Big Ben a Game-Time Decision – Willis a No-Show at Thursday Practice

In other words, if Balt wins, Pittsburgh likely won’t risk playing Worthlessberger and reaggravating the ankle injury. Among the injured who missed Thursday practice for Pittsburgh are Troy Polamalu (hamstring), and center Maurkice Pouncey (ankle). James Harrison of course was suspended for his hit on Colt McCoy in last week’s Cleveland game. The 49ers are battling injuries of their own. Joe Staley is still out with his concussion. He hasn’t been cleared to play yet. Gore is nursing his various injuries but isn’t listed on the injury report.   

Of note during practice this week was the fact that the Niners spent more time working on their red zone offense. Good to know. And the team ‘recommended’ that the crowd not do the wave while the offense has the ball. They seem to think that the noise generated by the wave caused a sack during the StL game a couple weeks ago. Come on people, you do the wave then the OTHER TEAM has the ball. Doh!

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49 Responses to Big Ben a Game-Time Decision – Willis a No-Show at Thursday Practice

  1. unca_chuck says:

    And now a little baseball news (from Kevin on the previous thread):

  2. Kevin says:

    Total waste of tax dollars

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Bingo. The asshole that leaked the names originally should pay for all this shit.

  4. phil fan says:

    Against Pittsburgh the Niners are likely to have a hard time moving the ball and scoring points. Not sure how long Gore will hold up with the scheme of running to set up the pass. Steeler objective # 1 will be to stop the run, force WRs to beat them. I see a game much like the recent Cards game and with a similar outcome if the breaks are not with us. Good thing this is at the Stick.

    20-13 Steelers

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      Phil, you’re picking the Niners to lose? You can’t do that, that’s my schtick. There can only be one Minister of Propaganda — me! I’ll tell ya if and when and by how much the 49ers will lose by. And lose they shall this Monday night to Big Ben and Blitzburgh.

      31-21. Both defenses take the night off.

      And just in case the Niners strip me of my propagative propagandist privileges —

      Merry Christmas!

      • Nipper says:

        Stay thirsty!

      • phil fan says:

        Yeah the propaganda must be rotting my brain cell. I hate to encroach on your sacred territory but dang it this is what I see right now. Agree with grumpy that we are what we are this year, not going to change now.

        But hey it’s a good year to be a Niner fan and also: Merry Christmas to all!

    • phil fan says:

      31-21 Steelers Del Mar

    • phil fan says:

      20-13 Steelers phil
      31-21 Steelers Del Mar
      20-10 Niners chuck
      20-16 Niners snarkk

  5. Flavor says:

    The thing I’m worried about IS the crowd noise. I think we are going to see a lot of Niner fans sell their seats to Pitts fans. It’s going to look and sound very discouraging for our guys………

  6. Del Mar Dennis says:

    The NFL Net. is currently replaying (truncated version) the Niner/Cowboy game from earlier this Sept. Not too shabby of a fantasy day for anyone who had Romo or Austin. You’d be lucky if you had one of those guys that week. If you had both Romo and Austin and had the fortune of playing Chuck that week — you’d be me!

  7. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Funny, both Braylon and Delanie were catching balls back then.
    What happened?

  8. barleyfreak says:

    Rapesyoursister will definitely start, but we’ll sack him 5 times. Low scoring game, one pick per team, one td per team, big night for the kickers. 19-16 Niners.

  9. Nipper says:

    I bet the Niners pound out a win. Ben will play even if he’s on a stretcher! Still he won’t move very fast which should give the Niners D an opportunity.

  10. unca_chuck says:

    If Balt wins, I don’t see Tomlin risking Worthlessberger out there.

    Soap needs to hold the nose. He didn’t last week and Skelton was able to step up and throw.

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      Baltimore finishes the year at Cincy. They could lose that one. But I expect them to take a dump tomorrow to the Chargers. It’ll be just like Norv to win one that won’t help his cause.

  11. Del Mar Dennis says:

    The Niners pumped in crowd noise today at practice. Maybe they are expecting an onslaught of Terrible Towels. Watching that Dallas replay was a good reminder — the ‘Stick was damn near half Cowboy fans that day.

  12. Flavor says:

    Due to utter boredom I just might watch the Cowboys game tonight. You could make a case that of their 7 wins they have beaten exactly one decent team– our Niners–a game they should have lost had Harbaugh managed that game better…..
    And they get another freebie tonight. Man, if they can’t beat this shit team, they are fucked. And what’s up with New Orleans? Everyone is freaking out about “OMG! What if we have to play them in their house?” I don’t care about how differently they appear to play at home vs the road. If you lose to The Rams and the horrible Bucs, you could be had on any field, anytime, any circumstances…….

  13. phil fan says:

    Yeah the propaganda must be rotting my brain. Since about the Ravens game the 49ers seem to be regressing. It could be injuries (Edwards, Miller, OL guy Snyder) or limitations in overall talent or just peaking early, I dunno. The NFL has figured out how to stop the Niner O: blitz, stop the run, pressure QB, make WRs beat them. This has worked for the better teams- Balt,, AZ- and earlier against the Cows. Haven’t seen any answers from the coaches that work. Hence the 20-13 call against Steelers.

    I hate to encroach on your sacred territory but dang it this is what I see right now. Agree with grumpy that we are what we are this year, not going to change now.

    But hey it’s a good year to be a Niner fan and also: Merry Christmas to all!

  14. unca_chuck says:

    To me, this game is shaping up like the Detroit game. No one is giving us a chance. Therefore, we are going to win. I think we can shut down their offense, and we get 2 TDs and 2 FGs.

    20-10 Niners.

  15. Del Mar Dennis says:

    The Pack just took a HUGE dump in KC.

    Perfection my ass. The ’72 Fish can pop the corks once again.

  16. snarkk says:

    GB’s loss today pretty much insures they’re headed for the SBowl. Pressure’s off.
    I’ll go Niners 20-16 over Steelers…

  17. unca_chuck says:

    Crazy day. The winless Colts win, the lossless Pack loses. Green Bay and NE both have bad defenses. I’ll be surprised if either make the Super Bowl. If the 49ers can get their red zone offense going down the stretch here, they’d be favored.

  18. unca_chuck says:

    Da Raydurs are sure stupid.

  19. unca_chuck says:

    Give it away now , , , Hue Jackson goes deep on 3rd and 3 and they give the ball back with 2;14.

    Too funny. The offense is yukking it up on the sldelines while the defense gives it away.

  20. unca_chuck says:

    Raydurs driving…….

  21. unca_chuck says:

    Palmer with a retarded sack.

  22. unca_chuck says:

    Raydurs blow it. Couldn’t take advantage of Denver about to lose.

  23. snarkk says:

    Skins beat the Giants. It is insane how much national attention the Giants get, and Eli, with some still before today’s game picking them as possible NFC entry still into the SB, and Niners go virtually dismissed as having any chance at all…

  24. snarkk says:

    Hue Jackson is making a good case for him operating in over his head. What a crock the Raiduhs last quarter was in coaching moves and execution. They need an experienced GM to come in their ASAP in the offseason. Giving up their #1 and #2 picks now looms huge…

  25. unca_chuck says:

    Apropos of nothing, but the Teblow train has to stop.

    To me, and maybe I’m wrong (really?), Tebow is a self-hyping, self-serving athlete. Nothing more, nothing less. I mean, how many players bought super bowl ads? One. And he hadn’t played a down in the NFL. The ad was to nominally tout his Christianity, and to proselytize against abortion. At least that was the talk before the ad was aired. Which was the intent. Generate buzz, put forth the agenda behind the scenes, and sit back to watch the clamor that it causes. He’s all disingenuous about it, but it’s all too smarmy and cutesy for my taste. Something Twin said a while ago struck a chord. His talk is all “my teammates” “my guys” “them”. It’s never by name. All this shows is that he thinks it all revolves around him.

    He’s had a good run against some shitty to decent teams. Nothing more, nothing less. Buy the hype as you will, but the guy is Randall Cunningham. He can make some great plays, or he can suck on ice.

    End’ o’screed.

    Oakland has totally blown 3 games this year. They’ve lost so many 4th quarter leads. The penalties, blah blah blah. Jackson likes to think he’s fast and loose and fearless. He’s turning out to be stupid. Burn the clock on 3rd and 3, and you win the game. Go deep and miss? Lose the game. The Palmer move was a wing and a prayer. And it cost them WAY too much. Cincy is sitting pretty with those picks, AND they are actually looking better with AJ Green and Ginger . . .

    • twinfan1 says:

      Well, like the Romo throw that would sealed the Giants’ game, Palmer has make that throw. Neither throw had to be perfect, but you can’t overthrow it..

    • Flavor says:

      dead-on comments about Tebow.

    • phil fan says:

      All he does is get his men to play their best. That is fact as the record shows. Orton, who some here lusted for, couldn’t carry his jock as his 1-5 record plainly shows. What’s his record in Chi-town? Uh huh… Even old Alex couldn’t say that he got his men to play their best, not to knock our once/much maligned QB (who I sincerely hope will prove my 20-13 Steelers call wrong). God forbid I should match the 3-10 Dennis record! 10-4 would be okay tho for my predictions and 11-3 for the Niner record after Pitts game

      Does TT hype, manipulate the press and fans? Does he work to garner attention? Hell yes he does and looks to me he’s doing what many many sportsmen/entertainers do- and having fun doing it while leading a competitive squad. He’s a great leader at least so far in his college and pro football career. No problems I can see = I’m not having a Tebow anymore than I had Alex problems over here.

  26. twinfan1 says:

    I said it when he was hired- if the HC could talk his way to the playoffs, Raiduhs would be be in. Hue is the kind of guy you count your fingers after he shakes your hand..

  27. unca_chuck says:

    Even crazier is AZ and Seattle are both at .500. Sea has won 5 of their last 6, and AZ has won 6 of their last 7. They are both playing good football. Next year looks to be a much more daunting task to win the West.

    • phil fan says:

      Good call on the Chargers-Ravens chuck. Bolts won a useless one as you predicted.

      Yeah winning the West is gonna be tougher next year as Cards and Hawks improve. Rams are likely to be a ways away for awhile.

  28. Flavor says:

    Denny, I’m not sure what you meant by “the Miami team from ’72 can pop their champagne again”. Are they still doing that? New England went undefeated in 2007 so it would be absurd and surprising if they were still getting together and popping champagne when they aren’t the most recent team to go undefeated.
    Who knows, maybe Brady powered down a bottle or two with his hommies tonight…….

  29. twinfan1 says:

    The 2007 New England team was undefeated until the Super Bowl, they did not finish undefeated.

  30. snarkk says:

    Reports are out that Worthlessburger will start. Niners have to figure he’s going to do quick 3 step drops and slants and outs because he won’t be able to move much to avoid the rush on longer patterns. I’d use some periodic cornerback blitzes or LB blitzes up the middle to shake him up a bit early, and see how much he really can or can’t move…

  31. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, with the Balt losing, Pittsburgh wants that #2 seed. They drop down to the #5 seed if they don’t stay ahead of Balt. Biiig difference there. Bye and a home game compared to 2 roadies . . .

    Something the Niners haven’t done a lot of is send more than 4 guys. They HAVE to change things up. At times, they’ve been susceptible to quick passes. Dallas and Cincy spring to mind. Same with Balt. Pressure straight up the middle needs to be better.

  32. Kevin says: has the Niners as the 3rd seed and NO as second, does anyone have the over/under for this game.

  33. unca_chuck says:

    That’s becasue, for the moment, NO is 11-3. The Niners are 10-3.

    Niners by 3, over/under is 38.

    N E W P O S T


  34. unca_chuck says:

    That O/U seems awful high . . .

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