Soooo, What’s going on?

The Super Nowl has come and gone, and sTill no word about whether or not the Geepster is really our OC or not. He was going to be named last week, but it has gotten very quiet around 4949 Centennial Blvd. since then.

Other than that, I need to start scoping out the draft. It’s obvious to me that we need DLine help as well as O line depth. A speed WR wouldn’t hurt, and a TE . . .

Possibly a CB or two.

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  1. Berger says:

    I just listened to Teddy Bruschi and Mark Schlereth talk about Colin Kaepernick’s season. Bruschi was in disbelief about how he was used and said the offensive experiment we tried did not work. Schlereth agreed and said the O-line we had, except for Staley, was not a good pass blocking line. They did not talk much about Kap even though they were asked directly about him. It was interesting that they both instead elected to talk about how bad the system was. They did mention that Kap is a good QB.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    You have a link to that, bergs? Can’t find it.

    • Berger says:

      They were on ESPN earlier today.

    • Berger says:

      They were talking about a few different QBs. Schlreth said that our O-line is a bunch of maulers and they aren’t good pass blockers. A question I had posed many months ago was that maybe our O-line isn’t the right type of personnel for the offense RoBaugh was trying to implement. Of course, that notion was quickly discarded because our coaches were God and couldn’t possibly do anything wrong. It had to be the QB. It was interesting to hear a great authority on O-lines, Schlereth, answer my question months later.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Try saying that on Skeebers blog. The wailing weenies will nip away at your ankles like a pack of chihuahuas.

    Like there’s much to debate about he I effectiveness of her offense.

    • Berger says:

      I read somewhere , maybe from Kawakami, that Roman called plays on 1st and 2nd down, somebody else called 3rd down and Chryst called the red zone. Something like that. It’s no wonder we had no rhythm. That is the most cockamamie system I ever heard of. When I read stuff like that I have to wonder what the heck they were thinking.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Its fairly obvious this offense was going nowhere fast as it was constituted.

    What this next group of coaches does is a question but we’ll see,

    • Berger says:

      I never knew who was responsible for the terrible play calling we had. I always wanted to can Roman to see if things would change. If the offense got better it was Roman, if it didn’t then it was Harbaugh. Since I never knew for sure I just used the name RoBaugh. I’m starting to lean that it was mostly Harbaugh for allowing three different coaches to call plays, and 4 if you include that Harbaugh could change any play. It is mind boggling that we had a system like that. Who in their right mind would think any kind of a rhythm could be sustained with 4 play callers all calling plays.

  5. izzy70 says:

    I’m new here as I stumbled on this blog by accident. I must say I admire everyone’s enthusiasm no matter what takes place but one must come to the conclusion that this team will never win another Super Bowl with this current ownership. Believing that it’s still possible is like believing the Raiders will win with their shitty ownership. Put down your fantasy football pudding for just a moment and you might see what’s really taking place under your very noses.

  6. unca_chuck says:

    If that Kawakami thing is true about the three-headed play calling scenario then there;s no wonder the offense was disjointed. Frankly i;m amazed we got plays off at all. But it certainly explains how the team did well between the 20s and stalled in the red zone.

    Groundbreaking stuff,Izzy. If you think we won a Super Bowl under Harbaugh, well, then go tell Bullitt.

  7. izzy70 says:

    It’s very humorous to me that if anyone goes outside the media hype or what the powers to be are asking them to believe you’re considered a troll. What do we so-called trolls call the ones who allow them selves to be fooled every time without putting up a simple argument or questioning continued bad moves?

    • Berger says:

      “Bad moves” are of opinion. We won’t know until the season starts. It is my opinion that Harbaugh had reached his peak and was going backwards. He had some injuries, I’ll give him some leniency for that. Problem was his management style was that of divide and control. That is not a long term endeavor. You need to be an owner to have any longevity with that style because owners don’t fire themselves. Since Harbaugh was a manger/coach and he chose a style of managing that usually ends up with being fired no matter the level of success, his destiny was always known.

      According to a few people who knew the locker room well his schtick had worn thin to the point of losing the locker room. Some choose to put their head in the sand and say it can’t be true but I will say I have never heard players call out coaching schemes and being out schemed in the media like I did this year. It was absolutely shocking. Even the owner apologized on Twitter while the GMs daughter chipped in as well. Everyone was kicking the coach with a power trip because he had decided it was his way or the highway and he did not own the road. If one chose to ignore those signs then it is hard to consider that person’s view as unbiased. Can that kind of derision be overcome? Not likely. Harbaugh had to go or it would have just been worse next year. So IMO Jed made a change and I agree with what he did.

      Besides, Harbaugh had this roster at the peak of talent and did not win a championship. Now that the core of the defensive talent is getting older he would be working with less talent than before. I don’t see that we were ever going to win a Super Bowl with Harbaugh, so even if the new staff doesn’t win it all what did we end up losing? Nothing but a Nepoleonic coach who was about to get exiled one year later.

      Like Bill Walsh used to say, better to get rid of him one year early than one year late.

  8. Winder says:

    Malybe we should deflate some balls and blame it on Petey. I kind of like it when he’s on the crap end of the news.

  9. izzy70 says:

    Berger, at least you didn’t call anyone a troll so I respect your opinion. What you fail to understand is every decision is either a good or bad move and should be determined rather easily. Waiting to see what happens, pinning your hopes on a pipe dream or not being able to think for yourself to figure out right and wrong is the problems we face in today’s society.

    For example how long does it take a person to realize Mr. York cares only about making money and little about winning? Do you truly believe Jed is running this team? Did you really believe Erickson, Nolan or Singletary were going to win a Super Bowl? Did you ever think that the York’s just hired Harbaugh had him post a few good season records only to get the stadium built and now they could go back to business as usual?

    The tragic tail in this sad story was we had the coach, defense and players to win a Super Bowl but we were missing the most important person on the football field a QB. They dragged out the Alex Smith experiment until even the old lady down the street who didn’t watch football knew we had no chance to win. Now they will waste a few more years with Kaepernick before realizing he’s just a hyped up wannabe from the hood who traditionally shouldn’t be here. Yes a Manning on this football team with our defense the last two years and teams would be shaking in fear to play us but that didn’t happen because the truth is our team’s leaderless.

    Yes Carroll made a bad call in this last Super Bowl but hands down you got to give him and the ownership of the Seahawks credit for is they cleaned house when it was desperately needed. They built a solid team with a core of winning players and lastly they knew without a real QB, with class you’re not going to win anything.

    Sorry that I’m the barer of bad news but again nothing will change in Ninerland until the York’s sell the football team, if continuing believing is what floats your boat then by all means have at it but remember it’s only a fools game.

  10. NJ49er says:

    What many of us realize is this.
    Jed isn’t the football savvy savant he aspires to be.
    Reality is however, he calls the shots.

    We’re stuck with his power trip. Likely, for a VERY long time.
    We can only hope that Baalke, and those around him, can minimize Jed’s impact on future success.
    Like Snyder in DC, or, Jerruh in Big Duh, a meddling Owner causes more damage, through ‘concerned involvement’ than, if he simply stays out of the process.

  11. Berger says:

    I know I am going to get ridiculed for what I am about to write but I’m not afraid of that.

    I think Jed is a good owner who wants to win. He is young and will make mistakes. He is also human so he will make mistakes. IMO, in the long run we are in good hands. It does make any Harbaugh fan feel good to join the hanging posse who is anti Jed these days. For any anti 49er FO vigilante this is prime time. I think what they will find is they are just like the protesters in Ferguson, misguided. It’s the shits when one gets their hearts broken. On blogs grown men resort to calling authority names because it fills their superiority complex and/or soothes their broken hearts. Go read Skeebers posts for good examples. Jed is smart, he knows it comes with the territory.

  12. Berger says:

    BTW, I like the new name Spitty!

  13. izzy70 says:

    NJ, you’re correct a meddling owner who thinks he knows better than anyone is formula for failure. I personally believe you need a smart ownership willing to spend what ever it takes to win. A guy who controls the business side of things who hires great coaches and give them a free rein to do there jobs. A team player with no ego that knows his roles is what is needed for real success. Sadly we don’t have that guy, what we have here is a little silver spooned punk who thinks just because he had a few conversations over the phone with Eddie he somehow can duplicate his success without a winning vision or leading by example.

    You look at the Seahawks whether you thought Matt Flynn was good QB or not they brought him in a paid him loads of cash, then they brought in Russell Wilson in a all out open competition. Russell Wilson wins out and they win the Super Bowl last year and were a bad call away from winning another one. Do you think by witnessing this urgency to build a winning football team that they would waste eight years on a fool like Alex Smith? Or draft a guy that looks like he was just released from San Quinton in Kaepernick? Hell even in Montana’s days there were open competition, when’s the last time you saw that taking place here? When you draft a guy and it takes you eight years to figure there’s a problem, you’re the problem!

    Nothing will change until the York’s either sell the team to someone who really cares about winning or they radically, wonderfully and permanently change. Unfortunately I don’t see that happening any time soon.

    • NJ49er says:

      Izzy that’s the rub –
      Jed is young, he’s rich and, he’s destined to own the 9ers for a long time.

      I’m simply hoping he learns to be smart enough, not to interfere with the ‘football guys’ while he’s learning the ropes.

      Kaep can succeed if he’s given the proper support.
      We’ll see where that goes.

      • NJ49er says:

        It also seems to me that the decision to choose between Alex and Kaep came down to Harbaugh.
        As with Alex, no one was hired during that period, with the possible exception of Norv, that gave Alex much to work with in terms of an Offensive platform.

        We’re still missing a decent plan for the passing game at this point in time.
        Which may have cost Harbaugh his chance to continue in SF.

        Maybe Russell should have tried the fade route that failed Kaep/Crabtree 3x in the SB?
        Had we scored, our blogs would be a completely different landscape right now.

      • NJ49er says:

        If Jed’s answer to improved Offense is Kaep running for 90yds more often, we’re screwed.
        Comments like that suggest to me that he’s clueless and, bordering on meddling.
        That’s a fan’s perspective.
        A fan that doesn’t get it, in terms of what the NFL QB position is all about.

    • Berger says:

      Spitty- I respect your opinion, I just disagree. Now give me 20 push-ups for disagreeing! LOL! Too bad you were banned from Skeebers blog. You are speaking their language. You’d fit right in.

      • NJ49er says:

        Berger who is this ‘Spitty’ you refer to? 😛

      • Berger says:

        Your buddy who thinks the opposite of you about the 49ers FO. You’ve got somebody besides NoFear to talk to now during the night until he gets banned again!

      • NJ49er says:

        Izzy70 is Spitblood?
        Spitblood is Izzy70?
        Say it ain’t so?
        That’s almost as entertaining as Finkle is Einhorn or, Einhorn is Finkle.

        What’s next?
        Sourdough Sam gets kidnapped and held for ransom?
        Does Jed play the part of Roger Podacter?

  14. NJ49er says:

    Here’s the 1st positive thing I’ve seen from Levi’s, since they bought naming rights to the Stadium.
    Not a bad item –

  15. izzy70 says:

    NJ, The problem one faces in an Alex Smith type situation is a continued belief that it’s always someone else’s fault for a lack of performance. Especially in today’s society no one ever takes the blame its always excuse after excuse. Like Alex Smith Kaepernick will never win the Super Bowl as excuses why he didn’t win run wild and providing him a supporting cast of all stars will still continue to produce losing results.

    Winning coaches will not tolerate this, losing coaches who are passive will never point the finger at the real problem. Kaepernick made it to the Super Bowl because he was put in the lineup after Alex went down and no one knew him, no game footage of him, teams had nothing to prepare for. He was MIA through the entire Super Bowl against the Ravens and was lucky Baltimore sat on the lead and played prevent defense which really prevents teams from closing out games. He simply choked and was more concerned about finishing his tattoo the following day than competing in the biggest game of his life. The following year every team had game tape and his number, put pressure on him and he’s going to do something stupid.

    QB’s like Russell Wilson don’t need excuses, they don’t need a pro bowl line up they just come in and compete at a high level. These men are out there and a good organization weeds quickly through the prospects until they find their man, bad organizations are content on giving anyone all the time in the world.

    • NJ49er says:

      Like the result last week in AZ Izzy, the play that decided the game was equally devastating when it failed.
      Sure, everyone, myself included, saw Lynch as the ONLY option in that scenario.

      It’s just that it failed, when it mattered most.

      Agree, Kaep and the Option game was a wrinkle that served us well at the time.
      As Pete and Bevell found out, playing to your strength in crunch time, vs playing the surprise element has it’s risks.

      As fans, we all want someone to blame when it fails.

      I still think our Offense failed to find another level of efficiency.
      Be it Harbaugh, Roman, Kaep, whomever, our efficiency and repertoire were suspect.
      We peaked in the SB, and never found the missing ingredients to get back.
      Jed has chosen to point the finger at Harbaugh.
      His team. His call.

      We’re stuck with that dynamic, just as Jed is stuck with his decision.
      As the Owner, he’ll always have that authority, to hire and fire as he sees fit.

      We can all point our collective fingers at him but, in the end, he holds that power.
      If, when, he ever gets it right, it will be because the ‘football guys’ got it right.
      Though he’ll always be the guy taking credit, because of course, it’s HIS team.

      • NJ49er says:

        The simple answer is, I guess, clowns like Jerruh rarely admit to their mistakes.
        They always feel that their decisions are the right decisions.
        It’s called Executive Privilege.

        This is why PSLs dominate the game.
        It’s business.
        Sell the seats. Who cares who’s sitting in them?

        Loyal fans like us are getting priced out in the name of profits.

        If Jed is as loyal an Owner, as he professes to be, we’ll see where this goes, when all the ‘Faithful’ followers begin to vacate those seats on Sundays.

        This game has become all about front-runners with deep pockets.
        Like the SB, when the stage is biggest and brightest, few of the ‘real’ fans can afford to be there.
        It’s about Who’s Who on the Red Carpet, like Oscar Night.

        Blame Goodell and the rest of the Billionaire Boys Club.

  16. NJ49er says:

    Berger get a listen to this –

  17. unca_chuck says:

    Well, Spizzy, part of the blame for Alex’s failings WERE due to coaching. Not all of it, sure, but the coaching staff, as in the Harbaugh case, comes to HIS failings as an offensive coach,

    The fact that Harbaugh got Alex close to a Super Bowl, and then got Kappy even closer does mean something, But since that point, things have gone backwards. Harbaugh has never had a high-powered offense. that could score quickly. Kappy brought that his half-season in 2012. 2013,they were on the way to changing Kappy’s game. Which they successfully did in 2014, to the detriment of the entire offense.

    Harbaugh giveth, Harbaugh taketh away. The difference between Seattle and SF is that those coaches use what RW brings and builds off it. The Niners have been all about turning Kappy into Peytomn manning. They tried that shit for 6 years with Alex. To little effect.

    Harbaugh felt he knew what was best for Kappy, and it wasn’t. Square peg, meet round hole. I’ve been pissed off about this offensive philosophy since Mooch left. Harbaugh, Singletary, and Nolan before him have all payed various styles of ‘keep it close and win on the last drive.’

    Nolan failed miserably because he didn’t have a lot of pieces, but he had a shitty bunch of coaches for the most part. McCarthy and Turner were good, but the offense was a mishmash of shitty players and a green QB. The further Nolan went the worse the OCs got. He got some players on offense but still played it safe. Singletary was the same deal.

    Harbaugh as well, even though he had a TON more offensive firepower than either guy before him. He played it safe and it cost him in the end. He relied too heavily on his defense.

    He played not to lose. Through all these offensive problems, nothing really changed in the passing game. Guys like Pete Carroll and Jeff Fisher KNEW our tendencies to the point of knowing what was on the way, You can beat lousy teams with the ‘force of will’ shiot, but it doesn’t work against the likes of Seattle.

  18. izzy70 says:

    NJ, nice link! Joe was on fire, not too much of a fan but hands down he kicked butt! Derek what can I say saw him with the Brothers and he was great! His solo was killer! It was nice to see Billy without his fuzzy guitar and playing his original Les Paul. Nice clip enjoyed it very much, Thanks!

  19. unca_chuck says:

    The funny thing is, Spizzy, that for all the supposed success of the Harbaugh era, and the fact he gets to wear the injury factor from last year, his offenses were for the most part me3diocre. The defense created field position, created turnovers, and gave the offense short fields time and time again, only to result in a field goal. If we had a halfway decent offense, we’d have 2 rings.

    Kappy has won a lot of playoff games, Siszzy. Not because of prevent defenses or whatever your bs is. He won on his arm and his legs. Carolina, Atl, and Green bay on the road in his short carreer is nothing to blow off. He won DESPITE Harbaugh’s bland passing game.

    That you have to continually make Harbalibis is your deal. Too bad you can’t join the mourning for St. Jim on Skeebers blog.

  20. Nipper says:

    Gentlemen …..we’ve reached our limitations… what do we do? Lets save some puppies!

  21. izzy70 says:

    Unca_chuck, Kaepernick is weak, predictable and wannabe nobody. He’s exposed and any good coach knows just to apply pressure and he disappears. The great ones like Wilson can kill you either way. I understand the simple minds believe you can win with a great defense but the truth is a great Quarterback is just as important and vital when it comes to winning.

    Yes show me a great Super Bowl and I’ll show you two great QB’s competing for a championship.

    • Nipper says:

      Chuck blows out a loud “BLEEP YOU” and the neighbors think it’s directed at them but in reality no one knows…….another mystery of life… like getting the perfect QB.

  22. NoFear49er says:

    Izzy sounds a lot like a guy who plays guitar and owns a ’68 model of a classic design.

  23. Nipper says:

    Izzy is in a tizzy.

  24. robbiedeluca says:

    Anybody here consider that jed runs the team but john and denise control the purse strings

  25. rob says:

    IZZY for real
    IZZY flying v
    or …
    who gives a fuck

  26. NJ49er says:

    Hard to say how the ‘Family Dynamic’ is set up in SF.
    I’d like to think Dr Daddy isn’t involved with this team any longer and, I’d figure Denise knows enough to stay clear?

    At this point, we live and die with Jed.
    I like his devotion to Uncle Eddie and, the values he seeks to embrace for the 9ers Legacy but, he scares me to the point of overdoing the critical thinking.

    If he’s smart enough, he’ll surround himself with ‘football guys’ and, let’s them run the show, THEN, I’d feel more at peace with his involvement.
    I’m glad to see that he opened the check book for the return of Tom Gamble too.

    To date, I’m not sold on his motives or, the message he’s trying to convey.
    We don’t need a rah-rah Owner.
    Yes Jed, we want SBs, we want winners, we want to beat Seattle.
    Just don’t interfere.

    • Berger says:

      I doubt Jed will be interfering. He seems to keep tabs on everything but I’ve never heard one story about interfering in the draft or player personnel except when it comes to player discipline, like in the Ray McDonald case. And even then Baalke and Harbaugh were involved.

      One notable exception is taking care of the run away train that was Harbough. Harbaugh tried to take control and Jed did what was necessary. Jed showed any future employees/coaches who is in control and that kind of move bodes well for our future. There will be no question who is in charge. And that does not mean he has to meddle, it means he will not be rolled by a coach or other employee. And now everybody knows that for sure.

      If he doesn’t step up and take control this franchise goes down faster than the Hindenburg. Harbaugh fans that had their hearts broken just can’t wrap their brains around that fact of hierarchy when it comes to running a successful organization.

      Your dad owned a company, do you think he would have let a star manager tell him how to run his company? My guess is he would have done what Jed did.

      • NJ49er says:

        I hear you Berger, it’s not the authority aspect that concerns me.
        It’s the Tweeting and media musings about teams ‘fearing us’ that do.

        Yes, as an Owner of a business, you have to exert control.
        But, you don’t want to overstep your area of responsibilities either.

        My wish would be as stated, let the football guys run the team.

      • Berger says:

        I’m confident he will let the football guys run the on the field football and personnel decisions.

  27. Berger says:

    NJ- Have you checked out Phillips, the NT from Oklahoma. For now I’m still on Malcom Brown for our pick at 15 but there are some other names I’m starting check on. WR Parker, CB Waynes and one name is very interesting. Arik Armstead out of Oregon. He was a monster vs Auburn and reminds me of Darnell Dockett and Calais Cambell.

    • NJ49er says:

      Berger the DLine Group is excellent this year.
      I’m thinking Baalke will choose one of the WRs Kaep has the best input on from EXOS.
      Likely would be Kevin White if he’s there at 15.
      If gone, I’d think BPA, be it Malcom or a CB.

      Jaelen Strong could be had later in RD1 as it looks now.
      The OT, La’el Collins from LSU could be there at 15 also.
      He’s projecting to OG by all accounts I can find.
      He’d be in play at 15 too perhaps?
      I’d be inclined to wait for an OL addition however.
      Decent options beyond RD1.

      No problem with Armstead. Tall kid with good hops.

    • NJ49er says:

      As for Phillips, I’ve read that he missed significant time with a back injury.
      Gotta be concerned about a big man in the trenches with that sort of an injury history.
      I think there are plenty of other options we can explore on the DLine.

    • NJ49er says:

      I think Malcom Brown offers the best bang for the buck in RD1 if we pass on the WR.
      Again, the slotting process is where GMs earn their bucks.
      In a deep Class of DLinemen, I’d be inclined to look for the BPA without taking too much of a risk.
      WRs are risky and take some time to develop.
      Linemen tend to offer the best longevity IMO.

      • Berger says:

        My only problem with Brown is the footage I watched did not have the views I like to watch to really get a complete feel for his game. What I did see I liked. The guy I would love to see drop low enough to pull a trade is Leonard Williams. He was always in the middle of plays and I don’t remember seeing him on the ground. There is a bit of Charles Haley in that guy, on the field like, not crazy like.

      • NJ49er says:

        Leonard won’t get out of the Top 5 Berger.
        He’s gonna go quick.

      • Berger says:

        Yeah, I know. I’d be surprised if he goes past #3. With Winton’s off field issues he could go #1.

  28. izzy70 says:

    Boy this is a tough crowd, look Jed York says this is what he wants from his next coach: “I want a teacher. What made Bill Walsh so successful is he was a teacher. That’s nice but talk is cheap! What made Eddie a great owner was he put winning first and led by example. Let me be the first to say Tomsula couldn’t even hold Harbaugh’s jock strap let alone Bill Walsh’s and who did Jed hire?

    Hiring Tomsula was quickly just filling a void, this was no move done by someone who really cared about winning. When a leader is assembling something great there’s no doubt even with the weakest minds that something good is happening.

    Kaepernick is holding the San Francisco offense back. His struggles against elite defenses are a troubling trend. Like Alex Smith no one pointed the finger at the real problem as if surrounding these men with more talent is the answer, or thinking they could handle the pressure of a fierce defense with giving them more time it never works that way.

    That photo of Rogers and Kaepernick at the same age says it all. Rogers was wearing 49er Gear and Kaepernick was wearing a Packers Jersey. Kaepernick will never be Rodgers or Wilson so as long as you at least realize that it’s a great start.

    • NJ49er says:

      Izzy that’s a legit concern.
      I think the ‘Teacher’ remarks had much to do with Kaep not being developed as quickly as anticipated.
      Some of that fell on Harbaugh, some on Chryst I’d suspect.

      Coming in, we knew Kaep was a ‘project’ simply because he wasn’t a pocket passer in College.
      They employed much of his Pistol experience into what we saw from him early on.
      Hence, as you stated, he surprised other teams for awhile.
      Once he was forced into reading Defenses, things went South.

      Tomsula is definitely a teacher.
      Is he a HC? Not at this stage I’d wager.
      We’ll see how he fares in the Fall.

    • Berger says:

      What held the offense back more than anything was abysmal play calling. Now we are hearing that we had 4 coaches calling the plays on game day. I can absolutely be certain that kind of system will never work. The old saying is too many cooks spoil the broth. We had too many cooks. I think Kap will be just fine if the play calling makes sense. I’m more worried about our offensive line playing better this coming year. Outside of the TE position, they were the weak point of our team but I think it was mostly because of the play calling.

  29. Berger says:

    We hired a WR coach from LSU. That school has had some really good WRs come out of there lately. We’ll have this guy and Curry coaching the WRs.

    • NJ49er says:

      Yeh, Adam Henry, former Raiders Offensive QC Coach.
      Looks like both he and Curry will be entrusted with WRs and, hopefully, getting something from our young WRs.

      He worked with Odell and Landry while at LSU, can’t complain about their production.

  30. NJ49er says:

    Berger there’s a pretty good looking pass rusher that might land in our lap at 15.
    OLB Alvin ‘Bud’ Dupree from Kentucky.
    6’4″ 267 / 4.65

    Waiting on the Combine to finalize my ‘Wish List’ but, he’s a Top 20 prospect at this point.
    Should have lot’s of options to get younger and quicker on the DLine come Draft time.

    Again, my favorite right now, Lynden Trail got an invite to Indy.
    Keep an eye open for him.
    Pretty talented kid.

  31. Berger says:

    I just read that Iupati gave up 7 sacks and 22 hurries this year. I think the play calling contributed to that but still, that is just awful. For the money he will be wanting, if somebody is willing to pay it, IMO, let him go.

  32. unca_chuck says:

    Iupati and Crabs are as good as gone.

    VD may stick around but he’s got ti be realistic.

  33. izzy70 says:

    I think we are going to bring in a lot of WRs through free agency and the later rounds of the draft. My biggest issue with this process at this point is that player’s projected draft slots are going to dramatically change between now and then. Let’s face it even then projections are far from gospel. I personally think we need a QB a Real, Franchise Quarterback. In a few years Kaepernick will go down in history as a flash in the pan, you know a nobody so after another wasted, seven year experiment is finally over we need someone ready to go. Lets just hope he’s a man like Russell Wilson who needs no excuses, you know a real man who comes in and just performs like a winner should.

    Kap’s inconsistency in making certain types of short passes is a huge concern, he locks in on one receiver and he’s never able to survey the entire football field like the great ones. He doesn’t know how to command the field, you know throwing the ball away SHOULD be a decision even a college QB should make appropriately.

    They need a receiver desperately will we take a chance on the talent that is there when White, Cooper, and Parker are already off the board that’s a question waiting to be answered. I think we need a receiving weapon that commands a double team, a guy like Danarius Moore a field stretcher. For that reason besides needing a QB I cannot fathom why we choose any other position first.

    • NJ49er says:

      With a big armed QB like Kaep, I’d be inclined to go for a deep threat like Devin Smith from Ohio State Izzy.
      Stretching the field opens the Offense up for the TEs as well.
      Yes, Kaep needs to learn better touch.
      Many of us were looking for that for quite some time.
      His short game definitely needs to improve.

    • NJ49er says:

      When comparing guys like Kaep and RG III, there’s really no comparison.
      Kaep works to improve.
      RG III is basically Daniel Snyders’ pet.

      I’d be more inclined to bet that RG III flames out before Kaep does.
      RG III is too full of his image, tats or not.
      When it comes to winning in the NFL, you don’t promote yourself ahead of the team or, the job you’re paid to do.

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