Chuck Fiddles While Roman Burns

Wow. What a difference a day makes. The Niners, coming off a 5 game winning streak, a bye week, and some fresh players activated for the game were expected to make a statement against the upstart Carolina Panthers. Well the statement is wait til next year? A team that was fighting for the NFC West crown is now the 6th seed in the playoff hunt, having been passed by these very Panthers. They now face the Saints and the ‘Skins on the road, followed by the somewhat surprising Rams and (gulp) Seahawks. Based on how this team looks now, 2-2 would be possible. Is that enough to hold on to that 6 spot? Probably, but of the teams lurking behind them (GB, Chicago, AZ, and Philly at 5-5), AZ is the strongest. Philly and Foles are coming on.

Regardless of playoff scenarios, how do the coaches fix this passing ‘attack?’ I’ve heard until I’m blue in the face how bad these WRs are. I’m beginning to doubt this. Ginn looks like fucking Jerry Rice compared to anyone not named Anquan Boldin. The team was hurt when VD went down yesterday, but these is NO downfield game. These problems were the same problems that plagues the Nolan/Hostler Niners and the Singletary/Jimmy-Hat Niners. If the Niners can run, they can work in some passes. Stop the run, and the passing game sputters. Or they go away from the run, as in yesterday after the Hunter fumble. Carolina teed off and the Niners couldn’t pass protect to save their lives.

Do we slow down the relentless pressure by going to quick counts? No huddle? Slants? Nope. We are going to run our slow-developing 5-step drop pass plays that we always run. This team continually has to use every second of the play clock to get plays off. Which means the defenses can adjust to what formations the Niners show. We did do some shifting later in the game, but the Panthers looked like they knew what was coming about 80% of the time.

Frankly, I’m sick and tired of this offense. There’s no imagination. There’s no adjustments. It’s a lot like the Singletary mentality of ‘here’s what we do. Stop it.’ When opposing defenses stop the run, this team struggles. So what does this mean going forward? I really don’t know, but I do know that Greg Roman has to go. Jim Harbaugh needs to get someone with a much more progressive offense. If we’ve proven anything so far this year, it’s that this team can beat the fair to middling teams, but struggles mightily with good ones. Winning the N’awlins game, which, after looking at last night’s game, appears to be a daunting task, puts the Niners at 6-4 and in dire playoff straits should they lose. Washington Seattle would be a loss, and the others wins. So it looks to me as if the best case scenario is 11-5, and the 6th seed. 10-6 and they are likely out.

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  1. snarkk says:

    I said 10-6 to start the season. It’s looking like maybe I’ll be right. This Nawlins game is going to be bad. They’d be in tough with a full roster. But, with VD and Reid out with concussions, forget it. The absolute lack of a passing game is stunning, even give the utter crapiness of the WR corps. Throw a damn screen, or half a dozen. Do something. Manningham will probably get the rust off this Sunday. I doubt Crabby will be anything close to NFL ready when he comes back. No way this team is a playoff contender as presently constituted…

  2. barleyfreak says:

    I gotta agree Chuck. Roman is sucking eggs. I do think there is a mix of blame — no Crabs, Kaep looks deer-in-the-headlights and appears indecisive, and our coaching is Raye throwback material in the passing game. The difference between this year and last is stark.

    I do think Kaep has regressed a bit. And is it just me or does he really seem slower than last year? I know they are not running him as much, but his first few steps seem like they are slow motion. I swear all the weight room work in the offseason workin on his guns I think has made him slower in the first key few steps.

    But still I think more blame goes to the coaching than anywhere else. Romans’ title at Stanford was Running Game Coordinator. That just about sums it up for me. All he has shown he’s any good at IS the running game. Roman will NOT be fired this year, for those clamoring for it. The question is, will be (please) get a HC job somewhere else next year. Anywhere.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Exactly. My hope is Roman’s lured away by Houston, or anyone.

    The protection has a lot to do with the inability to get out of the pocket quickly. As are the shorter routes the WRs are running. Deeper routes mean less congesdtion at the line. More running lanes. The overall sluggishness of getting the plays to Kappy and started is atill a problem. It has plagued the last 3 HCs.

  4. rtfirefly says:

    “Peyton Manning will definitely play against the Chiefs on Sunday.” – John Fox

    Where’s Dandy Don Meredith when you really need him? “Turn out the lights, ALEX, the party’s over…”

  5. Irish Kevin says:

    The telling stat that the annoucer made during the game and this should wake up Roman/Harbaugh. No team that has ranked last in Passing has ever won a Super Bowl. I have been saying this for years. This is a passing League!! every rule favors the QB and the WR. Am I the only one that sees this? They better wake up!!

  6. Nipper says:

    The 49ers are not going to the Super Bowl. Just making the playoffs is going to be a challenge. NO will be another nail in the coffin.

  7. NoFear49er says:

    Fickle fans much? Roman was a “genius” last year for concentrating the offense on the college gimmick read option offense. We came out throwing in brilliant formations against GB and then threw our way into the dumpster losing two in a row. Back to the run first offense and everyone cheered since we kept winning. One loss against a top defense and everyone is on the tar and feather bandwagon.

    In fact, the play calling was as balanced as it gets. The QB had a bad game,it happens, and a major cog in the game plan left in the first half. Blame the coach? I didn’t see Roman out there missing any wide open receivers. All he can do is put the players in a good situation, the players still have to play. The run was working way better than the pass in case nobody noticed.

    Kaepernick is having a tough sophomore season looks like to me. Fire the coach, hell, fire all of them. There are plenty of out of work pro coaches on the blogs.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    It ain’t about the balance, NoFear. It’s about the types of passing plays we use. Most all the passes are slow to develop, and thus Kappy is under pressure nearly every play. No quick slants. No passes to take the pressure off Kappy. No hot reads. This isn’t rocket surgery.

    The point being, if teams stop the run, the passing game can’t bail them out. Not since game 1 anyway.

    RTF, Peyton’s Broncos are going to lose. Book it.

  9. twinfan1 says:

    The emphasis on 3rd down down conversions can be misleading- the problem Sunday was the 3rd down yardage needed. Of the 13 3rd downs just 4 were 5 yds or less. The others were 7 twice, 9, 10, 12,13,17,23,25.
    We’ve lost 3 games- and CK has completed 50% or less in all 3. And against the best pass defense in the NFL, he completed 40%. 3 of the 4 best pass defenses in the NFL are Houston, Seattle, and Carolina. The other- New Orleans. Uh-Oh. I see that they say that they plan to get LMJ involved in the passing game this week- this is what I and others have talked about, Snarkk mentions it here- getting the running backs more involved in the passing game. Those passes thrown from behind the LOS are what can turn those 3rd and long into 3rd and 5 or less. These typically gain 5-6 yds on average. We’ve thrown 23 of those (and completed 18) . Brees- hardly a dink and dunk thrower, has thrown 61.
    CK has not played well against good passing defenses- part of it is inaccuracy, part of it lack of speed receivers, and perhaps the largest part is NOT the lack of the deep throws but the lack of those screens that help move the chains and get the defense to back off on the pass rush, allowing the time for deeper throws. Finally- it’s *2nd* down that’s killing them- Colin has completed just half of his passes on second down for just a 5.85 yd per attempt. Completing just 50 percent of his short stuff is a killer. His QB rating on second down is 61.3. It’s 99.3 on third down. Sunday he was 4 of 6 on third down but he only threw on 3rd and long.
    I’m not picking on CK, it was never realistic to expect that he’d just continue with what he did last year- teams adjust, and good defenses adjust quickly, hence his difficulty with the good passing defenses. And except for Crabtree, they’ve drafted total busts at the wide out spots, their only speed guy is the dreadful Kyle Williams. And they didn’t bring in a respectable vet back up so now they’re petrified he’ll be hurt and have to play McCoy.Which hurts the play calling.

    • unca_chuck says:

      No Twin, the problem was turning 2nd and short into third and long. This happened more and a few times after a 1st down play was followed by a 2nd down sack. Kappy nearly got Hunter killed on a screen pass attempt.

      Twin, I’ve been railing about screen passes since Nolan left. It was a big part of his game. Now it’a once a game or less. Same with slants. Gore used to catch a ton of balls before Nolan left. Now, not so much.

      What I can’t stand are the 5 yard outs and WR bubble screens. This cannot be the extent of the passing game. And that is how it seems. Most teams have twenty to thirty 15 yard pass plays. Do we have 4?

      • twinfan1 says:

        “No Twin, the problem was turning 2nd and short into third and long. ”
        Uh, that’s what I said. That the problem wasn’t third down, it was distance to go on third down. Obviously that’s created by the failure on 1st and 2nd down- and I outlined some of the issues on second down.

    • Irish Kevin says:

      All true stuff there Twin, but it seems like when it is third and long and Kaep does complete a pass the Niner receivers are catching those passes only 7-8 yards deep. I can’t count how many times that has happened. Getting to the first down marker and then making your cut or whatever that is all I am asking for from the WR. the good WR’s always know where that 1st down marker is.

  10. unca_chuck says:

    My problem with this last game is the inflexibility of the offense to adjust at all. It looked like the DEs were pinching in just about every play as the Niners either running up the middle, or dropping straight back to pass. No pitches to the outside or misdirection to slow the penetration.

    As said as nauseum, the Niners can control the line against bad teams and thus run to get the passing going. When the run game isn’;t there, tteams simply rush 5 and we can’t pick up the blitzes to save our lives.

  11. snarkk says:

    Per KNBR radio report, our long, national nightmare is over.
    KW has been released…

  12. snarkk says:

    Per that Cosell dude with NFL Films, he says Kap is obviously is learning how to be a pocket passer. He’s not comfortable yet making throws before the break, and trusting his receivers will be open at the spot and catch the ball. Could that be partly because they drop the ball fairly often if he gets it to them? Meanwhile, Cosell also says the WRs aren’t getting open a lot, but sometimes they are. He gets paid for this genius?…

    • snarkk says:

      One thing I thought was interesting that Cosell noted was that the Niners have started more plays using a fullback, Miller, than any other NFL team so far this season. He says that’s a sign of lack of confidence in the QB…

      • NoFear49er says:

        … or maybe that Frank Gore runs downhill better behind one and our preferred power I running formation pretty much requires one.

  13. Irish Kevin says:

    San Francisco, in fact, ranks 32nd in the league in passing offense in averaging only 174 yards per game. Smith and the undefeated Chiefs rank 27th in that category in averaging 198 yards a game.

    Read more here:

  14. Irish Kevin says:

    2013 quarterback comparison

    Average yards per game
    Smith: 213.2
    Kaepernick: 186.1

    Passing attempts
    Smith: 315
    Kaepernick: 220

    Passer rating
    Smith: 81.4
    Kaepernick: 83.0

    Average yards per attempt
    Smith: 6.1
    Kaepernick: 7.6

    Smith: 9
    Kaepernick: 9

    Smith: 4
    Kaepernick: 6

    Smith: 26
    Kaepernick: 21

    Rushing yards
    Smith: 265 (1 TD)
    Kaepernick: 310 (3 TDs)

    Lost fumbles
    Smith: 0
    Kaepernick: 4

    Read more here:

  15. Irish Kevin says:

    Kaepernick vs. 2012 Alex Smith
    (Alex Smith’s first nine starts w/ 49ers*)

    Average yards per game
    Smith: 193
    Kaepernick: 186.1

    Passing attempts
    Smith: 218
    Kaepernick: 220

    Passer rating
    Smith: 104.1
    Kaepernick: 83.0

    Average yards per attempt
    Smith: 8.0
    Kaepernick: 7.6

    Smith: 13
    Kaepernick: 9

    Smith: 5
    Kaepernick: 6

    Smith: 24
    Kaepernick: 21

    Rushing yards
    Smith: 132 (0 TDs)
    Kaepernick: 310 (3 TDs)

    Lost fumbles
    Smith: 1
    Kaepernick: 4

    * Smith left the game with a concussion midway through his ninth start of the season

    Read more here:

  16. Irish Kevin says:

    So much for upgrading at QB

    • twinfan1 says:

      CK is just inexperienced and it’s showing this year. Last year teams were unprepared for him and his physical skills were enough. This year he’s missing some weapons and not surprisingly has struggled against the top pass defense teams. He’ll get better-or not- depending on how well he adjusts. The Saints game is big- if they take that they have a good chance to be 9-3 going into the Seahawks game.

  17. NoFear49er says:

    Run or pass, we favor a two tight end offense. It’s a scheme with many advantages to my mind. Sunday two of our starting TEs were out. It tends to put a crimp in the ol’ game plan.

    The thing is Chuck, I think it’s like a lot of misconceptions that once stated on a blog get repeated as fact (The notion that there are no short alternates or outlets).

    In the first series anyway there was a good mix of routes and open receivers. Play action to Miller was a quick short shot, deep right to Boldin (almost a sure pick to the CB) was max protect and included a leaked outlet and a short sideline route. An incomplete to ? on a short crossing route had another short route and a deeper one.

    Kaepernick fixing his sights on one guy is a bigger problem. He often throws into double coverage when another receiver is wide open. Is that coaching? QB coaching maybe but not play calling coaching.

    • barleyfreak says:

      “Kaepernick fixing his sights on one guy is a bigger problem. He often throws into double coverage when another receiver is wide open. Is that coaching? QB coaching maybe but not play calling coaching.”

      Well I’m an equal opportunity ragger. I never thought, and still don’t think that GR’s a genius. But Kaep has played like crap at times, fo sure. There is definitely truth to his not seeing open receivers.

  18. unca_chuck says:

    Yes, it’s a combination if things, NoFear, but late in the game they weren’t doing anything to slow the penetration. The one slant to Manningham worked. Is that the only time they got a slot WR in position to make a play like that? I don’t believe it. And, if so, then it’s huge failure of the coaches. And yes, Kappy locks on a lot. In the GB game eons ago, he had time to get to a 2nd read. This game? Not so much. He was hurried all day. That being said, I did notice Manningham all alone behind VD on play where he got hurt.

    My point overall is the lack of adjusting. Well, they stopped running after Hunter fumbled the ball away. The Niners have given up on running outside alltogether. I just think teams are keying on these facts. If you rarely go deep, they don’t need to honor the deep ball. If you don’t run outside, they pinch the DEs in to clog the middle. This equals 151 yards of total offense.

    Going back to last year, and a game I saw live, THe Dolphins were playing theior corner 12-15 yards off of Moss. If I’m Roman, I call about 10 slants or outs to Moss until they figure out how to stop it. The whole game he was left alone one-on-one. The Niners did it maybe 3 times.

    It’s what infuriated me about Singletary. They’d find a weakness in the other team, and fail to exploit it.

  19. rtfirefly says:

    KC, 2013:

    Defense points allowed – 1st
    Special teams – 1st or darn close to it (subjective, based on my observation)
    Opponents’ current records, excluding losses to KC – 30 wins, 45 losses, .400

    Add a pinch of blind luck, such as the Bills game, and you have your basic Alex-flavored upside down cake.

    (I’ll stick with Kappy.)
    Chuck, leave the betting to Dennis.

    • twinfan1 says:

      Give it a break, RT. The Niners winning streak was against teams that were 13-28. The fact is- KC and SF are the same team with the same strengths and weaknesses. KC just makes fewer mistakes on both sides of the ball. That’s why we’re 6-3 and they’re 9-0.

      • rtfirefly says:

        Whatever, Twinnie. Why don’t you just marry the guy after all these years admiring the guy in print?
        Niners closer to 11th in points allowed than they are 2nd. Ranked 3rd.
        Niners opponents 36-38 .487
        Special teams comparison: surely you jest. Just two words: Kyle Williams.

        Mr. 6 yards per pass attempt’s season accomplishments are based on showing up.

        In case you hadn’t noticed, the criticisms on Skeebs’ and Chuck’s blogs are being leveled, in part and justifiably, at Kap. The implicit comparison with Alex has been raised and not by me.

        Get a grip.

      • twinfan1 says:

        See ya. Sorry for crashing your party, To NoFear- hope you had a pleasant Veteran’s Day- and any others who may have served. Perhaps my best friend up here was George, a quadriplegic from injuries suffered in Vietnam. We were of like minds when it came to baseball, total opposites on football and politics. He passed away in the summer of 2012. I miss him and the 4 American flags that stuck out from the corners of his power chair…I even miss the Alex Smith arguments, he couldn’t stand him.

      • twinfan1 says:

        I think you need to a grip, RT- constantly ragging a QB who is no longer here is pathetic. Spin it anyway you like, pal. Smith is 28-5 since 2011. Put it all on luck, coaching, whatever you choose. People who don’t know football put no stock in ball security but that’s a huge reason why his teams have that record. Now before you get into gloat mode- KC is going to lose 3 or 4 of their last 7, finishing 12-4 or 13-3. I’d be interested in how thought they’d fare this year with Smith quarterbacking. 7-9?

    • twinfan1 says:

      Now pay attention- I haven’t been here yakking up Smith and have pretty much stayed away in general, mostly becuse I didn’t want to be faced with you and a couple others who won’t even let go of trashing Smith after he’s gone. I didn’t bring him up on this thread either. If nothing else he conducted himself with class and whatever you thought of him as a QB, you might try conducting *yourself* with class and wish him well now that he’s moved on. Your comment that his accomplishments are just a result of “showing up” is truly awesome in the magnitude of it’s ignorance.

  20. NoFear49er says:

    It appears that CK7 gets two plays to call in the huddle. He counts the box or the safeties/Will backer alignment and kills the play to the alternate. That seems to chew up as much time as anything. Heavy box – pass, light box – run. IOW, the desired play could have been one of those you wanted to see and CK7 didn’t like the defensive count and killed it.

    It’s true that you don’t know what you don’t know. Last year was easier for CK7 because he didn’t know too much about the defenses he saw. Now he knows enough to be easily fooled and confused and the league has a lot more film on his tendencies.

    You can see he’s more tentative and thinking too much. Hopefully, he’ll get settled down and back to playing the game without overthinking it. There’s no substitute for experience. And with any luck it will become second nature instead of a thought process. And it’s smart to lean on a solid running game during the transition. And especially when half of your playmakers in the passing game are out.

    After all they tried letting CK7 loose and got burned pretty badly.

    But to agree with you, I can’t understand why we never got back to those great formations and plays called in the Green Bay game.

  21. snarkk says:

    What is it NOW that Baalke and Harbs know about KW that they did not know after last season? Nada. So, that is why his release today is so frustrating, halfway through a season where he contributed a little bit north of zilch to this offense. The absolute worst, statistically, objectively, WR in the entire league. They drafted Patton in the 4th round. He’s been hurt, so the jury’s not out on him, it hasn’t even been picked. So, can’t blame them for that, they did draft a WR, but they could have drafted Keenan Allen in the 3rd round. Passed on him and got the TE instead to replace stone hands Delanie. They did get Boldin in a sweetheart deal between brothers. Where they’d be without him is, well, in the same place — last in the league in passing offense. Dead last WITH him. Going on three seasons and STILL this management can’t get a passing corps together other than the guy the team had (VD) before they got there. And, now, you’ve got a QB with an arm than CAN sling it downfield, but nobody to sling it to. Even if Crabby comes back semi-ready, he’s never been a downfield guy to loosen up the defense. It is mind boggling to me that they’ve allowed this to happen. This next offseason better be an all hands on deck move to get WRs in here, early and often, anyway they can find them. To be dead last in the league in passing is absolute failure in my book when you have a defense this good. Gore isn’t going to be around much longer, and when he’s gone, who knows what the running game will be like. Lattimore is a total unknown…

  22. Flavor says:

    It’s important to note that if McDonald holds on to that perfectly thrown ball by Kap we likely win that game. And all this hand wringing isn’t happening to a team on a 6 game winning streak.
    But whatever, he let it get knocked out and he’s a rookie and hopefully he holds on next time.
    Manningham is a good receiver, certainly better than that idiot Williams. If Harbs and Baalke decide to run some extra La-James out there, I’m down with that (though I personally thing La-James was a wasted draft pick). Still, Manningham and James filling Fumble Williams role on the team seems like more than a reasonable proposition (at least in hopeful theory).
    I have a feeling that we are going to make a game of it in NO this week. Our defense is solid and our offense is full of guys who can make plays. New Orleans is a decent defense but they aren’t as good as Carolina.
    If I were a betting man I’d either take the $ line on the Niners or whatever the adjusted line is for the Saints. The Saints giving 3 seems odd to me. They either kill us or we beat them, that’s my take……

  23. unca_chuck says:

    To me it still comes down to adjustments. NoFear. In all their losses, they tried to run early and pretty much went away from it in the 2nd half. Kappy was under pressure most of the 2nd half and couldn’t get anything going.

    As far as Green Bay goes, Green Bay was not going to let Kappy beat them with his legs, and they had a suspect set of DBs at the time. It was the perfect storm (for us) of fortunate events. The Niners totally went away from the read-option that GB was determined to stop. Boldin got open all day. But you know that, It didn’t take Kappy very long to get that Boldin was clean nearly every play.

    What’s your point, RTF? Smith has a team with a good defense. Kappy does too. Who’s comparing anyone? Kevin’s the one that posted the stats.

  24. Nipper says:

    Smith is gone. I liked him as a Niner. As for Kap I just wish he didn’t have so many shoes. Man that guy has a collection! Still to be positive, no guns! He doesn’t fire into the air at wild parties. If he had better WRs his stats would improve.

  25. NoFear49er says:

    Twinfan, you too.

  26. Irish Kevin says:

    My point to putting those comparisons of Kaep and Smith was to show the offense has not changed one eyota over the time that A Smith was here. NoFear probably is closest to being right. Kaep is probably over analysing the Defense too much. he should stick with the first play and see if it works. It appears he is changing every play at the line. If he is going to do that he needs to call the play and get to the line a lot quicker. Manning is the best at this. sometimes he goes no huddle, calls out a play, moves players and then sees how the D reacts.

  27. snarkk says:

    This offense is too inept to be so complex, or vice versa. Why does it continue to take forever to get every play off? Each play takes 10 seconds to say in the huddle? And, there’s two of them, so Kap can “kill” the primary and go to the secondary play when he gets to the line? It’s not working. Who says either one of those two calls are the right calls when Kap gets to the line and reads the D set up? Maybe another play would be better? Call one play in the huddle, then Kap should be smart enough to be able to audible to half a dozen or a dozen plays at the line for a hot route call or quick hitter to Gore in a gap, or a draw (yes, a draw, I think I saw one of those once). Make it EASIER so they just make a damn play. All this shifting and endless play calling results in the players not being ready to execute whatever play eventually is the one triggered. As far as I know, in the old days of the Niner dynsasty, Walsh didn’t call two plays, and pick one at the line. It was one play, then audible out of it if necessary. And, you better be right audibling out of it, since Walsh was usually right. Chuck, what’s your take on this play calling bullshit?…

  28. NJ49er says:

    Let’s remember Chuck, Kaep is a pup in terms of experience.

    Snarkk, I have a feeling they held onto Kyle until Mario was ready and, LMJ could be trusted to assume the PR/KR duties.
    I think Baalke has been pretty patient about managing the Roster this year.

    I’ve said it numerous times, will say it again, LMJ always impressed me as a perfect replacement for Ginn.
    He’s a terror in the open field.
    Be nice to see him doing what we finally saw Tavon Austin do for the Rams last week.
    He’s that kinda threat IMO.
    Let me be the first to suggest this, LMJ making a return engagement of the Fly Sweep.

    NoFear49er, I’m with you on your analysis on Kaep completely.
    It’s a maturity thing for him. He’s nowhere near ready to dissect a Defense mentally yet.
    He’s being baited and confused, as well as buried in the backfield by indecision.
    Teams are also exploiting the interior of our OLine and hemming him in.

    I’m not panicking yet.
    Still time to get Mario, hopefully Crabtree, maybe Patton into the mix before it’s over.

  29. NJ49er says:

    Chew on this possibility as well.
    The NFC South isn’t a given for NO yet either.
    Carolina can easily take that Division.

    We have to handle our business of course.
    Which means getting our passing game in order and holding onto a WCard slot.

    Have to stay healthy and, get some momentum back.
    December football is where it counts.

  30. unca_chuck says:

    Too many numbers confuse me, Kevin. All I got from that was Kappy’s numbers have com back to earth.

    And the play calling/delay of game issue has been with the team since the Nolan days. This ain’t a new problem by any means. The 2-plays-in-the-huddle thing takes a lot of deception out of the offense, I think. Defenses can adjust multiple times while the offense waits for the call from Kappy.

    Since the front office went with Kappy as the guy, they should be doing a better job of helping him succeed. He may have too much to handle every snap, so don’t do the 2-play thing every time. Have some quick hitters instead of the plodding 5-step passes we always seem to run. SOME of this comes down to the methodical nature of our offense.

    My point from the get-go is it’s on the coaches to do what they can to slow the game down for Kappy. Whether they’ve overwhelmed CK with too many plays, reads, and adjustments plays a part in this, but also the plays themselves don’t seem to be fooling anyone. And yes, the lack of WR talent plays a part in this. Any game (outside of KC) you will see fades, slants, deep crossing routes and the occasional go-route. Most of our passing game appears to be 8 yard outs and WR bubble screens.

    Kappy’s in his 3rd year now. He needs to step up as well.

  31. Alleykat says:

    Damm, Todd Christensen dead at 57, complications from liver transplant.RIP
    Mental note to Denny: Fuck the liver transplant it won’t take!!!
    Stay thirsty my friend.

  32. snarkk says:

    Article on Todd Chrstensen. The guy was a very good player. Smart, too, and wouldn’t shy away from letting you know it. Too young to go…

  33. unca_chuck says:

    Too bad about Todd Christiansen. Great TE that fit in perfectly with the crazy-ass Raiders back then.

    New thread is up.

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