The Bye Week (Black and) Blues

No football this weekend. Normally this is a drag, as this seems to interrupt whatever momentum the team may be rolling on, but this year is a different story. The 49ers are beaten and battered. They have 5 defensive starters down, and just lost lineman Daniel Kilgore Trout to a broken leg. VD has been dinged up (and suffering from the dropsies), and the offense is in a bit of a quandary as they figure out how to use their new WR weapons.

But, as we saw last weekend, even though our D is still 2nd ranked in total defense, they were toasted by Peyton Manning and Co. to the tune of 419 yards. The good news is Patrick Willis is ready for the November 2nd game vs the Rams, and there’s the possibility that Aldon Smith could get a couple games shaved off his suspension for good behavior.

The injured DB corps (Cook, Cox, Culliver, Ward) should all be good to go. And the biggest missing piece, Navorro Bowman, is said to be in stage 3 of his rehab. He has been running for a few weeks, and is now starting to cut. Best case for Bowman is 4 more weeks. NT Glen Dorsey is also about 4 weeks away from his return.

Given all that, it’s pretty hard to gauge how good this team is. Defensively they are doing pretty well, until they aren’t. The coaching to me has been curious at best. In the Ram game, the Niners showed a bunch of stunts and blitzes and played up close on the Ram WRs. One would think to confuse Austin Davis.  Come the Denver game, we abandoned all that. Strange, because this was the exact way the Niners played Peyton tough back in 2009. I thought they’d go hard after Manning and press the coverage as they love to throw quick underneath passes. Instead, we played soft on the outside guys, and tried to simply rush our 4 guys with little stunting. It sort of worked until the killer pick by Kappy.

The other losses have been ugly affairs that the 49ers had pretty good leads, and they succumbed to dumb penalties and mistakes. I get that some of this is due to installing a new offense, and the defense is hurting, but the coaches haven’t done all they could to get things right as well.

Still and all, given the current state of the team, I’m pretty good with where they are at. The Niners had a pretty tough opening set of games, and have handed Dallas and Philly their only losses this season. Losing in AZ isn’t a crime although that game was ugly. The worst loss to me was the Bears game, as they had no business coming back and beating us. However, I think this team will healthy up and get themselves in synch in time for a strong run down the stretch and hit the playoffs. Even if it is as a wild card. As the SF Giants proved, once you reach the playoffs, it’s a brand new season. This team has proven it can win on the road, and that’s the path to travel from the WC spot.

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  1. Rex Bauers says:

    I think during this bye week we all need to think carefully about letting Harbaugh go

  2. unca_chuck says:

    Just have to wonder who is on the bubble with the likes of Bowman, Dorsey, and Aldon coming back. Oft signed-and-released guys like Bubba Ventrone [or did he get released again?], long-time special-teamer Kasim Osgood, and on-again-off-again QB Josh Johnson are certainly clutching their playbooks rather tightly now.

    But is that enough? Someone like Craig Dahl is on the bubble. As is Nick Moody, and maybe even Quinon Patton. They can move Daniel Kilgore to the IR so that saves one move, but someone pretty good is going to have to leave. Wonder if they IR Culliver or some kind of phantom deal like that. He’s got his own personal fuckup to deal with this offseason, so he may just go away.

    I guess they’ll probably dump Osgood and JJ, and move Trout to the IR. That gives them room for 3 moves. Which will get them through the next few weeks anyway.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    And speaking of Sleepless in Seattle, there’s the story out of the great white northwest that Russell Wilson isn’t ‘black’ enough for some of the Seahawk players. That he was somehow part of the Percy Harvin ouster.

    He’s too much of a teacher’s pet.–some-of-russell-wilson-s-teammates-don-t-think-he-s–black-enough-145622948-nfl.html

    I’m sure winning will fix their dilemmas as well, but they haven’t been winning lately.

  4. Rex Bauers says:

    Well all my old time 49er buddies here in Redding don’t like the direction he has taken us since his arrival. They all talk about how teams that use to envy us have solid QB’s like Brees, Rodgers and Wilson while Harbaugh hands us Kappy. Let’s face it Kappy is not as great as the hype that surrounds him. He’s good but he’s not great! The 49ers seemed to have lost something that teams like Green Bay has continued. They went from Farve to Rodgers and didn’t settle along the way. You have Aldon and many others that have embarrassed our team while Green Bay still stand solid in their approach to winning and building a model franchise.
    I guess you could call it lack of leadership but we use to be the envy of the league now we find ourselves envying others.

  5. unca_chuck says:

    You, maybe. This is a different world. Sorry you are living in the past. And the past was a lie.

    Eddie D bought off a sexual harassment charge, and ended up losing the team due to his own stupidity. That’s the ideal? Got it. Player misdeeds were swept under the carpet. These days, there’s no such luxury. We miss the days of Leonard Little getting a 6 game suspension for DUI manslaughter? Got it, Rex.

    Back then it was, spend and win! Now it’s, spend and win! Provided you can manipulate your salary cap.

    Harbaugh handed us Kaepernick? You don’t like Colin? Well, tough shit. They drafted him. Become a Seahawk fan. Or a Saints fan. Or a Packer fan. Boo hoo. You either live with the choices your team makes, or you follow the breeze and support the team du jour.

  6. NoFear49er says:

    Any other “new” posters fixated on Harbaugh since Spitblood left?

    The opposite take? Yeah, that’ll fool ’em.

  7. unca_chuck says:

    Right. Give ’em enough rope.

    Besides, using the Favre/Rodgers example is as valid as using the Montana/Young argument. Or even Manning/Luck. It happens that teams get back to back high quality starters, but more often than not you get Young/Drunkenmiller, Bradshaw/Stoudt, or Brady/insert stiff of the week here.

  8. Rex Bauers says:

    Wow, is this the way it is here? If anyone has another opinion other than the one you have somehow we should pick another team?
    Please understand it’s okay to disagree with the thoughts or opinions expressed by other fans but that doesn’t give you the right to deny any sense they might make. Nor does it give you a right to accuse someone of poorly expressing their beliefs about our team just because you don’t like what they are saying. Yes that means even if it means overcoming your pride and opening your mind beyond your comfort zone.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    Well the direction before Harbaugh was what? 9 years of losing? You miss that?

    What’s your point? You don’t like the team? That’s certainly valid, but to blame it on the past as viewed through rose-colored glasses is pretty simplistic.

    Post away. I’m not here for the money . . .

  10. Nipper says:

    Redding unhappy? sniff………

  11. Rex Bauers says:

    I guess I’m amazed that you disagree that the 49ers have become an out-of-control team. The truth is these types of incidents happen all too often, and Harbaugh, Baalke and York do nothing about it other than issue rote PR statements about how that kind of behavior isn’t accepted. The players have seen that those statements are meaningless.

    Maybe I’m a little old fashioned but I like an organization, a team or a player that is classy.
    I respect an organization that respects itself and forces all those within it to adhere to policies and codes that promote positivity, professionalism and dignity so much so that observers aspire to be part of who you are. As a fan you should be outraged of what transpired here.

    Sure there are players like Gore, Lee, Justin Smith and Willis and carry themselves well. These are model players for any franchise but it’s sad when some can no longer notice a difference.

  12. unca_chuck says:

    Welcome to the 1950’s Rex. Were you outraged when Eddie lost the team? When he bought off a sexual harassment charge? Everyone is doing the same shit they were 75 years ago. It’s just getting found out about now. You think domestic violence is a new thing in the NFL? Is your real name Roger Goodell?

    That you prefer to live in a world of delusion is fine, but don’t pretend that things are that much different than the glory days.

  13. Rex Bauers says:

    Good Sir, all I’m saying is during the Eddie years regardless of what crimes he committed the team was filled with players like the Gore, Smith and Willis’s of the world. A Kaepernick, Aldon Smith and other players wouldn’t be on our team because of high standards set by Eddie.

    Again we were known throughout the league for these standards now we see other teams like Green Bay holding these honors. I happen to love Steve Young and Kaepernick is the complete opposite regardless of what our new society asking you to accept. Remember in Green Bay they went from Farve to Rodgers because both these men held class as fans expected, as they should from their football team.

  14. unca_chuck says:

    Please. Eddie signed guys that were good. He spent wildly on free agents. He didn’t give a shit about honor. He wanted to win at all costs. All the shit that players get in trouble for now was kept in-house back then by the team and the league. Charles Haley was a certified lunatic. By the time Eddie dumped him, he thought he was screwing Jerry Jones by giving him a guy who literally pissed all over the building, and took a shit on Steve Young’s car. Turns out Eddie only shat himself with that move as Haley went on to terrorize opponents for 6 more years.

    It’s all well and good to look at the past through rose-colored delusions, but it’s ludicrous to think that era was any more special or beautiful. The only standard the Niners had was winning. Yeah, the vets in the locker room ran the show, but that is the only thing that really shines out as being that much different. Even still, guys like Willis and Gore, and Kaepernick do hold sway over the team. Again, though, they aren’t baby sitters or care takers. These are grown men who make their own decisions. It’s a different era now. Blame it on cell phones and 24 hour news.

    How is Kaepernick opposite from Young? In what way? Their career paths are remarkably similar. Young didn’t really catch on to what Walsh was teaching for a few years. Kaepernick is learning the ropes in how to be a more steady presence in the pocket. Young ran wild his first few years in the league, and Kappy has. If you don’t like his tattoos, tough shit. He was a straight A student through high school and college who has done a lot for various communitites and charities around the bay area and the central valley. He doesn’t fit the mold of the lilly-white aw-shucks QB? Again, tough shit. You want a priest back behind center? Good luck, with that.

  15. Rex Bauers says:

    My good friend, Eddie assembled people with standards from his coaches to his players and after that he expected them to win at all cost. His is teams were a family of players who were cut from the same cloth because he knew this unity would lead to winning period.

    You look at Wilson in Seattle, hate the Seahawks but he’s a model NFL QB for any team, big difference from a guy with tattoo’s, wearing is hat sideways, hanging out with thugs. Our society now tells us to accept it and that’s fine but if it goes unnoticed therein lies the problem. Again the complete opposite of Steve Young or any respectable QB in the league.

  16. unca_chuck says:

    You are a victim of bullshit. Eddie’s a convicted felon who had the luck to hire the best coach around, who he systematically drove into quitting after realizing the greatest success of just about any owner at the time.

    He didn’t give a shit about ‘cut from the same cloth.’ That’s your rose-colored rainbow-pony land fantasy of the way things were. Were you alive for that? I seriously doubt it.

    Tattoos=bad. Right. You know nothing about Kaepernick yet judge him as a thug. He’s a kid from Turlock. You are a simplistic fool. Society doesn’t tell us anything. You can choose to hate him as you must, but you base it on his looks? Call the fashion police. Christ, this is football, not a fashion show. Who cares what he wears?

    What’s the alternative? I suppose we should install Gabbert at QB. We’d go right to the top. Of the draft order.

    Mike Singletary was a stand-up guy. He’s a devout Christian. Fat lot of good that did him as a coach. You miss that? You miss Nolan?

    Right. Tell me the team was better off with Alex Smith and Mike Singletary.

  17. Rex Bauers says:

    Sorry I have to laugh at you getting upset and calling me names because you simply don’t want to admit the obvious. You look at Bruce Bochy’s Giants there are no thugs on the team and they win with class, I guess its something you must have forgotten.

    Better pray the 49ers don’t make it back to the Super Bowl because Kappy will lose and tarnish our great record again. The day after the Super Bowl lost he was in the tattoo shop finishing his latest tattoo, obviously his priorities are upside down.

    Let me asks you this on and off the football field do you even notice a difference between Kap and Wilson? Not color just the way both men carry them selves and their priorities and commitment to their football teams? One is all hype and enjoys the spotlight and the glory the media gives him for accomplishing practically nothing and the other is and outstanding individual who’s very humble and deserves the spotlight. He’s not living a thug life! The problem we face is there’s no guidance from the head of our organization.

    Remember it’s not my fault you can no longer see a difference.

  18. NoFear49er says:

    The current argument for classy players is a real argument. Albeit one that is largely image over substance. AP was considered to be a big supporter of the local community and all-around good guy until a surveillance video leak changed all that forever.

    A lot of the argument against is based on whether one likes the player/coach in question for other reasons though.

    Haley’s “issues” were fine when Walsh and Montana were here and Seifert was the D coordinator. When he wanted to “kill” Steve Young things had to change. The decision of Haley or Young was no decision really and Dallas was willing to trade for him in a one year deal and extend him on his own merits after that. All Haley wanted to do was beat Steve Young after that and IIRC he did for the next two playoff championships. But Haley intimidated enough people who write for a living that the man with five rings who played a big part in all of them is still snubbed for the HOF while many lesser players are crowned.

    Singletary was widely and loudly criticized for wearing his cross as was Nolan for his preference of sideline attire but it’s suddenly “un-PC” to criticize Kaepernick for his tattoos, or anything else.
    Hypocritical? Just a bit.

    Kaepernick can kiss his own biceps after a play and people who frown on that behavior are called out of touch or even racists. But Vernon Davis steps out of line anywhere and he’s a self-aggrandizing narcissist.
    Double-standard? Just a little.

    Lots of fans don’t like the punk-gang-criminal types in the league and I don’t blame them but the league is full of them and it’s not a new thing. Character is something that teams consider when filling out their draft boards and I agree that it is an aspect that has been pushed aside on this team in more cases lately than I can remember. And I’ve been around awhile.

    • unca_chuck says:

      Shit. Look at Ben Worthlessberger. Did anyone give him shit for wearing his hat backwards and dressing like a slob? No. Or fucking Bill Belichick for that matter? Gawd. The hypocrisy is thick around here.

  19. unca_chuck says:

    NoFear, Kaepernick didn’t get 14 personal fouls called on himself due to celebrating 8 yard catches. Kaepernick didn’t get thrown out of a game by his own coach. Kaepernick didn’t come into the league touting himself as the greatest player on earth, who proceeded to be a shitty player for 3 years.

    You can equate the two, but they are night and day. Do you begrudge Aaron Rodgers and his discount double-check? Or the 65,000 other celebrations by all the other players? My problem with VD was he kept getting penalized over and over and over. Kappy? I think he got one two years ago for spinning the ball. Yeah, hang the bastard. That’s the same? Sure it is.

    Rodgers can celebrate, and make a fortune off the discount double-check ads from it, but when Kappy does it, it’s self-aggrandizement? Talk about double standard.

    What’s hypocritical for a nationally syndicated writer to write an article and call Kaepernick ‘not quarterbacky looking enough’ and say he doesn’t ‘fit the mold’. As if they should all be white boys who don’t get inked. He gets tons of shit for his look. My point is it doesn’t matter. People can freak out about it, but it usually masks something different. Why does it matter to you that our QB has Bible verses tattooed on him? Are you that big a Leviticus fan?

    AP dresses nice. As does Ray Rice. And Mike Vick. Kill dogs and beat up women and children? Sure. As long as you look good doing it. Double standard? You guys are funny. Ted Bundy was quite the dresser.

    • rtfirefly says:

      Leviticus is the most interesting book in the Bible. A must read if your local priest or other dignitary is visiting. One must not commit the faux pas of slaughtering the wrong kind or wrong number of critter, or smearing the blood inappropriately.

      • Nipper says:

        While you guys are pontificating, bears are coming down from the hills in East LA and Dumpster diving for food. It’s tough out there!

  20. unca_chuck says:

    Right, RTF. Going to Red Lobster is a ticket straight to hell.

  21. NoFear49er says:

    Chuck, Davis made your shit list with a single commercial before the draft. I was here. It had nothing to do with any of those things you just tried to explain your dislike for him with. Everything VD did was a big deal complaint for you from before the day he was drafted.

    No, I don’t like Rodgers doing his stupid celebration. Ten other guys and coaches do their job so you can look good just doing yours. STFU and just continue to do it.

    Leviticus? It’s one of the law books supposed to be written by Moses for the Hebrews wandering in the desert. What does that have to do with anything? Are you just trying to show how PC you are and so intellectual you can make fun of others’ beliefs with the best of them? Good for you. Your moms are proud, I’m sure.

  22. unca_chuck says:

    It started with Click-Clack and continued on until Singletary benched him. It took him 3+ years to get his head out of his ass. He missed a practice to wait for a 15′ painting of himself to be delivered to his house.

    I don’t see those issues with Kaepernick. Get it? Of course not.

    Tattoos? Lobsters? Leviticus? Jesus, for a Christian you don’t know shit about the Bible. Fuck. Do you need a map to find a clue?

  23. unca_chuck says:

    RTF picked right up on that NoFear. Googling Leviticus won’t get you any Bible learnin’ there, pal.

  24. Leviticus 20:15 ‘If a man has sexual relations with an animal, he is to be put to death, and you must kill the animal.”

    I just wiped out the Appalachian Trail and the Ozarks. Both man and beast.
    The real estate market is now open.

  25. I just watched Damien knock Lee Remick over the banister while riding his little red tricycle on “The Omen” for the umpteenth time. That’s all you need to know about God in a nutshell right there.

    I sure hope someone saved those poor little goldfish.

    • NoFear49er says:

      I wish you and your dumb and dumber brothers had the balls to bash Islam, Moslems, the Koran and Muhammad here. Your “I was made to go to Catholic School and instead of hating my mums who made me go hoping I’d grow up with some values, I hate God and Christians for it because I made some bad choices or had some unfortunate circumstances befall me and now my life sucks so I hate everything” schtick is getting as tired as Chuck’s keyboard tough guy act.

  26. NoFear49er says:

    Here’s your first problem, you think no one gets it but you. Let me tell you, EVERYONE gets it, if you get it.

    Your pathetic keyboard bully act is to try to bash and shout down everyone that doesn’t line up behind your stupidity of the day. Can you tell that no one, except your pet parrot, likes that? .Look at the number of participants here, talking about finding a clue.

    The one thing you had going for you is the game day blog. It was especially good when Grumpy was here doing his commentary. But now you’ve got a collection of 49er haters destroying it because that’s all you’ll allow to offer an opinion because they do it here for the sake of the argument. And that’s you Chuck.

    BTW, I didn’t have to google Leviticus. Everyone’s not as shallow as you are.

  27. Rex Bauers says:

    Mr. Fear, Sorry I don’t consider myself a 49er hater, I love my football Team and that’s what makes me a concerned fan I guess. I mean what kind of society do we live in when people like the guy running this site expects everyone to stay quiet and just go along with the any direction our football team heads in.

    Our Society now tells us to embrace people like Kaepernick a thug and calls you a racist if you say anything about him or Obama. What’s alarming is this has nothing to do with these men’s color. Russell Wilson like Martin Luther King are respectable, Intellectual men with values and that’s the difference.

    One should not be judged by his color but by his character.

  28. NJ49er says:

    Rex who Drafted Kaepernick?
    The Owner, GM or HC?

    Tattoos are pretty hard to avoid in Sports these days.
    Who really cares anyway?
    Character and talent is also a hard line to balance, when so many of these kids get coddled in College.

    The ‘on-demand’ world we live in today, is light years removed from the NFL of the 80’s, in terms of what the media gets their hands on too.

  29. unca_chuck says:

    Well, NoFear, then why did you completely misunderstand the Leviticus reference? You missed the point entirely. Why? The rest of your shit is just the rest of your usual shit. I question Rex’s desire to see Harbaugh fired during the break. Is that terrible to question?


    What are blogs for? Expressing opinions. Right? I offered a different point of view.

    You don’t like it? Boo hoo. Cry me a fucking river.

    I feel real bad that you can’t take anything that doesn’t exactly line up with your myopic view of the world.

    Rex, should I stay quiet while you question the heart of the QB because he doesn’t look like you want him to? Sorry. I prefer to determine players by how they play, not by their fashion choices.

  30. unca_chuck says:

    What direction is that Rex? You were happy with the Nolan Years? The Singletary years?

    What exactly do you want to happen? Fire Harbaugh. Trade Kappy. Get rid of Aldon Smith, Ray McDonald, and Chris Culliver. Anyone of remotely questionable character goes. Hello 5-11. But hey, we’re all a bunch of choir boys out here.

    And we have what? Spitblood trying to be a cutie pie? Oh joy.

  31. unca_chuck says:

    Why is Kaepernick a thug, Rex? What has he done? Is it his charities that piss you off? Is it his adoption? Is it his color?

    Why does Society tell you to like him? How does it tell you to like him? Why do you listen? Are you a 12 year old girl?

    Not being facetious here. I just wonder how you form opinions when you let Society make your choices. Beyond that, what is the alternative?

  32. unca_chuck says:

    And on a final note here, after reading NoFear’s midsguided attempt at Bible studies, I had to look up Leviticus according to Wikipedia, and it was NoFear’s post pretty much verbatim. It talks about the rules for priests, common folk, and others in Society, but anyone who has read the Bible goes to the inane laws like no seafood unless it has fins, no tattoos, and no mixing fabrics in your clothes
    , and a bunch of other stuff.

    No wonder you didn’t get it. Hyuk!

    I can explain it further if you’d like.

    • NJ49er says:

      Leviticus 19:28 suggests no tattoos.
      Ergo, I’m going to H3LL.

      But, then again, I am NOT The Lord.

      • NoFear49er says:

        Ergo, you’re sounding like as big an idiot as Chuck. Despite Chuck’s newfound expertise in all things Christian by reading a paragraph or two in Wikipedia his ridiculous assumptions are not correct and neither are yours. But don’t let that stop you from jumping on the crazy train and trashing Christians, it’s all the rage now.

        Why not try bashing Islam, Moslems, the Koran and its followers? Maybe Chuck can do a quick Wikipedia search and explain it first.

      • NJ49er says:

        NoFear49er I’m a Christian that has taken to the tattoo shop.
        No offense intended.
        To each his own.

        To the simple search definition, I merely confessed to that which apparently offended ‘Rex’ regarding inking one’s body.

        I see nothing wrong with it, Christianity, or one’s ability to play professional football or, to be a good disciple, regardless of appearance or religious following.

        Do unto others…….

      • NJ49er says:

        As a kid, with an Army Dad, long hair and bell bottoms pissed him off to no end.
        Battled my way through it with him.
        Had to convince him that judging a book by it’s cover isn’t always prudent.

        Took him a long time to admit he should have given me more credit for living my life in the moment.

        He and I don’t see eye to eye on everything but, there’s no reason to squabble about our differences, we now find common ground and realize life is about sharing and caring.

        He’s a good man and I’m his Son.
        That’s all that matters in life.

      • NoFear49er says:

        It’s all about context, NJ49er. Tattoos don’t offend me. Don’t assume everything you read from Chuck is based on, well, anything.

        Sacrifices were big and the basics of hygiene not so much at the time Leviticus was written. The descendants of Levi were the priests. Leviticus instructs the priests more than anything. And in regards to the Jews surviving their wandering in the desert at the time.

        Chuck’s purpose is to ridicule all things he doesn’t agree with or understand. Context or knowledge is not important if ridicule is your only purpose.

  33. rtfirefly says:

    So, if one calls oneself a Christian, one:
    1) is protected from all criticism as it pertains to ones belief and actions under that belief, under penalty of derision and abuse at least; and
    2) may believe or do anything, so long as one can refer to the Bible and claim “context or knowledge”.

    That’s a very pretty arrangement which explains The Crusades, slavery of Africans (mark of Cain) and The Wars of Reformation and The Thirty Years War (heresy of disbelieving the Pope’s infallibility, amongst many other theological reasons).

    • NoFear49er says:

      That’s some pretty fancy and phony reasoning there, RT. Sounds like you brought a lot of that baggage with you ready to claim some moral high ground for having developed your hatred in school.

      If your criticism depends on such straw men maybe it needs more work.

      • rtfirefly says:

        The book I’m reading now is The Reformation” by Diarmaid McCulloch. You clearly don’t know the first thing about Christianity or its history. It’s sad you cloak your profound hatred in its banner.

    • 12th man says:

      Good time to talk football guys?

      • NoFear49er says:

        Okay. I don’t own Gronk in any fantasy league but he’s making me some money in the dailies. I do own Emmanuel Sanders and benched him this week in favor of Michael Floyd. I wish I had some 49ers to root for or bitch about this week.

      • 12th man says:

        Watching the Eagles Cards game, piss poor officiating again.

      • 12th man says:

        Roughing the passer penalties are a joke.

      • NoFear49er says:

        That seems to be the favored game on the RedZone channel this afternoon, too. Didn’t expect the defensive battle from the Eagles and the you’re right about the zebras. Time for the QB skirts they’ve been threatening.

      • 12th man says:

        Despite the shitty refs inserting themselves into the game this is a nail biter.

  34. rtfirefly says:

    * “as it pertains to that moniker”, under 1)

    Twelve years of Catholic school, I’m bloody well qualified to mock hypocrites and frauds under any names including “Christian”.

  35. 12th man says:

    Rumor that Lemonier could be on the trading block.

  36. Nipper says:


  37. 12th man says:

    I’m no Eagles fan….Ordinarily…

  38. 12th man says:

    Going to be tough to catch the Cards

    • NoFear49er says:

      Last game of the season may be shaping up to be a big one.

    • NJ49er says:

      We need to handle our own business at this point.

      Whether we manage to steal the Division or not, a WC slot is isn’t the end of the world.
      Harbaugh has his work cut out for him now.

      We’re 2-0 vs the NFC East leaders which could come into play later on.
      We have little margin for error now.
      A Rookie Center will be a huge transition for us.

      • 12th man says:

        I hate to say it but just maybe Arizona is for real. I doubt they keep up this pace of winning all season but as you say, the Niners have little room left for error now.

  39. Rex Bauers says:

    Well it’s now obvious that most 49er fans would sadly back anyone who puts on our uniform. Some forgot that there once was a thing called class at the QB position, remember a player that use to represent your brand, the face of your franchise. A QB needs to be an intellect with class and intelligence and that is a must in the NFL. These qualities Kaepernick doesn’t possess, he’s just one of these wannabe cocky, superstar kids out there wearing their hats with straight bills and tags, kissing his biceps, getting 15-yard penalties for cussing. Parting, hanging with other thugs and living a gangster life. Did you ever see any of our former QB’s do this kind of thing? I understand its part of our popular culture that has now been sadly accepted. Again this has nothing to do with color if Vanilla Ice was our starting QB I’d be saying the same thing.

    Steve Young, Joe Montana, Russell Wilson, Bret Farve, Aaron Rodgers, Manning, Staubach, Luck, Kelly the list goes on and on, it use to be an unspoken rule of class and dignity when given this great opportunity.

    Remember before reviewing this, remember we went from Steve Young and Joe Montana to this and some of you who call yourselves true 49er fans just don’t seem to care.

    • 12th man says:

      I think Rex is a geneous!

      • NJ49er says:

        I think Rex is confused too.
        He thinks we give a sh!t about the Seahawks and which QB is the more respectable individual too.
        Silly Rex.
        This is a 49er Blog, he must be lost.

        Once Russell gets his divorce, the anticipated Contract extension will be all his to enjoy.
        Think of all the charity offerings he can finance then.

        Jettison the wife first then, open a soup kitchen?

      • 12th man says:

        Oh the angst I bear worrying about which QB is cleaner cut juxtaposed to which is the 49ers QB, such a dilemma for the average non 49er fan.

        How about we ignore the feigned arguments “Rex” is trying to create that are just as big a waste of time as the last bunch of horseshit he trotted out?

      • 12th man says:

        What say you Mr. Fear?

  40. Rex Bauers says:

    Confused? I’m not the one who watched Steve Young and Joe Montana on and off the football field and now sees no real problem with a thug behind center. Super Bowl Winners Tom Brady, Roethlisberger, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Joe Flacco, all have one thing in common and that’s CLASS!

    Franchise QB’s need the intelligence to think on their feet, evaluate all of their options and understand the impact their actions will have on the outcome of the game. Any stout defense will put an end to Kappy’s dream every time. Kaepernick is just a wannabe Star that the media hyped up after he did absolutely nothing but tarnish our Super Bowl record and he’ll do it again if given the opportunity. All this hoopla did was fuel this self-centered, it’s all about me, the world is mine, gangster. The down fall for Harbaugh is he had the team, they were ready to win it all but he had no winner behind center. He put his faith in Kappy and his window is almost slammed shut now.

    Harbaugh wasted our time with Alex Smith and now with Kaepernick while the Andrew Luck’s of the world go to other teams. Oh I’m a 49er fan all right but I refuse to watch my football team turn into a bunch of thugs.

    • NJ49er says:

      Pretty sure Harbaugh Drafted that thug Rex.
      Pretty sure the same HC taught him everything he knows to this point in his career too.

      Heck, even the game plans come from the same HC.

      Maybe Harbaugh cultivated a thug?

      Let’s also go over that list of SB winning QBs you cited above.
      One common denominator?
      All are pocket passers.

      Harbaugh hasn’t gotten that message through to Kaepernick the thug just yet perhaps?

      Or maybe, just maybe, Harbaugh is too busy playing conservative ground and pound while that window you elude to continues to close.
      Teach Kaepernick the finer points of a passing game and things should improve dramatically.
      Assuming of course Harbaugh has it in his bag of tricks.

  41. unca_chuck says:

    Fuck, Flying V. You pick now to come back? Your ip address was banned previously, but Ill let you post for old times sake.

    What a fucking laugh riot.

    Thing is, Flying V. You’ve always liked the bad boys. You’d let Kappy fuck you sideways.

    Russell Wilson’s an admitted abuser and bully. But he sure looks sweet!!

    You could just eat him up> Right V? Get a fucking life.

  42. 12th man says:

    ” Oh I’m a 49er fan all right but I refuse to watch my football team turn into a bunch of thugs.”
    Lol, Stop watching then since that’s all you can do anyway.

  43. Nipper says:

    Lets have a moment of silence for the Raiders……..may they rest in peace.

  44. Nipper says:

    That damn AZ keeps on winning! Dammit!

  45. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, both those games could have gone our way, but Chip and Co. made the cardinal mistake of giving up a big play with under 2 mins left. Palmer is actually impressing me. I seriously didn’t think he’d do this well.

    Seattle’s offense looks like they took our playbook from 2009.

  46. unca_chuck says:

    Flying V, pointing at Ben Worthlessberger as a shining beacon of exemplary behavior shows your stupidity. But that was never in question.

  47. unca_chuck says:

    The central scriutinizing eye of the national media has found a new team to badger. The Seattle Seahawks. Amid reports of Percy Harvin’s fighting with teammates before the Super Bowl to the locker room talk that their star quarterback is an ass-kissing management lackey, there’s a new report that Marshawn Lynch hates Pete Carroll, and will be out of Seattle after this season.

    Far be it from me to gloat over their travails, but their smugness over the tornado of innuendo swirling around the Niners earlier this year is, well, just desserts.

  48. Rex Bauers says:

    I just don’t understand the language here. My parents are from New Orleans and as a family we never use bad language like what I’ve read here. Seems someone is trying to act big and bad and using this site as a platform to act tough because they want to be in control.

    Getting back to football. I hear a lot of fans here talking about the Raiders, you know the team with the bad image because they had a history of picking up thugs on teams around the league who didn’t want these players ruining their image. Remember these same thug fans and their legendary embarrassing acts? Well Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation that will make us seem great or better than we really are. This once ran true here with the 49ers but no longer can anyone make these false statements. Yes thanks to our transparent organization this no longer holds true. Yes nowadays we find ourselves bagging on teams we hated because of their thug image when now we’re just as bad as they are or even worst.

    I don’t see the Raiders with Kaepernick the original gangsta on their team or the classless group of criminals Harbaugh has assembled. The image that you hated with the Raiders you now find yourself embracing with the 49ers. Players and fans are at the Raiders level and just don’t realize it. This is what happens when an organization is run loosely and standards, tradition, class is no longer a priority.

    The very sad part is not only this happening but the fans who should care no longer do.

  49. unca_chuck says:

    You write prettty well for a 10 year old.

    The world is filled with bad people. Do you ever leave mom’s basement?

  50. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up. So long Rex. We hardly knew ye.

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