Victory! Phyrric?

Our first win in our new home! The field didn’t burst into flames! Hip hip hoor . . . ahhh forget it. Preseason. Plus, center Marcus Martin went down with a knee injury in the 4th quarter. Martin was getting needed work in at center, where the line so far (minus Alex Boone) has been very pedestrian. The first stringers are neither running or passing very well against defenses which don’t scare anyone, Word is, Martin may have suffered ‘only’ a dislocated kneecap. Best-case scenario, a partial dislocation takes 4-6 weeks to recover from. The rest get progressively worse. Wait and see on that stuff.

Still and all, the line play on both sides of the ball so far this preseason has been awful. Kaepernick has little time to throw, the run game, minus the first drive of the preseason, has been minimal to lousy. Kappy is looking pretty shitty as well. He missed VMcD on that seam route. He’s been asked to throw very few mid-range balls and has missed. Yeah, they aren’t using VD much, and this shit doesn’t matter, but at what point do we get alarmed at the ineffectiveness of our supposedly strong O line? At what point do they get on the phone with Alex Boone? Troubling to me was Mike Iupati, the supposed stalwart, getting beaten like a drum yesterday. Encouraging to see was LMJ playing, and LMJ picking up blitzers. At least Gaine Blabbert looked like he had a clue out there, finally. He hit VMcD on a few nice passes and the O looked a little better, and they actually scored a TD. But overall, a shitty day for the first stringers.

And the D line, WITH Aldon Smith, has been meek so far. We generate no pressure with our base defense, and I know we haven’t blitzed at all, and the starters barely get warmed up, but while Kappy was harassed the entirety of his playing time, P Rivers was not touched at all. Jimmie Ward continues to get a crash-course in playing time, and has really done a solid job. He played through a tipped pass and ended up with a pick. Culliver got beat early but made a nice play on a deep ball. And the Niners did make a red-zone stand, stopping SD on our 7 yard line on a 4th and one. But all in all, not a very strong effort once again.


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  1. snarkk says:

    Niners have good players. For teams with good players, pre-season game outcomes don’t matter, they just don’t. They haven’t looked good on both sides of the ball, but until that same look shows itself in real games, I’m not worrying. IMO, they’re due for a down year, maybe 10 wins, due to very tough schedule, and the fact that it’s just hard for a team to maintain a high level of excellence over a long string of years in a salary cap world. Walsh/Seifert did it with EddieD writing checks, but that was then. With three straight NFC conference game appearances, the odds are just against that happening again this season, whether due to bad bounces, injuries, suspensions, bad food, Harbaugh vs. front office BS, whatever. Hyde and Ward look like they’ll get considerable playing time, so that’s a plus for the top end of the draft…

  2. unca_chuck says:

    NE has been near the top for a long time, as has GB. But you can put that in due to the force of their starting QBs. Seattle is looking like they are in midseason form, but yeah, it’s preseason.

    It isn’t real til it is, but some of this IS making me nervous. The lackluster play on both lines especially.

    • snarkk says:

      Yeah, you can’t emphasize enough the contribution of top level QB to a team’s long term success. But, I’ve always thought NE benefits greatly from being in a generally suckage division for the last decade and a half. Buffalo, Miami and the Jets have sucked royally for most of that period of time, with the occasional blip upward once in a while. Without looking at the record, I’d bet that’s 6 games a season that NE can almost count on winning an average of 5 of every year…

      • unca_chuck says:

        Yeah, that helps. Thing is same was true of the NFC West all those years ago. NO, Atl, and the Rams were various shades of suck most of that time. It helped to get through the regular season with little damage. Indy in the NFC South as well.

        Unfortunately that ain’t the case anymore.

  3. Nipper says:

    This past game was a shitty effort. But in the end who cares? Time passes and the real season will be upon everyone. Reputations will rise and fall upon that.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Just got word that Marcus Martin’s injury is ‘only’ expected to keep him out for 8 weeks.

    I’m assuming it was a partial kneecap dislocation when he got rolled up on yesterday.

  5. 12th man says:

    First roster cuts:
    The San Francisco 49ers announced on Monday that they have waived the following seven players: quarterback McLeod Bethel-Thompson, safety D.J. Campbell, tight end Kevin Greene, running back Jewel Hampton, punter Colton Schmidt, linebacker Kion Wilson and wide receiver Devon Wylie. The team also released wide receiver David Reed.

  6. Spitblood says:

    Thank god our first game is against the Cowboys. Thank god also the Bears come to our house to play week 2. I read statistically new stadiums don’t give teams a home field advantage for a few years, but it’s better than going into Soldier Field week two. After the Cowboys and Bears’ games Fangio will have solved a few minor to major defensive problems. Hopefully we’ll be 2-0. But Jeffrey, Marshall and Forte won’t be easy for Wilhoite, Brock, Culliver, Bathea and Ward. Defense this year will be interesting to watch. Fangio was talking about creating a package for inside linebackers until Bowman returns. I could see Borland being the run linebacker and Wilhoite playing the pass. Borland can play the run. No question. Playing the pass, however, looks suspect.

  7. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, Borland looks a lot more comfy rushing rather than dropping into coverage.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up.

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