Tay Martin, WR, Oklahoma State – 6’3″/186
Segun Olubi, LB, San Diego State – 6’2″/220
Jason Poe, OL, Mercer
Leon O’Neal, S, Texas A&M – 6’1″/210
Taysir Mack, WR, Pittsburgh – 6’2:/190
Dohnovan West, C, Arizona State – 6’4″/300
Kevin Atkins, DT, Fresno State
Qwuantrezz knight, CB, UCLA
Sam Schlueter, OL, Minnesota
Jeremiah Gemmel, LB, UNC
Taylor Hawkins, DB, San Diego State
Jordan Mason, RB, Georgia Tech

The steals apparently are Poe and West, the offensive linemen. No idea.

It’s hard enough to make it in the NFL as a draftee, but exponentially harder as an undrafted free agent.

Here are last year’s guys:

LB Elijah Sullivan, Kansas State
WR Austin Watkins, UAB
LB Justin Hilliard, Ohio State
TE Josh Pederson, Louisiana-Monroe

Hilliard is on the IR with the Giants I think. The rest? Crickets.

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  1. alleykat69 says:

    Leon O’Neal the Safety from Texas AM could be a real steal.He’s a big time hitter,good size 6’2 210lbs, enforcer type with great instincts.Played in the SEC as tough a conference that there is.He could easily take over for Tarrt imo.. Reminds me of a young Thomas from Seattle days..

  2. unca_chuck says:

    That would be great. And it would stop all the Nick Cross talk.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Oh, an d we re-signed Jason Verrett. Maybe he’ll be healthy on the even years?

    • Winder says:

      He’s pretty good when healthy but that is far and few between. I sure hope we got some hits with this draft. Do we play 2 or 3 games during TC I can’t remember. Hopefully, with the OTA’s the new guys can get a grasp of our system. I just wish the fucking league would open up the rosters to 60 players for gameday and raise the PS to15 or 20 the league makes enough fucking money to do something like that.

    • bakkentom says:

      Can you put up combine or pro day comparisons between the UDFA and Cross. There is a reason he was not in first 7 rounds.

  4. Winder says:

    A couple of snipits from the Athletic.

    Running back has gone from afterthought to high priority under Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch.

    In their first four drafts, they took one tailback, Joe Williams, a fourth-rounder who flamed out and never played a snap for the team.

    In the last two drafts, they’ve taken three runners, including two in the third round. This year it was Tyrion Davis-Price, who also was the 49ers’ most controversial pick. For one, draft gurus thought the LSU product was more of a third-day selection, The team also seemed to have bigger needs — center, safety and wide receiver — when he was taken.

    Why Davis-Price and why then? The explanation goes back to Week 2 last season. The 49ers had gone through the 2021 offseason confident they had a glut of runners. By the time the Week 2 game in Philadelphia ended, however, tumbleweeds were blowing through the position room. Jeff Wilson Jr. was on the shelf with a knee injury. Raheem Mostert was lost for the season in Week 1. Then in Week 2, Elijah Mitchell, Trey Sermon and JaMycal Hasty went to the sideline with injuries.

    The 49ers were desperate, pilfering other teams’ practice squads and signing free agents off the street. It’s no coincidence their four-game losing skid began the next week. Only Mitchell’s resilience and Deebo Samuel’s star turn at running back salvaged the season.

    • Shanahan and Lynch have now conducted six drafts together, which is the longest-running coach-GM partnership for the 49ers this century. Their most-drafted position? Defensive line. There have been nine selected since 2017, followed by wide receiver (8) and offensive line (7) and cornerbacks (7). Four of those cornerbacks have been taken in the last two drafts.

    The 49ers, of course, rank the defensive line behind only quarterback in importance, and the team likes to keep 10 linemen on the active roster. Another reason for collecting so many defensive linemen is the position coaches.

  5. unca_chuck says:

    The D line packing is a valid strategy, but I don’t buy these RB picks. There was no need to trade up for Trey Sermon. Or trade up for Joe Williams. They could have gotten Davis-price, or someone like him, in the 4th round, if not later. .

    Look at Mitchell. 6th rounder. Gold. Sermon is likely 2nd string, if not 3rd. Price? Hopefully he won;t suffer the fate of being shunned because we traded up for them.

    • Winder says:

      I agree, but there must have been something that both KS/Lynch saw that they really liked. Both or last years RB pick were supposedly recommended by Bobby Turner. At least that is what read or maybe took from an article.

    • Winder says:

      That above article was written by Matt Barrows, so it comes from some validity.

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