A Win is a Win is a Wizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………..

Color me unimpressed, but the Niners played a very bland ho-hum type game vs a very inferior opponent. I didn’t expect a Sea – AZ type score, but I certainly didn’t see a 6-3 half time score either. In yet another game where Fangio’s defense decided to give a young QB time in the pocket by strictly rushing 4 guys and playing soft on the outside WRs, the Niners were outplayed in the 1st quarter, and fell behind 3-0. The offense? Well, after the 1st play, a 20 strike from Kappy to Walker, we were generic there as well.  Wake caused a fumble on 3rd and 3 on that opening drive, and it was a struggle the rest of the way. There was a lot of 3 back, 2 WR formations, 2 TE 2 WR formations, and the Niners trying to run, with varying success. Early on, Miami was rushing 5 and getting through.Since the Niners had 2 TEs in there blocking, there was often no one open to throw to. Kappy took a couple needless sacks, but the WRs were covered, and TEs were blocking so he had nowhere to go. VD again spent a lot time in protection. He got 2 looks, and one catch.

The 2nd quarter was much the same. The niners didn’t let Tannehill do anything over 8 yards, and the Niners couldn’t generate much. However, with 3:15 left in the 1st half, the Niners finally took advantage of the 15 yard cusion that Moss got. The Niners quicly got down to the Miami 10 with about 55 seconds left, after LMJ made a nice catch and run in the flat and got OB.  Here is where it got stupid. Kappy inexplicably took a sack out of the shotgun. 8 yard loss.  Tick tick tick. Then Harbaugh dials up a run for a 2 yard loss. Tick tick tick. Then Kappy bascially throws one away with time juuust about gone to stop the clock. Smart, but it shouldn’t have come to that. So, they had a 1st and goal from the 11 and were able to run 2 plays in 55 seconds. Awful.  The time outs were gone of course, as getting plays to the QB in time seems to  be an issue once again.

The second half was punctuated by the muffed punt for a FG, and the 50 yard Kappy run. The Niners finally started dialing up the pressure, and got to Tannehill. Culliver made some nice plays on their deep balls, but Miami has maybe 2 third string WRs at best. Donte Whitner had the pile-drive of the day when he picked up Regggie Bush and body slammed him to the turf. Aldon Smith looked great in getting pressure. There was one play early where A Smith lined up a half-step behind and off of Juston Smith’s right shoulder. I told Garrett, watch A Smith. He’s getting in there. Sure enough, he got through for his 1st sack.

This game, while the Niners had a few big plays, ad a couple nice passes, sure felt like a preseason game. The Niners played their base D for most of the 1st half, and while they stopped the big plays, they let Miami diddle around all over the place. The offense was a staid, boring, pack a bunch of guys on the line and run up the middle thype deal a lot of the time. What was encouraging was they ran out of the shotgun more in the 2nd half. LMJ broke off some nice runs in the 2nd half as the Niner line wore down Miami’s D line. And Kappy’s keeper was nice. It was set up by a run in the 2nd quarter where Kappy handed to Gore, and faked the keeper reverse. The RDE totally committed to the run on the play. Flash forward to the 4th quarter, and they ran the same plsy, with Kappy keeping the ball. The RDE totally bought the fake to Gore, and Kappy was free and clear.

This all plays like the Nolan/Singletary ‘let’s keep it close til the end and hopefully win’ philosophy. These coaches are either playing it close-to-the-vest because of the New England game coming up, or they seriously think they can win in the playoffs with this philosophy. Well, they can’t. Not unless they score 2 or 3 times on defense.  Kappy’s stats look OK, and the numbers all look like a win, but we let a crappy team hang around most of the game. But, if not for the bungled punt, this game could have gone either way. These coaches either have to generate a real offense, or suffer the consequences. The Niners need to really open things up for Kappy. Otherwise, the QB switch is merely window-dressing.

Glaring problems? We gave up way too many 3rd down plays to Miami, and the Niners didn’t do shit on 3rd down. I don’t know the numbers, but Miami must have been close to 50% converting, and the Nners around 15%.

Here are some pics I took of the game.


Opening drive offense – 2 WRs, 3 RBs. Miami rushing 5.


Opening drive defense – Base 3-4. Safeties deep. Bowman on Bush in the slot. Rogers backed out of press before the snap.


Later in the game – 5 rushers. Willis covers the strong side TE, Golsdon moves up to take the slot left WR.


One of the few multi-WR sets of the game on 3rd and one. Didn’t make it.


Kappy throws to Miller for a 2 yard gain. The only 3rd down conversion other than the 50 yard run.


Dixon with a nice run to the one.

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  1. barleyfreak says:

    We’ve been fans in search of an offense for years now. I thought with JH that we’d get one. Is it better than Jimmy Hat? Yes! Is it capable of beating a good defense in the playoffs? I can’t see any evidence that it is. Sure we’ve had some big days, mostly running, and have put up some points on shitty teams (BUF, NYJ), but we’ve looked pedestrian when we shouldn’t. It’s kind of cringe worthy flash forwarding to the playoffs against a D like NYG (when they play us), or SEA (especially in Seattle). Speaking of SEA, that game will be a good test of what kind of offense we can look forward to in the playoffs. Or cover our eyes.

    While it’s true that we’re just a couple Akers close misses from being 11-2, as we and many teams have proved in the past, the RS record is great until it’s not — it’s all about the Playoffs.

    JH/GR have to loosen up. The conservative play-not-to-lose stuff is not going to get us a 6th ring. We all know how brilliant we are in making these assessments, why can’t they figure it out?

  2. Irish Kevin says:

    Hey Chuck, no problem with what happened, maybe next time. I did like the no huddle offense in the 3rd quarter, caused Miami to burn a time out. would have liked to have seen that used more

  3. twinfan1 says:

    From the last thread, 12 asked “why the switch”, and I answered. Harbaugh is still going to rely more on defense, running, and a minimum of mistakes. And with Kappy-as I said- the occasional bolt of lighninmg.He got a 50 yard TD run and a perfectly thrown bomb to Moss. I can’t believe I’m having to defend what they’re doing with Kap.Moss catches that ball-and that was a proper non-call on interference- and Colin is 19 for 24 for 232, two “bolts”, and a QB rating somewhere north of 120. WTF did you want? Try to get a grip, boys. It’s not enough that a guy who could very well be leading the NFL in QB rating in a week is cooling his heels on the bench, now what they’re doing with the #3 in Total QBR isn’t good enough. It was stupid enough to bitch about Smith, now Santa brought Denny an early wet dream for Christmas in Kappy and the bitching escalates.As Denny’s Rocky Mountain Guy says, the most important thing on offense is still having the fucking ball when the play is over. If Colin can continue his relatively error free play and his receivers actually catch the deep throws,the switch will have worked. Yes they can win with this offensive philosophy- the biggest if is Kap being able to keep mistakes down, as he mostly has so far.

    • 12th man says:

      Twin, you’re a guy who can’t see the wood for the trees. Have all the happy happy joy joy stats you like, this team is not beating a good defense with that play calling. You are so impressed with beating second and third tier teams with this methodical style. We know the team can do that, what we don’t know is how they will fare against a good/great defense and we are not learning anything by beating teams we should beat with this safe formula. When are you going to get it?
      All these stats and wins mean nothing in the playoffs against good teams.
      I know, tell me again who is # 3 QBR or what completion percentage, what friggin difference do you think that makes to the Giants D or the Pats in Foxborough?
      This team needed to open things up with Smith under center and that goes double with Kap. Berger was right, I hate the formations they are using with Kap, neutering the guy big time.

  4. rtfirefly says:

    I’ve been playing with Yahoo Playoff Generator today (nothing better to do today except thaw out the Old Mercedes from yesterday’s all day snow and last night’s 0 degrees).
    Just picked on analysis combined with hunches, and here’s what I got:
    New England, Houston, Denver, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh
    Atlanta, San Francisco, Green Bay, Washington, Seattle, Chicago

    1st round matchups would be:
    Steelers @ Broncos (rematch from last year)
    Colts @ Ravens
    Bears @ Packers
    Seahawks @ Redskins

    I love parity.

  5. NoFear49er says:

    Chuck, I didn’t notice Davis in to block a lot. Or anyone else for that matter. I don’t think I saw any six man protections much less seven. I saw a delayed release from Walker or Gore a few times but that was about it for beefed up protections. They sent five about half the time I think and we had trouble blocking four. That’s new. Smith had extra protection most of the time.

    I think Kaep’s been Alexized, or Harbaughed or whatever you want to call it. Hit safe throws and don’t take chances. Lots of short routes. And a new offense. I think we’re looking past Miami and getting some of this new Kaep offense on film.

    Singletary/Raye never ran so few receivers in their games. In the first half only two plays had three WRs. Lots of 2-RB/2-TE sets (22 personnel).

    The “diamond” seems to be the set we were featuring yesterday. College crap if you ask me. Dierdorf called it the read option set, option yes, but there was no reading from it.

    It’s handy in that it puts nine defenders in the box and doesn’t tip its hand to a particular power side. That should force some favorable single matchups on the outside but we rarely exploited that. Making me think it was more to test some of the runs and the effective play actions from them.

    With that set, think pistol with a FB on each side, either or both sides can be a TE, RB, FB. Sometimes Davis was one and he would motion into the slot from it or not.

    I don’t think it worked particularly well against a bottom half defense and we don’t have any college teams on the schedule so what’s the big idea here? Too many players not knowing where to be doesn’t help either.

  6. Alleykat says:

    They have commited 27 penalties the last 3 games(4th in the league overall) that will put you in alot of 3rd and long situations.They have to cleanup their act with those numbers down the stretch and especially come playoff games or it will bite their asses.

  7. unca_chuck says:

    I added some pics on the Niner pics page. The first option in the right hand column.

    I didn’t watch VD on every play, NoFear, but in the early series he was blocking a lot.

    Twin, what do I want? A better showing than struggling at home against a shitty team. More play action. Less of the jumbo packages.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    There were only 6 penalties yesterday. That’s an improvement.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    And yeah, NoFear. A lot of the 3 RBs in the backfield. Problem was they were missing blocks and Kappy was on the run.

  10. unca_chuck says:

    Plusses were definitely seeing Gore get good yards on few carries. He prettty much got a day off, for him.

    LMJ is a keeper. Where the fuck was he last week? He is faster than shit, and he should have been playing in StL. Gore had one screen that was as tough a RAC as you can ever see. LMJ on screens to the outside would be deadly. Seeing the pistol and the no huddle was a refreshing change in the 2nd half.

  11. rtfirefly says:

    Dennis, does this mean I get you in Round 1 of the playoffs with RG III out?
    Can I just say congratulations now?

  12. Chico says:

    Our OL was asleep most of the game.. LMJ, was one slip away from taking that opening kickoff to the house. I agree, get LMJ in space (screens etc), that dude is stupid fast. Kaep knows the pistol — I watched him single handedly kick the crap out of my Cal Bears.. It’s very tough to defend especially if you don’t see it often.

  13. unca_chuck says:

    Wow. in even more interesting news, Brandon Jacobs has been suspended for the final 3 games of the season, thus ending his Niner career. Bad news for the New York Giants as they are desperate for RB help, and can’t sign him as they could have had the Niners simply released him.

  14. unca_chuck says:

    he was trying to get cut, but Harbaugh took the low road.

    • Grumpy Guy says:

      Do not fuck, lest ye be fucked. At least when dealing with Jimbo the Merciless. Harbaugh is a living illustration of ‘Revenge is a dish best served cold’.

  15. twinfan1 says:

    Jacobs has a totally legit beef. Unless we hear that he wasn’t in shape, it’s bullshit to treat a vet like he was a rook with years ahead of him. They wasted a precious year of his caeeer- now it may be his last year.The guy wanted to play..

    • Alleykat says:

      Agree Michael.They totally wasted his season.He was ready to go awhile back and they kept rear-ending him without the Crisco.A two time SB winner deserved alot better.Instead he got corn-holed,and i can understand why he would be PISSED OFF!!
      They brought him in to get those tough yards.on third down and short,yet nevet used him in the role.

  16. Winder says:

    Notice when we call TO’s because there is so much confusion we never come out with a play worth shit. Clock management, timeouts, and challenges need to be delt with in a more productive way. God, I don’t mean to whine about it especially with a win but it would be nice to see a well oiled machine. Oh yeah, Fuck Pete Carroll.

  17. twinfan1 says:

    Did Carroll and Harbaugh have a history before the “What’s your deal” game?

  18. rtfirefly says:

    Does it matter, Twin? You get your boot on the throat of a long respected opponent, and you don’t pull it off until it’s time for the next game.
    Then you do it again.
    I think it’s called competition.

  19. rtfirefly says:

    Twin, 10 seconds, Wonderlic test, can you name the OC and DC of Paul Brown’s great 50’s teams? I know you know the answer; you got to watch one of them when you were young.
    It’s called competition.

  20. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, I’ve said it all year. I have no idea what the thought process is around Brandon Jacobs. He apparently came to camp in great shape. He said the best shape in 4 seasons, He was playing well in preseason and got hurt. As near as I can tell, he was ready to play by around week 6. He got stonewalled, and then the hilarity started.

    Maybe Harbaugh has a thing for guys having the temerity to get injured.

  21. Winder says:

    definitely a strange situation and seems to be a waste of time for all concerned. I would think that Jacobs being a free agent at this time could cause us some potentially serious trouble

  22. twinfan1 says:

    As far as the offene, Harbaugh didn’t say anything in his presser that would lead one to believe it will change…
    “-Q: Frank Gore was saying that the offense with Kaepernick is really the same, just you do more read option. Is it essentially the same?

    -HARBAUGH: That’s one take. I think for the most part it’s the same offense, don’t know that it’s dramatically different. I’d concur with Frank.”

    Game plans always change depending on the opponent, but it’s like I said, what Kawakami
    is calling “Alex Smith-Plus”. We haven’t seen a whole heckuva lot of the plus part yet, if Moss catches the deep one, it would have been 2 of that “plus”. At NE we may see more of that, might have to,

  23. rtfirefly says:

    Time’s up. I know Twin watched the former OC Vince Lombardi and maybe met him.
    The DC was Tom Landry.
    I think they had rivalry that helped the league and was great fun to watch.

  24. twinfan1 says:

    I met Lombardi many times…
    Trying a two point conversion when up 48-21 is not “competition”.That’s why I asked if there was a history..

  25. rtfirefly says:

    And Twin, I was dead wrong. Carroll’s team did beat Harbaugh’s once. I don’t generally follow college football unless I want to make stupid scouting reports that sometimes are right on.
    Ask Carroll about that 58-0?
    You want to beat my team, you outscore us.
    I believe that’s the answer to your original question.

    • twinfan1 says:

      Do you mean Seattle 58-AZ 0 Sunday? I don’t recall a Stanford-USC game like that.

      • rtfirefly says:

        Why did Petey run the score up in the pros? A prick, perhaps?

      • twinfan1 says:

        AZ fumbled 5 times, Skelton threw 4 picks. Carroll pulled most starters in the 3rd quarter. And that doesn’t address Carrol/Harbaugh anyway.

      • rtfirefly says:

        I thought I answered your question already. If I didn’t, I’ll try again tomorrow. Gonna be a long very cold night again tonight.
        I’ll pick fights in the spring after I defrost.

      • twinfan1 says:

        You answered a question about history betwen Carroll and Harbaugh in college by talking about Carroll and Whisenhunt in the pros.? i think you’ll need an extra comforter tonight, RT. Sleep well.

      • rtfirefly says:

        Did I mention Whizzy?
        Thanks, when it gets this cold you just huddle up with a friend and wait for it to pass.
        Hard to sleep, though. Been rereading Jack London’s “To Build a Fire”.
        New Mexico is great if you live through the winter.
        Comforters are warm, though.

  26. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Thursday night I got to watch Peyton Manning play quarterback and tonight it’s Tom Brady. Christmas come early for the Heat Miser.

    • rtfirefly says:

      So, do the UFO Coyotes make the playoffs and how does that work? I’ll be missing RG III.

      • Del Mar Dennis says:

        Nothing’s final at the moment as many active players still going here on MNF. BUT it looks like if you hang onto your lead and if Berger doesn’t get 100 pts from Brady (he just might) your Coyotes will make the playoffs based on most pts. scored throughout the entire season. That’s the tiebreaker.

  27. Grumpy Guy says:



    So Jimbo beats Petey one year, Petey doesn’t like it, and comes back and runs it up a bit on Harbs the next year. Year Three, Harbs unleashes the Kraken. And so, “What’s Your Deal?”

    Two competitive, not very nice guys who don’t much like each other, I’d say.

    • twinfan1 says:

      45-23 and *rushing* for 240+ yards in the second half is piling it on? Lessee, Passing=piling it on. Rushing=piling it on. I guess they could have punted on first downs.

    • twinfan1 says:

      That was the “What’s your Deal” game. I asked if there was any history before that. The 45-23 game was what Grumpy said was the history. I didn’t think it was a hard question but RT responded about a game YESTERDAY and GG cites the 45-23 game where Carroll’s team rushed for 240 yards in the second half. Maybe someone else has an idea of what a coach should do if passing *or* rushing is considered piling it on. Play the cheerleaders?

  28. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Son of a bitch. Brady and his Pats are in rare form tonight. We should save the trouble of packing and air travel and just take the L next week and stay home. We could use the extra time practicing getting the plays off in time.

    • rtfirefly says:

      Peyton tore the Texan defense apart in the the 4th qtr of their game.
      This fake PI call that made it go from 14-0 to 21-0 didn’t hurt.
      They get calls like that against the Niners it will be a long game. They have to hit Brady early and often.
      You didn’t answer my question about your Yahoo league.

  29. NoFear49er says:

    Brady says SWatt who.

    Think we can put up four TDs in a half next week with that college inverted wishbone option game?

    At least we can run outside zones around Wilfork now.

  30. Alleykat says:

    New England is “Steamrolling” the Texans 21-0 ,2nd quarter,Brady 3 TD passes.You can bet this next game in NE,will be high octane battle.The Niners better bring some new wrinkles on their offense if they want to hang.Of.course a great D can help keep it in check.

  31. unca_chuck says:

    Getting phantom PI calls helps. It doesn’t look that cold in RI tonight.

  32. unca_chuck says:

    I haven’t seen Schaub much. but he looks like crap tonight.

  33. Winder says:

    Nice picts chuck.

  34. twinfan1 says:

    I think NE getting beat at home tonight would bode worse for us than this.

  35. unca_chuck says:

    Well, w’d better come up with something better than the wishbone and the passive defense. The whole 1st half yesterday was an exercise in blah.

    • twinfan1 says:

      Chuckles, you know that game plans differ with the opponent. What surprises me is how anyone could have expected the QB switch to go any better than it has.

  36. unca_chuck says:

    Brady’s getting thumped pretty good. Surprised he didn’t get the helmet-to-helmet call there.

  37. rtfirefly says:

    You have to abandon the 2 deep. It won’t work against Brady next Sunday night.
    1 deep to defend the run and that 1 is Goldson.
    Everybody else has to hit, wear out the Pats OL, and go for Brady.
    Who can run back to help double that great receiver. It’s going to have to be a backer.

  38. rtfirefly says:

    We have the corners. We have the line. We have the backers.
    Playing conservatively on defense against the Patriots right now is not a good idea.
    Blitz from every direction.
    If the Niners lose 96-0 with that gameplan, well at least Pete will have something to worry about.

    • NoFear49er says:

      Might be better off against Brady and Belichick on the road to stick with line stunts and games than to bring a DB and leave a hole in the coverage. A linebacker dog or two through the A gaps might work though the way Brady instinctively steps up. I’d think our biggest concern will be giving up the big play and keeping Goldson home against the play action.

      • rtfirefly says:

        Brady is deadly when he can get set and throw. Just cannot let him get time to do that.
        He can’t run.
        Rush him and rush him hard with as many guys as it takes.

  39. unca_chuck says:

    Gruden, you’ve said the ;he makes you play left-handed’ enough already.

  40. twinfan1 says:

    Brady is a great blitz QB. Be prepared to to pay the price if going after him. With all the talk about Smith and his short shit, Brady is king of the check down- he’s going get his completions- we need to tackle.and make it hurt. Legally..

  41. rtfirefly says:

    Brady was the best in the league at buying time to throw downfield.
    He is still great behind that O-line.
    The Niners have to take chances, early and often. Cuz Wade Phillips’ defense was behind 14-0 before they knew what hit them.

  42. unca_chuck says:

    Pressure up the middle helps against Brady. He slides around the pocket well enough, but he needs to be pushed backwards,

  43. philippinefan says:

    IF we play milque-toast against Billy-cheat we are fucked. IF the D coord Fangio waits fer what is to come. IF we graciously allow Tom B to skin us alive–he will. Sack the mofo!

    I know that’s easy to say.

    So CAN we mix it up? Or No? Same old SCO? Look I’ve already gone on record as saying we suffer from coaching brain lock, I’m not the only one.

    Will Bo Stop being Bo? Actually no. Bo will insist on being BO S. How many championships did he win?? Good luck Jimbo.

    It gives me NO pleasure to say we are not gonna get ‘er done my friends.

    Prove me wrong, I’ll be great with that

  44. Irish Kevin says:

    Okay, two things, Colin Cowherd, just said that the NE and Seattle will beat the niners. MORE offense and good defenses. Which I agree, those teams don’t have the Niners defense, but those two teams have three times the offense the Niners have. easily. Until the Niners coaches realize this is a PASSING league, they will continue to pass when needed and run, run, run the ball. which IMO is stupid, stupid, stupid!! The teams that beat the Niners, and I mean the good teams, Minn, NY Giants, ST L, all had QB’s that could and did pass the ball DOWN the field!! Shit Last Nigth Brady lit it up, and another thing Bill put his foot on the Texan’s throat and crushed the life out of them. He didn’t go oh were up at the half lets go to the run. No, in fact when the Texans did finally score, Brady came back out PASSING the ball down the field to negate that score. Even if the Niners D is able to hold the Pats to oh say 24 points (ha ha ha ha ha) damn I can hardly type that with a straight face. anyway, I don’t see Harbaugh opening up the offense to keep pace, he will stick with what he thinks is good football, run, run, and run somemore. I am putting my score out there right now. Niners 13 – Pats 35.

  45. unca_chuck says:

    Grump, it especially works against guys like Brady, and say, Manning. Guys who aren’t going to break contain and throw on the run, or rip off a 50 yard scramble. We will get pressure from the edges. The middle has to get a push upfield.

    The point being, if the Niners get pressure from the edges, but let Brady step up, we’ll get killed.

    Kevin, the Niners aren’t going to win any shootouts with Brady. The Niners need to control the ball. Which means run. i wasn’t crazy about the play calling the other day, but it serves a purpose when playing the Pats. What the Niners need to do is get LMJ involved in screens and delays. Send the WRs med to long to open up the underneath. Have VD block and release for passes up the middle. Getting any kind of run game going will help on play action.

    They are getting killed by penalties. Although their 6 last week was a recent low. The helmet to helmet call on Bowman was terrible (I watched the game last night). Bowman didn’t lower his head to hit Tannehill. Not sure how you get your head out of the way when you come in standing up. He’s supposed to bend his head backwards?

    • Irish Kevin says:

      I disagree, teams still know that the Niners are run heavy, So Defenses still play close to the line to contain the run. I would love to see that deep pass to Moss at least once a quarter, even if it is not a completion it will loosen up the front D. right now the Niners use the deep pass so inconsistanly that other teams aren’t afraid of it. This is where the coaching mind set needs to change. Better start with NE now rather than get to the playoffs and have no alternative game plan.

  46. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up . . .Yeah they need to take their shots deep. This is true every game.

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