The Sky is Falling! We’re 10-3!

Ugly-ass game in Phoenix on Sunday. The offense moved the ball great, until the red zone, and the defense did great on 51 out of 54 plays. Special teams were great, until the red-flag/no-challenge/fake FG-touchdown/missed FG fiasco (the whistle blew about 1.5 seconds after the snap, thus killing the play). The pressure was there, but Soap was nowhere to be found, and thus, Skelton was able to step up and buy time. Getting shredded by Skelton, the guy who threw 3 picks against us 3 weeks ago, is pretty galling.

On offense, the blocking was flat awful. Staley went down early with a concussion, and newly signed Alex Boone took his spot, but pressure came from everywhere. 5 sacks given up. Most in the 1st half, when the Niners spent a lot of time in AZ’s red zone. It confounds me why they even have Ted Ginn playing down in the red zone. Whatever early mojo these guys had has completely worn off, and everyone seems to be able to defend our red zone offense pretty damn easily. VD was pissed at the half, but where is he on goal line plays? Walker? Crabs? Can’t any of these guys get open? We tried the fly sweep, but the snap didn’t come in time, thus, a busted play. Maybe Harbaugh’s trying too hard. Too much trickery? I mean, a fade to Edwards shouldn’t be that hard. It is much easier to hit than the back shoulder out route. Plus he has the size.

Defensively, the Niners were good until the red flag deal. A let-down on the next play, and the Niners were instantly behind. Very reminiscent of a Singletary game where we dominate everywhere but the scoreboard. The defense continually allowed Skelton to step up in the pocket to buy time and find open guys. Goldson was right there for those passes to Fitzgerald, but it’s hard to fault him. Fitz is a big strong guy, and he breads his butter that way. The tackling was bad after the catch, but the initial coverage was good. The guy is just too much for most defenders.

So, it’s back to the drawing board. The bye race looks like it’ll come to the team that wins out. News out of the league office is that Pittsburgh LBJames Harrison has been suspended one game for his hit on Colt McCoy. Worthlessberger’s status is in doubt, but still and all, this will be a tough game. Our last HG until the playoffs. With or without the bye.


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  1. grumpyguy says:

    Good luck at the Doc’s Chuck!

    I don’t remember much in the way of egregious errors by Boone Sunday. If I’m remembering correctly, much of the pressure was from our beleaguered right side or up the gut.

    Maybe Boone should get a longer look. I still have thoughts about moving Staley inside to right guard, putting Davis on the left if he can hack it, and Boone on the right.

  2. Kevin says:

    Well, what is galling is the fact that the AZ game was ssssssoooooooo winnable. all they had to do was punch it in just once!! According to an article in the SacBee, Gore is not 100% and may not be for the rest of the year. so do you rest him the rest of the way, play him sporadically, or go all in with him?? I said it at the beginning of the year he would not make it a whole year if he was the main offensive weapon. and the run was still the focal point of the Offense. More passing than Sings offense but still the run. the Bee pointed out that before Gore was injured in the Giants game(?) Running plays out numbered the Passing plays, since that injury, more passing than running. but those are just numbers, the reall issue is getting into the EZ. whether running or passing. the Niners need to find a way in!!

  3. Kevin says:

    Oh and Chuck when you get back from the Chiro, go ahead and post that 12/11 score.

  4. twinfan1 says:

    Yeah, good luck with the Dr…
    Ginn has been pretty awful but why any slack for Edwards? He hasn’t shown even the slightest interest all year. A couple games ago Smith threw him a screen and he casually stepped OB and watched the pass sail by like he was a sideline spectator. Maybe he even waved at it..

    • grumpyguy says:

      Like I said in the last post, Edwards just has not worked out. Whether its injuries or lack of interest, he is not helping us. Time to move on after the season.

      Next year, get Morgan back and draft a big fast kid like Sanu.

  5. unca_chuck says:

    Edwards at least deserves more than one or two looks a game. He hasn’t been spectacular, but Crabs and Smith had their adjustment time as well. Edwards is known for dropping some, but he’s got a proven track record Ginn has dropped shit just about every game. Yeah Edwards is out of synch, but Ginn misplayed a TD pass on the long bomb, and dropped a TD pass in the end zone. Being a WR means 2 things. Get open. CATCH THE BALL. Ginn can get open, but he’s a crapshoot as to catching it. Crabs did the same damn thing. Looked for the ball, and couldn’t find it.

    VD? Who knows? He disappears in the red zone. Walker as well. Can’t they run a block/release play for either of them? One or the other should be able to get open.

  6. unca_chuck says:

    Well, Ginn is about 50/50 . . .

  7. twinfan1 says:

    Well, you’ve got problems when your two most reliable receivers are Crabtree and which ever 320 pound lineman is reporting as eligible..

  8. unca_chuck says:

    Right. They should put Soap in as a pass-catching TE when down close.

  9. phil fan says:

    Formula for beating the Niners: stop the run, make the WRs beat you. TEs will be blocking as will injured Gore to compensate for OL weaknesses. Defenses are getting better at this as well as putting pressure on OL/QB. RZ offense is atrocious as a result but Harbaugh says he wants to establish the run in the RZ. Our passing attack is not good enough to score down there

    Take care your health Chuck!

  10. BIG FLAVOR says:

    you know, maybe the reason Smith is throwing to Ginn is because he’s the only guy getting any fucking separation. Considering the other guys, that could be quite likely……….

    • grumpyguy says:

      Yeah, but he can separate all the way to Australia, and it really does not do much good if he can’t make the catch.

      We need to upgrade the receivers in the off-season. Not much we can do for now except to try to call plays and formations that get the ball to Crabs, and maybe get Gore back into the offense (but then Alex is at risk of getting clobbered: choose your poison I guess).

      • phil fan says:

        Yep upgrade WRs.
        Upgrade OL, OL, OL
        Upgrade RBs. Frank plays 2 more years I’ll be amazed.

        Thank God we have Fangio and Seeley because this O needs serious help.

  11. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, ast least Crabs and Edwards have a little better shot of actually catching the ball. I son;t know. They are stuck with wht athey got. Losing Morgan really was a tough blow. But I still don’t understand VD and Walker not being able to run a chip/release play. It takes 2.5 seconds. They both can’t be covered every time.

    • phil fan says:

      Good questions- where are our TEs? Why can’t we get the ball to them on short routes, on any routes? How about screens to the RBs, any passes to RBs? Our play calling/coaching earned an F from a certain blogger at the PD for last games effort. I agree, seems our offense is regressing since JH ran Frank into the ground before mid-season. So no 30 carries per game for Frank- now what are we gonna do? No answers forthcoming so far.

      Chalk it up to an inexperienced HC (or hubris) but was it really necessary to have Morgan in the game with a 45 point lead diving for the pylon in the final few minutes against Tampa? Like 55 would have been better? Correct answer: Hell no, not necessary, coach wasted as it turned out one half of our receiving corps. For what? Learn from it Jim. Now finally after absurdly using up Frank we rest him. Good, too late as I warned at the time but good..

      Learn from it Jim. And Now What Jimbo?

      • phil fan says:


        QUESTION: At what point do you take your most valuable players outta the fucking game???? 65 point lead? 100 point lead? .I’m a Christian but JESUS FUCKIN’ CHRIST!!!

        It will never happen again COACH but IF IT COMES Close ever again PULL YOUR FIRST STRING when yer up by say 30 fucking points!!!! Amen…brother!

  12. phil fan says:

    We are what we are this year. Grumpyguy has it right, this won’t get fixed in 2011

    • phil fan says:

      THAT’S OKAY!!!

      Fuck right it is…LOOK PEOPLE this sad ass team has “squandered it’s existence for a pocketful of mumbles such are promises” (Simon. Garfunkel, 1968). Promises? Yeah DOCTOR YORK, Terry whats his name, Nolan, Singlefuck Promises worth shit…

      We have our limitations, our weaknesses, THAT’S OKAY!!

      For the first time in forever we have reason to maintain our FAITH!

      We will overcome, our faith will be rewarded. Believe!

  13. phil fan says:

    The comatose SF 49ers rose from the fucking DEAD in 2011 much like the Bronks this year. Don’t read this post my friends if you do not want to read one fan’s (not mine) view of the similarities between the Niners and Bronks in 2011:

    As an ardent Broncos fan as well as a Niners fan, I can say this… not listening to the Media is a wise choice, not only for the Broncos, but for most things in life. Tim has never been as bad as he was portrayed, nor is he bullet-proof as he is starting to get portrayed. If you had watched the games, you would have seen some ugly play early on, for sure from a QB that is essentially still a rookie. You would also have seen a lot of missed opportunities and issues on this team as a whole. They are YOUNG. They have the second youngest O-line in the league, with mostly 2nd year players and one rookie. They have one of the youngest receiving corps in the league with only Eddie Royal having more than 1 year under his belt (and with no offseason, most of these guys are still in an extended rookie campaign).

    It is ironic that there are several people that have been very vocal about their dislike for the Broncos on this site and the comments they make are almost always a parroting of the latest crap on Sports Center (yeah, those same bozos that had the Niners as bottom feeders in the NFC West). Many of the same issues Alex was having early on, Tim Tebow is experiencing too.

    You specifically asked why Tim’s numbers look so bad in the first half and so good later… well there are a number of factors, of course.
    1) The coaching staff is protecting, not only Tim, but the rest of our young guys. They are calling plays that limit the consequences of mistakes, and winging the ball around with a bunch of young guys is not too smart.
    2) Willis McGahee is our most consistent and most veteran player on offense, so it is no coincidence that the staff wants to put the ball in his hands early and often. He also is one of those guys that needs to be fed the ball to get going early and gash a defense late!
    3) The coaching staff is learning how teams will adapt to the Broncos’ unusual style early on and how to best attack it later
    4) The young receivers are flat out dropping balls (sound familiar). In the first half of the Chicago game, there were 4 drops, one for an easy TD on a long bomb. All of them ended drives. Those catches alone would have pushed Tim’s stat line way way up for the first half.
    5) Tim is protecting the ball by being careful with it (sound familiar). He is putting the ball into places the D cannot get to it, especially early on.
    6) The Broncos Defense is playing very well and allowing them to play a field position game (sound familiar).
    7) Tim Tebow and several of the young guys (Decker, and maybe Thomas) are showing that they have the ability to turn it up a notch during crunch time. Thomas has been injured too and is finally getting healthy.

    The Irony here is that the recent run of the Broncos closely mirrors our own Niners in a lot of ways. Both staffs promote a power running game. Both teams have strong defenses (I LOVE BEING ABLE TO SAY THAT). Both teams play field position. Both teams have players learning a new offensive scheme. Both teams focus on being careful with the football more than pushing the envelope, preferring to avoid costly mistakes rather than trying to knock teams out of a game early. Both teams have a tough leader at QB that has been panned by the media. And on and on and on.

    Honestly, this is the most fun I have had in December for a LONG LONG time! I am lovin it!

  14. unca_chuck says:

    I’ll say one thing about screens. If Smith ever had a type of play that has hurt hm immeasurably in recent years, it was the screen passes. Early in the NO game last year he skipped a rocket screen pass off of Gore for a pick. It has happened on more than a few occasions. I can see them not wanting to risk that. Slants, and quicker passes however, I don’t get. Is VD jammed at the line on EVERY play? Can’t they circle SOMEONE out of the backfield for a score down close? Walker? Miller?Or even to alleviate the relentless rushes we’re going to face from here on out?

    The point being, we are back to defenses really crowding the line, and blitzing like crazy to throw off Smith’s timing. Since the line is packed, the run game can’t get on track. The Niners NEED to counter with something that allows for positive yardage on 1st and 2nd down. We’re back to 3rd and long a lot.

    • barleyfreak says:

      I’ve never thought Smith had much touch on the screens/close ones. They have not tried much this year. That needs to be in the arsenal, IMO.

  15. snarkk says:

    No, the sky is not falling at 10-3, but they really do have to win the #2 PO seed. They need to have just one PO home game to win and then to the NFC title game. They conceivably can win a first round away playoff game if it’s not NO, but a second round game with NO at the Superdome is a loss, end of story. The WRs are what they are, which means there are no underachievers that can somehow up the ante with more coaching or emotional play. Lack of talent is just that. Niners have to win by what they’ve done all year — holding the opposition to near or under 20, and score just a little more on some short drives for a coupla TDs, maybe a kick return or a pick six for a TD, 3 or more FGs, and a +2 or better day on the turnovers. In the offseason, they can work on scouring the draft and FAs to seriously upgrade the receiver corps…

  16. snarkk says:

    The not so secret other side of Gore now being the all-time Niner running back in yardage is that he’s got serious miles on him. The Niners have to be thinking of getting another back in the next draft. Frank is a warrior, but I think next season he could really be heading downhill fast in terms of production and durability — we’re seeing it now…

  17. unca_chuck says:

    The thing is, however they get into the playoffs, the Niners are guaranteed a home game to start. If SF ends up the 3 seed, we’d play the WC round game at home. If we end up the 2 seed, we play our 1st round playoff game as the home team vs whoever wins in the WC round. Granted, it would be a lot better to get the bye, but we could very well host Detroit or Dallas in the WC week. A lot hangs in the balance depending on if the Niners can beat Pittsburgh Monday night. NO looks to win out now that all their games are indoors. If the Niners lose Monday night, there’s little reason to put Gore in much at all the remaining games.

    Frank is Frank. He’ll get banged up. That’s just the way it is. He’s got some game left. They have to be giving Hunter more reps though. They also have to get teams out of jamming the line. This is the biggest problem. Teams are back to loading up the line and putting max pressure on the run and pass.

    • grumpyguy says:

      Only way out of that is to make plays in the passing game. Alex has to get the ball out and our sad sack receiver corps has to make some plays.

    • snarkk says:

      Chuck, thanks for correcting me on the1st round. Of course they’ll have a home game in round 1 if they don’t get the bye. What I really meant to focus on was that if they have to go to NO to play, they will be toast. They must, must get the 2nd seed, else they won’t even have the chance to freeze their asses off at Lambeau…

  18. unca_chuck says:

    The team is playing WAY better than I expected, but there’s little hope they get past Green Bay. Even NO here would be a huge upset if the Niners won it.

    Not saying it couldn’t happen, but this team by no means is in the echelon of GB or NO. They have made fantastic strides, but they need to build off this season and get some better WRs, O line depth, and pressure up the middle. Soap has kind of disappeared these past few games. Esp last week. Skelton had way too many opportunities to step up in the pocket to complete passes. If Soap was holding the nose, Skelton would have been sacked. As it was, he was able to buy time.

  19. grumpyguy says:

    No team in the NFL is a complete team. GB is totally one dimensional, but Rodgers is having such a monster year it’s hard to stop them anyway. If we had a passing game that was really hitting on all cylinders to go with Frank and the defense, we could beat them… but as the weeks go by without being able to get it going, our chances are getting slimmer all the time. As it stands, we can hold Rodgers to maybe 28 but we can’t score that unless we can fix our offensive issues. Harbaugh needs to do some of ‘that coaching shit’ in a hurry…

  20. unca_chuck says:

    Playmaking WRs are a must. I think Williams is the best bet now, but for whatever reason, Ginn is above him depth-wise. The same issues with GB apply to NO. They both can scroe way too fast for the Niners. We won’t win a track meet. The thing is, I would have liked to have played GB this year. We’ve played them the last 2 years, and did fairly well both games.

  21. unca_chuck says:

    Fairly well offensively.

  22. Del Mar Dennis says:

    test. I got a server error 500 when I tried my last comment.

  23. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Oh well. In short I think Ben plays if the Ravens lose Sunday to the Chargers as that opens up the door for the Steelers to win the AFC North. Ravens win, and the Steelers will be pretty much relegated to hosting a WC game. Why risk him then?

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