Blehhh . . .

Say what you will about the state of the NFL these days, but that was a fairly terrible set of playoff games all the way through. The AFC title game saw the Jaguars squander a fast 14-3 start (and 20-10 4th quarter lead) to allow Tony Romo a few jizz-inducing orgasms in the press box as New England came back and won in the 4th quarter with two TDs to Danny Amendola. A particularly killer play was a pretty epic 19 yard throw from Brady to, yeah, Amendola,  on 3rd and 18. You’d think the Jags would maybe try to do more about Danny boy as he shredded their defense after Gronk was conked out.

I guess being a Pats fan must be fun, but when I look back at the 49ers run, or the Cowboys, or the Packers even, their games seemed a hell of a ot more exciting. Seeing Brady come back was kinda nice in a grand-scheme kind of way, but who didn’t see it coming? Much like the feeling I had last year when Atlanta went up 28-3 in last year’s SBLI. OK, that one was exciting. But still and all, the Pats seem to suck the life out of winning.

The other game? Jeebus. All Minnesota proved was that a solid defense can only take you so far if you have a mediocre QB at the helm. Not that it was their fault, but they were down to their 3rd string guy after both Sam Bradford went down early in the season, and Teddy Bridgewater went down earlier in the preseason. They looked sharp and scored on their first drive, but did nothing else as Philly responded with 38 unanswered points.

Super Bore LII? Well, unlike my brethren on the East Coast, I’m not as anti-Philly as anyone outside the City of Brotherly Love seems to be. I can’t even take another Brady-led Super Bowl win. so, GO PHILLY! they deserve one. And only one.


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  1. Nipper says:

    You have admire the Pats. They come from behind and take advantage of the other teams mistakes and win. It pays to have experience in these games.

  2. Lurker John says:

    I don’t admire cheaters, so screw the New England Patriots. I hope they get their asses kicked in the big game. Brady losing another SB would take some of the shine off his “brilliant” career.

    Joe Montana forever. Brady can’t carry his sweaty jockstrap. Arrogant prick.

  3. Lurker John says:

    Yeah, I agree, what a yawner of a game coming up. Maybe we’ll get lucky and it’ll turn out to be a competitive battle, but going in I don’t have much interest.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    What would comfort me is Brady losing, and then his understudy winning a few.

  5. NJ49er says:

    All I can say for you guys in the West….
    The City of Brotherly Love is an oxymoron.
    Yeh, it’s Brady and Belichick. Again.
    But, find comfort in the fact that you don’t REALLY know Philly fans.
    I’ve told a colleague here, (Philly Fan) many times, if I were to put a 9er Jersey on his Mother, he’d punch her in the face. Truth.

    Loud. Obnoxious. Crude, and downright arrogant. Worst Fans. ANYWHERE.
    Can’t go for it, Not even at the expense of Brady winning another SB.
    I’m in it for the beer at this point.
    Not a game I’d have an ounce of interest in but for the fact that it’s the last REAL game on the calendar until Fall.

    Here’s what they did in NYC yesterday. To NYJ/NYG Fans.
    Game ON.
    Eagles and Pats are NOT tolerated. Even for a NY Minute.
    Like Seahawk Fans buying bricks in Santa Clara.
    You find time to locate said bricks. Then… spit on them.

    • Winder says:

      NJ- I lived in CT for a while NY and Boston fans are full of themselves. Most of em don’t think the world exists on the other side of Pennsylvania. To bad both teams can’t lose..

      • NJ49er says:

        Agreed Winder.
        No way to take either side of this debate seriously.

        I’ll say this for Philly.
        Their OLine could give NE fits if they play keep away from Brady.
        Had JAX stuck with the Yeldon/Fournette formula longer yesterday, good chance JAX could have held on.
        This game should be better than what it looks like at face value.
        In the end, however, the better QB typically makes the difference.
        We’ll see…..?

      • NJ49er says:

        Pats better find a ground game for this one.
        Belichick is the Master Tactician normally.
        He’d better dust off someone in the depths of his Roster and run the wheels off said candidate in MN in a couple of weeks.
        Gronk is losing a step but, he’ll command attention nonetheless.

  6. NJ49er says:

    I will take comfort in the fact that Seattle will have Ken Norton Jr and Brian Schottenheimer playing against Saleh and Shanny.
    Things appear to looking up for SF, but for the fact that Jed still roams the hallowed halls at 4949.

    I’ll get busy with Draft homework now. It’ll keep me busy through the Winter doldrums.

    • Lurker John says:

      Hey, Jed finally started to figure it out with the Shanny-Lynch hirings. We heard nary a peep out of him all year, outside a couple of boneheaded attempts at political correctness. I have hope for the lad going forward.

  7. Lurker John says:

    I lived in Cherry Hill, NJ for two years in high school, about 5 miles outside the city, so I know how Philly fans are. I became one, a die-hard Flyers fan. That sport was all but non-existent in CA at the time, but I got the hockey bug hard during my time in NJ and I make no excuses for my loyalties.

    I know they can be obnoxious and rude, but you can hang that label on the fans in any number of cities. The ones I knew (HS peers) were passionate but no more obnoxious than any Dodgers fans I’ve known. Because I lived there I do have a bit of a soft spot for the Phils, Eagles and Sixers as well, so the Eagles will have my support in two weeks. I also work with an Eagles fan and I’d like to see him celebrate a championship. The Pats will never have my support.

    • NJ49er says:

      I’m all about passionate Fans Lurker John. I totally get get it, as I am one.
      What I can’t get my head around, is the immediate reaction to hate anyone in opposing colors.
      Good rivalries are always better when you have some respect for loyalties that run both ways.
      Spent many a game day in Philly as a rival, and never enjoyed the heckling, fighting and general discomfort that came with those visits.
      Sure, some guys need a punch in the face to realize it’s a shared venue but, when you’re taking young kids along to enjoy the entertainment, a little common decency seems to elude many of the Philly locals I’ve encountered over the years.

      I respect anyone who lives and dies for their team. Just keep it civil.

      • NJ49er says:

        I’ve spent my life being an outsider in these parts by following the 9ers.
        Unfortunately, I’ve yet to partake a 9er home crowd.
        It’s still on the Bucket List however.
        One of these days……:-D

  8. NJ49er says:

    I’m going to bump DE Arden Key from LSU in favor of Marcus Davenport of UTSA –
    Measurables favor Marcus IMO.
    Plus, Key had shoulder surgery –

    Davenport – 6’7″/255 (46 Games/186 Tkls/37 TFL/21.5 Sacks)
    Key- 6’6″/265 (31 Games/130 Tkls/26.5 TFL/21 Sacks)

    Going to add OLB Tremaine Edmunds from Va Tech to the list also –
    Put a few more pounds on him and give him DE ops?

    Edmunds – 6’5″/250 (40 Games/ 226 Tkls /35 TFL / 10 Sacks / 5 PBUs)

    All 3 guys have the length and speed to get after the QB.
    I’ll take Marcus and Tremaine over Key.

    Honorable mention to OLB Davin Bellamy from UGA too –

    Bellamy – 6’5″/ 245 – (46 Games / 132 Tkls / 22.5 TFL / 11.5 Sacks / 5 PBUs)

  9. NJ49er says:

    Like what I’m seeing on OLB Lorenzo Carter from UGA too –

    6’6″/243 – (53 Games / 161 Tkls / 20.5 TFL / 14 Sacks / 1 PBU)

    Can put a few more pounds on his frame too –
    Nice wingspan from what I can see also –
    He makes the Watch List for further investigation 😀

  10. unca_chuck says:

    Up late? Or getting up early, NJ?

    Yer killin’ me, NJ. Never made it to the Stick? Let alone Kezar? How did you end up a Niner fan? I’m seriously bummed you never made it to Candlestick. It was shitty, usually cold, and a pain in the ass to get out of, but it was the best of times in the 80s and 90s. Nearly every game I saw back in the day I’d run into people from HS or grade school. I’d run into the parents of my friends from HS and grade school. It really was like a big family out there.

    Some of us here (all?) are local to the Bay Area, and I’ve lived and breathed Niners, Giants, and Warriors since I can remember. Meaning the mid 60s. As a kid we we all worked on, and got yelled at by, our baseball coaches for trying to make basket catches in the outfield a la Willie Mays. We were John Brodie to Gene Washington for the TD, or Rick Barry doing granny free throws, and Jim Barnett’s dipsy-do underhand layups.

    • Winder says:

      NJ- You will just have to come out here and catch a game, bring the family if possible. I haven’t yet seen a game at the new digs but I do plan on it someday. Very few bad memories attached to being at either Giants, or Niner games. Even when we lost it was always great to be at the park. I don’t think I was ever a greater fan than I was in 1962 while still in grade school. I was never without my little transistor radio listening to Giant games.

    • Nipper says:

      The fan experience has dramatically changed at stadiums over the years. It’s hard to imagine the present fans at games tolerating a Kezar experience.

  11. unca_chuck says:

    What about you, Nip? You are local, right? Did you, do you, go to games?

  12. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, the hope is Philly runs the ball down NE’s throat and is able to beat Ne in the air off play action. Foles can run that kind of offense no problem. The fear is the usual NE-falls-behind-and-catches-up scenario we’ve seen so many times.

    • Nipper says:

      Philly can win this game. But playing cautiously late will play into NE hands. NE can come from behind. That’s one of Brady’s strengths. It would help if Gronk can recover and play.

  13. unca_chuck says:

    If I was Doug Pederson I’d establish the run early and often. If they can get a lead running, they should be able to pass the rest of the game, which I think they can do. Keeping Brady off the field is the way to shut him and them down.

  14. NJ49er says:

    Chuck I’m NJ49er for a reason 😀
    Started in the 70s as I loved Eddie and Walsh’s WCO.
    Graduated from Air Coryell in SD.
    Fouts & Co. Era

    Friends would ask “Are you the only 9er Fan in NJ?”
    Answer…Sh!t yeh.
    NJ49er 😀

    And… I’m up all night.
    East Coast night shift.

  15. unca_chuck says:

    Ahhhh. Just curious, NJ. One of my favorite games ever that I saw live was a Niners Chargers – Montana Fouts shootout. Ended up a 41-37 Niner loss. 1982 I think. Coryell was still coaching iirc.

    Both offenses were on fire that day. Like 800 yards passing combined.

  16. NJ49er says:

    That was the rub back then with Air Coryell –
    Good news was… LOT’S of Offense-
    Bad news was…. next to no Defense.
    Shootouts were a whole lot more entertaining than NYJ/NYG back then.

    Then, along came Eddie and Bill 😀
    Here, I remain…..

  17. unca_chuck says:

    I couldn’t believe SD gave us Fred Dean for next to nothing half way through the ’81 season (a 2nd round pick. Hey!), and later Gary Big Hands Johnson. Worst trade in SD history I’m sure.

    Big Hands constantly harassing Dan Marino in SB XIX is one of my enduring memories.

  18. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah Winder, 1982 was the strike-shortened year. It just felt like a preseason! All I remember from that year was Ivory Sully blocking a last- second FG to get us into the playoffs on the last day.

    Here’s the box for the SD Niner game.

  19. Winder says:

    Thanks for that box score. I had it in my mind that it was Winslow that made those acrobatic catches but it was Chandler. I gotta admit those passes from Fouts to Chandler were things of beauty.

  20. unca_chuck says:

    Oh yeah. back when they allowed bota bags in, we used to fill ’em up with vodka and buy OJ or 7 up and get plowed.

  21. unca_chuck says:

    Shit, 1,003 yards of offense that game.

  22. unca_chuck says:

    new thread is up.

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