roman has the OC title and is therefore the person to point to.

    One more point. Kap took part in a T.V. Show with other rookie QB’s taking tests designed to show speed of recognition and accuracy. He won, easily.
    Kap has set franchise and league records. He has won more playoff games on the road than Young or Montana. He has played in the biggest games.

    Where is that QB? Did he suddenly forget how to play? Lose all his skillset? Become horribly inaccurate overnight?

    Just maybe his coaches, who have taken a confident QB and made him a shell of himself, have a little to do with it eh?

  20. 12th man says:

    Lost my post?

  21. 12th man says:

    Good to see you Berger.

  22. Berger says:

    12th- I’m tired of sounding like a broken record over at the Coach Lovers Blog so I decided to stay away until the OC is gone. Hard for Skeebers and Bullit to be rational when they are still upset over Alex being gone and in a case of strange bedfellows they have picked up NoFear as a buddy. It’s pretty funny when you think about it. When Roman is gone our offense can be re-evaluated and I’ll join back in the conversation. For now, it is what we see and nothing else. They can’t even get a consistent running game going. I guess that is Kap’s fault too. I think your post said a lot yesterday.

    • 12th man says:

      Skeebs has a good blog. He kinda lost me when he wrote an obituary when the team changed from Smith to Kap. From then on there has been a bias against the QB from him and Bullit, not objective IMO.

      NF also has a bias towards coaching IMO. To me it is obvious that O coaching has been sub par for all of Harbaugh and Romans tenure. The fact thay won so much on the back of D and ST masked many flaws but the NFL, as it always does, catches up and then coaching has to evolve, it just hasn’t done a good job of it. Use of personel is deplorable. Taking proven players and killing their carrers is something the O coaches have excelled at.

      As for Alex “The Shredder”, that makes no sense either since teams only ever have to defend 20 yds of the field. He is limited and always has been.

      • Berger says:

        I like Alex and think he is a good QB but Kap has been money so often, especially on road play-off games, how can one come unglued on him for one bad game. And yes he did have a bad game. I think some have extra high standards for players they don’t like.

        As far as the coaching goes, I like Harbaugh a lot but if one followed him at Stanford they know he has had some problems calling plays. In the pros he has been exposed with the years of tendencies. Now he is running an offense he has never run before and having extra difficulties. I would like to see him hire an OC with proven experience running something other than the Singletary offense. Then step away from the play calling.

        If possible I would like to see Chris Ault replace Roman for 4 games to show Harbaugh how to run the ball from the Pistol. Then pick a permanent replacement at OC after the season and get offense they are trying to presently implement rolling. I like what the coach is trying to do but his execution sucks.

  23. unca_chuck says:

    When NoFear started missing Alex, I knew he had jumped the shark.

    • Berger says:

      That was sure a change of saddles! Thing is he’s so biased toward any coach employed in the NFL it is hard to take him seriously.

  24. Berger says:

    12th- Pretty strange the tweet by Baalke’s daughter. You think some things have been said about the OC at the diner table? The Coach Lovers Blog can hang on to Roman being a genius but all indications show they won’t be hanging on to him for long. I can say for sure I’d rather have Kap than Roman, but I think I’ve already made that clear enough.

    If you get a chance, watch WR Devin Funchess of Michigan. Tall, strong and a guy that can win a 50/50 ball. He just made one of those catches vs Ohio St.

  25. Berger says:

    A lot has been said about Jed’s tweet. I think it was well timed the right thing to say. It was time to publicly put the coaching staff on notice. If they don’t like it quit.

    Funchess just reached out behind his route and down by his ankles to make another difficult catch look easy. We do not have receivers that do that. Crabtree dives for any throw that isn’t perfect.

  26. Nipper says:

    Jed should have said one word, “NUTS!” Then fired the whole coaching staff. That would have made Mommy proud.

  27. Berger says:

    The German fans would have been perplexed!

  28. unca_chuck says:

    Ault’s about 100 years old, but KC grabbed him when he retired from UNR when Reid took over, IIRC.mBullit laughed all the way to the dunce house when I suggested getting him last year.

  29. unca_chuck says:

    Owners taking to Twitter is definitely a recent discovery. The only other owner who did that was Irsay and his drunken screeds. I’m sure there have been others.

    Seems a little childish and reactionary, but in the end it is a shot across Harbaugh’s bow.

    The whole problem with all this turmoil is Harbaugh seems to be the one driving it to the brink. None of what has been going on before and during the season is doing anything toward fixing anything in the relationship regarding Harbaugh and the front office.

    Frankly, I loved Cassie Baalke’s comment. Very reminiscent of Eddie firing Trestman. I just hope the outcome is similar.

  30. NoFear49er says:

    You guys who pretend such distaste for bias while yours is on display with each post are not only biased but blind and hypocritical. Berger wants to close another blog down by limiting opinions to those aligned with his? Too late, Chuck’s pretty much got that handled.

    I’ve criticized coaching, too. Play calling, sideline antics, clock management, etc. But I don’t lay it off on coaching when I see guys blowing assignments, getting beat on sloppy technique, lazy/bad tackling, throwing the ball into triple coverage while ignoring an open receiver five yards closer.

    Some guys want to make it all coaching, no matter what they see, and never the problem of the guy making most of the mistakes. If that’s your personal take it doesn’t hurt me but it’s not mine.

    I have a hard time blaming what I don’t see and ignoring what I do see. YMMV.

    Kaepernick’s got all the tools, no doubt. Some folks have a hard time remembering that I wanted him to replace Alex before most, certainly anyone on this blog. But when he doesn’t progress in his development as fast as we’d like, some rush to say it’s coaching without ever knowing what his coaching is or how much effort is put into it from either side.

    My comments about Alex have nothing to do with wanting Alex back or changing my mind about what sort of QB I’ve always known he was. They were about how bad Kaepernick plays at times. Pretty sure y’all knew that but some folks never want to miss a chance to play the dick.

    Please continue your discussion about who we should bring in to start this team building thing anew and who you can tear down when they don’t do exactly what matches your current whims.

    • Berger says:

      Yes, we will continue our discussion. The reason I’ve come to discuss it here is the hanging posse on the Alex Smith blog has made their decision so there is nothing to talk about until a change is made. Who’s fault is it that we can’t run the ball with 3 first round picks and a 2nd on the line?

  31. unca_chuck says:

    Well NoFear, can you say for certainty that RGIII misses Shanahan? They may have hated each other but where has he gone without Shanny? No one knows for certain, but the proof to me is in the tentative nature of Kappy’s game now. He’s obviously being told to hold the ball longer and wait for the plays to develop. To me this leads to what we are seeing. More sacks, and less decisive runs.

    What I think they should do is stress quicker plays. I’ve seen 150 plays where all our WRS are immediately covered off the line, and the WRs don’t do much to get open . This is a design problem. Kappy holds the ball and takes a sack. As he’s been told. The line isn’t blocking particularly well, so this leads to more of the same. THEY are telling him not to take off, so he tries to buy time while the WRs as far as I can see, stand around looking at him or just turn their backs and go deep. Which leads to poor decisions and forced throws.

    The Niner WRs SOOOO many times simply run to coverage. ED said it last year after the 1st Carolina game. He’d never seen a group as a whole that spent so much time not getting open. I don’t see much different this year. Crabs called out the schemes, as did Staley. I think the coaching staff has effectively fucked his thought process out there. Seattle is adjusting their plays to RWs strengths, not making him adjust to their way of thinking.

  32. NoFear49er says:

    “He’s obviously being told to hold the ball longer and wait for the plays to develop.” That’s not ‘obvious’ it’s merely an assumption you choose to hang your hat on, correct or not.

    “…and the WRs don’t do much to get open . This is a design problem.” That assumption is a quite a leap considering those two things contradict each other.

    “Kappy holds the ball and takes a sack. As he’s been told. This assumption is simply ridiculous.

    “Crabs called out the schemes, as did Staley.” Which schemes? Our offensive schemes? No, they didn’t. References?

    Try dealing with the facts. Here are some I posted the other day for starters:

    Kaepernick has thrown most of his passes short, and by a large margin. the folks who keep saying we have no short routes and only run slow developing plays might be interested to know that of Kaepernick’s 324 passes (not thrown away/hit as thrown/batted or spiked) 173 of them were thrown to the short zones (0-9yds) and another 26 were thrown for minus yards.

    He threw 69 passes to the 10-19 yard zones and has his best passer rating (156.5) throwing that range in the middle.

    Only 56 passes went to the 20+ yards zones. About evenly divided among left, middle, right deep zones.

  33. Nipper says:

    They better at least beat the RAIDERS!

  34. phil fan says:

    Oh the party’s over here now? Can I join in?
    Wise decision Berger to come over and find some breathing room. Still several dickheads to ignore tho…

    Getting a new OC w/ Jimi staying is not in the cards. Roman goes then Jimi is gone too. A point was made elsewhere that even with a new OC this year the O is Harbaugh’s baby and will not change much no matter who is in uniform as OC. Sounds fair right?

    Next year Harbaugh is not here w/o a playoff win or appearance. Jed’s tweet made that clear. My impression is JH will quit if GRo is forced out. Which is likely given the other tweet of the inside source Cassie Baalke.

    Fine, coaching change upcoming. Because it’s “never” coaching as the boneheads insist. Ask Jed about that one. Harbaugh will be fine over in Oaktown. Hopefully he gets a new OC or some serious help with the Raiders O. And pray the Harbaugh Raiders don’t kick Niner ass ever.

    So Niners get who for a new HC? DC Fangio going to stick around? Good HCs are not easy to find = gonna be a couple years for the Niners to overcome the shortcomings of the current regime

    • 12th man says:

      Harbaugh is a good HC making mistakes in his first gig as they all do.I hope he stays but no

      • 12th man says:

        Not if he continues with Roman and an O philosophy by commitee. Get a decent OC from this century, keep Fangio and the rest takes care of itself.

        This team and the 3 before it have been near dead last in redzone, TD’s Passing officiency, third down conversions and first in FG and punting.

        Lots of different players have come and gone over the 4 years yet those same statistics have remained. Nah its not scheme or coaching…

    • Berger says:

      Yeah Phil, the party over there is being organized by a new hanging posse. Hard to have a rational conversation when they completely dismiss the coaching aspect of this situation.

      • Berger says:

        Kap is not blameless but the coaching is just discombobulated and it has shown for a while now. Kap looks like he is on an island by himself sometimes while the rest of the offense is doing their own thing. That article by Barrows makes complete sense.

  35. 12th man says:

    From Barrows:

    I wrote that 2 years ago.

    A horse designed by commitee is a camel.

  36. Berger says:

    Wow! That article by Barrows explains a lot. Indeed, too many cooks do spoil the broth. It would explain the lack of rhythm. Unless the coach is special like Walsh I want the OC in control. Roman does not have control. We need somebody as OC who will come in and take control. Jim has to allow it. This not opinion, this is a fact of managing anything that is a small group, like eleven on offense. One person needs to be in control so all can be on the same page. I feel bad for Kap because many will blame him for the lack of direction above him. To me, he has been the one in control at times and he just isn’t experienced enough for that.

  37. unca_chuck says:

    Your numbers are bullshit, NoFear. It doesn’t take into account broken plays, sacks, or throwaways. According to Barrows, Kappy IS throwing deep more than anyone. And like I said, IT ISN’T WORKING.

    Is it really a big leap for you to think that since the Niners want Kappy to read the field more, he’d hold the ball longer? Seriously? You think scanning 2 and 3 WRs is faster than one? You believe your own narrative before the facts hit you in the chin.

    WRs not getting open ISN’T a design problem? What is it then? I guess it’s an execution problem. Either way, if the WRs aren’t open, and Kappy has to wait, what happens? Well, I’ll tell you. Indecision. sacks, fumbles, mistakes. Jesus, you are comepletely out of it. Like your Staley 81 84 85 comment, whatever that was.

    • Berger says:

      What’s funnier is when he says the players are not calling out the coaching schemes. I can’t imagine what he is selling himself. Anybody can hear Crabtree saying we were out schemed and know exactly what that means, unless you just don’t want to hear that criticism because it doesn’t fit the narrative being sold by a biased sales agent.

  38. Berger says:

    I’m glad I came over here. The whole picture is getting clearer. Hard to get this info from a hanging posse.

  39. phil fan says:

    Yeah his story makes no sense but it never gets updated = broken record defending the tired narrative “Coaches (and I) know best- we’re never wrong. It’s ALWAYS you guys”. Whatever.
    Berger regime change in 9er coaching will not change their minds one bit.

    I’d say the target is painted on Jimi’s back being “Win out to playoffs or you’re done. BTW dump GRo or you’re done.”

    Too late this year for any real changes. I’ll be shocked if Jimi is back “even if they win a SB”. Lol like that’s going to happen.

    Silver and Black baby…

  40. phil fan says:

    Just to be clear = I too want Jimi to continue as HC- just don’t think it will happen with the collapse on O this year and the regression of passing game, etc, etc. Also think Jim wants to work w/ GRo for whatever reason. Those 2 reasons make me think he is gone “unless we get on a roll” which I seriously doubt.

    Team FO made big investments in Kap, WRs and we have regressed this year. = Failure.

    Jed let this fester in silence instead of demanding cooperation between Jimi and Trent. He’s far from blameless and I will laugh long and loud if the next savior of Niners as HC does no better. If Jimi is successfully replaced that’s good. Jed sat on his ass and failed to support his HC to the point where some fans were saying he was trying to get rid of Harbaugh. In a passive-aggressive way maybe that is true.

    Hope Baalke doesn’t have another “2012 Draft” in his selection of a new HC.

    • NJ49er says:

      Phil it’s hard for an owner to force anything but a change in situations like this.

      Harbaugh saw early success with a very well stacked roster.
      It likely lead to his head swelling with what Baalke already constructed.

      For me, this is nothing more than the square peg/round hole philosophy.

      Harbaugh is a players Coach, no argument.
      He is what that locker room needed after 7-8 years of futility.
      An organized, highly motivated guy with a plan.

      However, when you get to the threshold of success several times and can’t cash in, players could easily question your ability to master the moment.

      Coming up flat, again, in a big game, like we did on Thursday night, is just another chapter in the continuing saga of not having an answer.

      • NJ49er says:

        If Harbaugh and Roman have hit their collective ceiling of creativity, there’s nothing more for them to teach Kaep that will make a damn bit of difference IMO.

        Holmgren was Joe’s QB Coach back in the day.
        Another in a long line of Walsh disciples.
        Andy Reid came from that tree as well.
        I’d like to see what other options might be out there to continue Kaeps’ development as a pocket passer.
        I honestly believe Kaep needs more work than these current Coaches can teach.

  41. NJ49er says:

    For me, when guys like Staley and Crabtree call out ‘The Scheme’, it seems as though it means ‘Game Plan’.

    To hear guys like Sherman suggest that he knows what’s coming simply reminds me that we continue to draw up game plans with crayons.
    We’ve struggled to beat poor Defenses like the NYG and DC.
    We’ve looked ordinary on Offense for weeks, if not months this year.
    The idea is to find momentum this time of year.
    We aren’t close.

    Why Kaep felt compelled to challenge Sherman suggests he’s got something in the Macho Dept to prove too.
    The old adage is, take what the Defense gives you.

    Maybe the Coaches could devise something to exploit other matchups?

    • Berger says:

      NJ- While watching the game on Thursday I kept thinking the best thing Kap could in that game was one read and run. Obviously some think that is bad but sometimes you do what it takes to win. In the long run that wouldn’t be good but the running lanes were open from what I saw. If I were observing from upstairs I would have told Kap to take off if his 1st read is not open. I don’t get the sense our coaches would make those kind of in game adjustments.

      • NJ49er says:

        Berger Kaep is a fish out of water as it looks to me right now.
        I agree, win the matchup no matter the cost.

        I seriously think our game plans are too conservative.
        Nothing changes much from week to week.
        Definition of insanity to me. Keep doing the same ridiculous nonsense and expect the results to change.

        In a matchup against your biggest nemesis, one would think we could have had something new to offer.

      • NJ49er says:

        What exactly were we saving Carlos for?
        Seattle managed to get Turbin into the screen game.
        We don’t even have a screen game.

        All I can come back with is, we play checkers when the opponents play chess.

      • NJ49er says:

        I can’t defend Kaep in this game either.
        Coaches don’t make the throws.
        He had a piss poor showing in terms of accuracy and decision making.

        There’s plenty of blame all around with that outing.
        Hope they enjoyed watching Seattle feast on their logo too.

        Wake the eff up and do something about it.

      • Berger says:

        IMO, we are trying to run the most used offense in the NFL. Half the teams use 3 wide as base. Statistically, it is the most used formation because it keeps defenses off balance. They can’t hone in on one area when run correctly. Our coaches have tried to learn it on their own. Defense know how to defense it. The beauty of the offense is there is no way to defense it when it is being run correctly with the exception of a dominant D-line. But a dominant D-line beats any offense. Our coaching staff should have hired some help to install this new offense. The first thing they would learn is they over complicate it. The 2nd thing they would learn is it is often a hot read offense and hot reads are not something we don’t use much. It is how to beat the blitz. We just expect our line to pick up the blitz and then blame the player execution when the QB is sacked. Now I’m reading there is no direction because there are too many cooks. If Jim can’t get this under control he has to go whether I like him as a coach nor not. Like Jed said, this is unacceptable.

      • Berger says:

        For me it looks like the Seahawks have Harbaugh’s number. That has gotten into Jimi and Kap’s heads. They have no answer. Kap looks rushed when he plays Seattle. The coach should recognize that and adjust the game plan. It isn’t happening. IMO, they need to simplify and that would allow for easier execution by the players. Probably not going to happen with so many cooks. They’ll give Kap another bad game plan and he’ll look the same next time we play Seattle.

  42. philippinfan says:

    NJ I do think Jed could have been much more supportive and Demanded those 2 work together which from what we saw publicly he didn’t. Not a word, just let it fester. That’s on Jed. That looks like passive-aggression. Water under the bridge now and it’s too damn late to fix it. Makes me wonder what the next HC will face?

    From ownership to the OL this is not a cohesive team.

    Silver and Black baby…

  43. NJ49er says:

    Hard to understand why Stevie and Bling aren’t seeing more opportunities either.
    Kaep missed Stevie several times on Thursday night, and forced balls to each while Sherman was in coverage.
    Why not get those guys on the LBs if possible?

    Crossing routes are not something Kaep throws well, or often enough for me.
    Either you teach it, practice it or, you’ll never perfect it.

    Something stinks in this entire Offensive system of ours.
    I’m hard pressed to have an answer but, it’s pretty obvious the results are not going to win us any Championships as currently constructed.

  44. NJ49er says:

    Bottom line Berger, if Jim can’t beat Carroll, what good is he to us?
    I expected much more competition from Jim too.
    Likely, Baalke and Jed did as well.

    Until you beat them, they own you.
    Pete and his Staff have proven worthy of the prize.
    It’s up to Jim to prove he can overcome it.
    If not, good luck in your next endeavor.

    Jim brought his College Staff along, with few adjustments.
    Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize the College scheme isn’t cutting it in the NFL.

  45. Berger says:

    NJ- I watched Devin Funchess of Michigan. He is the real deal. He catches balls below his knees in stride. He catches everything in his hands. I think if he is on the board he is our guy.

    • NJ49er says:

      We’ll see what comes Berger.
      He is a big target, something we could definitely use.

      • NJ49er says:

        Saw a good NT today from Baylor.
        Andrew Billings.
        Only a Sophomore though so, we’ll have to wait.

        Eddie Goldman from FSU will be coming out.
        Got a chance to see him today.
        He was a nice interior player too.

    • NJ49er says:

      12th anyone of us here could have written that article I think.
      When it comes to Offensive creativity, our Coaches Crayola box is missing a few colors.

      Putrid display of ineptitude.

      • NJ49er says:

        Most telling perhaps?
        Frank Gore’s response to us having the best talent he’s seen on Offense in his 10 years.

      • 12th man says:

        Agreed NJ, more astounding is how some guys refuse to see it.

      • NJ49er says:

        Looks to me like mutiny will commence with the next loss.
        Likely in Seattle in 2 weeks.
        They’re lucky to have survived the NYG and DC games IMO.
        I did however think we could have scored 20 vs Seattle.
        In hindsight, had we done that, we’d have won.

        Think where we’d be without Fangio and our D.

      • 12th man says:

        Should not have had to come to this but here we are, 1 more loss, and don’t kid yourself, that could be the Raiders.

      • NJ49er says:

        If they overlook Oakland 12th it certainly could.

        I’ve got this sinking feeling that the locker room might have seen enough of our ‘business as usual’ approach after Thursday night.

        Flat out embarrassing.
        I just hope they all got a good look at Russell and Sherman feasting on the mid field logo.
        If that doesn’t motivate them, they’re done now.

  46. NJ49er says:

    One College HC I’m pretty impressed with is Aldon’s former College Coach Gary Pinkel of Mizzou.

    Seems he has ties to Saban and Jack Lambert of all people.
    He put the Mizzou Tigers on the map during his tenure there.

    Might be someone worth considering if we go shopping for a new HC.

    • NJ49er says:

      He also had Blaine Gabbert during that stint.
      From what I’ve read, he’s signed through 2015 at under $3M/yr.

      Might be worth some consideration, seeing as he’s beaten some pretty prominent opponents in some big games over the years.

  47. unca_chuck says:

    I think I’m done with college coaches for now. Brees’s OC’s pretty innovative. Certainly gotten a lot of offense out of that little guy. He was semi mobile back in the day.

    • NJ49er says:

      Anything is worth consideration at this point Chuck.
      Problem with OCs is whether they’ve ever run an entire team.
      Assembling a cohesive Staff doomed Singletary too.
      The HC needs to delegate, communicate and assemble a game plan with the pieces he has to operate with week to week.

      One thing a College HC provides is motivation to succeed.
      I think the real roadblock right now is Harbaugh being too stubborn to realize he isn’t improving things.

      How Mangini was appointed to TE Coach suggests to me that Harbaugh can’t delegate and coordinate well enough.
      As Barrows suggested with his piece about too many cooks.
      Who glues all this talent together?
      Too fragmented and counter-productive.

      • NJ49er says:

        As you, and many of us have identified, there’s plenty of room to improve Kaep.

        Can’t take the fish out of water and expect him to survive.
        Tailor a plan to maximize his strengths and improve his weaknesses.
        I actually think Kaep has regressed since last year.

      • NJ49er says:

        Find a guy who’s organized and motivated then provide him with the talent to succeed.
        Takes a guy who’s got the ambition to survive and take the next step.

        Harbaugh seems to be stuck in his ways.
        The Pro game is all about being creative and a willingness to adapt.
        We’re stuck on conservative.

  48. NJ49er says:

    Seattle picked on Borland with good success too.
    Any decent coordinator exploits matchups.

    We’ve added Bling and Stevie and pretty much have them running the same routes as Q and Crabtree.
    What purpose does that serve?

    Most everything we run involves a catch and a fall.
    Very few routes are thrown open or produce YAC.

    A crosser or a slant, if timed and executed properly, should give the Receiver a chance to gain yardage.
    Ours rarely do.

    As Seattle did with Turbin, get your weapons into favorable matchups.
    Think a little. Get creative.

  49. unca_chuck says:

    Harbaugh’s falling prey to what killed Nolan and Singletary, and that’s believing his own press clippings and getting hard-headed regarding the offense. In all cases it comes down to ‘here’s what we are doing. Try to stop it.’ Invariably defenses adjust and solve this team.

    None of these guys adapted to the changing situation around them.

    • NJ49er says:

      Plain and simple, it isn’t working Chuck.

      Unfortunately, Harbaugh isn’t adapting in any meaningful way.
      He had all off season to find something to out scheme Pete with and, he flat out blew it.

      Seattle moved the pocket for Russell, he kept plays alive.
      Their Defense was able to hem Kaep in and pretty much neutralized him.

      • NJ49er says:

        We can’t just keep making excuses about execution.
        Practice should improve execution.
        Obviously, our Defense must be shutting down our Offense pretty regularly in practice by the looks of it.

        This sh!t is embarrassing.

  50. phil fan says:

    One more nauseating loss and Jimi + Gro are gone, Tomsula or Fangio will be elevated. It could be as soon as the Raiders depending on how many more O players say “No mas”. Say we win that one, then we limp into SEA and very likely get pasted by 2-3 TDs and look like crap again. That will be it for the Harbaugh regime.

    Chargers and Cards could beat the Niners at home to wind this stinker up 7-9 or 8-8. Only thing I could see preventing this sad outcome is ‘everybody’ on O feeling big relief and having a burst of energy/enthusiasm.

    Then we will see if Baalke can ‘draft’ a new coaching staff.

    • NJ49er says:

      We’ll see Phil.
      Fangio could easily depart since he came in the same package as Harbaugh and GRo.

      Right now the smart move is to have Harbaugh quit if he gets embarrassed in Seattle.
      Likely won’t see that happen since he’d part with the final year’s payout.

      Baalke would likely get the blessing from Jed to find a deal for Jim next year.
      That could mean a deal with Oakland for a Pick(s) and, assuming the final year of his current Contract.

      Mangini could be a short-term DC if necessary too.

      In terms of talent, Baalke hasn’t done poorly IMO.
      We need someone to get them all on the same page.
      That’s the expectations from any Coaching Staff.

      This whole thing is a rotting mess right now.

      • NJ49er says:

        Can’t see them firing Jim and having to pay him the final $5M.
        If they force Roman out, then Jim could easily resign.

      • NJ49er says:

        I’m also figuring that Bowman will get shelved until next year too.
        Right now, having him activated likely won’t change things dramatically.

  51. NJ49er says:

    Baalke has decisions to make on Vernon and Ahmad next year too.
    Each is up there in terms of age and Contract value.

    Add to that, Crabtree and Iupati enter into FA.
    We’re able to obtain Comp Picks for both Iupati and Crabtree, which are high end Comp values, as both are former 1st RD Picks.

    Vernon and Ahmad could return lesser value Picks too.
    Lots of changes coming by the looks of it.

  52. NoFear49er says:

    Berger, what’s funny is you slinking over here crying about some “hanging posse” that you instigated, championed and set yourself up as gatekeeper for on Alex Smith. Now faced with some disagreement you tuck tail and go to another blog to cry about what you started. Hilarious.

    FYI, the numbers I gave you are the same numbers in the article you praised for being factual, and from the same source. Do you think you might be guilty of a bit of bias when reading? No wonder you get it wrong so often.

    I guess the snarky is easier to dish than take if you’re in the PI. If you’re that butt hurt over it maybe not start it up in the first place PI.

    • Berger says:

      You posted the same numbers but only the ones you wanted us to see to sell a bill of false goods. It is what Bullit does with his Kap bashing. No mention ever of a coaching staff that is obviously losing control. You only see what you want to see. That article told a broader array of facts. It was actually worth reading instead of your info based on us needing only to think your way.

      The reason I left until there is some kind of change in coaching is I am sounding like a broken record trying to point out all angles. Thje hanging posse is sounding like a broken record trying to hang the QB. Their is nothing more to say over there for now that isn’t just repeating the same thing over and over. The only thing I get there is hang the QB. Not very informative. Now that all the info is coming out about the discombobulation of the coaching staff I think the hanging posse would start to question their thought process but that is not what hanging posse’s do. I get a more intelligent conversation here for now.

  53. Yes NJ the shortcomings on O we blogged about endlessly here and Skeebs are exposed for all to see on prime time TV. Even passive-aggressive Jed is embarrassed and angry. Not surprising it’s come to this as ‘nothing’ was done to resolve issues w/ HC-GM and JH/Gro had no clue how to build a decent O. So, sad as it is, this is no surprise.

    Well we’ll see if Baalke can get on target twice and get a decent HC and staff. I do hope so and we will see next year. What do you think of the idea of Fangio becoming HC and him hiring an OC?

    That might be workable, you think?

    • NJ49er says:

      Well Phil, same scenario applies to Fangio as it did for Singletary.
      Having resources to assemble a Staff would be paramount to his success.
      If we believe the press clippings, Tomsula would likely get the nod ahead of Vic.

      At this point, our Offense is the steaming pile of garbage in need of some qualified assistance.
      Kaep needs a mentor-type.

      I’ve thought about Shanahan but, he’s up there in terms of age now so, I’m not sure how viable he’d be.
      I do know Shanny was very instrumental in getting Steve Young into the elite level of QB play and, I would like to see more WCO elements involved for Kaep.

      While this season is likely over, we’ll have plenty of ‘blog-fodder’ to keep us busy in the off season 😀

  54. Yadayadayada same old same old

  55. Yeah Bowman won’t be back quite likely. This season is very close to a wrap

    • NJ49er says:

      One thing that is depressing me Phil, (among many), is that I have a ritual of leaving my 9er flag outdoors until our Season is officially over.

      Looks like I’ll be pulling it down in December for the 1st time in several years.
      I was kinda getting used to playing football in January 😥

  56. phil fan says:

    I like the idea of Shanahan as a consultant or OC if he was up for it. Young turned out pretty good.

    I mention Fangio because he has stated his ambitions to be a HC and easiest transition would be to make him HC here and keep some kind of continuity on D. Rather than see him bolt or get booted by a new HC.

    • NJ49er says:

      Hard to predict what’s coming at this point Phil.
      This pot of festering feces has been boiling for quite some time now.

      It finally looks to have reached critical mass with the Turkey Day meltdown for all the world to see.

      I’ve got nothing but respect for the job Fangio has done with this Defense since he inherited it.

      Not impossible to think Baalke could assemble a piece meal staff around Vic or Tomsula if necessary.

      Part of the issue, likely a BIG part is, Jim being loyal to GRo and others on his Staff.

      Asking a HC to cut off a finger to save his hand, isn’t an easy option for him apparently.

      Many of us, myself included, feel that GRo is doing what Jim wants him to do anyway.
      Thus, making GRo the scapegoat wouldn’t sit well with Jim.

      Simple truth is, Jim had a golden opportunity to win the Lombardi several times over the past 3 years and couldn’t find the magic bullets when he needed them for the kill shot.

      Now, it looks like the competition has found his kryptonite.
      Jim’s bag of tricks is apparently empty at this point.

  57. NJ49er says:

    I just can’t understand how we continued to rely on Kaep to throw on Thursday night, with little or no effort made, to give Carlos and Frank an extended diet of carries against a Seattle D that was missing some key components on the interior DLine?
    Run from multiple WR sets if need be?

    This lack of preparedness or, a diverse game plan is baffling to me.

    Constantly wasting Offensive series and wearing out our D isn’t going to do anything positive.

    We’ve got a young RB in Carlos, with very little mileage on him to this point of the year.
    They’ve obviously saved the running game for the latter portion of the season for a reason.
    When would you propose to use it?

  58. phil fan says:

    Yes agree Jimi had his chances and I’m assuming the worst = that he’s gone along with GRo. Fine, what can we expect at this point with Jed tweeting shit which is a direct threat? One more loss = POW, out.

    But looking ahead it would seem less disruptive to have Vic become HC which he says he wants, keep some continuity on D and his staff (except for DC?) , plus promote Tomsula the golden child. Just thinking of what might avoid the most trouble for the team which is in disarray on other side of ball (0). Vic might be the most important coach left “when” the axe falls. Why wouldn’t Jed/Baalke keep Jed?

    Just being hopeful. Yes we don’t know any of the details…

  59. NJ your questions on O are spot on and unfortunately point in one direction = piss poor coaching on O. I think owner/FO get this and are prepared to act. Hope they get a good replacement for next year. I would hate to have to root for a Harbaugh Raider team while NIners turn to shit.

    Falls to knees beseeching Heaven: “Please God not THAT; I’ll be good I swear!”

  60. “Why wouldn’t Jed/Baalke keep Jed?” I mean “Keep Vic”

  61. NJ49er says:

    Going back to our game vs AZ.
    We showed a wrinkle by utilizing the No Huddle approach.
    Haven’t seen it since?
    Just another in a long stretch of head scratching moves I can’t figure out.
    I just don’t get this Staff anymore.

  62. NJ49er says:

    Read a good piece from McShay regarding Urban Meyer –
    Kinda long but it’s part of an ESPN Insider piece that requires subscription so, I’ll copy it over for those that care to read it –

    • NJ49er says:

      The operative tone here is – Creating Mismatches.
      Unlike we did vs Sherman the other night.
      We simply ran several WRs to his side and proceeded to throw the ball to Sherman.

      Advantage – Seattle.

  63. NJ49er says:

    Ohio State Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer is obsessed with being multiple. “If I hear about a [recruit] with a multiple skill set,” he told me recently, “I get on a plane.”

    When you study the Buckeyes’ offense this season, it’s easy to see why. Meyer and Buckeyes offensive coordinator Tom Herman are doing a great job of utilizing their versatile offensive personnel in order to create mismatches, and it’s fueling the success of a team that has rebounded very well since a bad Week 2 loss to Virginia Tech. In a joint article with Mel Kiper earlier this week, I wrote that the Buckeyes have a high ceiling and still have a shot at making the College Football Playoff if they win out and a few things break the right way for them.

    Let’s take a look at the philosophy behind Ohio State’s offensive approach, and the talented skill-position players that are making it work (it’s one of the better groups in the country). Many of them are underclassmen but will be on the radar of NFL scouts before too long.
    The philosophy

    The Buckeyes don’t always go up-tempo, but they’re almost always in the no-huddle and they’ll purposely go several plays in a row — sometimes a full series — without substituting personnel.

    There are two reasons for this:

    1. The offensive line loves when it can lean on a tired defensive line that hasn’t been able to rotate in substitutes.

    2. It allows OSU to exploit personnel mismatches.

    Remember, the defense is given time to substitute only if the offense substitutes first — so often the Buckeyes will keep their same 11 players on the field in order to attack one or two favorable individual matchups. Or the Buckeyes will exploit the defense if it’s stuck in an unfavorable personnel package.

    For example, if the defense brings in nickel or dime personnel (five or six defensive backs) on a third-and-long, and the Buckeyes convert with “11 personnel” (1 RB, 1 TE, 3 WRs), they can move TE Jeff Heuerman to an in-line TE spot (if he was flexed out in the slot in the “11” personnel look, which essentially gives you a four-receiver look because your tight end runs a 4.65 40) and move Dontre Wilson from slot WR to RB, giving them “21 personnel” (2 RBs in Wilson and Ezekiel Elliott, and 1 TE in Heuerman, plus two receivers) — and now they can attack the undersized defense with a heavy dose of the zone-read option.

    The Buckeyes’ preference to keep the same personnel on the field was on display during their 56-17 win over Rutgers on Saturday. The Scarlet Knights have an undersized defense, and they do as much stunting, twisting and blitzing as I’ve seen from a team on tape. In order to counter all that blitzing, the Buckeyes made the running backs and tight ends a big part of the passing game (11 receptions total). This forced Rutgers to change from a lot of six-man pressures to five-man pressures in order to account for pass-catchers out of the backfield. So OSU can dictate the terms more than most opponents can because of how capable their RBs and TEs are in the passing game.

    One last thing before I get into the skill-position talent: Redshirt freshman QB J.T. Barrett is doing a great job of distributing the football. I wrote this on Monday, but even though he doesn’t have the same dynamic running ability or high-level arm strength as injured starter Braxton Miller (who is out for the season), the offense has been more complete with Barrett at QB these last few games. He is more effective reading defenses, is more consistently accurate, and is mobile enough to make plays with his legs.

  64. NJ49er says:

    The talent

    Ezekiel Elliott, RB, sophomore

    Elliott isn’t as powerful an inside runner as last year’s star RB, Carlos Hyde, but is still very strong in that department and has a bit more juice as an outside runner, and is a more natural pass-catcher. Elliott has a good stiff-arm and an excellent center of gravity and balance (he’s 6-foot-0, 225 pounds), almost always falling forward. His workload is up significantly in recent games (74 touches for 474 yards in OSU’s last three games, compared to 31 for 193 in its first three).

    Dontre Wilson, RB/WR, sophomore

    Wilson is a versatile, Percy Harvin-type of player who lines up all over (slot, perimeter wide receiver, in the backfield and as a Wildcat triggerman). He’s a notch below Harvin in terms of explosiveness; Wilson has great speed and is quick, but isn’t quite as sudden in his movements as Harvin. The Buckeyes have been working to manufacture touches for Wilson, and it’d be even easier for them to get him the ball if he improved as a route-runner.

    Jalin Marshall, RB/WR, freshman

    Like Wilson, Marshall is used in multiple positions, including slot receiver, running back and Wildcat QB. He is a silky-smooth athlete with good top-end speed who isn’t quite as sudden as Wilson but seems to have better body control and is more explosive in the return game. He flashes the ability to make tough catches away from his frame, but needs to do a better job with ball security.
    Michael Thomas, WR, sophomore

    Thomas is making big strides this season, and he has a chance to be an elite player. He has strong hands and great body control and transition quickness after the catch, and he’s been getting better at the little things (backside route-running, working back to the QB after the initial play breaks down, blocking in the running and screen games). He is clearly the Buckeyes’ go-to perimeter receiver, and he can serve as a possession guy but can also rip off the big play (18.0 yards per catch and five TDs). He is Keyshawn Johnson’s nephew.
    Devin Smith, WR, senior

    Smith has deep speed and is a big-play threat as a vertical receiver; he is able to exploit man-to-man coverage outside. He’s still working to become a more well-rounded receiver, notably his route-running and ability to catch passes in traffic, but he’s a home run hitter (29.6 YPC on just 12 catches).

    Jeff Heuerman, TE, senior

    He was battling through injuries early in the season but is close to 100 percent now. He reminds me a lot of former Stanford standout Zach Ertz, a second-round pick of the Eagles two years ago (nearly identical size and production). Heuerman has an excellent blend of height and weight (6-5, 250) and top-end speed. He has work to do as a route-runner, but he can stretch the seam and come down with 50-50 balls. He does a good job as a blocker.

    Nick Vannett, TE, junior

    He’s been coming into his own recently; he had a two-TD game against Rutgers. He and Heuerman have similar athleticism, and while Heuerman is faster on a straight line, Vannett is bigger and stronger (6-6, 260). I’m interested to see how Meyer and Herman use these guys going forward, especially if they try to get both TEs on the field at the same time.

    Bottom line

    The Buckeyes’ personnel are not just versatile, but skilled and talented enough to win the one-on-one matchups that coaches scheme for them — on so many plays, the coaches are saying with their play calling, “Our guys are better than your guys.”

    With such versatile personnel, the Buckeyes can make minor adjustments to their offensive game plans to exploit the mismatches they’ve identified in their opponent that week. By not having to swap out personnel or stay stuck in one set offensive approach, the Buckeyes can attack defenses in different ways with the added benefit of not giving away tendencies for future opponents.

    This has always been Meyer’s philosophy in terms of how he recruits and develops his players, and you can see on the field this season how it’s working for the Buckeyes. They have a really talented group that is starting to come together to play at a very high level.

  65. Berger says:

    NJ- Urban Meyer could easily run that offense in the pros. He gets as much out of his players as anybody. His play calling has been great since he was at Utah with Alex Smith. If we could get him here in 49er land I would be happy. But, he probably gets paid more at Ohio St!

  66. Berger says:

    Jed has some decisions to make. I like his heart. It’s time to see what he has learned so far.

  67. Nipper says:

    In conclusion: BLEEP REDUX

  68. 12th man says:

    From Adam Shefter:

    He says Harbaugh finishes this year, which I expected. He also says Harbaugh can still get an extension if they win out and do well in the playoffs. Highly doubtful on all counts but if it happens then I hope the new contract includes changing OC.

  69. unca_chuck says:

    yeah, the stubborn idea of not going with what works (no=huddle, drag routes, etc) is infuriating to me. It is the reason why I turned Singletary. He basically told teams his game plan before every game. Harbaugh does the same thing by formation.

    • 12th man says:

      Maybe I’m wrong but this O scheme is out thinking itself.

      I thought Harbaugh had to make a change of OC after the bye week. 2 weeks to “evaluate” the scheme and they came out even worse.

      Feels like all they ever do is evaluate.

  70. Berger says:

    It is obvious that when it comes to our offense nobody is in control. To expect the QB to show the coaches how to do it is not how it’s done but that is what the hanging posse is calling for. Jim has spent a lot of the owners money and has no control of the offense. How about more than 50 yards rushing from the RBs when the starting NT is out. Maybe Kap should run the offense, maybe we would finally have one person in control so we could all be on the same page for a few plays in a row.

  71. Berger says:

    Eric Davis said what many of us have been complaining about for a while.

  72. 12th man says:

    4 years in a row this O has statistically declined.

  73. Berger says:

    Without any coaching changes this week-end, at this point in time I think losing to the Raiders might be the best thing that can happen to us for the long run. That could be exactly what we need to make sure we get the changes some of us are looking for.

  74. Berger says:

    12th- Please explain how we have 3 first round picks and a 2nd round pick on the O-line and can’t run the ball? That is the most ignored question of all. So some say the QB needs to be replaced, what about the O-line and RBs. What does it take to get a running game? I say a new coach. Hopefully that means only the OC but it is probably deeper than that.

    • 12th man says:

      It’s wierd Bergs, Roman is recognized as a good run coordinator, they have one of the best run coaches in Rathman, as you say a line full of talent yet little production.
      I hope I’m wrong but losing co O line coach Tim Drevno, leaving Solari in sole charge is in sync with the fall off in production.
      Injuries and a hold out only go so far as an explanation. Roman abandons the run game just as it gets going.

      Makes little sense to me.

  75. NoFear49er says:

    Berger, so you’re saying you got your ass banned over there?

    Well, if you think groupthink is intelligent conversation I can understand that this is what you like. When teams start losing the ex-spurts come out of the woodwork. It’s always been a part of the NFL but now with so many trying to make it on the inter webs every swinging richard and split tail has an opinion on what’s wrong and what the fix is. And the coaching is always the first to feel the heat. What is it that makes everyone in the peanut gallery right? If agreeing with you is all it takes no wonder you don’t welcome different ideas.

    Coaching is the easy way out as far as the blame game. It doesn’t take any thought or knowledge. If the coaching changes and the team still sucks, just say the coaching is still no good. If the team gets better you can say you were right. Isn’t that what you and Chuck and so many of others did with Singletary? and then Harbaugh?

    Fence-riders and flip-floppers unite. It’s the coaching! It’s always the coaching!

    • Berger says:

      I banned myself because all the repeating posts from me and the hanging posse. I almost decided to stick around when I saw the plug in Gabbert post. That was so reactionary I had to laugh. But no, in the end it would have just been more of the broken record.

      And don’t worry, I have never accused you of being intelligent. Glad to see you are finally coming around about the coaching.

    • Berger says:

      Why can’t we run the ball?

    • 12th man says:

      NF, are you are saying the players suck? Most experts, the kind you would agree as being experts, not the media ones, agree that the talent on this team is top notch. If we agree the team is talented, and I presume we do, then there are only so many variables left. I agree it is a combo of coaching, scheme, player mistakes that in each individual play cause a breakdown, but the base cause is coaching scheme.

      I pay attention to what you have to say and am not dismissive. My opinion of your various analysis points are that you examine a given play with the 22 tape, see where the play broke down, and conclude it is player failure without giving much weight to why they were playing that play, at that time, down and distance and other variables.
      In short I think you can’t see the wood for the trees and I don’t mean that as an insult.

      For the team to be so far away from average, let alone good, in all the O categories that matter to have a successful O, and to be that way from the inception of this O scheme and coaching philosophy for almost 4 years, and worse yet to be declining year after year can only be because of the fundamental premise on which they install plays.

      It is archaic, limited, a jumble of concepts thrown at the wall in the hope something sticks and has been fully exposed by any strong defensive team. It is based on a power run game that has been less and less effective as the seasons roll by and Gore gets older.

      Something has to change right? I mean the status quo has been a disaster this year. They took the bye week to analyse their problems and right the ship and it got worse. I don’t know what more you need to see to agree the OC is sub par. He has always been sub par but lucky for the team other areas have been elite.

      The O scheme they employ has been adjusted to long ago and it has been a mixed bag of shit in their attempts to counter. It started last season with trying to force Kap to stay in the pocket with mixed results, the finally freed him in the play offs and the results were obvious. This year they have tied his shoes together ala Bill Walsh and the results are equally obvious. Kap is playing with low confidence because of the scenario in which he is having to operate from.

      Why the need to force the issue? Yes over time he needs to learn more of his craft and play more from the pocket but it was clear from last years experiment he is not ready and yet they doubled down on it this year.

      Even if I allow that they have done this with the best intentions and i do, surely after half the season has gone by and it is clearly not working there would be a change. Why the heck did they come out and do the same old same old with him? It is not as though the team has a lead in the NFC west and can afford to drop a game or 2 is it?

      Football and in particular O football has to be played with confidence that they will succeed and the scheme will help them do just that, think the players believe it? I don’t.

      • NoFear49er says:

        12th man, I appreciate your civil tone but your mind has been made up on this for weeks. Every conclusion you draw is incorrect in my opinion. Especially the one that has me forming my opinions on such slight evidence. At least you allow that Kaepernick is not playing very well in many games.

        In my experience the first thing necessary to fixing a problem is correctly identifying the problem. Not by sticking your finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing. Believe it or not my interest is in finding a cause, not in pushing a popular agenda. I try to use all the tools I can access. That pisses people off somehow when the facts of the numbers or the slo-mos or the all-22 don’t synch with their pet views. Sorry about that shit.

        As I wrote earlier, why do you prefer to blame coaching when you know our o-line’s been banged up and the key guy now is a rookie? Are we the only team whose run game suffers when their starting center goes down?

        When I see a replay and see Martin (J or M) whiff on a rusher and Boone get beat with an inside move and Kaepernick oblivious takes a sack holding the ball and ignoring two guys in front of him wide open it’s pretty hard to say it’s the fault of coaching or play design or play called, even when those possibilities are given due consideration.

        With all the problems perceived and real, do you think a QB better at reading his progressions and defenses, ability to throw timing plays and making better decisions about where and when to go with the ball would improve the offense to the point of making all the rest of the defects seem insignificant? I do. That doesn’t mean I’m for replacing Kaepernick, just that he needs to develop his skills as a pro passer and the sooner the better.

      • 12th man says:

        I accept my mind is made up as far as Roman is concerned and has been since last season.

        The O line is banged up and in flux so of course I lend weight to that NF. It only goes so far however. The O production, by and large has been less than the sum of its parts from the get go which I attribute to coaching scheme in large part.

        The O metrics have been consistantly in the cellar, year by year, not just this injured O line year. The evidence is plain. The O line woes just exacerbated a chronic issue.

        I fully agree if Kap was able to determine the correct coverage at game speed the O would be more successful, however he has not learned that skill and the team is on the verge of elimination because the scheme is forcing him to have to.

    • 12th man says:

      It’s not always coaching, check out Smith, Alex. However the notion that many voices saying the same thing negates the validity is absurd NF.

  76. NoFear49er says:

    Berger, where are all these first rounders on the line? The rookie mid-season replacement at center? The reclamation case flopping at right o-tackle or the UDFA at guard? Your center goes down and you replace him with a rookie and your o-tackle goes down and you replace him with someone no other team wants to take a chance on and has quit football and you think if the running game suffers it’s coaching or offensive scheme? Our runs to the left side are doing pretty good, btw.

    • 12th man says:

      Interesting, I read they ran left 3 times for 13 yds against the Squawks NF. If as you say running left is good why not do more of it?

      • NoFear49er says:

        Are we talking about a particular game or systemic problems? I suppose your question is rhetorical, or do you expect me to know the decision making process used to call certain plays? Sadly, I’m left out of the loop on that.

      • 12th man says:

        I was addressing both. Last game and in general.

      • NoFear49er says:

        Why would you say that? Because I said popular doesn’t make it right? I don’t dismiss a premise because it’s popular but I don’t automatically buy it either.

      • NoFear49er says:

        (Reply above meant for previous exchange)

        On the running left, I’d guess we run right more because we like to pull Iupati on our power runs. And running to the weak side means no safety down in the box usually and the Will backer is more fast than a stout thumper and might account somewhat for better success but when it becomes the norm the advantages are countered.

      • Berger says:

        Popular or not doesn’t matter to you, I will agree. To you facts do matter, the ones that sell your case, the others are conveniently omitted. It’s called biased reporting.

    • 12th man says:

      The reason I say it is my experience of your posts based on reactions to events of various nature. I have noticed your scorn in general of a popular viewpoint. I also saw your comment about the peanut gallery etc.

      Not an attack, just an observation.

  77. Berger says:

    LT/Staley, 1st rd: LG Iupati, 1st rd: C Martin, 2nd rd: RG Boone, just got a raise: RT Davis 1st rd. Davis’s replacement, 2nd rd. More excuses for the coach I see. You did not answer the question, why can’t we run the ball? Is your answer that our players are no good and the coaches are. That is what you just insinuated.

  78. Berger says:

    NF- Go read the article from Matt Barrows and you can agree or not agree but he is in the locker room as a beat reporter and does not shoot from the hip. It makes sense to me.

  79. Berger says:

    I can guarantee Barrows has off the record comments form players in the locker room who did not want to be quoted.

  80. Nipper says:

    Advice so easy to give and very hard to accept. BLEEP!

  81. snarkk says:

    Rams just battering the Raiders today. Still, I don’t have confidence at all that the Niners can beat Oakland in the next game. Niners offense is in such disarray, it will be hard pressed to score more than 20, IMO. Niner defense can certainly do the job against a poor Oakland offense, but hey, anybody can get lucky once in a while…

  82. NoFear49er says:

    Berger, Barrows’ take might make sense but he’s obviously just speculating on quite a bit of it. I don’t think he intended that piece as anything else. He does make a few good points that many have ignored or disputed, putting more blame on Harbaugh for the offense we run and the plays that get through to the QB than Roman, for example.

    So are we looking for a fall guy or the actual problems?

    • Berger says:

      Problems. Once identified we can find the fall guy. If Barrows is accurate I have reduced it to no one is in control. If I am the OC I would be in control or I wouldn’t want my name associated withy the position. If it is the OC it is the HC. If Jim isn’t giving Roman the control he needs to fill that role. Regardless of who it is it comes down to the HC. If I was Harbaugh I would replace the OC and get somebody who will take control and concentrate more on the flow of the game. But that’s just me and what I would do.

      • Berger says:

        That was not well written. Let me try it once more. If I was Harbaugh I would hire an OC who will take control so I could concentrate more on the flow of the game.

    • I know you’re not including the good looking horse when you lumped “many have ignored or disputed, putting more blame on Harbaugh for the offense we run…”

  83. unca_chuck says:

    Funny thing is, NoFear, I’ve been complaining about situational play calling and the red zone offense for a few years now. I didn’t just come up with this yesterday because it now appears to be the prevailing sentiment. I’m just sticking to what I thought a few years ago. In other words, the unwashed masses are finally catching up to what some of us have been saying for a couple years now. .

    You point at folks here and accuse us of going with the pack. As usual you argue something that isn’t true.

    Yeah., the line’s banged up. That doesn’t answer all the issues though. VD and Crabs both came in wanting to cash in and hit paydirt. Is it any wonder that when things aren’t going their way they appear to be playing out the string? Shit, Harbaugh’s doing the same thing. You guys pooh poohed the shit all preseason about the front office problems and Harbaugh but it sure looks to me that it is a BIG problem at this point.

    This offense is going backwards. We have better players. We don;t have better schemes. Injuries otr no the offense is a failure. The defense has overcome more debilitating injuries and have weathered it. The offense hasn’t

  84. NoFear49er says:

    The QB is on the offense side of things, right? Martin for Kilgore isn’t Borland for Willis. Do you believe players get better with experience and coaching? If so, they aren’t always playing at their best but for the schemes they play in.

    Some folks seem to forget or disregard the fact that in the past three years this group of coaches has won more games than any other team in football. More wins than Walsh was able to string together in any three period of his career here. That’s not peanuts. Or just good fortune despite a bumbling staff of coaches.

    The offense hasn’t been the high-flying “go for the bomb out of the gate and keep going for it” type many here have wanted to see but it was the right offense to win more games than everyone else. So maybe the fans crying for changes for years haven’t always been right and the rest of the pack just catching up now.

    • Berger says:

      Are you trying to tell us Harbaugh is a better coach than Walsh because of some skewed numbers? That would be one of your specialties. Most of us understand that Harbaugh took over a stocked roster and Walsh took over a depleted one. Do you pass that kind of info on us because you think we won’t notice the absurd comparison?

  85. Nipper says:

    Not to change the subject but are any of you an expert on tailgating? Even if the team is lousy, the food shouldn’t be.

  86. unca_chuck says:

    No one said high-flying blah blah blah. That’s your imaginary ghost to rail against, NoFear. I, and many many others, wanted to see the end of the jumbo formation on 1st down. We wanted to see more running out of passing formations, play action on 1st down rather than 3rd and 12, and better offensive flow.

    Its pointless to discuss this with you because you rail against points no one here is making.

    How has the red zone offense been working? Are you satisfied with it?

    Stanton is looking like shit. AZ’s going down.

  87. unca_chuck says:

    Jesus, NoFear. Walsh had a team with 0 talent. Harbaugh inherited a very good team that was BADLY coached. See a diff there? Of course not. You are saying they started from the same point in time? Good one. Walsh ran the entire show. Harbaugh has a cast of thousands.

    Are you trying to be dense. or does it come this easy? Nolan couldn’t win with a decent team. Singletary couldn’t win with a good team. Harbaugh won with a great team. However, he has been exposed in the playoffs.

  88. unca_chuck says:

    A big problem with this team is the fact that they still, after 4 years under Harbaugh don’t have a deep threat, and they haven’t developed the draft picks that were supposed to do that.

    Seattle can open up the underneath by sending guys deep. For some reason teams aren’t scared by our deep game.

  89. NoFear49er says:

    Dense? You define the word. I didn’t say Walsh’s first three years. I said any three successive years. You two can laugh off the comparison but it’s no mean feat. And no one in the football world dismisses it as nothing because they have some personal manufactured axes to grind. And most think the FO here is idiotic to push stories of Harbaugh’s demise for a single year that MAY finish out of the playoffs. Most teams would kill for that record.

  90. “Stanton is looking like shit. AZ’s going down.”

    Yet somehow Drew fucking Stanton was shitty enough to beat our squad.
    That’s basically your season in a nutshell. And for good measure toss in a loss, at “home” nonetheless, to “Steve” Austin Davis and there you have it.

  91. Berger says:

    I’ll obviously be rooting for the 49ers, but the good news if we lose to the Raiders is a coaching shake up would be immanent.

  92. Yes FO probably won’t dump Jimi before end of season but if we continue to stink it up as in about half our games- maybe. Then we need patched up O coaching as obviously GRo will be gone too. That will all be cosmetic designed to prove to the, uh faithful, that Jed is really really sorry, personally. Then of course he will have to pay several million for next year’s contract. So maybe we limp along until eliminated/end of season then changes are made. Harbaugh won’t resign that’s clear to me = would YOU walk away from $5+1 = ^ million? Plus Jim has trade value and FO knows this so he won’t be fired I think. Traded if he agrees I could see.

    As a voice of reason I’ve been the first here (and initially over There) saying Jimi is done. Diehards want to insist it’s player execution fine. You are about to see what the FO thinks the problem is.

    – A Voice of Reason

  93. Bergs you are in for a surprise if you think a new coaching staff will change the opinions of the diehards so you can go back and convince them of your POV. But maybe you will have more ammo and support for another go round. I’ll join you for the occasional foray but no expectations for me.

    Me I never expect people to change because “People Don’t Change”. (Trademark Psych 101)

    • Berger says:

      Phil- I’m not trying to change anything, just tired of the same argument over and over. I can repeat myself only so many times before I realize I am talking to myself. All they do is ignore the coaching aspect for whatever reason. I’m sure glad the Golden State Warriors did not listen to their logic, or lack of.

  94. 12th man says:

    You guys watching “The Shredder” at work? Denver just fake punted from their own territory and made it, think they are afraid of “The Shredder”?

  95. 12th man says:

    Smith wasted err Shredded the D for a quick 3 and out after being handed possession deep in Bronco territory. The more things change the more they stay the same.

  96. Berger says:

    There are 3 starting LBs from the Nevada Wolf Pack playing tonight! Two for KC and one for Denver. Not to mention a starting TE too! Go Wolf Pack!

  97. 12th man says:

    How weird is that.

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