Game Day XV – Bleepless in Seattle

Coming down to the wire here. There’s a lot on the line for both sides. Seattle has little chance to win the West, but they are fighting for their playoff lives. If Seattle IS to win the West, they need this game plus help. If the Niners want to get the 1st week bye, THEY need this game. Green Bay is playing the Tennessee Tuxedos, so they will most assuredly go to 11-4.  Seattle has some depth problems in the defensive backfield. CBs Thurmond and Trufant are questionable, No decision has been down regarding Richard Sherman, so he’s apparently  cleared to play, but Brandon Browner is still serving his suspension. I’m sure Jim Harbaugh knows this, so I see the Niners opening up early on the deep passing attack again.

The Niners D of course has to worry about Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson. I think the defense come out of the nickel they played a lot of last week. The Niners need to focus on Lynch more than they had to with NE. Lynch is a beast, and he looks to tear the Niners up if they go light on the line. But Wilson brings a big run threat as well as his passing game. They use the read option, and have been slowly running it more and more. So who decides this game? The crowd? The weather? The coaches? Turnovers?

Yeah, could be all of the above. This will be the 6th nationally televised game for the Niners, and they are a gaudy 5-0 so far. There’s a shitload of talk regarding the freshman class of quarterback who are tearing up the league. From  Griffin to Luck to Wilson, they are gathering all the press. Colin Kaepernick. For all he did in his few chances, there’s not a hell of a lot of notice about him, other than his tattoos and how he got the starting job. A few out there are taking notice, but as of now, he’s still pretty much under the radar.  Frankly, that works in the Niners favor, but in the end it doesn’t really mean much.

Seattle’s a young team making waves, but I think the Niners are the stronger team, and they will prevail.  Also, I’m gone all day, so play nice…..

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  1. Spitblood says:

    I’m not worried about the 49ers playing the Vikings or Bears in the first round. But the second round is Green Bay at Lambeau and that’s not an easy task. Then it’s the 49ers at Falcons or home against the Skins or Hawks. The third round is more doable. But to play well in those three games – and play consistently – will be hard for this team.

    If I was Harbaugh……against the Cardinals this week I wouldn’t run the ball one time. You read that right. I’d never run. I’d pass, pass and pass some more…. exhausting Jenkins, Moss, Crabtree and Tom Celek. I’d sit Vernon and create a mini competition between Tom Celek and Delanie Walker. Who could catch more balls. Screw fresh receiver legs going into the playoffs. Our receivers suck and they’re all a bunch of cry baby little twits – every last one of them. We should have drafted Ruben on Rye, Mohammed the Savior Sanu or Alshon is two names, Jeffery…. maybe gone with a combo of two of those players. And I’m not worried about Jenkins, but “come on, man.” We had this same problem last year and we drafted another running back in the second round.

    A stiff breeze could have blown over Kyle Williams and Mario Manningham. Somewhere Scott McCloughan and his “big boy,” drafts is laughing. If you have smaller players, design plays for them along the sidelines so they can get out of bounds. Kyle and Mario had no business running inside. Now Kendal Hunter, there’s nothing you can do about that one. But slight wide receivers need to be protected.

    Pass, pass, pass the ball against Arizona. Design new passing plays that attack and are creative. Give ole’ Dom Capers something to think about. If you don’t, you won’t be able to keep up with the Packers – and that’s Alex Smith’s game…. isn’t it?

  2. Winder says:

    Yeah spit, I think the defenses around the league now know how to attack the Niner offense. I wouldn’t abandon the run but i would throw the kitchen sink at em. The problem is that we probably don’t practice running screens, and much of the WC offense that has so kicked our ass in a few games this year. If we could actually run accurate pass routes it wouldn’t really matter but we are open and the ball just isn’t getting there. I imagine it’s a combination of reasons for that but we have to control the time of possesion or we are pretty much screwed.

  3. NoFear49er says:

    Well if ever one day of the year *should* be a holiday it’s got to be the day after Christmas.

    Coaches film wasn’t up last night and the little I’ve watched of it today is a bit baffling. It appears some of the benched QB’s tendencies to not see the field has gripped Kaep. Or maybe Harbaugh has successfully instilled the fear of failure in the new starter.

    Watching the game I assumed all the receivers were having trouble getting open but several of the first two possessions have open receivers either not looked at or not thrown to in favor of throwing to a covered guy short or pulling the ball down and scrambling.

    For example the short throw to a double-covered Crabs that went incomplete in the first series had Vernon and Delanie wide open deeper and Frank wide open in the flat with only a cornerback in the area w/Delanie in position to block for him.

    The next series on a 2nd and 11 we went with an empty backfield and everyone going out in the pattern. Vernon was wide open and past the sticks by at least five yards and looking back and Manningham as deep on the other side of the field open but Kaep pulls it down and scrambles short of the first down marker.

    I don’t know yet if the first two possessions are an accurate indicator but “c’mon man.”

    • Spitblood says:

      You can’t expect a guy coming from Division II to have great vision in his first six starts. That comes with time. I’m not talking seven years – maybe in year two or three. Alex had terrible vision in years six and seven. Kaep will start to see the field better as he learns what defenses are trying to do to him and his receivers, and he learns chemistry with his receivers and his coaches during the game. Vision takes time. The jury is not out on Kaep, but it’s certainly out on Smith.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Huh. That’s not what I thought was happening either. It appeared that receivers weren’t getting open. If Kappy wasn’t seeing them, that’s a bit troubling. Dude’s 6’5″. He should be able to spot guys pretty well.

    • Flavor says:

      this is something I brought up weeks ago. He’s looking down field, buying time, still looking, looking and he finds… one. I think he’s afraid to pull the trigger sometimes. Or maybe the play is unfolding down field too fast for him to react.
      Regardless, it’s a huge concern (for this season) that will get fixed with experience…….

  5. Spitblood says:

    Wow….. Goldson and Whitner named, but no Rogers. That’s exactly right. Iupati, Gore and Staley named, but nobody in our passing attack. Our linebackers are a given. But, that’s the thing…. great safeties, no corners. And great running attack, but no passing attack. I could see Kaep being a Pro Bowler at some point. I could also see Hunter (if he comes back strong from knee surgery) and Jenkins sneaking in there once or twice. Kaep and couple of wide receivers making the Pro Bowl would be nice.

    • Flavor says:

      the Pro Bowl is the dumbest fucking game on the planet. I wouldn’t give even one of those 7 shits you took today to get another guy voted in.
      I went to a Pro Bowl back in the early 90’s, even stayed in the same hotel as the players. Those guys were 100% involved in huntin’ and trollin’ for pussy. That’s it.

  6. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, I went in ’98. notable for Kevin Gogan and Derrick Thomas getting thrown out for fighting.

    Met Chris Berman, Mike Singletary and a few other guys.


    New thread is up.

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