Game Time! TB Or Bust . . .

Big game fro the 49ers. Pitfall game, progress game, all that noise. Truly a GPS game, to coin a phrase. Apparently Philly is in a irreversible death spiral. They are down 31-24 in the 4th quarter. Unless they pull it out, they’ll be 1-4. Crazy. Da Raiders are trying to beat a tough Houson team on the road. Pittsburgh is wakng up from their malaise. Indy’s fighting for its first win. Gotta love the NFL.

The situation is what it has been. Keep Alex protected, and run block to the 2nd level. Get pressure with the front 7. RJF has some shoes to fill today. Frankly, I really didn’t think Soap was going to do as well as he has. I’m sure theyy’ll keep up the rotations on the D line to keep everyone fresh with D Dobbs and Ian Williams.

Hopefully the fans in attendance will be predominantly 49er fans today.


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  1. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Flav, I thought I was stuck in 1981. Now it’s 2010? Make up your goddamn mind and get with the fucking program. I watch Star Trek as much, if not more, than anyone. But I still don’t have the power to time travel.

    And, Chuck, don’t you ever fucking lump in with “V” again. All my Montana talk? I ask you, no, I beseech you to go find in your archives the last time I mentioned “St. Joe.” I guaran-damn-fucking-tee it I’ve mentioned my old grammar school, St. Jerome, more recently than I have St. Joe.

    People on this blog are trying to paint me in a different picture. Everyone has a right to choose their own subject matter, but when that subject matter is yours truly —- use the right colors; red ‘n gold.

    • Flavor says:

      You indirectly mention Joe all the time with this “the only thing I’ll accept is a super bowl” nonsense. What did Dennis the Kid do prior to 1981. Did you enjoy the game at all, ever?

  2. Flavor says:

    New thread time?

  3. twinfan1 says:

    QB Ratings out:
    1. Aaron Rogers
    2. Tom Brady
    3. Alex Smith

  4. Flavor says:

    already noted 2 hours ago at the baseball blog in the main thread. CHuck, what the fuck, throw us a bone here! I think there are a lot of people who want to discuss yesterday’s win…

  5. unca_chuck says:

    Shit, I have a real job, too . . .




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