Game Day – Vultures in the Desert Heat

Well, air conditioning. Looks like we are up against Drew Stanton today. Division game, the potential for 2 games out, and being passed by Seattle and the Rams all loom large  in this game.

the pass rush HAS to improve, and Kappy needs to make better decisions with the ball. As do the coaches. Read-option ain’t fooling anyone anymore.  Win and you quiet the doubters. Lose, and the naysayers will get cranky.

It’s early, but this is supposed to be the easier part of the schedule.

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  1. NoFear49er says:

    The team has the discipline of Harbaugh.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    Taunting? No talking in the NFL?

  3. And Brass Knuckles just negated what would have been a big holding call.

    Say it with me now, WE DESERVE TO LOSE!

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Harbaugh may not make it through the seaosn at this rate.

  5. NoFear49er says:

    Blitz did a lot of good on the last two plays.

  6. snarkk says:

    I can’t watch this anymore. The screwups, the penalties called on every other play, whether they actually happen or are a mirage. Culliver pushed a ref. Bolding did a minor head butt, but that crap happens all the time, and it’s not called. You can’t watch a play and basically be happy there’s no penalty. NFL football is turning into garbage. College football is far better…

  7. Spitblood says:

    Coaching and coaching decisions make no difference when your players suck.

  8. Grumpy Guy says:

    Cross-posted from SkeebersLand:

    However this ends, this 49er team is in serious disarray. Total loss of composure. Too many players who cannot control themselves and be professional. Too many impulsive stupid mistakes. Ten wins may have been overly optimistic.

  9. Alleykat says:

    1st and goal from the 5
    1st and goal from the 20
    1st and goal from the 30
    They do know how to retreat well atleast!
    And to hell with it all, let’s throw in a blocked FG for measure to end the pathetic drive!!
    Now another dumbshit penalty by Gayliver which will cost them more points!!!

  10. unca_chuck says:

    Fangio is a joke. 3rd down? Obvious passing down? Rush 3.

  11. Grumpy Guy says:

    As long as Culliver is our best corner, our defense will be horribly vulnerable to the pass.

  12. unca_chuck says:

    This entire coaching staff needs to pull their heads out of their collective asses.

  13. unca_chuck says:

    On 3rd down and pass, they HAVE to blitz. They haven’t yet.

  14. unca_chuck says:

    Now is when you blitz. 2nd and 30 don’t tlet him sit back and fine someone

  15. unca_chuck says:

    brilliant. 5 seconds to let his WR run free.

  16. Spitblood says:

    Nice play, Jimmy Ward. Ward on Fitz? That’s not coaching. That’s Baalke.

  17. 2nd and 30? and we give ’em 25 and a manageable 3rd dn.

  18. Spitblood says:

    It’s just that the 49ers are playing horrible. The refs are making this unbearable.

  19. unca_chuck says:

    Willis hits Fitz in the chest and its 15 yards.

  20. Irish Kevin says:

    If they score here this game is over!! Clock will kill the Niners!

  21. unca_chuck says:

    A play! May have saved Harbaugh’s season.

  22. Irish Kevin says:

    Better to be lucky than good

  23. IH1980 says:

    The NFL game is near unwatchable unless your gambling. The flags, the challenges, the screwery. No thanks.

  24. rtfirefly says:

    Only 93 yards to go on must drive.

  25. unca_chuck says:

    Go backwards after the catch.

  26. unca_chuck says:

    Helemt contact there. Wheres the penaltuy?

  27. monty says:

    Chuck you a retired def coordinator?

  28. Of course we have to burn a crucial TO that might be needed on D should we not convert this 3rd dn.

  29. Spitblood says:

    The 49ers’ season is over. Suggesting Harbaugh is done is Chuck being a complete bitch. Harbaugh will be here next year as well. But this season is over, and it’s Trent Baalke’s fault. This roster is horrible.

  30. unca_chuck says:

    Once again the coaches were completely outcoached in the 2nd half. And the undisciplined play killed them. How many penalties?

    Fangio has to understand that on 3rd and 10, teams will pass and go into max protect. That’s when you p[ressure the QB and not go soft.

  31. NoFear49er says:

    Fangio didn’t make much of that fumble recovery. At least he stopped their scoring drive.

  32. Spitblood says:

    Chris Cook, Ward, Jon Martin, Culliver, Skuta, Ian Williams, Carrier….. laughable players. Horrible roster. Where’s Blaine Gabbert.

    Put it on the players.

  33. And another penalty. Ticky-tack or otherwise. The word is out that this team is undisciplined and it’s not going to get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to flags.

  34. Grumpy Guy says:

    If not for Tony Romo, this team would have a perfect record.

    No heart, no head, no chance.

  35. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, the Niners have scored 3 points in 6 quarters of 2nd half football.

    Blame the GM. You guys are too cute.

  36. Spitblood says:

    This season is over….. and Harbaugh will be here next year. He has nooooo worries about losing his job.

  37. IH1980 says:

    I’m a big niner lover but I’ve had it. It’s not fun to watch a game anymore, despite the outcome. The game itself has been reduced to a puddle of anal squirt. Every play is reliant on whether or not a flag is thrown, not whether a play is made.

  38. Grumpy Guy says:

    Don Meredith is singing in Hell.

  39. NoFear49er says:

    Too bad we didn’t keep all our TOs. I doubt another possession would help though.

    • Grumpy Guy says:

      Even if we moved the ball, someone would piss on the referee’s shoes and move us back. Knucklehead-itis is in full effect right now.

  40. Irish Kevin says:

    I can’t watch this anymore, the D is afraid to do anything, they are getting penalized so much they don’t want to touch another player

  41. rtfirefly says:

    Hello, 3rd place, with a very good Eagle team on the horizon.

  42. Spitblood says:

    The best part of this season?…. Watching Chuck’s head explode.

  43. unca_chuck says:

    Right. Noi huddle worked great early,.Did we try that again? No.

    Did we pressure Drew fucking Stanton? No. Did we commit 15 stupid penalties? Check.

    Yeah, get another stupid call boys. At least you look tough doing it.

  44. NoFear49er says:

    Hey, the players and coaches know the rules, as bad as they might be, They have to play within their confines. Obviously playing undisciplined and bitching about the calls isn’t working too well.

  45. Grumpy Guy says:

    So: What does Harbaugh do to Anquan to get things settled down? Their chat on the bench did not look happy.

  46. NoFear49er says:

    Arians takes a lesser team to the win. what does that say about Harbaugh?

  47. unca_chuck says:

    1st and goal from the 8 becomes 1st and 21. Major fail on Boldin.

    3 points in 6 2nd half quarters to me spells out teams adjust to us, and we fail to adjust to the other team.

    Block and a score?

  48. We just lost to Drew fucking Stanton. I want Harbaugh’s head on a spike tonight.
    Fuck him. He’s the goddamn Antichrist.

  49. Grumpy Guy says:

    Another subtext today: Frank Gore, ten yards on six carries.

  50. Spitblood says:

    The defense didn’t get the job done. Fangio dialed up the blitz, throwing the kitchen sink at Stanton and nobody could get home. If you can’t get pressure on the qb with heavy blitzing…. it’s the players.

  51. IH1980 says:

    You should really just shut down this blog and abandon The Niners and The NFL. This league is shit, and the Niners are reclaimed shit. Every NFL game I watch disgusts me. I can’t be the only heretic.

  52. unca_chuck says:

    Can’t wait to see how Spiity polishes this Harbaugh turd.

    The Niners are all of a sudden an undisciplined team that can’t even come close to finishing a game. 17 point lead? Fail. 8 point lead with the ball coming out of the 2nd half? Fail.

    The coaches wear another one.

  53. Spitblood says:

    The 49ers are done.

  54. unca_chuck says:

    Denver’s down 17-12 and has the ball at their 19. 6 minutes left.

  55. rtfirefly says:

    Broncs ball, down 5, 6:00. We can salvage something today.

  56. Spitblood says:

    Cook, Bathea, Ward, Skuta, Lemonier, Wilhoite, Dobbs, Jerod-Eddie….. those guys suck. And they got significant playing time today. Definitely not the same roster as 2011.

  57. rtfirefly says:

    Slow to post……..

  58. unca_chuck says:

    According to Spitty, it’s Baalke’s fault that the team can’t score in the 2nd half. But it’s not his fault they can score in the 1st half.

    56 points in the 1st half. 3 points in the 2nd half.

    You make the call.

  59. IH1980 says:

    Movin on. Dogs to be walked, lawns to be mown. I won’t watch another NFL game this season, even if the Niners make the Superbowl. It’s just not a pleasurable experience anymore, flags, stupid commercials, flags, more flags, more cocksucking commercials, you’d have to drink a 5th of something to deal with it.

  60. unca_chuck says:

    Can’t disagree with too much of that.

  61. unca_chuck says:

    And Seattle makes a play. Last place with a bullit

  62. unca_chuck says:

    On the flip side of that, the Niners defense has given up 16 total points in the 1st half, and 52 points in the 2nd half.

    This team is being outcoached. Teams adjust, we don’t.

    Yeah, the defense is hurting with the injuries, but this team has failed miserably in the 2nd halfs of these games.

  63. NoFear49er says:

    At least we stopped ending our drives in turnovers. I hated that coaching strategy.

  64. unca_chuck says:

    It’s funny watching other games where guys hit WRs and there are no calls. Welker gets levelled with a shot to the head and no call. Most games, it’s breathe on a WR and its flag time.

  65. unca_chuck says:

    25 penatlies for 250 in 2 games. Lack of discipline at the least.

    Denver scores!!!

  66. TD Peyton!!!! @ pt. convo for the tie…

  67. rtfirefly says:


  68. Did we sign Peyton Manning yet? 80 yds in 40 secs with no TOs.
    Sure the fuck glad we kept Alex Smith.

  69. unca_chuck says:

    Lack of rules knowledge if not discipline.

  70. NoFear49er says:

    Peyton’s got his offense on hand signals. The 12th man is nullified.

  71. NoFear49er says:

    Just hope Denver’s D holds.

  72. Flavor says:

    We have a team full of criminals who are completely out of their minds on the field. It pains me to say this, but it’s time for Harbs to go. Baalke too. This team is in a complete spiral downward and they’re embarrassing everything the Niners have built over the last 30+ years. I can’t remember ever watching a Niner game like today’s game. Just utterly embarrassing and this team SHOULD be 3-0, even without the missing personnel.

    • Spitblood says:

      It’s time for Harbs to go? Lol. I assume you’re like NJ and Unca and want to replace Harbaugh with Charlie Wies or Jim Tomsula. It’s only time for a coach to go when you know you can find someone better. Who do you suggest?

  73. Flavor says:

    and by the way, a man who repeatedly calls another man a *bitch* on the internet has got to be nothing more than a real life pussy who would never say that shit to that man’s face. The dude creates and maintains this platform for no money and that’s how he gets treated? By getting called a *bitch* over and over again?
    Chuck, it’s just my 2 cents, but you should shut the blog down. What do you get out of this?

    • Spitblood says:

      Yeah, Flavor, Chuck’s a real victim. Get over yourself.

      • Flavor says:

        it’s got nothing to do with being a victim. Go play another hole you fucking lawn jockey. Like I said Chuck, if it were me, I’d shut this place down. You’ve got like 3 guys showing here and they call you a bitch all day long. Why put up with that?

      • Spitblood says:

        “Go play another hole you fucking lawn jockey?” LMAO. I’m honestly crying, Flavor. Please stop hurting my feelings. Chuck shut this place down? Are you kidding? Chuck lives for this, and we’ll all be getting along fine in a few days. Are you new here? Is this your first day?

      • Flavor says:

        I actually talked to him on the phone last week, have been to a couple of Giants games with him. I know him. To you, he’s *your bitch*. Anyway, having talked to him, it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if he shut this place down. He hardly lives for this, he’s got a life outside blogging with your dumb ass…..

      • rtfirefly says:

        As I recall, Chuck recently wrote something addressed to everyone, “If you want to post here you have to kiss my ass, bitch.” That means YOU, Flavor, bitch. From Chuck himself.

        Poor helpless Chuck. I’ve ignored that post because I know Chuck was drunk at the time and he’s not stable sober either.

      • Spitblood says:

        Flavor doesn’t appear to be real stable either.

      • unca_chuck says:

        As you recall? Good one, RTF.

      • rtfirefly says:

        We all saw it Chuck, as you damn well know. Bullit even quoted it on Skeebs’ blog, too, for everyone there to see and verify. You got Alzheimer’s or something?

  74. Even if Seattle ends up losing, that isn’t going to help us any. They’ll end up winning the division at 10-6 instead of 11-5. Makes little difference to the team finishing 6-10 with it’s HC having his bags already packed and plane ticket punched to Ann Arbor.

    • Spitblood says:

      It’s Seattle verse the Cardinals for the division. We’re done. Seattle will win in a walk if Palmer doesn’t come back.

  75. So much for that. Justice was served at the end of this game.
    Seattle deserved to win this game. They won 59 mins and and 20 secs worth of regulation. 40 secs of late Peyton Manning magic shouldn’t deter that.

  76. Spitblood says:

    I’ll say one thing for all of us….. We are a classy group when our team loses. LMAO. Fuck, I’d hate for this to be some kind of platoon where we all had to go to war together, on the same side. When the first shot was fired we’d all turn the guns on each other. Nobody would shoot Del because he’d be a drunk pacificist. Pussy. Everyone would be kissing NoFear’s ass because of superior weaponry knowledge. Chuck or I would be the first one dead, even money. I’d probably go after Chuck realizing if I could get him the entire platoon might relax a little so we could focus on killing Nazis.

  77. unca_chuck says:

    Whatever. This team has a great big task ahead of it to say the least. Philly should be up by 20 at the half, and win going away.

    Losing to Alex Smith will be the final nail . . .

    If we go 2-2 the next 4 we’ll be lucky.

    Denver and the Eagles are dead lock losses if we play like this. The Rams could beat us with their 4th string QB.

  78. Flavor says:

    The freaking Raiders looked better than we did today. Think about that.

    • Grumpy Guy says:

      Freaking Joan Rivers looked better than the 49ers today. She’s only been dead a month after all. Think about that.

  79. unca_chuck says:

    They had a pass rush anyway. Take away a phantom holding call, and they tie the game.

    Thank God the refs are there to keep shit riight.

  80. 270+ comments and counting. It’s just like talk-radio. Team starts off 3-0 with nothing to bitch about, nobody calls in. Start 1-2 with a myriad of problems, and everyone feels the need to get their 2 cents worth of bitching and moaning.

    We’re a helluva species. That’s why I prefer the animals.

  81. NoFear49er says:

    Chuck set this place up and runs it as a bear pit. You can add please and thank you to your opinions but you’re just as likely to get belted in the mouth anyway.

  82. Flavor says:

    the worst part of all of this is that it turns out Denny was right. Harbs needs to go. You have no idea how much it pains me to admit that Denny was right….

  83. NoFear49er says:

    I don’t think Harbaugh needs to go. He’s brought a lot of success to this team. I think he does need to change a few things he does, however. You don’t teach discipline by going apeshit on the sidelines over every call, and preaching the opposite to your players, for example.

    He needs to hire someone to figure out how to streamline the play calling process. And he needs to take some of the pre-snap decisions away from Kaepernick until he sees defenses better.

    • Spitblood says:

      Agreed. Rodney Harrison just said the Cardinals had a more talented roster than the 49ers. It’s time for 49er fans to realize our roster ain’t that talented.

      • NoFear49er says:

        They do have a strong group but how much is Stanton demanding? Or Carlson?

      • NoFear49er says:

        What’s the pro-bowler count?

      • Spitblood says:

        I don’t know if the pro bowler count works because the pro bowl selections are usually a year behind.

      • NoFear49er says:

        Nobody’s earned it yet this year.

      • Grumpy Guy says:

        Three of our Pro Bowlers were out today anyway.

        Without Aldon and NaVorro this defense still plays the run well; but its weaknesses in the secondary are utterly and horribly exposed.

        Without Davis at tackle, Jonathan Martin may get Kappy killed. And in any event, the offense still does not know what it wants to be. Are we a power running team? An option team? A passing team? The answer changes constantly, except when there IS no answer.

        Whatever coaching adjustments we make at halftime seem to make things worse.

        Add in knucklehead plays like Anquan…

        Me and Jose Cuervo are off to party like it’s 2005.

      • Spitblood says:

        When you limit the roster, you limit the halftime adjustments. It’s not that we’re making things worse at half (although it may seem that way). We just don’t have options for halftime adjustments.

  84. “Nobody would shoot Del because he’d be a drunk pacificist (sic)?”

    Spit, you got half of that statement correct. If you haven’t figured out by now that I’m an “Old School” shoot first ask questions later type of guy, you haven’t been paying attention. Pacifist? Shit. I love war. I have a signed copy of P.J. O’Rourke’s “Give War a Chance” collecting dust on a shelf somewhere.

    “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes!”

    No wonder it took nearly nine years to defeat the fucking Brits. I wouldn’t have waited.

  85. Spitblood says:

    The problem with this 49er team is that there’s nobody in their prime. We have old players and young players. The only guys in their prime who are starting right now are Brooks, Staley, Iupati and …… and…… Crabtree? After that the porridge is either too hot or too cold.

  86. Nipper says:

    Harbaugh better go back to Peru. He ain’t doing anything here. His team is without discipline. His offense through his OC is worthless in the second half of games. Three straight duds.

  87. unca_chuck says:

    Prime? We are young enough to score in the 1st half, and too old to sccre in the 2nd half?

    • Spitblood says:

      Why don’t you look at what I’m saying instead of stubbornly being stuck on your premise that Harbaugh is the problem. List the number of players on this team in their prime.

  88. Flavor says:

    can someone give out the link to “skeebs blog”. I have heard about this for years, just want to check it out.

  89. NJ49er says:

    What’s missing in all of this is that Kaep can’t beat a blitz.
    Stanton did.

    There’s a frustration setting in with the playcalling and guys like Gore are starting to show signs of it.
    It appears to me that Roman is force feeding the passing game to Kaep right now, at the expense of utilizing a balanced attack.

  90. I’m hearing lots of grumblings that the refs and the NFL “have it in for us” for not sitting McDonald. Thus all the penalties. I’m not a conspiracy theorist. As much as “I Want to Believe” like Mulder (love the X-Files. Who doesn’t like aliens and a hot redheaded FBI agent?), I can’t buy that song and dance.

    I do, however, believe in karma as most of you know. And it sure in the hell seems like we’re getting repaid in spades in that regard. Karma is a bitch. I’d sit Ray (I wanted him sat from the get-go) now just to try and appease the football gods. i.e., Roger Goodell and his new NFL.

    • NJ49er says:

      Del it’s simply something to think about IMO.

      I’ve contended forever that the Great Equalizer on any given Sunday is Officiating.
      Too inconsistant. Too easy to explain away. No option for recourse.
      Always has been.

      How many times have we seen Patrick flagged?
      He’s as clean as they get in this game.
      Call it karma or, a vendetta, it’s blatantly obvious that we’re taking a whole lot more scrutiny from the Officials the past 2 games.

    • Spitblood says:

      The refs don’t have it in for us because of McDonald. The refs have it in for us because of the way Harbaugh treats the refs.

      • NJ49er says:

        Either way Spit, it’s glaringly obvious that the focus of the magnifying glass is squarely on us.
        I’m simply suggesting that it’s very easy to deliver a message via Officiating in any game.
        RayMc’s situation isn’t PC for the general public too.
        Ever not seen Roger at the Grand Opening of a new NFL stadium?
        Just say’n………..

  91. You guys wanna hear a joke? We’re favored by 4 > the Eagles this week.
    Shit. This team shouldn’t be favored over Gino Torretta and Pinole Valley High School.

    • NJ49er says:

      We are going to kill Philly.
      Time for us to circle the wagons.

      • Spitblood says:

        You’re delusional.

      • NJ49er says:

        No doubt Spit.
        Watching these past 2 games, and our complete lack of ability to adjust to 2nd half adjustments from the opposition, is enough to make anyone go ballistic.
        I’m confident that there’s enough ammunition for the guys like Gore and Staley to rally the troops now.

        These past 2 games were pathetic, from Coaching, to execution and, everyting in between.

      • Spitblood says:

        Gore, Staley, Brooks, Willis and all the king’s men won’t be able to put Humpty back together again….

      • NJ49er says:

        We’ll see.
        I happen to think Philly’s Defense is pretty lame.

        This is a game ripe for smash-mouth, grind them down Offense.

        Lord knows we haven’t overworked the running game yet this season.
        Frank is pissed.
        Staley became unglued on the sideline.
        Boldin is both embarrassed and ashamed of his misdeed as well.

        These are your locker room leaders.
        If they can’t rally from this deficit, we’re sunk.

  92. I’ll pay for the plane ticket, you guys can drive his ass to the airport.

    • Spitblood says:

      Jed York won’t let Harbaugh out of his contract. York has him locked up through 2015. Harbaugh won’t allow a trade unless the team is stacked with talent and there aren’t many stacked teams in the NFL right now. So if you can’t trade him, and there’s no way you fire him, all you’re left with is him coaching here in 2015. After that it’s anyone’s guess.

      • NJ49er says:

        It’s a pivotal point in the process Spit.
        Harbaugh has his work cut out for him right now.

        He either gathers the troops and refocuses them now or, he’s pretty much ready to step onto the Lame Duck Express.

      • Spitblood says:

        He’ll definitely go the lame duck express. No question about it. You can’t rally these troops. This is half of a team. It’s not a full team. You can’t win with this roster.

      • Spitblood says:

        But hey, we got Blaine Gabbert on the bench makin’ two million.

      • NJ49er says:

        If they keep putting Kaep into the running game or, continue to allow blitzing up the gut, Gabbert may earn his shillings, while Kaep recovers from injury.

        We are starving for a pocket passer that can defeat these blitz packages we’ve been seeing.
        Kaep either isn’t seeing a hot read or, we don’t have one.
        Again, I question why Johnnie Morton hasn’t developed someone beyond Boldin and Crabtree.
        I’d be happy with a legitimate dump off/screen option to a RB for chrissake.

  93. I know this doesn’t bother all of you, but when I see Kap show up for his postgame interview wearing fucking sunglasses and those goddamn headphones wrapped around his neck it just makes me want to cringe. Face of the franchise?

    Then to top everything off his answers are short, terse and evasive just like Harbaugh’s.
    I don’t know WTF has become of our Niners. But they sure in the hell ain’t my old team any more.

    • NJ49er says:

      Times they are a changing Del.
      These ain’t the Walsh-era 9ers anymore.

      Some truth to the reputation many have given us too.

      For me, that directly reflects on the amatuerish behavior of our current HC.
      If Jim doesn’t get his grip on this locker room, like immediately, I’m afraid the revolt won’t be pretty.

  94. NoFear49er says:

    I don’t think there’s any conspiracy to penalize us for RayMac playing. But I don’t think the officials who get berated on every call against us mind throw a flag on us. Just give me an excuse, Harbaugh.

    I don’t think Harbaugh would like some fan jumping up and down in his face over every play call. Why does he think the officials do? They have a job to do in order for him to do his. With all the reviews and challenge flags at his disposal these days he should use the tools and act a little more like a grown up on the sidelines.

    If the league really wanted to get at Harbaugh they would issue a new rule penalizing out-of-control sideline protests. Called the no crazy sumbitches rule.

    • NJ49er says:

      Well NoFear49er he was certainly in his usual sideline element in the PS, which garnered a flag.

      Wanted to ask your opinion of the OLine play today.
      Hoping you’ve had benefit of some expert tape review?

      I was too consumed with anger to be objective to the blitz packages AZ sent our way today.

      IMO, Kaep pulls his eyes down and immediately goes to his wheels.
      Not to suggest saving his own a$$ is a bad thing, just curious whether he’s looking for a hot read or not?
      Do our WRs even make an adjustment to these blitz packages?

      Seems to me the book is to force Kaep to panic.
      Get in his face, kill the play.

      To Stantons’ credit, he stared it down and pulled the trigger with pretty good success against us today.

      • NoFear49er says:

        I don’t know NJ49er, I’ll have to watch it through again, too. In the first half at least it seemed like Kaep was getting the ball out pretty quick, blitz or no. I think Martin and Boone blew one or two blocks there. My impression is the penalties stalled our drives and kept some of theirs alive in the second half. The coaches film is out in two days usually and I like to go over it a couple of times. Maybe it’ll answer your questions.

  95. unca_chuck says:

    The no-huddle worked well early as AZ wasn’t able to get their pass package into the game. As the game wore on, AZ started blitzing a lot more. On the late sack, The protection looks good til their DB comes through clean, as Boone whiffs on the block. Martin had a shitty game as he was late a slow a few times.

    Again, though, the initial game plan was great. It netted 2 TD drives. Aftger that, AZ ratcheted up the pressure, and we had no answer. No delays. We tried a screen, one. But it looked to me like they called on one of their LBs to spy on Kappy to limit the runs in the 2nd half. He certainly didn’t get what he got in the 2nd half what he did in the 1st. But, no quick passes, no slants, no no-huddle. All the stuff we did well in the 1st half WE seemed to go away from.

    Kappy now appears to be the passing game AND the running game. Hyde had 3 rushes, Gore 6. Kappy had 13. What is this team?

    What is Philly going to do? Blitz like crazy to open the game.

  96. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up . . . .

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