Game Day! Finally!!

I guess Bay Area sports fans should thank the NFL schedulers in their putting the Niner bye week right in the middle of the Giants World Series run. Worked out very well.

With that said, lets’ get back to football. There are 9 weeks left and this team has some work to do. The #12 issue with the team is their health. Willis is a game-time decision, Bowman still has a week or two of recovery, Dorsey will be back soon, and Aldon Smith should be joining the ranks at some point, irregardless Mike Florio’s unsubstantiated statements of him coming off the susp list early. Losing Kilgore was a killer, and they can’t take another hit on the O line.

The other issues remain the same. For some inexplicable reason, the 49ers run multiple WR formations between the 20s. When they get into the red zone, it’s back to the jumbo formations, and stagnation. This team struggles wildly in the red zone. If they can fix this, it’ll go a long way to actually getting double-digit leads. Something Jim Harbaugh seems to be adverse to. Along with this is the fact that the Niners tend to go away from things that seem to be working. If they find something to exploit, force the other team to stop it, don’t merely move on to something else.

Defensively, I simply was perplexed at how they tried to attack Manning. Playing off his WRs  and rushing 4-5 out of their base defense was asinine. That absolyutely plays to his strengths. The Ram game the previous week saw stunts, blitzes from different LBs, and a lot of movement along the line to dsiguise blitzers. I was excited to see how that worked against Manning, as I noted that it was the way Singletary and Co did a good job of containing Manning and the Colts a few years back. As above, they went away from something successful and it failed.

The Rams? Their pass rush seems revitalized in weeks, but they are struggling offensively. This SHOULD be a tune-up game. Let’s hope we can get on top and coast for a change.

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  1. unca_chuck says:

    This team is not putting Kappy in a position to succeed. Teams relentlessly blitz him yet we never counteract that. We threw a screen pass for the first time in 6 years today. One. We tried one delayed draw. One.

    Teams the get blitzed all the time use plays like that to stop pressure. We don’t. Kappy is constantly under pressure. 8 sacks today? 6 in the last game?

    Until they fix the line problems, and adjust the play calling accordingly, we are in trouble. This was the worst game in a season already filling up with shitty games.

    Roman comes up with this effort after the bye? Horrendous. Harbaugh is either part of the problem or Roman has way too much rope. Something has to give.

    Luck throws way too many picks.

    • snarkk says:

      If a rank football amateur like me calls for screens, draws, flat passes to the RB, and traps with this kind of pressure, and then at half time the supposed expert Niner radio color guy calls for the same thing, and wonders why they aren’t doing it, then in the 2nd half the Niners call one up the middle screen and I think just one delay to Gore, you have to wonder WTF is going on inside the offensive minds of these coaches. After 3+ seasons, they can’t figure that out — or they can’t execute it because they either don’t have the plays or don’t have the QB to execute it? I dunno. Tell you what. If you brought Sonny friggin’ Dykes into Santa Clara, this offense would be passing up and down the field in two weeks. They’d move the damn ball. They might not win, but the offense wouldn’t look like it was mired in mud…

    • Harbaugh is either “part” of the problem?

      May I suggest you consult Merriam-Webster to find the differences between “part” and “whole?”

      And “Luck throws way too many picks.”

      Was that your subtle attempt at saying you’d rather have Kap > Luck?
      Now you’re insulting what’s left of my intelligence.
      Which is still more than Harbaugh’s when it comes to playoff coaching.

      • unca_chuck says:

        Fuck off, dumbshit. I didn’t say that, you fucking toad. Luck hasn’t accomplished anything. Unless you count beating KC some sort of career maker. Yippeee.

  2. “This team is not putting Kappy in a position to succeed.”

    Holy Mother of Pearl. I think I just got sent back to the year 2010.
    That sounds exactly like all the “Alexcuses” people were making for Smith.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    At some point, Dennis, you will realize that maybe the coaches have something to do with the success or failure of the team. This teams gets blitzed all the time yet we have no answers. Do you think 8 sacks is acceptable?

  4. snarkk says:

    Kap is starting to remind me of a football Strickland…

    • Strickland has a manager, who despite his poor usage of said player during the postseason, actually knows how to win a championship. Or two…or three…Kap has a coach who only knows how to lose ’em.

      If Jimbo was only half the man that Bochy is …

  5. “Unless you count beating KC some sort of career maker. Yippeee.”

    This coming from the guy who still thinks we were better off keeping Alex Smith (who Luck beat in that game) than signing Peyton Manning.

    Keep posting and putting on a tee. And I’ll continue to hit ’em out of the park.

    • unca_chuck says:

      What has Peyton done in Denver. Dennis? Just as much as Kappy. They’ve both lost a Super Bowl. Kappy almost won his shot. Peyton folded like a cheap tent and got smoked like a link sausage. Poor baby.

      Truth hurts, eh?

      • The truth? The truth is that you and Harbaugh were/still are the only two people in the NFL community that thought it was better to keep Alex rather than sign Peyton Manning. Unfortunately, one of those opinions actually mattered.

        Do me a favor. Next year when you and Harbaugh are having dinner together in Ann Arbor after his Wolverines have lost their third straight game as you commiserate as one — if we only had Alex?

        Send me a fucking postcard.

    • unca_chuck says:

      This coming from a guy who wrote off Bochy in 2010, 2012, and 2014.

      Nothing worse than a fickle fan. Go fuck yourself.

  6. snarkk says:

    Niners can still make the playoffs. Long shot, but they can do it. The Giants were dogmeat in the middle of the season, and look what happened. But, they better right the ship fast. I predicted them at 10-6, but I didn’t have them losing at home to the likes of the Rams. 4-4 with 8 to go means they better win at least 6 of those 8. Tough to do…

    • Nipper says:

      Impossible this season. They’re finished. Nice stadium. Nice fans. Shitty team play at home. Oh yeah and high priced beer and food and parking. What a deal!

  7. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up.

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