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Still no baseball, no hockey (so?), no nothing sports-wise unless you count some staged golf event that I didn’t muster the energy to look at, some NASCAR meh, so what’s going on?

Well, the Niners are looking to extend George Kittle’s contract. One that should put him in the range of $14-$15 mill a year. Something like 4 years and $60 mill is in the realm of possibility. Seeing as he is what he is, the best TE in the league who grades out at the top in yards after catch, catches, yards, and blocking, he’s worth the scratch. The good news is also the front office has done a good job with the deals to Garoppolo and AA, and are positioned fairly well to keep the team competitive.

Say what you will about the DeFoBu trade, but it saved the team a ton of money and allows for the extension to Kittle and got us Kinlaw. Yeah, Ford and Alexander will cost down the road, but that will be dealt with next season. So our contract situation isn’t nearly as dire as, say, the Rams.

The Rams are $5.3 mill OVER the cap and have yet to sign Jalen Ramsey to a deal. You know, they guy they traded two 1st round picks for. With $16.5 mill being the current CB standard set by Darius Slay and Byron Jones, you have to think Ramsey would want something in the ballpark of 5/$85 mill. They are paying Gurley and Cooks $42 million to play on other teams, along with the onerous Goff contract with $110 guaranteed.

Seattle and AZ? They are in decent shape I suppose. AZ looks to be the winner of the preseason though what with their acquisition of DeAndre Hopkins. A major coup for them. They are gonna be a tough row to hoe this season. Fucking Bill O’Brien should have been fired on the spot. O’Brien did such a shitty job coaching that they made him GM.

See below for O’Briens losing his cool during the draft. He had apparently worked out a deal with the Lions that they backed out of at the last minute.

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13 Responses to Contract Musings

  1. unca_chuck says:

  2. Kyler Burrpay says:

    We’re going to sweep the Santa Clara runner ups and steal the division. The NFC West champs now reside in Arizona and the sad little Whiners won’t even make the playoffs.

  3. DeMandre Slopkins says:

    I will single handedly crush the overrated Niners defense.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Gramma give you internet access again?

  5. Winder says:

    O’Brian must have something over the owner. Either that or they don’t want to win for some reason. In my mind Hopkins is the best WR in the league. AZ will be one of our toughest games of the year. It wouldn’t surprise me if we split this year. It all depends on how we fare with running QB’s.

  6. unca_chuck says:

    The team was getting cooked early on regarding QB bootlegs and handoffs but got better and better as the year progressed. Stilland al though, it remains a challenge of not vacating the edges. Bosa was caught overplaying that a ton last year. The whole concept of staying in the assigned lane. Don’t overpursue and leave your area.

  7. barleyfreak says:

    Here’s a pretty cool diary of OL Ben Garland’s visit to Tanzania, and summiting Kilimanjaro, to raise $ for providing clean water wells.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    Good news is a good thing right about now. Trump’s America is looking pretty fucked up.

    I guess Kaepernick was right. The NFL had a chance to do something about what Colin was protesting, namely the killing of unarmed black men, but whiffed completely, and Goodell’s statement yesterday was flat and tone-deaf.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    Goodell’s response to this is laughable. Like Mike Pence saying he supports peaceful protests of George Floyd’s death, but stormed out in a staged huff over Kaepernick’s peaceful protest at the Indy game in 2017.

  10. unca_chuck says:

    Goodell had his chance 4 years ago.

  11. Winder says:

    I have always been a little conflicted when it comes to Kap. I felt he had the right to protest but I wished he did it with another platform. The Niners were stinking up the place and all we heard was about Kap kneeling. I am still pissed about that. It’s obvious that the situation for black Americans is is not good and that the policing is suspect at best. It has been that way for all of my lifetime and goes back to forever. I am not sure that things will ever really change at least not in my numbered days lifetime. I spent a lot of years living one block over the 101 from East Palo Alto and saw first hand the brutality that police used against some. But some of those guys were also dangerous people who had to be physically restrained. It’s not strictly black and white.

  12. unca_chuck says:

    You may not like it, but Kaepernick shined a light on a huge issue in the black community. Jed, for his part, stood behind Kaep, at least publicly, which I commend him for. Jed donated money then, and donated it now. Sure, it’s the least he could do, but at least he isn’t cowering like fucking Goodell.

    There are dangerous white people, Asians, Blacks, and any particular race. Would I venture into EPA at night? No, but then again, watch a black guy drive around Beverly Hills at any time of the day. He’ll get pulled over 5 times in 6 hours. Look at a cop cross-eyed and you could end up dead.

    The point being that institutional racism has been going on in one form or another since before the country was founded. Roughly 400 years ago the first slaves arrived here with the first settlers. The colony, and then the country, built their economic strength on slave labor for 250 years. From 1865 to 1964, blacks had little to no rights, and during this time, there were few laws protecting blacks from being murdered, their neighborhoods torched, and people lynched. This is but one example of shit that used to go on in the south all the time.

    Now, are thing better? Not really. Sure lynchings in the streets have stopped, but look at George Floyd. He was SUSPECTED of passing a fake $20.00 bill and was dragged out of his car and choked out in the street. In front of a huge crowd pleading for the cops to stop. Breonna Taylor was sitting on her house when police broke in and shot her 8 times. Oooops wrong address. The kid jogging down the street 3 weeks ago. Jumped and killed by 3 white guys who ‘suspected’ something. Ex-cop and his son.

    The point being is, the way the SOME police forces deal with blacks is shoot to kill first (or strangle, beat) and let the chips fall where they may. If this cop doesn’t choke out Floyd, NONE of this happens.

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