One Small Step for Kyle, One Giant Leap for Jimmy?

Timing is kinda weird as I was just talking about this, and I didn’t catch this when it happened during the game, but announcer Ian Eagle (?) said during the game that when he talked to Jimmy G during the week, he dropped this grenade:

“We asked Jimmy about his relationship with Kyle Shanahan. He said, ‘The relationship has actually taken big steps.’ They’re now talking the same language.

We asked Kyle about it, he said, ‘We’re in a really good place. He knows how I feel about him, and he knows that I believe in him.’

Whaaaaaaat? Here we are, entering season 5 of this pairing, and they now see eye-to-eye? This plays directly into what I was saying yesterday regarding the ways other QBs under Shanahan have grown (Matty Ice, Shaub, RG III for ex) while Jimmy seems to be not catching on. Yeah, Jimmy’s tenure has been fraught with injuries (a recent 49er tradition) but, these last two games anyway have been marked by no stupid turnovers or bungled plays.

Granted, the Denver game was a debacle. The fumble and pick lost the game for the 49ers. And we’ve been down this road a few times before. The only thing consistent about Jimmy is his maddening inconsistency. But even this early, Jimmy has hit some decent plays downfield, and has stopped with the dumb mistakes. For now.

But this all begs questions. Was there a ton of friction behind the scenes regarding the Trey Lance draft? Did Jimmy simply pull his usual disappearing act? Has Kyle gone out of his way to ridicule Jimmy in private? Did they finally air out their differences on wanting to trade/cut him? More drama for the grist mill, but for now, there appears to be some sort of change in the relationship between Kyle and Jimmy.

Let’s hope it results in a bunch of wins and some offensive consistency. As we’ve seen, this team doesn’t need to be scoring 35 points a game, just something around 27. Do that and we will win most games.

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20 Responses to One Small Step for Kyle, One Giant Leap for Jimmy?

  1. Irish Kevin says:

    Just read an article in Niner Nation. States all of the major injuries that have happened over the last 4-5 years have happened on Artificial Turf. When is the league going to address this. The Niners can’t be the only team with injuries due to AT.

  2. NJ49ER says:

    A Fat Man in the Middle addition 👍

    Go Trench Men…..
    Protect the QB
    Sack the QB 😄

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, I’ve been screaming about this for years. Fucking New Jersey is an outdoor stadium. We lost half our team in 2 games there a couple years ago. Carolina is an outdoor stadium. EVERY outdoor stadium should be required to install grass. If it’s good enough for the Packers, it’s good enough for the rest of the league.

    As much shit as I give Prince no-so-valiant of the Raiders, at least he has his players best interest at heart. They play indoors ON GRASS. AZ as well.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Like that signing. I just wish Jed would take a look at his training/medical staff.

    We get waylaid every year by injuries. And the injury-prone guys we get rid of seems to all be playing without getting hurt.

  5. Berger says:

    I read a couple of weeks ago that the fluid build-up in Kinlaw’s knee was predicted before the year started and was always considered part of the process of healing. I can’t remember if they said they expected him to miss 2 to 3 weeks or 2 to 4. When Shanny was asked if it was as expected or worse, he didn’t answer the question. It sounds like he should be ready this week or maybe in 2 or 3.

  6. unca_chuck says:

    Or next year. AllI read was that they finally cleaned everything up and it was full speed ahead.

  7. unca_chuck says:

    As of now our entire starting D line is out.

    Arik Armstead
    Nick Bosa
    Samson Ebukam
    Robbie Gould
    Javon Kinlaw
    Emmanuel Moseley
    Jimmie Ward
    Trent Williams

    Aaron Banks
    Danny Gray
    Tyler Kroft
    Tarvarius Moore

    I didn’t even know Gray was hurt.

    Between the artificial grass and our hockey trainers, we won’t be able to field a team pretty soon.

  8. alleykat69 says:

    Niners brought in a couple of FG kickers.One was the famous Cody Parkey who was railed out of town in Chicago along with Steve Bartman.Believe it are not he hit 10-10 FG tries but still lost out to are new FG kicker probably Slamming who the fuck is Sam Sloeman?? Gould all though his injury was to his left knee ( deep bruise but still plant leg and he’s 37) I suspect will need a week are 2..
    Still wondering why Rodrigo Blankenship wouldn’t of atleast have got a tryout he was 3rd in points his rookie year,still only 25 now after the Colts released him he seems to be blackballed??

  9. Winder says:

    Not sure what the relationship between Jimmy and Shanny really is. But, if Jimmy can clean up his act and not turn the ball over regularly and Shanny can start calling plays that force the D to think about downfield passes. I wouldn’t mind seeing Jimmy a 49er for some more years. We have already paid the price for Trey and maybe the smart thing to do with him is to pull a Rodgers on him and have him get a better feel of things. He is young and at the moment cheap. All the draft picks are a done deal. I just don’t trust Jimmy to change a whole lot.

    • Irish Kevin says:

      Yeah I wrote this last post? Kyle needs to pass and run when necessary, not the other way around.

  10. unca_chuck says:

    Bosa is listed as questionable. Verrett won’t play. One more week as he has lingering soreness. Meaning he’s out for 4 more weeks.

    Of note, Gould and the Price-Davis is right, are off the injury list.

    • Winder says:

      Hopefully we get out of Atlanta without anymore injuries. i doubt Bosa’s gonna play. This game is not a given since Atlanta has been playing some pretty good football. I hope Mariota doesn’t find his groove.

  11. Winder says:

    I still love this stuff.

  12. 12th Man says:

    Kinlaw done for another year. Like it or not he’s an injury bust. Time to cut bait.

  13. alleykat69 says:

    Agree with you for sure 12th..
    Man he wasn’t even healthy in college yet the Niners ignored that and moved on from Deforest Buckner( fuck cap issues they should of figured out away goddamit) who never misses a game and is a consistent STUD in the middle of the line..
    Kinlaw,Hurd,Foster,Pettis etc lots of BUSTS sadly ..

  14. unca_chuck says:

    Yep. Not like they didn’t know about his injury history tho.

  15. unca_chuck says:

    Ahh, didn’t see yer post, AK. Yep. Didn’t like the way they dealt with all that.

    More Kyle bring smarter than everyone else and not even talking to Buckner.

  16. Winder says:

    Yeah, I gotta agree. Kinlaw turned out to be useless to us. With Defo we would be the best Dline in the league. I am still pissed we let him walk.

  17. Berger says:

    What a bummer about Kinlaw. Hopefully, he is back in 4 weeks. At this point it seems like hoping for nothing. Where art thou DeFo!

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