Getting Closer, Getting Hurter

The closer we get, the more the players seem to be dropping like flies. I didn’t even know Shawn Poindexter was on the pup list. But that precipitated the 49ers signing River Cracraft. Yes, THAT River Cracraft. He’s bounced around a few practice squads but nothing of note. Surprisingly he beat out Jaron Brown.

They also signed Kevin White, another low-level WR from the Bears who at least had some success. To make room for him, they dumped injured DL Jonathan Kongbo. Like I posted in the last thread here’s the pup list as it stands now. There’s very little info on these guys, but they have to be activated before the final cuts are made to be eligible at the start of the season.

If not, they miss the first 6 games.

  • DL Ronald Blair III.
  • WR Shawn Poindexter.
  • C Weston Richburg.
  • DL Kentavius Street.
  • DL Jullian Taylor.

Westie is the most important guy, and it doesn’t seem like he’s coming back fast enough from his ACL injury last year. I can’t find any new new on Blair either. He was very good when playing, but he’s prolly a week 7 activation as well. K Street is part of the walking wounded brigade who had played very little in his 3 year stint.

Other than that, beyond the injuries, the fires, the shootings, the virus, and the air quality, things are great! As far as I known the 49ers are holding off on letting fans in for at least the first game. We are on the road for weeks 2 and 3m so I guess the situation remains fluid.

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8 Responses to Getting Closer, Getting Hurter

  1. Winder says:

    Those are 3 dline guys that know the system. But yeah richburg is vital for our offense to run smoothly. My understanding of Poindexter is that since Hurd is out both he and Jennings would be red zone threats. I just hope the league can pull this off. The world needs football.

  2. Lurker John says:

    Richburg’s was a patellar tendon. Bad but not as bad as an ACL. Agree that he and Ronnie Blair are pretty big losses. I like Blair a lot and he was really starting to blossom as a player when he got hurt. Street and Taylor show some promise, but they just haven’t been on the field long enough to prove they can be big parts of the team.

    I’ve thought about this a lot lately, the injury thing that seems to hit this team every year, and I’ve wondered if it’s Shanahan constantly pushing these guys too hard. But Deebo hurt himself working out on his own during the off season, so you can’t blame Shanny there, and Hurd did the infamous “cutting on air” thing, so you can’t blame Shanny for that either. It’s just frustrating all the way around as a fan. I just can’t shake the feeling that he pushes these guys too hard. Probably just me.

    • unca_chuck says:

      Between the new rules around how many practices teams, can have, and padded practices teams can run, these guys don’t do near 1/4 what teams used to do in the 70s. No more Oklahoma, or bull in the ring (what we called smear the queer back in the day) drills, and no more 2-a-days in 110 degree heat.

      Throw in the fact that they aren’t even having preseason games, I don’t think these guys are getting overtaxed. You’d think these guys would be in better shape to avoid these things, but who knows?

      What I always found interesting is basketball players rarely get hamstring injuries. I’d think because they run backwards so much. You’d think the NFL trainers would be able to come up with a stretching program to avoid players straining their hammies.

    • unca_chuck says:

      Good to see you back, LJ!

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Add Kittle and Juicechick to the injured list. They both strained their hammies.

  4. alleykat69 says:

    Black people also have an extra muscle in their calves it’s a known fact, which helps prevents them from hamstring pulls..

  5. unca_chuck says:

    Your hamstrings aren’t in your calves.

  6. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up.

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