Aftermath. . . Great Comeback! Or, Who’s on the Ledge?

Well, all I can say is thank God that one didn’t count. Even if the Niners did win the battle of the scrubs. They won the battle but lost the war. In a game that looked eerily reminiscent of the old regime, the 49ers laid a pretty big egg in the high altitude of Denver, Colorado. Peyton Manning got little pressure put upon him, and Willis McGehee ran untouched through the line, and thus shredded the Niner defense like it was a block of swiss cheese. Manning hit a couple of long passes, and lots of short ones on the way to his first 2 scores of the preseason. Still and all, the Niners were not stunting or blitzing. They were as vanilla as can be. It was base defense all first half. Plus, they were missing their biggest weapon. One Aldon Smith.

Offenseively, well, not much good to say there as well. Crabs caught a couple passes. A slant, for God’s sake, and Crabs did work his was back toward Alex on a play where Smith broke contain, and Smith hit Crabs for a 1st down. See what a little preseason can do? Of course that was followed by a botched center/QB exchange that seemingly everyone on the offense couldn’t gather in, which resulted in a quick Denver score. Smith did throw a perfect wheel route pass to Randy Moss, oh yeah, I’m sorry, Vernon Davis, for a score, but the rest was fairly forgettable. The O line did little to nothing. The play calling was bland, and the WRs were once again pretty much ignored by the first team offense. Smith did throw a pass for Randy Moss. However, he was triple covered. If that’s how the teams play him in the regular season, well, I guess he’s worth it. But he ain’t going to like being a decoy 4/5ths of the time.

All and all, this WAS a preseason game. It was disconcerting to me to see Denver march up and down the field early on. But, again, the defense was vanilla. A Smith wasn’t playing. This one didn’t count. I think a steady diet of blitzes will get to Manning over the course of a game, and a season. Some folks are ready to annoint Manning the league MVP based on one preseason game. If that was the case, then Ryan Leaf would share that award with him. In  other words, I’m not going to truly worry until it is truly warranted. Could this be a wake-up call to the defense? Are they merely riding their accolades to a big letdown? I don’t think so. But the importance of a healthy Aldon Smith in the lineup cannot be understated. Offensively? Well, that is to be determined. The Niners were awfully bland in their play calling yesterday. But I think they still have to work in their new weapons. This may take the better part of September (or more) to accomplish. For all the glowing accolades regarding practices, I have yet to see anything resembling consistency on the field. Worrisome? Sure. But, when the real bullets fly, we’ll see what we got.


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  1. snarkk says:

    I don’t put much stock in games like that. When the defense doesn’t run much of anything they would run in a real game, all the game amounts to is exercise, and video study for the coaches to see which bubble players showed well or showed poorly, so they can make cuts. Harbaugh is not showing any cards, offense or D. At least the punt return team didn’t fumble, I think, but I didn’t see that much of the game…

  2. unca_chuck says:

    Well, don;t expect a huge offensive explosion going into Green Bay. This year is going to be a variation on last year’s theme. keep it close, and hope to win the turnover battle. Frankly, I’d like to see a more aggressive offense, but I don’t think Harbaugh is leaning that way.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    The 1st round of cuts is in. Surprising to me is Tremaine Brock isn’t on the list.

    Our 6th round pick (OL Slowey) is.

    WR Hannula
    WR Tyms
    S Nelms
    K Tavecchio
    DL Masifilo
    CB Purvis
    TE Sawyer
    DL Butrym
    WR Hastings
    OL Slowey

  4. barleyfreak says:

    Ok, the usual “it’s only preseason” disclaimer aside, I never get tired of seeing AS toss TD’s to VD. But if he doesn’t find a way to throw em to the other receivers on the team, it’s gonna be a long season. Point being that if I was game planning against us, I’d throw everyone at VD until someone else beats me. Now that we have someone to do that (MM, RM, etc). I can surely wait until GB to see it, but it better be there or more meh.

  5. unca_chuck says:

    Yup. The encouraging thing to see was the triple coverage on Moss when he went deep. But, as last week showed, when he’s singled up, you HAVE to throw it to him for the big play. 3 or 4 of those a game, and Randy will be happy.

    • 12th man says:

      There’s the rub, the play call was most likely RM on a go route, our boy Alex had enough time to air one out and in this case overthrows RM in triple coverage. if RM is drawing triple coverage, or double coverage as the ball is thrown someone else has to be open.

      Its not a matter of if he throws deep I complain and if he throws underneath I complain as I am very likely to hear. Alex needs to see the field, not the pre-determined receiver and adjust the playcall/decision accordingly.

      Thats been his issue from day 1 in my opinion, less so now than prior years but still there. Read and react appropriately and he will move the chains including 3rd down and redzone.

  6. unca_chuck says:

    The point being, if VD and Moss gather so much attention, manningham and Crabs should be open a lot. If Smith gets time, that is.

    It’s disconcerting to see Manning get so much time, while our line blocking is not doing very well.

  7. phil fan says:

    Let’s get Aldon back and a real defensive game plan installed. Fine playing vanilla on D (O as well; Scoring will be the concern) -during Nipper’s favorite time of year- pre-season- but enough already with the ‘not showing ’em anything’. Fangio will have these guys primed to unleash some havoc on Rodgers head. I think the DL will be playing pissed and our DBs looking to make the GB WRs and TE pay for this current restrained approach. Our starters will be raring to go. The D I’m not worried about. They will answer the bell.

    Otherwise we’re fucked

  8. phil fan says:

    Sick of Vanilla D yet? From Maiocco:

    The 49ers’ No. 1 defense has forced a punt on just one of their seven series in the exhibition season. The opposition has scored 26 points with four field goals and two touchdowns.

    Drives vs. 49ers first-team defense
    6 plays, 59 yards, field goal
    13 plays, 63 yards, field goal

    7 plays, 37 yards, field goal
    3 plays, 9 yards, punt

    8 plays, 45 yards, field goal
    9 plays, 83 yards, touchdown
    4 plays, 24 yards, touchdown

    BTW Dobbs hobbling around on crutches Monday. Injuries, injuries…

  9. Nipper says:

    I hope you guys don’t head for the Golden Gate Bridge if the Niners start 0-2 this season. I know Dennis will be crying like a cut pig if this occurs. Most likely it will be a 1-1 start after two.

    • phil fan says:

      Yeah crying for Alex’s head. Maybe we start slow and build up a head of steam like last year. Chuck has said it may take a month or so to get the O rolling

  10. Grumpy Guy says:

    Those are two good teams the first two weeks. I don’t think 0-2 is impossible. It also is not the end of the world – but it matters what KIND of 0-2 we are talking about. 0-2 with two close losses, played competitively but came up short is a world of difference from 0-2 and got blown out of our socks and bent over. We cannot come out flat like we did this past Sunday.

  11. unca_chuck says:

    I ain’t too worried about Dobbs. He’s a backup.

    The more disconcerting thing is going to be watching Kyle Williams returning punts come September 9th.

  12. phil fan says:

    Yikes, Williams… Ginn is kinda fragile, more like a track guy. Guess we were lucky he held up as long as he did. There has to be life after Ginn…

  13. phil fan says:

    Read on Niners Nation that Williams, the two horrible mistakes last year aside, might make Ginn expendable especially if Ginn is hobbled. I didn’t see it but the writer referred to a punt return where KW carried a defender for some yards on his back. Could that open the door for Owusu?

    • 12th man says:

      I thought KW showed good promise as a WR and up until the Giants game was mostly doing well in the return game. He was a rookie in a huge game under pressure and made 2 terrible decisions.

  14. unca_chuck says:

    I don’t get why they even put Ginn at WR. Why don’t they fucking listen to me?

    Ginn’s value is strictly as a KR/PR. Now that he’s fucked, that means they need another WR on the roster. Owusu, according to 12th, is fast as shit, so sure. Owusu did return KRs (78 2132 3 TDs) for Snodfart, so he’s good for that.

    Cox can back up for KW (gulp) on PRs.

  15. winder says:

    All I know is that I wanted to see us crush Peyton. Then I wanted to see our defense stuff that below average run game. Then I thought OK Gore will make a couple of good runs and that A. Smith surely has our passing game down at this point because our above average OL is one of the best in the business. So much for what I want. I am just glad that Harbaugh is there because we looked a lot like Singletary.

  16. rtfirefly says:

    I agree, Phil. Why wait till a possible 0-2 to cry for Alex’s head?

  17. shmuddly says:

    I dunno, i would kinda like to see both Moss and Ginn out there and see what the defense will do. I doubt they would triple team him again. Oh wait, it still comes down to Alex, I am totally behind Smith this year and hope he can find his touch on some of those deep routes.

    • Nipper says:

      Alex is the man! …….Dennis can suck a lemon.

      • Del Mar Dennis says:

        Just a squeeze or a twist of lemon for my drinks, Nipper. I’ll leave the sucking to you and Alex. You two saps have cornered the market and sucked dry that lemonade stand.

        I’m going across the street and check out Lucy’s psychiatric help for 5 cents. Improve your mental acuity for just a nickel? You can’t beat that with a stick. I sure hope the good doctor is “IN.”

  18. winder says:

    I guess I’m posting with two different names, I will see what I can do about that

  19. winder says:

    See if this works.

  20. unca_chuck says:

    For what it’s worth, Smith doesn’t seem to have a problem hitting VD on deeper routes. If he could ever get synched up with any of his myriad WRs, well, we’d be on to something.

  21. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Shmoopy? You’re Shmoopy.

  22. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Watching the replay of the Bronco game on the NFL Network, and something just occurred to me…It’s really a goddamn shame that we didn’t sign Peyton Manning. He’s not too shabby. Shabby Shmoopy?

    • Nipper says:

      You really think he will last? I wouldn’t bet on it.

      • Nipper says:

        Durability of a 36 year old in the NFL…….Good Luck!

      • Grumpy Guy says:

        It’s not impossible. But it’s a long season, and Manning needs to go into January not only still standing but still effective. A lot will depend on how their Offensive Line gels. But then I think the same of us. Alex is more resilient than Peyton, but he still cannot take a continual pounding without consequence. For every contending team, it’s as much about being healthy at the end of the year as it is about being good.

  23. winder says:

    Can I say Fuck the Dodgers on this blog?

  24. unca_chuck says:

    Go for it, Winder. Since the blockbuster trade, the Dodgers are 1-2, and their new pitcher just lost 10-0.

    Yes, they are fucked.

  25. unca_chuck says:

    It really comes down to Timmy and Zits. If both of them can reasonably resemble major league pitching, then they should be able to stay ahead of LA. Matt, Bummie, and Vogie are all doing well enough to keep the GIatns in any game they start. LA’s weakness remains their starting pitching. Barbara Billingsly going down is going to hurt them bad. Mainly because Beckett isn’t nearly the pitcher that Babs is. And now Kemp might be out again.

  26. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Maybe the Dodgers should trade for Peyton Manning. He’s only making $18M this year. That’s chump change to what they’ve been shelling out recently. I’d stick ’em in their starting rotation. He’s accuracy looked pretty damn good to me the other night. Peyton was throwing strikes and our DBs just sat there with their bats on their shoulders.

  27. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Did Harbaugh say who’s starting at QB tomorrow night? Silly question. Jimbo says less than Marcel Marceau.

    And every QB is just one hit away from being done for the year. It’s nonsense to think Peyton is more at risk than Alex or any other QB for that matter. The majority of QB injuries occur while they are running. Not standing still in the pocket. And which QB was sacked the most last year? Thank you.

    Peyton Manning will throw more TDs this year than Alex. A good bottle of booze still says so. Anyone thirsty?

  28. unca_chuck says:

    Right, Dennis. A 36 year old guy with 5 neck surgeries is less prone to be hurt that the 27 year old guy with no neck surgeries. Yer funny when you are completely stupid. You might want to pull that 40′ tree out of your ass . . .

    Who cares? You think Denver goes farther than the Niners in the playoffs, Dennis? Steve DeBerg threw a bunch of TD passes. So did Steve Spurrier. So did Cam Newton. Doesn’t mean shit. Stats are great, but they are not the be-all end-all. You slobbered all over Tomy Romo’s dick last year. This year it’s Peyton? Suck away, Skippy. PM will not last the season.

  29. Del Mar Dennis says:

    So Chuck says Peyton won’t last the season. If a QB doesn’t last the entire season, he won’t throw that many TDs.

    Again. I state my case of which I’m certain ( I love Frank). Peyton will throw more TDs than Alex this year. I have a bottle of good Christmas booze that says so. Put up or STFU.

    Tell me again how the Niners are better off this year with Alex at QB instead of Manning.
    Fucking Mook.

  30. unca_chuck says:

    Awww. Poor baby. No one wants to play with Denny.

    I didn’t make the call. Baalke didn’t make the call. Harbaugh didn’t make the call. Peyton did. So get the fuck over it already. Last year it was Romo-homo-love. Now we get non-stop Peyton Place?

    Put a fucking sock in it you fucking troll.

  31. winder says:

    That Romo shit last yr was a little weird. But, I do understand how you feel about Alex.

  32. unca_chuck says:

    Alex is a bona fide question. I get that. Dogging people here over and over about the fact that Peyon isn’t here is a pussy argument. HE decided to go to Denver. No one knows what would have happened had he come here. He isn’t here. Nothing changes that fact.

  33. philippinefan says:

    Del Mar’s okay. He just likes to yank our chains sometimes. He’s funny mainly. I just can’t take serious the spurious arguments. As 12th would say: “It’s a blog, right?”

    I’m not the blogmeister so I guess I don’t get as frustrated as our Chuck…

  34. philippinefan says:

    BTW I don’t think PM lasts a freaking season in this league. El Snapo gonna fade quick.

    We’re better off with Alex do believe. PM throws more TDs but they wind up 8-8 and we’re NFC West Champs @ 10-6, I’ll take it

  35. Irish Kevin says:

    Getting closer to first game, I will be here to read and post, If the Niners lose the first game how many of you regulars are going to deem the season over and the Niners will have a losing season? Not counting Dennis, I would bet half of you will be regular Doomers out here. Especially concerning Alex. Sad, really sad.

  36. Irish Kevin says:

    oh and one more question, how many of you have the bar set higher than last year??

  37. Irish Kevin says:

    In other words how many expect the the niners to do better than 13-3? you are crazy if you have the bar set that high!!

  38. unca_chuck says:

    So Kev, yer giving us shit for how you think we’ll react? Cool.

    No, I’ve been saying 11-5. And no, I expect at best 1-1 to start the year. Harbaugh has already made a lot of enemies out there. Schwartz being one of them. It all depends on how they lose if they do lose. If GB beats the Niners 35-7, and Alex throws 3 picks, yeah, I’ll worry. If we come back and beat Deetroit the next week, I’ll be fine. If Deeetroit comes here and lays a beat-down on the Niners, I’ll be even more concerned. Thing is though, the division is still winnable even with an 0-2 start. Anything worse than that will bring out the doomers.

    If the Niners can’t beat the Vikings and the Jets, then we ARE in some trouble.

    Where the bar is raised or lowered is the playoffs. The regular season SHOULD be seen as a tuneup for the playoffs. Get this offense in gear as the season rolls on, and things should work out.

  39. 12th man says:

    Interesting how some posters read critique as being a downer. Opinions can only be of the upbeat, supportive cheerleader type so as to be true fans?


  40. 12th man says:

    11-5 is my best guestimate and that would mean playing better than last year.

    • unca_chuck says:

      Truth is, the Niners could go 9-7 and still do damage in the playoffs. The fricking Giants were dead in the water with all their injuries last year, and managed to healthy up and win it all. They were one more loss from firing Coughlin.

  41. unca_chuck says:

    If the Niners somehow go 2-0 these first 2 games, 12-4 is doable . . .

    New post new post new post. . .

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