The Crossroads

Was Robert Johnson really selling his soul to the devil for fleeting fame and fortune at the crossroads of Highways 61 and 49, or was he just trying to get the hell of of Mississippi? I ask this question, because this pattern of instant success and then lingering animosity seems to be following Jim Harbaugh around like a tick hound after a convict.

He revived two college programs and the Niners through the force of his insatiable will and drive, yet has left people angry and confused with his balls to the wall 24/7 approach. This includes the front offices of the colleges, and especially 4949 Centennial Blvd. Abrasive, caustic, dismissive, arrogant are the terms usually used about Harbaugh. The success is fine, but is it worth the cost? Some say sure, as long as the big prize is won. The problem is, Jimbo has not hit the jackpot. Yes, he won the Orange Bowl in 2010. His biggest win as a head coach, Yet his 3 playoff losses have been marked by bad breaks, a few gut wrenching fumbles, some terrible officiating, and a very mistimed timeout which apparently changed the last 3 pays of the 2012 season.

So, what’s the plan going forward? This week was one of a lot of damage control. The Niners reached their nadir in PR relations after the Raider loss, and who could really blame them?  A team that had given up 52 points to the lowly Rams (and scored ZERO) suddenly looked like the monsters of the midway. Kaepernick was terse with the media, Harbaugh was his usual prickly self, and all the talk circled around the new head coach and where Harbaugh would land. There’s even talk the trade with the Raiders would happen after this upcoming game. And how weird would it be for the Raiders to trade for the guy they just beat?

All the talk is of a massacre not seen since the likes of Custer and Little Bighorn. I’m sure this next loss will come to pass, but I think this team has actually helped itself with some actual communication going on. If Harbaugh has any pull left with these players, this is their last stand. Win, and their flickering playoff hopes are still alive. Lose, and they are staring at a possible 0-5 run to close out the Harbaugh era, and a 7-9 record.

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  1. 12th man says:

    Win or lose, Niners are and always will be my team. Root for another team because the coach goes there, impossible.Phil says this game is the Niner super bowl. I get where he is coming from, but I haven’t given up yet and it can still come to be that they get to play in the real SB.Everything points to another thrashing in the Squawks Cage. I’m a Niner fan.Fuck them and the horse they rode in on.If the players have that same attitude they can pull it off.Go Niners!!!!!

  2. ” it can still come to be that they get to play in the real SB.”

    And by the real SB you must mean “Madden 15.” Kids nowadays. They play way too many video games.

  3. Nipper says:

    Anyone predict a Niners win? There must be someone out there.

  4. Place your bets. Place your bets. Odds on Jimbo’s whereabouts next yr:

    Raiders: -160
    Michigan: Even
    Any other NFL team: 3/1
    Does not coach in 2015: 7/1
    49ers: 8/1
    Any other NCAA team: 20/1

    I wonder what the odds are he gets stuck in the eye with a fork by a psychopathic 49er fan in a dark alley? Too bad they don’t allow you to bet on yourself. 😛

  5. Berger says:

    I’ve got a song for anybody who thinks we will win tomorrow:

  6. geezer77 says:

    I’m h\as happy as a little girl.

  7. sneakerman85 says:

    Yes I have to agree, I’m very tired of witnessing liberals trying to silence people. Like you I don’t get offended by anything anyone says and people should be aware of who they’re associating with.

    With that said I hope that we beat the Seahawks and make this game a statement game on who’s the best team in the NFC West!


  8. sneakerman85 says:

    So the Cardinals have the best record and the Seachickens are playing their best ball, if we could somehow dig out some 49er pride and turn it on right now we can make this a statement game. The good news with parity and everyone being one of the same anything could happen. One thing for sure we’ll find out what these men are made of this weekend.

  9. geezer77 says:

    I’m a crazy little bitch, go figure!

  10. unca_chuck says:

    6 years of your inanity, V, and you still come back with your stupid viewpoints?

    Set ’em up and I’ll blow ’em away.

    This is a 49er blog, bot a forum for your mental shortcoimings.

  11. 12th man says:

    Harbaugh needs to stay. I don’t much care for him as a person but he is a very solid coach. I’m sure he has learned a lot during his four years in the NFL and would do some things differently if he could. Well do them differently with the Niners next year Harbaugh, no need to go somewhere else to change your ways a bit. Look at Coughlin and Fox, both those guys made changes in style.

    Roman is not up to the job. He needs to go, period.

    Frank Gore is done. Have loved watching him year after year but all good things come to an end. Thanks Frank.

    Hyde? Not sure, haven’t seen enough from him yet but he could be the answer. Niners will draft another RB anyway.

    Crabs, Lloyd and probably Johnson gone. Ellington and Patton are still unknowns and even the reliable Boldin has slipped a bit this year. Niners need a proven FA and to draft another WR and this time have it work out.

    Davis has been injured but he also got old and timid this year, time to go. Carrier is a good pass catcher not used enough because they tried all year to get Davis going, damned shame. McDonald is decent blocking but can’t catch a cold.

    O line needs a makeover if the O scheme will favor pass over run. Staley is a bit up and down but still better than average at LT. Iupati gone. C should be solid next year if Kilgore recovers, he was playing well, and Martin was coming on well too, should be good competion for who starts. On the fence with Boone. He was due more money and unfotunately couldn’t negotiate that with the FO so he held out, hurting himself and the team. When he came back he was not the same guy. Davis at RT is good for run game not so much for pass game but a keeper anyway.

    Miller is a very good FB and they are beginning to use him for more than blocking.

    Kap. Tantalizing player with an amazing skillset. Obviously not having his best year so far. Lots of reasons and excuses at hand. Bottom line is he needs to work at the craft more and rely on his talent less. Its a mistake many elite athletes make. He will be one of the very best if he learns to blend the mental and the physical.

    The O roster will get significant turnover next year, a lot riding on Baalke.

    My musings on the much maligned O for what its worth (not much).

  12. unca_chuck says:

    If Harbaugh sticks with Roman, I want them both gone. Sure, some of the problems have been because of a beat-up line, but this team has way too much talent to look this flat week after week. It’s about getting the players you have ready for the game that week. Losing to Seattle and Denver is one thing, but losing to the Bears and the Raiders, a combined 6-19, is bad.

    The problems that have been in the background the last couple years, like the red zone failures and the inconsistency of the offense, reared up and bit them on the ass this year. Yet they take the same approach week after week and expect it to work. It really reminds me of the Nolan days when his mantra was, we’re going to keep doing what we’re doing. For him is was an 8 game losing streak that he couldn’t figure out how to stop. Yet, the talk was “i need to look at the film.” They never changed their mindset amid the losses. Stubbornness gets you nowhere in the NFL. Adapt or die,.

    • 12th man says:

      Agree Chuck. Talent is not playing up to its level. Roman is just not up to it IMO and that is not a new bandwagon opinion, I’ve been saying that since 2012.

      I hope Harbaugh is willing to make a change.

    • shaman138 says:

      Good points. Not sure what the fuck is going on with the 9ers brain trust. I think Harbaugh just wants out any way possible.

      With that being said, Raiders handed your team their ass on a platter last week. Happy Holidays, Chuck.

  13. i think it’s just adorable that some of you are still picking the Niners to win today.
    Why stop there? Why not predict Harbaugh being carried off by his players with a new 5-yr $50M contract extension in his hands.

    After all, it is the Season of Miracles.

  14. snarkk says:

    Have seen or heard nada this week that would make this look like an impending loss. If the offense comes out doing the same thing it always does, it’ll be a big loss. How ’bout coming out with the no huddle? They did that against the Cardinals (I think it was there), it was successful, then we never saw it again since. It must have been exhausting…

  15. Think we come out strong and get the lead and hang tough. No blowout. Though I’d rather lose 30-3, I think we lose a last minute/second heart-breaker 23-20.

  16. Pressure looks terrific early. If not dominant. Wilson won’t have a comfortable day.
    Speaking of comfort, you try Southern Comfort? I got good and stinking drunk/sick on that one night yrs back and haven’t had it since.

    I learn from my lessons.

  17. Lurker John says:

    Does JH have another year on his contract, or is he a free agent after this season?

  18. Lurker John says:

    Looks like Brooks came to play today. ‘Bout time.

    • Alleykat says:

      Jimbo has another year left at 5mil,doubt he stays as a lame duck coach, though he is obligated to coach unless the 49ers release him, which they won’t,trade him for a pick(doubtful a team will give up a high pick) just a screwed up situation.

  19. Lurker John says:

    The uncover-able Doug Baldwin. Slow dude, Niners can’t handle him.

  20. Defenseless? This league is a joke.

  21. Lurker John says:

    No way he was defenseless there.

  22. We scored after having to burn a TO coming out of a SEA TO.
    Like I told Berger, we not only don’t *deserve* those pts., but I won’t accept them. It only enables Jim Harbaugh’s ineptness.

    Fuck him. 3-0 Seattle in my book.

    • Alleykat says:

      Eat shit Dennis!
      Chess match on defense& offense looking at their formations.One good reason to look at the scenario before mouthin off. 1st half TO don’t bug me more then 2nd halves when the game means the most.

  23. Alleykat says:

    OL opening up huge holes, where’s that been all year?
    Hyde& Gore just keep pounding the rock,,

  24. unca_chuck says:

    Don’t watch Dennis. If little things like that piss you off, then you don’t deserve to be a fan. Save yourself and us your fucking incessant whining.

  25. unca_chuck says:

    John, Harbaugh has another year on his deal. He very well won’t be a lame duck coach after this season.

  26. unca_chuck says:

    D coming to play today…

  27. unca_chuck says:

    Punt coverage is atrocious. There’s a penalty every fucking time.

  28. unca_chuck says:

    Manning’s out? Oswielier is QBing the Broncos.

  29. Lurker John says:

    If he has to coach at the Niners behest, I’m guessing they keep him. Maybe not, but who replaces him?

  30. unca_chuck says:

    Nice play. These are the kinds of plays they need to run

  31. unca_chuck says:

    Where has this team been?

  32. unca_chuck says:

    That was terrible.

  33. IDH19568 says:

    Just a fucking stupid sequence of plays. What else is new?

  34. Ask yourself, who would you have rather had these past three years, Harbaugh or Peyton Manning?

    That’s what I thought. STFU.

  35. unca_chuck says:

    They just moved themselves out of FG range, a defensive turnover would be nice.

  36. IDH19568 says:

    Why is this t w a t Baldwin able to beat them so badly?

  37. Lurker John says:

    Sorry, but I’d take Harbaugh in that scenario. Without a good coach, you go nowhere, Peyton Manning or no.

  38. Lurker John says:

    This team just cannot catch a break this year with injuries. Unbelievable.

  39. snarkk says:

    Unbelievable injury situation going on with Niners…
    Meanwhile, Kap stands on sidelines while defense is playing, stares ahead, not looking at any photos, talking with coaches — nada…

  40. IDH19568 says:

    Kapernick: you mother fucking piece of shit. Bouldin wide open.

  41. snarkk says:

    If Kap can’t hit a wide open Boldin on a 15 yard pass, then WTF is the future going on here with Kap?…

  42. This league is a goddamn motherfucking joke: STOP WATCHING!

  43. Flavor says:

    That Moody penalty. Jesus. Football should just now be played by old women. No way that’s a penalty

  44. IDH19568 says:

    What a fucking punk-ass up the anus call.

  45. Alleykat says:

    Helmet to chest is now a fucking penalty????? Fuck this Officials and the horse they rode in on!!!
    And of course they score 6 out of that asinine call!!’

  46. And that BS PF penalty lead directly to that SEA TD.

    That is exactly why I will not be watching next year.
    Can you say the same?

  47. snarkk says:

    The NFL officiating now is a total joke. A defensive player hits the QB in the chest, and it is now a penalty. It costs the Niners a TD, instead of a FG. Horrific. Next year, I’ll consider not even watching this game anymore. College football is far better…

  48. Lurker John says:

    That call is unbelievable. You can’t even play football anymore, not with tools like Ed fucking Hochuli throwing his little flag. The guy is old and done. Get rid of him.

  49. IDH19568 says:

    Refs fisted the Niners dry and hard

  50. IDH19568 says:

    Game over. Fucked by the refs.

  51. Alleykat says:

    They measure for a 1st down, your on the road everyone from the fans to the refs are against you, the spot of course not even close, ballgame!!

  52. skynyrd77 says:

    I’m a little girl with anger issues..

  53. A Tank Carradine sighting. Hey! He’s a Sherman Tank. Too bad the rest of this squad is a Col. Custard Lemonade Stand.

  54. IDH19568 says:

    Kaperdick: you mother fucking piece of shit.

  55. Flavor says:

    Fuck. What a disappointing season. Well, if you’re a Giants fan you still have *3in5* to bask in.
    Those Super Bowls are so far in the rear view mirror I can hardly see them.

    • Grumpy Guy says:

      Even at the time, I remember thinking what we had in the 80s was special – something to be savored, because it happens rarely and it couldn’t last forever. Just like the Giants the last five years. Glad I lived to see both of those.

      • Flavor says:

        yeah. You’re right. It just sucks to think we were on our way back to winning SB’s, come so close 3 years in a row, and now we’re in no man’s land again.

  56. skynyrd77 says:

    Let’s face it Harbaugh is a great motivator but he lacks killer instincts to make winning decisions. He gave you more of Alex Smith and instead of you fans learning your lesson you bought into his nonsense and watched more wasted years go bye-bye. Then he hands you a tattooed Thug who is the complete opposite of what you should be accustomed to watching the field general Joe Montana and yet again you thought you could still win the Super Bowl regardless.

    Sorry you need a great Head Coach and Defense to win it all but without a Field General at QB with class, you could hang it up unless you hold on to hope for a Trent Dilfer Miracle.

  57. Like I’ve told you people from the beginning: Seattle has the better…

    HF advantange

    Tell me you’d trade one of ours for one of theirs, and you’d be lying like a rug.

    You’re not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on.
    —Dean Martin

  58. snarkk says:

    Major changes coming during the off season.
    Could be a real sideways couple of seasons coming up, in a real tough division.
    QB position has to be resolved. Kap looks like he may not be the answer, depends on the next coaching staff…

  59. Flavor says:

    In defense of the coaching staff, one tell tale sign is when the team quits on you. To a man, I saw guys busting their ass off today. It was unfortunate that we ran out of linebackers and running backs but injuries happen.
    On both sides of the ball our players played hard.

    • Alleykat says:

      Agree BF,
      To a man their was no quit in this team,when you lose both Running backs( even the 3rd one had to suck it up late) Brooks, Borland and still fight till the end until the refs fucked us on the Moody BS hit, I was actually real proud of their play. Just a tough place to win against the defending champs who are hitting their stride going into the playoffs.
      It does suck not getting to the dance this year, and watching the playoffs without the Niners in it, with all the offseason turmoil still to come makes it tougher to swallow going forward.

  60. unca_chuck says:

    Well, they played hard today. I can’t believe they don’t review those game deciding calls. Moody’s head was up, and he didn’t hit Wilson in the head.

    Those calls have to be reviewable.

    • Flavor says:

      exactly. And there is irrefutable evidence that shows that was a clean hit. Easy to reverse it if it was reviewable. Hopefully they change that in the off season

  61. *One* word only, Jim Harbaugh is/was…

  62. Berger says:

    Lots of injuries. Play calling wasn’t terrible as it usually is except those 4th and one calls. We’re one game closer to Roman being gone.

  63. Berger says:

    The 4th and one for the TD was a nice call. Had a little space and ran to the weak side. You could see Seattle lining up and just waiting for that 2nd dive to Miller.

  64. Berger says:

    Harbaugh is not a bad coach but he is no Walsh. He probably needs to be fired so he can reflect on what he needs to improve on. No shame, it happens to most good coaches on their first gig. If it takes getting rid of Harby to get rid of Roman then let it be done. Just my opinion.

    • Flavor says:

      I’m not going to cry if Harbs gets canned or traded. Anyone can look good when you’re winning. Adversity hit and Harbs folded. But it could have been worse, the team could have quit on him like they did with Sing.
      JH is a good coach, his record shows it. But at the pro level I don’t think he has what it takes to sustain over the long term through the peaks and valleys. He doesn’t adjust. You have to adjust……

  65. Nipper says:


  66. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, my take is Harbaugh was handed a very solid by underachieving team but he never fixed the offensive problems that his defense hid. Kaepernick looked better today, but he missed a wide open Boldin, and he missed VD on a fade. At least the threw the fade to the right side. He seems to miss every throw to his left now.

    I still think Harbaugh will be gone. Ever since Hoke (or whatever his name is) was canned at Michigan I though he would bee line it to the Big House. I think Kappy can play at a high level again given some better coaching.

  67. Berger says:

    If I was Jed I’d be talking to Mike Holmgrem to get his opinion on a few HC prospects, especially Pat Schurmer.

  68. unca_chuck says:

    I still like Pep out of Indy.

    • Berger says:

      I thought the Moody hit was a good call. A terrible rule but he did hit him with helmet and not facemask. By rule, a good call.

    • If the Niners make Pep Hamilton from IND their next HC, Berger’s going to temporally renege his 49er fandom and root for the Raiders. I have Berger on record as stating that fact.

      I’d just shoot the SOB when he landed at SFO. Problem solved.

      • Berger says:

        I would not be happy with a hiring of Pep Hamilton. IMO, his system works only because he has Andrew Luck.

      • Berger says:

        Del- You asked me what I would do if we hired Pep Hamilton and retained Greg Roman as OC. I said I would not follow the team until Roman was gone. I would be upset if we hired Hamilton but I would put on a happy face and give him a chance, Roman is out of chances.

  69. Jim Harbaugh is the worst thing to ever happen to the 49ers.

    Don’t bother your pretty little fingers even trying to retort.

  70. How bout dem Cowboys!

    You people don’t have the guts to admit it, but Tony Romo is better than Kap.
    And it’s not even close.

  71. Skeebers, just because you took my name off of your prediction wall and put a stop to my comments doesn’t change the fact that I won. My 9-7 call was the closet. So many comments I could make at this moment. But I’ll take the high road. That same road you less traveled.

    Merry Christmas, Alex Smith

  72. Berger, you’d be OK if we retained Harbaugh and fired Roman.

    You are a fucking mook, my friend. That would change absolutely nothing. The fish rots from the head. How many fucking times do I have to tell you?

    It’s Harbaugh’s fault!

  73. unca_chuck says:

    How many playoff wins does Romo have? As many as Alex Smith!

  74. unca_chuck says:

    I could live with Pete Carmichael as well.

  75. Listen to me my fellow Niner fans…

    You must hate Jim Harbaugh with all your might. All he’s done is inflicted pain and sorrow upon Niner fans (me).

    That’s all that fucking matters.

  76. NJ49er says:

    Once again, another 2nd half of football where we did absolutely nothing Offensively.
    Our Halftime adjustments are legendary in their ineffectiveness.

    Glad to finally have the pain of Offensive futility put to rest.
    I seriously think Seattle knows what plays we’re calling before we attempt to run them too.

    Flush Kaep to the left, cut off half the field.
    We need better options on Offense.
    I’m sure changes aren’t going to take long.

  77. unca_chuck says:

    Again, rolling to the right and dragging someone was used once to effectiveness and then ignored the rest of the way. Kappy should never roll to his left. That worked twice early in the year and has not worked about 45 times, Why do they beat to death the plays that don;t work, and fail to go with the ones that do?

    • NJ49er says:

      We lack imagination I guess Chuck?
      Sucks to miss the Playoffs but, I’m glad the agony is over in a way.
      We can’t seem to do anything on Offense that’s worth a damn.

  78. NJ49er says:

    Draft positioning will have us in the teens as it looks now.
    Who cares at this point about winning out?

    Put in the backups and start evaluating for the Draft.
    This Offense needs an overhaul, starting with the scheme.

    Let’s focus on fixing the OLine and, maybe adding a TE that can either replace Vernon or, improve on the passing options we employ.

    Kaep needs to work on his mechanics and overall pocket presence, if anything is going to stand a chance of being successful next year.

  79. NJ49er says:

    Jim and Greg can’t beat Pete, for whatever reasons we care to dissect.
    Results are what they are.
    They own us.

    The Rams are stacked with young talent, thanks in no small part to Snyder and Allen, playing Fantasy Football for RG III.

    I can see a major change coming in the Spring in terms of a youth movement.
    Hard to say what to expect of Boldin or Vernon but, Crabtree can move on, unless he’s willing to sign a team friendly deal.
    Would like to have Stevie stick around too.
    If nothing else, we’ll have plenty to speculate on before Camp opens next Summer.

  80. NJ49er says:

    One last enjoyable scenario, would be to see Philly choke, and miss the Playoffs.
    Both Dallas and Philly don’t have much Defensively but, the ‘Boys now have a leg up on the Eagles.
    Can’t say either team sucks, since they’re both still alive but, only one of them might make it now.

  81. Nipper says:

    The season is over……BLEEP!

  82. Nipper says:

    More players can get injured for nothing……except pride.

  83. Berger says:

    I thought the effort was good yesterday. The play calling was OK, I even think I saw a couple of hot reads. In the end our blocking schemes still lack as we just don’t pick up the blitz very well and don’t have a hot read scheme designed to burn the aggressiveness. The bigger issue these days has become so many injuries. I applaud the effort and hope this year can be used to identify some players who otherwise would not have played as much. With a good draft and some solid decisions from the FO we should be challenging for the title next year.

  84. unca_chuck says:

    Funny to me is te fact that the bogus penalty allowed Seattle to score a TD, and conveniently get a 10 point lead. The spread was 9.5 . . .

    • Berger says:

      Now the NFL is saying it was a bad call. I think it’s just a bad rule. The old spearing rule was good enough, now we have to deal with calls that are difficult to make and not reviewable. IMO, this rule needs to go away but if they won’t do that at least make it reviewable. Too often we have seen these calls be game changers. How can that not be important enough to be reviewed?.

  85. Flavor says:

    Steve Bitker ‏@SteveBitker 8m8 minutes ago
    John Madden tells @KCBSNews: Not Harbaugh’s fault, this one is all on #49ers management, it’s “a management problem.”

    • Berger says:

      Have John explain how management was responsible for zero pass rush vs the Bears, Cardinals and Raiders. The Bears and Raiders games were easy wins with a pass rush. You saw how Carr performed this week with a little pressure applied. We applied zero and let him look like a old pro picking us apart.

  86. Berger says:

    The story of this season for me is our D was inconsistent with the pass rush and our O-line allowed the other team a good pass rush all year. Like I always say, defensive lines win championships. We made every D-line look great this year.

  87. Berger says:

    BTW, there is a compelling argument that the Crossroads is in Rosedale and not Clarksdale. I don’t care either way but it is an interesting story for any blues fan such as myself.

  88. rtfirefly says:

    Hey, Johnny Football had a QBR of 1 yesterday. That film study of dollar bills and his workouts at the Cleveland clubs seem to be working for him.

  89. Irish Kevin says:

    Two things need to happen next year. One the O line needs to get better at pass blocking…a lot better. Second the Niners need to get a go to Reciever. And I don’t mean he has to be the second coming of J Rice. But throughout the last few years the Niners do not seem to have that break away receiver. The one that can run all over the field to lose a defender. This shows in other teams when their QB starts to run, why is it they can find an open receiver and Kaep cannot. When the Niners did have that type of receiver it open up the passing game to the TE, Full Back and the running back. Painfull to watch this offense, but I will always watch to the bitter end. GO NINERS

  90. Grumpy Guy says:

    There’s going to be a LOT of re-evaluation. I expect we’ll have a new offensive system to go with the new HC, and a new defensive system and DC is not unlikely as well. Depending on what kind of team and what kind of approach we take, we will have to decide what kind of players to draft. Frank Gore is probably done so we’d better look at bring in a real playmaker WR and not just another crop of stopgaps. On the line, if we move to a more pass-happy offense, then Iupati is gone along with maybe one or two other O-linemen. Play the five best pass blockers. On defense, Brooks is gone, with Lynch being the next man up, which could fit nicely into a more aggressive scheme. LBs and CBs are an unknown until we see who heals and who doesn’t.

  91. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah if we retool to something uptempo, the road graders have to go. We may go back to smaller quicker guys. Wwe don’t need to go Chip Kelly, but something a LOT faster than that drive near the end of the game. We were using 35 secs of clock to get plays off. Ridiculous. We were down 2 scores and plodding along.

  92. NJ49er says:

    In crunch time yesterday, needing to pick up the pace to attempt a comeback, our 2min Offense looked about as effective as a 4min Offense.

    Plenty of weight can be applied to the complexity of the current scheme in terms of efficiency, it doesn’t exist.

  93. NJ49er says:

    I’m baffled as to how, and why, Jay Cutler ever got the Contract he was awarded?
    This dude is a complete eff’n moron.

    And we kvetch about our Mgt?
    God is he an overpaid, gutless malcontent.

    • rtfirefly says:

      Kyle Orton, still an injury fill-in with Buffalo, 2 1sts, a 4th, and a 7th to Denver. LOL, I’m still laughing at GeoMak.

      • NJ49er says:

        Good ‘Ol GeoMak – There’s a BLAST from the past.
        Wasn’t he a die hard Singletary/Bears fan?

      • rtfirefly says:

        Yup, and he and I argued about the Cutler trade. He thought the Cutler trade was the best thing since peanut butter on rye bread.

      • NJ49er says:

        Cutler needs a serious attitude adjustment.
        Dude is incorrigible.

        What a POS.

      • rtfirefly says:

        Remember his NFCCG? LOL

      • NJ49er says:

        Who could forget?
        Especially when you see Philip Rivers playing on a busted knee in his Playoff game, giving it all he had, you realize just how much some guys appreciate the opportunity just to be there.

        Cutler is garbage…..With a Capital G.

      • NJ49er says:

        It amazes me that any of Cutler’s team mates give a sh!t about him as a leader.
        He’s a flippant waste of Cap space.

      • NJ49er says:

        Ryan Leaf/Jeff George 2.0 and then some.

    • rtfirefly says:

      JaBlobbus Russell.

      • NJ49er says:

        If I’m an O-Lineman in front of Cutler, I’d whiff on purpose, just to let my guy stomp his eff’n smug face into the dirt.

        He isn’t even trying to win it seems.
        He’s just going through the motions.
        What an embarrassment he is to the League, let alone his own team.

      • rtfirefly says:

        I like the guy on ESPN saying, “What I want to know is: WHO is responsible for that contract? I mean, WHO?!!!”

      • NJ49er says:

        Has to be GM Phil Emery I’d guess?
        Hard for us to complain about Baalke, when clowns like this dude are getting paid to run an NFL Franchise.

        The McCaskey Family appear to be absentee Owners by the looks of it.

        I’ve never seen a more apathetic moron, playing in ANY sport, than Cutler.

        Face of the Franchise?

      • NJ49er says:

        Someone needs to get that clown into a dark alley and beat his flippant A$$ into reality.

      • NJ49er says:

        Goodell should find a new fine for Primetime Smugness, then, apply it to Cutler as conduct detrimental to the Shield.

  94. NJ49er says:

    Looks like RayMc knocked Okung out for a week or 2 with a bruised lung.
    AZ gets a little help apparently from that hit perhaps?
    If only they had a QB/RB worthy of scaring the Seattle Defense.
    That game is likely to be a low scoring affair.

    Too bad we couldn’t have blocked that Eric Reid INT return a bit better in general.
    That could’ve been a game changer, if Reid could have turned inside, without losing momentum.

  95. NJ49er says:

    Hey Berger,
    I’m getting an early start on Draft Scouting as it were.
    Senior Bowl time before we know it.
    Keep an eye open for a ‘Newbie’ like Bruce Ellington, another kid that left the hardwood for the gridiron, this time it’s a CB –

    Quinten Rollins of Miami (OH) –
    6’0″ 203

    Already being projected into RD2.
    He might be worthy of Safety consideration, as reports have him being very active in the tackling arena.

    “Playing at CB through 11 games he had 66 tackles, 4 TFL, 1 FF, 14 PD and 5 INT. To say he was a revelation to NFL personnel people would be an understatement. His ball-hawking ability is not quite as surprising as his willingness to stick his nose into the action in run support.”

  96. NJ49er says:

    Got an early ‘sleeper’ for us as a deep threat too –

    WR Devin Smith Ohio State –
    6’1″ 199 / 4.45

    “He is one of the best vertical threats in the country, averaging 27.2 yards per reception, which ranks second in the FBS behind only Miami’s Phillip Dorsett.

    He finished second on the team in receiving each of the previous two seasons, setting career-bests in 2013 with 44 catches for 660 yards and eight scores as a junior.”

  97. Nipper says:

    There’s crap and then their are the BEARS!

  98. NJ49er says:

    Keep an eye open for another potential Fat Man in the Middle –
    Late Rounder perhaps, maybe an UDFA?

    NT Terry Williams – ECU –
    6’0″ 350 – (Needs to drop some weight I’d say)

    “He is a productive/destructive force in the middle of their 3-4 DL.
    He is high energy and despite playing over weight, he hustles and finishes plays more often than many of his teammates. He’s built low to the ground with a massive base and does not get knocked off of his feet. He plugs the middle and then pushes blockers into the pocket or ball carrier. He can be neutralized, but very seldom pushed off his spot. You might expect him to disappear in the 4th quarter from fatigue, but his play looks the same no matter what time in the game you focus on him.”

    • Berger says:

      I was surprised at the job Dial was doing at plugging the middle this week. It looks like he is going to be a really good 3-4 DE at some point. A front line NT would really help the D. We are starting to give up more yards in the running game this year. How much has to do with Bowman and Willis out? I would think maybe some but the two that filled in did good vs the run but they didn’t do so well vs the pass. A good run stuffing NT would let the LBs work the pass a bit more.

  99. unca_chuck says:

    The bears front office almost makes ours look sane. Almost.

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