Quarterbacks of the NFC West (or, Sleepless in Seattle)

Coming into the regluar season this year, there were a few certainties. Alex Smith was going to be the starter in SF. Sam Bradford was going to be the starter in StL. Seattle signed Matt Flynn as the heir apparent to complement the drafting of Russell Wilson. AZ was going to let Red Skelton and Krusty Kolb fight it out for the starting spot. Then the Peyton Manning sweepstakes roared through town. Say what you will about the 49ers, they got their QB controversy over and done with in March when Jim Harbaugh and Trent Baalke went on a ‘perusing’ (or ‘pursuing’) mission to watch Peyton Manning throw. Funny thing is, they were hiding in the bushes cloaked in their hoodies like a couple of pervs at the girls swim team tryouts. Manning never came to Sf and there were no negotiations between the parties involved, but that didn’t stop the rumor mill from cranking up to hypersonic levels.

In the end, SF was denied, saying they were never serious anyway, AZ was jilted, and Seattle figured they were set with Flynn. As it is now, well, shit is muddy. Alex is still the starter in SF. The coaches are singing his praises as having a full grasp of the offense. When this shows on the field is anyone’s guess. Sept 9th? One would hope. Bradford is the starter in StL. He’s being given the Alex Smith crash course in how to relearn a new offensive system every year for the past 3, and he’s struggling.  AZ? Sheesh. No matter who they put back there, they’d better get the ball out fast. Their tackles were utterly dominated in game 3 of their preseason (and every other moment of games I saw). Skelton got off a couple nice passes, a pick, and a lot of grounders amid tremendous pressure from Tennessee’s base defense. Kolb fared much the same. Hard ro evaluate your guys when they are running for their lives. Neither had any time to throw, and were pounded mercilessly. Ha ha.

Seattle? Well, they are so impressed with their $26 million man that they stated this week that a strong showing by rookie 3rd round pick Russell Wilson could very well land the starting spot if he does well. The game isn’t on TV (live anyway) but it will be shown at Saturday at midnight vs KC (taping that one). You have to wonder how this works out. Cam Newton came in and impressed. But he certainly bucked the odds of the usual struggles by rookie signal callers in the NFL.  Wilson? We’ll see. Flynn isn’t doing terribly, but Wilson seems to be providing bigger plays and getting more yards. If Wilson struggles early, then they will start the QB merry-go-round that works so well in the NFL.

So, if I’m a Seattle fan, I have to be a little worried about things as of now. If I’m a Card fan, well, I’d be in a bad mood as my team can’t block for our QBs and any team with a decent D line (say most of the NFC west among the rest of their opponents) will surely shut down their passing game. If I’m a StL fan, I just have to hope that Jeff Fisher can pull off a Jim Harbaugh and install a successful system in a short amount of time. Bradford’s a goodf QB, but you have to question his supporting cast.

All in all, it looks pretty good for the men in red and gold.

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29 Responses to Quarterbacks of the NFC West (or, Sleepless in Seattle)

  1. phil fan says:

    Hopefully we pick up right where we left off in the regular season- on top.

    BTW Del Mar are we set for 6pm 9/1/12 Draft? Is that right?

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      That’s the scheduled date and time, Phil. But I’m very flexible. If you or anyone else really want to attend the LIVE draft but can’t make that time. Let me know and I’ll make a switch. I want as many as possible to make the draft. 6 PM my time. What is that, 10 AM your time?

      • phil fan says:

        9am ovah heah Sunday morning works fine fer me my friend. I’ll be there and THIS yeah will not pass up on the Superbowl winning QB to take Bradford, groan!

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      BTW, I have one spot remaining in our Yahoo! league. You’re more than welcomed to it. This league will have the IDPs. ID# 359698 PW is “Lott”

  2. unca_chuck says:

    Oh shit. Autrodraft!

  3. Irish Kevin says:

    So Cards have the Team the niners had a few years ago, when Alex was running for his life on every passing play. Of course that was not because the Niners did not have a good O line, it was because Nolan and Singletary ran the ball on first and second down, so it was 3rd and long every fucking series and the defenses knew what was coming.

  4. 12th man says:

    Company man Maiocco thinks we keep 4 QB and hope to trade 1 for a late round draft, he also likes Tolzein over JJ. Maiocco is stealing your stuff Chuck.

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      They’re going to keep 6 WRs, 6 RBs AND 4 QBs to start the year?
      That “nation-wide” search for a GM is really starting to rear its head.

    • Of course he is stealing Chuck’s stuff because Matt M and Chuck are the same poison, ah ‘person’. This is jest a moonlight gig for Maiocco. Right Chuck?


  5. 12th man says:

    Didnt sound realistic to me either Dennis.

  6. Del Mar Dennis says:

    FF update: Both leagues are full. ESPN has 10, and our Yahoo! is at 8. Thanks to all of you who are participating. I’ll be dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s in the next few days. I’ll send out any and all e-mails with any changes and updates. Please be sure to have your CURRENT e-mail address set-up with either ESPN and/or Yahoo! so you’ll get the info in a timely manner.


    Del Mar


    Did we sign Peyton Manning yet?

  7. Nipper says:

    What’s the fascination with fantasy? What drives this?

  8. phil fan says:

    Learning a lot more about a favorite subject

    The ability to gloat when beating somebody like our esteemed blogmeister

    A perverse need to get up at 3:30am
    A perverse need to get up at 1am

    Could be just another perverse need, dunno

  9. Del Mar Dennis says:

    The game’s four hours away and Peyton Manning has already thrown two TDs against our defense.

  10. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Not to be outdone himself, Alex got a head start on the game by having a nice continental breakfast — raspberry scones and fresh squeezed OJ. We got the right guy alright.

  11. reddog says:

    Del Mar Dennis Calm down. Just another preseason game so I’m not sure why you’re getting so worked up about it. Still two weeks from playing for real.

  12. 12th man says:

    History Dog, history.

    Dennis, Smith did improve last year, I reckon he is right around average now, if he improves again this year who knows where we end up.

    Those stats about 13-3 teams not making playoffs are as meaningful as wildcard teams odds of winning the Superbowl.

  13. unca_chuck says:


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