Week 10 – The New York Football Giants

Back to 49er football. Here we at week 10 of the 2011 football season, and the 49ers are 7-1, ranked as high as #2 in some of these semi-meaningless ‘power’ rankings, and they are now the #1 game coming up this Sunday. Man, it reminds me of the heady days when the 49ers and whoever they played were the national game of the week. Madden and Summerall would be lounging in the press box, and the Pow, Boom, Bam’s could be heard all across town.

As it is now, this is not necessarily a do-or-die game. They can certaibnly lose this and not really lose momentum in their playoff drive. Play it tough, and the country will see that this really is an improved team that might be a force to be reckoned with come playoff time. Win, and that becomes even more relevant. A big loss however would undo a lot of what has already happened this season. The 49er schedule is pretty easy from here on out, but the 3 tough opponents coming up, the Giants, Baltimore , and Pittsburgh, are all nationally televised games. Losing all those games would be a blow to the progress the team has gained. At least perception-wise. Not that it really matters, but being greedy, I’d like to see them win 2 of those.Β That being said, if they go 4-4 down the stretch, they’ll be 11-5. WAY beyond most people’s expectations. And certainly in the playoffs. After that, who knows?


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  1. unca_chuck says:

    Here’s a nice video of Ronnie Lott and Joe Montana talking about the team as it stands now:


  2. phil fan says:

    It’s hard to imagine any team blowing our guys out. How would it happen? An extremely poor defensive game with multiple blown coverages in the face of an all out long passing attack? Wouldn’t be on the ground, our DL and LBs are too good. Special teams break down? Multiple interceptions? Fumbles? Sure it could happen if Mr Softie takes over.

    Harbaugh has proven to be able to motivate and prepare the team to play so far. It will be a good test of those abilities down the stretch. I’ll be shocked if they have a bad game or two mainly because I’ve so quickly become accustomed to their high quality of play this season. Sunday should be great, just like old times.


  3. Macdog says:

    Hey Chuck, I’ve been waiting to chime in on this one. I’m a dual Giants fan: SF and NY, so I’m ready to stir up some shit here.

    Actually, that’s not how I roll. Got too much respect for the Niners, who I’ve always liked going back to that crushing loss to Dallas in ’72. Even during the 80s, when they frequently stood in the Giants’ way, the Niners were just a fun team to watch. And what great games these two teams played. Maybe we’ll see a revival of that on Sunday.

    As for the game: Funny, when the schedule came out in April, this is one I likely circled as a W. Obviously that is no longer the case as the Niners are deserving favorites.

    Interesting how things seem to be reversed now. The Niners appear to be the team with the punishing ground game like the Giants had in the 80s, while the Giants are the ones who will likely be throwing it all over the ‘Stick. At least that’s what I would expect to see, especially given the Niners’ incredibly stout run defense. Since Kevin Gilbride (or “Killdrive”) has been OC, the Giants don’t even try to establish a run game. Even when they’re up two TDs in the 4th quarter, they’re still chucking it downfield. My main concern right now is whether Nicks is playing — and he didn’t practice today. They were able to get away without Bradshaw and Nicks vs. the Pats, whose defense stinks, but that won’t fly against a top D like the Niners.

    And unlike the 80s, the Giants aren’t very good at stopping the run. Given how well Gore is playing, this certainly seems to favor the Niners. So if I’m the Giants, I’m going out of my way to stop the run and make Smith carry the offense. Have other teams tried this?

    I’ve seen very little of the Niners: the second half and OT vs. Dallas (ugh), some of the Philly game (yay!) and the final minutes of Detroit. I’m most impressed with how they’re taking care of business against the mediocre teams and not even giving these teams any life. This is in contrast to the Giants, who inexplicably lost at home to Seattle and nearly fell to Miami. But a word of caution: As erratic as they can be, the Giants are extremely talented and dangerous. Eli’s having by far his best season, WR Cruz and TE Ballard have come out of nowhere, and when they can put 4 DEs across the line on passing downs, watch out. Especially Pierre-Paul.

    You going to the game? A friend of mine is flying out there, so if you see someone screaming at Brandon Jacobs, it’s probably him.

  4. grumpyguy says:

    We’re favored, but anyone who takes the Giants lightly is clueless. They have Eli, a damned good pass rush, and a franchise tradition of toughness. We should win, largely because of home field advantage, but we’ll need to play a solid game and make fewer errors than the Giants to do it.

  5. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, I’m thinking about it, Mac. Stub hub . . .

    Yeah, I still have the tape from the Niner Giant 7-3 win by the Niners. AQn epic defensive battle. The end was classic as Ronnie Lott and Phil Simms were screaming at each other as the broadcast ended. Great stuff.

    • robd says:

      omg chuck ! great game !

    • phil fan says:

      Weren’t they both 10-0 going into that one at the Stick? Brutal defensive game, 7-3 Niners. Then the rematch in the NFC Championship game when Lawrence Taylor ripped the ball clean outta Roger Craig’s hands at the end to advance to the SuperBowl.. Man that hurt. I was in Hawaii watching that one and what a let down. Not to mention I got to see the smug, gloating look on my brother-in-laws face! As a Chiefs fan Lord knows he’s had few reasons to smile.

    • phil fan says:

      On that tape Chuck I think you’ll see Taylor try very hard to snatch the ball from Craig towards the end of the game. Sadly in the next game he succeeded.

  6. winder says:

    We can beat these guys if we play mistake free football. Gore’s ankle might be a problem and i expect to see more of an aerial attack. I believe it’s time the rubber hits the road for Braylon and Crabs. With creative play calling (misdirection, lots of play action, slants) we should be able to neutralize the pass rush a bit. To win this game Harbaugh’s gonna have to pull a few stops. Oh yeah, I also believe Alex will step it up and have a great game.

  7. phil fan says:

    rob, just looked at your avatar up close. Now that is sweet!

  8. twinfan1 says:

    Paterno IS out, effective now…

  9. unca_chuck says:

    FWIW, if you want to keep talking about Joe Pa, the last thread is still open.

    The latest is that Joe Pa is out as of now.

  10. unca_chuck says:

    Didn;t see your post, Twin . . .

    As far as Gore goes, he is on pace to have the most carries in his career, but he really isn’t being run too much. 20-25 carries is fine. And that’s where he usually winds up.

  11. unca_chuck says:

    Again, though, I’m hoping to see more passing to the WRs. Downfield. The slants the last few weeks are encouraging. Crabs expecially. Last game was the best they’d worked together since Crabs got here. VD needs to shut his mouth about not getting chances when he drops shit that hit him in the hands. That was a 35 yard gain he dropped. I think this game is winnable. NY is susceptible to the run, so i think they come out and load the box. Which is why I think we come out passing.

    Even if it’s screens and the like, the Niners need to show different looks again. I’d love to see some early 3-4 WR sets, and see how NY counters. Especially if NY tries to clog the running lanes. They’d be susceptible for big passes.

  12. unca_chuck says:

    This game could very well determine the team that gets a 1st round bye. I mean, GB looks to have the #1 seed locked up. Though they aren’t assured of anything seeing as the niners are only one game back of them at this point. The Niners would have a 2 game lead on them, plus the tie reaker if they win. Lose, and they are tied record-wise, and lose out on the tie breaker. Long way to go, but all these games matter.

  13. Del Mar Dennis says:

    FF Reminder: There’s Thursday night football. So if you have any Raiders or Chargers (like I do) please set your lineups accordingly. I have a total of three going tonight, so I’ll get an early start to taking Chuck out to my woodshed.

    He’s probably feeling a little cocky after winning his second game of the year. But need I remind him of the results of our first matchup? Let’s just say I put up two-fiddy on his Army. Army? More like Custer’s Last Stand.

  14. unca_chuck says:

    Hey, this time around it’ll be different. I’m not here to fool anybody.

    • phil fan says:

      Watch out for Dennis chuck, he’s on the take. Rumor has it rob gave him some big bucks to change the score of our match up (Crocs/Rhinos) last weekend. You’ve been warned!!

  15. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Phil, that’s a tough break with the stat correction. Calais Campbell was credited with 1/2 a sack, 1 additional solo tackle while he lost an asst. tackle. Here’s the link: http://tinyurl.com/84le962

    Don’t feel too bad. I lost to the team that was on a bye. I sucked all on my own.

    • phil fan says:

      LOL, sure Del Mar. We know what’s up : )

      • Del Mar Dennis says:

        We had a bit of a mess in our yahoo! league last year. Berger was set to play the Escaped Goats in the Championship, but then came the mess…there was a stat correction that took one RB from 100 yds exactly (5 pt bonus for 100+) back down to 99 yds total. The Goats had only beat the Delusional Clowns by 4.8 pts. This stat correction didn’t come into effect until Friday morning. Well, one or both teams had player(s) that Thursday night. The Championship had already started. Flying Johnson’s vs Goats.

        Berger calls me Friday morning and says he’s playing the Clowns. I said “WHAT?!?!?!” No, you’re playing the Goats. Your game had already started. I couldn’t change teams after the Super Bowl had already begun. Luckily for Berger he still played the Goats. The Clowns scored more pts in the 3rd place game and would have beat him in the Championship. But I had already put my foot down and said since the Thursday night game had already started, the original teams would remain.

        Bottom line: it’s not easy being the commissioner. Tips are greatly appreciated at Christmas time. But I’m still waiting. I’ve yet to receive a goddamn card. πŸ˜€

      • winder says:

        I was wondering what was up since my team was the clowns. O well, my team was full of clowns anyway.

      • phil fan says:

        I’ve made a note to send you an electronic Christmas card. Out of sheer gratitude. Oh and when’s your birthday?

  16. unca_chuck says:

    Hey, he already scammed me out of a waiver wire pick up. I wouldn’t put anything past Dennis . . .

  17. phil fan says:

    Let’s see here: coming off fractured pelvis, recurring ankle injuries, on pace for most carries of his career, history of not finishing full seasons due to injuries, recent game with most carries of his career. But naw he’ll be fine; no risk of using up our RB.

    Okay then I won’t worry… I sure as fuck hope they rest old Frank after we clinch but I doubt they will.

    • unca_chuck says:

      Sure they will. Hunter can pick up the workload after the Pittsburgh game.

    • phil fan says:

      Wrinkles his brow, mumbles to himself, gnaws on fingers….”but, but, but he’s 28 1/2 years old in the middle of his 7th season, what if, what if….??”

      Well then we’d be screwed if not fucked.

      After 7 years of watching the old horse gallop through the Ds I get nervous. Maybe this is my way of putting a reverse mojo protection spell on the guy? And I’m not even drinking (yet).

  18. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Chuck’s still mad over his loss to me in last year’s playoffs. He has no one to blame but himself. He left Frank Gore on his bench and went on vacation to Paradise Island. I beat Chuck by 13 pts., but Frank would have put him over the top — if he would have played him. Instead Chuck got 2 pts from Tim Hightower.

    Go to the Bahamas? Or, optimize your lineup and try to beat Dennis?
    A man has to know his priorities.

  19. grumpyguy says:

    Off to the airport tonight to catch the redeye to the east coast for 10 days. You mooks be excellent to each other…

  20. unca_chuck says:

    Hey, on the way from Dulles to DC is a place called Metro 29. Awesome diner . . .

  21. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Winder, nice p/u of Denarius Moore from the Raiders. I did likewise in one of my other yahoo! leagues. Great first half. Hope he keeps it up…

    My Meathead of a kicker can barely swing his leg. It figures I’m starting him in all three of my leagues… paging Ryan Matthews. Ryan Matthews white fantasy courtesy phone please.

    And WTF is up with Phillip Rivers tonight? Glad he’s not on my roster. Think I’ll roll with Tim Tebow this weekend. I hope he remembered to put my fantasy teams in his prayers.

    • phil fan says:

      I got Team Criminal this week so glad I picked up Michael Bush as he done good too. That was off a heads up from you Del. Thanks.

      (looks in tip jar): Yes Sir, I got 17 cents right here for you my man!

  22. unca_chuck says:

    Raiders and Niners both in 1st place? Is Al Davis cold down there?

  23. unca_chuck says:

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