Bloated, Battered, Beached, and Benched?

Made it through Thanksgiving, fatter, slower, and safely parked on the couch. I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving as well. As far as the 49ers go, last I heard, from Greg Roman, is that there has been no decision made, and both guys are getting resp as the starter. And Smith still hasn’t been cleared to play.

In other words, same as it ever was . . .

So, what do you guys think? Go with Alex if cleared? Go with Cappy for one game? Go with Cappy til he fails?

I still feel the same. Give Smith one more game off. Go with Smith going forward.

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126 Responses to Bloated, Battered, Beached, and Benched?

  1. unca_chuck says:

    And, in more unsubstantiated disimformation, Donte Whitner said on the Dan Patrick show that Cappy gets the start vs NO.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    Yet more unsubstantiated info from a team ‘source.’ Smith cleared to play. Team goes with Cappy.

    Again, I’ll wait til I hear from the team.

  3. 12th man says:

    I believe Kap will start Sunday and unless he stinks is the starter going forward. Harbs resurrected a broken QB in Alex and got him to the level of play we see now. At the same time he drafted Kap who came from a wacky college system and has converted him to an under center, pocket passing QB as well as the other attributes Kap has naturally got.
    If Harbs is making this decision it is for good reasons, the guy is a winner and a former QB, the only such head coach in the league I think. He knows exactly what he is doing.

    If it turns out that Kap is the starter going forward I feel bad for Alex, he has become a winner and has always been a great team player. This is the Not For Long league however and when a better player comes along it’s a ruthless business. If the switch is made it’s because the coach believes Kap is better or at least as good now with better on the horizon.

    This decision is unpopular for the rabid Alex fans and the everyday Niner fans, only the haters are happy. Team is doing well, QB is having a career year and confidence is high that they make playoffs and maybe even get a bye. Harbs knows his QB’s and playing the position and has proven to be a winning head coach everywhere he has been even earning coach of the year in the NFL, so why risk his reputation this way? Because he believes it improves the team and that is all he appears to care about.

    • twinfan1 says:

      He has to believe Kap is a Montana/Young caliber QB and unless that proves to be right , it’s the wrong call, IMO. Of course, he’s covering his ass by relying on Alex to be a good soldier once again. He’ll replace Coiln if he sees the division become in jeopardy…
      This is starting to be remindful of an abusive relationship where the abuser knows the victim will always come back-and he (in this case, he) always does return for more abuse. IMO Smith is looking less and less like a stand up team guy and more and more like a man with no self respect at all. Why the fuck is Harbaugh dragging this out? Put your rep on the line as a guy who can make anybody into a winning QB, name Kap the QB-period. Harbaugh and Smith are acting like the classic abuser/abusee couple. OK-Jimbo, you’ve made your point- Alex sucks without you, he’ll always come back grovelling. Man up, Jimbo- the only way your QB call is right is to win the Super Bowl THIS year, so put it on the line without “Alice” to save you- and Alex, YOU man up. At this point, you’ll GAIN respect and increase your chances of landing in a good spot next year by telling Harbaugh to start you Sunday or go fuck himself.

      • 12th man says:

        This notion that Kap has to win the SB to justify his selection is nonsense. The Niners are a 1/2 game up on getting a bye this year with 6 games to go and 3 tough road games in that 6. It took an amazing 4th quarter from Alex to get to the NFCCG, something he has not repeated since and frankly is unlikely to repeat although not impossible. There is no guarantee with either guy starting they get back to the NFCCG let alone win a superbowl and BTW there are a lot of other very good teams trying to do the same thing and equally capable of it. Being hot at the right time, injuries, the bounce of the ball, coaching and a myriad of other factors play into it just as mauch as QB so lets be grownups about it and look at it for what it is. If the change is made its purely because the braintrust thinks it improves our chances. Here is a list of the last 16 Superbowl QB’s, there is a running theme, they are all elite guys who have dynamic play ability week in and week out with two notable exceptions, Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer both of which had great defenses and run games, but it goes against the grain that they won.
        Super Bowl 31. Brett Favre (Desmond Howard), 2 TDs
        Super Bowl 32. John Elway (Terrell Davis), 0 TDs
        Super Bowl 33. John Elway (MVP), 1 TD
        Super Bowl 34. Kurt Warner (MVP), 2 TDs
        Super Bowl 35. Trent Dilfer (Ray Lewis), 1 TD
        Super Bowl 36. Tom Brady (MVP), 1 TD
        Super Bowl 37. Brad Johnson (Dexter Jackson), 2 TDs
        Super Bowl 38. Tom Brady (MVP), 3 TDs
        Super Bowl 39. Tom Brady (Deion Branch), 2 TDs
        Super Bowl 40. Ben Roethlisberger (Hines Ward), 0 TDs
        Super Bowl 41. Peyton Manning (MVP), 1 TD
        Super Bowl 42. Eli Manning (MVP), 2 TDs
        Super Bowl 43: Ben Roethlisberger (Santonio Holmes), 1 TD
        Super Bowl 44: Drew Brees (MVP), 2 TDs
        Super Bowl 45: Aaron Rogers (MVP), 3TDs
        Super Bowl 46: Eli Manning (MVP), 1 TD

        Statistics are big around here but that is a statistic that is hard to ignore. The game manager type of QB has not won in 10 years because the game has evolved. Aikman was the last manager style QB to be successful consistently and even then he was capable of the deep dynamic throws mostly to Harper. Statistically a dynamic QB, with a strong team, has a better chance of winning it all than the game manager guy with the same team.

  4. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Chuck, I can’t vote on your poll because you omitted the option I was looking for. It would be the same choice as the winner of today’s 3rd at Woodbine.

  5. NoFear49er says:

    I see your point, twinfan. It’s very hard to replace the guy who has put the team on his back for the most part and lead them to four super bowl wins. Oh, sorry, wrong QB.

    WTF has Smith ever done here that’s so out-freakin’-standing he can’t be touched? Not dropped the ball for a year? Make the safe throws? That’s great! He’s made pretty damn good money here to finally learn how to do that. Your endless sympathy for the man is touching though.

  6. twinfan1 says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, NF..
    It’s simple, pal- he led them to the championship game and had them headed to the playoffs again this year.We know Smith can handle that with his pussy throws and meek hand offs. If Coiln takes them to the Super Bowl, it was the right move. If not-not. But you haters have everything covered- any game Colin loses, you’ll claim Smith would have lost worse.
    Do you have “Smith Supporter Sofware that wakes you up when something good is said about him/ or maybe you’re hacking *my* PC? .You and Sandbox U Grad on the Insider appear out of nowhere when ,I post about Smith.

  7. unca_chuck says:

    Well, NoFear, the flip side of this is what has Smith done to lose the job? Under Harbaugh he’s 20-6-1 and a couple muffed punts from the super bowl. It’s not like he’s doing anything really wrong uner Harbaugh. I just think it sets a weird precedent if it comes to pass.

    Frankly, nothing has been said regarding Smith’s passing the concussion test. The last thing from the team is Smith still isn’t cleared.

    Twin, Harbaugh isn’t saying anything because he doesn’t have to. He’s talked to his QBs. They know the story. That’s all that really matters.

    • twinfan1 says:

      There’s plenty more that matters depending on the decision.As far as not saying anything, the only way it makes any sense at all is if he really is intending to start Smith but is waiting on final medical clearance.Otherwise, it’s just dumb- Saints don’t need to prepare for Alex, they know him and those pussy throws that sent them home to eat blackened pig’s ears for the winter. They’re only preparing for Colin anyway.
      It also matters what he really has told the QBs. Jimbo is counting on a lot, as is anyone who expects Smith might not mentally check out if he’s benched without any perfornance issues to warrant it. We all know that Harbaugh is a terrific coach- with the hubris of a Dr. Frankenstein. Despite one great performance, his project is a kid who barely beat out Tolzien and Johnson for the 2 job. If Colin takes them to the Super Bowl- and that’s his job, period- I’ll worship at the Harbaugh altar forever..he’s put his rep on the line, it would be more impressive if he didn’t cheat by having Alex to save his ass it it goes wrong- if Alex feels like saving Jimbo’s ass. that is..

  8. twinfan1 says:

    Fact is, NF has more than once said this kind of thing happens all time. Truth is than it’s never happened ( if Smith loses the starting job with his W-L record under Harbaugh, QB rating the past two years, playoff performance) What’s most telling in showing his bias is that Fear does know football and is not so ignorant about it to be trashing a QB about his receivers getting YAC.Also, before Smith started winning games, he was adamant that winning was the only measure of a QB. Now it seems that winning the Super Bowl is the only measure- so it’s on Colin-win it.

  9. NoFear49er says:

    Thanks Twinfan, you too.

    I give Smith his due for the last quarter of the Saints game last year. I wouldn’t taint it by saying things like, they had no defense, or it was impossible to be unsuccessful. You pre-suppose I would react like you do.

    I haven’t read the Insider for quite a while. I suppose you’re referring to Sonoma. I argued with him for years over Smith. He was on your side for a long time. He finally saw the light, and you may, too. It’s good to know he’s still answering some of the attacks on the realists there. He was getting assaulted by bullit-razor-wong-dirt diver-reddog-touchdown timmy and whoever else bullit thinks he is the last time I was there.

    I don’t have to look too hard to find radical Smith supporters posting that everyone else is nuts. I guess that could explain why they’re taking his possible demotion so hard.

    Chuck, he hasn’t been as great as some would paint him either. I remember a couple of recent games where he was given the opportunity to throw and blew it pretty good.

    • twinfan1 says:

      it would be incredibly amusing, if it weren’t such a lie, that Smith haters have been the ones put upon, attacked, and lied about about. NFear refuses to address this, but he persists in saying I called a Smith a “brilliant” QB when what I said was that one particular pass in one game 3 years ago was “briliiant”. This is a commom tactic- they invent a fictional position that a Smith supoorter has allegedly taken and then want the Smith supporter to defend that fictional postion.
      When these haters have been moved to trash an 18-19 3 TD destroying of a better pass defense than Chicago’s because of YAC by the receivers, ignorance has prevailed in Room B. Orkin is on the way.

  10. Grumpy Guy says:

    “He was getting assaulted by bullit-razor-wong-dirt diver-reddog-touchdown timmy and whoever else bullit thinks he is the last time I was there.”

    Chuckle. ‘Sybil’ is easier to remember.

  11. Grumpy Guy says:

    Closest case I can think of to Alex here is David Woodley, of the ‘Phins. 21-7-1 and a SB appearance over two seasons and change before Dan Marino took the reins from him. Woodley was not as good as Alex but that’s the closest example I can think of.

    Marino never won the SB but I don’t think too many observers would say Shula made a mistake there.

    • twinfan1 says:

      Well, that he was not as good as Al;ex is certainly no understatement. It’s so far off that it doesn’t even merit consideration as a comparison. As I said- what NF claims is common has in fact hever happened. But regardless, refresh my memory, how many Super Bowls did Marino win?
      But that’s nit picking by me. All Kap has to do is the win this years Super Bowl, he can look like Marino’s sister doing it, You know, like EManning with 50 dink, dunk, and quiver throws against us in the title game..

  12. NoFear49er says:

    C’mon Twinfan, you don’t need to intentionally twist what I post to make an argument, do you?

    I love YAC. It’s a good thing. I deducted the YAC from Smith’s passing yards stat in one game to make the point of the distance his passes go in the air. It may not be one of the most hyped stats, or one you like, but it’s an important one just the same. Defenses know it and set their defensive strategy by it.

    A starting player being replaced by the guy behind him on the depth chart with more promise and a great showing when he got his chance to play is commonplace in the NFL. Sometimes they even go back to the original starter if it doesn’t work out. It’s not the end of team or even the team’s season.

    Harbaugh had the chance to support Smith as the starter after the Chicago game and declined to take it. Maybe he just saw a chance at a media circus before playing NO on the road. He’s done the media circus before and I think he likes it, a lot.

  13. snarkk says:

    Regardless of who the QB is down the stretch, I think it long odds that the Niners reach the SB this year anyway. It’s just dang hard to even get to the Conference title game 2 years in a row, let alone win it once or twice and go onto the SB. Only the great Niner team of ’88-’90 got to the SB two years in a row and won it both times. The reason they didn’t threepeat is known, no need to review that. My point is that that was a far more dominant team than this one, one of the best ever…

    • 12th man says:

      Completely agree, to put Alex must win the SB or Kap must win the Superbowl as a requirement to be the starter is a ludicrous statement.

      • twinfan1 says:

        So I suppose your requirment for Kap is what? He’s been given a divsion lead. Is it OK to ask that he not blow that?
        No, sorry- in this case, Kap does have to take them farther than Smith did. You don’t make a change despite the record they have with Smith as QB and go: “well, juyt do yer best, Kappy, that’s all we ask”…

      • 12th man says:

        First this is not “my requirement”, this is the head coach making this decision not me or any other fan and I’m sure you agree he has the most information to work with as well has the resume that supersedes even your opinion and mancrush on Alex. My opinion of it is that Kap has more in his toolbox than Alex and if the coach can scheme to use the tools it makes the offense more dangerous and difficult to defend. This is not me diminishing what Ales has achieved under this same head coach that now apparently thinks he can do more with Kap. You disagree with the decision, others disagree with the timing of the decision but the coach is the one being paid to put the best team on the field and to try to win #6 for us.

      • twinfan1 says:

        Can it with the mancrush crap. And a LOT of people disagree with everything about the decision.I fucking get what Harbaugh thinks, it would show some balls if he did it without a net, though. In any case, Coiln seems like a nice kid and he and Alex have covered Jimbo’s lack of class on this very well.

      • 12th man says:

        Actually Twin I would say the vast majority of fans either disagree with replacing Alex or the timing of doing it, i’m not singling you out as a voice of unreasonableness (is that a word?) I can understand all of the arguments against making this decision. Where I disagree with you is this idea that Kap has to achieve x or y or else Alex should have stayed as the starter. I also don’t see this argument about Harbaugh is covering his ass. He is using his players to the maximum benefit of the team. If Kap falters of course he should expect Alex to come off the bench and play to his potential, he is a pro QB getting paid 9 mil to give the team his best efforts. Nobody guaranteed him a starting role for every game. I do agree that the way this is handled is appalling and done in the name of gaining some competitive edge at the expense of his players dignity in the eyes of their fans.

    • twinfan1 says:

      Making excuses for Kap already- look, it’s a simple proposition- when a QB is replaced, the replacement is suppposed to be better than the incumbent- better, in team terms, is: win more games. And since Jimbo is replacing a guy who was the QB when they went to the title game, and was the QB when they led their division this year ( it should please the haters that I’m only saying Alex was the QB , like you guys I’m giving him zero credit) Kap has to better, as in win more-NOW. Not prettier, not the possessor of “THE BIG ARM”, but he must win more games.

      • 12th man says:

        So you can guarantee Alex gets back to the NFCCG right? If you believe what your shoveling now then I’m Santa Clause, this is lame argumentativeness nothing more. If he is out its because the coaches believe the other guy gives them a better chance at winning it all, no guarantees exist for anybody.

      • twinfan1 says:

        No, you’re unclear. Unless your a making that a requirement for all incumbent starting QBs. As usual, you guys are making the lame arguuments.,Look, 12,It’s fucking understood that Harbaugh thinks Kap is better- but that’s proven by Colin taking them further than Alice did. A QB taking over under these circumstances damn well does have the onus of doing better than the incumbent- and means taking them to the SB. Remember, children- you’ve all pissed on Smith because he *didn’t* get them there.Now it’s fine if Kappy just gives a fine effort, What a bunch of hypocrites. But,liike I said, Jimbo is hedging is bets by counting on Alicia to bail him out if the postseason starts slipping away.Alexis should point his finger to Kyle Williams when Harbaugh looks to change.I’ve already told you the only way this makes sense- they go as far as Smith will take them this year, then evaluate it then.Nothing else makes an iota of sense. If you listened to Harbaugfh’s presser when he referred to fans as “droolers” and made other stupid comments, it’s clear he’s not on his game these days. Now Donte Fucking Whitmer announces the QB change? This been the lamest handling of such a situatution ever.

      • snarkk says:

        All I’m saying is that it doesn’t matter who QBs the team, to get to the Conference title game 2 years in a row is difficult. Here’s an interesting article on historically what has happened to teams that lost a conference title game. Only 8 teams in the SB era have lost a conference title game, only to go on to win the SB in the very next season. To win the SB two years in a row is really hard. In the near 50 year SB era, its been Packers, Steelers (twice), Niners, Cowboys, Broncos, Pats (3 of 4). Other than maybe the Broncos, I’d call all of those teams a dominant team over a half or full decade. This season’s not over yet, but so far I don’t see this year and last year’s Niner team as a period-defining dominant team (defensively maybe, but not overall)…

      • 12th man says:

        I think your feelings are ruling your reason Twin. Whatever happened last season is gone. Each year is it’s own reality, referring to last years results as a benchmark for either guy this year is utterly irrelevant. I don’t answer for other peoples comments, I answer for my own so please don’t try to tar me with someone else’s brush.
        If you were clairvoyant enough to know that Alex can get us to the NFCCG then your argument that Kap must do that or better to justify his promotion is valid.
        Of course you can’t do that, so that argument is stupid and beneath your usual standards.
        You have no way of knowing how many wins or losses either guy will have in the balance of this year so spare me the speculative milestones Kap must achieve in order to satisfy your requirements to deem him successful.

      • twinfan1 says:

        That’s a hoot- we do know that Kap takes over a team leading it’s division. Now you are suggesting that even expecting him to not blow that lead is unreasonable?

      • 12th man says:

        Twin we are one and a half games up in the division, ring a bell?

  14. rtfirefly says:

    I don’t snarkk. I lucked into 50 yardline seats for the MNF game against the Skins that turned the season around in 1988 after two years of Joe hurt and getting smacked. Joe didn’t do it that day. John Taylor did bigtime. They were not a dominant team and if memory serves finished 10-6.
    My Broncs-Niners SB is gone now with McGahee’s MCL.
    So now it’s Pats-Niners in the Superdome.

    • snarkk says:

      rtf, you’re right about the ’88 team’s reg season, but when they hit the playoffs they pounded the Vikes 34-9 and then the Bears back at Soldier field in what IMO was the greatest game the Niners ever played in the Walsh era (28-3), then beat a very good Bengals team in the John Candy bowl. The ’89 team was 14-2, then destroyed the oppo in all three games, finishing with the 55-10 SB demolition of Denver; many commentators suggest that was the best football team of all time. The ’90 team was 14-2; I shan’t go on about the NFC title game that year…

  15. snarkk says:

    Speaking of the late ’80s teams, Jeff Fuller is kind of a forgotten guy from that era. He played the latter half of the decade on the team, and got hurt in mid-season ’89, so he had a ring from the previous year. Never played again. We old fans remember him fondly. Helluva player.
    Anyway, Chuck, with your history maybe you can weigh in on this — I think Goldson is kind of a Fuller redux — both very hard hitting. I looked up the stats, Fuller was 6-2 220 and Goldson is 6-2 but only 205 or so. Goldson hits like a freight train, and so did Fuller. The difference seems to me that Fuller was an animal against the run, almost a small linebacker, maybe Goldson is a little quicker and better on pass coverage. What say you?…

    • Grumpy Guy says:

      Fuller WAS a LB in college. But he so fast the 49ers actually considered him at CB when they were in a pinch, before Carlton Williamson retired and opened up the SS position.

      He had a similar skill set to Goldson. One advantage he had was playing with Ronnie Lott, who was like a coach on the field. And then of course his DC was Seifert and his position coach was Ray Rhodes, both outstanding. That’s a pretty fine group of teachers there.

  16. twinfan1 says:

    Well, I really don’t want to argue with you guys. When I think about it, I should have my mancrush on JHarbaugh. I mean, really: if he chooses to replace the guy who took them to the title game. losing becaise of two botched punt returns.. had them leading their division this year… was the player of the week last time he played before the injury..threw a TD pass after being concussed- maybe twice- had a plus 100 rating.. if he chooses to bench that guy, I should fucking know that that’s no ordinary QB taking his spot- It’s Joe-God Stevie Wondrous Young. Anyone thinking that dude isn’t taking us to 5 Super Bowls is “Aht uh Thair Hed”

  17. Flavor says:

    I tend to agree with twin on this from the standpoint of their being no real upside to this move. JH is 20-6 with Alex qbing. Kap is unlikely to have a better record that over the next 26 games. But who knows, maybe he’s THAT much better than Smith and it will show up in wins and not just the QB stat line……..
    I called into KNBR this morning, first time I’ve done that in about 20 years. I wanted Kevin Lynch to give me his opinion about why JH would even waste time turning this into a qb controversy. Why not take a free look at him on the road this week and say Alex just needs another week—it was a concussion, who would question JH for resting him another week (whether he was cleared by a dr this week or not).
    Lynch was more impressed with my call than I was his answer (which was basically, “yeah, no one know what JH is going to say.”

    • rtfirefly says:

      I got the same reply from MM in chat when I wanted the Niners to sign Holmgren as HC, bring him home to retire, to fix the mess SingRaye put them in.
      “He’s under contract to the Browns.”
      All he wrote me.
      I’ve been wrong before. I can live with it.

    • 12th man says:

      I get that Flav, as I said, most fans see it the way you and twin and chuck see it. Why make a change when we are winning. I’m not in Harbaugh’s head, but my best guess is the first post I made, a game manager style QB has not won the bowl in 10 years because of how the game has evolved. I think Harbs see’s the team making playoffs and probably NFCCG with either guy but that they need the ability to put up big points when and if the need arises and that is not Alex’s forte.
      An example would be yesterdays Cowboys Redskins game and let me preface it with I am not a Romo fan. The Cowboys get behind mostly from Romo bad decisions, but leave that aside for the sake of argument. They come back from the dead putting up points in a hurry because Romo has the ability to do it and almost pull it off. Something Romo has done over and over.
      Now to my point, if Kap has that kind of athletic ability and he clearly does, and Harbs can get his decision making process somewhere close to Alex then we have a man for all seasons.
      I think that’s why he is choosing to make this change, Kap played lights out and the same players with the same plays showed a very different look to it and if he can repeat that enough times we have a team that’s very hard to beat.
      My two cents on it.

      • Flavor says:

        the only thing I would disagree with here is that I don’t think Smith is a *game manager*. COuld Trent Dilfer have ever made that run to score a late TD last year vs New Orleans? Or the td pass that won it? hell no……..

      • 12th man says:

        I agree that “game manager” is a little unfair to Alex but I use it to make a distinction between the types of QB’s who have won the SB for the last 10 years and Alex, it’s why I added “type”. Alex is a far better QB than Dilfer was, but is not a dynamic passer of the ball.

      • Flavor says:

        yes, for the most part he’s not a dynamic passer. But a lot of that has to do with the fact that we are a balanced team with the run and the pass. Today, if a QB doesn’t throw for 300 yards he sucks. Nobody seems to care that it takes him 50 passes to get there.
        I do agree that in general Smith doesn’t throw a very good long ball. He also doesn’t get that many chances and if I were the OC I’d call more of those because he has nailed many of them in the past.
        Who knows, maybe Kap will nail more of them. But I’m dead set against this move mid season. It’s dumb and completely avoidable…
        Alex Smith is 20-6 under Harbaugh. With his decision today, JH now thinks that 20-6 is all him. I’m telling you, the britches are awfully tight on Jimmy tonight……..

      • 12th man says:

        I’m a fan of the balanced approach and not very interest in QB yds per se. I think on the whole Alex is a decent QB that performs well in the scheme. They tried the long ball earlier in the year with mixed results for Alex, as you say it’s not his strength. Given my druthers I would keep the balance and mix in more long ball to keep the breathing room for the short pass and run game. If Kap can pull that off without too many interceptions and the team has the ability to quick strike for points then cool.
        I think your point that Harbs believes he is entirely responsible for Alex’s improved game is probably right.

    • twinfan1 says:

      Be careful, Flavor. Despite the fact that we agree about as often as the Hatfields and McCoys someone is going to say you’re me..
      Actually, it was pretty funny on the Insider, Just about anyone supporting Smiih got accused of realy being just one guy.One of us fag Alex lovers created a couple dozen screen names to pledge eternal love..

      • 12th man says:

        That is a completely true story, only the facts have been changed.

      • twinfan1 says:

        Facts? WTF would you folks know about facts? Who led the documented greatest 4th quarter comeback drives in NFL Playoff history? And virtually everone on Chuck’s blog has claimed Smith “dinked and dunked” in the title game when in fact that was Eli. Fact is- Alex did what it took to get them to the Super Bowl, Kyle blew it for them.The fabications and distortions are astounding.It’s as fair to blame Colin for Aker’s missed FG..

      • 12th man says:

        Twin, breathe, it’s a joke, “a true story with only the facts changing is a lie”.

      • 12th man says:

        I agree with you and have said here before that the last 5 mins or so of the NO game shows some of the finest QB play ever and Alex was amazing. I also thought he was amazing in parts of the Philly game too. I don’t agree with you about the Giant game regarding Alex’s play. He was not very good in that game and the Giants D had a little something to do with that but that’s the QB’s job, find a way to win. Yes Kyle was the glaring problem muffing 2 plays, but Alex was not very good in that particular game in my opinion.
        The problem is that Alex does not repeat that level of dynamic play except for a flash here and there. He is efficient etc, but the ability to take over a game has been a rare thing for him. The Giant game this year was a chance to see him show something and it didn’t happen and again, the rest of the team has to do their part too but the QB has the lead role.

  18. twinfan1 says:

    And now JH is basically denying everything anybody has said about this and painting them with the same drooler brush he used on Niner fans. Whoever anyone thinks shold be the QB, Harbaugh has completely blown this from the time he opened his mouth after the Ram game. And it’s utter nonsense about keeping the starter secret so the Saints don’t know who to prepare for. They’re preparing for Kap, nobody else.,They don’t need to prepare for Smith, they know him. After last year’s playoff game, they wish they didn’t. Anyway, here’s the link where he says, in essaence, that everything written about the change has been a novel..–nfl.html

    • Flavor says:

      I was a huge JH supporter the day he got hired and blathered on about it at my blog and here. And when Kap was drafted I also blogged my approval (while Denny and others mocked the pick up).
      And while I can say that I love JH for what he’s done to bring the Niners back to relevancy I’m not a lemming, I don’t support everything he does or says.
      And I think he’s gotten too big for his britches with this one. He thinks everything he does is going to turn to gold but there is a big risk of this totally fucking up the season. There is NO REASON to cause all this drama mid season the way the team has played. There’s something to be said for homeostatic balance with your team. In fact, I made fun of the Dodgers for upsetting their apple cart in August and knew it wasn’t going to work and said so the day they pulled off that dumb ass trade. Same shit is going on here with JH and the drama he’s created by even entertaining the idea of making this move.
      Personally, I think this is all going to blow up in Harbaugh’s face. I think Kap takes a step back this Sun and then where does he go with this? Back to Alex? Fuck that, at some point, as a player on the team, you have to know your coach has your back,
      And Jimmy is treating Alex like a 2-bit whore he fucked on some random friday night—not the way you should treat your 20-6 QB, at least in my opinion……..

      • phil fan says:

        Is JH a moron for “maybe” switching QBs? We don’t know because JH as usual is jerking us off as usual. We’ll find out after Kap plays the Saints. It’s a risk true but maybe JH knows something about QBs…

        Let’s see

  19. rtfirefly says:

    What’s the link to your blog, Flavor? Chuck can’t complain with all the advertising for his new blog he posted on the Insider.

    • Flavor says:

      He won’t complain, we both link each other’s blogs in our Blogrolls. You can find mine under his blogroll (to the right) and he’s titled it *The Flap*

  20. Flavor says:

    by the way, the reason I know Denny was down on the Kappy pick is because I was looking for my daily DJLoo retro post of the day this am and I found today’s in my April 29th, 2011 thread. As I was reading through it there is the usual misguided Denny vitriol.

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      Have you figured out how Alex is going to throw TDs from the bench to help you win our bet? You bet on a horse who’s been replaced mid-race with another from the barn. It would be one thing if he broke down and couldn’t continue, but the trainer knew he couldn’t win the race so he brought in his stablemate at the 3/8 pole. If I had a heart I’d feel sorry for the first horse, but all I can do is laugh.

      • Flavor says:

        yes, I’ve examined the problem of Alex throwing td’s from the bench. The other possibly good outcome of this move is that you will cease and desist your mindless, programmed posts about whether we’ve signed Manning yet.
        Obviously, if JH is right, then it would have been stupidly pointless to sign Manning to that huge deal if we have the second coming of Steve Young already drafted and playing for us for cheap.
        But I’m sure you’ll find a way to keep the brain dead shit going, it’s in your DNA—
        the other potential outcome is that you can actually start rooting for the Niners again since it’s impossible for you to root for Alex to fail and the team to win.
        And everyone who reads this knows you root for Alex to fail………

      • Del Mar Dennis says:

        I’ve never seen someone get so perturbed over one of my schticks so much before. You’re too easy to rile and read. I hope you don’t expose your “tell” so easily at the El Dorado poker table. They must give you a miniature pigeon statue for you to place over your cards to protect your hands.

        Tired of the “Did we sign Peyton Manning yet?” Given the new circumstances, how bout a new one? Did Alex Smith remove the splinters from his ass yet?

      • Flavor says:

        Sure. Go with that for month or three. Or go back to the case you rested but still continue to argue.
        Anything ‘new’ would be appreciated.

    • 12th man says:

      I took a look over there. You had some sage words back then.

      • Flavor says:

        thanks. I know. And I’m not one of those brain dead lemmings that just support a player (or coach) for no other reason than it gives my screen name an identity.
        If I think someone is fucking up I call them on it.
        And Jimmy is fucking this up……..

      • 12th man says:

        He could be, it’s a gamble. The risk/reward is hard to fathom since we don’t know what’s really going on with the team at any given point. I tend to think Harbaugh has been very successful so far and he has a reputation to uphold, I doubt he would change unless he is fairly sure of the outcome. I’m not someone who is excited because the backup played well. That happens often. I think from what I’ve seen that Kap is probably far enough along that we don’t lose much in the short term and maybe gain quite a bit so I support the decision.
        The jokes on us if Alex starts on Sunday though.

  21. Del Mar Dennis says:

    With respect and paid homage to Carnac the Magnificent…This joke has been hermetically sealed in a 12 oz Budweiser can under Frank’s watch on my porch since noon today. NO ONE knows the punchline to this joke. But I, in my borderline psychotic and use of cheesy schtick ways will ascertain it having never before seen the setup.

    Answer: Allen, Judi and Alex.
    Question: Name a wrench, a Dench and someone who just got benched.

  22. twinfan1 says:

    Jed says Jim Tomsula has been getting all the head coach reps this week, He’s hoping JimT wouldn’t be stupid enough to bench the guy who lit up the Saints in the playoffs. York won’t name Sunday’s HC until game time but said to ask Donte Whitmer if there were any questions.

  23. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Isn’t there an NFL rules deadline by when a team needs to name its starting quarterback? Jimbo isn’t making any new friends in Las Vegas. He’s going to piss off the wrong gambler and find out his dog or daughter went missing.

    • 12th man says:

      The game is off the board in many places. Last I looked, those still taking bets had dropped the line from 2 1/2 point Niner favs to a pick em.

  24. twinfan1 says:

    I don’t get why he’s been so abusive towards the press and fans about this.No one is asking about the Benghazi attack, ferchrissakes.. He helped foment the controversy, people in the organziation seem to be either leaking false info or true info that he’s then denies, it never had to be so absurdly dramatic. As soon as Colin had his big game there was bound to be a controversy but he’s done evertyhing he could to turn it into a forest fire.There were going to be screamers either way but he either says “Alex is my QB when he’s he’s cleared” or “Alex has given us more we could have hoped for but we drafted Colin to be the QB of the future and the future is now. Alex totally understands and as soon as he gets off Delmar Denny’s ledge we hope he’ll agree to back up Tolzien..

  25. unca_chuck says:

    Nope Dennis. It can be a game-time decision. As far as Harbaugh goes, I’m sure the players know the deal. If Harbaugh is leaving the players in the dark as badly as this appears externally, then they all must think he’s lost his mind, and I’d think we’d be hearing more rumblings or something.

    I still think this is all bullshit of the highest order. It’s just Harbaugh being a dick to the Saints and the NFL in general. He obviously dislikes the press to the nth degree. Plus, Harbaugh WAS a QB in Smith’s exact situation a fw times. He has to be dealing with this differently internally than externally. If not, then we’ll have our 3rd coach in a row lose his shit in his 3rd year.

    As far as the earlier argument goes, the natural assumption is that if you change QBs this late in the season,after the other guy got you into 1st place AND got you to the NFC Championship game the year before, the replacement better do more than the guy they pulled. Unreasonable expectation? Damn right, but the decision to pull Smith after what he’s done under Harbaugh is ridiculous if you base it on one game. Or even 2.

    I will say though, if Cappy does well in NO, it’ll be that much more fodder on SUnday night.

  26. twinfan1 says:

    I think it’s a bigger test than the Bears for him. NO has an awful pass defense but they have film on the Bear’s game, they absoluetly have to win, it’s loud, they hate us, and could very well blitz 7 plus the cheerleaders.

    • 12th man says:

      And according to Cosell their D has been much better having more time with the new zone blitz scheme. I agree this is a tougher test for him. Before the season began this game was one of the 5 I picked as a loss in my 11-5 prediction. I now think Niners win and would have with Alex at QB too but it’s no gimme.

  27. rtfirefly says:

    Twinnie, you really don’t think Alex has bought into being benched, do you?
    When DeBerg was pissed off and screaming after Joe came in the Red Zone, it was a fake.
    You do know that coaches obfuscate to confuse their rivals.
    I posted this on Skeebs. Here goes here.
    Have some soul, brother.

  28. snarkk says:

    Harbaugh has been prickly to the press since Day 1. I’ve thought he was a dick with the public since he arrived. Walsh didn’t tolerate fools gladly, but at least he worked with the media to some extent, and manipulated them to his advantage. Harbaugh just comes off much more cold and artificial, and the continual secrecy about everything, as if they’re curing cancer there in Santa Clara, is dumb, IMO. All he had to do when Alex went down was to say “we’ll monitor his progress, but even when he gets doctor clearance, we may be extra careful and sit him another week. Meanwhile Kap will start.” EZ, and allows plenty of flexibility…

  29. twinfan1 says:

    To address one thing RT does have a grasp of, Alex is probably ten times smarter than Jimbo and while he comes off as a guy with no self respect because of the way he returns like a puppy dog, the haters are right that he had little choice. He’s a “good soldier” because he still wants to play in this league.But I’d guess that secretly he hates Jimbo and would work for nothing and sacrifice his first born to stick it to him.

  30. NoFear49er says:

    When Harbaugh said he was going with the hot hand, everyone in the football world, except here I guess, heard that as him giving the nod to Kaepernick.

    Whether it was because it was the only decision that made sense or because he thinks Kaepernick is the guy from now forward or because he likes to put himself in the center of media hype makes little difference.

    Whether you are “hater” or a “cheerleader”, what you believe has no affect on reality or Jim Harbaugh.

    Personally, I’m happy to see the opportunity for Alex to be replaced by a guy with the ability to bring a vertical passing game back to the Niners’ offense. Kaepernick may not survive the hype that has demanded he play like Joe Montana on Sunday or be ridiculed by a certain segment of the fanship for Harbaugh’s games.

    Walsh knew the value of a friendly press. He also knew a hostile press could be the undoing of a coach.

  31. rtfirefly says:

    Twin, Alex could be the #1 QB for the Jags tomorrow. The OC, like Peyton does. Part owner of the Jags, tomorrow.
    Peter Principle.
    Alex is a smart guy. He wants a Ring.

  32. phil fan says:

    Is JH a moron for “maybe” switching QBs? We don’t know because JH as usual is jerking us off… as usual. We’ll find out after Kap plays the Saints. It’s a risk true but maybe JH knows something about QBs…

    Let’s see

  33. phil fan says:

    Since most don’t wanna make a call on the Niners/Saints please allow me to shove this in yer face Oh Prophets of da Pigskin:

    Scoring challenge, 2nd edition. Niners vs Saints:

    Chuck: 34-21 Niners. “NO may be pumped, but defensively, they are 27th in points allowed, 31st vs the pass, 32nd vs the run, and 32nd overall by a large margin I think we can score on them. Cappy will do fine. Smith likely won’t get cleared in time for this. ”

    rtfirefly: 26-17 Niners. I adjust my weekly prediction because of Brees, Kappy and the Superdome

    barleyfreak: 30-23, Saints. I have this feeling that we’re going to lose at the Superdome regardless of who is playing QB. Their D sucks, granted, but I see them playing better in their house against us this week. They will be PUMPED, you can bet, less than one year after losing the NFCCG in heartbreaking fashion. I see them getting some points on us — and we’ll have score better than 30 to win.

    Phil: 36-20 Niners. Kapster starts, we grab a lead, D goes all sack happy (again), the run game wears ‘em down and this sucker is nothing like the NFC title game.

    Grumpy Guy: 41-38 Niners. I’m actually more concerned right now about T. Brown, Culliver and Goldson being hurt and ‘limited in practice’, than in who starts at QB. This could turn into a real track meet. Early prediction: Kaep starts, 49ers win a crazy game, 41-38.

    Barley said last week we would score more with Kap and damn if he didn’t nail

    So we out score the NO MoFos I’m thinking. Maybe not by the 16 I’m calling fer tho…

  34. unca_chuck says:

    This will be the game the Bears thought it would be. The Niners come out and run run run.

  35. unca_chuck says:

    And I don;t believe for a second that any of our DBs are really hurting. Harbaugh is doing all he can to mess with the Saints.

  36. 12th man says:

    I am more concerned with which Niner defense shows up in NO than which QB. If Brees puts up a lot of points and the Niners get behind it could be a long day for Kap with them pinning their ears back and our run game diminished.

    This game has me worried but 28-27 Niners in a nailbiter.

  37. unca_chuck says:

    The Saints don’t run particularly well, so the Niners D is coming out in the nickel. They’ll go dime on 3rd down. Brees will throw 55 times. Get his 300. That’s a given. It’s red zone defense and the pass rush that dictates how the game goes. The Niner D has been pretty good at not giving up big plays, but this will be tested early and often tomorrow.

    Offensively, I think the Niners go jumbo packages and try to run down their throats. The Saints show a ton of different looks as opposed to the Bears and their straight-up defense. So they will disguuise their blitzes to confuse Cappy into mistakes/sacks. it doesn’t really matter how bad their defense is doing. At home they are tough.

    If the Niners can shut the crow up by grinding out yards on the ground, plus keep the ball out of Brees’ hands, then the Niners should be OK. They aren’t as blitz-happy as they were under Gregg Williams, but they still show a ton of different looks.

    • 12th man says:

      agree Chuck, I would be surprised to see Kap come out winging it like the Bears game but then again surprise is Harbs forte so who knows.

  38. twinfan1 says:

    There are numbers that destroy NoFear’s contention that Smith is a dinker and dunker- air yards per attempt, wjhere Smith is comparable to Brady and Rodgers, among other top QBs. Eyes glaze over when I go into the facts, so you’ll have to trust me or look it up yourself.
    But perhaps the best stat in measuring performance is DVOA., ” or Defense-adjusted Value Over Average. This number represents value, per play, over an average quarterback in the same game situations. The more positive the DVOA rating, the better the player’s performance.:” Smith ranks 7th. It’s hard to argue the validity of the stat when one looks at the QBs rated higher, 1-6 are Brady, Manning, Brees, Schaub, Big Ben,Rodgers…
    So let’s be clear-put your biases aside and face the fact that if Jimbo decides that Kap is the better choice than Smith, he’s really saying that Kap is also better than Ryan,Romo, Stafford, Eli, Luck- all of whom perform worse than Alex in comparable game situations.
    Now I realize that this is an advanced stat so I don’t expect that most will value it over that always dependable “sniff test”. Matbe it will help if I note that if Kap actually maintained his 1 3/4 game performance, he would rank 4th in DVOA. As unlikely as that might be, I’d be the first to anoint him as truly the second coming of Joe-Steve Wonderfulness.

    • 12th man says:

      Twin, Kap had 6 over 20 yd throws in the Chicago game and I think we all saw the vertical game came alive. Stats are fine but we all saw what we all saw.

      • 12th man says:

        Alex has the short and intermediate passing game down, shot plays I read somewhere he is 3 of 15. The The thing about stats is they are an indicator but never tell the whole story. My guess about this particular stat is it favors the consistent intermediate pass, something Alex has been good at this year.

    • twinfan1 says:

      And in games against select defenses we’ve seen the vertical game with Smith. There’s no doubt that Colin has the bigger arm. If he really does take over the #1 job we’ll see if that translates into Terry Bradshaw or Troy Smith-who was very comparable to Kap after two games. I’m sure he’ll be better than Troy,,, well, I hope so. What’s kinda funny, though, Sing had a helluva lot more reason to try Troy than Jimbo does if he benches Alex..

  39. NoFear49er says:

    There are lots of problems with your stats method Twinfan.

    Stats are what happen *after* the guy plays not reasons to play him.

    What the hell kind of stat can rate a player over his fictional replacement? (hint) It all goes to hell after an actual replacement plays.

    Why won’t you hear this in a coaches meeting? “But coach we can’t put in Kaep. Alex’s Football Outsiders’ DVOA says he’s way better than his replacement would be.”

    Why aren’t you pushing the QBR any longer?

    None of it gets the ball down the field any further in the air or changes the distance to Alex’s preferred targets.

    Also, if Kaep has a great game and you deem him worthy of praise, *then* it will be ok for everyone to go along? It would hardly make you the first to crown him. Only the first to do so after Twinfan gives his blessing.

    • twinfan1 says:

      When have I or anybody else been prevented from stating your opinions? That’s plain stupid, pal. Go for it as you always have.
      “None of it gets the ball down the field any further in the air or changes the distance to Alex’s preferred targets.”
      Your bogus allegation has been disproven.Now that Air Yard figures have become an accepted stat, you’ll be unable to lie about that anymore. Try to rememeber it’s not the air yard total that’s relevent- it’s *per attempt*..

  40. twinfan1 says:

    Kap did throw deeper over one game. And it’s refected in the air yeards per atempt (6.0). ..but sorry boys, you can’t dismiss facts because they don’t fit your preconceived bias. Updated::QB’s with 4.0 to 4.3 air yards per attempt are Newton, Brady, Stafford at 4.0, Schaub and Flacco at 4.1, Manning, Griffin, and Cutler at 4.2 , Brees and Smith at 4.3… These aren’t numbers you can spit on with a bogus sniff test. I’m certainly not saying Kap’s are not legit- but as any informed observer would attest, he’s a mite short of a reasonable sample size.Henne went from first to 19th in a week..
    “Why aren’t you pushing the QBR any longer? ”
    I am. He’s 5th in the traditional QB rating, 7th in DVOA, and 8th in total QBR. All three of those are meaningless, of course.Or was “misleading” the word? I forget the nonsense that’s thrown out when you boys don’t like the facts..

    • 12th man says:

      Twin, Alex is 31 st in the league in attempts and 29th in yardage, he does pretty well with the attempts he does make but the “check down” moniker does fit. The run game argument mitigates those issues to quite a degree but clearly passing and specifically passing deep successfully is problematic for an Alex led offense. Kap with the same plays, players and scheme did considerably better. Sample size is very small but growing so we shall see how he fares. Kap is light years from Nate Davis/Troy Smith.
      I am not putting Alex down necessarily, he simply has area’s of his game that are weak and I don’t think running out various stats that point up a particular aspect or other is proving that wrong.
      There are lies, damn lies and statistics.

  41. unca_chuck says:

    Oh poor Twinnie. You against the world. In your mind. I’m for Cappy getting this start. I’m sure cooler heads will prevail and it goes back to Smith next weekend. As bad as NOs defense is supposed to be, they present a lot of problems for whoever QBs tomorrow.

    Is Harbaugh playing games? Uh, yeah. But if you want to jump at all the shadows flying around, so be it. Tilt away, Don Quixote. No one else out there wants Alex to play but you . . .

    • twinfan1 says:

      Eat it, Chuckles. Jumping on my comments is getting old, dude. If you think I’m out of line, delete my comments or ban me.

      • unca_chuck says:


        Poor baby.

      • unca_chuck says:

        No, Twin, I think you overreact at times. You want to paint shit to be you against the world. You against the unwashed masses. Touching but wrong. Who here is dead set against Alex?

        People ain’t fully on board with Smith, so you paint them as ‘haters’ so you can engage in the hyperbole you think others use against you.

        I don’t care either way, just don’t cry foul when you get called out on it.

  42. twinfan1 says:

    Actually, poor Chuckie, I’m only pointing out facts for you. But saying I’m the only one who thinks Alex should play if healthy is yet another lie. Perhaps it’s true with the blog potatoes that Colin should start but there’s hardly a consensus among football people.Look, if all dem numbers confuse you, as they do in baseball, I’m always glad to help.

  43. unca_chuck says:

    Well, I ain’t the one flipping out over every tweet flung out there by mis (or un) informed journalists and players.

    Twaddle on, skippy. The blog world needs people like you.

    • twinfan1 says:

      Maybe you should use your powers as the Blog Maestro to correct fabrications like those regularly put out by Fear. See, the blog world does need folks who call out the fabricators. Try it.

  44. NoFear49er says:

    Jaworski’s always been kind to Alex. He said this after our last game, and after reading my game comments.

    “… I think clearly Kaeperneck’s ability to get the ball down the field scares the hell out of defenses.

    Alex Smith is a terrific quarterback, but you don’t have the vertical game that you have, with Alex Smith in there, that you have with Colin Kaeperneck.”

    Vernon Davis said it felt like they took the handcuffs off him with Kaepernick.

    Translation: Alex’s game is a short passing game. He deals in safe, high percentage throws. He’s become efficient in a game plan requiring 20 or fewer passes.

  45. twinfan1 says:

    “Vernon Davis said it felt like they took the handcuffs off him with Kaepernick”
    See, he never said that. He said he felt the handcuffs were off, never said “with Kaepernick” . As VD and Harbaugh have both said- Vernon had been doubled, teams had played to stop him. Davis said he ran his routes and wasn’t open. The Bears played single coverage and packed the box- voila-he was open. Try to be factual, Fear,

    • 12th man says:

      You’re right Twin that is what VD said but he also said on a given specific play that with Alex the TE never gets the pass thrown to him but that Kap threw it to him and did so in a tight window like Brady does.
      Also, although he didn’t add “with Kaepernick” regarding the handcuffs comment I think it’s fair to assume that’s who he was talking about since Kap was the only QB playing.

      I don’t mean to be rude Twin, but your comments after the Bears game and the consistency of the posts since show your bias pretty clearly. You accuse everyone else of bias against Alex but in my opinion you are showing more bias than anyone else for Alex.

      Kap is probably starting Sunday and may or may not be the starter going forward, either way this is less a condemnation of Alex who is playing well, than a chance for the team to improve upon that level of play. We will see how it works out.

      • twinfan1 says:

        Vernon Davis: “Kaepernick played last night and happened to do a good job but Alex (Smith) is still the man, no question”.. a real quote, not one fabricated to suggest something that Davis never meant..
        Bias? You bet, pal. I’m demonstating, with numbers that can’t be argued (as much as you want your “sniff test” to trump all facts) that Smith should be the QB.
        I’ve said may many times that Colin did a fine job- I’ve also pointed out some facts about the defense he faced, facts originally pointed out by Dilfer- and easy to check.
        He did praise that throw as Brady-ish, it was a great throw, that has absolutely nothing to with Alex and whether he could make the throw.VD absolutlely should have been praising the kid for good work. You think maybe VD kinda liked THIS throw- on a bigger stage, with bigger stakes? Oh wait, that was all VD, Smith had nothing to do with it….

      • 12th man says:

        Well Twin you keep demonstrating who should start and I will watch the game to see who is going to start.

  46. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Top 5 favorite punchlines to all-time favorite jokes…

    5. $20. Same as downtown.
    4. How do you think I rang the doorbell?
    3. That’s not a bagpipe, but don’t stop playing.
    2. All the genie gave me was a 12-inch pianist.
    1. Alex Smith.

  47. Flavor says:

    I’ve never seen a more unnecessary week of debate about something in the history of Bay Area sports. None of this needed to happen. This d-bag is replacing his QB who has run the team to a 20-6 record during his time as coach. JH is either the greatest coaching mind in the history of sports or a guy who’s about to toss a lit gas can on his team’s season. We’ll see. For the record, I’m totally against doing this at this point in the season…..

  48. unca_chuck says:

    Well, nothing has really happened. Harbaugh couldhave stopped the blather, but I,m sure the players know what,s going on. Smith hasn,t been cleared yet. Cappy starts tomorrow. Maybe. The only people freaking out are the bloggers and reporters.

    I,m with you that it makes o sense to switch abs midstream, but that hasn,t happened yet.

    • Flavor says:

      It’s obviously going to be Kap and it SHOULD BE Kap…for this game. I’ve got no problem at all with JH taking a look at Kap on the road and resting Alex’s brain one more week. But he should have just said he was doing this as soon as last week’s game ended. That was my point. This week of blather was avoidable. If he did the simple thing I said to do he gets his free look at Kap on the road AND THEN decides to make a move one way or the other.
      I think Kap is going to take a few steps back in NO, btw…
      then we get to see where Jimmy shops for his drawers…………..

  49. unca_chuck says:

    And twin, it ain’t,t my job to fact check others.

  50. NoFear49er says:

    Twinfan, confused by the concept of quotation marks? I added the ‘with Kaep’ so you’d know when he said what he said. I dropped the quotes so you’d know I added it.

    You run away from your “brilliant” comments at the end of nearly every game last year and now you run away from your dismissive comments of Kaep’s performance last week where you summed it up with ‘zero defense’ and ‘impossible to be unsuccessful’ and try to pass yourself off as praising Kaep’s performance.

    You keep screeching about fabrications while you’re doing all the fabricating and twisting.

    If your position is so hard to defend maybe a reassessment of it is in order.

    • twinfan1 says:

      I’m going to say this one more time-you’re a fucking liar, pal.I called one pass “brilliant” in 2009. I’ve never “run away” from anything..

  51. twinfan1 says:

    What’s hilarious is to say it’s a “bias” when it’s shown that Smith is 20-6-1, that he’s rated in the top ten by every rating system ,that he was player of the week the last full game he played ( against the #5 pass defense in the league)… I could go on.but it’s not “bias” to say that that should trump one good ballgame by his back up. It’s called common sense.Sound thinking ..
    So why is Harbaugh doing this? Simple: he’s out of control. His pressers this week have been shockingly contemptuous of a press and fans who have adored him. Colin is probably going to be a fine QB in the NFL and he might be that now- but Harbaugh has a fine QB- one who has done nothing to lose his job. Harbaugh has chosen to humiliate him to further Jimbo’s rep as QB maker. They were going to the playooffs with Smith-only a cretin could deny that- and they’d be going to the playofs with the QB who had 5 TD passes and 100+ rating in last year’s postseason. The argument that Smith is out today to give him another week to heal doesn’t wash-he’s active and the back up today according to Branch.
    Harbaugh has taken a bold but risky move and as Niner fan, I hope Kap does well- but as a knowledgeable fan, I have doubts -and as a human being I don’t like how a class person has been abused..

  52. 12th man says:

    Twin, you are off the rails with this: ” Harbaugh has chosen to humiliate him to further Jimbo’s rep as QB maker.”
    He is choosing to play Kap because he thinks it serves the teams best interests.

    You are becoming unhinged about this.

  53. unca_chuck says:

    The problem is, if Harbaugh wins, no one cares if he’s Jeffrey fucking Dalmer. If Cappy gets them SB #6, no one cares how he acts. Just get the Lombardi trophy. The Smith deal is not over by any stretch. I think Harbaugh just enjoys fucking with everyone. I think Smith starts next week regardless of how Cappy does. Unless it’s close to last week.

    New thread is up.

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