Onward Ho (or onward hoes) . . .

Another week, another DV arrest. Ho hum. Anyhow, back to the institutional and condoned mayhem. . .

Our wounded warriors (VD, VMcD, and AD) didn’t get on the practice field, and their statii remains a <strong>?</strong> for the trip to the desert. A trip fraught with implications. I’ve said for a while now that this team is teetering on the edge of catastrophe, and the recent Chicago game merely fanned the flames. Or maybe not. Was that a mere blip in the grand scheme? A hiccup by the star-in-waiting QB, or a harbinger of things to come?

Is looking off the safety something Kappy can’t master, or is the pass pro too shitty to give Kaepernick time to properly read a defense? I saw both in the Chicago game. I also saw Kappy make good reads at times. I also saw the play calling take a decisive turn toward passing in these two games. For a team that has been 60/40 run/pass, the team sits at 50/50. This strikes me as odd as the team has jumped out to big early leads, and you’d think we would burn clock by running. But we seem to be entering some sort of Mad Mike scenario where we’ve gone decidedly pass heavy.

Not that I didn’t want a change of play calling, but still and all, I didn’t think we’d shift this far the other way. Gore and Hyde look to be a strong combo at RB this year, and there are scenarios where you run more than I think we have. And then there’s the red zone . . .

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  1. 12th man says:

    Players played mostly well first half, mostly dismally second half. Coaches went into conservative, protect the lead mode way too soon and Kap made costly turn overs. Harbaugh says he doesn’t know what keeping the peddle down means…Huston I think we’ve found the problem.

    Roll on 2-0 Arizona

  2. unca_chuck says:

    Injury report, in case yer interested. Kappy’s on the list with a back issue.

    Did not participate
    TE Vernon Davis (ankle, knee)
    TE Vance McDonald (knee)
    CB Tramaine Brock (toe)
    OT Anthony Davis (hamstring)
    C Marcus Martin (knee)

    Full participation
    QB Colin Kaepernick (back)
    T Joe Staley (knee)
    DE Justin Smith (not injury related)
    RB Carlos Hyde (calf)

    Did not participate
    LB John Abraham (concussion)
    TE Rob Houser (hip)
    LB Alex Okafor (thigh)
    DT Frostee Rucker (calf)
    P Dave Zastudil (left groin)

    Limited participation
    RB Andre Ellington (foot)
    LB Larry Foote (shoulder)
    QB Carson Palmer (right shoulder)

    Full participation
    LB Kevin Minter (quadriceps)
    C Lyle Sendlein (ankle)

  3. snarkk says:

    Goodell’s presser (saw some of it) made him look like more of a dope than before. This guy gets $44 million a year? Look, simple process is that if a player is arrested for a violent crime, but is not formally charged, he can play. If / when the player is formally charged or indicted, that’s the trigger for de-activation with pay, or whatever they’re calling that new-fangled Commissioner’s list that they just made up. Lots of regular folks get busted for something, but the DA never brings charges, and the whole thing blows over. For various reasons. Wrong guy, lying victim, no real witnesses, no “video”, something “smells”, whatever. The DA says “F it”. To me, you shouldn’t be punished as if you did a crime, if you’re not even yet formally charged with a crime. If/when you’re charged or indicted, then it’s serious enough for you to be removed from the workplace, with pay, pending the findings of the legal case going forward…

    • snarkk says:

      Krueger on KNBR today said something interesting I hadn’t thought about. If the policy becomes that if you’re arrested, you’re immediately suspended or deactivated with pay, this has some gambling implications. Somebody may try to get one or more players somehow implicated in a crime, and get them busted for it — so the league has to suspend them for the upcoming game. Far fetched? I dunno…

  4. unca_chuck says:

    I had thought about people pranking the visiting team’s players into some kind of bullshit, but I didn’t think of the gambling side of it.

    Problem now is Jolly Roger has waffled 14 times in 2 weeks.

    • Nipper says:

      Lets hear it for SCUM! It never quits offending. Now on to body odor for a real no no. Oh the stench of it all!

  5. Spitbloodyer says:

    So right now, as it stands, the Ravens’ owner and GM are protecting Goodell. It’s very interesting to me that Goodell holds a press conference right before Outside the Lines airs its piece. That makes me laugh. So Goodell and ESPN are communicating and coordinating regarding spin and damage control.

    In addition, like I wrote previously, the NFL is attempting to have the Ravens’ owner and GM fall on the sword to protect Goodell’s job. However, it won’t work. ESPN is saying the Ravens knew but the commissioner didn’t – attempting to deflect blame onto a smaller entity. However, despite this red herring, most of America will still stand by it’s initial thought that the commissioner still had to see the tape and tried to white-wash or help the Ravens cover up this incident. The idea that the Ravens saw the tape and asked Goodell for a lenient 2 game suspension without Goodell asking to see the tape is ridiculous. This is an NFL attempt to throw a smoke screen at the public. Actually, the proper metaphor is muddy the well.

    The longer Goodell is the commissioner, the more it hurts the NFL. But the owners will stubbornly hold onto Goodell like they have the name Redskins until either the fans, sponsors or players’ union makes Goodell’s existence impossible.

  6. Harbaugh claims he doesn’t understand when people say he gets conservative with a lead? Once again he’s totally full of shit. Both he and Goodell should hang out more. They’re both great at avoiding and deflecting questions. Not to mention flat-out bald-face lie to your face. Harbaugh wasn’t always like that. Someone needs to remind him how he kept the foot on the gas and floored the sumbitch when he went for two up big vs USC back in ’09.

    What’s Harbaugh’s deal? He’ll be coaching his alma mater Michigan next year.
    Fuck him.

    • Nipper says:

      Harbaugh is just an odd ball. When the Niners start losing a lot he’ll just move on to greener pastures. Coaches are temps at best.

      • Spitbloodyer says:

        When the NIners start losing it will be because Trent Baalke hasn’t reloaded the gun very well. Two philosophies to think about: Bill Walsh and Scot McCoughlan. Bill Walsh got rid of older players because older players get injured more often. And Scot McCoughlan drafted bigger players because they were around for the playoffs. But Baalke has drafted Kendal Hunter, LaMicheal James, Jimmy Ward, Bruce Ellington, Chris Borland, AJ Jenkins and other smaller players who are injury prone while keeping Frank Gore, Justin Smith, Vernon Davis, Patrick Willis and others who are now becoming injury prone. It’s a bad mix of philosophies.

        With the older players, it’s not all Baalke’s fault that the 49ers keep older players long past their prime. I think part of this philosophy has Jim Harbaugh’s fingerprint on it. But drafting smaller, injury prone players AND keeping older veterans around is a receipe for disaster. And to make matters worse, Trent Baalke thinks he’s cute wasting 49er draft picks on injured players in college (Lattimore, Cam Johnson, Darius Fleming. Trey Millard, Brandon Thomas…. and Tank and Dial).

        If you put Baalke’s propensity to draft skinny, smaller players with his love for injured players and Harbaugh’s love for veterans, all of these philosophies together eventually will catch up to the 49ers and why would Harbaugh stick around if the owner won’t even pay him fair market value? No money to overcome bad philosophies?

        If you don’t pay me fair market value AND your GM can’t continue to reload the gun properly, why in the hell would I stick around? Would you I’d be moving onto greener pastures. I see Jed York making Harbaugh coach out his final year on his five year deal – being here next year. After that, I see Jim Harbaugh coaching a team like the New York Giants, Patriots…. maybe even a team like the Falcons. But Harbaugh won’t coach for a team like the Cowboys because he’s learned his lesson about coaching on a team with a shitty owner and shitty GM who collectively have no clue.

        Then we’ll get someone like Jim Tomsula, Greg Roman or Rob Ryan to coach our team…. not because they’re good choices, but because Jed York has the hiring insight of a twelve year old.

  7. unca_chuck says:

    Well, when Harbaugh supposedly had the horses, what happened, Spitty? He didn’t finish it then.

    Harbaugh appears to have already hit desperation mode. He’s going completely away from the run and is throwing a lot more than he has in the past 8 years. Like I said, I wanted a more effective passing game, but I didn’t want it to be all in all the time. We’ve had leads and still Harbaugh throws. Until the red zone, anyway. Harbaugh is acting very odd. Not sure what the deal is with him

    • Nipper says:

      Harbaugh is odd. That’s the key to understanding him. He doesn’t want anyone to figure him out. You’re kidding yourself if you think he’s going down a certain path.

    • Spitbloodyer says:

      Harbaugh did have the horses. Harbaugh’s first year was his best year, and unfortunately we had Alex Smith. His second year the team was still good enough to win with but we were breaking in a rookie qb. Last year the team was showing signs of aging and this year the team’s in a transition mode. But the players Baalke is bringing in aren’t any good. If you want to stay on top, while drafting later in rounds, you better hit on all your picks. Baalke is missing – Vance McDonald, LMJ, AJ Jenkins. You can’t stay on top and miss on your early draft picks.

  8. NJ49er says:

    Spit the ESPN OTL piece sums up my feelings since all this stuff started.
    Connect the dots and you’ll clearly see the back room dealings of damage control and media manipulation.

    The Billioniare Boys Club is all about winning and saving face.

    Leaked security videos are something they never encountered until recently.
    There too are connections between Robert Mueller and Ravens President Dick Cass.
    This is all about the good ‘ol boys network of looking out for each others’ bottom line.
    Just another sampling of the appearance of collusion, which many of us have suspected forever in this game.
    Roger earns his $40+Mil salary by keeping the cash cow fat and productive.
    If that revenue stream is threatened by Rogers’ inactions, he’s expendible.

    Their new line of damage control is to turn to the Women’s Organizations for help.
    The Clown Car is spinning out of control.

  9. NoFear49er says:

    Hey NJ49er,

    The league is built on star players. That’s the fact of it. Most regular folk do far worse than hiding a few pertinent details in their everyday lives to keep bringing the bacon home.

    I guess we could hope for the charlie foxtrot that would result from them all turning on one another instead. But who can say they would have killed the golden goose if it were up to them and if nobody would be the wiser for it.

    Sure is funny to me how the crimes and violence against women are taking a backseat to the media hysteria to bust Goodell and/or Bisciotti in a lie. If only the media would take that attitude toward the current administration’s rule by fiat and the Clintons

    • NJ49er says:

      NoFear49er it’s laughable at the core.
      We all know the score here.
      It’s about football for the NFL.
      Fans in the seats, watching on DirecTV, sponsors, merchandise sales etc.
      Business. Plain and simple.

      That’s the irony in all of this.
      The fact that there’s abuse going on, not only in the NFL but everywhere in the world.
      This all got clouded because of the attempts to control it and keep football first.

      What I’d like to see come from this isn’t Rogers’ head on a platter but, a true effort to punish this behavior within the League.
      That’s all they can do for me.

      Institute a Zero-Tolerance threshold starting whenever they can legally do it within Union parameters.
      No need for you in the NFL.

      • NJ49er says:

        I don’t advocate guilty until proven innocent language either.
        Too easy to penalize a team/player without just cause.

        Paying a guy to sit for months on end awaiting due process opens the door for roster exemptions/Cap implications too.

        Punish the Owners too, if need be, for hiding evidence or protecting players, if proven.
        These ‘bad publicity’ episodes are just as bad as the practices employed by the Elites to cover them up IMO.

  10. NJ49er says:

    You and I both agree on AL District Court Judge Mark Fuller too.
    Where’s the outrage there?

    Here’s a clear-cut example of a Top legal representative committing the same atrocities.
    Justice really is blind I guess?
    Laugable if not for the system he practices in.
    Just what is a moral compass anyway?
    If your compass can’t find True North, you should be relegated to the Russian Front.
    In Syberia.
    No Pension. No protection. No more chances.

  11. 12th man says:

    The NFL, just like any large US corporation, has an image to protect. They fail dismally at it. They need a simple policy with arrests for violence, a policy in simple black and white. I would suggest suspension with pay at the arrest level. It does not mean someone is guilty, it does mean the NFL is serious about being seen to do the right thing which in the court of public opinion is vital. It also means there is no smearing of a players good name if he is ultimately innocent since it is a matter of league policy to suspend him.

    I have had to suspend people with pay before for the appearance of impropriety. Following an internal investigation they were either terminated for cause or reinstated. These are very typical practices in all types of businesses not only involving areas of work in the public trust domain.

    Lots of ballyhoo written about due process, innocent until proven guilty etc. You are missing the point which is now obvious. The court of public opinion is far more damaging to any large organization. The NFL is in serious trouble before the court of public opinion. It will weather the storm, even Roger the Dodger will survive, but there will be changes, no doubt.

  12. NoFear49er says:

    Maybe we should change the team names to something more in line with the purity of heart we are demanding from players, coaches and owners. The San Francisco Monks vs the Cleveland Choir Boys in a Monday night harp off where the league halo is at stake.

    The mass hysteria is obviously missing from the other incidents of similar and much worse violence toward women and children. So that tells me that all the righteous indignation from all corners is not about these victims or the violent acts. It’s about being part of the mass hysteria and the chance to proclaim to the world that you are better than the guys making all the money. But, through all the bitching, we all keep ponying up the dollars that feed the machine. People are funny, no?

    I want the biggest, strongest, meanest and nastiest son of a bitch I can get on that line. But he has to be the best citizen in the country and mind his manners, too. You know many like that? No? Then maybe it’s been a sham from the beginning.

    I’m laughing because that’s exactly what PC mania has done with the military. They have to fight wars, kill people and break things, but be nice and respectful of the traditions of the enemy’s culture and don’t hurt anybody or inconvenience anyone while doing it.

    Oh yeah, it don’t work.

    • NJ49er says:

      The Legal portion of the process needs to work NoFear49er.
      Kudos to the Dr that reported the abuse of APs Son.
      Did his/her job as required by Law.

      The NFL needs to abolish it’s holier-than-thou attitude of protecting the Shield.
      If your players don’t stand up to the letter of the Law, expected of all of us, buh-bye.

      I’m all for due process.
      Rice got coddled in the process by the Legal system in NJ too.
      Again, we can assume the appearance of collusion between the parties involved.
      The ‘Shield’ isn’t something to hide behind or, manipulate the process with.

    • 12th man says:

      The world your wishing for doesn’t exist NF. In many ways I wish it did, but it doesn’t.

  13. Spitblood says:

    NF – I don’t think people want to show they’re better than the athlete in question – maybe some, but not a majority. People want to talk about it to figure it out so they aren’t disappointed later on. Do you think Del and Unca will cry as loud next time Jimmy Ward is caught at a Snoop Dog concert with six women and rock of cocaine the size of Gibraltar? Of couse they won’t, because now they know this league and this team aren’t about setting moral standards. Both Unca and Del are disappointed about McDonald, but they’ll learn.

    Regarding a different topic, I think Jim Harbaugh’s 49er legacy will be a great team without a Super Bowl caliber qb. By the time Harbaugh made the switch and found a Super Bowl caliber qb, the team around Kaep had grown too old. Nobody in their right mind can blame Jim Harbaugh for losing to the Ravens with a rookie qb who had only started 10 NFL games who had just come from division II in college. If you were to use the old Venn Diagram, you’d have a great team in one bubble and a mature qb who’s capable of winning the big one in the other bubble. Those two bubbles never overlapped enough for Super Bowl success. I thought last year was our last shot. I thought that loss in the NFC Championship game was on Frank Gore (a player now clearly too old). But this year? Jesus. Way too many issues. Too much youth, too many gutted units, a head coach who I think wants out, a GM who sucks, and an owner who couldn’t find his ass in the dark with both hands. If I’m Harbaugh, I coach out my remaining two years and tell Jed it’s been fun. When Unca and Del and other want to crucify Harbaugh for not winning the big one with the horses, I have two words for them: Quarterback development. It’s not an excuse. It’s a fact you need a great qb, and if he’s not considered great, you need him to get hot (Flacco). Harabugh assessed correctly that Smith wasn’t the guy for Super Bowl runs; Harbaugh made the switch but Kaep didn’t put it all together fast enough. Compare Kaep to Andy Dalton, Andrew Luck or Cam Newton. Kaep’s better than all of them, but still not good enough, and that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

    Qb play is everything when it comes to Super Bowls.

    • Spitblood says:

      And when I say Kaep wasn’t good enough, I mean he’s still developing. If you put Kaep in year 5 on the 2011 49ers, we win back to back Super Bowls. It’s a matter of timing. Those frustrated with Harbaugh, pointing fingers at Harbaugh, are grabbing at straws and don’t get it. They don’t see the big picture.

    • NJ49er says:

      What happened to Peyton vs Russell Wilson?
      Maybe the better Defense trumped the accepted ‘superior’ QB?

      Peyton simply proved that he isn’t invincible.
      Good Coaching/play calling wins games too.

      Like Harbaugh, Peyton laid an egg on the big stage too.

      • NJ49er says:

        Our Offense needs another gear.
        Something Harbaugh/Roman are still trying to figure out.
        You continue to blame the GM for the pieces that make up the Roster.
        Truth is, they’ve gotten to the Playoffs consistantly, only to fail the test of creativity, when it came to scoring enough points.
        Blame Frank for last year if you must but, we didn’t find another answer when we needed it.
        Still came back to 7 to 15, just like the SB.

      • Spitblood says:

        It’s still a Venn Diagram. That’s the best way to look at it – team vs qb. In Russell Wilson’s case, he’s got a great team, and it’s young. I think it’s the second youngest in the league. In Peyton’s case, he’s never had great teams probably because he takes so much of the team’s salary cap. His formula is different from Kaep and Wilson because he gets paid so much. Luckily for him the year he won the SB the playoff landscape was relatively easy with Manning only needing to beat Rex Grossman.

  14. NJ49er says:

    Looks like TE Asante Cleveland gets a shot on the 53-man roster tomorrow too.
    Promoted him from the PS and, Josh Johnson got dropped to make room for him.

    • Spitblood says:

      Baalke should have cut Blaine Gabbert. But Baalke doesn’t know shit from shin-o-la. With Baalke it’s a matter of the best player playing regardless of money, politics or draft position picked. With Baalke all of those things trump actual talent.

  15. NJ49er says:

    You’ve pretty much made my point for me with the Peyton makes too much money argument.
    If Seattle can win with young cheap talent why can’t we?
    Maybe there’s something to be said for Coaching in big games?
    Maybe there’s something to be said for overpaying a QB at the expense of the other phases of the team too?

    • Spitblood says:

      “If Seattle can win with young, cheap talent why can’t we?”

      Uh, well, it’s because, NJ, Seattle can draft. We can’t. You think we can, but we can’t.

      2012 was a total disaster.

      2013 has ONE starter out of the entire draft class – ONE! That’s Eric Reid. And don’t tell me this team is deep and they haven’t had their chance. Cory Lemonier is getting beat out by Dan Skuta. That’s laughable. A healthy Tank Carradine isn’t even suiting up on Sundays. Vance McDonald is getting beat out by Derek Carrier, and I’m betting Derek Carrier is elevated over McDonald here very soon. Marcus Lattimore? How’d that work out for ya?

      2012 was a disaster and 2013 looks to be a disaster as well with the only real player producing right now being Eric Reid.

      LMJ? AJ Jenkins? Vance McDonald?

      If you lose this many high draft choices to “total busts,” then you aren’t drafting nearly as well as the Seattle Seahawks. Not. even. close. And if you’d like, I can compare our last three drafts with the Seahawks’ drafts. They blow us out of the water. But please continue, with your head in the sand, thinking Baalke is a great talent evaluator. Simple truth is he sucks.

      • NJ49er says:

        It could also be said that Seattle is doing a better job of coaching their talent too Spit.
        Is Russell Wilson better than Colin in terms of talent?
        You’ve admitted that Kaep was Harbaughs’ guy.

        The point I’ve tried repeatedly to make, regarding Baalke, is that there are talented guys brought aboard since he’s taken over the GM duties.

        Where do we distinguish between Pro production and College Draft status?
        The glaring weaknesses in the majority of your Draft Bust examples are on Offense.
        There comes a point where you have to question the Offensive Coaching too don’t you?

        Tank and Dial are getting their feet wet this season.
        Behind established Vets.
        This is the way every guy gets involved.
        Whether Lemonier is beat out or not, Baalke has continued to bring in depth to challenge at these positions.

        You still need Coaching to take their level of production forward.

        There’s a pretty good argument to be made for an Offense that can’t find another gear, as being more than the talent selected by the GM perhaps?

      • NJ49er says:

        Baalke Drafted Iupati and Davis, we’ve run the ball pretty well haven’t we?
        Maybe Harbaugh is simply too one dimensional to take the passing game to another level?

        Every GM will whiff on some Draftees, it’s the nature of the beast.
        For every GM there’s only College production to evaluate.
        Once the kids get here, they have more work to do to improve, which is given to the Coaches to achieve results.

        Baalke got Aldon in RD 1, he’s delivered after a year of learning the OLB position, similar to what Lemonier is attempting to do now, while Aldon isn’t taking those game reps from him.

        In pretty much every position, I think there’s a reason to give a guy 2 years minimum to decide if he can cut it.

        That’s why you continue to Draft for depth, just to increase your odds of finding better options.
        Draftees still come cheaper than FAs, but as you suggest, there’s the bust factor involved.

  16. NJ49er says:

    Give Baalke credit for allowing Dashon to move on too.
    He saved a ton of money and found Reid.
    That’s his job.
    Manage a roster and the budget that goes along with it.
    He selects guys that his Coaches and Scouts agree are worth the Pick.
    That’s how Draft Boards are stacked.
    Multiple guys that the Staff hopes to have a shot at when selection slots come around.

    Some guys take time to develop, others like Hyde can step rignt into a position and produce.
    It has always been a crapshoot in the Draft.
    That won’t change.

    • Spitblood says:

      You are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo full of shit when it comes to your man love, Trent Baalke. Jim Harbaugh recruited Eric Reid to Stanford…. well, well documented.

      According to NJ, Trent Baalke is credited for finding the cure to the AIDS virus, ended the American Civil War, was the first to sail around the globe and was the first man on the moon. What the fuck ever, NJ. You’re man love is ridiculous.

  17. Spitblood says:

    Baalke did NOT draft Iupati and Anthony Davis. You’re full of shit. Jed York stated when Harbaugh was hired that Baalke and Singletary didn’t see “eye to eye,” and that Singletary was running the drafts – especially in the earlier rounds. I think Singletary moved Scot McCloughan out because Singletary wanted more control over the draft. The entire notion of “personal reasons,” was the same with safety Micheal Lewis, Glenn Coffee and Balmer. Follow along now, NJ. It doesn’t matter if these guys are good, bad or incompetent. I’m establishing a present. Mike Singletary moved guys out he either didn’t agree with or moved guys out he thought weren’t getting the job done. He felt that way about McCloughan AND Jed York let Singletary run rough-shod over his organization, AND Singletary wasn’t going move a GM out only to have to deal with another GM’s bullshit. Trent Baalke was an empty suit under Singletary. So don’t try to give Baalke credit for anything Singletary. In addition, there’s pretty significant evidence that Singletary had his fingerprints all over Iupati, Anthony Davis and Taylor Mays.

    • NJ49er says:

      You are correct – Iupati and Davis were a year ahead of Baalke.
      Point I’m trying to make remains the same Spit, GMs and Coaches make this game go.
      It can’t all be laid at the feet of the GM as you would have it.

      • Spitblood says:

        I’m not laying it all at the feet of any one dude. I know Harbaugh has his short comings. I’m the first to hope someone corrects Harbaugh’s sideline antics with the refs, and think his tight-lipped press conferences and interviews with full “game face” are foolish. But you guys who think Harbaugh’s play calling and game-time strategies are lacking need your heads examined. The guy has the best record in the NFL over the last three years.
        And Del’s concern about Harbaugh not winning the big one doesn’t take into account quarterback development and play. Del conveniently forgets to mention Alex Smith and Kaep’s rookie year, or first year. Qb play is everything when it comes to Super Bowls.

        Trent Baalke is letting this team down more than any one single person in the 49er organization. I’ve outlined a lot of it over the course of the last couple of days. Fact is that a lot of these guys who are going down aren’t being replaced by Baalke picks. Aldon for Dan Skuta, Bowman for Wilhoite, Anthony Davis for Jonathan Martin? What about Baalke picks? Where’s their contribution?

        You think Baalke is good at his job. The evidence against your premise is starting to pile up. The fact is that if Baalke picks don’t start contributing, Baalke’s days are number regardless if Jim Harbaugh stays.

      • NJ49er says:

        Spit my debate isn’t founded strictly in the Draft Picks.
        Guys like Martin and Skuta etc are also part of the GM process.
        It’s all part and parcel of the job of stocking the Roster.

        I’ve said many times, Picks are a crapshoot.
        More tank than survive.
        What I’ve suggested is that from a personnel perspective, Baalke has played his cards reasonably well IMO.

        Sure, Harbaugh has had input, likely with JMartin and others.
        As it should be, Coaches at all positions provide input on potential Roster moves.
        Costanzo on special teams for example, Seely was said to have requested him.
        Draft Picks are an important piece of the puzzle, as are FA comings and goings.
        All falls on the GM in terms of Roster changes, Cap moves etc.

        I happen to like Harbaugh overall.
        Sure, he’s a loon on the sidelines, and with the media in general but, as you said, we all see the record he’s accomplished here.

        All I’m standing up for is that Baalke and Harbaugh have very different jobs to do with the Roster.
        Neither guy survives without the other being successful.

        My position is that big game losses are more on Coaching and execution, long after the GM put those players in those positions.

        This is the year I expect to see dividends from Kaep. Year 3, same HC, same OC, same system.
        If it flops, I’d put the onus on the Coaching, not the QB.
        We need another gear from the Offense, they’re trying at least.
        Suspensions and injuries are hurting us right out of the gate.
        No pass rush exposes the revamped Secondary for example.

        We need to survive the first half of the season and be in a position to push through in the second half when key players are expected back.
        Big game today with AZ.
        If our pass rush doesn’t improve, their WRs can take advantage.
        I don’t like our chances if we don’t find a way to get points when needed on Offense either.
        More pressure on Kaep to be smarter with the ball and spread it around.

      • Spitblood says:

        The GM’s number one job, the most important thing he MUST be able to do is draft. If he can’t draft, he’s done. Period. And Trent Baalke can’t draft. It’s obvious. He picks smallish players, injured guys and busts. That’s his MO. Harbaugh is responsible for Eric Reid and Colin Kaepernick.

        That’s great the Baalke was apart of acquiring Skuta, Martin and Wilhoite. Good for Baalke. But what will kill Baalke quicker than crap through a Goose is Baalke’s draft picks continuing to flame out. And it’s happening quick. One minute LMJ is cut and another minute Derek Carrier is taking over for Vance McDonald. The 49er can’t afford for Baalke to continue to suck. You can blame Harbaugh all you want, but Harbaugh got it done with talent and no qb. Now that the qb is getting his legs underneath him, the rest of the team sucks. That’s not on Harbaugh. That’s on Baalke.

  18. When Spit starts using Venn diagrams to excuse Harbaugh from losing every big game he’s coached during his tenure in SF, it’s time to lock the door and throw away the key. Jesus H. Christ I give up.

    Picture this diagram: if Jimbo loses to Drew fucking Stanton, the season is over.
    Put that in your fucking circle and use your Nate Davis crayons to color it in.

  19. unca_chuck says:

    Spitty, to keep blaming the teams failings in the playoffs on Baalke is wrong. Being out coached, as wew were last weekend falls on the day to day running of the team. The coaches and the players. No one drafts successfully at a high rate. That’s a given. The 2011 draft was as good as it can get. 2013 has 5 players who are solid contributors. This year has potential.

    Harbaugh has done a good job but he’s not getting over the big game hump. Too many times the team comes out flat and unprepared for big games. That’s not the GM. That’s the coaches. Fangio doesn’t stop playing the run vs Chicago even thought they gave up on it in The 1st quarter. The team is slow to adjust to game time changes. These issues getting plays off in time are stilla problem. They talk of changing things but the same problems show up. Conservative in the red zone, no pressure, and now penalties.

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