AZ Crumbles Like a House of Cards

The came, they saw, they conquered. In a game that was supposed to be a hard-fought defensive struggle instead turned into a cakewalk for the offense and a pretty strong beat-down by the 49ers resurgent defense. Alex Smith picked apart a supposedly stout AZ pass defense to the tune of 18-19 passing, 232 yards, and 3 TDs and a near-perfect QBR of 157.1. Gone were the hesitant throws and floating ducks. In their place were accurate pinpoint passes, and a lot of yards after the catch. Defensively, the 49ers pitched a TD shutout for the 4th time in 8 games. Larry Fitzgerald (5-52) was kept in check, and AZ’s anemic run game was held to 7 yards. A woeful 32 inches per carry.

Smith spread the ball around to 9 different recievers. The most effective being Michael Crabtree. His numbers weren’t huge (5-72, 2 TDs), but the throw to the end zone on 3rd and 6 was one that looked like an actual play where they trusted each other to do what was designed. On the play, Patrick Peterson’s back was to Crabs, so Smith threw the pass up high where Crabs could go after it, but also be above Peterson. Crabs grabbed it and fought to keep is as Peterson tried to wrestle is from his grasp. Crabs won out. Touchdown. it’s the kind of play that a good WR makes, and a good QB throws. By the time Crabs scored his 2nd TD to close out the 1st half, Peterson was baffled as to how he should cover Crabs. The TD to Moss was even better. Midway through the 3rd quarter, Smith dropped back to pass. His 1st and 2nd reads were left and middle. He came back to Moss as the 3rd read on the left side for a 10 yard out that Moss dodged and dashed his way to a 47 yard TD. 24-0, and for all intents and purposes the game was over.

Defensively, the Niners stuffed the run and dared AZ to pass, and they were shut down at every turn. Skelton threw for 290 yards, but this was on 52 attempts for an anemic 5.6 yards per attempt. Smith on the other hand was a stellar 12.2 YPA. Culliver got a gift pick on the hail Mary to close the 1st half, and Early Doucett got an early nap when Goldson laid the heavy wood on his protagonist from last year, and knocked him to the sidelines. Skelton was pressured and knocked down all game, and the D line came up with 4 sacks: 2 by Aldon Smith, and one each by Brooks and Bowman.

All in all, a return to form. At least NFC West style. The drag is we have another 2 week break as we hit the bye next weekend. All in all, though, the Niners did what they needed to in this first half of the season. They won all their division games, beat a quality team on the road in Green Bay, and are up 2 games in their division. Ho hum.

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17 Responses to AZ Crumbles Like a House of Cards

  1. unca_chuck says:

    And in the Smith vs Manning race:

    17 TDs for Manning
    12 for Smith.

    + 13 for Manning
    +7 for Smith

    Seeing as the AFC west is suddenly back to being a weak-ass division and Denver has one team remaining on its schedule with a winning record (Balt), and it looks like smooth sailing for Peyton Manning. Unless he gets hurt. He’s lasting more than I thought, and is looking better than I thought. Still and all, he’s better off in Denver.

    The numbers I like are 6-2 for the Niners. 4-3 for the Broncos.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    From Jim Harbaugh when aked about Alex’;s confidence before the game:

    “I just think it was a lot of gobble, gobble turkey. Just gobble, gobble turkey, funk-jive turkey gobblers”

  3. unca_chuck says:

    I ‘d hate to see Dennis’ bet go awry with a Peyton Manning injury.

    Maybe the Niners will wait for the Super Bowl to bestow that honor on him . . .

  4. rtfirefly says:

    I think it would be Super Bowl for the Ages, Peyton vs. Alex. 0-0 this week, Phil. It’s a bye.

  5. Chico says:

    Chuck, I thought you were joking about the gobble gobble turkey quote so I thought nothing of it when I read your post earlier…. LOL, you weren’t joking… No clue what he meant by that but It cracked up.

  6. phil fan says:

    Winder won the scoring contest this week BTW

    • barleyfreak says:

      Really? What about,

      “barleyfreak: 20-3 Niners …I have no fucking idea what’s going to happen, Moss gets a TD, Gore gets a TD, Akers gets 2 FG’s. AZ’s offense gets pummeled. 20-3, Niners.”

      My addled math tells me this and 31-6 are both withing a 4 point differential of the 24-3 final. I’m willing to share the spoils with Winder, but should get honorable mention for pegging the Moss TD.

      Now if we only figure out what the spoils are.

      • phil fan says:

        You’re right barley- shared credit and a big thumbs up for the Moss call. Not sure what the grand prize it tho- so it’s been basking in the incredible glory of being a winnah around here…

      • philippinefan says:

        “so far”
        Last year I tried to give away a case of Chuck’s best bourbon but this was met with dead silence on his end….

  7. Winder says:

    Dumb luck phil but i’ll take it. We stuffed those birds so thoroughly that I don’t think well have to worry about them again this year. What a great week for SF sports.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    If we can all remember 1969 (Jets and Mets) 1979 (Steelers and Pirates) 1989 (Niners and [almost] Giants), the Giants got the first leg of the double-whammy by winning the WS.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    A new thread is up . . .

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