Commence Parade Rain

Hey, that was a great win, and whatever spell or mojo that Shanny has on Sean McVay, well, it continues. Truth be told, if any one of the 3 plays that sealed this game went differently, the entire game shifts. Both he interceptions were caused by the Rams lack of execution and focus, not on anything the defense did. Well, maybe except for Jimmie Ward playing deep safety. Same with the 3rd down drops. Also, if the 4th down play to Samuel fails, the Rams are on their own 40 only down 21-7. Scary territory for anyone that knows Shanny’s close-out ability, or lack thereof.

I’m happy it worked out, and I’m VERY happy that Shanny stuck with the run as he has a tendency to give up on it too early. But the issues remain with this defense regarding our pass rush. Anyone not named Bosa is doing little to get to the quarterback consistently. I’m frankly amazed that McVay didn’t challenge us deep more, but we were dropping Ward deep a lot. And funny thing is, Stafford’s accuracy helps our defense as we usually trip over our dicks on underthrown balls, and Stafford didn’t do that. But the fact remains, Ryans has shown little more than the base defense through most of these games as the defense gets slowly picked apart. Particularly appalling in the Green Bay game.

Running is the only way this offense can get any type of rhythm going. Get the run game just churning out 4-5 yards a rush, and Jimmy G can make his 8-12 yard throws to Kittle and Samuel and hope they snap off 20 more yards. It was a super conservative game plan, and the running negated a lot of LA’s vaunted pass rush. And it also kept the Rams offense on the sidelines. The themselves helped immensely with the two crucial 3rd down drops deep in their territory, but there you have it. A win that could have turned out very differently but for a few plays.

Then again, most games are like this. A bad call here (ask the Bears in their Pittsburgh game), a bumbled reception for a pick 6, an inopportune fumble changes everything.

I do have to give Shanahan props for putting Deebo in the backfield and using him there as it really confused the Ram defense. Scheming ways to get the ball into Deebo’s hands is always a good thing, and it worked out in spades. As noted, he stuck with the run even after the Rams closed the game to 14-7 in the 2nd quarter. The best way to keep Jimmy G safe from fumbles/stupid picks, is to do just that. Keep the defense honest on the run and they can pass.

Another thing I found intriguing is that we did not run ONE play-action pass. Never did Jimmy turn his back to the defense when throwing the ball. A conscious decision I’m sure. If it keeps Jimmy from tossing picks and more time to read the defense, hey I’m all in.

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12 Responses to Commence Parade Rain

  1. unca_chuck says:

    The Trevor Lawrence moment is pretty funny.

  2. Winder says:

    I truly hope we can carry the attitude into the next game and physically pound the Jags. They really aren’t a pushover anymore.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    These games mean just as much as the big ones like the Ram game so the hope is they don’t come out flat and stupid like so many other games this year.

    Shanny better keep this shit going.

    • NJ49ER says:

      It takes the type of attitude Kittle displays, with that pancake of Von, from everyone Chuck.
      That’s what needs to be there, on every play, from everyone, if they expect to add another Lombardi to the display case.

      Punch everyone in the fukn face and enjoy doing it.
      This ain’t a round of golf. No pussies need apply.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    The mark of a good coaching staff is a team that comes out ready to play every weekend. Not just for the ‘big’ games. This game will be interesting to watch just for that. These are the games Singletary and Nolan would trip over their dicks on. Except they would have lost the Rams game in a closely contested game, and then expected themselves to roll over the Jags . Sorry NoFear!

  5. Irish Kevin says:

    Well if you just saw the falcons try running for 1 yard and not getting it on 3rd and 4th down you know why I would have tried a pass. And why do teams try to run up the middle for those situations, just plain stupid

  6. unca_chuck says:

    I’ve seen that about 1,000 times this year, and it baffles me no end. Esp all the analytics around going for it on 4th down. The Falcons would have been down 1 score late if they had simply kicked a couple FGs instead of going for it too many times. Like the Rams going for the fake with 12 seconds left in the half, just a weird decision.

    Teams went WAY over to the opposite side. I think early you take the points. Later in the game you can take the shot.

    Look at the AZ game where Lance nearly broke his neck. That was his first successful drive, and it may have built more confidence in his head to actually get 3 points instead of what happened..

  7. unca_chuck says:

    I hate Grant Cohn, but this was on his twi
    tter These are the CBs the Niners passed on, and the guys they got . . . . Pettis and Hurd are the most painful

    Asante Samuel Jr. (Aaron Banks)
    A.J. Terrell (Javon Kinlaw)
    Trevon Diggs (Brandon Aiyuk)
    Jamel Dean (Jalen Hurd)
    Jaire Alexander (Mike McGlinchey)
    Donte Jackson & Carlton Davis (Dante Pettis)

  8. alleykat69 says:

    Yeah there’s no way Bill Walsh would of passed on talented DB’s! That awesome 81 draft class, getting Lott,Wright,Williamson and adding Dwight Hicks for some experience and stability around the rooks as they turned into Dwight Hicks and the Hot Licks and shocked the world winning their 1st S/B!! Of course that 3rd rd pick previous some guy named Joe Montana and a 10th rounder named Dwight Clark didn’t hurt as well..
    God almighty could Walsh find talent and that’s before even the greatest receiver Jerry Rice came on board moving up the draft just pass the Cowboys who wanted him bad as well and teamed with another steal WR John Taylor to form a 1-2 punch to win 3 more.. and another with Steve Young who Walsh fleeced from Tampa Bay…

  9. NJ49ER says:

    Chuck I threw a fit when we took McGlinchey over Minkah.
    Hindsight is always 20/20 in the NFL.

  10. Winder says:

    It wouldn’t be so bad if any of those picks were half way good. Aiyuk and McGilinchy showed something but they are not all around good players at their positions. The way our FO is we should just trade all our 1st and 2nd day picks for 5th rounders.

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