Midweek Musings – By the Time I Get to Phoenix

I guess this is the sign of a team on the rise when I don’t have any huge breathless things to report about to what I though before the season started as a big intradivision game against AZ. As it is, this game is a warm-up for the bro against bro Thanksgiving football bonanza overkill deathmatch game. Does the NFL have to really try this hard to generate extra meaning for games?

Anyhow, I was just thinking what a crazy string of events came to pass to get us where we are right now. 8-1 and very near the pinnacle of football excellence. Yes, it’s only 9/16th of a complete season, but what a ride so far. Every once in a while, I give myself the heebie jeebies by wondering what if? What if Nate Clements holds on to the ball in Atl? Do the Niners win? If so, do they then reach the playoffs? The Niners were one game out, and had all the tiebreakers. If they had picked up a game somewhere, they would have made the playoffs. THEY would have gone to NO and been the NFC West representatives. Could they have somehow knocked off NO in the Wild Card round? If so, where would we be now?

With Aluminum Mike screaming at the walls, and otherwise blaming everything on everyone else, it’s hard to figure out how different the NFL landscape would be. Jim Harbaugh would have likely gone to Michigan rather than go to the front office nightmare that Miami is. I don’t think he was really interested in any other NFL job but this one. You’d have to think that Philly, Detroit, New York, and Cincinati at the least win their games against us. So, the Niners are 4-5? Seeing as we haven’t even played our division very much, the scary thing is, the Niners would still be in 1st place had Singletary stuck around. Granted it would only be a one game lead, but still and all, what a horrible thing to consider. Smith’s improvment would be still incremental rather than exponential. Gore would be injured (well, more injured). AF, Spikes and Clements would have been retained, to the overall declination of the defense. And the team would be once again struggling to find a real identity other than the 1970s offense they were running last year. They would likely drag themselves into the playoffs again instead of the huge improvement they’ve made.

All for one play.

Would Michigan be 10-0 and fighting for a national championship? Who’s to say not? They are 8-2 as it is, and how much could he have improved them?

Crazy . . .


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  1. twinfan1 says:

    A rookie would be the QB and he’d be fucked for life…

  2. unca_chuck says:

    Well, we wouldn’t have drafted Aldon Smith. Christian Ponder?

  3. Flavor says:

    We know that smith wouldn’t be the QB. He likely would have signed with AZ as either their starting qb or the back up to Kolb. The real tragedy in all of this is that is Chuck’s “sliding doors” fantasy carries out the devastated loser would be Skelton who’d be selling insurance this year instead of qbing the Cards to a 38-13 loss to the Niners this weekend.

  4. twinfan1 says:

    My choice for a rookie to develop was Dalton. That was under Harbaugh,My God, who knows how the QB situation would have gone down under Singletary? Maybe just as Minnesota did- McNabb and Ponder.We know Smith would be gone, hell maybe in Seattle or backing up Rivers in SD.Here? All we know is whoever they drafted is fucked.

  5. twinfan1 says:

    Vick has a couple bruised ribs? Just hose him down and send him back out.

  6. phil fan says:

    Soft would love to come in here and set a trap for the suddenly high-flying Niners. Almost as much as he would like to do it in GB, to a more successful and experienced team. Hey it’s only Skelton he reasons, listen to me, chill. Does that make this a “trap game”? Depends on how ya define “trap game”. But Mr Soft is always doing shit like that so every game is a potential trap. They’re all traps for Soft.

  7. unca_chuck says:

    Exactly! Shit, they may end up losing this one. I have a bad feeling about this game. Don’t ask me why. Well, ask me. It seems like when they are going good, we beat them. Now that we are going good, they’ll beat us. This is like their Super Bowl. And the guy that always covered Fitzgerald well (Clements) is gone.

    Yeah I figured Smith for Indy had things gone the way (no lockout) they eventually didn’t. They wouldn’t be 0-9, and the Niners would be 4-5.

    Hard to figure really. The ripple effect and all.

  8. Kevin says:

    Article in the Chron, Alex S, has been nominated for Comback POY. That should make Dennis happy.
    Smith is one of five nominees along with Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, Packers tight end Jermichael Finley and Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith.

  9. Kevin says:

    Looking at that list, and looking at Alex’s carreer over the last 4-6 years, it is hard not to see him winning this award.

  10. unca_chuck says:

    To come back, you have to have been somewhere first, right?

    Not sure if there’s an award to cover what’s going on here. Other than MVP . . .

    Dennis, back away from the computer and then count to 100 . . .

  11. twinfan1 says:

    Romo is probably a lock- the award seems to favor a guy coming back from injury, and it *is* America’s team. Plus, with their schedule they could still get in the postseason. Then he’d be a *mortal* lock.

  12. barleyfreak says:

    Jesus Chuck. You had to bring up Singletary. Meh. Praise be to fate as it has unfolded.

    Anyway, their OL sucks. Sure they’ll be gunning for us. So will everyone — every Sunday. But their OL sucks. We will get pressure. I’d give them a better chance if it was in AZ. I also have not seen any tendency from Harbaugh and his staff of letting down. Those boys are prepared, every week. It may not be a thing of beauty, unless beauty is defined as a W.

    Smith tosses two TD’s. Akers kicks 3 FGs. Our D scores 1 TD.

    We sack Red Skelton 5 times. Peterson runs back a punt. They kick 3 FGs.


  13. twinfan1 says:

    It fits the definition of a “trap game”, which also means we’re more likely to win it than a “non-trap game”. I’ve covered this…

  14. twinfan1 says:

    I can’t get NFL Network here. I’ve forgotten where those games are usually available on line. Any help?

  15. Jets @ Broncos tonight. Check your FF lineups. No need to check mine, I know that I have the Lord’s other son playing QB tonight. I still can’t believe I lost to Chuck. When the people at the home got wind of that they made me stay an extra day this week. I really couldn’t argue.

    I lost to Chuck. I needed to be punished. At least they gave me extra meds.
    Lord knows I needed ’em after losing to Chuck. I’m still sick.

  16. Now I’m off to a birthday party for some cake and ice cream.
    I still don’t think that’s going to make me feel better.

    I lost to Chuck!

  17. Kevin says:

    Who did you lose to Denny?? I forgot already. Just put Loser in front of your name and smile, you will feel better about yourself

  18. unca_chuck says:


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