Clueless In Seattle



Or (Dennis will like this one) Seattle Screw . . .

Anyone watching the MNF game last night saw an example of what is wrong with the replacement refs in the NFL. They dare not make an unfavorable call in a hostile environment. When these guys started 3 weeks ago, they appeared to be to throw flags on any given play. Or they came up with completely weird interpretations of rules. 2 illegal blocking penalties on KICKING teams? Ball spotting problems, Not being able to count the number of timeouts used, missing a ton of false starts, on and on. The results weren’t greatly affected. Week 2 saw players taking a lot more chances and getting away with brutal hits. The 2nd MNF game saw a near riot on a fumble and subsequent recovery that was determined about 5 minutes after the fact. Alex Smith got a shot to the head while in a slide.

This past weekend saw even more brutal hits. DHB of the Raiders was knocked clean out on a play right in front of an ‘official’ who decided to eat his flag. Texans QB Matt Shaub lost part of his ear to a particularly nasty hit. At least it was called for a penalty. Yet, you have calls like Russell Wilson scrambling and getting tackled as he threw the ball. Roughing. Dashon Goldson hits a TE going over the middle with his shoulderpad to the TEs chest. Roughing. Sidney Rice facemasks and covers the eyes of the DB covering him, and the DB does not initiate ANY contact, yet gets called for PI.

And then we get the kicker. The last play last night. Waylon Jennings clearly catches the hail Mary pass and clutches the ball to his chest while he falls to the ground. Golden Showers Tate has one arm near the ball while the other arm is clearly off the ball. No simultaneous possession. The back judge signals INT. The side judge signals TD. THEY were simultaneous. But they don’t matter. The players rolled around for another 45 seconds and Tate eventually ends up with the ball. I guess, based on this, that gave him the score. They did a cursory review, and if they couldn’t see the lack of possession by Tate then, why bother? Green Bay got screwed, and there isn’t a damn thing they can do about it. Even more funny is Tate blatantly pushed another DB out of the way before jumping for the pass. 3 refs right there to make a call, and they all ignored it.

In the end, this won’t likely have too much impact on the playoff hunt. GB should win their division and get in regardless, but Seattle gets a pretty big boost by this. They should be in the thick of the WC, if not the NFC West race, so this may end up deciding who wins.

Frankkly, I think this is the tipping point. This has already become a major issue. I mean Kim Kardashian tweeted about it. Goodie and the owners really have to stop and think about how flagrantly awful this makes the league look. The refs’ demands are seemingly a little out there for part-time guys, but when you look at the money everyone else makes, their piece looks positively miniscule. And, these refs are an absolute abomination to the integrity of the game. Word is 3 of these’officials’ were fired from the Lingerie Football League for incompetence.


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  1. 12th man says:

    Ya can’t make this stuff up.

  2. phil fan says:

    Sadly it’s true. I have discovered that the NFL has possession of and has actively used WMDs on their fans, their players and coaches and on themselves. These are known as ‘replacement refs’. Good luck with that

  3. phil fan says:

    It’s become difficult to take the NFL and the games seriously anymore. The WMDs (replacement refs) adamantly supported by the commish/owners despite their unprofessional calls really have killed many fans and players interest in this sport.

    The New York Jets? Who gives a fuck when the outcome could easily be determined by poor officiating. Really the games have become somewhat boring. I cannot believe a Pete Rozell or any commish who loves the sport would ever have let things deteriorate this far. The owners need to rein the egomaniac Goodell in pronto before more damage is done. And owners- yes you Jed-get off yer high horses and resolve this labor dispute! Cheap, controlling power trippers you appear to be gentlemen. Remember the baseball strike of some years back? MLB never recovered it’s previous popularity and likely never will. I fear a repeat performance in the NFL. In fact it’s underway.

    I want the Niners to win but I surely won’t be getting up at 1AM to cheer them on. What for? Sadly we are witnessing a farcical spectacle not a professional contest anymore.

    I’m very angry at the greedy owners. Fuck these clowns. Strike!

  4. phil fan says:

    Perfect. And welcome to the National Foney League. That’s Phoney with an F

  5. philippinefan says:

    Looks like the Seattle screw crew got the owners attention- along with millions of disgusted fans:

    Report: NFL, NFLRA Reach Agreement; Refs Could Return For Week 4

    Fearing the harsh reaction of mainly fans Jim Irsay puckered up to make nice:

    “The always outspoken Jim Irsay, owner of the Indianapolis Colts, was the first NFL owner to make a public statement about the potential deal, doing so over Twitter.

    “Your loud voices r heard about getting Refs back. We’re desperately trying 2 get it done! We want a deal that improves officiating overall,” he tweeted.

    Irsay tweeted shortly after, “Let’s be clear,when our NFL Fans talk,we listen..if you’re unhappy,we’re unhappy…we’re here 2 serve U..everything we do is to please YOU!”


  6. unca_chuck says:

    Better late than never I suppose. But Goodell is an asshole.

  7. unca_chuck says:

    Oh, Dennis is stroking Frank alright. But it has nothing to do with his cat . . .

  8. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up . . . . . . . ………………………………..

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