Fuck the Preseason . . . Last Game !

So far we’ve lost players, games, and the backing of the police. Think the Chipster is maybe rethinking his job choices? Hey, it’s a paying gig, and really, if he can get something out of this team resembling decent football his stock will rise pretty high. But as it stands now, the team still looks like a clusterfuck nightmare. There’s no apparent front office turmoil, and they haven’t weighed in on the Kappy deal other than to say it’s within his rights as an American to sit for the anthem, but there is still a swirling miasma of unanswered questions about the team, why the front office has been ignoring the QB position in the draft, the WR position in the draft, and basically sat on its thumbs while having scads of cash available to sign free agents. Signing a backup guard is hardly ground breaking stuff.

Whatever the anthem fallout is, Chip is saying Kappy is still part of the team, and still part of the QB race.  Granted, I think Kappy has two blown tires and is leaking oil at an alarming rate, but who the fuck knows? A bad performance against San Diego’s Walmart brigade could spell the end for Kaepernick here or anywhere. A good performance? Well, there are teams like Dallas and Denver who at this point are dealing with major uncertainty at the QB spot. So, a trade is a possibility I suppose. Jerry Jerk-off loves him some craziness so he could very well trade for him. Elway? Well, I think the water has cooled significantly on that one. Even with Denver looking like they may implode themselves.

Beyond that, the game tonight will be a picture of ugly Americans lashing out at someone going out on a limb. The mob mentality will prevail and the potential for a lot of ugliness exists. I have no problem with the military or supporting the job they do, but I also think there are systemic problems with the police in this country.


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  1. Nipper says:

    This game probably will tell everyone very little. The scrubs will play and except for the coaches this game is a waste of time. Kap will play probably not well and this media stuff about his anthem protest hopefully is forgotten. I hope everyone just sticks to football. Keep it simple……play football.

  2. Berger says:

    Maybe we should try having a society without police and see how that works out. If I get going on this subject there will be some who wish I never showed up. I am trying to remain silent.

    • Lurker John says:

      I’m absolutely with you, Berger. So many vilify cops until they need them. Then it’s, “What took you so long!” These guys think quarterbacking is hard? Try being a cop for a week.

      • 12th man says:

        I’m pro police, no doubt about it. I can’t say there aren’t problems. I saw a video of an older black guy who got stopped for a broken tail light get shot in the back multiple times, murdered, and the cop drop his taser next to the not quite dead victim. There are other video’s too.

        The cop that did it was arrested, and is awaiting trial for murder, conviction a certainty.

        Its a new day for law enforcement. Everybody has a camera ready to go 24/7. Body cameras are spreading to all forces. The chances of being caught on camera are dramatically higher than in previous times, so whatever few back cops are on each force will get winnowed out over time and new cops coming through the academies are very well aware of this new paradigm. They know the risk of jail time is substantial for being caught on camera. Not that I’m suggesting the fear of being caught is why cops will follow the law, I am discussing the very few bad character guys that slip through, which is inevitable.

        Cops are taking a beating from the media and BLM activists. Caps socks are funny, pigs in uniform, except they aren’t. Its his statement as a walking billboard with national media focus. Those same pigs are keeping him from getting his dumb head torn off going into the Seahawks stadium as in his Beats commercial, and its true.

        Nobody is saying there aren’t issues, perhaps even systemic ones although I don’t see enough evidence of that.

        Kap’s message, whatever it is, is now lost in the fury he created in ordinary people. He himself has become the issue, a lightning rod for anger by showing absolute disrespect for this country.

        As Berger said, his BLM activist girlfriend appears to have found a perfect bullhorn for her cause, a dip shit mouthpiece, Crapernick.

        Yes he has the right to do it, but the ingrate shouldn’t.

      • Lurker John says:

        Well said, 12th.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Good for you, Bergs. Stand ready for Sock-gate. Coming soon to a hyperbolic screen near you.

    • Berger says:

      Kap is just a dumb ass speaking for his girlfriend. She is leading, he is following. There is nothing he can do now to look less than a leader. But I’ll guarantee there are those listening. He is counting on that while he has respect of Rae Carruth by those who would be hiring him.

    • 12th man says:

      Socks, a Malcolm X shirt and hat, what’s next, black panther attire? He is a QB on the SF 49ers isn’t he? Is everything allowed?

  4. Lurker John says:

    Chuck, my man; miasma…word of the day.

  5. Lurker John says:

    I’m so ready for the preseason to end. I have some issues with Kelly’s handling of these games, namely why is Ellington returning punts in the third preseason game? They don’t already know his abilities as a returner? And Hyde, why is he still out there in the second quarter of the second game? Result: concussion. Save these guys for the regular season!

    Gore would barely sniff the field until the last game, when he’d get about one series. You have to protect these skill guys, especially when they’re thin at these positions, like the Niners are.

  6. unca_chuck says:

  7. Lurker John says:

    As for trying to focus on the good picks Baalke has made, and he’s made some good ones, including this year’s class, it is indeed baffling about the receivers. This has been a positional deficiency for a long time now and barely a move’s been made. Now Ellington is down and the situation is even worse. Stupid, if you ask me, especially considering you don’t have to spend a high draft pick to end up with a good receiver.

    Speaking of which, I haven’t heard word one about Smelter and I don’t recall seeing him in any of the games. I’ve seen photos of him on the practice field, so I know he’s there, but nothing else. I hope he starts playing this season because he needs to start going through the inevitable (steep) learning curve.

    WR is such a critical position these days. It’s boneheaded when your best wideout in the last 5 years is A.J. Jenkins.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    Saw them at the Cow Palace back in the day.

  9. Winder says:

    We are definitely running a circus on 4949 street. All I can do is sit back and wait for the next show.

  10. 12th man says:

    Cowboys signed a QB….No not that one, can’t give him away.

  11. Berger says:

    I was beaten by the police. Some little Jackie Gleason dick fuck beat my ribs to a pulp while 15 other cops stood in a circle and watched. When I raised my fist to hit him every cop went for either their bully club or flashlight. I immediately put my hands behind my back and said take me in I’m not saying another word. Before that I had answered every question and put up zero resistance. I still want to beat that little fuckers ass to this day and that was from back in 1981.

    Guess what, he was a bad cop. I respect the job they have to do and have disagreements with some of their tactics. I will also say that the people who are dissing them these days are doing it for politics. A lot more whites are shot by police than blacks. I know if did we did not have police we would live in communes with a lot of weapons.

    These anti police people are misguided and funded with money outside the country. It was proven that the money that funded the Ferguson riots originated from George Soros. This is all part of the plan and some people either can’t see what is going on around or don’t want to see.

    Since the people who don’t want to know that info never will want to, I would rather not talk about it here on a football site. Otherwise we will all just become polarized like Kap is doing to the rest of the sports world right now.

  12. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, got clubbed in the 1981 Super Bowl celebrations. Big fat lump on my head, but otherwise no big deal. As far as whites being shot by police, sure, more are killed in raw numbers, but there are 160 million more white people in America than blacks. I know, fuck the math, but 62% of the country is white. 13% is black. As of 1/1/2015, 732 white people were killed by cops. 381 were black (and 382 were ‘undetermined’ race). What does it mean? The blacks are much more likely to be killed by a cop. Throw in the ‘undetermined’ (read dark) and you have a 6x higher rate of being killed by a cop if you are darker than vanilla ice cream.

    Soros is funding riots? Break out the tinfoil hat there, Bergs. Might as well call Trump Grand Wizard of the KKK for retweeting David Duke tweets.

  13. unca_chuck says:


  14. Winder says:

    I got the shit kicked out of me by two cops in 1971, I was drunk as a skunk and just didn’t give a shit about anything.They told me to move and I told them to fuck off. That was the last time I did that.

    • Winder says:

      I gotta laugh about that stuff now and I actually remember it all. They really didn’t hurt me to bad when they had me on the ground. It was when they were putting me in the car that was rather painful. They had forgotten to open the car door and it took a few slams against the door for them to realize their mistake. Anyway, I had it coming, I don’t blame them for anything

  15. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, in my younger days I had a few scrapes with Johnny Law. Nothing major, just the usual bs.

    • Winder says:

      Mine was minor too, it ended up being a drunk in public, they dropped the resisting arrest when I went to court because I had no record.

  16. Lurker John says:

    Yeah, there’s more whites than blacks, but blacks commit a disproportionate amount of the crimes and whites are still shot by cops at twice the rate of blacks. It’s all there on the FBI and DOJ websites, cold, hard facts. The whole idea that cops have it out for blacks is bullshit.

    • 12th man says:

      I don’t see it as particularly racist either. I do see a small percentage of cops abuse their power, get trigger happy etc, and that needs attending to but as I wrote up above, all the cameras around these days in itself will modify these errant behaviours.

      Nothing in life is perfect, always will be a percentage that sits outside the norm in anything.

    • unca_chuck says:

      Facts? I showed you the numbers, John. 6 times higher for folks of color.

      • Lurker John says:

        Yeah, you edited your post, Chuck. Didn’t see the second version. I’m guessing you checked those websites.

        While blacks make up only 13% of the population, they commit more than half the total crimes. They get shot more (as a percentage) because they commit most of the crime. 6 times as many? By the numbers you posted, you’re more than twice as likely to get shot by a cop if you’re white. 9 out of 10

        BTW, the vast majority of times these perps that are killed by cops are armed, usually with guns. The rest are armed with knives, impact weapons of some sort, etc. And then there’s the small percentage of unlawful shootings. They happen, like the cop in S.C. that shot the black guy in the back as he was running away. That dude is going to prison for a long time. So is the cop that shot the guy in the car in MN. That shit sucks.

        There’s problems. Cops can be brutal, there’s more ex-military being recruited as cops than ever before, soldiers, not MP’s, and many have a soldiers mentality. You’re seeing more and more cops and police forces taking a military stance towards the public with the military style gear they wear, the weapons and the vehicles. A cop is supposed to a peace officer, not someone who ends a confrontation by gunning someone down. They also have a dangerous job. If you pull a gun on a cop, you are going to get shot, .regardless of your color

        There’s problems, but they are minuscule compared to the good the police do. All of the above numbers are never mentioned by the media. They just fan the flames and foment violence and rioting. Most of what you hear from BLM and the national media regarding these matters is bullshit.

  17. 12th man says:

    ESPN said they won’t be showing the National Anthem tonight as they never do. Well they changed their minds, and want to milk the spotlight. As I’m going to a bar to watch the game I’m sure to get some BS from Charger fans before the game gets started.

    Thanks Crapernick.

  18. unca_chuck says:

    3 months in county for the last transgression. Long time ago . . .

    Well, it’s not like this is a new thing. Cops have been getting away with murder for decades now. If you think this is new then you are naive.

  19. unca_chuck says:

    Of course ESPN want to show it. It garners ratings. They aren’t stupid. This will get higher ratings than the NBA playoffs.

  20. unca_chuck says:

    The earth didn’t stop spinning.

  21. unca_chuck says:

    Nice catch there by Drez.

  22. unca_chuck says:

    Well, there you go. 2nd stringers, but opening TD.

  23. unca_chuck says:

    Jesus. The playpen is in full moron mode.

    Fuck, Kappy. Follow your block.

  24. Flavor says:

    Apparently Eric Reid joined Kaep in that stupid protest tonight? Jesus, it’s not enough for my team to just suck in anonymity but now they have to be getting world wide attention for something that has nothing to do with football or the team. It pisses me off actually……
    They are getting paid handsomely to play football. And they can’t even do that right. If I were Kaep I’d focus more on lifting weights, getting stronger and trying to make the fucking team. Not all this protest nonsense……

    • unca_chuck says:

      Well, the right to protest is certainly something Americans are supposed to be able to do, and lots of other players have done. Up to and including Jesse Owens, Tommie Smith, John Carlos, Jackie Robinson, and plenty of others.

      I don;t give a shit either way. But I don’t begrudge him doing it.

    • unca_chuck says:

      Jackie Robinson said, “I cannot stand and sing the anthem. I cannot salute the flag. I know that I am a black man in a white world.”

  25. unca_chuck says:

    Bad read by Kappy there. All in all, decent though. Kappy is our 2nd string guy.

    yippee. 11-18 for 103. 38 yards rushing.

  26. Flavor says:

    i fucking begrudge the fuck out of him for doing this. As fans of a shitty team, this is supposed to be OUR time. We are 0-0, hope is technically still there. But no. Kaep and now Reid are fucking casting a dark cloud on this team and taking even THIS TIME away from us. Fuck them. This powerless protest is going nowhere. All it’s doing is making everything feel like a total drag. Nothing to look forward to this season (as a NIner fan)

    • Berger says:

      It is feeling that way for me too flavor if Kap isn’t cut. He is polarizing us big time. Unca loves the sitters others like us hate it. I’m close to just saying fuck it.

      • Flavor says:

        if this led to some wide spread thing and it directly impacted changes when it comes to police brutality and bad cops I’d be all for it. But I just don’t see where this goes other than making our team look like shitheads to the rest of the world. I just want to root for my football team. That’s it. I accept they will suck, I don’t care. But now I’m looking at multiple dudes now protesting the national fucking anthem and just going, “look this has nothing to do with football! Play fucking football! And while you’re at it, start playing it better.” 😦

      • unca_chuck says:

        Again, Were Tomnmie Smith and John Carlos wrong? Jackie Robinson?

        Who’s to say it doesn’t foment change? That’s the whole idea.

        No one has walked a mile in his shoes. Or Jackie’s or the others.

  27. unca_chuck says:

    They are likely going to suck either way. This move may very well drive more fans away. Oh well.

    If that’s all it takes to drive people out, then so be it. Greg Hardy was a convicted felon who missed 4 games. Didn’t seem to bother that many people. Lawrence little killed a woman driving drunk. Ho hum. The league is filled with murderers, druggies, and roiders, yet people flip out over this.

    Was Jackie Robinson wrong to do what he did? Or the Olympians?

  28. Berger says:

    Bercovicci already looks better than Kap.

  29. Flavor says:

    I’m not even making it to the game starting before I get pissed off. I watch these fuckers sitting for the anthem and I’m like, “fuck this, you guys can suck my dick. Now I’m supposed to root for you to win? And you’re not even gonna win, you’re gonna be awful??” Kaep/Reid/the next guys to join them are making me not even want to turn the game on

  30. Lurker John says:

    Jeremy Lane of the Seahawks joined the fray tonight and sat for the national anthem. It’s going viral.

  31. Flavor says:

    “Who’s to say it doesn’t foment change. That’s the whole idea.”
    Again, look, if I thought this was going to amount to anything, I’d be behind it. But I give it like a 5000-1 shot of impact any great change. And while I would like to see change in that area of society I really just want to take 3 hours a week off my life and watch a football game. Hopefully we win. But I want to at least be able to root for these fuckers. But all they’re doing is being negative as fuck. For who? For what? Come on, nothing is going to change. If it does, feel free to throw this post in my face later. Meanwhile, what do we get to look forward to as fans this year?

  32. unca_chuck says:

    I don’t understand why this pisses people off so much. Again, beat up women, kill people, roid up for the game, yaaaaawn. Sit for a song? DIIIEEEEE MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!

    Baffling. The anthem isn’t even shown for games. No one will know anyway.

    • Lurker John says:

      Who’s saying that other stuff isn’t pissing people off? With the anthem it’s a respect thing, respect for the country and the people who died defending it. A lot of us take that stuff seriously.

      • unca_chuck says:

        Do you hear protests over Rice anymore? Or Hardy? No. Pacman has 2 jail stints under his belt. Do you really think the league is serious about roid testing? Please. Of all the problems the league has, this is nothing.

    • Flavor says:

      uh, I totally disagree. It is likely dividing the team. Did you see the pics tonight? Next to Kaep and Reid are players standing up straight and holding the hand over their hearts which is usually reserved for god bless america. You can say it’s just sitting and on the surface that’s true. I happen to think it’s having deeper impact than that inside the team. You think all the players want to deal with this bullshit? I bet many of them resent Kaep. And what is guaranteed is that there is now a divide on the team over something that has NOTHING to do with football. They need to be united to have ANY chance of not sucking. now this bullshit…..

  33. unca_chuck says:

    Kappy isn’t even going to play anyway. Big whoop.

    Nice pick by Rashard. Shit throw there.

  34. Lurker John says:

    I’m surprised Reid joined in, he seems a little more grounded. Guess not. I’m with you guys, this is sucking the marrow out of the coming season. After watching the Giants flounder for the past 7 weeks, I was looking for the change of pace of football. Now it feels tainted.

  35. unca_chuck says:

    Mike Davis looks pretty good. So much for Driskell. 2 picks in 3 passes. Does he look better than Kappy, Bergs?

  36. unca_chuck says:

    Look, I don’t particularly agree with what he’s doing ESPECIALLY the timing of it.

    But I can’t judge him or denigrate him one bit for doing it. Because no one knows what he or any of the others that are protesting, or have protested, have gone through. Hundreds of athletes caught shit for converting to Islam. All of them caught shit for being selfish and putting themselves ahead of their teams. Then it became ho-hum.

  37. unca_chuck says:

    Looks like Ponder gets the nod over Driskell. At least he’s not throwing easy picks.

  38. unca_chuck says:

    Jesus. The NFL is retarded in how they enforce PI.

  39. unca_chuck says:

    Marcus Rush needs to take Wilhoite’s spot at ILB.

  40. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up. . . .

  41. trigger490 says:

    From the very beginning all of you supported Kap. At least I got props the last few days for calling that thug out at the very beginning. Not once did you think about class and character or the integrity of the person now playing QB for our team. You went from Joe to this CL+WN? You’re not 49er fans you’re just spectators. If Eddie was here that clown wouldn’t lasted til halftime, the York’s? Just going through the motions while you dummy’s support anything and anyone they put on the field. Like politics in your world anything now goes, you put your heads in the sand and pretend crimes are not being committed or in Kaepernick’s case a Low Life, Th+g wasn’t playing QB for your football team. Like Kaepernick you all lack class, character and integrity that’s why you don’t notice the difference.

    I told you all from the very beginning that Kaepernick was nothing but a gh*tto, th+g! How did you guys did it for all these years is beyond belief. Nothing could stop you from accepting and embracing this low life, sc*m of the earth. His true colors were there from the very beginning the problem was you all turned a blind eye to it because he happened to put on your team’s uniform. Then you follow this idiot Chuck? This guy doesn’t even know the difference between wrong and right, good and bad and you sit here everyday having a conversation with him?

    I understand the new fan that don’t know any better but you old fans who watched Steve Young and Joe Montana perform you have no exc*ses. Don’t worry this post will be deleted soon by a Liberal Clown who complains when he’s silenced, yet then turns around and silence those who disagree with him on his site. Like Politics do I blame Chuck for doing this? Yes, but I also blame the rest of you for allowing him to get away with it. Hilary and Chuck both get away with it because no one says anything, they do it because you have NO B*LLS to stand up for what’s right or call him out. I would love for him to do it to you so you could see my reaction as a M+N to him. I would never tolerate any of you being silenced regardless of your opinion.

    I know, you’ll use the excuse it’s his site he can do what ever he wants to do, like Hilary supporters, what can they do she’s your nominee. What you can do? Well first off grow a pair, maybe the rest will just work its way out.

  42. snarkk says:

    I don’t know about you, but for QB, I’d just as well field the guy that looked like the Great Gazoo…

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