Bring On the (Pre) Season!! Are You Ready For Some Fake Football?

YEEAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhmmmmmm, uh. OK. Preseason. Like real football, but without any true meaning. True, there are position battles to fight for. WR being the most intriguing to me with the Crabs/Mario/Moss situation. The rest of the positional fights seem to be for backup roles, so there isn’t a ton of excitement there. The way it goes these days, you get about 10 series on offense and defense of 1st string players, and a lot of slop in the entire preseason. The caveat being the 3rd preseason game is usually reserved for a good bit (say one half) of starter action. We’ll see. Last year, Harbaugh went off-script and barely played the starters, and they were trounced by the Texans.

Jim Harbaugh gives a lot of creedence to fighting for positions during these practice games, but realistically he and the other coaches see what’s happening in practice day in and day out. Who’s busting ass and who isn’t. Who’s making plays, who’s on the sidelines. So, beyond these guys getting through these games without any serious injuries, what are you looking for Friday night against the 6 Kings? Me? I’m looking for Michael Crabtree in an actual preseason game. I ain’t holding my breath.

Anyhow, here’s the long awaited preseason schedule:

  • Fri Aug 10 – Minn @ SF 6:00 PM
  • Sat Aug 18 – SF @ Hou 5:00 PM
  • Sun Aug 26 – SF @ Den 1:00 PM
  • Thur Aug 30 – SD @ SF 7:00 PM 

One last preseason story. Many (including me) were a bit baffled by Gregg Williams and his Saitns defense’s incessant blitzing during the first practice game of the extremely truncated 2011 preseason. It seemed like a bullshit move to come out balls to the wall since it was obviously a weird situation that the 49ers (and all teams) were in. The 49ers showed nothing that game, and were pounded relentlessly by NO and their all-out blitz attack. Many were (rightly so) worried about the blocking, or lack thereof, during the blitzing frenzy. It warmed my heart to hear the 49ers say they used that game as impetus to get prepared for the playoff game on January 14. Great for the Saints! They won a preseason game! Well, good on the 49ers. They won the playoff game in epic fashion, and the Saints are getting ground into berger meat by Goodie Goodell. “I suppose that you’re accomplice in the wood chippah?”


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  1. Del Mar Dennis says:

    49ers released their depth chart today in advance for our first preseason game. The ONLY WR listed as a starter is Michael Crabtree. The other side is either or. This courtesy from Barrows.


    WR: 15 Michael Crabtree 10 Kyle Williams 17 A.J. Jenkins 13 Joe Hastings
    89 Nathan Palmer 9 Brian Tyms
    LT: 74 Joe Staley 75 Alex Boone 71 Derek Hall 69 Kenny Wiggins
    LG: 77 Mike Iupati 67 Daniel Kilgore 66 Joe Looney 60 Garrett Chisholm
    C: 59 Jonathan Goodwin 67 Daniel Kilgore 61 Chase Beeler 62 Jason Slowey
    RG: 75 Alex Boone 68 Leonard Davis 78 Mike Person 65 Al Netter
    RT: 76 Anthony Davis 78 Mike Person 71 Derek Hall 69 Kenny Wiggins
    TE: 85 Vernon Davis 46 Delanie Walker 82 Nate Byham 88 Konrad Reuland
    48 Garrett Celek 47 Kyle Nelson
    WR: 84 Randy Moss -or- 14 Mario Manningham -or- 19 Ted Ginn Jr. 18 Brett Swain
    81 Chris Owusu 35 Ben Hannula
    FB: 49 Bruce Miller 24 Anthony Dixon 44 Cameron Bell
    RB: 21 Frank Gore 32 Kendall Hunter 45 Brandon Jacobs 23 LaMichael James
    28 Rock Cartwright
    QB: 11 Alex Smith 7 Colin Kaepernick 1 Josh Johnson 3 Scott Tolzien


    LDT: 91 Ray McDonald 96 Demarcus Dobbs 63 Tony Jerod-Eddie 69 Patrick Butrym
    NT: 90 Isaac Sopoaga 95 Ricky Jean Francois 93 Ian Williams
    RDT: 94 Justin Smith 92 Will Tukuafu 71 Matthew Masifilo
    OLB: 55 Ahmad Brooks 98 Parys Haralson 50 Cam Johnson 44 Eric Bakhtiari
    ILB: 53 NaVorro Bowman 54 Larry Grant 51 Joe Holland
    ILB: 52 Patrick Willis 56 Tavares Gooden 57 Michael Wilhoite
    OLB: 99 Aldon Smith 98 Parys Haralson 48 Kourtnei Brown
    LCB: 22 Carlos Rogers 26 Tramaine Brock 20 Perrish Cox 41 Curtis Holcomb
    RCB: 25 Tarell Brown 29 Chris Culliver 33 Anthony Mosley 40 Deante’ Purvis
    FS: 38 Dashon Goldson 27 C.J. Spillman 23 Cory Nelms 43 Colin Jones
    35 Mark LeGree
    SS: 31 Donte Whitner 30 Trenton Robinson 32 Darcel McBath 36 Michael Thomas


    PR: 19 Ted Ginn Jr. 10 Kyle Williams 23 LaMichael James
    KR: 19 Ted Ginn Jr. 32 Kendall Hunter 23 LaMichael James
    P: 4 Andy Lee
    K: 2 David Akers 5 Giorgio Tavecchio, Jim Harbaugh
    H: 4 Andy Lee
    L: S 86 Brian Jennings 47 Kyle Nelson

  2. Del Mar Dennis says:

    And like I’ve mentioned before, it looks like they’re going to carry 6 RBs on the 53-man roster. And quite possibly all six will be active on Sunday’s. Which is unheard of. And if they deactivate one, as of now it looks like it would be LaMichael James. There’s a damn good chance both he and A.J. Jenkins are in 49er warmups when we open in GB. Helluva draft, Baalke. Helluva draft.

  3. phil fan says:

    Yep I’m ready fer some fake football as long as the coconut internet can find a live stream of the game over there. I’ll listen on KNBR to Robinson and whazzisname…

    Really looking forward to Harbaugh coming in as the 3rd kicker too.

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      Ted’s over in London doing the Olympics. I don’t know if he’ll be back in time to call the game. Even so, the SF Giants are playing that night at 7:30. They’ll take precedence on KNBR radio. I’d assume the Niner game will be on 1050. Hope you can get that via your coconut connection.

    • Looked up the \”American Football\” (not \’regular\’ football = soccer) on and sure enough they have all the preseason games listed including the Niners at 6pm Friday. Sadly that translates as 9am here on Saturday
      morning. Ordinarily that would be a good time to listen as it beats 1am or 4am (10am or 1pm Sunday games) right? Wrong. 9am Saturday morning is primetime over here for all the kiddies who are out of school and the lonely hearts looking for boyfriends who aren\’t at work. So the bandwidth being limited in coconut land will be all used up by half-time. No more video. Then the NFL internet audio broadcast will go next and I\’ll be reduced to asking you all \”Wazz dat??\”

      Wherever the local broadcast is the NFL will pick it up and put it on their Audio League Pass service. I checked that too Dennis but the usual problem is our crappy local bandwidth at that hour. Shit I remember getting a pretty good signal last year at the first pre-season game vs the sinning Saints and being pissed at the macho blitz packages they threw at us all game. That made the playoff win just that much sweeter eh?

  4. Grumpy Guy says:

    That depth chart will change, for injuries if nothing else.

  5. Test, posts not getting through WordPress

  6. unca_chuck says:

    Holy fuck. Wodrpress is having siezures again. I found 45 copies of this thread in my pending folder. I had to shit-can 3 responses to the earlier version of this, so sorry about that.

    I also found a bunch of stuff in the spam filter that I let back in. I don;t know if they came back or not.

  7. WordPress can’t handle the pressure of training camp? That’s sad…

  8. 12th man says:

    Am I the straw that broke the WordPress camels back?

    Yeah its a pre season game but I’m looking forward to it. Specifically looking for Boone, Kappy, Moss/Manningham and what they do with the RB’s.

    The first string D sounds like its in mid season form but Culliver is one I want to watch. Dobbs too, if he has another strong pre season what are they going to do with him?

  9. unca_chuck says:

    Who knows? Every once in a while, WordPress does random fucked up shit and throws everything into spam, makes you log in every time you want to post (thus losing what you’ve written. Grrrrrrrr), or now this. Posting 47 versions of my thread is a new fuck up.

    Dobbs and Tukafu both look pretty damn good. Depth like that is a good thing to have. The defense looks like it is stronger than last year with Cox xoming in and everyone getting a full camp. Culliver had a few issues, but for a rookie CB he was outstanding.

    I’m much more concerned with the offense and them gaining some continuity. Harbaugh naming Crabs the starting WR must be some kind of Jedi mind trick bullshit. the guy hasn’t even practiced with the team yet.

  10. unca_chuck says:

    They SEEM to have the tools now to be more explosive on offense. They just have to get it done in the trenches, and from Alex. I would like to see a LITTLE more spread on 1st down. There’s nothing wrong with a strong running game, but mix things up more. Run from the gun and spread formations.

  11. 12th man says:

    I agree Chuck, seems to me that Alex will be Alex give or take a little so nothing startling will change unless the scheme changes a bit to give him a bit of help. We have the quick RB’s now to successfully run out of the gun so it still keeps the D off balance from that formation. I doubt they show much variation in pre season but I hope to see something more than vanilla O in GB.

  12. Nipper says:

    The starters will barely play. That’s FAKE football.

  13. 12th man says:

    True Nipper, one or 2 series is about it, but that is better than the dog days of summer.

  14. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, that’s a BIG test in GB to start the year. My hope is the Niners come out in full attack mode. Green bay’s defense isw nothing if not pretty weak. the way to beat GB is to control the ball, and score points. Our defense should be up to the challenge, but they are a formidable offense.

  15. Grumpy Guy says:

    The THIRD pre-season game will be the big one. That’s when the starters will play a half to three quarters, and we need to show some signs of being in sync and ready.

    I think a whole of this season is going to come down to Alex Smith and Randy moss. If those two can develop some sort of connection that other teams have to account for, our offense will be better and we will have a reasonable level of success. If not, it could be frustrating this time around.

  16. unca_chuck says:

    I think Harbaugh might mix in some extra blitzes for ol’ Ichabod Manning out there. Make him the headless horseman.

  17. wiseguy says:

    Against the Pack the gameplan might be to keep the ball away from a potent Packer offense through methodical ball control. Long drives and keeping the score in the 20’s might lead to a win..

  18. unca_chuck says:

    I’d rather start fast and force GB to play catchup. Then lower the boom on Rodgers.

  19. Del Mar Dennis says:

    So Maxi Pad is the ONLY 49er who has not been made available for interviews since the end of last season. But his last words the day after the NFC Championship were, without mentioning his name, centered on ripping Alex Smith for not throwing him the damn ball (even when apparently covered) and giving him the opportunity to make a play like other QBs (Eli in particular) do at will.

    One out of two ain’t bad.

  20. wiseguy says:

    Michael Crabtree was scheduled to meet the media on the second day of Training Camp but was pulled when he got hurt. If I were Michael Crabtree I would redirect my comments toward Greg Roman rather than Alex Smith. If Frank Gore only had 5 carries in a frustaring loss he would unload because he felt his hands were tied in helping the Niners succeed.

  21. wiseguy says:

    I do not understand why Michael Crabtree is taking a great portion of the blame for the 49er loss.
    The obvious choice should be Kyle Williams but for whatever reason he is a victim here.
    Michael Cratree was targeted 5 times the entire game. I keep hearing Alex Smith was 1 for 13 on 3rd down opportunities. So what happened in the other 8 opportunies?

  22. 12th man says:

    Its a gamble to play grind it out ball control against Rodgers, he can struck so quickly. I think we need to score early and allow our D to pin back their ears and rush Rodgers like crazy.

  23. 12th man says:

    Crabs gets some blame because he was our #1 receiver and drafted to be exactly that. He simply hasn’t produced to that level and was a non factor in his most important game. VD in the same circumstances showed up to play.

    The Giants D had something to say about it too.

    • wiseguy says:

      Looking at the passing charts Vernon Davis ran 3 deep patterns and they hit on 2 of them in the NFC Championship game..
      All 5 Of MIchael Crabtree’s target opportunities were short passes. 4 to the right and 1 to the left.You can’t be the #1 receiver if the team gives you the title in name only, If you are running 7 yard hitches and have to break 4 tackles to score you’d be frustrated too.
      Kyle Williams had 2 long passes and 2 short passes thrown to him and came up empty.

  24. Del Mar Dennis says:

    You guys crack me up. You’re already stipulating how you want the GB game played out to get us a victory. Ain’t nothing getting us a victory in Green Bay. That shit is gonna be Waterloo all over again.

    A successful trip to GB will be if the plane lands safely. It all goes downhill after that…

  25. In the NFC Championship we didn’t have enough scoring to make any errors but this was a formula that worked most of the year for us. Then we got two critical errors – ballgame. We knew our O was weak in various phases (3rd down, RZ, thin WR corps) and it really bit us in the playoffs. Gas tank, empty. Agree the game plan on O (Roman’s) was too conservative but where were our weapons? Morgan hurt, Edwards gone. Replaced by who? Williams…not enough depth and we paid.

    I think the brain trust learned and now we have some tools in the WR dept. I’ll blame Crabs for being accident prone and not working more with Alex but he’s supposed to be to blame for the NFC title loss? No. We were too fucking thin on O, WRs. Hello Baalke. Too conservative on O? Hello Roman. Is Crabtree a stinkin’, rotten prima-donna Maxi Pad? Yes he is but that’s not what cost us a trip to the dance.

  26. Agree, if we play GB like we did the NFC Title Game we’re gonna lose that one too. Love to see the passing game open up: Moss deep opening up underneath crossing routes. Running outta the spread, yes. Vanilla ain’t gonna cut it in GB even with our D because we will again have no margin for error and errors have a way of happening to visitors in GB. Yeah grab a lead and make Rogers pay…27-24 Niners.

  27. 12th man says:

    Wise guy, play calling is a function of players skillsets. If during the week in practice you show the ability to catch deep balls then that goes into the mix. If you show the ability to catch 5 to 10 yard pass plays then that’s where they target you. What in Crabtrees 3 year football career shows he has an ability to catch the deep ball, or get separation, or game awareness to turn his head quicker than his pre determined cut mark to aid his QB who is already barely getting throws off in time.

    The guy needs to step up or step off, year 4 coming up. With Alex as your QB you won’t put up monster numbers but that’s all the more reason to spend every minute possible on the field with him so he’s not so gun shy when your number is called.

    Crabs has done the exact opposite, so with such a conservative QB guess what happens?

    • wiseguy says:

      I’m not understanding all this negativity on this blog. The 49ers are slated to have an oustanding year and a run to the Super Bowl. So much doom and gloom I’m beginning to think some of you sound like jealous Raider fans taking great joy in trashing a 49er.

      • 12th man says:

        I think you will find that’s what we all expect. That is not to say we have a perfect team or should be satisfied with players not putting out enough to push us over the top. we were just a little bit short last year, I would hate to get so close again and fall short.
        I’m a fan, not a cheerleader.

      • Del Mar Dennis says:

        Hey, Wiseguy, let’s get one goddamn thing straight…I’ve paid my goddamn dues. Chuck and Grumpy may have sat in the ‘Stick seats before me, but that’s because they’re older than I am… I’ve been a goddamn fucking 49er fan since I left Mother’s womb. It was Mom and Dad who taught football when I was a youngster…but when my bastard Father left my Mother and screwed everything away…

      • phil fan says:

        wiseguy ya shoulda seen it over here before: scary weird. Now we’re practically little angels, serious. Yeah we grumble about the team but the bad apples have been tossed out long ago. One great thing about 49ers Forever is that Chuck the blogmeister is a normal guy, no power tripping or control freak tendencies. Far as I can tell. We get to hang out and talk guy crap but really it’s not meant to be negative. We all love the Niners, even Del Mar Dennis we think. Lol

      • wiseguy says:

        Sorry but I get this very negative vibe here. Too negative as it seems you come here to whine and cry and trash a player you all seem to dislike. You make it uncomfortable for someone to have a view different from yours. It was my hope to find a site where we could all share views in a respecful manner. There is a bullying mob mentality here.
        I was transferred back East for work and get enough grief from the Eagle, Giants and Redskin fans around me.
        You say Unca Chuck the moderator is a regular guy? He’s fanning the flames and goading the mob on. If you think he’s not powertripping he’s got you brainwashed.
        Seriously how do you guys spend a week attacking Michael Crabtree with what amounts to unadulterated pettiness?
        As a 49er fan I have also paid my dues and I am thoroughly putoff by this.
        I love my 49ers too much to bitch like this or even listen to this.
        Enjoy the season

      • Grumpy Guy says:

        Have a nice trip, and don’t forget to pick up your panties.

        This ain’t your kind of place, son.

      • wiseguy says:

        Grumpy Guy If I were to stoop to your sophmoric level I might reply that your significant other told me to keep her panties after the best night she’s had in years.

      • Grumpy Guy says:

        Chuckle. You almost pulled it off, but misspelled ‘sophomoric’. Don’t use words you can’t spell.

        Need to improve your game, son. We’ve had better trolls than you here.

        Either that, or grow a thicker skin and get off the rag. One Crabtree is enough.

      • wiseguy says:

        Grumpy Guy I hope that one day you share with all the fellas here how you mentored Jerry Sandusky and taught him a few things non-football related.

  28. 12th man says:

    Del, we could have gone to GB last year in winter and won just like the Giants did so why not this year in good weather?

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      The Giants are built for cold weather. Niners? Not so much. And the Giants have Eli Manning. Niners? Not even close.

  29. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Hey! Maybe Maxi Pad took heed to my recent rant. He spoke briefly to reporters today. He said he’s had a calf strain. When asked to expand, Crabtree replied, “I don’t know too much about injuries, bro,”

    Always the Great Communicator, that Crabtree.

  30. 12th man says:

    Classic. Crabtree doesn’t know too much injuries, you could of fooled me!

    • philippinefan says:

      Crabtree is a carefree hangin’ out kinda guy to da Max who is our TRUE NUMBER ONE… but only in the injury dept.

  31. 12th man says:

    Weather won’t be cold in GB in September and Alex and Eli had remarkably similar numbers in the champ game, due to the defenses, so I think if the D is in form and Alex doesn’t shoot himself in the foot we can win. 27/24 sounds good to me.

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      Grump, that’s too fucking funny Crabtree used that exact line to describe himself. If and when he decides to talk next… If he says the reason why he doesn’t like talking to the media is because he likes to “Stayfree” of trouble and people shouldn’t judge him because he’s an easy going and “Carefree” kind of guy…I’m really gonna have some serious gender doubts. 😀

  32. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, it never gets cold at the Stick, Dennis. Off your pills?

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      Chuck, I hope you’re joking. The avg. Hi/Lo temps for SF in Nov. are 63/50; Dec. 57/46. I’m not talking the poor fans in the seats. Boo-hoo it’s cold, I need my sweater and jacket. I’m talking FOOTBALL weather. You go find me when a game at the ‘Stick was played under 40 degrees. I dare you could find one at 45. Our park may be windy, but don’t say it’s cold compared to all those other stadiums east of the Mississippi.

      And, no, I’m not off my pills. If I were, I’d be done posting here. Check that. I’d be done.

  33. unca_chuck says:

    Crabs difficulties have been well-documented. Fails to get separation, Can’t break clean and is easily jammed and thrown off his routes. Does’t adjust to defenses. Can’t figure out slants. My hope is was and will be that these better guys coming in will help him to figure the game out. He’s been #1 because of little competition. Now? Who knows? He either gets better or he slides down the depth chart. Frankly I think he wants out.

  34. Nipper says:

    I don’t think we like Crabs. He plays soft and thinks the same way. He’s very shy with the media. Probably plays for the money and tries to fit in someway. He’s a guy who is trapped by circumstances.

  35. unca_chuck says:

    Soft shell Crabs?

  36. Del Mar Dennis says:

    The annual crab feed at my former high school, Salesian, was, and continues to be a huge event. Back in the day I would help set up and wait on tables. What do you expect? My uncle was the school’s principal. I had to make it look good. 😛

  37. rtfirefly says:

    Wow. Just wow. Was wiseguy really Spitty in drag, or did he really expect somebody like me to conduct an Alex love-in?

  38. unca_chuck says:

    No, that couldn’t have been Spitty. I’m just now seeing the exchange between Wiseguy and Grump. Too negative? Really? Well, sorry bud.

    Whatever. My problems with Crabs are well known. If Wiseguy doesn’t like it, well, tough shit. Either leave or provide some reasons WHY he isn’t to be at least questioned for his seeming lack of commitment.

    I’m all ears, Wiseguy. Tell ya the truth, the reason I was really irked is because of an argument on another blog.

  39. Yeah I guess this ain’t the place to come for a Maxi love fest. Lotsa room on the Web- and there’s da door dickwad.

    “Hasta la vista, dickwad”.

    -Arnold T-2

  40. unca_chuck says:

    No one here is blaming the NFC title game loss on Crabs. ST turnovers were the biggest problem. Goldson nearly killing his own guys didn’t help either. As did that blown call on the fumble.

  41. 12th man says:

    Grumpy living up to his name with Wise Ass err Guy there. I though he had Chuck pegged too, oh well.

  42. Grumpy Guy says:

    Wise Ass thinks we’re a lynch mob? Because we don’t agree with his Rainbow Ponyland view of things? Well then, fuck you, Kemosabe, and the horse you rode in on. News flash: this is the internet. Don’t like it here, move along, Peaches. Your opinion carries no more weight than anyone else here. This ain’t Marin and you ain’t Barbara Boxer.

    • unca_chuck says:

      Nice, Grump. Makin’ friends and influencing people.
      Hyuk. I think he was Berger in disguise.

    • wiseguy says:

      Grumpy Guy There you go gain channeling your Jerry Sandusky lifestyle. I am not Kemosabe nor Peaches and you can’t take a shower with me. You’ve been grumpy since they shutdown the baths that you used to frequent looking for that special knothole?
      Boxer? 19 years as Senator and going strong.

  43. unca_chuck says:

    By the way, Doomin’ Denny, the temperature in Green Bay on 9/9 typically varies from 55°F to 71°F.

  44. 12th man says:

    Rah Rah with pom pom’s not your style Grump?

  45. 12th man says:

    Rob, he’s priceless, funny shit.

  46. Grumpy Guy says:

    Rah rah pisses me off less than people who *SIMPLY CANNOT BEAR IT!* when someone does not shared their divinely inspired opinion. And have to make impassioned “Farewell Cruel World” speeches instead of just going the fuck away.

  47. Maybe I’m not paying enough attention but WTF did I miss that got wiseguys undies in a bunch? Weird; here I thought we were all peace and love, kumbaya for a change. BUT NO, “We’re a pack of attack dogs salivating at da thought of ripping the SF Forty Niners to shreds”. “Herd mentality”. Chucks “an instigator” of our problems and I’m “hypnotized” by all dat. Uh okay sure, whatever.

    Maybe Grumpy has it right: some folks just can’t handle it when their opine isn’t accepted. I dunno; I don’t care. My concerns revolve around how our guys look on the field.

  48. Brees, love ya man but STFU already. Enough of yer ‘we was robbed’ baloney. Yer dumbass coach Williams crossed the line and here’s how one HOF vet feels about it:

    Gale Sayers is furious about bounties

    “Pro Football Hall of Famer Gale Sayers became surprisingly emotional when asked about the Saints’ bounty program in a TV interview, showing anger and sadness and even suggesting that those involved should go to prison.”

    “But Sayers believes strongly that the Saints did something very, very wrong. When interviewer David Kaplan told Sayers that some people think those involved in bounties should go to jail, Sayers replied, “You’re damn right they should.”

    Sayers, whose career with the Bears was cut short by knee injuries, shed tears as he spoke, and obviously feels passionately about the topic. The interview is hard to watch, but it’s even harder to look away. Legendary figures in football history don’t often express this kind of fury about the game.”


    Blitz like a motherfucker in preseason game # 1; get a Goody Goodall proctology exam next off season. Sorry Drew, yer fucking team is going down and for good reason. Just ask Gale Sayers.

  49. unca_chuck says:

    However you feeel about the bounties, Goodell is WAY overstepping his limits when it comes to shit like this. It would be VERY hard to prove that money changed hands, regardless of what Williams said. Ben Worthlessberger is a douchebag of the highest order, but Goodell had NO legal standing to deprive little Ben his ability to make money, because Worthless was not convicted of anything. Therefore there was no binding reason for Goodell to suspend him.

    Worthless took his lumps for a couple reasons. Mainly though because even though he could have won the case, he’d come off looking like a bigger douche that he already did.

  50. unca_chuck says:

    The fact of the matter is though, the Saitns coaches and the front office didn’t put up a fight AT ALL, which tells me there’s more to this than the bullshit Brees is spouting. The players? I have no idea how this will play out, but to prove that money actually changing hands will be very tough. They will probably get their suspensions cut in half.

  51. Flavor says:

    Someone told me that Kyle Williams got kicked out of practice for fighting. Is that true? I figured he’d get kicked out practice for sucking massive cock. I also heard he had lasix surgery in the off season. That might have been a nice procedure to have before he fucked up face down/ass up……..
    If this fucking guy is on the team when we go to Green Bay, well, that just isn’t going to sit well in Flavor Nation……

    • It’s true. KW screamed that Maxi Pad was a dildo sucking wuss in practice and Jimbo took exception to ‘da tooth’…the truth…

      Jed said he thought KW would have a breakout season right before he gets cut for Nathan Palmer.

  52. rtfirefly says:

    #18 looked good tonight, Dennis. Not great, a pick on a throw a tad behind the receiver, but good. The Broncs are for real.

  53. unca_chuck says:

    Flav, since Ginn is hardly an option as a WR, Williams likely stays. I just hope KY falls down the PR depth chart.

  54. Flavor says:

    The Bronc’s are for real? That’s a good one. There QB can’t throw the ball past about 20 yards. And he’s going to get murdered on some safety blitz or some sandwich sack. Whatever, I’m just thanking God that we didn’t get him…….

    • phil fan says:

      Manning led them on a triumphant first drive that resulted in an INT. QB Rating 36.0001. And for $100 Mil per season he AIN’T cheap….whaddevah….

      Pencil neck.

  55. unca_chuck says:

    Even in that weak division, the Broncos won’t have it easy. Believe it or not, the Raiders might take the AFC West . . .

  56. phil fan says:

    Who are the sleepers in camp and why?

    -Nathan Palmer, lookin’ bettah dan AJ in camp. He’s cheap too
    -Dobbs, TE. He’s athletic, he’s versatile, he’s cheap
    -Brandon Jacobs, he’s 6’5″? He wants redemption, he’s 15 lbs lighter, he’s on a one yeah deal. He’s cheap too.

    -Kourtnei Brown, he’s Aldon’s size only bigger, he knows Jimbo, he’s cheap, real cheap

    -Tony Jerod-Eddie, DL. “”In 2011, the 49ers coaching staff was able to identify and retain two undrafted free-agent defensive linemen in Demarcus Dobbs and Ian Williams. With Dobbs getting work on the other side of the ball, and the possibility that it
    could free up a slot, Jerod-Eddie could be the benefactor.”” And…how expensive can he be??

    -Michael Thomas, DB. Fangio knows he’s good. Grumpy likes him. He knows Jimbo. Versatile safety-corner who knows the JH/Fangio schemes. He knows where the bodies are buried. He’s not Spencer. He’s willing to work for bread alone.

  57. unca_chuck says:

    Who knows, Phil? The only thing I know about the Bolts is Rivers had an atrocious start to his season last year. I have no idea if they are good or bad. The thing is, that division could end up being pretty tough. Much like the sleeper NFC West.

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