Valley Boys Win!

Well, it took two games, but the Santa Franciscoclara 49ers of silicon valley won their first game in their new digs. In what should have been a 35-0 beat-down turned into a near-tragic loss as the defense pitched a shutout, yet the special teams unit gave up two touchdowns on a blocked punt in the end zone, and a 60+ yard punt return by continual pest Darren Sproles.  Throw in a pick 6 by Colin Kaepernick, and you have a Niner team down by 14 midway through the 2nd quarter, and down 21-13 at the intermission, despite having outgained Philly 197 to 77 yards. The lone TD in the 1st half came on a supremely strange play in which Kaepernick rolled left to buy time, and threw a 35 yard sideways pass to Frank Gore while running left. A throw that maybe 5 QBs in the league can make, btw, and Frank, who was all alone, took the rock and okey-doked ‘n’ stiff-armed his way into the end zone for a 55 yard score.

The second half was highlighted by Antoine Bethea smoothly taking over as the enforcer of this defense. His hit on Zach Ertz early in the 3rd quarter forced a fumble that Perrish Cox recovered, and that set up Kappy’s laser throw, and Stevie Wonder’s tippytoe 12 yard TD catch to cut the lead to one for Philly. 2 possessions later, Bethea, on a pass thrown under heavy pressure by the ageless Justin Smith, Bethea picked off the underthrown bomb. Bethea, making his 100th consecutive start, despite an ankle injury that threatened to sideline him, made a huge tackle late in the game, as Philly tried to score late in the game. He shot through the line on a Gerald McCoy run to tackle him one yard short of the end zone. On the next play, he came on a blitz and pressured Foles into a 4th down incompletion to end the threat.

For all the struggles to pass-protect, the run blocking was solid, as Gore hit many big runs on his way to a 119 yard effort, and the team totaled 218 yards on the ground while giving up only 22. So, despite outgaining Philly 407 to 213, and winning the TOP battle 42 minutes to 18, the 49ers were in real danger of losing this game. The defense stepped up in a huge way, and you have to tip your cap to Vic Fangio for shuffling his lineup to get real pressure on Nick Foles all game.

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  1. unca_chuck says:

    From the man who won’t shut his fucking mouth, here’s Deion Sanders on the 49ers locker room:

    So, let’s see. Deion was there when Michael Crabtree held out as a rookie WR. He engineered the suspension of Dez Bryant in his last year of college. Now, he’s talking shit about the Niner locker room through who? Everyone thought LMJ was the rat, and he very well may have been, but there’s another rat whose name is synonymous with an STD. Crabs anyone?

    Funny how Deion, as a member of the Shield, through their TV network, can negotiate contracts for rookies and college players and such, all the while spreading disinformation and bullshit over the airwaves, and not get tossed for fomenting player discontent, creating conflicts of interest, and pandering. Odd.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    The point being, if Harbaugh really does treat the players like this (no cards, no music, no fun), he’s following the path of many coaches who have strangled the reins and become way too overbearing. We’ve already seen this team fall on their faces in big games due to what can be perceived as a super-uptight coach. It wasn’t until Tom Coughlin learned to loosen up a few notches before his team won anything. Brian Belichick as well.

    This isn’t college. These are grown men for the most part. The rah-rah college shit worked in the beginning. Getting the miond-set of winning was instilled by Harbaugh, and he’s close to reaching his goals. However, being the overbearing disciplinarian to a team full of guys like Frank Gore, Patrick Willis, Navorro Bowman, leaders in their own right, is an insult to them. If Harbaugh doesn’t learn to lighten up, he will lose this team.

    Like .38 Special said, hold on loosely, but don’t let go. If you cling too tightly, you’re going to lose control.

  3. Spitblood says:

    Jim Harbaugh: 2nd best coach in 49er history.

    • unca_chuck says:

      Sorry to see you can’t think of anything original but merely regurgitate nonsense.

      • Spitblood says:

        Who else thinks Harbaugh’s the second best head coach in 49er history and uses it to drive you, Del and NJ insane? There’s no other word for it other than “original.”

        ~ Jim Harbaugh: The 2nd greatest coach in 49er history ~

  4. unca_chuck says:

    I will say at least these are pithy and not 100,000 word screeds like your interminable and failed blog. I fart in your general direction, you dirty English pig-dog.

  5. snarkk says:

    Where are the local “insiders” on all this stuff about the players and Harbaugh? As usual, not much “inside” information from them. Whatever the truth is, looks likely Harbs will be coaching his last year here. He’s the type that burns the candle bright and quickly. Just his MO. There’s a really bad team nearby that’s going to be looking for a new coach next season to come in and turn the place upside down, and turn it around. Probably would give the right guy, maybe even someone who had a cupa coffee with them, a GM / HCoach combo position, because the owner doesn’t know his arse from, well you know. I wonder if that might be a fit for Harbs?…

  6. unca_chuck says:

    Good question, Snarkk. Look at what the Giants players did to Baggarly when he reported the yelling match between Romo and Dunston. In an open locker room no less.

    I fear Maiocco, Barrows, Inman, and Co. don’t want to lose access, so they soft-pedal this shit. Which is ludicrous. Kawakami has been all over this, but he’s fairly uncredible as he would report just about anything, true or not, to make Harbaugh look bad.

    • Spitblood says:

      Oh yeah, it’s fair and balanced around here. If it wasn’t for me and my boy, NoFear, we’d have the second coming of the Nazi third reich around here.

  7. Irish Kevin says:

    I don’t know who the guy was on ESPN last night, but he ended his analysis of the game with “Niners got away with one”. I took that as he thought the Niners should have lost this game. Kind of a slap in the face to me. The D was outstanding. But Kap cannot be running for his life every time he goes back to pass. Seemed lke every time Kap dropped back to pass there was a D player all over him. He was very lucky to get that throw off to Gore. falling back and throwing from his back foot. Foles would sometimes have plenty of time to survey the field. This is not a knock on the Niner D. They got some nice hits on Foles. The D actually got to Foles quite a few times, compared to the last 2 games where there was no pressure on the QB. The Fans were very much into this game. Lots of noise in the 4th quarter when Phillies Offense was on the field. I have not heard or read anything on the noise level of Levi stadium. It seems so open that I am not sure how loud the fan noise is. Anyone heard anything. Only 2nd game at the stadium so will see.

  8. Spitblood says:

    I think Sanders is right, just for the record. I think there’s signs Harbaugh’s not real popular with his players anymore. I think “Who’s got it better than us?” is now the corniest, most overplayed chant in the history of mankind…. and that’s includes the Macarena. (Hey, Macarena…). I also think the sloppiness is attributed to a team not as engaged with the overall scheme of things. But it happens.

    I honestly think Vernon Davis is faking it, and if I was Jim Harbaugh I’d sit Vernon Davis. Vernon Davis is giving us, 49er fans, a walking holdout. I fuckin’ hate Vernon Davis. The play that took him out of the game – holding his kidney? If you watch the replay he barely gets touched. But that’s a money issue, not a Harbaugh issue. But in general, the issues overlap.

    I think Sanders citing Harbaugh not letting the players listen to music or play cards on the plane is probably exactly right. Harbaugh is definitely a control junky, a lot like Tom Coughlin. I think Harbaugh is Tom Coughlin Jr. And I think Harbaugh will win multiple Super Bowls on his own, someplace else – like Coughlin.

    The problem with all of this is Jed York. When the Browns story surfaced, York was terrible at damage control. When the Ray Mac story surfaced, York was non-existent for a week until it was clear which way the wind was blowing. York hid behind Harbaugh. Now, with a team with grumblings, playing sloppy football, York needs to make a statement to the press regarding Harbaugh to settle the team and get them focused. But York’s not a leader. York’s lack of leadership will make the situation worse, like a big machine with a loose nut, rattling until all hell breaks loose. Then Harbaugh will go someplace else, with more control, win, and York’s team will dive right into the cellar. The biggest loser will be 49er fans (some of whom don’t know what they’re asking for).

    If I was York, this would be my statement:

    Jim Harbaugh is the head coach of the SF 49er for as long as he wants to be here. Learning how to coach and win Super Bowls is a process. It took the greats, like Bill Walsh and Tom Coughlin, time to learn their craft – learn how to treat people, how to win. Harbaugh is a great coach, but he’s learning about how to treat people – his players, members of the front office, the refs. If you’re a player on the 49ers and you’re not interested in playing for Jim Harbaugh, stand up, raise your hand, and we’ll be happy to try and trade you right now. No player is too big to be traded.

    Regarding Harbaugh’s contract, I don’t usually make matters of negotiation public, but this is a rare instance. Jim would like more control over his 53 roster, both through cuts and the draft. This would mean reducing Trent Baalke’s roll, which I’m not entirely comfortable with, but I agree with John Madden when he said recently that, “It’s easier to find a suit.” At the end of the year I will give Jim Harbaugh as much money as he’d like, with as much control, hoping in turn Harbaugh will work to treat his players and the refs with more respect.

    And to Vernon Davis – decide. Are you a holdout or a football player? Because that bullshit of you pulling yourself out of the Philly game, holding your kidney, will not be tolerated. You’ve been a great Niner. Don’t ruin your reputation over money.”

  9. Irish Kevin says:

    There was I think 2 Seconds on the clock at the half?? I for one, I was booing when Philly pinned them back on the 2 yard line and H did his famous 3 runs and out gig!! That pissed me off. A pass. any kind of a pass for the first play would have been better. I agree a team does not want a turn over when they are down there, but Philly had already blocked a punt so why not try a pass on the first play? a first down would have ended the game.

  10. unca_chuck says:

    Kevin, paramount to anything was to keep the clock moving. I get not passing there. Not when you saw how easily Philly was getting through. Maybe a rollout-short toss, but nothing more risky than that. Problem there is, you get a holding call, and it’s a safety. A sack? Safety. Crabs was out, and VD was out as well. Stopping the clock there could have tipped the balance to Philly’s favor. As it was, Lee had a good punt with good coverage and Philly got a holding call to boot.

    As far as the half goes, I’d throw a hail Mary. No risk at all. Maybe get a PI call and kick the FG as the half can’t end on a defensive penalty.

    You were there, right? How was the crowd? I can’t get a sense of how loud it is there from the TV.

    • Irish Kevin says:

      We are all standing for defensive plays and yelling our voices dry. I was just wondering if any of that was causing Foles to have trouble calling plays. did not appear to affect him. So is the stadium as loud as Seattles? does not appear to be.

  11. unca_chuck says:

    Spitty, just shut up while yer behind. VD faking it? Ludicrous. Meth-heads with ADD don’t change their minds as much as you.

  12. unca_chuck says:

    And, in fine fashion, Harbs refutes the locker room claims.

    SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP) — Jim Harbaugh has no time for Deion Sanders, Trent Dilfer or others who want to question whether the fourth-year coach has lost his locker room or the faith of his players.

    On Sunday on NFL Network, Sanders said of 49ers players: “They want him out. They’re not on the same page.”

    Harbaugh on Monday responded by saying: “Personally I think that’s a bunch of crap. People say what they say.”

    Analyst Dilfer offered Monday on ESPN Radio that, “I do think it’s become almost toxic.”

    Harbaugh dismissed that, too, by saying, “I haven’t seen Trent or Deion around much.”

    Harbaugh is in the fourth season of his original $25 million, five-year contract he signed in January 2011 when he left Stanford to become the 49ers coach. San Francisco (2-2) beat the Eagles 26-21 on Sunday.

    Harbaugh certainly know how to play the game.

  13. NoFear49er says:

    It’s a tabloid personality playing to a tabloid audience. Can’t play cards? Give me a break! As if the notion of overpaid crybabies needs any more support.

    They want Harbaugh gone? Doubt it, and inasmuch as it might be true for a few, let them play for teams on the bottom of the heap for a few years and watch their careers fade as their reputations as losers grow. I guess if they can play cards on the plane they’ll be good.

    If anything they may be wondering about Harbaugh’s commitment to the team with all the brouhaha over his contract extension.

    • Spitblood says:

      Exactly. Well said. But watch out, NoFear, if you disagree with Chuck he’ll call you names. They’re hurtful, too.

      ~ Jim Harbaugh: The 2nd best head coach in 49er history ~

      And what did I just say? Jed York is not a leader. When have we seen other head coaches responding to the media like this? This is a time for the owner to once again step up and say something…. but again, Jed York is a coward. Defend your fuckin’ organization, York, you little pussy.

    • unca_chuck says:

      Well, WTF is that about? If I’m a 32 year old football player and my coach tells me I can’t play cards or listen to music while flying for the next 6 hours, well, I’m not going to be happy. I’d tell him to go take a hike.

      WTF do you DO on a 6 hour flight to Jacksonville? Drink? That’s what I mean by being overly disciplined for no fucking reason. Harbaugh’s turning purple over a timeout called but I can’t play cards with my teammates while on a 6 hour flight? Fuck that.

  14. unca_chuck says:

    At least NoFear doesn’t repeat the same thing 200 times and act like it’s a fresh shiny turd, Spitty. Write another 10,000 word screen meaning nothing. Go on, I dare you. Fish ain’t biting? Maybe you ain’t catching.

  15. unca_chuck says:

    So, in a nutshell, Gore should be cut until he plays well. Then he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread and should be ridden like a rented mule. VD is the best TE in the game and did the right thing by not holding out until you perceive him faking an injury and now you hate him. Nexzt week I’m sure he’;ll be something else.

    You act like life is a series of unconnected events that all happen in a vacuum. Good luck with that.

  16. Spitblood says:

    ~ Jim Harbaugh: The 2nd greatest coach in 49er history ~

  17. Spitblood says:

    What did I write earlier? God forbid the defense attorney for Ray Rice (with the NFL and court of public opinion – I know this was already wrapped up with the courts – joke) uses this as a defense for his client. But it would be a good one, and probably what’s really going on with Ray Rice. No coincidence this guy was having issues with his woman. It’s the brain damage.

  18. Irish Kevin says:

    I love to listen to Brent Jones critique the Niners. The first game against the Cowboys he mentioned how Harbaugh does not know how to put games away. Tonight he picked on the O line and the pass protection, (what pass protection) anyway he went on to say that if it was not for Kapps athleticism he would have been sacked at least 12 times in the 1st half alone!! What the hell is wrong with the O line? Can run block burnout pass? Jones went on to say the Niners will not make it to the post season with this line. He called the O line mediocre!

  19. Flavor says:

    Alex Smith outplaying Tom Brady. Hilarious.

  20. NoFear49er says:

    Alex hands off with the best of ’em. No disputing that.

    • Flavor says:

      yeah, all he’s done this half is hand the ball off. Keen insight.

      • NoFear49er says:

        If he’s your idea of a good QB that’s your problem. He’s handed it off fifteen times. That’s Alex’s game and always has been That and throwing passes behind the LOS and checking down to the RB. I love the clock management and missing wide open receivers, too.

      • Flavor says:

        his QB rating is nearly double Brady. There are like 5 guys in the world who think Alex Smith is a horrible QB and all 5 blog at this site.

      • Spitblood says:

        I don’t think Alex Smith is a horrible quarterback. I just don’t think he’s a championship caliber quarterback, and there’s a difference. In his entire career he’s won one playoff game and that was because the Saints turned the ball over 5 times – and Smith still made it a nail biter. With the Chiefs he’s 0-1 in the playoffs.

        Tonight Smith looks like Smith….. a guy who needs a great running back alongside him. But Smith has made some throws. Hard to say how good the Patriots’ D is right now after four games.

      • Spitblood says:

        Flavor – You must hate Colin Kaepernick. Sucks for you.

      • NoFear49er says:

        So you came here to start some shit with that post? Good for you. Not enough of that around here.

        Brady’s around 95 QBR career and Smith quite a bit lower than that, btw. And if you think there are only five guys in the world who think Alex is less than stellar you should probably get out more.

        What about the 31 GMs and HC that had no interest in Alex when he needed to find a new home? Do those guys count or just trouble-making fans?

      • Flavor says:

        “less than stellar?” I didn’t say that. I said you think he’s a horrible qb. Maybe you don’t think that but your posts suggest you do. And who’s starting shit? All I said was that he was outplaying Brady and I thought that was funny. If that’s “starting shit” around here then I guess it doesn’t take much.
        I’m out. Have a good night.

    • NoFear49er says:

      and I didn’t say that. You said, “There are like 5 guys in the world who think Alex Smith is a horrible QB and all 5 blog at this site.” So what did you expect when you posted that?

      Of course you’re as entitled to your opinion as anyone else, and so am I. I posted mine under yours. You replied, “Keen insight.” That’s starting shit. What world do you live in?

  21. rtfirefly says:

    I saw the Chiefs go 75 yds on the first two plays of their second drive: handoff to Jamaal and 1 yd pass to Jamaal.

  22. Nipper says:

    You guys bitch too damn much. Don’t you have any problems? You’re lucky. Go feed the Ducks.

  23. unca_chuck says:

    Gee, the Alex Smith fun never ends. Hard to pin the Indy game on him, or the NYG NFCCG, but go for it. Tony Romo is God to some here, but he’s done nothing for his whole career. Imagine that.

    • NoFear49er says:

      That’s wrong, too. Look up his career stats if you think Romo’s done nothing. How can you say Alex’s losses are on the team as a whole but not Romo’s?

      • unca_chuck says:

        Wrong? Smith gets shit for playoff wins and losses. Where’s Romo? Romo’s numbers are great. But when has he won in the playoffs? 10 years ago? When has he lived up to the constant hype? He lost the last 4 play-in games to reach the playoffs. He’s a fantasy stud but a reality dud.

        Smith? He’s a quiet guy who doesn’t preen in the spotlight. You still are all bent for him not making Mike Dick Nolan look good. It was Mike’s fault, not Alex’s. Harbaugh proved that.

      • NoFear49er says:

        I think Harbaugh proved he could dumb down the passing game with lots of check downs and short stop routes and win with a strong running game and stout defense until he could dump Alex for a better QB.

        Yeah, Nolan looked bad (in your estimation) by bringing in good O coordinators, receivers, o-line guys and keeping three QBs to start ahead of Alex.

        If Alex was any good do you think commentators would still be trying to convince the fans that have watched him for nine years that he’s good?

        He also doesn’t mind using that spotlight to trash teams and coaches that have tried to help him and ones that actually have. What a great guy!

      • unca_chuck says:

        In my estimation? 17-36 speaks pretty loudly as to Nolan’s effectiveness. The year he was poised to win, he rushed his injured QB back into action too soon and let him get blasted all over the field so much that he missed the next 24 games. Brilliant. And you’ll whine about him being fed up with his coach. Right.

        Too funny. Smith goes 20-6-1 under a different coach with the same players, and the previous one is what you go with? Coach killer indeed. More and more, the coach killer around these parts appears to be young Jed.

  24. unca_chuck says:

    Wow. The future president is on his way to being impeached.

  25. unca_chuck says:

    Huh. You can’t go to your knees? Shit, Tim Tebow should have been penalized 50 times. No Fun League indeed.

  26. Nipper says:

    Man ……Chuck getting ganged up on his own blog. There’s no respect!

  27. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up . . .

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