The Big Easy Hangover


Drew Brees after the hit:


In the woulda, coulda, shoulda game, the Niners barely pulled this one out over the mighty Saints in N’Awlins. If Frank Gore woulda caught the swing pass with 40 yards of shiny plastic turf in front of him, the Niners woulda scored and salted the game away. If the Niners coulda managed the clock and the red flag situation a tad better they coulda scored going into halftime. And, finally, the ref shoulda eaten his flag on the Ahmad Brooks sack of Drew Brees and subsequent fumble recovery by Patrick Willis in the closing moments of the 4th quarter.

As it was, Gore dropped the pass, Mangina, Kappy, Harbaugh and co. wasted all their TOs in the 1st half on a) the 1st series, and b-c) two challenges that were patently obvious to be nowhere near being overturned, and the ref threw the flag on the sack/fumble.

(Insert rant here: At what point do we just declare all sacks penalties? Or make it 2 hand touch on the QB? Brooks did not go for Brees’s’s’ head. He hit Brees across the chest and his arm slid up to Brees’ neck. Savage hit? Undoubtedly. Penalty-worthy? If so, then what do defensive players aim for? Below the waist is off-limits. The head is off limits. You can’t extend your arms to tackle the QB. If the upper chest is off limits, then you basically have an area of 12″ below the armpits and above the waist. You’re better off letting the QB run in circles, I suppose. These defenders have enough to worry about trying just to get to the QB. Now they have to stop and figure out the correct way to properly tackle the QB? Thanks for ruining the game Goodie Goodell. Goodell is all about safety, except where it comes in direct violation of slowing the money train. Can you say Thursday Night Football? Football in England for no particluar reason?)

Anyhow, this game will get dissected, like the last one, as to who f*cked up harder to lose the game. There were some positives around the loss. The play-calling was a little better. When the Niners put 4 WRs in a formation, 3 were actually WRs! An improvement (the downside was seeing Osgood on special teams make a special bus play to give the Saints 15 free yards on their final drive). The Niners took advantage of the NO mistakes. They scored a TD on the muffed punt, a TD on the Brooks pick, and got a FG on the forced fumble on the pick by Kappy. The situation they didn’t quite capitalize on was when NO went for it and failed on 4th and 4 on the SF 40, a play that would have been dissed heavily had NO lost, giving the Niners great field position. As it was they kicked a FG.

After that, it was 3 and out city. The offense did no favors to the defense by going 3 and out their last 2 drives to close out the game. Gore’s drop came after the Saints had closed the gap to 20-17, and he had a good 20-30 yards of clear sailing ahead of him. As I said. Woulda Coulda Shoulda. This is getting eerily rem,inidcent of the Nolan days where we played well eough to lose close games. This used to be a different story. Seattle, for all thier struggles in these recent games, figured out a way to win. Not to lose. Hence their 9-1 record.

My biggest peeve is not only do opposing DBs not honor our non-exisetent deep passing game, OUR OWN WRs don’t honor it at all as well. Jon Baldwin didn’t even bother looking for the deep ball thrown his way late in the game. He half-assed the route and was startled by the UFO that floated past his head.

The good news? Well, seeing as this is our 2nd 2-game losing streak, this team has the wherewithall to rip off 3 or 4 wins at the expense of some upcoming shitty teams. THese guys should be able to win 5 of the last 6 games. 11-5 should get them in.

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  1. twinfan1 says:

    Well, Brooks did hit him across the chin. If CK were hit in the same manner, the 49ers would be calling for the flag, as well. Close call for sure, and they should have replay on those calls- But the rules were needed in light of the hundreds of players whose lives were ruined due to the nearly criminal denials of the evidence that inarguably proved the long term damage so many players suffered while the NFL fiddled and brains fried.
    And no- the argument that the players “signed on” for this doesn’t wash. No one signed on to have the NFL conceal the dangers of concussions and rush concussed players back onto the field, often within minutes. Since the league has settled the lawsuit filed by 4500 ex-players, we may never get to find out what the league’s “Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Committee” actually did, a committee headed for a decade by….. a *rheumatologist.*

  2. unca_chuck says:

    Of course Harbaugh would be calling for the flag. Harbaugh whines about everything. Me? Probably not. That has nothing to do with the call itself. The force of the blow was to the shoulder pads. Fault Brees, or salute him for drawing the flag, but the play should not have been penalized. Otherwise sacks should be outlawed.

  3. Chico says:

    “If the upper chest is off limits, then you basically have an area of 12″ below the armpits and above the waist. You’re better off letting the QB run in circles, I suppose.” – that was pretty funny.. There are side-by-side photos out there today showing the tackle on Brees and a tackle on Kaep. Easy to find, too. Also an article on Dixon ranting on twitter. And what a hangover it is.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    I added gif showing the hit. Brutal? Yes, as I said. Illegal? No. The play that involved Clay Matthews and Kappy was very similar. The only reason that was flagged was because Kappy was OB, not because it was a neck tackle. And oh yeah. Kappy’s a runner.

    This wasn’t even a clothesline tackle. He hits Brees in the shoulder pads. and his arm slides up to Brees’ neck as they both fall down.

    • Chico says:

      I can’t post pics on this blog, but If you go to any Niner fan page on facebook, they have side-by-side pics of both the Brees sack and a Keap sack.. Almost identical.

  5. rtfirefly says:

    Screw yesterday’s game! Screw it I tells ya! 6 points from 8-2.

    Here is my abridged edition of the teams I love to see the Niners beat:
    1) Jerry’s Toys
    2) Dan Idiotsvillesner
    3) (May the) Schwantz (be with you)

    Note that we next play (2) and are targeting (3) [great game management at the end there yesterday, Big Guy] in the playoffs.

    Get the snowshoes out of the closet for the barren, bleak trip to the Silverdome. It’ll be awesome to fudge the postgame handshake again!

  6. Flavor says:

    What I want to know is, where has the inventiveness gone with this offense. They WERE inventive last year with Kap. Are they afraid to let him run? Why draft a QB who can run if you’re never gonna let him do it. I would argue that a running QB is safer than a stand in pocket statue. If you’re running the play is out in front of you and you decide when you’re gonna slide– that’s all in your control. In the pocket you’re waiting to get blind sided.

    • snarkk says:

      Agreed. Some of his “regressing” has come from DC’s knowing his game, and scheming against. But, this BS offensive game plan is ridiculous. He’s got great running ability, and it looks like they’ve decided they can’t risk him running/getting hurt. Which is ridiculous, because the receiving corps is horrific. Consequently, he’s in the pocket mesmerized — can’t find anybody open, isn’t supposed to run. That’s what I think is going on. He’s totally confused in what to do — can’t make a decision…

    • NoFear49er says:

      Inventiveness is currently on the PUP list.

  7. unca_chuck says:

    The problem is and I’ll repeat myself ad nauseum, is that no one respects our deep game so, cornerbacks don’t drop back deep with the WRs, they stay 10 yards and closer to the line of scrimmage. Therefore the running lanes that were there last year aren’t there now.

    To go along with that, the passing plays are not designed very well. Kappy gets his share of fault for locking on to WRs and having problems progressing through his reads, but a lot of that is due to the fact that this is a run first offense. There usually aren’t a hell of a lot of opportunities for him to hone his game when he throws 18 times a game, as he did a lot of during the win streak.

    He needs to become much better aware of the situations he’s in. He ran OB when he should have stayed in bounds late in the game, thus giving a free timeout to NO. He slid feet first when if he had gone head first would have gotten a first down.

    He is still a pup, but its incumbent on the coaching staff to put him in better situations to succeed.

    Other than that, the only hope we have is that Crabs really does make a difference. Then they all look like geniuses.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    It’s not just the CBs. The safeties and LBs all cheat in and clog up the lanes that used to be there.

    Moss was a legit deep threat. Defenses had honor that. We don’t have anyone that gets that kind of respect.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    The line blocked a little better yesterday, but time in the pocket is and issue as well. We used a few quicker passes yesterday which was good. But nothing to Miller where that has been a pretty good option lately.

    • rtfirefly says:

      I remember one play specifically where the Panther up the middle got to Kappy in the gun about the same time the ball did. 2.8 seconds? 5.0? I don’t think Kappy had time to count.
      The Broncos line they ain’t.

      I really disagree with you on what they’re lacking, however. Mine eyes have seen… wait, wrong song. Mine eyes HAVEN’T seen:
      1) Kappy taking off decisively to run when he has the window of opportunity.
      2) Quick screens and flat patterns to spread the field and draw up the corners.
      3) Quick slants in case the safeties start getting ideas about 2), above.

      Now you’ve put a little doubt into those 9 guys sitting waiting for Frank between the tackles.

      Additionally, NO MORE Frank up the middle for short on 1st, expected downfield pass for nada on 2nd, and 3rd and long (again) on 3rd. I wanted to gouge somebody’s eyes out yesterday (not my own Baby Blues, of course).

      I can put together a better O game plan. Nyah,nyah, nyah!

  10. This all started way back in the preseason games. Remember how little Kap played? They were afraid and overprotective about him getting hurt beyond what is SPO in the NFL. Jimbo and Co. wouldn’t let ’em run then, and they sure in the hell aren’t running Kap now. And if they’re so afraid about him getting hurt because of having no faith in McCoy, well, that’s all on them as well.

    You don’t cage up a lion, and you sure in the hell don’t send out a warrior to battle without his sword.

    Battle is the most magnificent competition in which a human being can indulge. It brings out all that is best; it removes all that is base. All men are afraid in battle. The coward is the one who lets his fear overcome his sense of duty. Duty is the essence of manhood.
    —George S. Patton

    • unca_chuck says:

      Right. Dennis. The football=war analogy is not a valid one. Don’t even joke about that.

      If they had better WRs out there, the offense would be a LITTLE better. Whether it would be enough to make these plays look better we’ll find out when Crabs comes back. Which should be in 2 games.

  11. unca_chuck says:

    One thing you have to like about Belichick is his no-huddle on that last TD. After the catch to the 2 yard line, they run up to the line and get the play off before Carolina can sub in their goal line defense.

  12. unca_chuck says:

    Hell of a MNF game. Gimn so far has the deciding TD.

  13. unca_chuck says:

    Unreal. Brady’s pissed. Pick up the flag?

  14. unca_chuck says:

    Shame the game had to end on such a bullshit call. This one replaces the Brooks call as the worst of the week.

  15. NJ49er says:

    Chuck I agree re the Brooks sack.
    He did everything required to avoid the blow to the head and the neck with the initial contact.
    He goes over the top, while Brees succumbs to the momentum of the hit.

    It’s football.

    Heard Willie McGinest on NFLN comment on the hit and he, being an old OLB himself, had no issues with the hit. He actually applauded the play in general.
    I’m all for protecting a QB against unncessary roughness but, this one was actually a rather well delivered blow.

    The hit Corey Liguet put on Peyton a couple weeks back, was actually more flagrant IMO.
    He went below the knees and was responsible for Peyton’s gimpy ankle being publicized ever since.

  16. NJ49er says:

    Good clip from the MNF Countddown last night –

    Ray Lewis, Steve and Dilfer weighed in on the Ahmad Brooks sack/penalty issue.

    Ray busted out the AmEx Card and offered to pick up half of any fine Ahmad might incur as a result of the hit of Brees.

    Both Steve and Dilfer defended the hit as well. Suggesting that it was part of football as they knew it.
    Ray and Dilfer basically called out Brees for crying foul in the first place as well.

    Naturally Ray stuck with his fellow LB Brooks.
    Willie McGinest on NFLN did the same thing.

  17. NJ49er says:

    Gotta love the Slo-Mo of the hit too.
    Not only shows how Ahmad wrapped him up at shoulder level, it shows how Brees’ neck definitely got stretched on the hit.

    Don’t know what he’s upset about?
    He might be taller today?

    The more it gets publicized, the more I hate the call.
    Clean Football Hit.

  18. 7tony8 says:

    Niners have bigger issues than that one missed call on Brooks good or bad.. Kap is having trouble making the right reads and the o-line cannot protect Kap in the pocket. Crabtree is not gonna be that big of a difference maker for our passing especially coming back from his torn Achilles. Reality is Niners look nothing like a SB contender and would be lucky to be able to make the playoffs with Az rising.

  19. Nipper says:

    Niner loss and yesterday a dog took a chomp on the back of my lower leg. No respect! I’m peeved because the young girl had the dog on a leash but brainlessly let it wander to me as I was passing by. “I’m sorry sir, it’s a young dog,” she claimed. Thank you very much.

  20. Irish Kevin says:

    Nice stat that was reported today, Kaep’s passes averaged 4 yards per pass. Why are we last in Passing??? That won’t get it done??? really?? And that should have been a holding call last night on the final play. It is very clear in the replay the WR was trying to get back to the ball.

  21. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, the TV wonks and about 98% of anyone talking about it said it was a clean hit. The ref was behind the play and didn’t see where Brooks hit Brees, and thus went with the erroneous assumption that Brooks hit Brees in the helmet.

    I was talking on another blog a couple days ago and said, as Ray Lewis did last night, plays like that should ne be reviewable. It completely changed the game.

    As should that terrible flag pick-up last night. Even worse was the fact that after the refs picked up the flag, they ran off the field without explaining their actions.

  22. Irish Kevin says:

    Obviously Ted Ginn needed a change of scenary. He is looking like a pro bowler. Nice to see him doing well.

  23. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, he looked like Crabs out there yesterday. Thing is, he dropped balls in Miami and he dropped balls in SF. Not sure what the diff is now.

    Didn’t think we’d miss him . . .

    • Irish Kevin says:

      ha ha,.no, like I said he needed a change. He is with the right team and the right QB for him.

      • NJ49er says:

        He’s also got Steve Smith taking coverage away from him down field.
        We need a burner other than Vernon.

    • Irish Kevin says:

      with the 49ers, I just don’t understand what a huge drop off at the Quality of WR’s the Niners have. I mean you cannot have two quality QBs, that is a fact. But the WR position?? The passing game is just sad.

  24. unca_chuck says:

    It'[s kind of the perfect storm of shittiness. Bad WRs, lousy blocking by the line, shitty play calling by the coachung staff, and poor decision-making by Kappy.

  25. unca_chuck says:

    Got a nice pic of Brees after the game at the top of the thread.

  26. NoFear49er says:

    Funny. But I’m tired of the whining little girls led by our head coach. Goodell wants that hit called. Get over it. If Kaepernick would have taken that hit and it didn’t draw a flag the hysterical outrage would be the same. “No wonder we lost guys, the officials are against us in every game we lose.” What a great rallying cry. How about fixing the deficiencies in coaching and execution instead.

    • unca_chuck says:

      You think the Pats fans are genially acceptiong of the call that went against them yesterday?

    • NJ49er says:

      NoFear49er it’s the principle that a bad call impacted a tight game.
      Guys like Goldson are flagrant. Brooks put a text book hit on the QB IMO.

      That play alone could’ve changed the game for us, as could the pass to Gore which was blown.

      For me, it’s just another example of the League going overboard with QBs.
      Had that hit been put on Kaep, I’d have the same opinion.

  27. snarkk says:

    Do the Niners even have a 2 minute offense? They can barely get a play called off in time under regular conditions…

  28. unca_chuck says:

    Bullshit, NoFear. It was a turning point, as was Gore’s drop. Plenty of moments, but that was a big one. Those kinds of plays should be reviewable. College does it now. Most people aren’t as petty as you make them seem. But carry on as you must.

    Snarkk, we haven’t run the 2 minmute offense since Alex Smith did it against Indy in 2010. Scored a TD in 1:35. Haven’t done it since. Successfully at least . . .

  29. snarkk says:

    Let Kap loose. Turn him friggin loose. Runs, rollouts, throw a bomb to anybody. Let’s have a couple of screens, whatever. How about a DRAW? I can’t remember when I saw one of those. Do SOMETHING different with this offense. And, not surprising Gore drops a pass in the open. He rarely gets thrown a pass to him anymore, it must have shocked him. Mike McGroin or whatever his name is throws 3 TDs against Houston at Houston. Mike McGroin? WTF — we weep when we get a completion for a converted 3rd down…

  30. snarkk says:

    What happened to the positives of having a consistent OC and coaching staff? If this bullshit offensive scheme continues, I’m hoping some college offers Roman a HC position he can’t turn down…

  31. snarkk says:

    The fact that Ted Ginn looked like he was an actual receiver with skills has to set Niner fans to scratching their heads. If he sucked with the Niners, but now he doesn’t suck, it must mean something in the organization MADE him suck. Now, we’ve got Dixon spouting off on Twitter about he PO’d he is about lack of playing time. WTF is going on with this offense?…

  32. unca_chuck says:

    Well, Ginn sucked in Miami as well. But he was supposed to be the man. But he didn’t have that pressure here.

    Yeah I’m hoping Roman gets a HC offer before people realize he may not be all that.

    The worry with Harbaugh is he gets another OC in the mold of Roman. Or (urk) Jimmy-Hat.

  33. NJ49er says:

    Chuck nice addition of the ‘Peyton Neck’ to Brees.

    I’m still fuming over that call.
    Probably the best hit I’ve seen in football in quite some time.
    Sucks that we couldn’t have capitalized on it though.

  34. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, this is the new NFL. As Jerry Glanville said, the No Fun league.

    The hope is these last couple of bad calls prompt some action to review calls like these.

  35. unca_chuck says:

    And Snarkk, I’m with ya there. They HAVE to try deep passes at least once early. Do it on 3rd down. Max protect and send 2 guys deep. If it’s a 50 yard pick. it’s as good as a punt. FUCK IT. They HAVE to show teams they CAN throw the ball downfield.

  36. NJ49er says:

    I’m all for dumbing it down and speeding it up.
    Just try something new.
    What we’ve been doing isn’t getting it done.

    I really thought we’d have given Chris Ault a call when he left NV.

    Let’s get that Fly Sweep in there with LMJ.

  37. NJ49er says:

    Maybe we should revisit that option if he becomes available.

  38. NJ49er says:

    Last I checked KC had him on their Staff.
    He might be more valuable to us since he knows Kaep so well.

  39. NoFear49er says:

    That’s exactly my point, NJ49er. Anything close to a QB hit in the head area will most likely get a flag. Everybody knows it. The players should walk out if they don’t want to play under those rules rather than whining endlessly about it when they get negatively affected by it. I don’t like the rule either but that’s the game today. There were many opportunities for us to win that game besides the sack. If you want to hang it on that call go right ahead for all it will change but Goodell wants the officials to make that call and err on the side of protecting the QB. I’ve proposed flags on the QBs and receivers years ago just to get it over with.

    My take is you don’t agree to the rules of the game and then cry about them when you lose.

    • NJ49er says:

      I understand the rule NoFear49er, it’s just that the hit was clean IMO.

      I know what you’re saying, can’t fight City Hall I guess.
      I’m just annoyed that guys like Goldson, flagrant head hunters, continue to inflict potentially career ending damage yet get away with fines.
      It almost seems like it’s the money they seek.
      Like cops making quota.

      That play was clean IMO. Good old fashioned football hit.
      It’s just getting tougher and tougher to see Refs disrupting good games and turning momentum.
      It’s a fine line to be sure.
      I’ve suggested the possibility of giving a Coach a chance to challenge plays such as this also.
      Pats got stiffed with the mugging of Gronk too. Just picked up the flag and called it a night.

      • NJ49er says:

        The rule is defined as shoulders to waist I believe?
        Yet you see QBs getting hit low pretty regularly in the pocket.
        Manning just a couple weeks ago vs SD.

        Clearly Brooks did wrap up around the shoulders and kept his head outside.
        The physics dictate that the ‘neck area’ and shoulders is an extremely small dividing line to judge intent.
        Can’t avoid the momentum of coming into the neck area when one guy is going over the other.
        Might as well eliminate contact all together.

  40. NoFear49er says:

    Ginn still drops the ball. He’s just decided to take some hits which he always shied away from with us and with Miami.

    Everyone seemed to think Roman was an offensive genius the past two years. Now he doesn’t know shit about offense? I doubt that. You can say he’s not very inventive or imaginative but an OC has to run plays with the guys he has suited up and still try to win the game. He was the guy that called the GB game wasn’t he? And the SB season?

    • NJ49er says:

      Well we know Roman isn’t very imaginative.
      He’s not much for rhythm IMO.

      It’s either heavy run or heavy pass.
      Has to mix it up, keep a Defense guessing.

      I thought for sure Frank would’ve seen a lot more work vs NO since they’re run defense was so suspect going in.
      Wear em out a little?

      Kaep isn’t running, perhaps by edict? Hard to know from where we view things.
      I was talking about Chris Ault and it appears that Roman did visit NV while with Stanford.
      The Pistol could easily be the missing ingredient?
      Perhaps they’ve taken Gun Control much too literally 🙂

      Here’s an older piece with Ault –

  41. NoFear49er says:

    It is a ridiculous way to play what used to be a contact sport. But the initial call was contact with the neck of the QB. Aikman said two or three times it was a too high hit and appeared to be the right call. Whether it was right or not we totally blew the game in the last two minutes, offensively and defensively. And what about the 80 plus yard return on our ST unit and the almost pick-six saved only by the defender losing control of ball while changing hands and inadvertently tossing it through the end zone to give us the ball back on the twenty? How can the players focus on the game when the HC and sidelines are griping about calls all day?

  42. NJ49er says:

    Here’s an interesting take from Fangio on the Brooks sack also –

  43. NoFear49er says:

    Okay, thanks for the links.

    Nobody likes it. And as was discussed, they all know that the officials are going to call it. Harbaugh gave them the excuse to lay down and lose after that and that’s just what they did. That’s shit for leadership.

    Even as it played out we easily could have won but for the pity party and it’s still going on. No wonder people like to call us the forty whiners. Bad calls hit every team and so do the undeserved good ones. Win the game despite the obstacles then the complaints have some meaning. Lose and it just sounds like so much whining.

    These guys like to compare themselves with soldiers in battle? Disgraceful. Maybe seven year olds playing marbles in the schoolyard. No, that’s probably not totally fair and regulated enough either. No instant replays or reviews either.

    • NJ49er says:

      Sad but true NoFear49er.
      Football is fast becoming a No Contact Sport.

      I’m all for protecting the guys from cheap shots, don’t get me wrong, it’s a rough sport.

      Agree with the Leadership aspect of your opinion also.
      Harbaugh has to find a button to push to get these guys motivated and focused on the tasks at hand.

      Pretty obvious that the status quo is going to see us lose a Playoff slot if not corrected post haste.

      Good Teams function under adversity. I see this group losing confidence in crunch time Offensively.
      Changes of some sort need to be implemented.

      • NJ49er says:

        Something is clearly wrong when you can’t move the sticks when it counts.
        Too much wasted time and motion.

        Have to hang that on the Coaching Staff.

      • NoFear49er says:

        How about instead of getting everyone on the sidelines to scream at the officials…

        Harbaugh, standing like Landry, loud enough for all around to hear,

        “Tough break number 55. Life’s a bitch and then you die. Now get back out there and play your ass off son. We’ve still got a game to win.”

      • NJ49er says:

        I’d buy that suggestion, LOL.

        For all the things I hate about Pete Carrol, he keeps his guys loose and playing with passion.
        We’re certainly missing something in the chemistry category.

        Gotta get back to focused aggression and get this Offense clicking.

  44. NJ49er says:

    You know, having rewatched enough clips from the game, our breakdowns on those final plays had to do with the Secondary covering (or not covering), the crossing routes.
    Carlos and Whitner over there on the right side especially.

    They did an adequate job until crunch time.
    Hard to figure if it’s fatigue or lack of focus?

  45. unca_chuck says:

    Seeing as the Niners went 3 and out on their last 2 drives, and this seems to happen every game late, fatigue is defintely a factor. The offense got what, 8 yards in the 4th quarter?

    The killer to me is 2:06 left in the game, 1st and 10 from their 20, and Kappy gets sacked on a missed block. 2nd and 20 from the 10. You are getting the clock stoppage. Why not run there? Thast basically killed that last drive from the get-go.

    NoFear, you say Harbaugh and the coaches gave up since they had an excuse after the Brooks call? You don;t know any such thing.

    • NoFear49er says:

      Nor did I say any such thing. WTF? You trying to be the bullit on your own blog?
      Good job. You’re like freakin twins,

  46. unca_chuck says:

    Brooks has been fined $16,000 for his hit on Brees.

    I guess we’ll see if Ray Lewis gives him $8,000 as promised . . .

  47. unca_chuck says:

    Your words, NoFear:

    “Harbaugh gave them the excuse to lay down and lose after that and that’s just what they did. That’s shit for leadership.”

    What part of that doesn’t mean what I said?

    Like I said, I’m calling for plays like that to be reviewable, as in college. But yer right. They probably wou;d have called that anyway. Even though Brooks goes put of his way (as much as possible) to avoid contact with Brees’ head.

    PS. Go check the NE blogs for their reasoned take on bad calls.

    Actually, they are reasoned. Much like the comments here.

  48. snarkk says:

    It’s clear to me that the Panther’s backer was holding Gronk in a dance move while the ball was in the air. This is clear. The announcer even thought and said when he saw the flag that it might be a holding call. I don’t know whether Gronk could have caught it, it was underthrown and he had momentum towards the back of the EZ, but if a LB puts a bear hug on the receiver and he’s the intended receiver, isn’t that a penalty if the ball is anywhere near the guy? Hell, they call holding against cornerbacks when they hold the guy at the line before the throw is even made. Well, they call that except on the last play of the Superbowl…

    • unca_chuck says:

      Right. Guys get called for holding even if the pass isn’t going their way. ANother bad call. ANother reason to make these guys full time employees of the NFL.

  49. NoFear49er says:

    I said he gave them an excuse to lose the game and they played into it. You claim I said the coaches gave up. Does that sound like the same thing to you?

    After the penalty the Saints kicking the tying field goal was almost a given. Then their OLB beats Snyder for a sack on CK7. Then their four man rush beats our six man protection and CK7 doesn’t even look for the outlet man, Gore, wide open over the middle and throws the ball to nowhere and damn near gets a grounding penalty in the EZ. Then CK7 runs out of bounds short of the first down. Then we hit the punt returner after a fair catch. Missed easy tackles on Sproles’ run up the middle, Whitner gets beat on the outside pass, Colston beats Carlos on a cross and they’re back in FG range, then Graham beats everybody, like Whitner, Willis and Cox? to the 15YL and they kick the game winner.

    You don’t think something happened to the attitude on the field? Maybe you saw a different game than I did.

  50. NoFear49er says:

    Whether the call was the right one or not it cost us the game only because we played like shit afterwards. It didn’t have to cost that much.

    I saw a quote of Belichick about the call they got to end the game. Something like, we played hard, let’s move on with the rest of the season.

  51. unca_chuck says:

    Actually it does, NoFear. Through inaction, the coaches let it happen. Splitting hairs. Whatever. As far as the whining about Harbaugh’s whining, EVERY coach does that to a greater or lesser (well mostly lesser) degree. Gruden was as whiny as they get.

    The reality is the Niner D was on the field the entire 4th quarter minus 6 plays. Around 20 of the 30 2nd half minutes. Was the play a let-down to the defense? Sure. But the biggest play after the Brooks call was the 9 yard sack on 1st down. Going 3 and out was a foregone conclusion at that point, but Kappy made things worse by a) going OB, and b) not fighting for the 1st down on that 3rd down scramble. He stays in bounds, NO has to use their last time out.

  52. unca_chuck says:

    Harbaugh’;s reaction was something like “I thought it was clean, but I’m biased. There’s nothing more to say about it.”

    Brooks point is vlid though. THe NFL goes out of their way to protect WRs and QBs, but still allows cut blocks liek the one that broke Ian WIlliams’ ankle. No flag there? No fine?

  53. Nipper says:

    Worrying about the refs is a losing cause. In the end it’s performance that usually wins out and rises above adversity. The Niners offense must be more productive at all costs. And beating shitty teams is a requirement or else one’s team becomes one of them. BEAT SHIT!

  54. unca_chuck says:

    FWIW, Brooks is appealing the fine.

    • snarkk says:

      They had to fine him. If not, it’s an admission the penalty was BS…

    • NJ49er says:

      I’ve read in numerous articles over the years that many Teams have a ‘Fine Fund’ set up within the Locker Room.
      Might be accurate, who knows?

      Read that Brooks won’t accept Ray-Rays’ offer anyway.
      Plus, the League doesn’t allow it.
      Not sure how that process works anyway.
      Does player mail a check or, does Team handle it by docking the game pay?
      Who knows?

      Just pisses me off in principle.
      Refs and Goodell are taking away too much of what the game was intended to be.
      Tougher, faster, smarter Teams playing physical.
      Focus on the cheapshot players.

  55. NJ49er says:

    Tedi Brusci offered to cover 1/3 of the pending fine also, to back up Ray-Rays’ offer.
    It’s a LB thing I guess.

    No matter the outcome, the flag was thrown, the game changing play nullified and what have you.

    All I have to say is that was not a dirty nor malicious hit to the head and I’ll rest my case.
    Good ‘ol hard-nosed football play IMO.

    The game as I’ve come to know it is fast becoming a No Contact Sport.


  56. NJ49er says:

    And to the whiney explanation from Brees, about his bloody mouth being the evidence of the ‘illegal’ hit.
    Ahmad smacked him so well that his head snapped forward into his arm, which was wrapped around his shoulders.
    Quite the crash test dummy Drew.
    I give him credit for getting up though.

    Perhaps this will inspire Aldon to pick it up a notch on Monday night?
    I see his him on the field, I just don’t see him doing much.

  57. unca_chuck says:

    Snarkk, the fines go to a general fund that the NFL gives to various charities.

    New thread is up . . .

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