Train Kept A’Rollin’ All Night Long . . .

5 games out with 6 to go . . .  The 49ers pretty much had their way with the AZ Diamondba, uh Cardinals yesterday. It was close, even when it was in the 1st half. The Niners were pretty inept in the red zone for a change yesterday. Something of a problem these last few games. In the end, though, the Niners won easliy and convincingly 23-7. The game should have been 41-0, but hey, the best laid plans and all that.

ST was ugly early as Akers missed a 49 yard FG, and had 2 FGs blocked. And the Niners STILL got 3 FGs in the 1st half. That’s a total of 6 tries in the 1st half! Weird. The Niners moved the ball into the red zone with ease, yet had some problems once there. Much of the trouble can be attirbuted to Bruce Miller’s concussion. He got hit pretty much  helmet-to-helmet (no flag) by Adrian Wilson trying to stretch for a touchdown. He trotted off the field, but didn’t return. The protections and the run blocking suffered after Miller left because the Niners didn’t have Norriss dressed for the game. Peelle (the 3rd string TE) came is as the FB and made due the best he could. But it wasn’t up to the capabilities of Miller. I highly doubt Miller gets cleared with this short week upon us.

Anyhow, the 1st half was littered with missed opportunities, dropped passes (Edwards had 3), and one weird wildcat play which killed a drive on a false start penalty. However, the Niners opened up the 2nd half with a 7+ minute drive that ended in a Kyle Williams TD that pretty much sealed the victory. TOP for this game was an unprecedented 44:30 to 15:30 in favor of the Niners. Crab Man had one of his best games as a Niner, as well as kyle Williams. I’m glad to see him getting a shot here, because Edwards still appears to not be right with his knee, and doesn’t seem to have any speed as this point. The drops didn’t help either. We all know Ginn is a dropped pass waiting to happen, and Smith said he had trouble finding Williams due to his lack of height, but trusted Williams on the route for the TD, and he was there for the catch. Williams has a knack for making the catch AND getting his feet down. Something that VD forgot about yesterday. As well as going for passes that aren’t perfectly in place.

The D? Well, they padded their lead in turnovers with 3 picks and 2 fumbles recovered, held AZ to 229 yards, and 7 points, 11 first downs, and 48 plays (to the 49ers 439, 23, 25 first downs, and 87 plays). The only blemish was the ejection of Dashon Goldson for retaliating after getting coldcocked by Early Doucet. No word if he’ll get suspended, but he should be able to at least appeal it, as Doucet hit him while he was a) on the ground, and b) not looking.  I’m glad the TV cameras caught what really happened. The point being, if Goldson gets suspended for fighting, Doucet should get suspended for instigating.

So, barring a semi-miraculous recovery, we’ll get Moran Norriss at FB this Thursday.


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  1. Kevin says:

    Yeah, when they should the replay of what Douect did the TV announcer said that the league would either Fine both or Fine and suspend both.

  2. grumpyguy says:

    Well I’m back from Maryland. Got to watch the Ravens yesterday. Ed Reed is still the best safety in football. Big game Thursday. Very, very big. Biggest game of Alex’s career, in fact, to this point. Instant respect from the east coast media if we win. Ravens are very good, but not always consistent. It should be a very tough, grinding defensive game. I think we will win it. 23-22, anyone?

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, I think it’ll be a close fought game, Grump. But I think the Niners win due to the fact that Balt is careless with the football. They have 18 turnovers. Fangio is going to be stressing getting the ball out. They have 10 fumbles and 8 picks IIRC. I wrote a post that I didn’t post yet and I have something like 27-24.

    Kevin, I doubt either get suspended. They’ll both likely get $25,000 fines however. That being said, it would really suck to lose Goldson for the Balt game.

    This game coming up reminds me of the Giants game. They came in here thinking they were an elite team with all their smack talk and bravado. Balt is good (and well-coached), but they have a tendency to be very uneven at times. Flaccid Flacco can look like the 2nd coming of Cody Pickett at times. The Niners HAVE to take advantage of their scuffling. The Jax game is a prime example. If the Niners can get them off-balance like Jax did, the Niners should be able to score enough to win going away. Criminy, AZ almost beat them at their house. Seattle did. Tenn? Really?

  4. Kevin says:

    This game should be close, unless the Niners can get into the EZ when they are in the RZ. They can not afford to let the Ravens hang around like they did with AZ.

  5. phil fan says:

    Ha nice to have our East Coast Scout here after the swing back there to look over the Thursday opponent. Really looking forward to this one and suspect the Niners were too based on an error filled game yesterday. Got that out of your system there men? The Harbaugh Family Grudge Match will not be as forgiving a venue as home field vs the wounded Cards. We needed the tune up obviously.

    Our D played well again. Cards couldn’t run and with Skelton at QB our pass D shut that down too. Ravens will be more of a test especially of our O, passing game, OL, receivers and the QB. If our ST play like they did yesterday we will lose. Looks like Soft was the coach of that unit this week. Miller’s injury really did hurt us (as well as him) as chuck pointed out above.

    If the weather is bad hopefully we will have an edge in our run game. I’m of the opinion that rain greatly affected our guys yesterday. This was the first game we played in bad weather and it wasn’t our finest hour.

    On the Blog the fans were much like previously: some anti but mainly pro-Smith factions. The usual ‘hater-haters’ got in their usual gibes as did the plain old ‘haters’. The game dictated a more subdued tone which got lighter as we played better. All in all an entertaining crowd again. Chuck’s hosting this venue is much appreciated; it’s great to have a place to hang out during games with other knowledgeable, enthusiastic, funny fans.

    Grumpy calls for Niners 23-22. I’m saying Niners 19-13

  6. phil fan says:

    Another point in our favor: we’re playing on the road where counter-intuitively we’ve been tougher like the old Dynasty I teams often were. I love it when we shut up a noisy crowd. As Kevin said let’s do this early and often.

  7. unca_chuck says:

    Funny, Tony Romo called for a timeout when Dallas had none in OT yesterday. He would have been penalized 15 yards had not Mike Shanahan called for a timeout at the same time.

  8. snarkk says:

    I think it is outrageous to force an NFL team to undergo a full, X-country trip after a Sunday game to play on a Thursday night. Clearly a ratings ploy by the NFL, as the schedule was released in the Spring some time after the Niners hired Harbaugh. The coaches and assistants no doubt have had the time during the pre-season and season to scout the Ravens and get their game plan ready to employ and teach ASAP today. Nonetheless, IMO the Niners are still at a HUGE disadvantage in this game from standpoints of physical recovery and treatment, time zone adjustment, and game-prep of the players. Harbaugh was talking today about using the 6 hour flight back there as teaching time and meeting times for the players and coaches. This kind of X country short week thing has not happened since 1975 — for good reason. I call bullshit on the NFL and NFL Network. If Niners win, it will be an achievement of large import…

    • barleyfreak says:

      I agree and I do think it puts us at a distinct disadvantage. In fact I have a feeling that it will be just enough to slip us up on the road for the first time this year. I wonder too about Davis and how bad his ankle is. He’s been playing pretty well and I’m not sure how Boone will do if he gets the nod. I can also never be accused of over emphasizing how much better I think we are WITHOUT Mt Moran.

      Add it all up, and I think the streak ends Thursday eve, 17-9. The Eastern pundits will blather about whether the niners are the real deal or not, a chip gets firmly glued to their shoulders and another win streak beings.

  9. twinfan1 says:

    Not to mention Vera Whiteside was going to make some of her Sweet Potato pie for the boys if they were in town ( she’s getting desperate, hoping Jed will intervene with Sabes about Whitey) …

  10. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, like I said somewhere else in a previous thread, there’s enough reason for NFL games to be hyped and shouted about, but to cram this in to the schedule, short week across 3 time zones as well, is a load of shit. I said before the season started that the schedulers maust have been pissed at the Niners. After their Monday night game vs Pittsburgh, they travel to Seattle. Short week with a road game is bullshit. Jed’s best move all year was to lay the team over in Ohio between the Cincy and Philly games.

    Balt played at frigging home yesterday. This will be the Nioners 5th east coast game this season. Yeah, a very distinct advantage for Balt.

  11. unca_chuck says:

    I’ve been money on these predictions lately, so I’m saying 49ers win 27- 24 this time around.

  12. twinfan1 says:

    Well, it’s kind of a bummer but no one has figgerd out how to have two home teams yet…

  13. unca_chuck says:

    FWIW, Ray Lewis didn’t practice, but he says he plans on playing. No word on Miller or Davis . . .

  14. Flavor says:

    This game is bullshit because, as others have pointed out, this is nothing more than a ratings ploy. No one figured the Niners would be any good this year so the league figured they could sacrifice them for this game, grab some ratings as the half-sauced, sleepy families caught a little football after dinner. Whoops. Niners are good and all of a sudden it’s the fucking “Har-bowl”!!! Bullshit. The league now gets massive ratings for this and the Niners are completely fucked. I don’t see any way we win this game…..

  15. unca_chuck says:

    Oh, the Niners can win this. It’ll be a challenge, but these guys have done wonders so far. If they can keep it low-scoring early, the Niners should win in the end.

    If they come out dragging ass, it may get away from them.

    This is just another building block for Harbugh to motivate with.

    Balt, for all their supposed greatness, isn’t all that good. Flacco hasn’t lit up the league and their run game isn’t all that.

  16. unca_chuck says:

    Don’t know how they ran these plays on the plane, but here’s the latest practice report:

    Did not participate: FB Bruce Miller (concussion)
    Limited participation: T Anthony Davis (ankle), CB Chris Culliver (shoulder), WR Michael Crabtree (foot), RB Frank Gore (knee), WR Braylon Edwards (knee)

    Did not participate: CB Chris Carr (back), DT Arthur Jones (head)
    Limited participation: LB Ray Lewis (foot), LB Dannell Ellerbe (thigh), S Haruki Nakamura (thigh)
    Full participation: RB Anthony Allen (thigh)

  17. unca_chuck says:

    Barley, Norriss may not be much, but he’s better than Peelle in the backfield. By a little . . .

  18. snarkk says:

    I hope Miller has a really mild concussion and is back soon. Hopefully Norriss is only active for this game. The Niner equiv of Cabrera or Tejada?,,,

  19. twinfan1 says:

    See above, Eastern teams do fly west for Thursday games on short rest and after home games. They could schedule these better but those two and the Niner game are the only three that involve undue travel for one of the teams. I’m afraid it doesn’t appear to be a conspiracy..

  20. unca_chuck says:

    Last time a west coast team went east for a Thursday game was 1975 . . .

  21. snarkk says:

    OK, well I’m glad to hear that Eagles are heading out to Seattle. That reduces some of my outrage. The fact that the West to East hasn’t happened since ’75 increases it, though…

  22. phil fan says:

    Win or lose the Harbaugh 2011 49ers will go down to the last snap against Bro John’s Ravens. Game will not be a blowout and will go down to the last snap, offense or defense, fighting, clawing, scratching, biting, screaming and kicking until da final gun. Someone said it might be 3-0! Yeah, agree it might be. For SF.

    What’s your call Oh Mighty Football Prognosticators? You geniuses of the gridiron? Put up or shut it…

    23-22 Niners grumpyguy
    19-13 Niners phil
    27-24 Niners da mighty chuckster
    3-0 Niners ?? Mystery guest
    17-9 Ravs barleyfreak
    16-12 Ravs fearless Dennis. Did I get the prediction right D?

  23. phil fan says:

    I got a question about blogs: Did anyone anywhere EVER post two consecutive BLOG titles better dan desse two??:




    Yes = 0 (pls submit evidence)

    You fuckin MOOK or forever whither under the scorn of the wannbe pundit phil fan

    NO, are U fuckin outta yer g’damn gord? = 1

    Prove it shithead, fuckin MOOK, lying jackass, disgusting lying spawn of da East Coast media

    At the risk of bein’ called an ass kissin’ chuck lover as well as the already alleged Tebow disciple I’m going out on a limb and sayin’ only a dipshit DICkWAD would dare to say YES, der has been two better….uh huh.

    Fine, prove it.

    In the very long meanwhile I nominate the CHUCKSTER, aka Chuckles, unca_chuck as the Blogmeister Par Excellence who will shortly be acknowledged as da GREATEST Blog title meister of ALL TIME.. (never mind da content. we’re talking strictly TITLES people!)

    We’re on a Mission From God
    Train Kept a Rollin’ All Night Long

    I VOTE YES! Chuck is da best = 1
    I vote no. I am a moron = 0

    (sorry must be da rum….)

  24. grumpyguy says:

    These are two damned fine defenses, coached by brothers, with similarities beyond the obvious Willis-Lewis comparisons. I expect a savage, close game. On paper, we should lose – their house, long travel for us, expect an emotional letdown after a long win streak. On the field, I expect our Harbaugh to have the team screaming for blood and respect from the opening kickoff. This game is the biggest we’ve had in so many years – for the guys who went through the lean years, this is almost a Super Bowl level game. A chance to show we are for real. My main worry right now is the injury situation. We have a lot of guys nicked up; I hope we are not hobbled too much by that.

  25. Kevin says:

    Over on the Chron, they have listed who they think are the Best Bay Area QB’s. go check it out

    21-7, Niners

  26. unca_chuck says:

    My 1st fan . . .

    Big game? In the grand scheme of the season? No. This is a game that is stacked against us from the get-go. Respect, and all that? Shit, we’re 4-0 on the east coast so far this year. Frankly, a stinker wouldn’t be far fetched, although our defense won’t let it get too out of hand.

    Our philosophy should be to try and keep it close and hope for something in the end. Sure, we can win it, but it’ll be tough. The thing that gives me hope is that Balt turns the ball over a lot. Got to capitalize on that.

  27. unca_chuck says:

    . . . and thanks for the kind words, Phil . . .

    • phil fan says:

      You’re so welcome “Sir Chuck” as they would say over here. Gotta love the commenters and the permissive mood you allow. What? We get treated like adults around here? You got the right idea there, thanks. Though it was good for you to limit some of those who abused the ‘right’ to spout off. A little respect does go a long ways!

      This is entertainment for me, not some serious religious stuff. Yes we are “on a mission from God” and the mission is enjoy the successes of our team with fellow fans. For me I wanna learn from fellow fans and slap a few virtual high fives. Win or lose this is my team and also our fans! Last I checked this is called having fun!

  28. unca_chuck says:

    Respect is something already given to this team by the ones we’ve beaten. The Giants may talk about lost opportunities yadda yadda yadda, but the truth is the Niners took it to them, and a lot of other teams. Respect is for the talking heads at ESPN and elsewhere. Losing this game, and ending up 13-3 won’t give too many people headaches when you see where they’ve come from.

    So, is this a big game? From the hype factor, sure. But in the course of a 16 game season, it’s a tough road game that they’ll be hard-pressed to win.

  29. unca_chuck says:

    Per the NFL, no suspension for Goldson. They in effect said that since he was ejected from the game, he’s getting time served. The fines will come down on Friday.

    Probably the usual $25,000 for he and Doucet.

  30. barleyfreak says:

    With regard to Mt Moran, I should concede that if anyone can get him to improve it would be JH. Shit, maybe he has some FB screen play all lined up and Mt Moran manages to catch it and rumble 25 yards for a TD. And speaking of catching it, I think our receiving corps has to bring the invisible stickem hands this game. My bet is that despite AS playing well and putting up good passing numbers the last few weeks, the Ravens will come out to stop the run and dare the pass. If we have another case of the dropsies this week I don’t think we’ll be able to recover.

    BTW it was really good to see Kyle Williams getting involved. May of us have been clamoring for him for a while. Smith’s WR options have not been terribly inspiring with Morgan out, Edward out/not 100%, and Crabtree hit or miss in terms of being synced with Alex. Williams really looks to be a weapon that helps the passing game, and by extension, the running game. After Singletary era opponents consistently challenged the niners to pass, it feels really good to be able to successfully do so.

  31. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, Williams has great hands. Edwards just ins’t right. Crabs looked very good last week, and he and Alex have been talking on the sidelines. A nice development, as Crab man didn’t even acknowledge Smith’s existence at the beginning of the season.

  32. snarkk says:

    I don’t consider this a “respect” game, because I don’t give a shit, and I don’t think Harbaugh and the Niners really do, whether the East coast press gives them an extra article in the Post or the Glove or the Times or whateverthefuckall if they beat the friggin Ravens. Like Chuck said, what more do they need to prove after a 9-1 season so far and 4-0 on the road back East anyway. If they win this one, great, good on ’em. If they don’t, sheezus, the deck was stacked anyway — take the 10 days after to rest up and win the next one to clinch the division. I’ll predict 20-13 Niners justforthehelluvit…

  33. twinfan1 says:

    Chiuckles- I have never selected to be notified of “follow-up up comments via E-Mail”, yet I’m getting bombarded with them. Can you check into that? I’m sick of creating E-Mail accounts to handle this.

  34. twinfan1 says:

    Well, outside of the game with us, Seattle has a schedule that could have them not losing again.I’d feel a lot better about our comfy lead if we won the next two to clinch it early..

  35. unca_chuck says:

    Seattle ain’t gonna win out. Maybe if the get Orton.

    It would be funny if he went back to Chi town though. Houston or KC might jump on him though.

  36. unca_chuck says:

    Strange. I never set that, Twin. And no one else has said anything.

    Let me knwo if it keeps happening. I think I shut it off . . .

  37. twinfan1 says:

    Kevin, I’ll be happy to answer your inquiry rom Flavor’s blog. As I’ve said ,I’m always happy to help nice people. You’ll never get an intelligent response from the others there because no one else bothers to pay attention to the prospect’s progress and scouting reports. Stix comes close but he often just looks at their numbers. Its’ not an exact science but you’ll get an informed opinion from me. Thanks for asking, and thanks for your always pleasant posts.
    Chuckles: Seattle may not win out but the schedule is set up very well for them to do so. Tavaris is much better than he’s given credit for here. He’s been erratic but he’s hasn’t played much in 3-4 years. Don’t know his health status but he’s a helluva lot better option than NoWhiteyHurst..

  38. unca_chuck says:

    Whitehurst looked better than TJ in the preseason, but now not so much. TJ’s playing pretty with the pectoral injury, but he could go at any minute.


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