What a Long Strange Trip it’s Been

Wonder of wonders the 49ers have gone from laughing stock last place team to being the 6th seed in the NFC playoff chase. The 2-4 bottom-feeders have gone on a 4-1 run to push their way past NINE teams to get into the playoff hunt. No mean feat seeing as the Rams and Vikings were 2 of the 4 wins.

Yesterday’s game was a grab-bag of great and terrible play. Well, except for Elijah Mitchell and his 133 yards rushing, and 35 through the air. Jimmy G threw an ugly early pick. Which thankfully brought about a dressing-down by head coach Kyle Shanahan to pull his head out of his ass and look around before throwing. He hit some nice throws, mainly to Brandon Aiyuk, seeing that Deebo is now:

a) a running back, and
b) hurt

Jauan Jennings also had a solid game, getting his 1st TD and a couple tough catches in traffic. Kittle was quiet, as he is now the blocking back for the run game. Which dominated Minnesota with 204 yards. Since Kittle is now a full-time blocker, this leaves Juice as the defacto TE. He had a huge catch late to seal the game. Well, it would have sealed the game if Robbie (tarnished) Gould had not missed a 42 yard FG late. But, again, the offense controlled the clock, holding the ball for 37 of the 60 minutes.

The defense was a hot mess as consistent pressure is not happening amid Ryans’ refusal to blitz at any time. But the defense as a whole played very well in limiting the Vikes to 323 yards. Dalvin Cook had only 39 on the ground, and Cousins was picked and only threw for 238 with 2 TDs.

Azeez Al-Shaair had his 1st pick in the flat and rumbled near the goal line to give the 49ers a 28-14 lead in the 3rd quarter. Kevin Givens forced a fumble late in the 3rd that ended in a bank-shot off the right upright for what should have given the 49ers a nice cushion at 34-20 going into the 4th quarter had the not-so-special teams not promptly given up a 105 yard kickoff return, but all in all, the defense played solid against a high-powered offense.

Again, though, the special teams had a very forgettable game as Gould missed a field goal, and the kickoff coverage (with Wishnowski kicking) could very well have cost the team the game. I noticed that after the KO return, Gould was once again handling kickoff duties.

So, with the Rams and their shiny new toys stumbling to their 3rd straight loss against the Hydroxychloroquine Packers, we are one game behind LA and the 5th spot in the playoff standings.

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  1. unca_chuck says:

    I’m sure you saw this coming . . . This era is right when I really started digging these guys. I wasn’t too fond of Donna Godchaux and her Yoko-esque screeching in the 70s. Brent Mydland was much more solid and a far better singer/contributor. And Jerry REALLY dug playing off of him.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    Don’t really know what “a little while” for the Deebo injury means, but it isn’t a significant injury according to the team. Lost in all the running is Deebo went over the 1,000 yard mark yesterday for receiving yards.

  3. alleykat69 says:

    The true laughing stock bone head play yesterday belonged to Kirk Cousins! Down at the 49er goaline late facing 4th down he had to burn a time out after the clock was winding down and he realized late he was lined up under his guard instead of his center for the snap LMAO 🤣 .. He then threw the 4th down throw way over the head of a disgruntled Justin Jefferson who he had wide open on a 2 point conversion in the endzone on another play that could of made it a 3 pt game an threw it at his feet

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Zimmer’s decision to not kick the FG late was big. Like I said last week, on the road you ALWAYS take the points. Made the game so much different when we stopped them. They left 6 points off the board by going for it twice on 4th down near the goal line.

    Deebo out 1-2 weeks. Warner out 1. As long as Mitchell is OK, I think we will be fine against the Seahawks.

  5. alleykat69 says:

    Mitchell was awesome running the ball both inside and outside and catching as well, obviously no effect with his broken finger taking hits! And special shout out to Azzer not only for his pick but to also getting stopped on the 3? which led to my extra FF points TD by Mitchell who ended up with 25.7 helping me win this week!!And to Shanny making him a bell cow with 27 carries for 133 yards!!

  6. unca_chuck says:

    Too funny. Never seen a blocked extra point get run back for a safety.

    2 points anyway.

  7. Winder says:

    Trouble with groin and hamstring injuries are that they can linger for a long time. Hopefully both Warner and Deebo take it easy and heal quick.

    chuck-It’s funny about the Dead I have liked them since the beginning and have seen them more than any other band by far. I knew the core band when they started but a lot of times there were so many different people playing with them that I don’t even know who they were. And, I guess I didn’t really care since I always had a good time at their shows.

    • unca_chuck says:

      This sea wash game is unreal. Blocked extra point returned the other way for a safety. Sea scores with 15 seconds left but blows the 2 pt conversion. Sea gets the insides kick but gets called for illegal formation . They almost got the 2nd onside kick. Sea loses 17-15

  8. unca_chuck says:

    Winder, the only real difference was the keyboardists. They all kept dying. There was pigpen from 65 to 71. Keith godchaux from 71 to 79, Brent Mydland from 79 to 90? and then the old Tubes keyboardist Vince Welnick. There were a few others like Bruce Hornsby and some other guys but the rest were the same.

    Saw them a bunch of times as well. Loved most of it but drums/space could get boring/painful depending on the, uh, substances.

  9. Irish Kevin says:

    Fans/ and management are going to see what Kyle can do without his best player. As long as Deebo just goes in for treatment and does nothing physically he should be back in the two weeks. If the Niners lose to Seattle, well Deebo will be back sooner

    • NJ49ER says:

      I’m waiting to see if Shanny can past his 3rd RD RB curse.
      Sermon should be more than ready to be a contributing member of the roster yet, remains a viable head scratcher.
      3RD RD picks should be a factor by now.

      • Irish Kevin says:

        Yeah the Niners definitely have some under used players, including Kittle. I think Kyle should use Kittle more on offense without Deebo, and put in someone else for the blocking Kittle does. Kittle was the go to guy in 2019

      • Winder says:

        I think Woerner is our blocking TE now and Dwelley is pretty good at it also. I think your right about using Kittle more on offensive plays. The only trouble with that is Kittle goes full bore and he gets hurt a lot more than in 2019. But with Deebo out for a couple of weeks they should be using Kittle a lot more.

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