A Ho-Hum Victory and a 6-1 Record

Yesterday’s game was one that we haven’t seen in a while. One that was almost put away early, and still was pretty much a coast to the end. Sure, there were some problems. Not scoring on the goal line in the 2nd quarter, and the 2nd half offensive struggles in general, but when it came down to putting the game away, they did. The last drive was improbably sealed by a 3rd and 3 pass to Ice Sopoaga. A guy who hasn’t caught a pass since high school. Weird? Yes. They even ran a play for Joe Staley earlier in the game. If he drops it, how bad does everyone look? Don’t matter since it worked, but this is yet another similarity of Harbaugh and the Zen master of football that was Bill Walsh. Walsh came up with using Guy McIntyre as a lead blocker in the jumbo package. Ditka stole it for the Fridge. I saw Walsh run  a single-wing in a game vs the Giants. It got like 4 yards. Walsh was like, what the hell? I’ll try anything if it’ll give me an edge. Walsh wasn’t one to use a lot of trick plays, but he still tried to gain mismatches whenever he could.

Back to the game, Cleveland did a very good job of adjusting after the half. Better than Harbaugh did. Cleve shut down Gore for most of the 2nd half, and their offense did better as well. Not enough to really put the fear into anyone, but like I said, they could have put this game away earlier, but didn’t. Aldon Smith got another sack, and McCoy was rattled/off target most of the day, and Cleve had no running game to speak of. Alex Smith and Crabtree continue to have issues getting on the same page. Smith had him open a couple times, and missed badly. Smith was right on target in his passes to Braylon Edwards (the slants especially), and the 1st half was crisp passes and sharp drives. 174 yards passing and 174 yards rushing is the balance Harbaugh preaches about, and it doesn’t get any more balanced than that.

All in all, though a solid game. The D caused 4 fumbles (they only recovered the sack/fumble by McCoy onm the opening drive), and Goldson had a nice pick in the end zone in the 3rd quarter.  0 turnovers for the Niners, so +2 for that. The Niners have 16 turnovers (2 behind Detroit) and 6 giveaways, for +10. 2nd in the NFL. 2 picks in 7 games for Smith has to be kudoed. He is doing a very good job of minimizing mistakes. This can actually be traced back to Jimmy-Hat leaving. Since his departure, Smith’s TD / Int numbers are 21 / 7. . . .   9-2 so far this year.  Not bad for a coach killer.  Gore continues his resurgence as the go-to guy. I was close to writing him off as a blown signing, but his run off the goal line was key on their long FG drive, and he gets through the hole as fast as anyone. Kudoes to him as well for passing Roger Craig for 2nd on the all-time Niners rushing list. Next stop Joe the Jet.

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  1. twinfan1 says:

    Smith got some partially deserved critcicism last year for a very catchable but not slam dunk pass to Norris that was dropped… the passes to Staley and Sopoaga were ones anyone could handle- no small feat. You know, even in the mythical era when Walsh coached and St. Joe was the QB and they never lost- there were MANY games just like yesterdays- early lead, inexplicable let down- then put away at the end. With all the talk of Harbaugh protecting Smith, when they’ve had to throw, he’s come through. As might be expected, with the come from behind wins- his highest QB rating is in the 4th quarter -104.9. But maybe most important, his rating is over 90 for every quarter.Compare that to the Choker- 99.4 and 111 in the first two quarters- 73.3 and 82.9 in 3 and 4…

  2. TedSpe says:

    Also, one should not dismiss the contribution of the Gold Rush for getting into the Halloween spirit. Minnie Mouse was my personal favorite

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Hence the comments re: Crabs and everyone else. More often than not, the misguided passes are the ones going to Crabs. Shit, even Edwards has more chemistry with AS than Crabs does. The 2 aren’t in synch. The one pass to Crabs for the TD was about the only pass I’ve seen the 2 hook up on that was where it was supposed to be. The one miss that looked like Smith’s fault was the deep ball, but again, could the route have been taken upfield earlier?

    The slants to Edwards were on the money. The passes to VD were on the money. It always seems as if Crabs isn’t in the right place. I mean, they obviously practiced this stuff with Soap and Staley. Both were TEs at some point in their respective football careers, so this may not be as crazy as originally thought, but still, the point remains. Most of the off-target stuff is going to Crabs.

  4. twinfan1 says:

    Crabtree will barely acknowledge Smith’s name. He’s a weird dude- looks more like Michael Jackson every day.

    • phil fan says:

      I think he’s a classic introvert who is awkward in public and in social relations but that his job places him squarely in the spotlight. Him and Alex have a ways to go but I think it will come-slowly- as both their confidences grow. The history of both with the 9ers has slowed thing down between them even more.

  5. phil fan says:

    I’m pacing the floor nervously before the SD/KC matchup on MNF as I have two players, Vincent Jackson and Cassel, and Schlong has Ryan Matthews squaring off. Despite Del Mar’s bragging and my fatalism only a few points separate our teams in the FF league. It could happen, the Crocodile could win ya know just Alex could be a top 5 QB. Ya never know…

    • phil fan says:

      Just like Alex could be real good, hahar!

      • Del Mar Dennis says:

        I just replied to your e-mail, and am off to my Halloween party. I won’t know the fate of our outcome until after I get back. I just saw that Matt Cassel already threw a TD. Looks Like I’m getting the trick, and not the treat.

        Happy Halloween

      • phil fan says:

        Thanks. Mathews has more FF points than V Jackson but in 4th Q Chargers are behind so they will have to pass more. Shit Mathews has almost as many points as Cassel. And ye still leading damnnit.

  6. phil fan says:

    Thanks. Mathews has more FF points than V Jackson but in 4th Q Chargers are behind so they will have to pass more. Shit Mathews has almost as many points as Cassel. And yer still leading damnnit.

  7. unca_chuck says:

    Philip Rivers having himself a night(mare) to remember. Happy Halloween, pal.

    Chefs win . . .

  8. phil fan says:

    Give props to Dennis as his team pulled it out, The Crocs, we had a moral victorry, groan. It was close but we just couldn’t close the gap. I guess you could say he won ugly and I had a moral victory. Yuck.

    As for the 49ers, it seems they are getting a bit of swagger going, confidence building and a looser attitude off the field. That’s what 6-1 will do for ya. This year the team is exceeding all expectations. Couldn’t be happier about that.

  9. unca_chuck says:

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