London Calling . . .

One of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands, The Clash. Notably for the Elvis homage album cover.

Anyhow, the Niners are getting ready to tilt with the Jacksonville Jaguars in jolly old England. Jax is one of two teams without a win. The other being the TBay Succaneers. A team that gave up early and laid down like licked puppies tonight in a blase effort guaranteed to get head coach Greg Schiano an early start on the end of the season.

Jacksonville, on the other hand, well, the same hand, isn’t really providing anything resembling solid football. They are last in offense, last in scoring, 28th in defense, last in points given up, last in point differential, and last in rushing yards allowed. Needless to say, the hope is a quick painless win that allows the team to heal up for the bye and the and 2nd half push.

I’d expect to see running, running, and more running. Shove these guys out of the way and beat them down early. Bring in as many 2nd stringers as possible (hello Colt McCoy), and auto-pilot this bitch to victory. I know, on any given Sunday, blah blah blah, but really. A loss to this team would be a huge blow. To our playoff hopes, and to our psyche in general.

Put these kitties down and roll to our 5th win in a row. 6-2 at the break was about what I hoped for at the start of the season, and this would fall right in line with that.

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  1. Irish Kevin says:

    Oh Chuck, the whole run, run, run thing. until the Niners can show they can score at will, I think they need to blow this game out in the First half and start practicing for the Playoffs in the second half. As far as I can tell, and it is true I am not an OC, but the Niners do not have a game plan if Gore gets stopped. Seattle and Denver are the only two teams I have seen that have no problem when teams pin them inside their own 10 yard line. The Niners on the other hand go with the tried and true, Run twice and pass on 3rd down. For the Niners it is typically 3 and out when they get pinned inside their 10 yard line. When clearly they have the talent to get out of that situation. So yes, run, run, run in the first half. Second half experiment, experiment, experiment. Walsh use to script the first 10 plays to see what worked. Since no head coach for the Niners has done that since Walsh, this would be a good time to do it in the 2nd half. Script 10 plays that you have not used and see what works.

  2. snarkk says:

    Losing to this sad sack would not just be a “huge blow”, it would be a disaster. At 6-2, Niners would be realistically still in the hunt for overall home field, even if they lost 2 more along the way in the second half. If they inexplicably lost this Jags game, the best they can do is wild card. This game shouldn’t be any more than an opportunity for the scrubinnis to get reps in the 2nd half. Do that, and no injuries worth mentioning, and we’re good to go into the bye, and have Manningham back for the next game…

  3. Nipper says:

    Just kill these Jags…. period!

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Kevin, it was 15 plays, but who’s counting? The point being get out of Jolly Old with a win and rest up for the 2nd half. I’m happier with the offense than I was after week 4. They are mixing things up better and they have Manningham ready to take the field at full strength after the bye week. I’d like to see Gore rested after the 1st quarter if possible. 1st half definitely.

    Yeah, they can’t lose ground to Seattle as they have a pretty easy sched right now. Their only tough road game is against us. NO is in Seattle.

  5. snarkk says:

    If Kyle Williams is on this team going into the playoffs, I won’t be happy, I’ll be hoping against a train wreck mistake. If he’s on this team next season, something is terribly wrong…

  6. unca_chuck says:

    Manningham and Crabs (later) will take care of his spot. If he’s not returning punts, he’s not worth a spot.

    • Even when he’s returning punts, Williams isn’t worthy of a spot. Kyle’s T-23 (out of 27) with a 5.7 return avg. And with 19 fair catches, he leads the league (next is 13) by a country mile. They shoulda cut him after the NFC Championship Game two years ago.

  7. NoFear49er says:

    Chuck, it was as many as 25 and it started as another Paul Brown coaching innovation.

    It started with a handful (two or three) of “openers” in Cincinnati. It grew to a dozen with Fouts in San Diego and to 20 at Stanford. Settled on 25 with the Niners. And they were mostly plays well known to the players and were used to get a feel for the reaction of the defense to certain formations and motions and to set up plays to be used in the second half as well as to trot out certain gimmicks Walsh wanted to be sure to get into the game.

    He often said it was easier to plan the strategy before the battle, including second half adjustments.

    It worked well enough that we would often score on the first possession. Those were the days.

    btw, I hate the London exhibition games. I’d rather flip a coin for the win/loss and take the week off. What’s next, a rotation of the designated globe trotters team?

  8. unca_chuck says:

    The bad news is next year, they are scheduling 3 games in London. It was fine for the exhibition games, but not regular season.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    BTW I’m out til tomorrow night.

  10. Nipper says:

    Warm beer anyone?

  11. Irish Kevin says:

    So is James so far into the dog house he will never be used? Why not try him at doing returns??

  12. Irish Kevin says:

    Wake up everyone it is game time!!! Dennis I have your bloody Mary ready!! Extra Tabasco!!

  13. NoFear49er says:

    You call that our National Anthem? They should have played the Ride of the Valkyries as a background to God Save the Queen to even it out.

    Here’s a SB version:

  14. Kyle Williams fumbled the opening kickoff and luckily recovered it himself.
    Seriously. Why the fuck is he still playing? He must have photos of Harbaugh with a farm animal…

    • NoFear49er says:

      Nobody plays well after flying backwards across the Atlantic. Look at the Jags! Besides KW is the best we got at coming close to catching kicks.

  15. I’ve always been a firm believer that even the worst NFL team could beat the best college team. And quite handily I might add. But after watching the Jags, I think that ‘Bama and the Ducks would give ’em a run for their money.

  16. Irish Kevin says:

    The Jags are so bad, I can’t tell if the plays they are calling would work against a good team!! I like the play calling though!!

  17. The way this game is going we should have a Colt McCoy sighting in no time.

  18. Alleykat says:

    Took the spread 18 1/2 easy call.
    Only Kyle Williams is the Jags best weapon.
    Freakin douchebag sucks big-time on kick- off and punts.

  19. The Jags are on the board! The Jags are on the board! The Jags are on the board!
    Now remove the 2×4 from under their feet and hit ’em over the head with it.

  20. snarkk says:

    If there is a way to cut Kyle Williams at halftime, I would do it. The only way he could have played a worse half as a return man would be to fumble in the end zone and have the Jags recover it for a TD. Why is this POS still on the punt/return team? Get LMJ out there, anybody else. KW must have photos with animals on Harbs. KW CANNOT be our return guy heading into playoffs. No friggin way…

    • Alleykat says:

      Couldn’t agree more Snarkk
      Freakin Williams makes Ginn looks good.
      LMJ fucked somebody over not to be in there.

    • snarkk says:

      Harbs heard us. ADixon taking the late 3rd Q kickoff, nice return, I think even with a stiff arm. Leave KW behind at Piccadilly Square…

  21. JT says:

    Tremaine Cock is going to cost them a game one if these days

  22. T. Brock must have been paying too much attention to Cox on that play, because he just swallowed big time.

  23. Alleykat says:

    Dixon showing POS Williams how to return a kickoff.
    Hunter busting a big run!
    Gore wraps it up for the TD!!
    Guess their Bangers and pints finally wore off from halftime.

  24. snarkk says:

    I don’t see how Jags can win one game this season. This is a gawd-awful outfit all 3 parts of the game. If Goodell is trying to spread the NFL brand, sending this POS over repeatedly to London is a weird way of doing it…

  25. snarkk says:

    Play all the scrubs now, this is officially as ugly as an exhibition game. Goal now is don’t get anybody on first string hurt…

  26. Grumpy Guy says:

    Wonder how our offense will look when we play an actual NFL team again.

    • snarkk says:

      Agreed. This was an exhibition game. Did any WR other than Boldin actually catch a ball, even against this high school team? If yes, I missed it. And, I don’t include VD as a WR. Jacksonville season tix holders, if there are any, should demand a refund for the organization not fielding an NFL team…

  27. snarkk says:

    First half was still full of plays taking forever to get the call in and all the pre-snap shifts done, with 2 TOs called to prevent delay-of-game penalties. They’re halfway through the season, and this crap seems to be not improving. They have got to figure this out before the playoffs…

  28. I can save all you guys of bunch time, effort and angst for the second half: our next game after the Bye vs CAR will be a preview of the rematch we’ll have in the WC round as the #3 seed vs the Panthers as the #6 seed. You heard it here first.

    Now you guys can go spend some time with the wife and kids now that you know our second half and playoff fate already. I wouldn’t do that if I were you, but you still have the option.

  29. Peyton Manning was just called for holding after having the ball knocked out from his hands. Peyton Manning called for holding? That’s gotta be a first.

  30. I need to amend and correct a previous post of mine…if we do finish behind SEA in the division as I suspect, that would make us the #5 seed, not the third. All the division winners get the top 4, no? The two WCs get 5 and 6. 1 and 2 get the first rd bye, 3 hosts 6, and 4 is at home to #5.

    1.SEA Bye
    2. NO Bye or vice versa
    3. GB
    4. DAL
    5. SF
    6. DET

    My prediction now has us playing Tony Romo on the road the first week of January.
    I hope to hell we all have a Merry Christmas. It’s not lining up to be a Happy New Year. 😛

  31. NJ49er says:

    I’d propose a Trade of Kyle Williams to JAX for Ace Sanders

  32. NJ49er says:

    Hey NoFear49er –
    Did you see the piece Maiocco put up regarding the play we spoke about here at the Meadowlands last year?

    The ‘Big Sleeper’?

    That was the play I got to see vs the NYJ last season, though it didn’t get pulled off due to Rex taking the Time Out to kill it, with Kaep and Alex.

    At least now I know it has a name 🙂

    Worked for Bruce today thankfully.

    • NoFear49er says:

      Hey NJ49er,
      I didn’t see the piece but I remember the play as you called it to my attention in the Jets game. Seems like they had a little trouble timing it back then but have evidently worked that out. We knew we’d see it again. I had to laugh remembering our discussion when I saw it today. I wish we’d have used it in a better contest though. It’s dead again for a little while now.

      One other thing I noticed about today’s game, CK7 was running like a guy who is gonna get hurt. I like that he can pull it down and make a play with his legs but he isn’t always smart about it. I hope he gets coached up on it before we’re back in QB hell.

      • NJ49er says:

        I’m in no hurry to see McCoy trying to win us a game.
        Was nice to see some dirty uniforms though.
        Moreso when we’re on the upside of a lopsided win.

        Can’t wait to see what happens between now and Tuesday’s Trade deadline.
        I’m about worn thin with Kyle and our lack of production from the Slot.

        Manningham can’t get healthy and productive fast enough for me.

      • NJ49er says:

        Maiocco also reporting that Anthony Dixon could be dealt if Baalke can find a suitor.
        Time to get the Supreme CEO/GM and all around Man about Dallas on the line.

        Sponge him for anything he’s willing to part with.
        Unfortunately, he hasn’t managed his Cap situation very well.

        I’m seriously puzzled as to whether LMJ has the ability to handle the PR/KR duties at this point?
        Sure would be nice if he was up to speed in that regard.

        Looking forward to seeing what Baalke has up his sleeve for the coming BYE week.

      • NoFear49er says:

        All I can guess is apparently not since that is a position he was to fill and can’t get a chance behind a guy who can’t or won’t do much of anything there. I have to wonder if Harbaugh has made everyone shy away from any risk.

  33. NoFear49er says:

    Boldin, Crabs and Manningham, they’re all slot guys anyway, right? So who’s playing wide and deep? Add in the TE’s and we’re likely to run all crosses and slants with a deep shot to VD down the seam once or twice a game.

  34. unca_chuck says:

    IIRC, LMJ was a disaster in his time trying to field punts last preseason. His KOs were fine.

    With the impending return of Aldon Smith, you think these guys would trade an LB? Skuta to the Giants? The NFL is usually not very exciting where it comes to mid-season trades, but it sure sounds like these guys want to make some kind of deal.

  35. snarkk says:

    I don’t like talk of trading Dixon. If Gore went down, or runs out of gas, like he’s done before, it’s LMJ that’s next? I want a big back available to come in for spot duty, or more duty if somebody gets hurt…

  36. Irish Kevin says:

    RIP Lou Reed!

    • NJ49er says:

      Sweet Jane……RIP Lou.
      One of the best cruising while stoned tunes of it’s day.
      Rock N Roll Animal, an all time Lou Reed monument to the times.

  37. Irish Kevin says:

    Into the record books they go

    Quarterback Colin Kaepernick and running back Frank Gore each had two rushing touchdowns, marking the first time the 49ers had a quarterback and running back with two rushing scores in the same game since Oct. 1, 1961 (QB Billy Kilmer and RB J.D. Smith). The last time it had happened in the NFL was on Nov. 9, 2003 (Chargers QB Doug Flutie and RB LaDainian Tomlinson).

  38. NJ49er says:

    With the rumors being generated for the possible deal involving Anthony Dixon, I’m wondering if they feel comfortable about activating Lattimore?

    I’d venture to guess Nnamdi is out, Kyle is expendible and you’d have to figure Baldwin or Moore become a toss up to go as well.

    Miami, Atlanta would be perfect candidates to inquire about possible deals involving a WR or RB.
    Be nice for Jerruh to take Dixon but, his Cap mgt is about as organized as space between his ears.

    Dixon won’t cost another Team much in terms of money either.
    Obviously, we need room on the 53.
    McCloud-Bethel I believe, has PS eligibililty

  39. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, Lou Reed was a true visionary.

    Christ, the Rams should be up by 17 but can’t do shit on offense. If Seattle gets another lucky-ass road will, I’ll be bummed.

  40. unca_chuck says:

    Wow. What a joke. The Rams are retarded beyond belief.

    And the Cardinals lose. Sucks to be a St Louisian

  41. JT says:

    Fucking cocksucking Rams. What kind of fucking call was that? No hope for a TD. Cunts.

  42. unca_chuck says:

    Does the T in your name stand for Tourette’s, JT?

  43. Nipper says:

    Rams are Lambs in their own building.

  44. NJ49er says:

    By the looks of it, many folks in StL were celebrating an early Halloween.
    Dressed as Empty Stadium Seats.
    Not very original .

  45. NoFear49er says:

    Well goal line runs, especially with the game on the line, are not the same as running between the twenties. Their big guy was hurt, Seattle stuffed the two previous run attempts and they were certainly lined up to stuff one more.

    I don’t blame the Rams b/u QB to go to the alternate pass play, but he made a terrible throw in the 1.5 seconds he had to let the receiver get open. I always like to see a bootleg option there, myself, but that’s a lot of Tuesday morning QBing.

    The Rams D is looking pretty good though. Even if their O is like the pre-CK7 Niners, but without a run game. I give them credit for doing so well against the ‘HAwks with what they had to work with. Great game plan, too.

  46. unca_chuck says:

    I felt the same way about that play as I did about the Niners in the Super Bowl. A very low percentage play that had to be done perfectly to have any chance. Esp. Against Browner, who’s 6’4″. Again though, the offsides play was the killer. That’s likely a TD if the WR catches it.

  47. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up . . .

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