Crank Up the East Coast Hype Machine

Here we are. Moving toward 10/14/12. A date that must have been circled on a lot of 49er calendars. The NFC Championship rematch. The next test on a 49er schedule that is getting toward some tough games, including their first 2 division games after the Giants roll through town. The last time these 2 teams played, we had the tragedy of Kyle Williams and the 2 muffed punts altering what very well could have been the 49ers Super Bowl run and ring #6 for this storied franchise.

Knowing how hard it is to REACH the Super Bowl, and how close this team was last year, makes this season even more important.  There are perennial tough teams, like, say the Falcons and Iggles in recent memory, who have been at the doorstep numerous times, only to be jilted and denied. The Niners as they are comprised right now, have a solid nucleus of starters, backups, and coaches who are all on the mission. The window is wide open, for at least the next couple of years, before they have to make some big decisions regarding how to keep the core of coaches and players relatively intact.

So, as of now, this team has as good a chance as any other to with the whole thing. Validating this thought would mean a victory over Eli Manning and the New York Giants. The 49ers are coming off 2 resounding victories over the other New York teams to the tune of 79-3. Granted, these games were merely tune-ups for the real thing this weekend, but you had to like the deep passing game that emerged from the Bills game. This has been a priority for Harbaugh to develop this aspect of the offense, and is a welcome sight. The run game is clicking on all cylinders.

The Giants? Well, they appear to be coasting already. They’ve lost a couple awful games to the Cowboys and Eagles, and struggled to beat the Bucs. Even Cleveland posed a bit of a struggle for them. Manning is doing pretty well (10 TDs, and 5 INTs and a 96 QBR), and their offense is going pretty well. Not surprisingly, they get their yards through the air. Which has led to turnovers.  That being said, their defense isn’t what it used to be. They are 14th in points allowed, and 23rd in yards allowed (22nd vs pass; 16th vs run).

But (there’s always a big but), this means nothing for the game this weekend. The Giants also have this game circled on their calendar as a way to get back to respectability. The Niners are considered a top team, but seeing as they are geographically challenged, they get little to no national press. The Niners are the first team in history to gain 300 yards in the air and on the ground, yet all you hear about from ESPN is how the 2-3 jets should be involving Timmy Tebow in the offense more.

As usual, it takes games like this to gain national recognition (and you know that Jim Harbaugh uses this kind of back-handed dissing as fodder during the meetings) for a team like the 49ers. If they win, it’s the fact that they beat the vaunted Giants that gets them some national press. Lose, and they are the cute back story about the team the used-to-be relevant. I mean, look at all the angst that swirled around ESPN and the sports world in general when the Niners flattened the Jets, and how Carlos Rogers comments of the Jets quitting was a call to arms of sorts for the Jets. Every hour had at least 15 minutes of hand-wriniging over what the Jets should do going forward, and how they can address the mean comments of Rogers.

Steve Young had a great line after last night’s game where the Jets played a pretty good game vs Houston but lost. All the commentators talked strictly about was the Jets. Hou goes 5-0, and it was all about how ‘respectably’ the Jets lost. Young’s comment was “2-3 gets you all this?”

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81 Responses to Crank Up the East Coast Hype Machine

  1. snarkk says:

    ESPN TV and radio is a friggin joke when it comes to WCoast.
    You’d swear their national network radio was a NYC local radio station. All NYGiants, all Jets, all the time. That is, in between breathless discussion of how far down the lineup A-Rod should be dropped because he’s 1-9 in the O’s series so far. With a nugget about the Pats thrown in, and Michael Vick. It’s soap opera time about these teams, not much about real sports issues. It’s getting worse, this ECoast bias, not better. There has to be media room for a sports TV and radio network geared only to WCoast stuff from Denver to the Pacific…

  2. 12th man says:

    It was surreal after the Texans Jets game. They bring Arian Foster onto the set with Dilfer and Young, say hi and then cut to Rex Ryan at the podium for 5 minutes. Cut back to the set and Steve says something to the effect of “we keep Arian waiting on National live TV to watch the Jets press? It’s called east coast bias, is that what being 2-3 gets you?” They talk with Foster for 5 minutes then cut to Mark Sanchez for his locker room comments. Cut back to live and a few more minutes talking with Foster and they cut to Tebow’s live interview.

    It was amazing, Texans unbeaten at 5-0, the feature running back on set and he has to sit through the machinations of the Jets coach and both QB’s about their loss.

    Credit to Steve Young, much like when he called out the owners during the Strike he called out the channel he works for for their ridiculous bias.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Shout out to Nipper for his POTD . . .

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Shit, 12th, I didn’t realize it was that bad. It’s amazing the shit those reporters and commentators lick up from the mouth of Rex Ryan and the rest.

    • 12th man says:

      Stunning Chuck, a shitty team loses again and it’s all about them. I can’t imagine a more blatant example of biased sports reporting. Steve was laughing at how biased it was, I would think the producers will have to evaluate their after game coverage after this mess.

      • philippinefan says:

        Well it’s blatant alright and it’s the same old same old. Nothing new here but still proves that ‘national media’ is a hokey misnomer fer the provincial east coast stations. I’m no Cowboy fan but given their bias no east coast team could be ‘America’s Team’.

  5. Irish Kevin says:

    ESPN, and all the other were out done by Bill Bielicks power rankings, He ranked the Niners 3rd behind the Texans and Atlanta. Hello??? 300+yards passing and 300+ yards running gets you ranked 3rd?? Really, wow!!

  6. Irish Kevin says:

    Sandusky gets 30-60 years. well he is 65 so pretty much a life sentence


      They ought to castrate that bastard and cut his tongue out too.

    • unca_chuck says:

      He should have gotten 30 consecutive life sentences. His statement before the judge was pretty much about the pain and suffering he has gone through during the trial, and about how much he missed the kids at his program. As long as he gets gang-raped 3x a day by Bubba and the chain gang, I’ll be happy.

      Now you get McQueary suing Penn State for $4 mill due to “distress, anguish, humiliation and embarrassment.” Talk about a guy who doesn’t get it. If it was up to me, HE’D go to jail for 20 years for failure to report the crime.

      • 12th man says:

        Pure scum, both of them. He is no less to blame in that one child’s ordeal than Sandusky. What person could see that happening and do nothing about it?

    • philippinefan says:

      Good, lock ’em up ferever

  7. unca_chuck says:

    The numbers were impressive, Kevin, but it WAS the Bills. Still and all. it should have gotten a little more press from the clowns at ESPN.

  8. Irish Kevin says:

    Okay so the Power rankings thing, explain to me what formula they use again
    Texans opponent record
    Miami 2-3
    Jacksonville 1-4
    Denver 2-3
    Tennessee 1-4
    Jets 2-3

    Atlanta opponent record
    KC 1-4
    Denver 2-3
    San Diego 3-2
    Carolina 1-4
    Washington 2-3

    SF opponent record
    GB 2-3
    Detroit 1-3
    Minni 4-1
    Jets 2-3
    Buffalo 2-3

  9. Irish Kevin says:

    Atlanta has played two, 1-4 teams. and they are ahead of SF???? really, are you kidding me???

  10. 12th man says:

    This will be a blow to the Texans, Cushing gone for the year:

  11. unca_chuck says:

    Interesting that the Texans haven’t beaten a team with a winning record. Atl only one. Then again, the Niners have no wins against a winning team. But it;s early, and I think Deetroit and GB end up with winning records.

  12. unca_chuck says:

    PLus the Jets and Bills are soft 2-3 teams.

  13. unca_chuck says:

    Losing Cushing will definitely hurt. Too bad.

  14. philippinefan says:

    Selected power rankings by Mike Florio/PFT: Week Five power rankings

    1. Texans (four first-place votes): Yes, they’re unbeaten. But the ability to compare what the 49ers did to the Jets and what the Texans did to the Jets on the same field eight days apart is making some folks think the Niners are better.

    2. Falcons: When it was time for the Redskins to pick their poison, they opted for slow, gradual death via aging Hall of Fame tight end.

    3. 49ers (one first-place vote): How in the hell did this team lose to the Vikings?

    4. Patriots: Despite being 3-2, this could be the best Pats team since the last Pats team that won a Super Bowl.

    5. Ravens: Annnnnnd the Joe Flacco Contract Leverage Pendulum swings back toward the team.

    6. Bears: Even Jay Cutler could find nothing to pout about during that 41-3 win over the Jaguars.

    7. Giants: They won’t have to worry about playing down to the level of the competition this week.


    Power rankings are like assholes and opinions, everyone has one and they are all biased.
    In the end and not talking about assholes power rankings don’t get you into the Super Bowl.

  16. philippinefan says:

    Scoring Challenge Niners vs Giants. Make yer calls gents. Gotta consolidate now so our first 2 calls don’t get lost.

    Grumpy guy: 27-17 Niners. Next week will be harder. But we are more multi-dimensional than the Giants, and will be highly motivated after last year’s loss. I’ll take 27-17, 49ers.

    barleyfreak: 38-17, Niners. I don’t think for a moment this team is going to get full of themselves before this rematch against the team that knocked them out last year. I think they come to play and they out play and out coach them.

    Phil: 33-16 Niners. Bring on the fucking Giants those east coast media darlings

    • phil fan says:

      Just consolidating the calls here:

      Chuck: 28-20 Niners. This game is big, but really doesn’t mean jack shit until we get to January. The hope is it decides homefield, but look at what that got us last year. It wouldn’t be a killer to lose this game. Though I think the Niners win 28-20.

      12th man: 31-27 Niners. I think whats at stake is redemption. Vindication for the belief that we should have gone to the bowl not them. In those terms this
      game is huge and I hope we left something in the gas tank from last week. .. let ESPN chew on that for a while.

      snarkk: 30-20 Niners…

      Did I miss anybody so far?

      • philippinefan says:

        Irish Kevin: 31-13 Niners. I think Harbaugh inputs a little something into the offense every game. The Giants have a lot to contend with, when they are watching film of the Niners/jets, Niners/bills. If Harbaugh is getting the killer instinct that Bill had, well then 49ers 31 – NY 13

  17. philippinefan says:

    Here’s Mike Sando @ ESPN’s NFC West Blog:

    NFC West teams have been winning largely with defense. The quarterback play Alex Smith has provided the 49ers at times this season — at Green Bay and against Buffalo, for sure — puts them on another plane.

    Remember the interception rate (1.1 percent) Smith carried through last season, the one that was so low it could not possibly be sustainable? It has actually fallen to 0.7 percent through five games.

    The 49ers’ third-down conversion rate has climbed from 29.4 percent last season to 39.6 percent his season. Their red zone touchdown percentage has climbed from 40.7 percent to 64.7 percent.

    Eleven regular-season games remain. These trends might not hold.

    For now, though, the 49ers are playing as well as or better than any team in the NFL.

  18. unca_chuck says:

    Power rankings don’t concern me all that much. As long as we are at least noticed as a top team is fine. This game is big, but really doesn’t mean jack shit until we get to January. The hope is it decides homefield, but look at what that got us last year.

    It wouldn’t be a killer to lose this game. Though I think the Niners win 28-20.

    • 12th man says:

      I think whats at stake is redemption. Vindication for the belief that we should have gone to the bowl not them. In those terms this game is huge and I hope we left something in the gas tank from last week. Niners 31-27 and let ESPN chew on that for a while.

    • philippinefan says:

      Check. And yeah power rankings are silly but it’s sumptim to talk about…for the media whores I guess

      • 12th man says:

        Somebody on here, I forget who, wrote they would rather fly under the radar than be ranked well in power polls. Those days were gone last year. We ain’t flying under anything this year.

      • phil fan says:

        “Those days were gone last year” Yep the Giants sure didn’t underestimate us in the NFC championships. About the time Harbs gave the Deetroit handshake our boyz have been marked men, the team to beat. Just few could do it last year even knowing we weren’t the same old same old. We’re even bettah this year and everybody knows it. Punching NY in da throat and kicking ’em while their down will only add another bulls eye on our backs.

        Yeah? We got the bloodlines (like Maggie), the history, the heritage AND the players and da coaches to make the competition know we have pinned a bulls eye on their sorry backs. If there was ever a team lusting for redemption against their opponents, redemption for 8 years of pathetic performances, for a moronic ownership and management, and for a malignant spiral of defeats-

        It’s the 2012 San Francisco Forty Niners.

        Fuck the Giants, Fuck the rest of ’em on our sked. Fuck ’em all…Capice?

  19. snarkk says:

    30-20 Niners…

  20. 12th man says:

    I noticed so far nobody expects Eli to throw more than 2 TD’s.

    • philippinefan says:

      Two would be more than enough. I’m calling for 1 TD and 3 FGs.

      Spread so far ranging from 4 from Man to 21 from barleyfreak. I wonder what Flavor is gonna call? Guy’s been hot…

      • 12th man says:

        Yeah 2 would be more than enough alright Phil, just interesting guys expect Niners to keep Eli under 3 TD’s shows how high the bar is now set for this team. Reminds me of the good old days.

      • phil fan says:

        Well we’ll see Man. Hard not to be optimistic slapping the shit outta 2 NY media darlings in a row. But yeah Manning will be tough but I think we come out with a chip on our shoulder.

        Let’s see if a pissed off Niners team holds Eli under 3 TD….

        Gonna be a good one ma Man

      • phil fan says:

        Last time we played these guys Manning had no more than two TD, right? They scored 20 and beat us. That’s gotta have our D pissed and 17 from our O- another pisser. ST might be a concern tho. I’ll be shocked they get more than 20 on us. JMNSHO

    • phil fan says:

      On 11/13/2011 he threw no more than 2 TDs (unless one was on the ground) then he threw one. Twice. Twice they scored 20 points. Second time it was enough. We score 17 again we’ll lose again. Roman pulls a Minnesota on us it ain’t gonna be good, right?

      • 12th man says:

        My thinking is the Niners O is better than last year, more varied and will score more points and that Eli will be forced to keep up. That results in a) A higher scoring close game or b) A large lead and many interceptions.

        I like plan b but expect plan a.

        Both result in a win!

  21. Winder says:

    I haven’t seen it from put out from 49er land yet but, Alex may have a sprained finger on his throwing hand. That could be trouble if true.

  22. unca_chuck says:

    Harbaugh said it was a concern. Smith said it wasn’t a problem. I guess we can hope it gets better soon. But get Cappy Capperson a few more reps.

    • 12th man says:

      I would like to so Alex and Kap on the field together for a few snaps too, very confusing to the D.

    • Grumpy Guy says:

      If Harbaugh is talking about it, it’s nothing.

      If it was something, Harbaugh would glare at the reporter like he was a dumbshit for asking about it.

      • philippinefan says:

        Hahah funny true Grump. Nice decoding.

        Concerning yer hopes for the Niners O improving this year- 3rd down, RZ, QB rating, etc. Look at Sando’s comments @ October 9, 2012 at 4:03 pm above. I’d say we’re doing what needed to do to keep improving

  23. 12th man says:


  24. barleyfreak says:

    Manning is a great QB. He is clutch. But I think the Niners are due for a smack down of a GOOD team. At home. On a roll. Against the team that knocked them out at home last year. The reason I think that the spread will be so high is that JH and company are showing something that has been noticeably absent in the past — petal to the metal, step on their throat, run up the score, beat them to a pulp. I think they mess with Manning, sack him, hit him, pick him off, AND have a far superior TOP ball control, keeping him from scoring.

    Of course my predictions run hot and cold. But right now, the Niners are hot. I’m sticking to it.

    • 12th man says:

      Barley currently the Niners are 4 1/2 fav with 43 being the O/U. So at least to attract betting, Vegas expects a similar game to last year. Since the home team get’s 3 it means Vegas see’s Niners as slightly better than the Giants.

      I like the idea of a statement game beat down of a recognized team and it’s very possible given everything in recent history and the way the team has played the last 2 games. Giants are tough and will also be ready to play, Eli is as you say clutch but overall the Niners are a better team than last year and I haven’t seen the same with the Giants so IMO Niners win, the only thing is by how much.

      I also am a huge fan of Harbs running up the score, an in your face attitude they have not had maybe since Steve Youngs days. I remember Mooch turning down the gas and we lost the game (forget the team) and Owens calling Mooch out on it for holding back so as not to embarrass his friend.

      I would be overjoyed if they get stomp the Giants and keep it up to the end, fingers crossed your intuition is hot this week.

  25. unca_chuck says:

    R.I.P. Mongo. AKA Alex Karras.

    • unca_chuck says:

      Saw him a couple times near the end of his career, and he was non-stop all the time, every play. No matter how bad the Lions were at any particluar time.

      • 12th man says:

        I realized after watching those clips my kids haven’t seen the movie, gonna fix that tonight.
        R.I.P. Mongo

  26. unca_chuck says:

    That and Young Frankenstein are 2 of my all-time Mel Brooks favorites.

    • barleyfreak says:


      I can’t count how many times I’ve watched YF and still laugh. At the same parts. Every time. Also — since we’re on the Mel Brooks subject, here’s a shout out for The Producers. I steadfastly refuse to watch the remake. Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder. Money.

  27. 12th man says:

    Coach Coughlin on PFT thinks his team doesn’t get enough respect. That’s ok, it makes up for it in media coverage:

    Indeed we will see coach.

  28. unca_chuck says:

    He’s grasping at straws. His defense is hurting, and I think we take advantage of their weak secondary.

  29. Winder says:

    I hope K. Williams has the biggest day of his career this week. He has ;proven to be a very strong willed football player and a tru gamer. Best of luck to him. I would like nothing better than to see NY get burned bad this week, If we have anything up our sleeves we should lay it all out on Sunday. Big fucking game.

  30. unca_chuck says:

    Go Giants!

    Uh, SF Giants, that is . . .

  31. Irish Kevin says:

    I think Harbaugh inputs a little something into the offense every game. The Giants have a lot to contend with, when they are watching film of the Niners/jets, Niners/bills. If Harbaugh is getting the killer instinct that Bill had, well then 49ers 31 – NY 13

  32. unca_chuck says:

    Cool. Gives us a chance to lay his ass out. I hope Jacobs is ready. Although they might be waiting until after the bye to bring him back.

    New thread is up.

    New thread is up.

    New thread is up.

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