Pre-Game II in the Books

Well, the preseason is off to a rocky start. QB-wise anyway. Both Jimmy G and Trey Lance had cases of the yips as they both overthrew pass-catchers and both suffered interceptions. Trey did redeem himself by directing a TD drive with less than 2 minutes before the half, and the opening drive of the 3rd quarter. But at one point, he was 1-5 with 9 yards and three 3-and-outs.

For Jimmy G, this is not good. He should be used to the speed of the game and how to dump off effectively. Instead, he has bad footwork, and hurries his off-target throws. Lance? Well, he’s still learning, or unlearning, bad habits. Like not setting his feet and not hurrying passes. Trey settled down nicely as he and Trent Sherfeld seem to be making a habit of Sherfeld getting amazingly open on deep sideline routes for big plays.

And this is why I’m not too concerned about Lance. He needs a LOT of reps to feel comfortable in the NFL game. The speed is vastly different, and he doesn’t have a ton of college experience anyway. Yes, he was tentative on a broken play that he should have chosen to run faster, but he also showed his running ability on the 2-pt conversion that was called back. he threw some misguided missiles on short passes, but his Sanu and Benjamin on perfectly timed rockets into small windows for TDs.

The offense is really ultra-vanilla as our big weapons Kittle and Mostert aren’t playing, and Trent Williams is sidelined. We don’t want to show anything too outlandish, and with Jimmy back there, we won’t anyway. He needs to tighten up his game dramatically.

Another concerning thing, to me anyway is the drops. Aiyuk has a few, Samuel a couple, and there were more scattered drops yesterday. Even the 2 picks could be considered drops as both times the WRs had both hands on the ball. Again though, I’m more concerned about Garoppolo regarding this as he has to be better than that. As there is little chance Lance starts the season as the starter, Jimmy G can’t be making stupid decisions and throwing those WTF picks he seems to do once or twice a game.

Defensively I liked the pressure we got. Even though none of our starting D line played. Minus AA. He played great for a short time, and the backups took over. Sacks, run stuffing, a safety, and a lot of pressure looked good. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix looked solid till he lost a guy in the end zone. Hufanga looked solid as well playing safety.

Still and all, there were lots of penalties, including bullshit ones, and lots of mistakes, but this is what the new NFL looks like with limited practice time, limited scrimmaging, and now one less preseason game.

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14 Responses to Pre-Game II in the Books

  1. Irish Kevin says:

    I think this year is going to be fun to watch, whoever the QB is, I think the Niners are in a tough division though. Not much room for errors

  2. NJ49ER says:

    Maybe its the hair? I see Hufanga looking very Polomalu-ish out there.
    Always on the move, always around the ball. Energizer bunny that should only improve, once he knows how to communicate properly.
    As for the drops? I’m thinking Trey is running on adrenaline. He’s throwing rocket balls by comparison to Jimmy. Touch will come, I’m not too concerned right now.
    Team looks confident and cohesive however.

    Agree with Irish Kevin, this season should be fun to watch, especially while Jimmy tries to fend off the Trey factor.

  3. NJ49ER says:

    Not sure if you caught my comment on the previous thread Winder?
    NFL Network (at least for me in the East) is showing the Raiders/9ers game LIVE on Sunday.
    If you have NFLN, they replay all the games as well. I hope it works for you.

  4. alleykat69 says:

    Yes I agree NJ about Trey he’s seems alittle to amped up which is common with a lot of 1st year QB’s and players for that matter.Theirs times when he’s held it to long when he could of made a nice run out of it instead of taking a sack, and then some of those bazooka Elway throws need a softer delivery and not highballs which will leave to easy picks.He will learn that the obvious talent is all there.
    Yeah Hufanga is all over the field definitely Polomauish looks like a steal from the draft.
    Also like Lenoir he’s has good technique maybe not the fastest but he seems to make up with it good coverage. Not as high on Aubrey Thomas?the CB who’s been beaten a few times and doesn’t turn his head till it’s in the receivers arms.He needs to improve a lot. But hey that’s what preseason games are all about..

  5. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, Thomas looks like he’s not too fundamentally sound. Hufanga looks like the real deal. And yeah, Like I said, Trey is leaning the speed of the game. His touch will come with reps. Both his deep sideline passes were absolutely perfect. The crosser bullets for TDs were spot-on as well.

    I really don’t want him learning during the reg season this year. A few spot plays, sure, but not as the starter.

  6. unca_chuck says:

    Keith must be seriously bummed. He and Charlie were as thick as thieves.

  7. NJ49ER says:

    NYJ take another blow to the pass rushers group.
    Saleh has lost Carl Lawson and Vinny Curry now.
    I’d see what he might be willing to give up for No See Dee.
    Ebukam and Arden Key have been added to our group and we’ll have to make some tough decisions anyway for final cuts.
    Could be a good spot for a deal.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    If Ford is anywhere near recovered, I’d much rather have him than Key. Get CB Bryce Hall from them!

  9. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up.

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