Game Day

Can we play well enough at home? I’m losing faith after that flat performance last week.

28-16 Dallas. Hope I’m wrong.

That is all.

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96 Responses to Game Day

  1. Nipper says:

    BLEEP Losing!

  2. Berger says:

    The 49ers have gone against 3 of the top defenses in the league to open the season. Dallas does not possess one of those types of defenses. With the exception of us looking unmotivated last week, I’ve been patient. I will lose my patience for Chip and Blaine if the offense does not look good today.

  3. Winder says:

    Even if we are not very good it’s still Dallas and that still means something. I have a friend who flew over there this weekend just for the game, I told him I thought he was nuts. Go Niners!

  4. Winder says:

    Whada you know, funny how that works. Nice pass.

  5. Lurker John says:

    That was a fucking bullet to Celek that time.

  6. Lurker John says:

    Another fucking bullet! Wow!

  7. Lurker John says:

    Take it to ’em, boys!

  8. Irish Kevin says:

    So far an excellent game

  9. Lurker John says:

    Gabbert didn’t even look downfield on that 3rd down, straight to the checkdown. Good punt by Pinion, who needs to keep making kicks like that.

  10. Irish Kevin says:

    Number 81 was wide open on that 3rd and 13.

    • Lurker John says:

      Gabbert has had a great half, but he reverts to form on that one. Can’t make a completion if you don’t even look, Blaine.

  11. Lurker John says:

    Why don’t you challenge for 11 yards of field position, Chip?!

  12. Lurker John says:

    These guys have been getting killed on screens for fucking YEARS.

  13. Lurker John says:


  14. Lurker John says:

    Shit penalty, TD. Fucking officials sticking their fingers in another huge play. FUCK YOU.

  15. Lurker John says:

    The vaunted Niner DL is getting gashed, again. Where’s all the talent? Cowshits, right back it.

  16. Lurker John says:

    Anybody watching the game today?

  17. unca_chuck says:

    Wow. Can’t tackle the QB? The whistle hadn’t blown.

  18. Irish Kevin says:

    John, 12thman and I are at the game

  19. rtfirefly says:

    3 TDs for Crabs today, including the game winner with 2:12 left on the road against the undefeated Ravens.

    I think he’s washed up and Baalke should let him walk.

    • Lurker John says:

      Maybe someone should let Baalke walk.

      • rtfirefly says:

        I said for years he would a very good #2 receiver. The Raiders have Amari Cooper and Crabs fills the possession/3rd down #2 role. I know Crabs was Kappy’s favorite and go-to guy, but in general it seemed for years the Niners just kept trying to fit the square peg into the round #1 spot.

  20. Irish Kevin says:

    What the hell is thedefence doing

  21. Lurker John says:

    D-line is getting shit for a push. Buckner has been thoroughly unimpressive through the first 2+ games. Barely any movement on his rushes. I thought this guy was a stud.

  22. Lurker John says:

    It’s on now. Fucking D decided to vanish. No pass rush, terrible coverage, getting gashed on the ground. Prescott carving them up and it’s not even Halloween yet.

  23. Lurker John says:

    Tramaine Brock getting beat like a goddamn drum today.

  24. Lurker John says:

    Patriots skunked by the Bills, Falcons lay 48 on the Panthers AND knock Newton out of the game.

    • rtfirefly says:

      Yeah, this season’s held some real surprises for me early on. The Vikes, Broncos and Eagles (bye week) are the only untarnished left.

      Last year we had the Panthers, Falcons, Packers and Cards in the NFC alone. Welcome to V’s hell.

  25. Lurker John says:

    Atta boy Carlos!

  26. Lurker John says:

    Except for the one run, the OL is not doing a good job run blocking.

  27. Winder says:

    Gotta love the SF Giants, I thought we were dead in the water for awhile. Let the show begin.

  28. Lurker John says:

    I think Gabbert was born checking down, from Gerber’s to milk bottle. He seems unable to throw beyond the sticks when they need it most. He’s made some great throws today, but 4 yard passes on third and 7 don’t get it done, Blaine!

  29. Lurker John says:

    A turnover would be nice.

  30. Lurker John says:

    There may be talent on this defense, but too often they look like a jumbled mess. Bethea is having to make way too many tackles and they can’t stop the run. WTF.

  31. rtfirefly says:

    How will the offense respond to being behind?

  32. Flavor says:

    What happened to Navarro? I got home, turned on tv and he was getting carted off

  33. Flavor says:

    Gabbert is so bad. He had Smith and that throw wasn’t even close.

  34. rtfirefly says:

    That’s why Chip doesn’t take deep shots with Gabbert as QB.

  35. Nipper says:

    Oh BLEEP it! A new slogan…..this is the shits!

  36. rtfirefly says:

    A good game, a lot closer than I thought it would be. An L and lots of mistakes to be sure, but the Cowboys are a good team. The improvement of the Niners from last year is unmistakable.

  37. theroooster says:

    49ers 1-3
    Rams 3-1

  38. Berger says:

    We need a pass rush, a stud ILB and a NT on defense. On offense only Kerely gets separation so we need a better play designer and play caller to help get them open. Chip’s running plays require the RB to read and be patient. I would rather our coach design running plays that hit the hole harder. Oh, one more thing, we need a QB. Missing an open Torrey Smith deep was a killer.

  39. Berger says:

    I wish I could see a wider angle on defense. It looks like the D-line is voluntarily washing out wide and allowing the cut back by the RB. If they can’t stand the guy up in front of them I would rather see them just shoot the gaps to create some big defensive plays instead of the slow death the coach has us executing.

    • Lurker John says:

      What was supposed to be a strength is turning out not to be. Getting gashed on the ground only opens the door for the opponent’s passing game. Buckner was supposed to be an NFL-ready defensive lineman and has shown little so far, Armstead is in his second year and has also shown little, though he has had injuries to deal with. Dial is a stout lineman, but you never hear his name called.

      Perhaps my expectations were too high, but I expected more. My confidence in the DC and his scheme has taken a hit also. I’m not seeing much to change that perception.

      • Berger says:

        You might have a good point. I need to see more but I’m starting to think this DC is playing the D-line passively like Mike Nolan did. I doesn’t matter how good the D-line is if you don’t use it to create havoc. I’m starting to think the DC is not that good. It is a theory for now. As I see more I will be looking at it from that aspect to see if I think it is true.

  40. rtfirefly says:

    Palmer suffered a concussion in the 4th qtr. and now has to be officially medically cleared before he’d be allowed to play Thursday night.

    • theroooster says:

      Yep, Rams knocked that punk “SC Trojan out of the game just in time. Good thing they did, his backup was nowhere near up to the task of leading his team to a comeback victory.

      • Flavor says:

        I think it’s a solid move that you’ve shifted your focus to football. Nothing but bad shit is going to happen to your baseball team from here on out (as usual). At least if you focus on NFL you can keep one dream alive. 🙂

  41. theroooster says:

    Haha, BF! Good one. I don’t harbor much confidence in either the Dodgers or the Rams. 4 straight division titles for the Dodgers is nice, but that’s about it : “nice”. They are a good, solid team that hasn’t been able to put it together in the postseason. If they can keep giving themselves chances, reeling off division titles like they have, eventually they’ll close the deal. Law of averages and all that good stuff. The Rams? They looked to be the worst team in the NFL on that 1st Monday night matchup against the sorry ass 49ers. Since that fiasco, Rams are unbeaten, taking down the Seahawks and the cards, both on the road, no less. But still, I don’t kid myself into thinking the Rams are one of the better teams in the League. They have an adequate defense to be sure, but they are not going far with Case Keenum at the helm.

  42. snarkk says:

    Not paying much attention to the Niners these days. Looks like they’re on the road to about 5-11, if lucky, which is what I predicted. Could be down to 3-13, if the injuries pile up. This organization is going nowwhere without a QB, the most “duh” statement that can be made. Other than Baalke hasn’t figured that out yet. Niners will go nowhere until they cut Baalke, a guy who has absolutely no touch for getting offensive skill players…

  43. NJ49er says:

    We’re holding onto our slot in the Top 10 next April.
    If injuries continue to pile up, we’re looking at the Top 5.
    I’m still trying to understand WTF happens in the second half of these games thus far?
    Is Chip this conservative or, is he simply a one-trick pony that everyone shuts down after halftime?

    I expected first year growing pains with a new Staff but, we’re not showing any signs of adjustment on either side of the ball, week to week.
    DLine is getting gashed vs the run..
    OLine can’t seem to get a running game going and, Gabbert is simply inconsistent.
    Pretty obvious that Toorey is simply too fast for Gabbert to reach when it matters.
    Our Routes don’t appear to be very creative either.
    Gabbert can’t complain about protection, he’s been given adequate time for the most part.
    He’s simply not capitalizing when it matters.
    Several gorgeous throws followed by hideous ones.
    At this point, call me underwhelmed with the Chip Kelly Era.

  44. unca_chuck says:

    Gabbert is missing guys wide open. Smith was an easy TD if he throws it down the middle. Smith was running a post and Gabbert threw it away from his route.

    He’s fucking Steve DeBerg. Doing just enough to lose All we have to do is draft Joe ll behind him.

    • rtfirefly says:

      DeBerg played 22 seasons in the NFL and threw for 34,241 yards. Gabbert couldn’t hold his jock.

  45. unca_chuck says:

    Flav, I haven’t heard but it sure looked like an Achilles. No one touched Bowman and he was pushing straight forward.

  46. unca_chuck says:

    Armstead and now Buckner don’t seem to be doing much either rushing or run stopping. The LBs get washed out and boom 12 yards a carry.

    Losing Williams is proving to be a killer. Dorsey is flat. Purcell is wildly inconsistent. The rest get dropped to the ground with regularity. Good pressure early that dried up as the game went on.

  47. rtfirefly says:

    I swear to God, one guy at the Webzone was adamant that this was Torrey’s fault. SMDH

    • NJ49er says:

      Fact is, the Safety got pulled left.
      Torrey ran his route into that void.
      Gabbert knows he blew it.
      Fact remains, he’s wildly inconsistent.
      Chip can’t consider him to be much more if he’s got his eyes open.

      • rtfirefly says:

        Oh no, NJ, he’s frighteningly consistent – 1 for 21 this season on passes over 20 yards. Just like JAX.

    • NJ49er says:

      True. True RT.
      I liken him to David Carr for that reason.
      Once a QB becomes shell-shocked from playing behind poor OLines, it’s hard to avoid hearing footsteps I guess?

    • NJ49er says:

      Watch Gabbert’s release on that throw.
      He’s pulling up on the follow through.
      Not quite a short-arm, but close.
      Heard some commentary regarding the surprise QBs thus far, Wentz/Siemian and Prescott.
      Suggested that they’re getting Coached by former QBs as a potential reason for early success.
      Which is quite surprising to me that Harbaugh couldn’t get more out of Kaep.
      Go figure?

      • Berger says:

        What he did is not use his lower body enough to help his upper body.

      • Lurker John says:

        Didn’t see your post, NJ, but yes, I think that’s exactly what he did. Just like a pitcher in baseball, a QB can’t try to aim his passes, it has to be a reaction that’s honed from countless hours of practice. That play tells me that Gabbert still doesn’t trust his skills enough to just let it rip.

  48. rtfirefly says:

    This same idjut (troll?) is blaming Torrey for his 3 yards receiving. Torrey was open on a 3rd down play not long before this one but Gabbert threw short and incomplete to Kerley. It’s just bloody amazing how stupid Kap hate makes some people. I want to hire them so I can bet against them in Vegas.

  49. NJ49er says:

    Berger, after 4 games of Jim O’Neil Defensive scheming, I’m already poking around the 2017 Draft Class for my preferred Fat Man in the Middle.
    Way too early for projections of course but, Star Lotulelei’s ‘little’ Brother Lowell is is playing for Utah and, is likely to be in the mix come April.
    He’s definitely on my radar at this point – 6’2″/310 qualifies as a ‘Fat Man’ in my book.

    STRENGTHS: Lotulelei sports a traditional Polynesian build with a powerful, well-distributed frame and relatively short limbs. This vending machine-like frame (along with balance and leg drive), helps Lotulelei anchor effectively against double-teams, making him a quality nose guard prospect for the next level.
    Lotulelei is surprisingly quick off the ball and can split gaps, using his burst and an effective swim move to get into the backfield. Lotulelei can rag doll opposing offensive linemen with his strong hands and runners rarely escape his grasp. While lacking the agility and speed to chase down ballcarriers once outside of the tackle box, Lotulelei’s girth and strength help him clog up the middle, forcing opponents into the arms of other defenders on the perimeter.

    WEAKNESSES: A man as strong as Lotulelei doesn’t come with a lot of “weaknesses,” but he does come with limitations, including the lack of burst and creativity as a pass rusher to ever offer much in this regard. Lotulelei’s short arms and marginal awareness in the passing game are reflected by the fact that he has just one pass deflected (and no blocked kicks) over his career.

    Lotulelei generally resorts to simple bull rushes and he tires quickly. Though he’s remained healthy and productive throughout his first two seasons with the Utes, Lotulelei has yet to start a full season, earning the nod in nine of 13 possible games each of the past two years.

    IN OUR VIEW: While Utes fans were probably delighted when Lotulelei opted to follow his older brother’s footsteps to the Utah, they may be hoping for a longer turn with Lowell than they received from Star, who played out his eligibility but only after playing his first year at Snow Junior College. If Lotulelei again opts to follow his brother in leaving Utah after his third season in Salt Lake City, the NFL will surely be interested.

    • NJ49er says:

      In other musings behind my eyes, and between my ears, LoLo would seem to be a nice fit, as he’s already LOW 😀
      And, Fitzpatrick with the NYJ tossed 3 more Picks vs Seattle today.
      Making it 9 in the past 2 games.
      I’m still open for a possible deal involving Kaep for Mo.
      Hoping NYJ GM Mike Maccagnan can be persuaded to entertain the idea.

      • NJ49er says:

        Keep MI State DT Malik McDowell on the radar too.
        He’s gaining some attention as a Top DT Draft candidate too.
        6’5″/282 is what’s being shown at this point.
        Not much more to go on beyond that.

  50. Nipper says:

    In conclusion: OUCH!

  51. Nipper says:

    The season is young and as fans we’re already in a wait until next season mode. That’s when you know your team is not very good. The defense is weak and the offense is even weaker. And to top it off the front office is even weaker than both. On and off the field the Niners come up short. Just think of all the fools that waste their money at Levis. Those are the biggest fools in town.

  52. Winder says:

    Losing Bowman is a big blow to our already not so good D and as the season goes on I am sure there will be more significant injuries. This is the one area that concerned me the most next to the QB spot. We have very little talent on the team and pretty much no backup quality. Losing Bowman is like losing your rudder. I don’t see another win all year. Maybe some teams will overlook us but maybe not.

    • Winder says:

      I am pretty sure the FO is hoping the media continues to stick with the BLM movement band of Brothers so they don’t start writing about how this team is truly crummy.

  53. unca_chuck says:

    The local media is either too entrenched to be anything more than pushovers, or they are the Cohn/Kawakami hatchet-men types.

    This season lies at the feet of Trent Baalke. The talent on the team has been draining for years now. He has been drafting for defense for 6 years now and there is no improvement.

    As of now we aren’t half bad at scoring, 15th in the league is a hell of a lot better than our scoring last year, which was dead last.

    If anyone is hoping the spotlight doesn’t fall on him, it’s Trent.

  54. unca_chuck says:

    The team is the sum of its parts. They have been losing and not replacing parts for years now.

  55. unca_chuck says:

    We’d better bring Rush up, as we need someone who can get pressure. Our D line is flailing and inconsistent. Along with the offense and the special teams.

  56. NoFear49er says:

    RT, re: the play on your GIF, it was on Gabbert but some of it is on Staley, too. Draughn going in motion and the play action to Hyde keeps the LBs out of the pressure. A four man rush blocked well except for the DE who beats Staley. Gabbert should have made the throw and taken the hit but Kaep or Alex wouldn’t have either.

  57. Nipper says:

    Yes inconsistent…….offense, defense, front office, special teams and coaching. That’s the one thing that’s a constant is the price of beer. Throw in some parking and a little food and one can get a massive headache or heartburn. One big ouch!

  58. Lurker John says:

    If Gabbert throws that ball anywhere towards the post, it’s 6 points. Terrible throw. If looks to me like he was trying too hard not to overthrow it. It looks like he pulls his arm and doesn’t follow through. This is the NFL. Those kind of plays cannot be left on the field.

  59. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up.

  60. Lurker John says:

    The offense and Gabbert have been frustrating in large part because they show flashes of being good. You can’t deny those first 2 drives, in which they looked phenomenal. Gabbert made some amazing passes in the first quarter, especially the one to Celek on the right sideline.

    Then he reverts to his bad Blaine form, throwing balls in the dirt, missing wide open guys downfield. If the O just flat out stunk all the way around, it’d be easier to take. The line is giving him a nice pocket to throw from, including on the botched post to Torrey, but they haven’t been run blocking for shit. Usually it’s the other way around because run blocking is easier for most OL. I don’t know if it’s drive or coaching or what, but these guys are good enough to open holes for Hyde, who’s running hard but has nowhere to go.

    I don’t know who Jim O’Neil is, but his scheming so far has been dubious at best and he’s slow to make adjustments. Maybe it’s just the scheming, maybe it’s just the talent, likely it’s both. Losing Bow would be a killer to a defense already lacking cohesion.

    One last thing, can anyone remember a season when the 49ers were NOT consistently vulnerable to screen passes? The entire stadium can see them coming but these guys play like they just rolled out of bed.

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