I Walk the (O) Line . . .

It’s pretty early in camp, but it is becoming apparent that the offensive line is thin to say the least. Daniel Kilgore hasn’t recovered, and in fact had a ‘clean-up’ procedure to help heal his ankle. As it is now, he’s still in a boot, and isn’t looking to be off the injured list before the end-of-camp deadline barring some kind of miraculous recovery. Which means he’s out the first six games. With AD’s untimely retirement, this leaves the 49ers very thin at RT. Marcus Martin is still learning, but the Niners would love to plant him at RG while Kilgore gets the Center duties. Eric Pear is pretty much a turd from everything I’ve read about the guy. I don’t see him magically being spectacular, but serviceable, even? Hard to say, but it doesn’t look good. They are even trying rookie Trent Brown at RT. At least early in camp.

As of now, Joe Looney is getting the majority of the snaps at C, so that would put Martin at RG. Tomsula has pencilled in Alex Boone at LG apparently in case  Joe Staley goes down and they need a smooth transition. This seems risky as the right side of the line looks to be pretty weak and inexperienced. Brandon Thomas would appear to be the rover a la JMart, just not as sucky.

I think at this point we need to find a RT soon. One better than Pears. If only for depth. Shit, he’s injury-prone, but get Sam Baker. I can’t find out of he’s ready to go or not, but they should look. Oniel Cousins may be the only guy out there worse than Pears, so they can avoid him. Other than that, there’s always the chance they can pick up someone from the upcoming cut-down days.

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  1. unca_chuck says:

    OK, for reals . . .

  2. unca_chuck says:

    Oh, the internet . . .

  3. Berger says:

    Instead of walking the line, I liked it better when June Carter was dancing on a pony keg in Jackson!

  4. unca_chuck says:

    You are very famous on the Commie blog, Bergs . . .

  5. Berger says:

    One of the things that is really good about Kaepernick is he was smart enough to seek other coaching than RoBaugh. He realized the coaching he was getting was not good enough to continue to improve his abilities so he went to get other opinions. Very smart!

    The coaching he received from Exos in 5 weeks was probably more educational than the 3 years he had with RoBaugh. We will see soon.

    The other thing that will be important is to see if we run an offense that makes sense. The RoBaugh offense sometimes seemed to rely too much on Kap making a big play to save their asses. I would rather have an offense with some rhythm and a scheme that makes sense.

    • Berger says:

      Unca- This is the post that gave the North Korean Harbaugh apologist a stroke. Somebody should explain to him that his last coach was RoBaugh. I do understand that the North Korean apologist would want to try and forget that. Who doesn’t. When Kap didn’t get the necessary coaching here, he went elsewhere. The Harbaugh apologists can’t handle truth. We have yet to see what kind of coaching he gets this year. Kap did not want to wait. He was yearning to learn. Very smart!

  6. unca_chuck says:

    Wow. Nofear wonders why Kappy didn’t get help earlier. Well maybe because he played well dunbass. Remember? 2 NFC championship games and and a super bowl?

    Funny you weren’t complaining then. Meanwhile there WERE problems back then with getting plays off. Too many 3 and outs. Poor 3rd down co version rates. Things Kappy overcame with his athleticism.

    Funny that some of us remember a couple years ago. Nofear is busily rewriting it.

    • Berger says:

      Because he trusted his coaches, until he didn’t. It was obvious why he had to stop trusting the coaches, his team mates were calling out the dumb schemes while the system for play calling didn’t allow to get the ball snapped on time. We led the league in delay of game penalties. It pissed the players off, just listen to Boone who explained it today. Jed fired them and Kap got some help on his own. Most fans understand this. The Harbaugh apologists deny and cry, especially the North Korean Harbaugh apologist..

  7. Winder says:

    It really is amazing how the POV’s on kappy differ. I still think the kid has a very high ceiling that he hasn’t come close to achieving. However I still think the main dividing line between our blogs is “H”, I know I won’t miss him, not after last year. If we stink up the place then we’ll just have to try something else.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    Thing is they have a built n excuse for a downturn, if it does happen. I think they would have sucksd with the barb/Roman Scheme in place another yeAr.

    In the end t doesn’t matter but for the assholery on that side of the geofootball spectrum. I just want to see a more effective offense.

  9. 12th Man says:

    I don’t know how effective the coaching and scheme will be but I am enjoying the press interaction with the coaches so far and hearing some actual information is refreshing.

    That Harbaugh “trusted agents” shit was ridiculous.

  10. Berger says:

    The one area that can be lesser in talent and somewhat overcome is O-line. Play calling is the most important thing to overcome a poor line. Bill Walsh proved that in his early years. In fact he drafted only one O-lineman in the first round. A poor line does take away some plays that need to called but sometimes life is a bitch. If a team has a weakness ion defense it will be exposed, some weaknesses on offense can be lessened with a good play caller. There is no way to get around a bad D-line or a bad QB. Luckily we are in good shape at both positions.

    We don’t know how good the O-line will be. So far the reports don’t sound good. We know RoBaugh’s play calling couldn’t survive a bad O-line. They would just rely on Kap bailing them out with big plays with their college offense. My hope is out biggest upgrade this off season is with the play calling. That could really help mitigate the problems of a leaky line if indeed that is what we have.

  11. Nipper says:

    Meanwhile on the “other” blog, Bullit is lambasting this blog and Mr. Berger in particular as being demented and full of propaganda. How dare someone be optimistic about the 49ers!

  12. unca_chuck says:

    Well, it looks like we’ll be running left this year. Hey, it’s ear;y, but I’d like to see us get better on the right side. Or Brandon Thomas make a push to start at RG and get Evan Mathis. Something.

  13. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah. they all want Kappy to go back in time to get more offseason training. You know, they were clamoring about it 2 years ago. Right? Oh, yeah, they weren’t. Meanwhile some of us saw the shortcomings with this offense through the past few years.

    Revisionists all of them. Too funny.

    • Berger says:

      Who cares what the cancer blog and the North Korean apologist thinks. I’m a 49er fan. They are Harbaugh fans. They just keep apologizing for Harbaugh. They have gone so far at apologizing they are keeping a Harbaugh score board. I’ll be watching the 49ers and hoping for the best while they’ll be hoping for losses to protect their precious reputations.

      • 12th man says:

        Kim Jung Skeebs?
        It’s like perpetual ground hog day. Who gives a shit, it’s over for fucks sake.

        Go Niners!

      • Berger says:

        Actually, Bullit is the North Korean apologist. I guess since Skeebers runs the site he could be Kim Jung Skeebs. He did delete my posts in the same fashion Unca did which made Bullit compare this site to North Korea. So the analogy is accurate. I don’t have a problem with being deleted, I’m just following the North Korean apologist’s logic.

  14. Berger says:

    One thing I will be watching this year is how well Roman does in Buffalo. If he does well then we know Harbaugh was the problem with the offense. If he doesn’t do well then it was Roman. It always cracked me up that a former nose tackle was trying to teach Kap how to be a good QB. To think Harbaugh would help out there was mitigated by watching RoBaugh run a college offense that opposing DCs salivated to be able to strategize against. Load the box and take away the deep pass was all they needed to do.

  15. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, the whole quarterback whisperer that Harbaugh was supposed to be doesn’t really fly. Luck was Luck. Harbaugh had little to nothing to do with him. JJ? Meh. Alex? His numbers post Jimmy-hat and pre Harbs (the Mike Johnson era) are identical to what Harbaugh got out of him. Kappy regressed a little last year due to poor coaching/play calling and a dogshit line. I just think it’s hysterical folks are clamoring for Kappy to get schooled up 3 years ago. If they work on anything beyond the timing/getting out of their breaks faster, its the red zone offense. These have been glaring issues for a while now.

    Seeing Gore wearing the white and blue 23 yesterday was odd I must say. I wonder if he goes out like Gore, or Franco Harris. RBs changing teams late in their careers doesn’t seem to work well. Hope to see him keep it rolling though. He’s defying the odds every year.

    Crabs is being a training camp wonder so far in Oaktown. Hope his feet hold out, and he doesn’t get a bad pair of shoes. Maybe he’ll wear his Dallas shoes he’s so proud of. . .

    • Winder says:

      yeah, it’s gonna be strange seeing Gore in fucking blue. i do wish him the best, he was a great 49er. And it’s funny but i wish Oakland would be relevant again. I kinda feel sorry for some old friends.

      • Berger says:

        I’ll be rooting for the Colts and Gore this year! Plus, Luck is a special QB. If I was starting a team and had one player to start it around it would be Luck.

      • 12th Man says:

        Luck is the only young QB I would take over Kap at this point in time.

  16. unca_chuck says:

    Roman? Buffalo? Right. Can you say 6-10? Manuel is fair to middling at best. Their run game is crap till proven otherwise. McCoy will help, but how much? He’s got a toe injury, and Boobie Dixon is possibly out for a long while with a calf injury. Rex Ryan brings his usual bluster and bullshit, and non-existent offense, but it signifies nothing. He’s eating dog biscuits now . . .

    Buffalo’s ace in the hole is the leader of the robot resistance in FB John Connor, but I just don’t see Roman as the guy to fire up a moribund offense.

    • rtfirefly says:

      Rex is one of the best DCs in the league. Look what he did for the JETS especially when he had Revis, fergawdsake. He’ll turn the Bills into something better than what they’ve been, I guar-own-tee it.
      I don’t like Roman overall, but he will install a good running game. That’s his thing.

      • rtfirefly says:

        I realized in retrospect that I forgot that the Bills were a decent team last year, 9-7 with a Top 5 defense. What they need is offense. A QB might come in handy. (I never understood why T-Rex wouldn’t give Tebow a chance in NY. He’s not my guy, but I still like him better than Sanchez.}
        It will be interesting. Rex really has the pieces to make an awesome defense, and ride that as far as it goes.

  17. Winder says:

    yeah, I can’t wait to see how all the players and coaches who left the team are doing. And, it’s all that
    goddamned Jed’s fault the forking eyeshole.

  18. Nipper says:

    Imagine waking up and being Bullet. Imagine thinking like he does. Every ill is blamed on Jed York.

  19. 12th Man says:

    “Imagine waking up and being Bullet” AKA Paris Hilton, what a drama queen.

  20. Nipper says:

    Sir Spit is willing to take your money for a “I hate Jed York” billboard. He promises not to run to Mexico with the funds. What a guy!

  21. Berger says:

    I just read that Harbaugh called the plays in the huddle at practice last year. I wonder if he ever considered that it would be better for his QB to do that since he has to do it on game days. Sounds like Harby was pining for his playing days instead of dong what it took to get the plays in on time during game day.

    • 12th Man says:

      Harbaugh=micromanager. Has the effect of diminishing his QB in the eyes of his team just so Harbaugh gets to pretend he is still important in the huddle.

  22. 12th Man says:

    Yeah its very early but the D sounds like it will do some damage this year too.

    4 days of camp is too small a sample to even begin evaluation of the O which is always way behind the D during camp but I don’t agree with Boone at LG. I want to see him at RT which secures the 2 most important positions. Guards are easier to plug in than tackles.

    • Berger says:

      Nothing is set yet. Sounds like maybe they want one strong side to run the ball?

      • 12th Man says:

        Could be Berger but for my money the C and RG/RT all being unsettled and all potentially being filled by either unproven or proven below average players is asking for trouble, that entire side is potentially vulnerable.

        On another note, I read Aldon worked Joe Staley all afternoon. Those are 2 guys at the top of their positions so I think its fair to read into it that Aldon is BACK!

      • Berger says:

        I am worried about the O-line but it’s not like last year’s line was that good. I like that we are going to use more zone blocking instead of so much drive blocking. We’ll need more athletic players. Zone blocking often lends to better spacing in the formations. This should lend to better pass blocking because teams won’t be able to load the box. We’ll need a RB who can slash. Hyde should do well.

  23. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah the line worries me as well. I said somewhere that all the runs are going left. Boone may end up at RT because thy don’t have many other options.

  24. unca_chuck says:

    Iupati wasn’t ar a big deal. Davis was. He fucked us over by retiring after the FA period and the draft.

    • rtfirefly says:

      Iaputi was an elite run blocker and a bad pass blocker. The change to Boone will reflect this loss/gain.

  25. 12th Man says:

    Niners used Cooks roster spot on yet another underrated WR. They are seriously trying to make WR position a point of focus:


  26. 12th Man says:

    undrafted. damn auto correct sux.

  27. unca_chuck says:

    Going to a zone blocking scheme pretty much wrote Iupati’s ticket out of here.

    • 12th Man says:

      They tried to deal with Iupati for a year but he wanted too much money. Turned out for the best as you say since they are now running a percentage of zone.

  28. Berger says:

    It has come to my attention that there are some fans that think the 49ers did not have a problem with delay of game penalties. They cite that we only had 8 so it can’t be that big of a deal. I heard on TV we had 9. OK, so we had 8 or 9. One Mensa even said one or two was by the punter, further diminishing the importance of the delay of game penalties. Sounds like they are finally realizing the problem was with the system which means the coach, Harbaugh, so the delay of game penalty can’t be that big of a deal, even though we led the league with these penalties.

    When a person is a numbers person number crunching can help or fool one’s ability to strategize. In this case we will not analyze the numbers but instead, the strategy.

    The problem with leading the league in delay of game penalties is not in the actual penalties but add in the amount of wasted time outs and the strategic edge you give to the defense.

    Here is the system: The plays come in. Yes plays, as in plural. Two plays are called in the huddle. In order to pick a play the system calls for the team to get set and run a player in motion to see if the D is in zone or man. After seeing that, the QB chooses a play. There then has to be time to make sure every player heard the play call. This all takes about 12 seconds. Nothing the QB can do about it, it is the coaching staffs system he is running. Now the ball gets snapped with less than 2 seconds left on the clock. This doesn’t even take into account that the defense knows the system and changes it’s defense once the QB calls a play. It is a system that makes a fan who understands the difference a strategic edge makes say, hmmm. The coach just gave the strategic edge to the defense. And it gets worse.

    Getting penalized and blowing time outs is a problem but the biggest problem with this is the competitive edge the defense gains when they know the ball is going to snapped on one, not two or three. They get off the ball at the same time the offense does. This is part of strategizing that numbers people can’t crunch because it isn’t measured by numbers. But it is a major part of running a successful offense. Letting the defense know you are snapping the ball on one is a major disadvantage. That is what the RoBaugh system did. The delay of game penalties was just a number for the numbers people to add up and disseminate to make them feel like they are worth something. The real problem is the strategic disadvantage given to the offense.

    If we call two plays in the huddle this year I will immediately call out this new coaching staff for being idiots.

  29. unca_chuck says:

    Well the obvious disadvantage to running the clock to 1 or 2 (or fucking 0) on every play is you can’t use hard counts or quick-snap the ball. This lets the defense get the jump on every play.

    Funny that this has been a problem since Norv Turner left, yet it is Kappy’s fault.

    Revisionism strikes again.

  30. unca_chuck says:

    From what I’ve heard about the practices, they are breaking huddles with around 22 seconds left on the clock. Time enough to make adjustments AFTER they line up.

    Also there’s this from ESPN:
    Kaepernick has been given the freedom this camp to call the plays himself in the huddle during practice, with the call radioed in to his helmet, as opposed to former coach Jim Harbaugh, who played 14 years, oftentimes peering in during camp and regular season practices and making the call himself.

    “It allows the players to have confidence in hearing your voice,” Kaepernick said Wednesday, “and you’re the one who’s going to be giving them direction on the field. It’s something that every quarterback should have the ability to do.”
    But it’s something Harbaugh didn’t give his quarterbacks.

    Frank Gore added:
    It’s also something that should give clarification to former Niners running back Frank Gore’s comments earlier in the day. Gore, who left the Niners after 10 seasons for Indianapolis, was trying to give Colts quarterback Andrew Luck a compliment but instead seemed to take a swipe at his former signal callers in Santa Clara.

    “I’m not knocking my other quarterbacks, I respect them other guys, but being around (Luck) a couple months, he’s a different breed,” Gore told NFL Network. “He’s smart. He makes me feel young.

    “He runs the huddle. I never had that.”

    Kaepernick said he did not take offense to Gore’s comments. Besides, Gore also had Alex Smith, Trent Dilfer, Tim Rattay, Ken Dorsey, Cody Pickett, Shaun Hill, J.T. O’Sullivan, Troy Smith, David Carr, Colt McCoy and Blaine Gabbert take snaps during Gore’s decade run with the Niners.

    “It’s not something I’m worried about,” Kaepernick said. “We’re moving forward. It’s a new season, new coaching staff, new players. That’s all we’re worried about now.”

    And, apparently, a new mode of communication in the huddle, which can only benefit coach Jim Tomsula’s point of emphasis to break the huddle faster in games.

    Once they fix this, they can move on to the red-zone offense.

    • 12th Man says:

      Boone said at the podium it frustrated everyone, including the O line. Who knows better than him the disadvantage it puts them in.
      This is pop warner 101 stuff.

      Hands up any fan who didn’t show disgust every time they burned a TO or took a delay penalty and thought it was usual stuff. Any with their hands in the air, your a moron. Any who didn’t put their hands in the air but now try to defend or diminish this BS is a hypocrite.

    • rob says:

      Yup I heard from the same thing about the 20 some seconds thing chuck

  31. unca_chuck says:

    Right. It either wasn’t a problem or the non-existent problem was Kappy’s fault. The fact that the punter got D-O-Gs as well means they couldn’t get even the simplest plays to the players fast enough. Unless Kappy was somehow keeping Andy from getting onto the field.

    Now Bakkentom reports Kappy was only rushed 5 times last year. All the other 47 sacks were his fault for holding the ball too long. These guys are spinning donuts trying to fit the reality to the narrative. Funny as hell.

    • Berger says:

      A punter will intentionally take a delay of game penalty sometimes. But I do remember one we took because the coach was late to get the special teams out there.

  32. Berger says:

    The point is the coaching staff made the delivery of play calling too complicated. The QB had no change to establish his own rhythm. The heavy handed coaching staff was treating pro players like they were back in college. Guess where the coach ended up! Back in college.

  33. Winder says:

    This is kinda funny we’re still communicating with the people on the other blog but we’re doing it on the down low. As far as I’m concerned it’s not such a bad thing to be wrong now and then. It’s become very obvious that quite a few don’t see it that way. I think I’ll stay over here for the most part as I really don’t feel the need to explain myself and it’s just to depressing over there.

    • Winder says:

      So that being said, i had to leave the room everytime we got dinged for a delay of game penalty and I use to scream at the screen when we snapped the ball with 2 fucking seconds left. I really got tired of being angry. If it was kappy’s fault why didn’t the coaches do something about it. It was obvious to me the the problem was with the coaches. And, even if it wasn’t that way all the time it’s the coaches job to make sure things run smoothly.

      • 12th Man says:

        Obvious logic. If Kap was the problem, fix it. If coaching was the problem, fix it. In either case, it is the coaches responsibility to fix it. So fucking fix it! They didn’t, and now they are gone. Hasta la vista baby!

        Kindergarten shit.

      • Berger says:

        Pretty obvious for people with brains.

    • 12th Man says:

      Honestly Winder it was the depressing factor is why I decided to stop even reading there until the pre-season gets going. Waaaay over the top, funereal.

  34. unca_chuck says:

    The 2-plays -in-the-huddle thing has been around since Turner left. Alex (kill kill kill!) Smith bad problems with it for years. These guys act like this is a new problem.

    Revisionists all of them. As I said i don’t care if you think we’ll suck. Just don’t blame it all on. Kaepernick. All ohases of the TEAM were bad last year. Including the defense at times. There were games where we got zero pressure on the QB and the CBs were torched.

    But by and large the problems were mainly with the offense. No continuity. No rhythm. No flow. And unlike the revisionists, a lot of us saw it as it happened. We didn’t wait 4 months to come up with a narrative to shove ideas into.

  35. unca_chuck says:

    Bullit is a major league keyboard jockey asshole.

    I’m sure he’s bubble boy.

    Moops! Moops!

  36. Nipper says:

    Remember on thing…….we’re talking about PRACTICE.

  37. unca_chuck says:

    Hey NoFear, does your husband blog as well? So why are they devoting so much time to fixing cloak management issues? According to you they aren’t issues. If not for the delay of game in 2012, we might be 6-0 in Super Bowls. Too soon, laughing boy? Or how do we spin that one?

    Funny no one was complaining about Kaepernick then. Least of all you. Wonder why he all of a sudden needs to go back in time to fix his QBing. Its got nothing to do with coaching. What changed from 2013 to 2014? Beyond the injuries, the coaching staff told Kappy over and over to hold the ball. Hmmm. What was the biggest complaint? Kappy holding on to the ball. Our Wrs rarely got separation, VD was barely paying attention, and anyone not named Boldin was not getting open.

    Talk about spin. You are a dryer set to kill. You also act like this is the same team as 2012. Is this team the same?

  38. unca_chuck says:

    Fuck, NoFear. Walsh did one thing like Harbaugh and it’s the be-all end-all for coaching? You are fucking 5 years old. Yoi are getting worse than Bullit. Did Walsh run his players into the ground? No. he was very light during practice and saved the hitting for game day. Did Walsh go for the rah-rah- college style whos got it better than us stuff? No. Did Walsh actively antagonize all the people around him in the front office? No. He and John McVay had an excellent working relationship. Did he engender hatred around the league as a hot-headed baby who screamed at refs all game? No. Did he give nonsensical vague and antagonistic interviews and pressers? No.

    Walsh and Harbaugh may have talked, but their coaching styles were nothing alike.

    But you knew that. You just need to be the weenie on the corner bringing up stupid points.

  39. Nipper says:

    Most important is staying injury free with a little good luck. Players are falling apart with injuries around the training camps.

  40. rtfirefly says:

    The first day on Windows 10. Wish me luck. You’d think after the schluckamuck MS made of 8, they’d keep the user interface changes to a minimum. So much for that… Control Panel? Want to adjust system sounds? Pain in the ass, now, a whole different way to do it, unless/until I figure out something simpler. Favorites from Windows 8? Now why would we be so nice and have a smooth transition and simply import them into 10. That would be too easy! No, we’ll have 10 ignore the favorites file links and to make it more fun, we’ll HIDE them so that you have to dig around on the hard drive to find them, copy them to the new area 10 uses,… Yes, that’s the official way to transfer your Favorites from 8 to 10.

    Microsoft, like Bullit’s idiocy, absolute OCD and his complete forgetfulness of his Alexlove and how he posted exact opposite comments about far inferior QB results for years, Bakkentom thinking every QB in the league wins regular season and playoff games to get to the CG and SB, while adoring Jay Cutler,…

    Just things to accept no matter how incomprehensible they are…

    • Winder says:

      Rt – I just got 10 today myself. I’ll probably never use most of it. All my favorites and Google bookmarks transferred fine

      • rtfirefly says:

        Not me, Winder. Having suffered through nearly but not all upgrades going back to WIndows 3.0, my personal motto is: Paranoia Is The Better Part Of Valor.

    • unca_chuck says:

      I’ll never understand why Bill and Co make it a dire necessity to fuck with the shit that works, and then add a ton of other useless functionality.

  41. rob says:

    So Charles Haley is going into the HOF as niner right ?

    • rob says:

      The for that. Why do you say Kilgore will miss 6 weeks. Last I heard fore sure it was only one.

      • rob says:

        I wouldn’t mind. seeing Staley, Boone and Kilgore at LT , LG and center. That’s a pretty damned good 3/5 of an Online IMHO.

        I would love to see us sign Mathis and throw him and Brandon tThomas on the right side !

  42. Berger says:

    Why is Jake Long still available? Is he no longer good? I’d think we’d be all over a player like that.

    • rob says:

      Berger lol I was just going to say the same thing. We have martin and maybe Thomas to play RG . Long might just be the final piece of the puzzle.

  43. unca_chuck says:

    Kilgore has to come off the pup list by the end of preseason or he stays on for the first 6 weeks of the season. Not really sure of his timetable but he’s still in a boot.

  44. Berger says:

    Bill Walsh was a great coach, talent evaluator and innovator. He didn’t do so well with picking Donahue. It looked like Harbaugh was a good pick until he went egotistical and power hungry.

    I don’t ever remember Walsh calling two plays in the huddle.

  45. rob says:

    Charles Haley gets his gold jacket tonight

    1st preseason game is in 9 days

  46. unca_chuck says:

    Long is rehabbing his ACL. As far as I can see he’s slow-playing it. Lots of GMs are lining up to talk to hm. He’s driving up his price just by hanging out.

  47. unca_chuck says:

    Good to see Eddie D. Haley is haaving way too much fun.

  48. The Levi’s turf is once again at the level of Donald Trump’s GOP debating skills?

    Are you fucking kidding me? I’ve had it with this horseshit. York knows, and has known, there’s been problems with the grass yet he still allows soccer matches, concerts, HS football games and (there is no) God knows what else to be played in Santa Clara.

    As you sow, so shall you reap.

    I’m hoping there’s a reaping rash of injuries to our 49ers this year.
    We *deserve* each and every motherfucking one of them.

    I hate you. You’ve ruined my life. Fuck you, I wish you were dead. #49ers

  49. unca_chuck says:

    What does autism have to do with Seinfeld? Or bubble boy?

    Go ask buwwit. Jesus. He thinks Redskin is ok but conflates bubble boy with autism? I always said he sucked at connect the dots but he’s lost his mind.

  50. unca_chuck says:

    Adios Dennis. Tone it down or you’ll hit the skids with v.

    • Tone it down? Fuck you. What did I say that was so offensive? I didn’t personally attack anyone. I attacked the team. That’s not allowed on your blog any longer?

      I don’t need your shit. Ban me again or don’t. It doesn’t matter. I’m done here. In fact, I’m done with the NFL and their current product. It sucks just like our 49ers.

      2-14 and Blaine Gabbert is starting by Week 5 for an injured Colin Kaepernick while Eric Mangina replaces Jim Tomsula as HC late in the year.

      Hope you all enjoy that shit. BTW, hope you all have a Merry Christmas too.

  51. unca_chuck says:

    When NoFeae, the kng of comedy (;aka Rupert Pupkin) has to explain jokes to you, your V8 might be losing a couple cylinders.

  52. alleykat69 says:

    Dumbshit Aldon Smith arrested again, details not avaliable yet..

  53. Someone needs to tell Aldon that the 49er motto is “winning with class,” not “driving while holding a glass.”


  54. DUI, hit and run and vandalism. That trifecta gonna blow up the tote board.

    • rob says:

      Omg we might be royally fucked now. If Aldon misses time it might just be the final nail in our coffin

  55. Berger says:

    Aldon’s time with the 49ers could be over. This is a major blow to the season. Let’s hope Eli Harold is all NJ says he is.

  56. rob says:

    OK we’re fucked. Even if we can get around the legal shit he’ all be suspended for the season by the league.

  57. Berger says:

    Rob- I’ve been happy with the way the off-season has gone. My only big disappointment was Anthony Davis retiring. Everything else I saw coming except Borland but he was getting absolutely torched in the passing game so I wasn’t that high on him like many others. This Aldon Smith deal has made me a bit bummed. It’s next man up, let’s get this thing going!

  58. rob says:

    I guess we’re down to brooks and lynch. I hope Harold can give us a spark on 3rd down.

    The good news is Harold has looked good so far and was looked at as a possible late first rounder..

  59. unca_chuck says:

    Jesus. Like Charles Haley said, you worry about Aldon as a man and not a football player at this point. He’s got some major problems. and he should get out and deal with his life before dealing with football. Blow this year off and get his shit straight. Problem is, as we saw earlier, even if he tries to take care of things on his own, the league could suspend him all next year anyway should he decide to take this season off and try to deal with his problems.

    It sucks, but what have we gotten from him lately? Last year was a wash, as it was for so many hurt players, but the team did well enough defensively.


  60. unca_chuck says:

    And on a a funny note, here’s somethng Buwwit posted. 2 cents? You got NO fucking sense, asshat.
    Chuckles says he cannot connect the dots with autism and the “bubble boy”.
    Let me enlighten him.
    Bubble Boy was born without an immune system and susceptible to any and all afflictons with little defense. It is similar t autism because you are born with it and thee is no cure.

    Using it to mock someone and as an instrument of bullying is pathetic particularly if you have children of your own.
    Since Chuckles is ignorant wouldn’t expect him to understand.
    That’s my 2 cents.

    Waaaah!!!!!!! He’s insane. He should be mad at Seinfeld. He draws nebulous conclusions from thin air, yet can’t see the ramifications of the term Redskin. What a fucking idiot. What a fucking waste of oxygen supply.

    I guess I shouldn’t say idiot. Some of Buwwit’s best friends are idiots. Fuck. I’ve never met anyone, blog-wise or otherwise, who is so fucking dedicated to being a whiny little prick over EVERYTHING.

    I do see the connections though. Bubble boy’s affliction was something he was born with. Buwwlit was born stupid and remains so.

    BTW skeebs. You’ve driven everyone with a dissenting view off your site. Yay. BTW, I will give NoFear props for at least being truthful regarding the vitriol being thrown at Jed for the turf issues (partly due to Santa Clara booking the fuck out of the stadium), and to the truith about (gasp!) bubble boy.

    Hey, Buwwitt, here’s a movie recommendation for you.


  61. unca_chuck says:

    Or even better, Vinnie Barbarino as . . .


  62. unca_chuck says:

    Poor Buwwit. Only he has real-world problems. The rest of us are ether.

  63. unca_chuck says:

    So, all of you at Skeebers commie site, Adios. Good luck and good riddance.

  64. Berger says:

    I’m not society goody two shoes like many. I would have him play this year and then next year he’ll be in jail and/or suspended. Get what you can and then let him go. I know that is not what will happen. There are too many groups that would use this as their platform and render a decision like this too much of a distraction.

  65. Berger says:

    Aldon should have followed my lead. It is safer to drink and blog than to drink and drive!

  66. Berger says:

    Aldon is saying there was no DUI. If this is true there might be hope. Whatever, can we just play some football already!

  67. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, well, I reference last year for a reason. Aldon tried to do the right thing and got fucked for it.

    He might as well go the RayMac route. I don’t like or even condone it, but hey, if he plays well, we get what we get out of him and he’s suspended/expelled/whatever later by the league. The Niners will catch a ton of heat for it if he plays (a la Harbaugh’s big waffle) but this is the way Goodell deals the cards. He’s passing the buck.

    RayMac has been in and out of trouble, but what has the league done? Nothing. Granted, no charges have stuck but the ‘pattern of behavior’ is what the Bears and Niners have cited to justify cutting him. Problem is, he’s still not accused of anything but a guy like him, a good player who now comes cheap, will be signed if the NFL sits on its hands regarding him. Does Goodell wait until the next round of charges are dismissed before doing nothing?

    Goodell has already proven that pot/DUIs carry much more gravitas that beating up your wife/GF/child. I don’t like that either, but this is the NFL today. Nothing goes unseen anymore.

    But again, Smith is denying what happened and says he’ll be vindicated in court. Pipe dream is that is, who’s to say what really happened? When do the phone vids pop up?

  68. unca_chuck says:

    Bergs, if Aldon admits anything, he’d be suspended by the league on the spot. His recourse is to hope the Niners don’t bench/cut him so he can show how good he is before the league suspends him all next season.

  69. Winder says:

    Stupid is as stupid does, what a fucking waste of talent.
    berger- he’s lying people don’t split from and accident unless they have something to lose. What a fucking moron.

  70. rob says:

    Speaking of funny I can’t wait until skeebers comes out and blames Jed York for smith’s latest screwup. Aldon was so upset about Losing harbaugh he started drinking again

  71. unca_chuck says:

    Hah! Right, ROB!! It all leads back to York. He was the navigator.

    New thread is up . . .

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