Lucky Thirteen

Well, I’m hoping for an entertaining win for game 13.  Mainly because I’m taking my son, shelling out some hard (yeah, really) earned scratch, and making the drive all the way to the house that Stoneham built. Yes, the Stick, the Stinkhole, the mudpit, nee Monster Park. Site of many many MANY football games in my life.

Last game I saw was the Seattle game on Dec 12th vs Seattle. Near the end of Aluminum Mike Singletary’s tenure. The Niners trounced Seattle  40-21. No contest. However, I’ll never forget the 1st time I went to the Stick for a football game. They had the ever-lime-green and deadly astroturf installed for the ‘coronation’ of the 49ers moving to Candlestick from Kezar in 1971, after closing the rim around the stadium, which previously was open in the outfield. They might as well have played in the parking lot for all the padding there was on that field. It was the Minnesota game the last week of the 1972 season. Steve Spurrier (the man who cursed the #11) quarterbacked the Niners to the brink of the playoffs but they needed a win to get in.  All he could muster thru 3 quarters was 6 points, and the Niners were down 17-6. In stepped John Brodie, who had been hurt and had missed the previous 8 games.  He calmly and coolly led 2 4th quarter scoring drives. One to Gene Washington on a 25 yard strike, and the 2nd being a post route to Dick Whitcher as time was winding down. Luckily we were sitting in the south end zone, where the 4th quarter TDs took place. The place went nuts as the Niners made the playoffs. I’ll conveniently end the good feelings here.

So, flash forward to now, and . . . ?  Are we on the brink on another new age of dominant 49er football? Will the decision to start KaepernicK be forever called Harbaugh’s folly? Will it be his downfall? Will Harbaugh switch back to Smith if the Miami game doesn’t go well? Strange days indeed. And to coin a phrase from Mr. Mojo Risin, with a Miner 49er  connection, weird scenes inside the gold mine. . .

Go Niners! And go Kappy!

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  1. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Go back and read my posts on draft day when I heard LaMichael James’ name called in the 2nd round. I watch more Pac-12 football than anyone of you except maybe Berger, and we watch the games togther via the phone. We know our Pac-12 shit. James is the real deal.

    • snarkk says:

      He can definitely play. I like the options that he brings for quick hitters and outside runs. I guess it was a numbers game for him to get in. Now, the numbers dwindled a bit, so he’s got his shot. I’d like to see more of him, so he can get into a flow before the playoffs; hell, before the Seattle game…

  2. Grumpy Guy says:

    3rd and five.

  3. Grumpy Guy says:

    LMAO. Well that’s one way to do it.

  4. Elmo says:

    That’s why Colin is starting.

  5. philippinefan says:


  6. twinfan1 says:

    That works. Alex even smiled.

  7. Del Mar Dennis says:


    How bout bout pistol offense courtesy of Nevada? Go Wolf Pack!!!!

  8. NoFear49er says:

    Like I said, 4 minute or Kaep runs in a keeper.

  9. Alleykat says:

    Nothing like a 50yard run by the Kapster to seal the deal!! Yowzer!!!

  10. Grumpy Guy says:

    Well shit. I called the 27 for the 49ers, but the Phins look to be 4 short.

  11. snarkk says:

    The Niner kick coverage continues to suck game to game. Seely was supposed to be a star; well, his star is dimming, they need to step it up in that coverage…

  12. philippinefan says:

    14 point spread making barleyfreak and phil look like freakin’ geniuses for a couple minutes anyway

  13. Winder says:

    Great play call.

  14. Alleykat says:

    The Kapster makes plays Alex can only dream about.Alex couldn’t run 50 to the clubhouse at halftime.

  15. NoFear49er says:

    Chuck took his banjo to the game?

  16. Del Mar Dennis says:

    It’s funny. Alex and I have the same haircut. I’m sans the beard, but we’re simpatico with what’s on top. And we’re the same with what’s in the top. I scored a 40 myself on the Wonderlic. Momma raised no dummy.

  17. twinfan1 says:

    Going into the NE and Seattle games, this was big. IMO, best game since Chicago for Kap.

  18. snarkk says:

    Well, they won this game, but the offense was again not stellar. Kap has good stats, but nothing really breaking out. He brings that kind of long run to the table, but the play calling for him seems to me still hesitant, maybe they don’t believe he can find the reads well yet, and maybe he’s not as the league adapts to him. The D today was not up to its usual snuff, they were on the field too long. Play like this next week, and Brady will have a field day…

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      Snarrk, I’m in the dark here. Would you rather have Alex still as the starter? I’m not sure.

      • Winder says:

        snark – I actually saw shades of Singletary with the sideline crap and play calling by Harbaugh. Kinda confusing.

  19. Del Mar Dennis says:

    27-13 Final. Frank the Cat called 31-13. That’s close enough for some more fish tonight.
    Frank loves his fish ‘n shrimp. Go Frank!!!

  20. Grumpy Guy says:

    Nice game, still not hitting on all cylinders offensively though.

    The next two weeks are going to be as tough as it gets. With playoff seeding at stake.

  21. snarkk says:

    To me, the nice surprise of the day was that LMJ looks like a useful player. That’s good news. Hope Dobbs is not badly hurt…

  22. Del Mar Dennis says:

    I’m still NOT completely pleased with Jimbo’s offensive philosophy and use of the play calling. I think he puts our QB, be it Kap or Alex in a no-win situation on too many occasions. As a former NFL former QB himself, Jimbo should know better. His pride and stubbornness clouds his judgment. I hope to hell it doesn’t cost us in the playoffs.


  23. NoFear49er says:

    Not very smooth though. 3rd down conversions sucked. No passing TDs. Penalties again a problem. Not all opponents are that forgiving of mistakes.

  24. Flavor says:

    well, we got lucky with some dumbshit play by Miami. Kap’s run saved him from a below average performance today. I’ve said they should run Kap more not less and they finally started doing it near the end of the game. It’s stupid to NOT run plays that he excels at. He’s a runner, probably the best running QB in the league besides Bobby Griffin. And if he gets hurt who cares? We have an elite QB ready to take the reigns……..

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      Are you calling Alex Smith an “elite QB?”
      What time do you open up at the Punch Line? You’re one funny motherfucker. Alex Smith an elite quarterback? Rodney Dangerfield and Mel Brooks are shaking their heads and looking for the nearest ledge to take their best Greg Louganis dive. I’ve patterned my comedy and have had the pleasure of meeting those two comedic geniuses in my lifetime. I know my drunken ass told those stories a time or two or six or seven here on the blogs. I’ll spare everyone tonight. Think of Mark Roth picking up the 7-10 split. That was one helluva spare pickup.

  25. twinfan1 says:

    Harbaugh is just playing it as he always has. As long as Kap avoids mistakes, as he has so far, they have a good shot in the postseason.
    I agree that LMJ was impressive. And loved how Dixon pounded it on his carries.

  26. twinfan1 says:

    Harbaugh wants to pound it on the ground, low risk passing, tough defense. He think Kap adds explosiveness. He’s shown flashes of that but mostly it’s been the no mistake part that’s carried the day. And at 3-1 as a starter, I’m not bitching about it.

  27. Flavor says:

    made some sort of DJLoo contact today. CHeck out The Flap if you want more info……..

  28. Del Mar Dennis says:

    I want a show of hands. Who still thinks Alex should be our QB?

    • Flavor says:

      after the last couple of below average QB performances, aside from his running td, I don’t support the QB change. So if you’re asking for a show of hands, you can count my middle finger directed towards you as a *yea*.
      Now, if they are going to start running Kap more then I would change my vote to a *nay* because I think that’s clearly the best part of his game and if they’re gonna start utilizing that strength then I’m supportive of continuing to play him.
      Otherwise, it’s time to go back to the BETTER quarterback……..

  29. Alleykat says:

    Im all in for Kappy.He makes this team more dervisifed.Crabtree stats alone with.
    9 catches today proves who gets the most production out of him.They have great chemistry going right now and he is the #1go to guy and will be All-pro and play in the pro-bowl IMO…

    • twinfan1 says:

      Crabtree was Smith’s go to guy as as well. You Smaters always pick the guy with the most catches in a game and pretend they’ve been freed, It’s bullshit, of course.What happened to VD? Wasn’t he the guy? 3 catches for 19 yards in the last 3 games. I think he be back in the joint…it’s cool to be behind Kap, he’s been fine. But he hasn’t proven he gets the most out of anybody.

      • Flavor says:

        Shit, if we are just talking about passing, then it has been unequivocally proven that Kap has been WORSE than Alex. If you look at their last 2 games here are the passing stats:
        Kap: 39 of 55 for 393 yards, no TDs no INT’s
        Smith: 25 for 27 for 304 yards 4td’s no INT’s
        Now, as Twin said and anyone with a brain can’t disagree with this: If you are replacing the QB who led your team to a 20-6 record, you HAVE to replace him with someone who is at least BETTER than him. Aside from the running plays that he doesn’t do enough of, it’s impossible to argue that Kap has been a better passer than Smith over these last two games……..

  30. twinfan1 says:

    Although it obviously can’t be proven, I think they have the same record with either. Offensively, they aren’t scoring better than they were with Smith- 8 offensive TDs in Kap’s 4 starts.The next games will be a real test for Kap and the team.

  31. 12th man says:

    LMJ is the real deal. If the play calling is going to stay like this they should put Alex back in, he is more efficient in this scheme.

  32. Flavor says:

    The LMJ shit makes no sense to me. It can’t just be about his blocking, can it? I watched this cat run wild in his college career and have posted here more than once that he is the fastest running back I’ve ever seen play. Jacobs is pitching a bitch-fit on twitter and I can understand his frustration but I also get why he’s not playing–other guys are better.
    And while I can dig Kendall Hunter playing in front of LMJ because of his experience and blocking abilities, it doesn’t make any sense to me why LMJ wasn’t activated last week when Hunter wasn’t playing and we could have used him v the Lambs.
    I emailed Chuck my question about the open/covered receivers downfield when Kap is staring and staring. Are the open? Are the covered? Without the benefit of watching the field during the play, we don’t know.
    Hopefully, he wasn’t too drunk to determine this. 🙂

    • NoFear49er says:

      We’ll have the coaches film Tuesday in either case and can analyze any and every play in question.

      Somehow I think only a negative answer will satisfy though.

      • Flavor says:

        they make the coaches film available to the public? Huh, didn’t know that. Do they also forward the playbook to the opposing team the week before they play them?
        I’d trust Chuck’s perspective on this WAY before I’d trust the double-talk-no-talk of Harbaugh…….

  33. NoFear49er says:

    Colin Kaepernick has posted a QBR of 70+ in three consecutive starts, a feat that Alex Smith never accomplished in the past five seasons. Over that three-game span, Kaepernick’s +10.7 is the highest QB grade handed out by Pro Football Focus. NFL Films analyst Greg Cosell insists Kaepernick “did not play poorly by any stretch” in the loss at St. Louis. In other words, don’t listen to any of the talking heads second-guessing one of the smartest coaching staffs in the NFL.

    • twinfan1 says:

      Others disagree with Cosell, of course. And ESPN has confessed to a flaw in their rating system that doesn’t penalize a clusterfuck like Kap’s “Pitch to Nowhere”. But never mind- the decision to sit Smith was wrongo and sitting Kap would be just as wrong.Benching TWO QBs who did nothing to lose their jobs might be an unheard of “two-fer”.

      • NoFear49er says:

        You keep saying Kaep is worse than Alex but you won’t quantify it. As a way, I suppose, to keep your argument alive regardless of how it goes with Kaep starting.

        Kaep is 3-1 W-L,
        133,91,84,100 – QBR
        98,72,82,64 – Total QBR

        What’s worse about it?

        You insist on belittling Kaep’s playing even while claiming you’re being complimentary and rooting for him. What’s your deal?

      • Flavor says:

        I already *qualified* it in an earlier post. Strictly from as passing standpoint, over the last 2 games, it’s not even close. Smith was better……

      • NoFear49er says:

        That’s cherry-picking. If you want to cherry-pick though, Alex posted a QBR of 24.8 and 35.3 in weeks 6 and 7. When Kaep stinks it up that bad for two games in a row then he’ll be on the ‘take the bench’ watch, too.

        Find four consecutive games where Smith has bettered Kaep for the group. I already posted there haven’t been three and Kaep didn’t hurt his cause today.

      • twinfan1 says:

        Fear is suddenly a stat geek. But what’s hilariously and pathetically hypocritical is that by his professed standard where if QB play is criticized, one must be rooting against the QB and therefore the team, he’s been rooting against the Niners for years…

  34. NoFear49er says:

    Just as the sun will come up in the AM fan1 reverts to the whining little weasel bullshit. I’ve been saying for years that Alex Smith sucks. He does. That’s not the same as rooting against the team you ignorant asshole.

    And quit being such an infantile crybaby. When you’re wrong, you’re wrong. Learn to deal with not being omniscient without crying so much.

    • twinfan1 says:

      Shut your racist ass up.Kap has received totally fair critcism and totally fair praise. But the wisdom of the switch is hardly proven either way.You’re such a dumb fuck you don’t even realize his QB rating is lower than Smith’s.
      And yes., by your standard as you apply it any criticism at all towards Kap, you have been rooting against your team.

      • Flavor says:

        Actually, I don’t think Kap has received a fair criticism at all. He’s not moving the ball (unless he’s running it) or scoring points. He hasn’t thrown a td pass in 2 straight games. How many of the Smith haters would be pleased with 0 td throws in two straight games? And yet there wasn’t a peep out of any of you about it—just a bunch of panty-wringing about *bad schemes*. Haha, what a joke…….

  35. 12th man says:

    I didn’t say the switch was wrong, Kap has tools Smith doesn’t. I said “in this scheme”. I don’t see the point in playing inside 20yds with Kap. Smith is as good as it gets if that’s what you want from your offense. The notion that nobody is open deep is crap. They will be open if you scheme them open. Niners are not, they are scheming to keep 2 outlet guys inside of 20 yds of LOS so nobody gets open deep with a safety over the top.
    Handcuffing Kap is not opening the offense.
    LMJ is as electric as he was in college, criminal if is not utilized going forward.

  36. Flavor says:

    discussing passing stats for a quarterback is cherry picking? Good to know where you’re at with that dumb ass argument and good night to you……..

  37. 12th man says:

    Hope you had a great day today Chuck. A lot more fun taking kids to a winning game!

    • Flavor says:

      and what a day it was. Fantastic weather for this time of year. If you coulda guaranteed me that I could have gotten out of the parking lot in an hour I would have gone to the game, too.
      But something tells me CHuck is still sitting in his car…… 🙂

  38. twinfan1 says:

    I think the tenor of the prevailing anti-Smith argument was best displayed by Denny with his Smith sucks cock comment..
    I’d love for Fear to point out one these monstrously unfair comments I made about Kap’s perfomance today. Saying he was quietly having a good game? Saying it’s was his best since Chicago? Saying Moss should have had the bomb?
    Fact is, no one has been unfair about evaluating Kap. Certainly nothing will ever rival trashing Smith after the AZ game..

    • Flavor says:

      I agree with all of this and just posted something about it a few posts up. Kap had a great run today (as he did last week) but what is he doing as the quarterback of the team to lead them? He’s doing a lot of *staring* downfield and he’s bailing out when there’s some pressure (and then throwing the ball out of bounds).
      But he really isn’t doing a lot of that weird thing a qb is supposed to do. Like, actually pass the ball and throw touchdowns.
      I know, I know, *bad schemes*—they’re a conundrum, ain’t they?

    • 12th man says:

      Kap makes good “safe” decisions now. Except for the big run you could have changed the shirt from 7 to 11 and not skipped a beat. This co-ordinator has tamed his instincts down to the level that I don’t understand what the point of the QB change was. I am not saying wing it all day but 2 games in a row and all inside 20 yds.

  39. Flavor says:

    well, we’ll see about those open (or closed) passing lanes when Chuck checks in. I mean, he’s got to get out of the parking lot first.
    Chuck, my two questions for you are 1) did Kap miss any open receivers when he had time to throw and 2) How many days did it take you to get out of the Candlestick parking lot?
    I’ll take your answers some time next week……

    • 12th man says:

      What I am saying Flav is not that Kap is missing deep open receivers geneally, but that the scheme is so conservative there are little to no deep open receivers.
      I would put LMJ in the slot and Gore in the backfield with Moss and Crabs. If 3 wides put AJ in.

  40. twinfan1 says:

    I’d consider it pretty much a given that Brady will be throwing and Kap will have to. Easily his biggest test so far.

  41. 12th man says:

    And split backs.

  42. unca_chuck says:

    Fucking gorgeous day out there today. Almost ruined by some asinine play calling. Miday through the 3rd, and it really was a Jimmy Raye flashback. And, no, Flav, Kappy didn’t miss open guys. Miami was doing a lot like what the rams did. Kept everything underneath, and they got pressure. He held the ball too long some times, but we ran a LOT of 2 WR sets, and when they are covered, there’s nowhere to go with the ball.

    The D came out very soft as well. Instead of us daring him to go deep, we rushed 4 and let the short stuff go. Tannehil had the underneath open all day. It wasn’t until late in the 3rd quarter that the Niners started blitzing and getting consistent pressure.

    3rd down conversion rate was awful. Both lines were beaten early. Esp the O line. VD was blocking most of the day, I think he had one look , a drop.

    Frankly, this was another bad day for the coaches. This was a lot like the Minn game in that instead of bringing the pressure to a rookie who has thrown a lot of picks, we sat back and let him dink and dunk.They ran pretty well early as well. The run game was the real bright spot. Kappy/Crabs worked well. Play calling to close the 1st half was atrocious. Kappy shouldn’t have taken the sack, but the run play was idiotic with no timeouts.

    This is a team the Niners should have run away from, but the offense is WAY too conservative. These 2 WR sets just beg for teams to rush 5 and pack the box. Spread shit out, and you might get some time to throw.

    • 12th man says:

      That is how it looked on TV to me too. No way we beat good teams with this play calling. We should be putting good shit on film against teams like the fins, instead it’s “same as it ever was”.

  43. phil fan says:

    Nice to see you Man and Chuck.

    Sooo, I’m getting that the coaching sucks the big one on O = play calling, conservative, 2 WR sets for example, VD blocking all day, “prevent defense”, shitty line play on O and D, no pressure D until late.

    Gentlemen our problems run deeper than who starts at QB. Is it Kap or Alex? Naw fergit that shit, Roman pulls the scepter of Doom outta his ass as I predicted. Fangio follows that script until he gets serious. Look we have Bo Schembechler fer a head coach. Bo fucking schembechler (sp?) will never be Bill Walsh, not even close. 20% of BWs talent.

    Not looking good with the Singletron II coaching scheme. Playoffs? Playoff? Maybe one and done after NE and Sea.

    What am I missing?

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      I dunno. I sure in the hell hope it’s not your two front teeth. That’s all I want for Christmas. ALVIN!!!

      • philippinefan says:

        Lol, I asked fer that I guess. Well you want us to PASS THE GODDAMN BALL and FIRE BO’S ASS but sadly I don’t think we’re going to get either one fer Xmas.

        Bo will Not Be Fired with an 9-3-1 record after the pack of Neanderthals we are used to around here. Unlike Alex who was shit canned with a better record than that… Nevermind… No a smoother, gliber Neanderthal “Bo Harbaugh” will reign until Pete Carroll exacts his long overdue revenge and then some.

        You see my friend we are suffering under (not the dumbass curse of da Maya) but the far worse fate of the Post Bill Walsh Dynasty Syndrome, aka PBWDS. Please do not confuse with WMDs because they are close relatives.

        It may be heresy to scoff at Bo’s great record compared to the recent Neandertalz around here BUT (and it’s a huge But) let’s face it “BO AIN’T BILL”. And he never ever will be in one million years

        Playoffs? I don’t think so.

  44. Del Mar Dennis says:

    I’m watching the Niner postgame replay on CSNBA. They were talking to Joe Staley. He spit his dip (Skoal?) into a plastic water bottle in the middle of his interview. He’s my new hero.

    Bring back Walt Garrison!

  45. Del Mar Dennis says:

    The wise guys have set the early line for next week’s Sunday night tilt with the Pats and the soon to be future president of the United States, Tom Brady, at NE -3 O/U 48.
    The next Ronald Reagan of our great land only has to lay 3?
    It’s Bedtime for Bonzo!

  46. Grumpy Guy says:

    Early prediction: the Pats beat us in New England. 38-31ish. Setting up our showdown with Pete the Cheat and the Temple of Doom, for the division title.

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      We’ll now be playing “Pete the Cheat” under the lights. Our game has been moved into prime time on Sunday night.

  47. twinfan1 says:

    12 asked:
    “So what was the point of the switch?”
    The last TD of the the game…and the pass Moss dropped
    . In other words, the occasional bolt of lightning. As to the play callinng- it’s the same play calling that’s now 23-7-1. As long as Kappy avoids a lot of turnovers, it’s pretty much the same as they were getting from Alex, with more big play potential.I understand the disappointment, there was an unrealistic expectation of a Montana/Bradshaw/Douglass hybrid once Kap took the helm. But how it’s worked out so far is actually far better than Harbaugh or any knowledgeable observer could have dreamt.


      Next two games Colin Kaepernick will face two defenses geared to fool and confuse him
      due to his inexperience will Bellichick and Carroll.

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      Randy Moss can continue to rot in hell. He nullified my call that we’d score a TD on a flea-flicker. I had it on good authority from an inside source we were going to run that play. That’s, OK. I don’t want to look like a genius all the time. 99.5% is showing off enough.

    • Berger says:

      TF- I don’t thik 12th is saying to go back to Smith as much as he is asking why the same old Sardine Can Offense(SCO) with a more dynamic QB. For those on this sight that don’t know, the SCO is named for formations so tight they fit into a sardine can. The purpose is to allow the other team to stack the box and stop the running game. Since there are only one or two receivers as options to throw to, if they are covered the next step is a sack. It results in poor 3rd down conversion rates and gets the opposing offense on the field so the defense can wear them out.

      You bring up a good point but I agree with the question being posed by 12th and I would imagine he agrees we should keep Kaep in but improve the play calling. The only thing that stops me from being upset at Harbaugh is his win/loss record. As long as he keeps winning it is hard to be too upset.

  48. unca_chuck says:

    They ostensably brought in Kappy for his better deep passing game, and we aren’t using it. 23-7-1 is all well and good til we hit the playoffs and fall beihnd early. Then we’re fucked and it’s over. What galls me is this offense is still really Singlatery’s. If Harbaugh made the switch because of Kappy, then he should USE him differently.

    Put in 3-4 WR sets. Not the fucking jumbo package and 2 WR sets that we saw so much of yesterday. I get that we won, but early in the 4th, the fucking Dolphins were still in the game. The DOLPHINS. They have a shit offense that we let dink and dunk us for 3 quarters, and we couldn’t score against the 27st ranked defense. We didn’t put points on the board because Harbaugh likes to use linemen for TEs, and linemen for FBs. I’m surprised we didn’t see Soap line up as a split end. This is getting to the point of being ridiculous.

    And the point really is, Why make the switch if you are going to simply check down all day. It seems to me like Harbaugh is STRESSING to Kappy to play it safe. Check it down. ‘What would Alex do?’ The problem is, I can tell what they are going to do when they line up. Like Singletary, it’s here’s our play. Stop us. Well, for 3 quarters, they did. The Dolphions have a decent D line, but again, we play into their strength by not using more WRs and not packing the line.

  49. unca_chuck says:

    It’s not an ‘unrealistic expectation’ to use Kappy to his strengths. Just like I was pissed at Nolan and Singletary for not using more spread formations with Smith, Harbaugh is doing the same shit with Kappy.

  50. Irish Kevin says:

    Like said after the first 2 or 3 games, Harbaugh has fooled everyone into thinking he has changed the offense, he has called a few deep passes that have connected, but then goes right back to the run. Depending on how you look at it, but if it was not for the Niners D, the NO game is a loss. IMO same way yesterday, If special teams had not gotten that fumble at the 6 yard game, yesterdays game could have been a loss. What I am waiting for is the niners down by 14 points late in the game. see how creative Harbaugh can be. It was nice to see the no huddle offense. forced Miami to take a time out. I don’t need trick plays. I want to see what Chuck wants to see, 4 WR’s and Gore all by his lonesome in the back field. I don’t want V Davis staying in to block. I want him runnine free.

  51. dirtnrocksnomo says:

    Maybe going into the NE game Harbaugh didn’t want to show too much on the offensive side knowing Belichick is drwaing up a defensive plan to make Kaepernick’s head spin.

    • snarkk says:

      I’m was thinking that post-game yesterday, and hopefully it is true. Maybe they figured they had Miami, so they weren’t going to open much up and let Mr. Hoodie look at film all week to scheme against Kap. The NE defense is better this year than last, and they still made it to the SB. No doubt our D will be one of, if not the best Brady’s faced all season, so they shouldn’t be scoring 40 on us. But, Roman better be breaking out some mid and deep pass plays. I can’t see running Gore 20 times for a 3 yard average and 2 of 12 or so 3rd down conversions. That would spell a pretty big loss. I think the Niners have a shot to win this one, if they gear up the offense some, and they’ll have to…

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