Playoffs?!? Playoffs?!? PLAYOFFS???

The 2012 regular season is in the books. Through the quarterback change, myrial injuries, and a boatload of inconsistency, the 49ers stand exactly where they did last season. The #2 seed with at least one playoff game at the Stick. The revamped WR corps has been decimated by injury, and has not been upgraded through the draft. AJ Jenkins had his one and only look for the entire season on a 3rd and 2, where he promptly dropped a 1st down pass. The fact it TOOK 17 weeks to get him into the game speaks to Jenkins’ inability to catch on to the speed and complexity of the NFL game. Bust? Maybe not, but he’s not off to a very good start.

LaMichael James on the other hand, shined in his opportunity to play after Kendall Hunter was hurt. He more often than not made the first guy miss, and was a real spark on kickoff returns. He proved to be close to Hunter in his ability and there was little let-down when he was forced into the lineup. The rest of the rookie class did little, unlike the year before, when most of the draft class had a huge impact.

The defense played nearly as well as last year, without the huge turnover differential. They had some dominating games, but also laid some stinkers as well. Rogers didnt have the big year he did last year, but Dashon Goldson continued his rampaging through the WRs in the league. He gets a little wild and out of position, but for the most part he scared the shit out of opposing pass catchers and inspired a lot of ‘gatoring among WRs going over the middle. Aldon Smith had a spectacular year in the sack department, and held the point well when necessary. The troubling thing at this point is that defensive stalwart Justin Smith is injured. He does get the extra week to recover, but the thought here is he still won’t be ready in 2 weeks anyway.

Special teams is a bit of a mess at this point. David Akers missed 2 easy FGs yesterday, and was nailed in his left leg on an extra point. He’s been very inconsistent despite tying the NFL record with a 63 yard FG opening day in Green Bay. Ted Ginn has been pretty abysmal on punt returns in his Allen Rossum impersonations. Kickoff coverage has been spotty, and the loss of Costanzo has been felt across the board. On;y LaMichael James has been the bright spot in recent weeks for the ST group.

As of now, I’d think we’ll play Green Bay.

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  1. barleyfreak says:

    If Jenkins isn’t a bust, I’ll be pleasantly surprised. That he couldn’t get a single completion the ENTIRE season with IMO a less than stellar WR corps speaks volumes. It especially sucks going into the playoffs because as you mention once more our WR corps, except Crabtree, look pretty unimpressive. I also think that we’re going to sink or swim based on our passing. Yeah, I know we’re a “running” team, except that really, we have not looked good running lately. If we play GB like you guess, and I also think they’ll beat MIN in the rematch, then I don’t think we handle Rogers with our D like we did in game one of the RS. We’re going to have to pass.

    Crabtree will rightfully get a ton of attention, and that leaves Vernon, normally a good thing, but he and CK do not seem to be in the same book, let alone same page. And then there’s Walker, the ultimate coin flip of a WR/TE. To catch or not to catch, that is the question. That’s why I really think that CK just has to get freaking hot for us to make the run. He’s gotta see the field, put the ball on the money, and not make stupid mistakes (as opposed to smart ones). Not impossible, but a lot to ask.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    Funny thing is, the biggest play for the 49ers this year turns out to be the blown call in the Seattle/GB game. It allowed the Niners to get the 2nd seed.

    I tell ya, the 2 teams no one wants to face in the playoffs right now are Seattle and Minnesota. AP is running off the charts, and Seattle is crushing everyone in sight. Although they struggled with the Rams as well yesterday. The Rams, BTW, had the best division record at 4-1-1.

  3. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Is it any wonder that Crabtree has come on like gangbusters since Kap has been our QB? Crabtree had zero chemistry with Alex. Hell. That’s putting it mildly. This is the same guy who wouldn’t even acknowledge Alex Smith by name just a little over a year ago. I think Crabtree hates Alex even more than I do. If that’s humanly possible.

    • Yeah but Vernon has no chemistry with Kap so it’s a trade off my friend. And Frank (the RB not yer cat) has dropped way off with Kap at the wheel. The O is just very different now and I think Kurt Warner is right- the Niners O are not sure of their identity to this point

  4. Del Mar Dennis says:

    The Niners/Broncos possible SB matchup is favored at the books at 6.5/1. If we’re fortunate enough to make it, I sure the hell hope we don’t play the Broncos. Not for my sake, but for yours. Cause I’ll keep reminding you who’s starting at QB for the Broncos and who’s starting at waterboy for the 49ers.

  5. Grumpy Guy says:

    Yahoo Headline hilarity:

    “More heartbreak for Tony Romo”


    Let me play my tiny violin….

  6. Spitblood says:

    Awesome weekend of football.

    If you don’t think Sean Payton is counting future coins right now, you aren’t paying attention. Back fire Roger Goodell. Payton will be the highest coveted coach after the Super Bowl. The Saints owner doesn’t want to pay Payton. Tough cookies. The Chargers, Eagles, Cardinals and anyone else with a clue will pay Payton top dollar.

    Look at all the young qbs in the playoffs – Kaep and Wilson in the NFC West, Ponder, RGIII, Dalton and Andrew Luck? And because of the rookie salary cap, those guys are playin’ for cheap. Why would anyone want to give up a draft choice for Alex Smith? Seriously.

    I hope Harbaugh didn’t just pull Jenkins out of the game after his drop. You don’t Tom Coughlin your way through right now. I know you need to develop trust with a rookie or young player, but the 49ers need more offensive weapons to compensate for Justin Smith’s broken wing. Kaep will do just fine, but he needs targets. IF (and it’s a big “if”) Harbaugh pulled Jenkins after the drop, it’s a mistake. I saw Jenkins in there after his drop. I just think he’s struggling to get open. But I don’t think Jenkins is a bust. Six weeks ago we were saying the same thing about LaMicheal James. Jenkins and James just need to hit the weight room. Problems is….. Harbaugh needs wide receivers now. Hopefully the extra week give Roman, Harbaugh, Kaep and Jenkins some time to design some plays for the Packers. And I hope we play the Packers over the Vikings. Peterson against Bowman and Willis is fun…… with a healthy Justin Smith.

    The Vikings, Seahawks and Redskins are all dangerous teams. If I could pick my team to play, it’d be the Packers because the Packers are injured, have no defense and no ground game. The Vikings, Seahawks and Redskins all have ground games….. and the Vikings and Seahawks have defenses. Either way, I think the NFC seeding is upside down. I don’t fear the Falcons or the Packers, but I the bottom seeds could make some noise.

    Kaep and Harbaugh better start passing like Mo-Fos. And Vernon Davis and Moss better bring their A games to the playoffs. Something tells me Moss is going to have a great playoff run while Vernon goes in the tank. Vernon looks defeated. Moss looks like he’s getting ready for a fight. GO NINERS!!!!!!

    • Chico says:

      Well said, & good points.


      You need to get out of your Afghan cave more often. Payton signed a contract during the weekend.

      • Chico says:

        Yeah, besides the 5 year deal the owner of the Saints has reportedly agreed to – good points, especially on playing the Packers.

      • Spitblood says:

        I have been on vacation…… Payton should have held out for more, but then again, Payton needs to get the team back on track. Loyalty is a good thing.

    • barleyfreak says:

      Jenkins IMO had less of a stellar cast to break through to get playing time at the WR position. James had Gore and Hunter, no slouches these, so my doubts about Jenkins have been greater than any about James.

      Speaking of James, more please. He may be slight, but dude has moves. I think he should be a bigger part of the game plan heading into the playoffs. Would love to see some screens to him, though screens are not our specialty.

  7. Flavor says:

    Maybe I’m making too big of a deal about how JH has handled the Akers problem but even if he goes to another kicker he’s doing it at the wrong time—this should have happened weeks ago. Trotting a new kicker out there, even a veteran guy, to make his first kick of the year in a playoff game is hardly encouraging.
    I really enjoyed watching Tony Romo fuck up another season for the Cowboys. I enjoyed it *almost* as much as I’m enjoying watching Georgia Tech beat down a lackluster USC team right now. Not only do I have 10.5 pts but I also have a $-line bet on G-Tech. Yeah buddy!

    • Chico says:

      Gotta love Lame Kitten getting his ass kicked.. That dude is a d-bag..

      Look for Chip Kelley to take an NFL job and bail on Oregon right before sanctions come down, much like Carroll did at U$C..

      • snarkk says:

        Bingo. I expect OH RE GONE to have some major NCAA snooping and then sanctions into their “program”. With all the HCs that got fired today, Kelley’s cell phone is probably in need of constant recharging. He’ll probably never get a BCS champ opportunity, even with the new playoff, so why wait for the big NFL payday? He’ll get the big checks and corner office somewhere else, just as the Ducks’ program begins its NCAA high colonic…

    • Winder says:

      Yeah flav, that Cowboy game yesterday broke my heart too. Couldn’t happen to a better bunch of Dipwads.

      • philippinefan says:

        Dipwads? Dipwads??

        I’m sorry that terminology is banned here. Please use the approved term “FUCKWADS”

        Thank you

  8. Winder says:

    What a good weekend of football. Hopefully our coaching staff will take the extra effort and come up with some good plans. With our injuries we really aren’t good enough to beat some of these teams. I think we need to put a lot of attention into the no huddle offense, we have one of the most mobile QB’s in the league who also has a pretty strong arm. We need to attack on offense. All year we’;ve seem to have trouble in getting set with hot reads and audibles, we need to really work on that. For us to get further into the playoff we gotta score a lot of points, the league knows how important J. Smith is to us. Not only do they run to that side all the time now but when our
    D goes to compensate it leaves other area’s open. We have to score a lot of point.
    Anyway Happy New Years all.
    Chuck – Thanks for the blog. It’s a nice place to come for true Niner fans. i like it that you can say what you feel here. Thanks again.

    • Chico says:

      Happy new year Winder.. Agreed.. This blog, JDR, the Flap… I love a troll free zone where people can talk freely without the stupid censorship…

  9. Winder says:

    To round this week off and even make it better I hope Stanford can finally take home the Roses. When you think about it the Bay Area sports has been pretty damn good lately. I’m ready for baseball already. The A’s keep feeding AZ with top quality players, The stinkin Dodgers have even a bigger payroll than the Yankees(I think i read that). I love the look or our division. It’s gonna be fun.

  10. Winder says:

    of. someday I will use spellcheck.

  11. Irish Kevin says:

    Well Chuck, I have to say you are a little hard on Jenkins. I suggest you pull up Jerry Rice’s first few games, he was not exactly NFL ready either, and Crabs first 2 years weren’t stellar either. I want to say Jerry dropped a pass in his first playoff game, and we all know how good his hands became.
    @Dennis, your critique of Alex with Crabtree is pretty much BS, cause Alex and V Davis were in sync big time. Now Kapp has a hard time connecting with Vernon. That is just the way it plays out.
    Now as far as the Niners as a team in the playoffs, well unless the Niners score first and hold on to the lead, I don’t see them going very far. Seattle showed what a glaring weakness the Niners passing game is, when they are forced into that situation. I have complained about this all season long!! IMO if the Niners were to go down at any time in a game by 14 points they should go immediately to a spread offense and no huddle. Cause the Niners aren’t scaring anybody with their passing game.

  12. Nipper says:

    Happy New Year!

  13. Grumpy Guy says:

    I’m not going to write off Jenkins just yet. He was open on his one target yesterday, just had rookie jitters and forgot to catch the ball. That said, he needs an off-season in an NFL weight room to have any shot at a decent NFL career. We’ll see in July how bad he wants it.

    Harbaugh played neither Jenkins nor James until he needed to. Pretty clearly JH was comfortable with his cast of veterans until KW and MM got hurt. Jenkins at least got some plays yesterday – Harbaugh could have just gone with Stevie Wonder, err… I mean Ted Ginn. THAT would have depressed me, especially after his easter egg roll on the first quarter punt.

    • Flavor says:

      My *guess* is that Jenkins was a guy who relied on his speed his entire life to succeed in football. And it worked. Until he got to this level. Remember in training camp when Jenkins got his ass kicked by Chris Owusu in that figure 8 drill in minicamp? And it was clear to everyone at the time that he came in out of shape….
      And maybe he’s gotten in shape, but there are a lot of other things you need to know how to do as a receiver if you want to succeed in the NFL. You can’t just be fast. Ask Renaldo Nehemiah about that.
      If he’s a bust, it’s not the end of the world. We have a good, young team and Harbaugh and TB have proven themselves quite adept at finding and drafting good young players. Nobody hits on all of their draft picks………

  14. unca_chuck says:

    Hard on Jenkins? If anything, it’s Baalke that catches the heat. Jenkins did no favors showing up slow and out of shape. It didn’t get better throughout the season. You’d think that with Kappy and Jenkins working together on the scout team a lot of time during the reg season, they’d have something, but I don’t see what’s going on in practice.

    It can’t be good if AJ can’t beat Ginn, a third stringer at best. A #1 pick should be able to make some kind of plays. We’ll see what happens going forward, but Baalke and Harbaugh were both very high on Jenkins. It shouldn’t be too hard to get good WRs in FA or the draft, but the injuries have hit them hard there. Jenkins needs to go full out to make s difference.

  15. unca_chuck says:

    Thanks, guys. Have a happy and safe new year,

  16. unca_chuck says:

    Spit, you need to stop stealing my stuff. And you telling us to pay attention? Even funnier when you find out that Payton signed his deal 2 days ago.


    Jenkins never followed through with Jerry Rice’s invitation to run the hills with him to get into shape. Truth is that was just a publicity stunt and an empty promise.

  18. barleyfreak says:

    The comparisons with Rice or Crabtree don’t work because they at least had opportunities in the line up early and throughout their first season. It took Jenkins 17 weeks to get the ball thrown his way. 17 weeks. Jenkins wasn’t in because he wasn’t good enough to crack a lineup with Ginn in it. And he’s a first rounder. I’ll cut him slack for his first drop. That it came in the 17th week though is what is most disconcerting. Maybe he’ll bust out next year. I’d love nothing more than to have it pointed out how wrong I was about the dude.

  19. Spitblood says:

    I really think Jenkins will be fine. I believe the turmoil at qb has created lesser receivers and certainly a lesser passing attack all together. That is changing. But Alex Smith only had chemistry with two receivers – Vernon and Frank Gore. After that, Alex couldn’t develop chemistry. And now Kaep’s a first year qb with something like 7 or 8 starts under his belt? Then you also factor in how terrible our passing attack has been – something like 31st in the league on 3rd downs, now up to a screaming 23rd? It takes time to build a passing attack. There are so many moving parts (literally). Harbaugh and his coaches are improving the passing attack, and Jenkins, I believe will play a role there. But, considering the circumstances, Jenkins never was destine for greatness in his first year. Jenkins biggest problem is his size and not being able to get off the jam quickly enough. If I was Dom Capers I’d have a standing order for my secondary players: “No matter where Jenkins lines up, we jam him at the line.” Jenkins needs to hit the weight room regardless if the new NFL rules favor the passing game or not. I don’t think Jenkins is a bust at all. In fact, I think he’ll be great. Hell, look at how long it took Crabtree to produce like a number one receiver.

    Regarding David Akers, I believe Jim Harbaugh should stay with Akers. Harbaugh said in his press conference after the Arizona game, “It’s his job to make kicks.” And Akers clearly isn’t making kicks. But somewhere inside Akers is a great kicker ( see last year ). It doesn’t just fall apart that quickly without something either mental or physical affecting Akers’ kicks. And what’s the option? Billy Cundiff? Jim should call John and ask how Billy does in big games with the game on the line. If Jim brings in Billy you can forget about winning the Super Bowl. David needs his coach to call him into the office and say, “I believe in you despite your recent struggles. Last year you had a great year and that ability is still inside you. You’ve lost it for whatever reason, but it’s there inside you and you have find it. If you don’t, you could be letting down a lot of guys and their dreams for a championship. You’re my kicker for the playoffs, and I believe in you. I have faith in you. I won’t be crossing my fingers when I call for a field goal. I will be confident knowing you’ve got this. And even if you miss a field goal, I’m coming right back to you if or when I get the chance.” That’s coaching – evaluate the alternatives and if there’s nothing there (Billy Cundiff), then you try desperately to squeeze blood from a turnip. When Bill Walsh was the 49er GM he put together an inspirational video for all the players going into the playoffs – it was designed to tell the players they had greatness inside of them and it was their job to find that greatness. Akers needs more than just a pat on the back. He needs an intervention (lol). He needs coaches and players to gather around him and say, “You’re our guy, no matter what. We go into battle with you, and we win and lose with you. We know we can win with you.” ‘Cause really….. what are the alternatives? Billy Cundiff? If he was my kicker I wouldn’t allow him to put Cundiff on the back of his jersey. He’d have to wear the name, “Fourdownterritory.”

    • barleyfreak says:

      Not to beat a dead horse, but the comparison to Crabtree is apples to oranges in that Crabs caught like 5 passes in the FIRST game after being signed. It took time to develop, but at the SAME stage of their first year, let’s face it, Crabs was leaps and bounds ahead of the diminutive Jenkins. And yes on the weight room.

      Agree on Akers. The other choices are even more sketchy. It does mean that JH might go for it on 4th down more than he normally would on long FG ops — and really, I’m not so sure that’s bad idea…

  20. Spitblood says:

    Yeah, but think about it. Crabtree had Singletary and Alex Smith. Smith said he’d go out there alone and the coaches would just say, “Go get ’em, Tiger.” In addition, the 49ers didn’t have receivers when Crabtree came on board. They had guys like Ashley Lelie, Darrel Jackson and so many forgetful others. There was a void at wide receiver. when Crabtree got into the league. Now the 49ers have Manningham, Moss and Crabtree. You could see how Harbaugh would spend the time to get Moss and Manningham up to speed before making Jenkins a priority. Crabtree had a void ahead of him, Jenkins didn’t. I’m light years from calling Jenkins a bust. We all knew and saw that Jenkins would have a tough time getting off the line, but scheme can compensate for that (like the scheme that got Jenkins open underneath on his first drop). I really think Roman and Harbaugh, despite college success and Harbaugh’s days in the NFL, are figuring out how to use Kaep and their receivers. I think they used Manningham all wrong, and it got Manningham hurt. I think they’re either struggling to get Moss involved or they are hidding something. But either way, Roman and Harbaugh are learning on the job because the haven’t orchestrated an NFL passing attack together and they have a new, young qb. These things are all retarding Jenkins’ growth. If you put Jenkins on the Patriots, he’d have twenty or thirty catches. The 49ers passing attack, in year two under Harbaugh and Roman, is still developing. Jenkins will be fine. Problem is we need him right now.

    • Grumpy Guy says:

      I think the plan JH had all along was to play the veterans and have this be Jenkins’s Redshirt year. And with Crabs, MM, Moss, Kevin Williams and Ginn active (Ginn for returns, but still active) there clearly was not going to be any way Jenkins was going to be active. That has only changed with the KW and critically to MM.

      We’ll see how much drive and heart the kid has in July. If he really busts his ass in the weight room, he’ll be a factor next year. If he pulls a Nate Davis and comes in fat and slow, he’ll be gone. Either way, I would use our top picks this year on defense, and try to hit the WR lottery in the mid rounds. Actually, with Gore continuing to decline, I have to wonder if RB is not your higher offensive priority.

      • Spitblood says:

        The 49ers obviously have James and Hunter. ACLs aren’t as debilitating as they once were. I don’t think much of Anthony Dixon. I think the 49ers can get away with not drafting a rb this offseason, but they must address their D line and their corners. I think you have to throw RB into the draft mix, but if there isn’t one….. there isn’t one. I’m watching the Rose Bowl – I like this Montee Ball kid. Tough, inside runner.

        SIgn Cundiff, keep Akers? Hopefully it’s just to push Akers, but it doesn’t build Akers’ confidence and this could be a mental thing. Akers knows Cundiff missed for the Ravens and cost them a Super Bowl appearance and then was cut by Ozzie and John. Akers knows that. And now, by association that’s who Akers is. This is a mistake by Harbaugh. If I see Cundiff kicking field goals I’m going to be really pissed off. Cundiff brings a mental cancer into the locker room. Harbaugh has been good keeping cancer out – Edwards and Jacobs. But this brings a different kind of cancer back into the locker room. John Harbaugh cut him last year and I was watching a Redskins game earlier this year where Cundiff missed like four field goals. I actually bet someone Cundiff would miss the last kick to win the game. The camera showed Shannahan pissed off on the sidelines. Cundiff squeaked the kick through, but Shanny cut him later on. I just honestly don’t see the value at all in Cundiff. If it’s to push Akers that’s a mistake.

  21. NoFear49er says:

    We just don’t use that many WRs. In the current system a rook TE will see more playing time than a #3 wide receiver. If we go with an empty set we split Gore out and two TEs in the pattern. That might change next year but AJ’s only shot was injuries to starters.

    There are lots of unemployed proven kickers out there. I think it’s time to get one.

  22. Irish Kevin says:

    Didn’t someone on here say Akers has been hurt? If so why wasn’t this addressed along time ago? Anyway you Guys are right, as a #1 draft pick Jenkins should have shown something to get into the lineup before this. If he does not show something in the playoffs he might be out of football early. Like Jerry Glanville said “what does NFL stand for”? Not For Long if you continue to play like that!!

  23. 12th man says:

    First and foremost a Happy New Year to you all!

    Honorable mention to Chuck, who allows us geniuses to air our ignorance almost unhindered and sets the table for a blog where all opinions are welcomed rather than use his blog ownership to direct the course of discourse, rare to find a checked ego these days.

    Division Champs has a great ring to it as does the phrase “Bye Week”!

    A change of QB from a winning QB mid season has to be one of the riskiest/ballsiest coaching moves I can remember. Too soon to tell if it’s been a complete success but the wins have largely continued and the Niners are 2 games from the show.

    The injury bug has bitten deep at precisely the wrong time and Frank has been fairly unproductive for a while, similar to last year. Here’s hoping he gets his second wind like last year because they need a strong running game more than ever right now.

    Vernon where for art thou? All this stuff about Kap not finding him is guff. If VD is open he will get the ball.

    Young Jenkins, a first round pick must shine when the spotlight is shined upon you, big players show up at big moments, nobody cares about excuses.

    Defense wins Championships, an enduring axiom that is proven over time. Niners were built on Defense but are very inconsistent, Niners need 3 strong outings in a row if they are to hoist a 6th Lombardi, do they have it in them????

    Looking forward to watching the wildcard weekend stress free.

  24. 12th man says:

    Niners signed K Billy Cundiff, he of Ravens infamy, missing a layup FG that cost them a SB trip last year.
    Andy Reid to Arizona is almost a done deal. Arizona are not giving up on QB Kevin Kolb, should be funny watching Reid make Kolb into a starting QB since he sold him to Arizona from Philly. Also makes Alex Smith to Arizona even more unlikely IMO.

    • Spitblood says:

      Alex Smith isn’t going to see the open market, free agent demand 49er fans think he will. The Dolphins didn’t even offer him a contract. The Dolphins. And before the coaching change (the dude from the Packers should be considered — along with Bruce Arians — for coach of the year) the Dolphins were horrid. Beyond horrid. Anyway, I could see Alex Smith being brought into a situation where he competed with two other guys for the starting job. I don’t think Smith is handed another starting job in the NFL. And I don’t think Smith sniffs 7-8 million a year ever again.

      • Leo the Great says:

        I think you’re full of shit.

      • Leo the Great says:


      • TOUCHDOWN TOMMY says:

        Full of shit is putting it mildly. Tannehill improved a 6-10 Dolphin Team to 7-9 and you want to make him Coach of the Year? Do you even know what you’re talking about?

      • Spitblood says:

        Touchdown Tommy Vardel and Leo = Unca trying to be an idiot. I should say “achieving” complete idiocy. Joe Philbin should get some Coach of the Year consideration, along with Bruce Arians.

      • 12th man says:

        I don’t see it that way Spit, Smith is a starting QB and will find a home for between 8-10 mil a year 2 years guaranteed, the rest of the length of contract and money would be baloney.

      • Spitblood says:

        RT – I don’t really want to get into a debate over this but Smith was lucky in SF that the 49ers changed coaches to Harbaugh in the middle of a strike. No strike and Smith would have made 3 or 4 million the last two years playing for another team. It takes time to teach a qb a new system, and Alex Smith was lucky that Hasselbeck didn’t sign in SF. Alex Smith was lucky that Harbaugh was forced to use Smith while Kaep matured. Look at Andy Dalton and Russell Wilson – second and third round picks playing at one million a year? It’s not hard to create that anymore in the NFL. And who knows the new rookie qb’s ceiling? A new qb playing for a lot less than Alex Smith would have to learn the same new system Smith did The only advantage Smith has is that Smith can read defenses, but that’s not worth the 8 or so million dollars per year difference between a rookie at 1 million and Smith at your purposed 8 or 9.

        Smith was given 7 or 8 a year by the 49ers because the 49ers couldn’t find anyone else (no Manning or Hasselbeck), and because Smith had value to them because Smith knew the system. But he was only given essentially a one year deal. One year, eight million to keep the seat warm for Kaep and not create any waves. What other team will Smith be worth 8 million to? The Jets? They already owe Sanchez 8 million for next year. Why would they have 16 million on the books for Sanchez and Smith? Whomever makes that decision can go run Greece afterwards. And what about Arizona? Reid may want to resurrect Kolb. The Chiefs? Scott Pioli is on the hot seat. You don’t sign Alex Smith when you’re on the hot seat. And remember – last year when Alex Smith hit the open, free agent market and nobody came calling? The Dolphins didn’t even give Smith an offer. The Dolphins.

    • 12th man says:

      “RT – I don’t really want to get into a debate over this” I’m not RT and this statement means you just want to tell me how it is. That’s funny.
      Luck has nothing to do with solid QB play for 18 months, how he got to that position is irrelevant. Some rookies pan out but most don’t, a proven commodity has a lot more value than an unproven one unless you are talking about “can’t miss” rookies like Luck or RG3. Once in a great while a find like Wilson shows up but if a GM is expecting that to happen he is in the wrong business. Further, there are no “can’t miss” rookies in the upcoming draft so there will be a market for Smith.
      The Browns would be a good spot IMO but there are others such as the Chiefs which you weakly argue can’t happen because of Pioli, a GM who’s fate has yet to be determined and who could certainly use the boost of a proven QB.
      I am not a big fan of Smith but bias is blindness.

      • Spitblood says:

        Sorry 12th, honest mistake about the name. And I don’t want to tell you how it is. It’s just my guess. I agree with your statement that Smith is a proven commodity. But look at all the qbs drafted in rounds 1-3 over the last three years. How many have busted? Ponder, RGIII, Dalton, Wilson, Gabbert, Locker, Kaep…. Weeden? There just aren’t as many qbs busting anymore. Teams are realizing they need to support their young qbs.

      • 12th man says:

        Spit thanks for the apology, appreciated, only RG3 and Kap from your list are better now than Smith and you probably meant to include Luck who is also better. The rest are not as good as Smith right now. There are teams that need a QB bridge to the next rookie and at 8-10 mil a year Smith is affordable, that is less than the league average for a starting QB.

        For my money Smith gets low ball starting money, as he did from the Niners, and a 2 year contract. More interesting to me is if they can leverage a pick in exchange for him, it’s entirely possible. I would guess a 3rd would be the high water mark.

      • Spitblood says:

        Dalton’s better than Alex Smith. And I think Ponder is about the same as Smith. Russell Wilson and Luck are clearly better than Smith. Locker isn’t. You have to consider the coaches over the qb. Ponder has Frazier, Smith had Harbaugh. Weeden (sp?) has a higher ceiling, terrible supporting cast. What will Smith’s supporting cast be next year? Remember Troy Smith beating out Alex Smith under Singletary? So basically, in my opinion, Tannehill, Russell Wilson, Luck, RGIII, Ponder and Dalton are either better or the same. I’m sure I’m forgetting some guys. Gabbert isn’t as good as Smith. I’ll give you Gabbert.

      • 12th man says:

        I don’t really agree we should consider the coach over the QB since we don’t know where Smith will land or the team strength etc. All we can base conjecture on is QB performance which for Smith has been solid over the last 18 months and that is what any possible team would use to evaluate his worth to them.

        What metric are you using in thinking Dalton, Gabbert, Locker and Weedon are better than Smith now? Certainly statistically they aren’t.

        IMO young QB’s better than Smith are Luck, RG3, Wilson and Kap, the rest are someways behind Smith and may or may not end up better but for me, as of right now, I would take Smith over Dalton, Gabbert, Locker and Weedon..

  25. Leo the Great says:

    And forget Cundiff. He’s awful.

  26. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Happy New Year you mooks! Just don’t expect to see any money this New Year, because “We don’t pay mooks.” The Billy Cundiff signing excites me about as much as watching C-SPAN. I’ll take a flying leap of the Fiscal Cliff myself. As for the possible coaching moves, I could see Tom Gamble getting the GM gig in SD and taking Roman with ’em. Fine by me. I’ll trade ya Roman for Norv to be our OC again in a heartbeat. Love Norv as an offensive coordinator. HC? That’s a horse of a different color…

    • Spitblood says:

      Different colored horses are tough to predict and really that’s why all bets are off with different colored horses. For instance, I bet $50 to win $150 that the Niners would win the Super Bowl before Justin Smith’s injury. With a partial tear of his tri, well….. that’s a horse of a different color and I wish all bets were off but unfortunately for me Vegas doesn’t work that way. The 49ers are still my pick to win the Super Bowl, but I’m not as confident. Here’s how I rank ’em.
      1.) SF (Sentimental choice. Don’t know where I’d rank ’em if I wasn’t a Niner fan).
      2.) Patriots (Everyone seems to forget that Brady owns Manning – I haven’t).
      3.) Packers (Flawed team, but a passing attack makes up for a lot of problems – that’s why Kaep needs to throw a lot for the Niners to win the Super Bowl).
      4.) Broncos
      5.) Seattle (They’d be higher up on this list if they got to play some home games. Russell Wilson is better than people think).
      6.) Colts (Team is playing inspired ball. Luck is just flat-out fun to watch).
      7.) Falcons (Until they start playing with passion, I don’t buy the Falcons).
      8.) Texans (Can’t play from behind. Team is designed around and too dependent on Foster).
      9.) Redskins (Still not a great defense)
      10.) Bengals (I’m not giving them enough respect on this list. The Bengals could make some noise in the playoffs).
      11.) Ravens (Flacco =s Alex Smith)
      12.) Vikings (Nice they made the playoffs over the Bears and Giants).

      • TOUCHDOWN TOMMY says:

        Brady owns Manning shows how little you know. This isn’t tennis or boxing where you go toe to toe. Manning is on a different team now that presents a new set of dynamics.
        You are a walking cliché kinda like a Jim Rome wannabe.

  27. Winder says:

    Stanford takes home the Roses. What a great day and accomplishment for
    Stanford and all it’s fans and supporters. Cheers.

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      Great win yesterday by the Cardinal. I couldn’t be happier. The defense did it again. Sixth straight game they held their opponent scoreless in the 4th quarter. Stanford also made a big QB switch mid-year. Worked out pretty well in the end.

  28. unca_chuck says:

    Cundiff is a curiosity. He sucks monkey balls. I think a hurt/awful Akers is better than a healthy/sucking Cundiff.

    New thread is up . . . .

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