Game Day X – Road Warriors

These are the times that try men’s souls. Or some shit. The season comes down to these two upcoming road games. The Big Easy and the Big Sleazy. Come out of this with a split, and there’s a possibility that we are still hanging on to that 6th playoff spot. N’Alwins has never been an easy team to play with their firepower and all, and its even more daunting playing them in their dome. Offensively, they are pretty damn good. Their offense is scoring better than anyone not named Denver. Drew Brees is lighting things up per usual, but the new wrinkle is the running game behind 29 year old journeyman Pierre Thomas and young Mark Ingram. NO Dropped a 245 yard rushing performance on the Cowboys last week. They have weathered the Gregg Williams/Sean Payton deal and are now thriving under Rob Ryan’s newly installed 3-4 defense.

The Niners? Well, we’ve (and everyone under the sun) has dissected, detailed, and debated the current failings of this offense. No need to flog the equine any more than previously done.

This is a huge game for the morale of this team and this young QB. A win would right the ship and hopefully propel them into the playoffs as the WC team no one wants to play. Lose this game, and it may start a slide right out of the playoffs.

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    • NoFear49er says:

      The Denver Manning’s didn’t look as good as the Chiefs looked mediocre to bad. How in the hell can they have come into the game undefeated. Alex Smith still stinks only with more weapons and a stout defense.

      Really, if the Chiefs can be 9-0 in this league what’s the point of being champion of it? Seriously, without their defense, who couldn’t even get to the QB, by the way, they’re a long ways from being good. If that’s what number one looks like I may as well make the slide to watching only college ball.

  1. Chico says:

    Alex is no longer with the team fellas! Lets move on and focus on what we need to do to get better.. A new OC wouldn’t hurt.

  2. NoFear49er says:

    Hey Chico, good to see you.

    Point of order, I’ve got not a thing against Alex Smith, the man, nothing. But as a commenter on some blogs I’ve taken a fair ration of shit over the years for any and all comments critical of his ability to play the position. When I see the guy move on to a different team and still play the same way he did here, all the excuses that have been thrown at me for years are invalidated. He sucks! Like most people, he probably sucks at a lot of things. But I think it’s fair to comment when a guy makes so much money doing something so poorly, or so rarely well, and especially if I feel he’s the one responsible for dragging my team down.

    As for Roman, I’d be willing to bet he’s implementing Harbaugh’s plan, generally if not specifically. It’s been going on for weeks. Plenty of time to fire the guy if he’s gone rogue or make a change if that’s what’s desired. And I really don’t blame either of them considering the weapons they have at their disposal currently.

    Receiving-wise Boldin has not stepped up, that leaves a cast of undependables and the Vernon Davis / Frank Gore receiving crew. Not terribly difficult to cover just two key guys and dampen their contribution, I’d say most opposing defenses begin their game plan by taking away one or the other, or at least attempting to do so.

    Our run game is pretty solid and while boring to many fans, wins games for Harbaugh. He knew it wouldn’t be enough to best the Saints and the passing game he put in did produce two passing TDs. That’s one more than Drew Brees and his high-powered passing game managed.

    As I’ve asserted, many times, the coaches can’t play the game, too. Frank dropped a pretty fat ball on his way to the end zone, for example, is that on Roman? CK7? We win if Frank makes that play.

    Just sayin’

    • NJ49er says:

      Have to agree once again NoFear49er re Alex.
      He’s a stand up guy and all but, doesn’t exactly rock your socks from the QB perspective.

      I’m starting to question the basic philosophy of the OC and the Routes being utilized.
      If the weapons aren’t worthy of stretching a Defense, perhaps your answer would be to run combo packages to create some space?

      We’re woefully inadequate beyond Vernon stretching the Defense and Kaep isn’t seeing the entire field.

      I’d lay Frank’s dropped pass equally at the hand of Kaep as well.
      IMO, the pass was low and somewhat behind him given the nature of his momentum up field.
      Granted, many RBs make that play look easy. I happen to think Kaep took away his momentum and made that play much more difficult than it needed to be.

      IMO, that play was the back-breaker. Easily could have sealed TOP and, likely provided at minimum, a FG to keep Brees and Co from regaining any rhythm.

      Won’t even get into the pussy call regarding Brooks’ sack either.
      Total BS.

      • NJ49er says:

        We had benefit of an aging and newly inserted from injury, Malcom Jenkins at S.
        Vernon beat him once on the score but, Roman/Kaep never attacked him.
        They had success going after Jabari Greers’ replacement with some success and it appeared to me Jenkins was being rolled his way on several occassions.

        Perhaps that is when they attempted to get Baldwin behind him, which obviously failed miserably, when he didn’t look for the ball.

        We’re looking at some major issues with this Offense. Can’t sit and wait for Crabtree to answer our prayers.
        Not even sure how much he’ll trust his abilities following a surgery on one of the wheels he needs to make a living.

        Roman/Harbaugh better get this thing back on the rails quickly.
        It’s showing signs of festering.

        Kaep, who I always thought was rock-solid and confident, is suddenly looking indecisive and rattled too.
        No way we should have looked as inept as we did vs a Rob Ryan scheme.
        We shat the bed in that regard.
        No imagination, worse execution.

      • NoFear49er says:

        I agree about us not attacking the soft spots in the defense. I think we probably lack the play card selections to do it.

  3. NoFear49er says:

    Hey NJ49er,

    The pass wasn’t a thing of beauty, I’ll give you that, but catchable certainly. That’s what good players do, and must do when it counts. Hell, any of the backups who will never be starters do that good or better. Hard to be hard on Frank given how much of the load he gets in the offense but he should have had that one.

    I was counting on this game to prove we could beat good teams but we got careless at the end. That’s a sign of a team not used to winning, so what’s our excuse? We had them on the ropes and couldn’t finish. Coaches get some blame for that but it was mostly the players’ poor execution that let it get away. I don’t like the way the team gets into the arguing calls either, that’s from a bad example set by Harbaugh every game. Takes away from the game focus in my opinion. Bad calls are as much a part of the game as missed field goals. Make a face, cry “bullshit” and continue the mission. Don’t give the players an excuse to lose.

    Brooks should have had that one but he also should know to go lower than that or risk getting the call. It’s pretty common this year. A little of the careless there, too. I don’t like the rule but every plyer knows it and especially the guys who hunt QBs. CK7 could have been called for grounding in the end zone, too.

    We shouldn’t have lost to the Colts, or probably the Panthers. This one wouldn’t have been so bad.

    • NJ49er says:

      Rough in all regards NoFear49er.
      Agree too about Harbaugh and the sideline antics.
      He’s an excitable sort certainly but, be a Pro.

      Not sure where we find the answers. It’s amazing to me how little we work the edges in this Offense too.
      A Walsh Offense was known for changing pace and, working sideline to sideline to gas a Defense and keep them off balance.
      We’re one dimensional and VERY predictable.

      I’m not even certain that the upcoming trip to DC is a given either.
      RG III can get on the fringe and make plays. We had Brees in the pocket and couldn’t make him surrender.

      Gonna be long week regurgitating this one.

  4. Did we kill Eric Mangini’s first born male child yet?

  5. unca_chuck says:

    I’m with ya there, Dennis. The Eric Mangina Experience is over.

  6. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up, BTW.

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